Vorion’s Revenge


the Wolf


Vorion sat in shadows of the narrow alleyway, checking the banded stacks of cash from her haul. The cheetah’s belly stretched the thick spandex of her outfit to its limit with the huge bulge the bank guard made. It gave a little gurgle of satisfaction now, and she gave it a gentle pat. The dumpster at the edge of the alley should shield her from view of the main street as she heard the sirens heading for the bank. The police would be too busy dealing with the chaos and taking statements to range this far just yet, and she was confident that no mundane officer really wanted to try and find the infamous Vorion alone or just as a pair. Her shrink gun sat beside her as extra insurance, easily capable of turning a couple cops into a couple morsels.

The daytime robbery had been a bit daring, but she wanted the city to know for sure that she was out of prison and back on the prowl. People smart enough to fear her should be able to stay out of her way, as for those that weren’t… well, they simply became examples. Vorion had counted on potentially having to shrink a couple people and snack on them to avoid trouble during the robbery, but she hadn’t figured that German shepherd security guard would try to get the drop on her. Most mundane guards knew that when a cheetah clad in skintight red-on-black clothing and a red mask covering the top of her face stormed in brandishing a high-science weapon, they should just lie down on the floor with the rest of the rabble and give up. It had caught her momentarily off guard when he’d tried to come up behind her and play the hero, but she was Vorion after all.

Without a chance to get the ray on him, the cheetah had turned just slightly and grabbed his throat in her paw, holding him easily with her extra strength. She loved that instant when the guard clearly knew he’d made a terrible mistake just before Vorion shoved his muzzle into her own and started swallowing. The cheetah did wish she’d had the chance to strip him down first, he was a pretty tasty doggie after all, and she didn’t relish that she’d have to cough up his half-digested clothes later. At least she’d managed to get rid of his equipment belt and cheap dress shoes before the last of him slid down her throat. And all the while, her other paw had managed to keep the shrink gun aimed at the rest of the crowd, now cowering and whimpering.

When the guard’s shoes clattered to the floor and she let out a belch that echoed off the marble walls, Vorion was pleased at just how helpful and obedient the bank staff and other patrons became. The cheetah carried her new squirming bulk easily as she took the manager to the back vault to help herself to everything she could carry. She was even generous enough to let him live at his full size when he told her that he couldn’t open the safety deposit boxes. Wasn’t his fault after all.

Before making her escape, she was briefly tempted to shrink all the patrons anyway and play a hunting game with them, but she thought better. She didn’t want to turn into one of the major psychos she saw on the news sometimes, and people would never just cower and offer no resistance if they thought they’d just be food for her anyway. So she simply ran to the door and shouted at the crowd as she left, brandishing the weapon.

“When you finally get brave enough to call the cops, tell everyone that Vorion’s back in town!”

Now she counted another band onto the pile of cash to her left and sighed at the pleasant full feeling in her gut. That terrible hunger sated for a while and enough from the job to set up a decent, posh lair away from the rat hole in which she’d laid low after breaking out. It was a good day for the cheetah.

Before she could make a grab for it, the shrink gun suddenly lifted off the ground and flew down to the end of the alley. She could hear it slam against a brick wall and clatter to the ground in pieces. The cheetah rolled her eyes behind her mask as she heard an all-too-familiar stern voice say, “Cough him up, Vorion. Now.”

Turning her head, she looked halfway down the dirty alley to see the tall canine figure, his dark blue and yellow outfit clinging as usual to his lithe muscled frame. The yellow-green eyes of the jackal glared at her from behind the simple white domino mask that contrasted with his dark fur. She sighed and gave him a smirk, not bothering to rise yet.

“Oh, Equalizer, found me already did you?” Giving her belly a slap that made it slosh slightly, she met his gaze. “I don’t think either of us really want that. The guard’s gone a little mushy already, wouldn’t be pretty.”

His eyes flashed and he took a single step forward, looking as imposing as he could, “You’d talk so casually about ending a man’s life? You’ve really gone around the bend, Cheryl.”

“I’ve pretty much given up that name. It’s just Vorion now. And don’t act so righteous; you’ve killed too.”

Equalizer bristled, “Only when I have to. When someone gives me no other option and I have to protect the innocent. Not for money or my own pleasure.”

“But I think there’s some part of you that takes pleasure in knowing some scumbag will never harm your precious civilians again.” Vorion began to pull herself up along the wall, letting it catch the zipper of her outfit as she slid up to give it a starting tug. “You weren’t this way the last time you ran me in. When I ate that Yakuza boss and stole his score.”

The cheetah had been dealing with Equalizer off and on for a few years, going back to the first time he and some other heroes had rescued her and a collection of experiments from the good doctor’s care. She knew he had a soft spot for her and saw her largely as a victim, but the look on his face told her she was losing that ground.

Equalizer wasn’t the strongest in the city by far; he usually dealt with street hoods and drug dealers, common criminals he could take on easily. He had a smattering of low-level power but none of them gave him the full edge others had. His telekinesis could move a hand-held object but not a person, his strength could lift large furniture with ease but not a car, his senses could track faster than most but couldn’t hear a conversation across the city, his reflexes could block most normal moves but nothing like a speedster, and so on. He’d even joked with the press that he was jack-of-all-powers but master of none. Worst of all though, for Vorion, he was a boy scout who’d somehow got it into his head that she was his responsibility.

“A crime boss is different than an innocent man doing his job. And I couldn’t even let that stand. Don’t you understand yet, Cheryl? No one deserves to be your food. The powers you have could be something far greater.”

The cheetah shrugged, letting the motion loosen her outfit and pull the back zipper down a little more. “The fact is I am greater. That’s why I’m not Cheryl any more. Cheryl was a weakling temp that could barely make ends meet. Cheryl was easily duped into Doctor Ultra’s lab. Cheryl was a nobody that this city pushed around. I’m Vorion now, and this city knows it and gives me what I want.”

Equalizer sighed. “What happened to you was horrible, and you didn’t have a choice then, but you have the choice now. Plenty of others from Doctor Ultra’s labs lead normal, healthy lives now. Some have even joined the Patrol if they can help. Enough of your gifts could let you turn it around.”

“Well goody for them. They didn’t get my hunger. Ultra made me to be an enforcer, to help him make people disappear, and I’m good at it. None of you have any idea what the hunger is like. How it gnaws at you, how he wanted me to be ready to take someone at any moment.”

Vorion slowly slipped her costume down to expose her firm, round breasts. They did catch Equalizer off guard, she could tell. Probably plenty of memories from the one time when she’d been a star-struck victim clinging to him after the rescue, and he’d lost some resolve and gone to bed with her. Or the few other times when she’d been confused for a night by his talk of justice, only to be led away in handcuffs the next day. Watching and smelling his reaction, she exposed more of her spotted frame and peeled the spandex from around her bloated white belly. Mild arousal and shame mingled behind Equalizer’s mask as Vorion continued to undress.

“It doesn’t have to be this way between us. We could strike a compromise, you know. I know you miss what we’ve had sometimes. It’s simple. I’ll lay off the civilians if you let me get meals out of the crime syndicates and enjoy the spoils. Especially the ones that helped bankroll Doctor Ultra before he vaporized himself.” She began to slink slowly towards him, watching the jackal try to steel his resolve, even as his tail twitched behind him. “Think about it. The innocent are safer than ever, I get what I want, and we get each other. It’s a win-win.”

Her own tail curling and swaying seductively behind her, Vorion reached to run her paw through the fur of his thin muzzle. Rolling his shoulders, and letting out an exasperated sigh, Equalizer brought his paw up and grabbed her wrist in a firm grip. With the other he pulled a pair of vibrocuffs from his belt.

“Sorry,” he said as he prepared to turn her and cuff her, “Right and wrong don’t compromise. You’re going to back to hyper-max and we’ll figure out how to avoid another escape. And in your bloated state, there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.”

“Oh… beg to differ,” the cheetah said before swinging her other fist in a backhanded motion that sent the jackal flying against the opposite wall.

Equalizer stood against the wall for a moment, shaking his head and dazed from the blow. This was all Vorion needed. She rushed at him and pushed his arms down, just before shoving the soft round bulge of her gut against him. The mush filled flesh squished around Equalizer, effectively pinning him to the brick wall for the moment. She could tell his head was still swimming a bit as she looked at the jackal.

“See, I’ve learned a few new things about my condition, some very useful things. Like the fact that having someone digesting in my belly amplifies my super strength so that it’s more than a match for yours. The more I have gurgling away in here, the stronger I am. Does explain how I’m always able to walk or run afterwards, I just never put it together.”

Growling and struggling, Equalizer fought to get anything free from the pressure of her belly. At her current strength, Vorion simply purred as the squirming rubbed against her fur and flesh.

“Oooh, rub it some more, hero. That feels good!” she said as she leaned into the jackal’s frame. “As for how I escaped, oldest trick in the book still works in hyper-max it seems. I faked a seizure and collapsed, and when I got to the infirmary and they started checking my muzzle, I gobbled up a delectable young nurse and a slow-moving doctor. Then when the guard came running, he gave me just enough strength to knock out a wall or two.”

Vorion closed her eyes and licked her lips at the memory, more to torment the jackal than anything else. His struggles were becoming more methodical, possibly trying to reach something in his belt. That meant his head had cleared. Good.

“Mmmm, what a feast that was! Also helped me really stretch what I thought my limits were. So I suppose I should thank you for sending me to hyper-max, or I might never have known what I could really do.”

She stared into his eyes, her gaze darkening. Reaching her paws up, she gripped the collar of his uniform and tore it easily down the middle, as if to prove her strength.

“But hyper-max was also a living hell. Never enough food, the hunger always roiling in my gut. No companionship in my solitary cell because they knew what would happen to a cellmate. Nothing but my thoughts and my hunger. So I dreamed of this moment, Equalizer. Just didn’t think it would come so soon. Had hoped to even do it on a morning after. But still…”

The cheetah leaned her face forward to his and closed her eyes once more as she slowly licked up the fur of his cheek. She could feel Equalizer shivering in the grip of her body as she leaned her neck slowly back.

“Mmmm…” she moaned, opening her eyes to look directly at him, to see his face as she smiled, “Delicious.”

Shuddering, gasping, true terror gripped Equalizer’s features, making Vorion drool as she watched him squirm.

“Cheryl…” he whimpered, “Please… no…”

“Like I told you… I’m just Vorion now. And after everything, you’re just another meal.”

Opening wide, the cheetah darted her head forward, guiding the jackal’s thin muzzle along her tongue and right into her throat. She meant to cut off any line of sight quickly before he could think to force a brick to the back of her head or some other such last minute effort. He jaws stretched easily around his head as his tall ears were forced down. Moaning around the mass in her maw, she lapped gently at his neck, savoring the taste she had longed for during the months of her confinement.

Equalizer struggled as best he could in her grip, but his limited heightened strength could not match hers now. Her paws tugged at his uniform and tore it further, beginning to peel him like a banana as she swallowed his head down and began to work her way around the thin shoulders. She wanted to taste every inch of her revenge, without any silly outfit in the way.

Leaning over him, she began to back off and decrease the pressure of her gut on his struggling frame just a bit to work him up into her muzzle. Almost taking a huge gulp, Vorion realized she should really take this slow and enjoy it. She only had one shot to savor such an amazing meal. Groaning she nibbled her way down around his thin shoulder as she pulled the uniform further, letting her teeth graze his fur and finding he squirmed a little more every time they did. And there was something about his enhanced strength that made the wriggle more satisfying than any normal meal she’d ever had.

With a slow little gulp, she pulled his upper arms into her cheeks, stretching easily as her tongue teased through the fur of his chest. She’d peeled the uniform down enough to almost tie his arms to his sides and slipped back a little further to pull more of the jackal up into her jaws. Something was so different about his musky flavor and as she swallowed her way down to his chest, she realized it must have been the powers that made a difference. Of course she’d have to eat another hero or villain to be sure. It was something to look forward to after this.

Pushing her jaws down, Vorion took in the rest of his chest and began slowly sucking in his abs. Slurping, smacking sounds filled the alley as she finally turned to rest her back against the wall. Despite his legs kicking furiously in the empty air, the cheetah knew that Equalizer wasn’t going anywhere at this point. She could finish him in two seconds if she wasn’t enjoying this so much.

Tugging from both directions, she peeled everything off his arms and down as she gulped him in to his waist. His paws clenched furiously outside the cheetah’s short muzzle as Equalizer’s body thrashed and flailed in her chest. She held him there for a moment as she worked to pull the spandex down off his kicking legs, down to the white boots he wore. In the next swallow, she knew his head would be pushed into her stomach, and that real satisfaction would tempt her to bolt him down. Vorion had to focus so that she’d be able to truly enjoy those nice, toned legs all the way down.

Paws gripping his ankles through the boots, she shoved gently in time with a slow swallow. The jackal’s head entered her stomach just as his sheath came to rest on her tongue. It was almost too much as she tipped her head up, ready to simply fill her belly in an instant as she had earlier. It took all her willpower, all her thoughts of how much better it would be to push him in slow to hold him there and let her tongue tease his groin.

Vorion knew she wouldn’t get much of a reaction, but still she let her tongue toy with his sheath, roll his balls gently, never trying to harm them but merely reveling in the idea that the last time a woman touch Equalizer, it would be to eat him alive. Something about it sent a sinister thrill of pleasure all along her spine as she held him there. His head thrashed in her stomach amidst the much of the security guard and all his strength simply gave her extra pleasure at the meal.

Finally, the cheetah took another swallow and felt more of the jackal slip down into her stomach. His thrashing made her moan as inch by inch, he was being fed into her body, to feed her hunger that he’d help deny and torment for so long. She nibbled her way along the muscles and fur of his thighs, letting them slowly slip down as her paws put pressure on the heels of his boots. Vorion’s tongue darted all around the fur there, delighting in every taste, every feel while her belly grew slowly and steadily bigger the erstwhile hero adding to its already stretched mass.

After several long moments of gulping around Equalizer’s legs, Vorion found her short muzzle pressed up against the top of his boots. Feeling almost playful, she pushed them against her muzzle lips and sucked hungrily as if she were sucking oysters from their shells. Soon the paws popped directly out of the boots and into her mouth, bulging her cheeks like a squirrel’s.

Tossing the entire uniform towards her haul, the cheetah leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes. Gently chewing around the paws without crushing them, she let her tongue roam over them and moaned happily. It was the last taste of Equalizer before he’d be gone forever, and she wanted to truly enjoy it as her paws rubbed over her twitching, bloated belly.

With a loud gulp, Vorion swallowed the last of the hero and felt her gut expand the rest of the way as he slipped down inside, a one way trip. She slumped down to sitting against the wall with her huge gorge between her legs, feeling the thrashing and kicking of Equalizer’s enhanced strength and bathing in the pleasure of it. She pictured him swimming cramping in the middle of her stomach, surrounded by the mushy soup of her former meal unable to do anything but thrash futilely until her hunger fully consumed him. She held back a burp, wanting to make sure he’d be awake as long as possible to know just what her hunger was. The cheetah smiled and licked her lips; revenge was so sweet.

“Mmm, you know for a second-rate hero, you made a first-rate dessert,” she moaned as she rubbed her belly, not caring if the jackal could hear her.

The new expanse would never be contained in her old outfit, and the way she felt, she’d probably be this swollen more often in the near future. As she rubbed the wobbling, gurgling mound before her, Vorion realized she’d have to come up with a new look. Maybe something that had a slit for expansion, or just leave her belly completely exposed. Not like the spandex really did anything for her, since she didn’t have access to the bullet-proof material some of the heroes had.

Looking over at the other crumpled uniform laying on her old one, she thought for a moment. Should she take it as a souvenir, or leave it for someone to find? Would make an impression if Equalizer’s uniform was found with traces of saliva, but she did want something to remember this by. Then she remembered she’d have to cough up what was left of his mask later and maybe just take a few items from his belt. Leave the rest to the press, because she was done playing by any rules and wanted people to know it.

Not to mention she was now dying to know just what the other members of the Patrol would taste like, and this might lure some of them to try and find her. Could be quite a lot of fun, especially once she rebuilt the shrink gun again. Her best move ever had been swiping the plans from Ultra’s lab before it was destroyed and keeping them safe.

“I’m gonna gobble up all your little friends, Equalizer, and any other tasty morsel in this city I decide should be a meal. Folks you tried to protect the most will be breakfast, lunch, and dinner from here on out. All starting with you. Yum, yum.”

The cheetah’s belly gurgled and thrashed as she rubbed it. She couldn’t say if the jackal had heard her or was just fighting in frustration. It didn’t matter; he was already being broken down to nourish her never-ending hunger. Stomach churning and gurgling as she finally let out a little belch, Vorion savored her revenge.