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Oh hey, there you are. Glad you could make it past security. If you missed it, you might want to click here just to get the warnings. He’s actually not so bad once you get to know him, and it helps to cover my tail. Welcome to the Wolf’s Den, a collection of my vore stories. Just follow the links below and I’ll add new stories as they get written.


UPDATE 09/15/2015: A couple Smashwords previews for stories that have been released a bit ago and one freebie involving non-fatal, soft incest vore. Enjoy what you will and check the descriptions and previews for themes to know what’s for you. There a few snippets that don’t get posted on this site which can be found here in the commissions folder of my gallery on Eka’s.

Also, I may stop updating this page soon. I’d leave it up as a repository for older works and such, but doing updates is mildly a pain for the time it takes, and it’s easier to use my gallery on I’m not even sure how many people bother to use this page anymore, so if you have thoughts on this, feel free to drop me an email. Otherwise, this may soon be a kind of vault for all the older stories and a direct link to the gallery that gets updates. Thanks as always for continued reading and support.

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New Stories


PREVIEW – Anniversary SurprisesFuta/M, Furry, OV, 2016 (BDSM, Digestion)

Polar bear Andrew is just arriving home from work for his anniversary night with his vixen girlfriend Sheila. What he doesn't know is that she's brought in a dragoness mistress named Janine to make all of his submissive fantasies come true. Janine is full of surprises that line up with even the strangest of Andrew's fantasies, and before the night is over, he'll go deeper into them than he ever thought possible.

Preview above, full story available on Smashwords:


Family Vore Day – M/F, M/M, Human, OV, 2016 (Incest)

A freebie originally released about a month ago. In a family of switches that can reform, Vore Day takes on a rather amusing twist as they hunt each other through the house. Follow one college-age son on August 8th as he has some fun with his family.


PREVIEW – See Me After Class – M/M, Human, OV, 2016

Allen Wallace doesn't know which of his students found his private profile online or how they figured out it was him. All he knows is they've been texting him about admiring his belly and how much they'd like to wind up inside it. Despite the risks, Mr. Wallace has flirted back, and now on a Friday afternoon, his student finally wants to take the plunge and be his after-school snack. He's been anticipating the meal all day, but after classes a few things don't go exactly as planned...

WARNING: This story contains digestion and some disposal content.

Preview above, full story available on Smashwords:


Free full stories are still available from my earlier stuff. Visit my Smashwords page and purchase e-copies of some of the stories below or newer stories as they come out to help keep me writing fun fetish stuff and show me what you want to see more of.


General Stories


PREVIEW – Hunger Pangs – F/F, Human, OV, 2015 (Incest)

Valerie is having a rough night with her intense diet. The hunger cravings are particularly bad, and when her daughter Lydia gets home from a day at college, she suggests that her mother take a break and the two of them have a free night to pig out. After some encouragement, Valerie reluctantly agrees. Though in a moment of goofing off, the two suddenly find themselves kissing, much to Valerie's shock and chagrin. Lydia doesn't have a problem with it, and as the night takes a strange turn, she'll wind up satisfying many of her mother's pent-up desires.

WARNING: This story contains explicit Mother/Daughter incest as well as soft vore

Preview above, full story available on Smashwords:


PREVIEW – My Sister the Succubus – F/M, Human, OV, 2015 (Incest)

In this follow-up to "Son of a Succubus", Phillip has always worked hard to get out of his mother's household, get to college, and avoid the mistakes other brothers have made. He's doing well and for a while it seemed his worries about winding up as food for a succubus were behind him. Though recently, one of his few sisters Violet has found him by chance and started spending time with Phillip ... and using him for the odd sexual snack. Violet at least seems to have no desire to wind up gulping Phillip down, and the fun times are pretty good. But it's a bad sign when Vi shows up pale, desperate, and clearly not having fed in a few weeks...

WARNING: This story contains explicit Sister/Brother incest as well as soft vore.

Preview above, full story available on Smashwords:


PREVIEW – Predator and Prey Night – M/M, Furry, OV, 2015 (BDSM, Miscommunication, Final Digestion)

Rory is a subby wolf who's recently moved to a new city and is finally taking some time to check out the local BDSM club scene. When he decides to try out an event called "Predator and Prey Night", he thinks he's found a simple dom-and-sub meetup with a little flair. And when he meets a huge, burly bear named Kevin, he thinks he's found the perfect play partner for the night. Through miscommunications and assumptions, Rory doesn't realize he's in for much more than he bargained for when he agrees to satisfy all the bear's appetites.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: While some elements of real-world BDSM are used, this story is complete fantasy (as should be obvious) and includes several examples of very poor decision-making. In the real world, always communicate clearly, know what you're getting into, and keep your play safe, sane, and consensual.

Preview above, full story available on Smashwords:


PREVIEW – Vorentine’s Day: Eric and Seth – M/M, Human, OV, 2015

Eric and Seth have been together for five years. It's been a good few years, though lately finances have made for some hard times. Still, love is making them look forward to Valentine's Day. But this year, Seth has a very special present for Eric. Something to satisfy Eric's particular tastes. Plans are for this to become a series with a few different pairings.

Preview above, full story available on Smashwords:


PREVIEW – Experiments – F/M, Human, OV, Shrinking, 2015 (Incest)

For a long time, Margaret has harbored several secret fantasies, from strange things like having tiny, shrunken men at her mercy to the simple idea of fooling around with her own son Paul. While some fantasies are impossible, Margaret decides that she can at least test things out and see if she could live out some fun time with her twenty-year-old. Yet on the evening she seduces him, an accident shrinks Paul down to six inches tall. Now Margaret has a chance to try out some of her more bizarre fantasies with this fortuitous accident. But will the knowledge that she might never have another chance make her go too far?

WARNING: This story contains explicit Mother/Son incest as well as shrinking fatal vore with unwilling prey.

Preview above, full story available on Smashwords:


PREVIEW – The Best Santa – M/F, Human, OV, Christmas, 2014

Janet is twenty-three and homeless, but finds the best way to stay a little warmer in December is to get a job in the mall and sleep in the shack of "Santa's Workshop". She gets a much warmer, cozier place to sleep when she finds out how the kindly older man playing Santa gets such a realistic looking belly.

Preview above, full story available on Smashwords:


PREVIEW – The Wolf and the Seven College Kids – M/F, M/M, F/M, Furry, OV, 2014

A goat named Heather takes her wolf boyfriend Richard to meet her seven brothers and sisters. Tired of playing den-mother to the undergrads, she begs Richard not to get involved in getting hammered for the weekend with the young goats. But after one strong margarita and several shots, the wolf is betting the undergrads that he can eat all seven of them in one night. Heather knows something is bound to go wrong, she's seen them all drunk before. But Richard's pride just won't let him quit.

Preview above, full story available on Smashwords:


Broadway’s Experimental Snack – M/M, Gargoyle/Human, OV, 2014 Won by Romuva

A Gargoyles fanfic for Romuva, this time with Broadway as pred. After warning a Quarryman previously to leave the organization and town, Broadway decides it’s time to administer a very satisfying punishment. Fair warning to your sensitive childhood, this contains M/M sexual content of dubious consent and unwilling vore with Broadway as pred.


PREVIEW – A Father’s Hunger – M/M, Human, OV, 2014 (Incest) 

Jake's nineteen-year-old son Todd just won't leave the house and has become a source of constant temptation for the bearish man. Bad enough that he wants to fool around with his own son, but Todd has also become the sort of guy that Jake would love to swallow whole. Then it turns out that Todd has almost always been attracted to his pop...

WARNING: This story contains explicit Father/Son incest as well as vore and some mild talk of disposal

Preview above, full story available on Smashwords:


PREVIEW – Son of a Succubus – F/M, Human, OV, 2014 (Incest) 

When you're a senior and your mother is a succubus, there are all kinds of advantages and pitfalls. Advantages like all the sex. Pitfalls like knowing she might actually eat you alive if your grades slip too far. Colin's been living with this for a while, and already has one F under his belt. He's witnessed what happens to a son that doesn't toe the line in that last year and knows he's likely one screw-up away from being his mom's dinner. Still, there's something enticing about the power she has when she eats that Colin can't quite explain.

WARNING: As a warning for squick factors, this story contains explicit Mother/Son incest as well as vore.

Preview above, full story available on Smashwords:


PREVIEW - Studs for Supper: Sid’s Saturday Night Special – M/M F/M F/F, Furry, Human, OV and CV, 2014 

On Saturday nights, among shows in the Meat Market, one of the headliners is a stallion who puts on an enticing male-on-male show to try and raise the highest bid. Follow the show for one night as it encounters a few unexpected turns and a couple female customers that can’t wait for what the special has to offer.

Preview above, full story available on Smashwords:


So You Wanna Be Prey – Vore Article, Furry, 2014

Another playful vore article from the voice of "Willing Prey: Right for You?" discussing the decision to act on prey desires in a vore world.


The Big Mean Giant and the Tiny Village – M/Multiple, Non-Sexual, 2014

A long-time supporter made a kind of request/challenge a bit ago to me. Basically, take a prompt of just a few lines stated in an old cartoon of a character reading to a group of kids (the first line, one line in the middle, and the last line in the story) and create a fairy tale that would appeal to vore lovers but with language that anyone could read to a child. Even if it would traumatize the kids.

So after a little time of reading some original Grimm's and a few others, I managed to come up with something that kind of blends my style with original fairy tale style. This might make some people grin, especially if you recognize the references to various other fairy tales or the lines from the old cartoon episode.



Big Brother – M/M, Human, 2014 (Incest)

Mitch has been living with all sorts of private abuse from his much stronger brother Derek for a while now. But it gets that much worse when Derek starts somehow eating people.

WARNINGS: This story contains plenty of unsavory content including incest, brother-to-brother exploitation, abusive, homophobic character, and it's pretty dark when I get down to it. If you've got trauma around anything like that or it just squicks you, reader discretion is advised.


The Building – M/Multiple M, Gargoyle Fanfic, 2014 Commissioned by Romuva (Fanfic)

Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington awaken in a strange basement. A voice tells them they're going to play a game where the winners escape with their lives and the losers wind up as part of dinner. Fair warning for those with sensitive childhoods, this contains M/M sex and the trio as prey.


Vacation Advice – M/M, Human, 2013

A short bit of vore fun from a male narrator using a Hawaiian vacation to hook up and gobble up and his minor mistake on one hot night with a guy he met on the beach. Inspired loosely by something that happened to me in Hawaii once (sadly nothing nearly so steamy).


ShrinkNote Part II: SwallowNote – M/Multiple F, Human, 2013 Commissioned by Conn

Now that Chris has his collection of tiny women, he can play all sorts of games with them during his vacation. Still, he is being watched...
Strongly recommended that you read Part I before diving into this one.


Willing Prey: Right for You? – Vore Article, Furry, 2012

A playful, column-style article for a furry world discussing making the decision to switch to hunting willing prey for vorish desires.
Wrote this late in 2012, inspired by Bulge Magazine on FA. Had let it sit for quite a while, then gave it to the nice folks that run that account to play with, but they've gone on hiatus recently. Decided to share it here with no hard feelings whatsoever. Might write a few more of these as inspired.


Contractual Dining – F/Multiple F, Dragon/Human, 2013 Commissioned by max123

Recently, Michael has discovered that most of the women in his family share a secret desire to be prey. And in a world where hungry predators will pay to gobble down willing humans, he's hoping that he can score the best deal for one daughter's future… as long as he can tantalize the right predator.


Freddie – Animal/F, Human, 2013 Commissioned by Voremonger

Sheila and Jenny are two sisters with a giant pet frog that won't eat and is getting sicker by the day. Sheila has a crazy idea on how to jumpstart his digestive system in something short and sweet for voremonger.


ShrinkNote Part I – M/F, Human, 2013 Commissioned by Conn

Based loosely on an anime at the commissioner's request. College student Chris has a book that can alter the physical properties of anything—or anyone—until midnight that night. With a holiday coming up, he plans to use the book's power to indulge his fantasies with a group of cheerleaders and co-eds. After a couple experiments.


The Sacrifice – M/M, Human/Gargoyle, 2012 Commissioned by Romuva (Fanfic)

When a powerful being threatens the streets of Manhattan, Broadway makes a bargain to make an ultimate sacrifice in order to protect the city. Fair warning for those with sensitive childhoods, this contains Broadway M/M sex and Broadway as prey.


Bounty – M/F, Furry, 2012 Commissioned by Conn

Conn wakes one afternoon and leaves his cabin to find an arrow in his face and price on his head. He’ll get to bottom of this. Or at least get a few good meals.


Vorion’s Revenge – F/M, Furry, 2012

The super villainess Vorion has escaped from a hyper-max prison and committed a daytime bank robbery. It’s up to Equalizer to track her down. Who will triumph? (Most of you know the odds here…)


The Boy Who Cried Wolf – The Way It Ought to Be (M/M version and F/M version), Furry/Human, 2012

My TWIOTB take on the classic fable. When the idea first came to me, I had decent ideas for both a female wolf and a male wolf, so I decided to write both stories. Basically two variations on the theme, they start the same and then diverge when the action gets going. And they contain everything you’d expect from one of my stories like this.


One Night for Two Furs – M/M, Furry, 2007

An experiment to break writer’s block. Picked a relationship (two male furs), POV (first-person), setting (their apartment after work), and then just started writing out some nice, soft smut without worrying about overarching plot. Did a few experimental style things as they came to mind. Keep in mind that this is very rough and didn’t go through my usual editing and clean-up process. Still, those of you into soft M/M stuff will probably find it… stimulating.


The Three Little Farmer’s Daughters – M/F, Furry, 2006 Commissioned by Conn

Loosely inspired by a classic fairy tale. A hungry wolf stalks a farm for three girls to eat, hunting them to their hiding places to swallow them down.


Wishes – M/F, Human, 2006 Commissioned by Chris

In a Middle Eastern bazaar, a man buys a small sculpture for his girlfriend, unaware of the power that it possesses.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears-The Way It Ought to Be – M/F, Furry, 2005

A bawdy retelling of the fairy tale in a similar style to the “Little Red” stories but with slightly better actual writing. Don’t pretend you don’t want it, I know that you do.


The White Stag – M/F, Furry, 1998 Commissioned by Omega©

First time being a hired pen (or rather a keyboard in my case) after I offered possible commissions on the board that year. It’s a bit of a quickie, but he seemed to like it and I was pretty happy with the way it came out.


The Partnership – F/M, Fantasy, 1995

My second story. I was stretching my fantasy legs a bit, but I was still somewhat inexperienced so some of it isn’t as good as it could be. Still, the plot is popular for a certain crowd. A dragon and a human have been bosom companions for a long time. But food is scarce in a war-scarred land.


Studs for Supper


Studs for Supper: First Order – F/M, Furry, Human, 2006

A wolf named Jeanette places her first order from an interesting new delivery restaurant in a light-hearted beginning to what should be a series.

Smashwords e-book link:


Studs for Supper: the Interview – F/M, Furry/Human, 2009

Another “Studs for Supper” story that answers the burning question: Just what does it take to get a job there?

Smashwords e-book link:


Studs for Supper: Girls’ Night Out – F/M, Furry, Human, 2010

A bear and her human friend head to the restaurant for a night of fun and feeding.

Smashwords e-book link:


Hansel & Gretel


Hansel – F/M, Human, 2004

This is of course inspired by the classic fairy tale. 19-year-old Hansel is hunting in the woods and comes across a strange cottage where he’s invited in for dinner.

Smashwords e-book link:


Gretel – F/F, Human, 2005

The sequel to “Hansel” of course. Gretel comes to the cottage of the witch looking for her brother. Be forewarned, this one has some pretty dark stuff in it and is not for the squeamish at all. Of course I can’t tell you exactly what that stuff is, it would spoil the fun. And if you’ve already read the story, you might be interested in this alternate ending.

Smashwords e-book link:


Jack Smith


The Stranger – M/M, Human, 2005

At the parties on the outskirts of town, guys meet weekly to try and hook up. But Michael has his own ideas of hunting there and is looking for a stranger.

Smashwords e-book link:


The Doctor is In – M/M, Human, 2006

Doctor Markinson is haunted by a few secrets at work today. Maybe his newest patient can provide some relief.

Smashwords e-book link:


His Own Way – M/M, Human, 2007

A terminal man hires Jack Smith for a very special job. WARNING: This story actually deals with terminal illness, death and relationships, and a few other emotional themes and it’s taken rather seriously. Those of you that have actual experience with this material and find it emotional may want to skip this one.

Smashwords e-book link:



“Double, Double” Series


Double, Double – F/M, Human, 1998

Probably my second most popular story, I get a fair amount of comments about this from a particular crowd. Some of the tech stuff still needed honing at this time, but it was getting better. Jeremy and Daryl go to a double date they couldn’t possibly have expected.


Double, Double 2: The Lesson – F/M, Human, 2000-2002

This one took a long time to write and there were a lot of gaps in between writing due to RL stuff. But I also think it’s some of the best work I’d done yet at the time. There are still a few mistakes here and there, but I’m pretty proud of this one, especially the body and the end. Marcia and Kali continue their adventures, but one of them may go too far…


“Little Red Riding Hood-TWIOTB” Series:


Little Red Riding Hood-The Way It Ought to Be – M/F, Furry, 1995

My first story. It lacks a technical finesse and style, yet it’s still probably my most popular story. Go figure. I think it’s a decent first effort. A bawdy retelling of the classic fairy tale.


Little Red Riding Hood-TWIOTB 2: The She-wolf – M/F, Furry, 1999

Took a while and the idea rolled around in my head for a couple years before I actually wrote it. I’m actually glad it took the time though because I had a bit more experience and the story came out a bit better for it I think. In this one the wolf meets a she-wolf in the woods and things change a bit.


The Wolves (Little Red Riding Hood-TWIOTB 3) – Various, Furry, 2000

This sequel obviously came together in much less time than the second one. Improved in some aspects, but occasionally over-written and corny in others. Ah well, it’s still enjoyable from what I hear. Marks the last in the series… probably.




Lame Parody Series – This is a series of parodies that I did on the board a looooong while back when the chatroom was full of… well rampant idiocy to be blunt. Thankfully things are better now, but this is not too much of an exaggeration sadly. These are not meant as an insult to anyone with a particular interest. Just a parody on people that do incredibly stupid things with said interests.



Questions? Comments? Bizarre ideas? Illustrations (hint, hint)? Please drop me a line here.


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