The White Stag

by the Wolf

Commissioned by Omega ©


As Tara left the village to walk along the edge of the forest, her custom nearly every afternoon, she pondered where her life was heading. Life had not been easy for her being an anthro. While some in the village were perfectly at ease with her vulpine heritage, most were constantly bothering her about the fact. She was never able to walk down a street without hearing someone yelling something like, “Hey muty, why don’t you go back to the forest!” or something even more clever like, “You know your mama used to hump my leg!” On occasion she couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to just be a normal human, but she knew she would not give up her gift for anything. She was able to see, hear, and feel things they would never know about. And as anthros went she was incredibly beautiful. She always chuckled to herself at being one of the few women truly worthy of being called “foxy lady”.

Sauntering through the trees, she was suddenly pulled out of her thoughts by an unusual sight. Just a short ways inside the forest, she saw a huge white stag. It was simply standing there nobly and looking directly at her. Sniffing the air she realized that the stag was probably somewhat anthro; also there was a certain crackle in the air that suggested magical ability. It was a crackle that most humans would not detect. The reason all this interested her was the stories people told of such a stag. It was a legend in the village that if one spotted the stag and was able to keep up with it to its home when it ran off, then the stag would grant the person’s fondest desire.

Tara watched the magnificent beast for a moment thinking about all this, then the stag suddenly sprang into the forest. She was immediately running headlong through the forest after it as if by instinct. Once again she realized what a gift her heritage was. Only the most athletic human could have kept up with the stag while Tara, even though she never exercised, easily managed to keep him in sight. They raced through the dense forest, leaping over roots and dodging branches, for about five minutes straight until suddenly they came to a clearing where the stag stopped.

The stag looked her up and down for a moment. “Well done,” he said in a powerful, commanding voice, “I had a feeling you would be able to keep up. What is your name?”

Tara,” she said in heavy pants, more from excitement than from the run. “Just give me a moment to think of what I’d like.”

“I’m afraid it doesn’t quite work that way.”

The stag reared up on its hind legs, put his front hooves on Tara’s shoulders and looked deep into her eyes. Tara had a feeling like he was sorting through her thoughts looking for something. She was remembering her whole life, all times of pain and being an outcast. Then the stag reached a deeper part of her mind, an area full of things she had often thought, but never told anyone. The stag then released her.

“Well it is certainly an interesting desire, and one that I will be happy to grant,” the majestic animal said, “It will also put you in a place where no one will ever mistreat you again.”

“I don’t under-”

“Lie down on your back.” he said in a voice that was not unkind but firm.

Tara did as she was told. She was somehow compelled to. The stag walked in front of her feet and took a moment to concentrate. Suddenly his front hooves changed into hands! He grabbed her feet and began to nibble and suck on her toes. The feeling was wonderfully erotic. He paused for a moment then.

Mmmm. You have a delicious flavor,” he said.

“Thank you,” Tara replied in a sultry manner. She was becoming quite excited.

He grabbed her feet again and thrust them both into his mouth at the same time, licking at them and sucking all the flavor out of them. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back as she moaned in ecstasy. It was the most erotic moment of her life and she could already feel her juices beginning to flow. The stag made a small swallow, taking her feet into his throat and beginning to work his way up her strong luscious legs.

As she felt her feet being drawn further inside the stag, Tara looked down to see what he was doing. The stag was gulping more and more, slowly working his lips up her calves. She suddenly realized that the magnificent beast intended to swallow her up whole. She knew she should be scared, but in truth being swallowed was a fantasy she had always had. The stag had obviously seen it in her thoughts and decided to act on it. The stag’s lips were up to her knees now, and she playfully wiggled her feet to see them bulge out his lower throat.

Upon feeling the movement, the stag looked up at Tara and saw that she was thoroughly enjoying this. He began to gulp faster and filled his mouth with her succulent flavor.

As he reached her waist he was pleased to find that her juices were flowing freely. He slurped her pelvis into his mouth and began to probe every inch of it with his tongue. He was rewarded not only with the delicious taste of her sex, but also with the moans of pleasure emitting from his meal. His tongue moved all over her tender ass and worked in and out of her vagina slowly working her towards climax. Finally it happened and a burst of flavor filled his mouth. The taste was so intense that he took every bit of it he could until her orgasm subsided. Then when he was finally ready he grabbed her arms and pinned them to her sides.

He gulped again and took in her hands and the lower part of her belly. He worked his throat muscles harder now and used a bit of magic to stretch and accommodate the larger part of her body. He gulped continuously, his throat distending with her abdomen and her feet just beginning to enter his stomach, until his lips were just under her breasts.

He opened his mouth wide and had to knead the two large orbs in order to get them inside. Tara moaned with pleasure as he caressed and fondled her. He finally succeeded and savored the delicious taste as his mouth bulged for just a moment, before working them into his throat.

Now only her head was outside his mouth, and he stopped for a moment to admire her one last time. Tara had an ecstatic smile on her face and was obviously ready for the plunge. With a hard and loud *GULP* the stag took in the lovely head and sent her to his stomach.

Tara was squeezed down the esophagus and curled into a ball inside the warm, soft, squishy belly. She knew she was safe here and that no one would ever hurt her again.

The stag managed to drag himself to a nearby tree and leaned his back against it. He rubbed his now huge belly and felt Tara’s slight squirms as she settled in. He licked his lips and smiled to himself saying, “What a wonderful meal. I hope there are more with that desire. And I hope they’re all as tasty as you were.” The stag began to doze off and digest his meal, all the while with a completely contented smile on his face.