Written Commission Structure


This is my new structure for story commissions or for paid writing of any kind. Written commissions are not limited to prose stories, you can commission dialogue and scenes for games, copy for a model to read, pretty much anything with words is open for something within these tiers. I will also write fiction that is not vore and serve other kinks like TF, BDSM, incest, etc.


Single-Scene Snippet - Flat Rate: $20

This is the shortest and most economical type of commission. Itís a commission with just a little bit of lead-up and a single vore/sex scene that will usually hover between 1,500-2,000 words. Think of these as the written equivalent of quick line art. This rate is only good for a single scene commission with a little beginning and aftermath, anything that expands beyond that falls into the other categories of per-word rates. This is largely because I know how I work and what will expand beyond reasonable pricing. That and the Wonít List below are really the only restrictions on this commission level.


Smashwords-Eligible Story - $0.01/word

This is a reduced rate for any longer story that is eligible to then be sold on Smashwords and increase its profitability. When you have me work at this level, you consent to the end story (that you are satisfied with) being sold on Smashwords and other online publishing outlets and that you will not distribute it elsewhere. Iíll retain rights to the story for sale and posting, youíll retain right to any of your previous original characters that you asked to be in the story. Here are the limitations on this level of commission:

                    Characters must be 18 and up: For Smashwords rules, all characters in erotic stories have to be 18 years old or over. Just the way it is.

                    All original characters: For obvious copyright reasons, any story Iím selling canít have fan characters in it. You can request your own OC be in the story, or certain features can be loosely based on something, but thatís it.

                    Nothing too extreme: Smashwords will allow plenty of fetish content, but occasionally they feel something crosses what they want to have. Still feeling this out, will have to be a judgment call when talking about the commission.


General Story Commission - $0.02/word

This is the price tier for anything that doesnít fit into the other two categories. Anything longer that involves fan characters, more extreme kink, or that you simply donít want released on Smashwords falls into this category, basically a work-for-hire price. The only real limitation on this sort of commission is the Wonít List below. We can discuss what youíd like in the story to come up with a word range, be aware that the cost of a story at this level can jump up relatively quickly.



Commissions will be divided into two queues for organization. The Single-Scene Snippet queue will be a first-come, first-serve rotating queue with one slot per person at any given time. It will at times move faster than the other queue as these are easier to produce between projects if I happen to be blocked on a longer story.

There will be a single, limited queue for longer stories whether they are General or Smashwords-Eligible. Stories on this queue wonít be in any particular order as it will depend on what I can get done. If I am inspired to work on the second position longer story, I wonít hold it up because of the story in the first position. Productivity just works better this way as itís better to be writing on something than beating my head against a desk and forcing something else. Information on available slots in this queue will be kept on my page on Ekaís Portal.



Payment for any commission is due on completion of the story. I donít pre-charge due to lifeís unpredictability and the longer wait times that may happen on some stories.

For longer stories from unknown customers, I may request a 30% deposit on the rough finished length of the story once a range is agreed upon.


Wonít List

This is just a short list of things I wonít write no matter what the commission tier. Some are things Iíve tried to write before and donít want to write again, others are just things I know I wonít ever want to write.

                    Child Characters: Just something I donít want to write, no judgments on other peopleís fiction. For the purposes of character age in a fictional story, the absolute low limit is 13. Want something less than that, youíll have to commission another author.

                    Extreme Scat/Watersports: Iíll do some disposal after digestion stuff and some light reference, etc, but Iím just not the one to go to for any extreme content of this type.

                    Graphic Rape: Iíll write unwilling vore and dub-con or some levels of other unwilling material in fiction, but thereís a certain level (and I know it when I see it) that I just donít feel like writing for erotic material.


As always, I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. If you are interested in a commission at any level, email me at mcdmwolf@hotmail.com or PM me here. Please include ďSingle-SceneĒ, ďSmashwordsĒ, or ďGeneral StoryĒ in the subject line to help me sort commission info.