The Wolves (Little Red Riding Hood-TWIOTB 3)


the Wolf


          Once upon a time, later still, there lived two wolves in a spacious, isolated cottage; one male and one female. The wolves had been lovers for almost a year after meeting in the woods and had obtained the cottage through a variety of incidents, which included the former occupants being eaten by the male wolf. One of the occupants, a beautiful but hopelessly brain-dead girl named Red, had been the male wolf’s lover for a time, but all that changed when the wolf met the lovely and intelligent she-wolf in the woods that fateful day, despite the fact that she had almost devoured him. In the end they had basically seduced each other, gotten rid of Red in the most convenient way available and had spent most of their time up until now enjoying each other’s company in a variety of ways.

          On the day our story begins, the wolf was running fitfully throughout the house, looking for some means of escape, seemingly panicked. He knew that the she-wolf was around the house somewhere, hiding in wait, and that once she found him, it would be all over. He had never seen her so relentless in her hunting, but knew that if he could just get out of the house, he would be all right. Finally he saw it before him, the front door that was his last chance of escape. He raced towards it, already feeling safer as he now knew that he would get out with his skin. Just before he could reach the door, though, the she-wolf burst out of a nearby closet, pouncing upon him and taking him to the ground, dashing his hopes at the last second.

          “Got you!” she fairly shouted with a furious fervor in her voice, “I should have done this a long time ago!”

          A look of doomed fear crossed the wolf’s eyes as he looked up at her, knowing there was no hope now. She wasted no more words, but opened her muzzle and struck fast, clamping over his own muzzle, her tongue beginning to explore the contours and savor his flavor as his fur was matted down. Using her paws to hold him down at the shoulders, she began to make quick work of him, sliding her jaws over his entire head in a series of minute chomps, the tip of his nose already touching her throat as he looked down the red, fleshy cavern with what little light was left.

          The she-wolf began to slowly move off of him as she began to devour him more, pulling him up into her wide open muzzle until his shoulders were in her jaws, expanding them out as she moaned in delight at the taste and the feeling of the wolf beginning to slide into her throat, his face already gripped tightly there. As she pulled him up, she rolled onto her back, pulling his struggling body above her so that she could relax a bit more as she fed.

          The wolf wriggled and squirmed about as their position changed and she consumed more of him, his upper arms already being pinned to his sides as he seemed to slide almost effortlessly into the body of the she-wolf. Her body continued to close around him, sealing more of his own body every instant into a fleshy prison from which there seemed no escape as she began to move down his abdomen, still moaning in delight all the way around him as her paws worked to massage and push him inside. In spite of himself and his position, the wolf could feel his sheath beginning to swell, growing almost due to his predicament.

          The she-wolf noticed the slowly growing organ as well as she swallowed him down, moving a paw to it and feeling it plump up as she continued to slurp and gulp him in. She decided she might as well give the wolf, not to mention herself, a bit of pleasure in what could be his last hour and began to gently stroke the swelling sheath and the balls hanging beside it, rubbing her paw all over them and occasionally playing a furry digit into the sheath to feel the wolf cock within, an action that had never failed to excite the wolf. It worked just as well now as she was rewarded with a fully erect piece of rock solid wolf meat just as the tip of her muzzle reached his waist. She moved her tongue out and quickly slurped the organ inside, running her tongue all along it, gently teasing it and making the wolf squirm a bit more inside, but not allowing any release by the time she swallowed again, taking him down further.

          The wolf squirmed about inside as his head was already pushed into her empty stomach, the rest of his body still massaged and worked ever downward by her gullet. As the she-wolf rubbed the bulges he was making in her body, he could feel her paws on him, moving all over him and thus all over her own body, as he felt more of his body pushed into her stomach, already beginning to make a small bulge on the outside of her belly. He even new when her rubbing changed and one paw began to massage her belly while the other moved to fondle her own breast. As she ate quickly, it wasn’t long before his legs were already inside and his feet were the only thing left outside her body.

          Smiling to herself, rubbing her still filling gut and massaging her breast in ecstasy as she felt him inside her, the she-wolf slowly wrapped her tongue around his paws and pulled them into her mouth. She took several moments rolling them around, licking every pad and crevice, remembering the first time they had met and enjoying the last taste before finally swallowing the tender wolf completely into her tight stomach. As her belly grew with his mass and jiggled about with his struggling, the full she-wolf lay contentedly on her back and licked her chops and smacked her lips loudly in unbridled satisfaction at her latest meal.

          To an outside viewer that had somehow witnessed such a display, it would seem that the wolf’s days were at an end thanks to the now well-fed she-wolf lying on the floor. And it certainly would have been, but for the fact that this was one of the wolves’ favorite games among the many they would often play.

          Mmmm, yummy, yummy!” the she-wolf said in her usually sultry manner, making sure she was loud enough to be heard by her mate as she teased him. She knew this kind of talk would get him even more excited then he already had been on the way down, it always worked somehow. “You’re so delicious, and it feels so good having you in there I almost want to leave you inside and let you really feed me…” Of course she would bring him back up in a bit as usual, but the teasing always made things so much more exciting for both of them.

          The game always started the same and progressed in a similar fashion. They would make up some imaginary transgression on the part of whoever was “prey” that particular time, and then a kind of hide-and-seek hunting would ensue until finally the “transgressor” was captured, often at the last minute before escape, and then eaten alive. Tonight it had been the wolf’s turn to play the role of the treacherous lover-turned-late-night-snack, and he relished the feeling as he now sat tucked away in the beautiful she-wolf’s belly, his erection flaring as he slowly began to rub it gently against the stomach wall, moving his body in a steady rhythm inside her.

           Feeling every movement of her mate inside her, the she-wolf easily felt the light poking and rubbing against her stomach wall, and knew exactly what was there. She moaned in delight at the general squirming and placed a paw where she felt his hard member prodding, giving him a bit of help by rubbing it from the outside through the belly wall. As she felt the wolf stroking himself along her insides, his fur tickling the rest of her internal walls, the she-wolf could barely resist the urge to reach her other paw down to her already moistening sex and begin to pleasure herself in time with her lover’s motions. But she knew that this could speed up her metabolism and endanger him inside, so she simply enjoyed the feeling of being full and waited until she thought she felt him explode inside her, hearing a muffled howl of pleasure from her belly.

          The wolf indeed climaxed fairly quickly after the wonderful sensations of being swallowed and then helped by the paw outside. Howling in pleasure as his orgasm hit him hard, he continued to rub against her stomach walls in bliss, feeling her paw helping him along on the outside with his own paw stroking his shaft inside. As he emptied his load inside her, some covered her stomach walls, but a great deal clung to the fur on his legs, abs and sheath, matting it down until he was finally spent. He lay inside her for a few moments, panting in shear joy without a care to the mess he made of himself, before he felt the familiar pull as the she-wolf began to bring him back up.

          Contracting her stomach around him and opening everything up as he had taught her a couple years ago, the she-wolf used a mild gag reflex to pull her lover outside again. She opened her mouth wide as he came up to about the top of her throat, once again making her body bulge out, allowing him to help the process some by beginning to work his way out of her. Soon she was helping him with her own paws, pulling him up as he wriggled out of her and tasting him once again as he continued out. Finally he was completely free and began to stand up and get his bearings as the she-wolf lay on the floor panting from a mixture of exhaustion and some unfulfilled desire.

          She looked up at him as he stood there and smirked seeing what a mess he had made of himself. The wolf could not help but smile back to her and shrug lightly as he too saw almost his whole load was coating his pelvis. Unable to resist, the she-wolf moved to a kneeling position before him, grinning slyly up at him.

          Aww how nice of you,” she said, her tongue playing lustily over her muzzle a bit, “You brought back dessert…”

          Immediately, she began to clean him, licking over any place she saw his seed in long, smooth strokes along his legs and pelvis, savoring the flavor and taking all she could with each delicate stroke. As she tasted the wonderful mingling flavors of salt semen on the strong wolfen flesh of her lover, her paw slowly began to creep down her body to her sex, soon beginning to satisfy the release she so desperately needed and could not have while he was still inside her.  Moaning as she stroked and fingered her sex, working herself to multiple climaxes after waiting so long, she gleefully devoured the seed that had been left on him getting another taste of him that served to heighten her orgasms even more.

          The wolf moaned a bit as well at the sensation as her incredibly talented tongue bathed him, his paw reaching to stroke her head a bit. She was always doing amazing things like this with her tongue and muzzle, and for a split second he thought he might become aroused again, but soon discovered that he was spent for now. So he simply enjoyed the feeling of her attention and the fact that she was quite obviously enjoying herself at this as well as she pleasured herself to his flavors. He watched her lovingly, stroking her head and sighing as he knew they would always have this, would always belong to each other.

          She swallowed the last bits of his leftover load as a final orgasm wracked her body, enjoying the feeling of his paw on her head rubbing her ears, that small sign of affection, almost as much as the taste of him and the feeling of her last climax. Being honest with herself, she still wanted more and thought about getting the wolf excited again to give her what she craved. She knew she could get him going, with a bit of effort, but also knew that she needed some real food now after filling and emptying her stomach so quickly, it was already growling. So she stood up beside him and gave him a kiss and a lick on the muzzle as they embraced, feeling her love for him deep inside as they just stood there nuzzling a bit. She almost didn’t want to let him go, but finally had to succumb to her hunger.

          Mmm, the appetizer was wonderful, but I think it’s time for some real dinner,” she said smiling to him in complete adoration.

          “Sounds like an excellent idea, my dear,” he said back, his own smile on his face and true love in his eyes.

          The two headed outside and began the hunt under the night sky, their keen sense of smell quickly picking up the scent of a deer that had been by not to long ago. They began to track it together, following the scent through the woods and owning the night as they began to come in sight of it. Moving slowly so as not to spook the animal, which they could tell was in the beginning stages of illness to their advantage, they owned the night, enjoying their natural habitat. To say they lived in the cottage was to say that they slept there and played their amusing sexual games there. It was convenient for such things and had a lot to add to the excitement, but their true habitat was here among the animals in the woods, where they could hunt as one. Soon they were upon the animal, driving it between the two of them, getting the deer disoriented and confused until the wolf was able to leap on it, send it to the ground and tear out its throat in one swift movement. Then they both began to feed.

          They tore the animal apart, relishing the flavor of the fresh meat as they conversed; something the wolf had always missed when he had been with Red due to the fact that anything with three syllables or more was pretty much beyond her grasp. The she-wolf actually enjoyed this too, finding it nice to actually be able to talk to a lover rather than simply laying down and digesting him. It had been a welcome change of pace after their first rather exotic meeting.

          Mmm, excellent dinner,” she said as they feasted on venison, “Oh I was meaning to tell you, I had another run in with our little friends earlier. They’re getting worse, I almost didn’t get away.”

          “Woods and Mann?” he asked, already knowing that it could be none other.

          “The very same. I was taking one of those lost travelers, you know how easy they are when they get scared, and I heard them running through the woods. They must have heard him screaming when he first saw me coming. I had to start running with a foot still dangling out of my mouth and finish him up on the go. And you know how bad it can be trying to run on a full stomach, especially when you’re not finished yet. Those two,” she said, “they’re going to keep making things difficult for us and it’s only going to get worse.”

          The wolf nodded knowingly. The overzealous detectives had been the bane of both his and her existence since even before they had met; it had been going on for years now and was getting all the worse, now that they seemed to know the two were together.

          “Well,” he said with a wide grin already beginning to spread across his blood soaked face as they began to crack the bones for the marrow within, “we could always take care of them once and for all. As they say, the best defense is a good offense. I imagine they’d make a nice meal.”

          “And have you forgotten that they never leave home without their guns?” she said and laughed a bit ruefully, “You know I love you, but sometimes you make no sense. That would be suicide, plain and simple.” She smirked a bit and traced a claw gently over his thigh up to his belly scratching gently. “You know I’ve never really minded it that you usually think below the neck or below the waist, but be realistic.”

          He smiled and groaned a bit at her gentle stroking and scratching. “That feels good, but I am being realistic. Alone we never could have done it, that’s true, but I have a plan now that could work. We’ll turn a detriment into an advantage together. Not to mention we have our own weapons at our disposal. Just hear me out, my love…”

          As he laid out the plan, the she-wolf couldn’t help but smile, and she had to admit that if they did it just right it could certainly work. That was one of the things she loved about their relationship, his careful plotting was always a perfect foil to her impetuousness, which she would readily admit. They were both smart, but she always preferred the direct approach, which served her well in some cases, but in others could only get her in trouble. They worked together on everything so well, complimenting each other in almost every aspect.

          “It’s brilliant,” she said smiling, “You’re brilliant…”

          She slowly moved onto all fours and padded before him a bit, her tail lifting into the air and swaying hypnotically back and forth as she gave him a good view of her privates. She smiled over her shoulder in that sultry way that always killed him, beckoning with her eyes.

          The wolf needed little encouragement and crawled over to her, rearing up with his sheath already half erect, quickly rising to full as he prepared to truly mount her. “Tell me again how brilliant I am…”

          But she would utter nothing other than moans of pleasure as he entered her, and that was good enough for him. Soon twin howls began echoing through the forest with their true mating that lasted through most of the night.



          Woods and Mann made their way through the woods towards a particular isolated cottage that they knew all too well about, even though they had never really set foot inside. They had been through these woods many times on similar business, but never like this, never preparing to get this close. The two detectives had spent years chasing the wolves to the point now, since the male and female had come together, where it was an obsession. Even their superiors had told them to back off from it, but the detectives could not let the case go, and tonight it would all come to a head, they could feel it.

          “So tonight is the night it seems,” Woods said as they moved deeper into the forest, “What do you think they’re really up to?”

          “Your guess is as good as mine, but whatever it is, we’ll be ready,” Mann said, patting his holster under his jacket.

          The two wore plain clothes as per the tone of the evening, guns tucked securely into shoulder holsters underneath the jackets they wore, now hardly noticeable to either of them. The letter that had come to them had arrived in a plain manila envelope and had been an invitation. It was an offer from the two wolves for the two detectives to come to the cottage they kept for an evening and see that they truly were just like any other animal trying to make it in the forest. Both officers had been immediately leery of the idea, but could not resist a chance to get inside the house and see if they could find any justification to take the wolves out. So they communicated their intention to go in the manner that had been prescribed in the letter, and worked together on a course of action to keep themselves safe, their obsession driving them.

          So now they walked pointedly along the path to the cottage, always scanning the area around them, ready for anything. Mann lived up to his name, a large man standing about six feet tall, chiseled from constant exercise in order to be ready for any opponent. His hair was black and his eyes dark as well, his skin lightly tanned. Tonight he wore simple clothing, as had been requested, a nice t-shirt and blue jeans, covered by a brown leather jacket.

          Woods moved in much the same way, brisk and watchful of the general area, and was also dressed simply. Woods was more lithe than Mann with long blond hair, a fairly thin frame hiding a well-developed muscle structure underneath the modest outfit of a white shirt and decent black pants along with a leather jacket as well, this one in black. Of course the shirt was actually a blouse that gave only the barest hint of her fair cleavage. She was a buxom woman that most men in the department would kill for five intimate moments with, her body imminently sexy in its health and strength. Only the young and foolish or the very daring ever made mention of this though, and only once as it was an easy way to loose a tooth or two, or even to have one’s privates driven up into one’s chest. It was well known by any man who was on the force for more than a few weeks that Detective Woods certainly did not take kindly to any form of catcalling and was not above striking a few feet below the face.

          This was not to say that she was completely unattainable though. When push came to shove, she was a woman and subject the same desires as anyone, just as Mann was subject to his own desires as well. That, combined with their mutual obsession, had led to many nights when the two partners had gone to bed to become partners in a completely different way. Still in spite of their occasional dalliances, when they were together otherwise it was strictly business, no time to be lovey-dovey. Such was the case now as they came in sight of the cottage….



          The wolf and the she-wolf waited as they heard their dinner guests coming up the path. They had been preparing for this night ever since they had sent out the invitation and felt that they were truly ready for the night. Both wolves had no illusions, they knew that they were in a very tricky situation and now that they had started there was no turning back. They also knew that this would be much more difficult than taking Red had been, as Woods and Mann were certainly no fools. If either of them failed it could mean both their lives, but if everything went as they planned, they would finally be free of the bothersome detectives that had made life up until now so difficult. A knock brought them to the door and they prepared to greet the couple as they came in.

          Opening the door, they saw the two humans standing there and moved aside to let them in. The wolves had worn clothes tonight, a few things they were able to find from Red and Gram’s old wardrobes, in order to make the detectives more comfortable, knowing humans’ tendencies towards modesty. Very slowly, so as not to excite either of the officers, the two wolves came to them and gently embraced them, touching noses with each one, the wolf with Woods and the she-wolf with Mann.

The detectives were a bit nervous, but saw this as a typical canine greeting and just went along. They too were trying to avoid suspicion in this little game and couldn’t allow themselves to rush to anything without some real hard evidence that the wolves were a threat. So they played it cool and politely declined for obvious reasons when the wolves offered to take their coats as they were led into the dining area for dinner. Strangely, both Woods and Mann were beginning to find that there was a certain attraction to the wolves that they just couldn’t quite place. Mann found himself leering a bit at the she-wolf’s slow, naturally sensuous movements, and Woods found herself admiring the wolf’s physique and grace as all four moved into the kitchen.

“We’re glad you both decided to come,” the she-wolf said, “It’s been getting tiring, the four of us being such enemies. In a lot of ways, we actually have a lot in common, and as you can see, no bodies hanging around here, contrary to what I’m sure you thought. Now if you’ll excuse us for one second, we need to go get dinner.”

The wolf nodded and smiled at the detectives. “I think you’ll enjoy it, my mate and I cooked some of our favorite food.”

With that they headed into the kitchen to retrieve the dinner they had prepared, leaving the officers to look about the dining room. Woods and Mann both knew they should be suspicious of the wolves leaving together, and that they should take these few moments to search for any clues to confirm their suspicions about the two animals, but for some reason they couldn’t reach such thoughts. A strange euphoria had come over them and they were content to sit, each fantasizing, unbeknownst to the other, about a wolf of the opposite sex.



          As soon as they were past the large door to the kitchen, the wolf and she-wolf swept into each other’s arms, kissing passionately in their excitement. They needed this little release now as their hearts were racing with the prospects of tonight and they could not risk looking too excited outside. The pheromones they had each released, in which the she-wolf had trained the wolf to control them, had had the desired effect, but still the mindset they created could be broken by enough suspicion.

          They parted smiling at each other, and the she-wolf leaned close to the wolf’s ear and whispered quietly, “It’s working. It’s working just like you planned, just like we practiced.”

          “Yes,” he said as he finally exhaled a breath that had been caught in his chest for a while now, “and neither of them noticed our particular greeting.”

          As he spoke, he pulled Woods’s gun out from under the jacket he had worn to slip the weapon into. The she-wolf followed suit and showed him that she had managed to disarm Mann, just as they had planned. The wolf’s logic had been flawless when he reasoned that because the detectives were so used to the weight of their guns then they would not notice when the guns were removed, and the she-wolf had come up with the idea of addling their minds with a whiff of the pheromones just to be sure, using their sexuality as a weapon. And between that and the amount of practice the two did on each other, the whole thing had been executed perfectly.

          The she-wolf pressed her body against his, breathing a bit hard in her excitement. “Now that we have the guns, I just want to go in there and take them. It’s been so long, and we’ve finally got them. I don’t want to wait any longer, I’ve waited years for a chance like this”

          “Patience,” the wolf said as he smiled and held her close, “I know how you feel; I want it almost as bad, maybe more. But it will be so much sweeter if we stick to the plan. Just picture it…”

          He didn’t have to say a word after that; she knew that the way they had worked it out would be the perfect justice for the two detectives. So she composed herself and grabbed the plate of steaks they had prepared while he got the drinks. As they prepared to take the dinner out, she placed Mann’s gun in one of the cupboards quietly. The wolf, however, placed the weapon he had taken back in his jacket. He had plans for it.



          When the wolves brought the dinner out, the two officers were still sitting there, seemingly waiting. They still had to be cautious as they laid the plate of steaks on the table, as there was no telling if the detectives had begun to suspect anything yet. They also could not be sure that the detectives would eat anything, figuring that Woods and Mann would be suspicious of any food, but still had cooked some of the steaks on the plate for them. Nothing could appear out of the ordinary, even as they both sat down to tear into a couple of the steaks they had left raw, keeping up some appearance that they had nothing to hide. As they began dinner, they also continued allowing a low, steady stream of pheromones to reach the officers and keep them somewhat entranced.

          It’s venison,” the she-wolf told the two officers, “we cooked some of the steak for you, I hope you like it.”

          Just as the wolves had figured, the officers only barely picked at their food, pretending to eat. Even in their addled state, Woods and Mann feared the possibility of being drugged, even though they already had been without ingesting a thing or having any clue, and so tried to cover up their suspicion by making conversation with the predators. The four talked, almost in negotiation, about all that had gone on between them, the pursuit and persecution of the wolves, the suspicious disappearances of Gram and Red along with various others, all the while the wolves continuing to insist that it hadn’t been anything of their doing and that the officers had been misinformed. The wolves gave not one clue to their activities, which they knew the officers would be hoping for. Not that it would matter much now, in a way the predators had already won.

          The talk went on for a bit, all the while, the two detectives found themselves more and more admiring power and physique of the wolves, unable to deny a certain attraction that they believed must have always underlined their obsession. Woods found herself constantly looking over the wolf, amazed at his animal power and physique and occasionally wondering just how she’d find the equipment she new was in the pants he had slipped on for their benefit. Mann was under the spell as well, gazing at the she-wolf’s amazingly beautiful body and finding himself completely lost each time their eyes met.

          The wolves saw that everything was going according to their plan and decided it was finally time to make their move. The she-wolf smiled seemingly absently and leaned over to Mann. “I couldn’t help but notice the way you were looking at me,” she said in her most seductive voice, one that dripped like honey into the officer’s ears, “and I have to admit you’re very attractive, I won’t lie about that. Not to mention the way Woods over there seems to be looking at my mate. I hope you don’t think we’re being to forward, but sex among animals such as us isn’t nearly as exclusive as it is for your species, and there are two rooms down the hall with very comfortable beds.” Of course everything except the part about the beds was a lie, but it would serve its purpose, as both wolves knew. “What do you say we all adjourn to those rooms for a bit of… entertainment?” the she-wolf said finally as the wolf was leaning forward towards Woods, making a similar proposal to her with his eyes.

          For both officers there were small nagging warnings in the backs of their minds that something was wrong here, but that was overshadowed by what was now an undeniable desire. As though compelled, each detective got up without a word and began to follow the wolves into the respective rooms. In that moment, their fate was sealed.



          Woods followed the wolf into the room, her mind already racing over a million different fantasies of what might happen in bed with him. She watched him as he circled around her, without thinking about the fact that he was now blocking the way to the door, and kept her eyes on him as he tore off the clothes he had been wearing, leaving his body exposed before her for her appraisal. Woods panted a bit in excitement as she looked him over, her mind still under the effect of his hormones and her eyes immediately drawn to the large sheath, exciting her even more. She let her eyes roam up his body, past his tight abs, to his toned chest, all the while her fantasies continuing until she finally came to the sobering sight of the gun held in his paw, the light of the room glinting off the muzzle that was pointed directly at her.

          “Surprise,” the wolf said, a sinister grin spreading over his face as a malevolent glee filled his eyes, I really think I overestimated your intelligence, this was much easier than I thought.”

          The detective’s hand instantly went into her jacket and for the first time that night found the empty holster. The effect of the pheromone immediately wore off, the shock jolting her from her fantasies as she realized she was caught. She leaped up in a fury and tried to deliver a kick to the wolf’s face, but the wolf was much faster than her. She went for his crotch and found herself blocked there too as she was pushed back into the room, the wolf just smiling at her.

          “Well at least you catch on faster than Red did,” he said with a grin as he saw the look on her face and kept the gun trained on her, “and I must admit that I admire your spirit, very feisty, but if you do that again, I’ll have to shoot you in the leg. Now do me a favor and remove your clothes. Keep quiet about it and you may still have a chance.”

          “So you’re just going to rape me at gunpoint now? Bastard, I hope the department skins you alive!”

          He could only chuckle at her assumptions. “You think I’m going to rape you? Oh I hope you’re kidding, I wouldn’t touch you if you were willing and I certainly don’t believe in violation, no matter what I think of you. I actually despise rapists, so you don’t have to worry about that. I do however want dessert, and it’ll go much easier for you if you cooperate. Now let’s go, clothes just get in the way.”

          The wolf smiled at the hopeless look that spread over her face as she began to reluctantly remove her jacket. He found this to be too perfect, holding the troublesome detective at gunpoint and making her prepare herself as a meal for him. His tongue ran over his muzzle idly at the thought of it, his stomach growling as he watched her undress before him, thinking how wonderful she’d taste after all this time as more of her flesh was revealed.

          It was as she was taking her blouse off to reveal her bra and relatively ample cleavage that they both heard the shot from the next room…



          The she-wolf slowly pushed Mann into the room with a paw on his chest, her deep eyes locked on his until they were both inside, him sitting on the bed and her closing the door behind them, and standing so that she blocked any exit. She removed her clothes in much the same way the wolf did in the adjacent room, ripping them to shreds before Mann to let him gaze at her body, which only served to entrance him more. He sat there for a moment admiring the sleek curves and thinking about just how it would be to have her in bed, as well as the things she might be able to do with that muzzle.

          She moaned a bit, running her paws over her body seductively to entice him. “Undress,” she cooed, “I want to feel you inside me.” She worked hard to keep her face straight, knowing just how she wanted him “inside” as he began to remove his jacket. Her eyes stayed locked on him to see his face and she couldn’t avoid a grin at the expression when he found the empty holster underneath the coat.

          “Missing something?” she laughed a bit and began to advance on him slowly, every bit of sensuality replaced with the stalking motions of a predator. “We checked your guns at the door for you. Call it a favor. And now you’re going to be dessert, since I’m still so hungry.”

          Mann’s eyes were cold as ice, as if he held some secret behind them while his hand slowly sneaked to the back of his pants. He had hidden the derringer there as a bit of extra insurance before leaving and hadn’t even told Woods. “Nice try, bitch, but now you’re dead.”

          He whipped out the small gun as fast as he could, but the she-wolf had seen his hand moving back, as well as the look in his eyes, and was on him before he could even raise the gun completely. As she knocked his hand to the side with one paw, the gun went off, leaving a bullet hole in the floor of the cottage. The paw squeezed his hand with an amazing strength making the gun drop and making Mann think that she might crunch some of the bones in his hand. The she-wolf growled in fury, her muzzle a fraction of an inch from his face and raked her other claw across his chest, shredding most of his shirt and leaving four scratches in his flesh.

          “I’ve only ever let one creature call me that, you wretched excuse for a male, and he’s in the next room about to make a meal of your partner!” she growled, her nostrils and eyes flaring, “And I’ve wasted enough time!”

          She did not wait to see the terrible dread on his face, but struck in the next moment, managing to clamp her muzzle over his entire head as she held him flailing there in her tight grip. Her tongue moved all about his face as she reveled in her first taste of the detective, her claws already beginning to work on his clothes as she prepared to enjoy the feast she had waited so long for.

          The only thing that interrupted her devotion to the meal was to hope that her mate had not been too concerned by the shot and had continued with Woods as planned…



          The wolf had started at the shot, but not enough to take his concentration, or the gun for that matter, off of Woods. For a moment he thought about finding some way to secure her and then checking on the others, but at this point he had to stick with the plan. He knew that if she was still all right, she would take care of business with Mann, and that if she wasn’t, Mann would soon be in to take care of him. And to him it would be better to simply join his mate in that case, so he kept his eyes on Woods while she continued to undress, both of them waiting for something to happen.

          By the time Woods was stripping her bra and panties off, revealing the last of the tender flesh to him, it was fairly obvious to him that Mann was not coming out for him and was on his way down the she-wolf’s gullet in all probability. He smiled at both that thought and at the sight of the naked detective before him, the officer that had made his life so difficult now completely vulnerable. In many ways, Woods was a vision. Her body was perfectly toned, her breasts were firm and perfectly sized, and her long, smooth legs could whet almost any appetite. He had waited so long for this moment and began to advance on her, the gun still held carefully on her at all times, licking his chops.

          “You have no idea how I’ve dreamed of something like this,” he taunted her as she backed away from him onto the bed, “Ah, that’s perfect. Just lie back on the bed and I’ll take care of the rest now. And remember that I have no compunctions about drawing blood. You’re going to die, I won’t lie to you, but if you don’t upset me now, I’ll make it as painless as possible. Cross me and I’ll introduce you to undiscovered levels of agony for all the other times you’ve made my life hell. Now lie down on your back, arms at your side.”

          Woods trembled as she fully realized the position she was in, but slowly did as she was told. She belonged to the wolf now no matter what she did, and the full force of that fact rested on her like a lead weight. Her only hope was that he would keep his word and that she could go down peacefully. She shuddered even more as the wolf reached her and slowly ran his tongue over her feet.

          The taste of the detective delighted the wolf as he savored the first bit of her, licking her feet and slowly moving to nibble at her toes as she lay shivering on the bed. He could taste the fear on her as his tongue ran around the smooth female flesh in his mouth, and her general flavor to his surprise was almost as good as Red’s had been. He spent several moments at her feet, nibbling, licking and sucking gently at them. He savored the delicate flavor as he remembered the first meal of Red, the first meeting of his mate and a host of others until finally he made the first swallow of Woods, her feet slipping easily into his throat and filling it nicely as he began to work up her ankles, all the while his long wet tongue stroking her flesh.

          As Woods felt her feet suddenly pulled into the tight grip of the throat and massaged downward, panic truly began to hit her and her trembling began to reach a fevered pitch. She didn’t dare move any other way than the bit of squirming that she couldn’t help for fear that the wolf might crunch through her ankles and then begin to rip her apart slowly. She knew now that it was truly hopeless, that one way or another she would end up in the wolf’s stomach, and her only hope was that it would be as painless as possible.

          For the wolf, the bit of trembling and movement that she could not control only heightened his meal as it always did. With the first swallow he truly knew that he was finally realizing one of his greatest fantasies, as he tasted the delicious legs of the female officer. He slowly began to work his way up her legs, groaning in delight at the feel and flavor of the silken flesh in his muzzle, feeling her feet move past his throat and into his gullet as his stomach growled furiously for her.

          As he continued on the delectable feast on the bed before him, the gun still trained but not quite as intently, he found himself wondering how his love was fairing, now that he could be fairly certain she was all right…



          The she-wolf lapsed into a primal ferocity when she really thought about the arrogant officer pulling a gun on her once again. And the fact that he had dared to use that word in such an insulting manner only made things worse. As Mann flailed about with his head in her muzzle, she tore his clothing to pieces from his body, leaving little scratches on his flesh here and there where her claws cut a bit too deep. She never truly damaged the tender meat of him though and kept her grip on his head as he thrashed helplessly before her, all the while her tongue running over his face and hair to get a first taste of him and prepare him for the trip down.

          Mann had been plunged into darkness as she glommed over his head in one strike and could not control his fear. The small gun that he had always put his faith in had been useless and his careless insult had only served to inflame her as he found his head encased in the tight heat of her mouth. Knowing that there was no escape and that he would be just another meal for her, along with the fact that his partner was probably being eaten now as well, he cursed himself over and over again through his fear as he thrashed about uselessly and felt the she-wolf’s claws on him. His only consolation, as he felt his head slowly pulled a bit further down into a tighter space, was that this mistake would certainly be his last.

          Swallowing for her first time, the she-wolf worked hard, pushing the officer’s head into her throat and stretching her muzzle around his meaty shoulders. She could feel the outline that his head made in her throat and could even feel the movement of his lips as he tried to scream, only to be blocked by the tight massaging throat muscles. As her tongue ran all over his upper chest, tasting the delicious meat there and tonguing some of the small scratches to mix the flavor of blood in, she felt much of the same elation her lover felt in the next room. The futile flailing and the taste of fear on him made the meal all the better as she lifted him in the air and gulped again, making a huge pull and taking his shoulders into her throat as his head was pushed deeper into the gullet. When she finally had him deep enough, with his arms pinned to his side and his thick chest and toned abs in her mouth, she was able to take him off the ground and begin working on his pants, which she took off a bit more carefully.

          As she removed the last of the clothes and let the detective’s fully nude body hang before her, waiting for her consumption, she ran her long tongue all over his hard chest and a bit of his abs, savoring ever curve of every muscle. Mann truly was a treat and she could feel that old craving to be filled with living flesh as she devoured him, moaning in delight that she would finally rid herself of the greatest threat to her safety as well as getting such a perfect meal. She began to swallow again, very slowly, feeling the struggling still going on inside her.

          As Mann moved ever downward and was pressed against the tight opening to her stomach, where he could already smell the waiting acid, he couldn’t help but wonder through his dread what was becoming of Woods…



          Woods still lay on the bed, the warm, wet gullet of the wolf slowly enveloping more of her legs as he took her thighs into his mouth. She had looked down in horror as her legs were slowly swallowed up by the wolf, watching the bulges they made in his throat and chest when she couldn’t help but move them, but now closed her eyes, unable to look any more as the predator took her in.

          The wolf was already beginning to crawl up onto the bed, lifting her up just a bit as he moved down her tender thighs. Soon her legs were completely inside his body and his nose lay just under her pelvis. His drool coated the soft-skinned thighs and dripped down her hips as he enjoyed her taste and prepared for the delightful rump and other treats before him.

          He opened his mouth wide around her thighs and then pressed down as he swallowed, driving the thighs into his throat while her feet pushed through into his stomach. The wolf’s head moved down and slowly tilted back up almost like a scoop as he pulled her hips into his muzzle and moaned in shear ecstasy as he his tongue ran over her delicious tender ass. He worked his tongue all about, coating each cheek in saliva as he worked for every bit of flavor he could. As he held her pelvis there, devouring the perfectly rounded rump, he could not resist snaking his tongue between her legs and getting a taste of her sex. As he knew it would be, she was not really flowing at all, only a bit of typical moisture, but still he enjoyed the taste for a bit as he ran his tongue all around her outer lips. Nothing would come of it, as he well expected given that Woods was completely focused on her imminent demise, but he could not resist the taste.

          When he finally took all he could from everything her pelvis had to offer, he began swallowing again and climbing more onto the bed. He stayed mostly on all four paws as he pulled more of her in, taking the time to pull her hands up and work them into his muzzle alongside her body, filling his mouth out even more now as he took her lower torso into his muzzle. Her body moved further down his as he gulped and slurped in her abdomen and lifted up a bit as he crawled onto the bed. The long wet tongue moved all along her back, still taking all the flavors he could as he coated her ever more, watching the swell of her breasts and knowing that it would not be long now before she was truly feeding him.

          With another swallow he felt more of her legs pushed into his gut, the beginnings of a bulge finally forming there as the rest of her pelvis slipped into his mouth and his nose landed almost right between her breasts. Sitting there, devouring her, feeling her feet kick lightly in his stomach and looking over her breasts to her face clenched in fear, he wished that he could taste the two tender orbs before him, a bit regretful that he hadn’t moved her into a position where that would be possible. The wolf didn’t dwell too much on such things though as he was completely overjoyed that he was almost finished with her, that after such a wonderful feast he would be left with a nice full belly and be rid of the detective for good.

          The wolf stretched his mouth wide and swallowed again, this time pulling her ample chest in to make a large mouthful, leaving only her shoulders and head outside as more of the rest of her body slid into his gullet and stomach. He nibbled gently on her chest as he enjoyed all the sensations of her body inside him; moaning around her flesh as he felt her trembling and fear increase in the final stages of the meal.

          Woods was catapulted into a level of fear she had never experienced and never knew existed as her chest was sucked into the wolf’s muzzle. She thrashed and squirmed uncontrollably inside, unable to control herself and only serving the wolf’s pleasure, as she was finally reduced to begging for her life.

          She began pleading for the wolf to let her go and was heard with amusement in the next room…



          The she-wolf took Mann’s abdomen into her muzzle completely with her next swallow, her lips almost to his waist as his head pushed through into her stomach. She held a tight grip on his kicking legs as his thick chest filled her gullet and his upper abdomen was massaged in her throat, the meat feeling wonderful against her interior walls as she devoured him. Her long, maneuverable tongue continued to work all over his toned muscles, enjoying the delectable taste of the hard male flesh and flicking over whatever scratches her claws had left for the blood. As her tongue moved about on his body, she allowed it to snake out and run along his flaccid member, enjoying the flavor there. It did not rise to her attention, but she did not desire it too, only to enjoy every taste that her meal had to offer as the she-wolf finally fulfilled her fondest wish.

          She made another hard swallow, her body bulging out all over as more of the officer was pulled down into it, his shoulders pushing their way into her stomach and beginning to push out her belly just a bit as she took in his hips. The hungry predator moaned in pleasure as her tongue ran over all his soft private areas, flicking over his still limp member and rolling the hairy balls around in her mouth, savoring the musky flavor of the truly male meat as the tip of her tongue occasionally moved around them to touch his firm rump. As she slowly savored the flavor of his most tender areas, her paws moved away from his legs to rub the small bulge forming in her belly, enjoying every bit of the meal that she could.

          Mann could feel her extreme attention to his privates perfectly, but simply could not be aroused as he found himself forced even further into her, the acids already beginning to tingle his scalp a bit as she continued to taste him. He thrashed his head about inside her, trying to keep it out of the steadily rising pool of stomach acid, but to no avail as more of it flowed in and he felt himself about to be pushed further into it.

          The she-wolf continued to take every taste she could from Mann’s hanging member and testicles and even thought for a moment about nipping the tasty orbs off to torture him a bit, but decided that it would not be necessary as she delighted in his fearful struggles within her. It would be enough to digest the detective alive and screaming once she had him all the way down, a thought she had reveled in since she and her lover began planning this night.

          Finally, she swallowed again, giving the soft areas of his pelvis over to her throat and taking the thick, meaty thighs into her mouth. As the bulge in her stomach grew steadily outward to her delight, she continued to rub her paws over it, getting excited at the thought of being so full soon as she nibbled at his thighs, licking them all over and preparing to take the rest of his legs in. She could vaguely hear Mann grunting inside her as he struggled uselessly against the motions of her body pushing him into the acid filled stomach. Opening her muzzle a bit and tilting her head back, she began to pull the rest of his legs in with several measured “bites” gulping a bit more and pushing him further each time, causing a steady rate of growth in her distended belly.

          It was about the time that she was almost to his feet that she heard the desperate pleading from the next room. She could not resist stopping for a moment and smiling around his Mann’s ankles as she thought of her mate with Woods…



          “Please stop!” she cried, “Please, PLEASE! I’LL DO ANYTHING, JUST LET ME GO! LET ME GO, I’M BEGGING YOU!”

          The desperation in her voice was so that the wolf had to stop for a moment. In many ways it was to lull her into a false sense of security before he finished her off, but also to savor the moment as the bothersome detective was reduced to such a lowly state before him. He loved the sound of her pleading for her life and reveled in it for several moments. In many ways it was the crowning event of the night.

          Woods stopped for just a moment when she realized he was not pulling her down any more. She wondered if maybe, just maybe, her pleas had not fallen on deaf ears, or maybe thought that it had been the wolf’s plan all along to simply bring her to this point of fear and then let her go. To show her what it feels like to be hunted. For the first moment since the wolf had nibbled at her toes, she felt some hope. In the next moment she felt herself slowly moving downward again and saw the upper jaw of the wolf beginning to obscure her view.

          Woods let out a piercing scream of doom that was music to the wolf’s ears as he ever so slowly opened his mouth wide and pulled her head inside. When she was finally inside, his jaws ever so slowly inched down, bit by bit sealing her off from the world until finally they snapped closed, leaving only her long hair hanging out of his muzzle. The wolf just held her that way for several moments, completely soaking up the moment as he realized that this was it, then keyed himself up for that which he had waited so long.


          The detective’s head slid down his throat, making a clear outline in his neck and chest as it moved into him, the blond hair pulled in and sucked down with it. The wolf just waited on all fours, eyes closed and licking his chops in utter bliss as his belly grew underneath him with the mass of Detective Woods. In only a moment, she was completely inside, struggling about, but quickly running out of air as his acids began to flow in with her. He rolled onto his back and sighed, completely lost in the moment as he just lay there, stroking his distended gut and feeling her steadily dying squirms as his stomach churned about her.

          For Woods it did not take long. Trapped inside the stomach of the predator, she could not breath and squirmed about, fully knowing that now she was just food. As she felt the first tingling of enzymes and the squeezing of the stomach walls, she ran out of air and drifted off, never to awaken.

          The wolf remained in his full reverie for a moment, but then got the urge to see how his mate was doing. He picked himself up carefully off the bed, groaning as he hefted the weight of his belly. He headed out of the room and towards the next one…



          The she-wolf could not have been happier. Mann’s feet still protruded from her muzzle, but she needed a few moments to enjoy it all. She heard the pathetic begging from the other room and then the scream that had been quickly cut off, and knew that her lover had just finished Woods. She slowly ran her tongue out of her mouth and stroked the feet with it as she heard muffled screams of agony from her own gut as the acids already began to strip away Mann’s flesh. His body thrashed even more wildly and she delighted in every moment of it as she prepared to finish off her prey.

          Using both her tongue and another swallow, she slowly pulled the feet into her mouth with a slurping sound and held them there for a few moments, licking them all over, running her tongue between each toe as she too became lost in the extreme joy of knowing this was the detective’s last moment and that she and her lover had won. Finally she prepared for the action that would set them all completely free.


          The she-wolf rubbed her throat to feel the feet as they were slowly pulled downward, emptying the rest of Mann into her stomach where plenty of acid was already waiting. She rubbed her now huge belly as she felt him struggling about inside, hearing his muffled screams in pure delight as her stomach gurgled around him, the digestive process taking him completely.

          For Mann it was a pure nightmare as his flesh burned in a way he could never have imagined and the squeezing walls of the stomach crushed his bones one after the other. He flailed his compressed body around as much as he could in his agony, his only wish, as the acids poured down his throat and began to dissolve his insides, that it would end somehow. His wish was granted after a few moments when his world went truly numb.

          The she-wolf licked her chops clean and just stood in utter satisfaction of the night as she felt the thrashing slowly fade and knew that Mann was being reduced to a soup to feed her needs. It was then that the door opened…



          The wolf walked in and saw his full mate, a huge smile spreading over his face that was returned by one from her. In a moment, both were howling in celebration, elated at their double success for the night, too excited to truly speak for the first several moments.

          “We did it,” the wolf said simply when they had calmed down and sat on the bed, gently stroking each other’s full bellies.

          “Yes,” she said, “We’ve won. No more being chased when we try to eat. No more shadows looming over us. We practically own these woods.”

          “It’s a wonderful feeling. I have to admit, I was worried when I heard that shot, but I had to hope you were all right and continue as we planned. Glad to see I was right,” he said and kissed her gently.

          She smiled and returned his kiss lovingly, “Well I’m glad you kept going, I wouldn’t expect anything else. And now that we’ve made it, there’s something I have to tell you, my love. I didn’t want you to be worrying about it until we were through, but now I think it’s time you knew…”

          “Knew what?” he asked.

          “Well, do you remember the night that we planned this whole thing?”

          “How could I forget?” he said and grinned wryly.

          She grinned back. “Of course. Well how should I tell you this exactly? You’ve got very good aim… daddy.”

          The wolf’s eyes widened as he looked at her and she nodded, smiling.

          “Yes,” she said, “You’re going to be a father, so it’s a very good thing that we won tonight. And now we’ll teach the pups everything we know. You and me, together.”

          He sighed and kissed her again, the only response of which he could think. It was a deep passionate kiss, full of love. They would teach the pups everything and then those pups could go out and form their own packs. It would be a new day for the wolves of that forest and others. A new race of wolves would arise in only a couple generations.

          The wolf and the she-wolf sat together, pondering the future. It was going to be glorious.