Willing Prey: Right for You?

A vore article by

the Wolf


You know how it goes. You feel that rumbling in your gut or maybe that faint taste on your tongue and you know you want a nice, live meal to fill you up tonight. But the idea of stalking someone, waiting for the right moment when they’re alone, making sure no one’s going to interrupt your dinner, and so on just seems like such a hassle. That’s when you start to think, “That bar down the street always has a few of those willing prey types. Why not just go there and eat one of them?”

Well, before you go rushing out and assuming it’ll be simple to find someone to wiggle readily down your throat, be aware that it’s not as easy as it sounds. There are a few things you need to consider in order to decide if willing prey is really right for you.

Spotting Willing Prey

You can’t just walk into any old club and start asking folks at the bar, “Hey wanna visit my belly tonight?” or “Mmm, you look good enough to eat. Want to see if you are?” You’ll get a lot of slaps in the face and people reporting you to the bouncer. Or worse, if you’re not the biggest, baddest predator out there, you might find someone telling you it sounds great only to wind up as their entrée for the evening. So first, you need to know what to look for, and believe me that species and body-type are no guarantees. Toss those right out, and listen to the guidelines below.

To start with, there are two types of willing prey that you might find at your meeting place of choice. The loner and the pack.

The loner: This one is usually found clinging to the wall of the club, maybe nursing a single drink for a whole night. Loners are usually shy. After all, they couldn’t find anyone else to go to the club with them, could they? Body language will often tell you if they’re the WP type. Watch where their eyes go. Do they seem to spend a lot of time watching someone’s mouth only to look down again? If a big, round belly walks by, do they follow it all the way across the room before going back to their drink? Do they look around the bar and settle on big beefy types that are clearly predators more often then not? Then probably they’re dreaming of being stuffed down someone’s throat.

The advantages of a loner come in a few forms. One is that once you’ve hooked one, it’s pretty easy to get that guy or girl into some secluded area for a snack. They don’t have anyone around to talk them out of it, and if they’re hanging out in the right club, that’s exactly what they’re looking for. The main disadvantage is that a WP loner and regular shy loner are easy to mix up, so you need to be really sure before approaching. When you do approach, you’ll have to start slow and test the waters no matter what. Loners are often shy and don’t get hit on a lot. Even if you genuinely think this is the tastiest thing on two legs you’ve seen, they might think you’re just making fun of them if you come on too strong. Starting slow and easy, maybe playing the role of the shy, first-time pred is a good way to both confirm and walk out the door with a WP loner.

The pack: This is fairly straight forward. This is a whole group of willing prey that decided to get together, go out for a night and scope out the predator scene. Usually they’re found clumped at one section of a bar or around a table. When they look at the muscled crowd or a big-belly, they are much more obvious about it. Listen in and you may overhear laughing comments such as: “Mmm, what I wouldn’t give to slosh around in there.” or “Oooh, he could have me over for dinner any night!” or “Wow, the gator girl that just walked in? Call me ‘lunch’!” These types are much less shy, more open about what they want and can often be a bit superficial.

The main advantage of pack WP is that they’re easy to spot and their intentions are clear. They want to be food for someone, even if the group came out with a “look, but don’t slide in” attitude. Also you’re free to use any number of predatory pick-up lines from the get-go, and if you’re a little creative you might not have to spend all night feeling them out and convincing them. The biggest disadvantage comes in two words: pack dynamics. This group might have an unofficial leader and the prey of your dreams might essentially need permission to go off and climb into your jaws. Even if that’s not the case, the group might have that “We came together, we need to leave together!” nuisance, thanks to the other prey being jealous of who you picked out. Now if you’re into this sort of thing and can handle it, you could use this to just eat the whole group, but that can be a daunting task, and some people might need convincing if you’re not their type. So watch how the group interacts and look for the WP you can most easily cut away from the pack for a nice evening of long, slow eating.

Potential Pitfalls

Now that you’ve spotted and approached your willing prey, everything should be just fine, right? Well hang on there, because there are a few things you might have never considered that come up with willing prey.

Appearance: Whether you’re a slightly tubby wolf, a huge muscled bull, a tigress with a constantly big, round belly, or a svelte little otter, you’ve found some way to use this advantage to trick, trap, or just plain force squirming prey down into your stomach. And it’s worked for you so far, so won’t it be easier if the prey is willing?

If only. You see, when you start dealing with willing prey, your appearance plays a huge part in whether or not you eat well. Maybe you’ve found the perfect, delicious little loner in the corner only to find he’s not into muscle guys or not into guys at all. Maybe you put your best line on that cute bunny in a pack of WP and you get a cruel turn down because he doesn’t like his women with big bellies until he’s inside one. You get the basic idea, where once it was a matter of watchfulness or timing to eat, now you need a different set of tools, and you’re dealing with a whole new challenge: rejection.

The good news is that your situation is far from hopeless, you just have to watch for the interested ones. The willing prey community is vast and diverse. If you strike out once, somewhere out there is a prey that wants to be dominated by your physique, wants to rub your big belly from both sides, or dreams of stretching your thin frame full and round. Just be aware, you may have to actually do some work to find that someone.

Reformation: This is a big one and can be an immediate deal breaker. While you occasionally find that succulent morsel that doesn’t care if they perish in your gut for whatever reason, most willing prey are strictly into reformation only. So if you can’t do that as a predator, your selection is definitely limited. And if you try to force the issue in most clubs where willing prey hang out, they’re going to cry out for help. At best, you’ll likely get a few bruises and tossed out at that point. At worst, you could even find yourself churning in the bouncer’s belly, so you don’t want to go there.

You can try to lie about your abilities, but this has a definite shelf-life. You may get away with it once or twice, but eventually some other willing prey will talk. If you’ve never been on a willing prey forum online, check one out. Just about every one of them has a “Warnings” section of some kind where you’ll see cell phone pictures (maybe even of friends of yours) saying, “Don’t go off alone with this bull. My friend’s acquaintance’s brother left the bar with him and never showed up again!” And if you’ve seen it on one site, it’s a good bet that picture has been around to every WP forum by the time you see it. No more willing prey for that bull unless he finds the 1 in 100 that truly doesn’t care. So if you really want to try out willing prey, best see if you can learn how to bring them back. Believe me, it’s worth the effort, even if you’re not into it yourself.

Arousal: An important thing to remember. Most willing prey, be they guy or girl, are willing because the idea or act of being swallowed gives them a sexual thrill. For a lot of you, this probably isn’t a problem. You’re likely thinking, “This just gets better and better!” because you only have worry about one hook-up for your appetites instead of two.

Still, this can cause some awkwardness depending on your preferences. Maybe you’re a pred that only likes females sexually, but you eat males for the extra protein boost. Maybe your orientation matches, but the idea of your prey rutting against your tongue on the way down just weirds you out and means you can’t really enjoy your meal. Maybe they actually wanted to go home and do some elaborate set up with vegetables and a platter and you wearing a chef’s hat while you just wanted a quick snack at the back of the club. The point is that you have to be aware of what you’re getting into when you’ve selected that willing prey and pulled them off alone, and that it may be more complicated than you realized.

Falling for Prey: Picture it. You’ve found that nice wolf that genuinely wants to slide down your throat. You’ve dragged your WP back to a booth and because you can take your time, you’re making out. Kissing him, tasting him. Mmmm, he’s delicious and you can hardly wait to feel him in your belly. Then somehow you figure out that he likes the same music you do. Wow, no one ever likes that band like you do. But oh well, coincidence. He’s still a snack. Then you talk a little more than you lick, and somehow it slips out that you two like the same hobbies. And share other interests. Looking into his eyes … this could be the one … how could you treat him like just another entrée?

Believe it or not, this happens more often than you think. If you’re one of those predators that can reform … well mazel tov, may you have many happy years together. I’ve known a few predator and prey relationships that work out really well this way. Most times the prey doesn’t even mind if the predator occasionally gobbles up someone else. There are weirder relationships.

However, what if you had no intentions or abilities to reform them? Whether through trickery or because he doesn’t care, once this sweetheart enters your belly, they’re gone for good. Then you have a problem. You may just go through with it, enjoy your wriggly dinner … and always wonder what might have been, if you’ll ever find love. Or maybe you won’t give it a second thought. The trick of it is that you don’t really know.

Then again, you might decide to spare the prey and give it a go. After all, if you can love your prey, you won’t eat them right? Yeah, be nice if it worked that way. But everyone I’ve talked to found that love only enhanced their appetite. They’d try to fight it, but the more they loved the person, the tastier that lover looked. Then inevitably, one night … glom, gobble, gobble, slurp, gobble, gulp … burp. Then guilt and sorrow and wallowing. And definitely loss of appetite.

So really, if you can’t reform the prey and you find yourself even beginning to fall for some WP you’ve convinced to come with you, the best thing you can do for yourself is suddenly remember an engagement elsewhere. It may hurt their feelings, but you’re free then to find a nice, tasty morsel you’ll never think about again.

In Summary

So in conclusion, those are just some of the things to think about when you decide you might like to ditch the stalking and go for willing prey. There are numerous hazards and changes to consider, but if you’re willing to navigate them, you may be quite satisfied with the results. Now I’ve got to run. I’ve been in this prey-heavy coffee shop for a while, and I think there’s an otter giving me the eye that would love to swim in my personal “pool”. Might even bring him back afterwards and make him breakfast. One way or another. To the rest of you, happy hunting.