Vacation Advice


the Wolf


There are some vacation hazards that you don’t think about until it’s too late. Not big, life-threatening things or anything like that. Just little nuisances that can turn the perfect night into an exercise in frustration. Allow me to explain.

I was on a nice two-week stay in Hawaii. Once a year when fall starts to get gloomy, I simply pack light essentials into a bag, find a good low key place to stay that’s not the touristy bustle of Waikiki and get away for some good relaxation. There are some other good places to spend a couple weeks’ vacation and hunting, but Hawaii is one of the best. Nice sun, beautiful scenery, and of course, a buffet of half-naked people showing themselves off for me to choose from.

It was about halfway through my trip and I was on a beach in the early afternoon, soaking up the sun and watching people move around me. I was feeling generally satisfied. It had been a good trip so far and just last night at a little bar, a young college co-ed had been all over me, mentioning how her friends wouldn’t go out with her so she just came out alone. Too perfect, I didn’t even have to spend the money on a Mai Tai to have her come back to my little cottage rental. She was delicious, really hit the spot that night. But now she was all gone, and since it had already been a few nights in a row of soft female companionship, I was keeping my eyes open for something a little more hard-bodied for today.

Then I saw him coming out of the water, working his way up on to the packed sand of the shoreline. It was almost like a scene out of a movie the way his body emerged glistening, perfect bronze skin that looked half tan and half natural color. Water dripping off of the perfectly toned musculature on his slightly thin frame, his hand running through his dark hair while his swim trunks clung to his body. Yum. I know he didn’t actually move in slow motion, but hey, that’s the way it always plays in my head when I think about it.

As if it wasn’t perfect enough, his eyes glanced at mine and caught me looking just before he looked away with that particular type of nervousness. My lucky day, this guy was gay or at the very least bi. I caught him taking a glance back while I pretended to be looking somewhere else. I’m not that hard to look at myself, and I thought he liked what he saw. I glanced back and gave him a little smile. Now it was just a question of if I’d have to go after him or if he’d approach me.

Fortune seemed to smile on me as he began to walk towards where I was set up on a towel with a basket and small cooler next to me. Nice, he was just slightly shy, but not so much that he was too scared to make the first move. I could already see him trying to come up with a line in his head as I just smiled casually and waited.

“Uh … hey. Look, this is a little embarrassing. I kinda forgot my towel when I came down to swim. You don’t have an extra one do you?”

Not bad, not bad. Plausible even though there was probably a towel somewhere on the beach that he was conveniently forgetting about. It was good to know I had that effect on people as I reached into the basket to fish out the spare towel I happened to have. I liked to come prepared.

“Sure,” I said, “want to have a drink while you dry off?”

He readily accepted a beer from the cooler and began to rub the towel over his body. It was nice to watch. I invited him to sit, we traded names, started to chit-chat a little, etc, etc. Not really important just what was said in those first moments. I turned over onto my stomach to give him a good view of my butt through the tight shorts I was wearing. Not to brag, but it is one of my best assets, no pun intended. I know what I have and what people like on me, so I laid there for the rest of our conversation, making sure to stick it up just a little bit. Probably didn’t hurt that the skin-tight Speedo showed it off rather nicely.

Finally after we’d been sitting a long while together and I had dropped a few little flirtatious statements here and there, it was time to head on in. He only had a couple beers in him by then, so I decided to play it just a little coy. Not too much though, I could already feel my stomach one step below growling and tension just a little lower from looking at this young hard body. Besides, I was pretty sure we were both already thinking the same thing. More or less.

“So … don’t suppose you’d like to come back to my cottage for another drink? Maybe a little … something more?”

Not exactly subtle or all that smooth, but it got the job done. I could practically feel the lusty tension in this guy as he realized this really was an option. He nodded quickly as he said that he’d love to, and I knew that dinner was served. Honestly, I forget what dinner was called, let’s just call him Donny. It was something like that, with a “D”.

So Donny and I walked up to my little resort cottage and headed in the front door, him helping me carry all the stuff I had laid out. As we set the stuff by the door, I was deciding just how bold I wanted to be at this point. I mean, he was already in the cottage with me, he knew what the invitation had really meant. So why waste time actually having a drink? I figured screw it, and as he finished setting the cooler down and stood up, I was right on top of him.

I pressed him against the closed door as our lips met and my body rubbed against his. I could taste just a little bit of the ocean clinging to his lips overlying what seemed like the wonderful flavor of the guy himself. At first he seemed a bit surprised as my hands rubbed up those strong shoulders and through that soft hair, but soon he was moaning and kissing me back with his arms draped around me. Our mouths worked, our tongues wrestled, skin rubbed up against skin, and I felt the bulge in my Speedos rubbing up against a growing hardness through his trunks.

It took several moments of that deep, hard kiss before I finally backed off a moment and let him catch his breath. As he did, he gave that slightly dopey smile that a lot of guys get when they’ve been pleasantly surprised and aroused. His hands still rubbed over my skin and I licked my lips with all the seduction and desire I could muster. Not hard, given how badly I wanted him in so many ways.

“Mmm, bedroom?” he murmured as we touched each other.

I nodded sideways towards the back of the cottage. “Just this way through the living room. Place isn’t that big.”

No more words were really needed after that as I turned and started to lead him that way. We both knew the score at this point, and everything else was just details. As I got to the bedroom, I turned and smiled at him to see he’d left his trunks on the living room floor half way in. This is another thing I like about hunting on the beach. Almost no clothing to deal with. His cock was already standing mostly at attention, and I could see from the look of him that he liked the way mine was straining against the fabric of my own shorts.

With a step forward, he reached down to grope me through the Speedo, and I leaned in for another kiss. Lips pressed to his once more, one of my hands slipped behind his head while the other reached down and cupped his balls. Hmmm, nice and big. Probably full. I could feel him moan into my mouth as I gently rolled them back and forth and he stroked me through my suit. I was hard as a rock just thinking about all the possibilities for the afternoon.

Letting my lips slip away from his, I slid down and kissed his neck, licking the skin there and hearing him groan as his hand stroked my hair. I was sliding down his body now, letting my lips and tongue trace along his skin like the touch of a feather with my hands sliding down his back. Stroking around to his sides, I stopped to tease his nipples a bit. As I went back and forth, each one was erect in my mouth and I flicked my tongue over them. From the sounds he made and the feel of his cock poking my belly, Donny was one of those guys that had a direct connection there. I could feel him getting more and more turned on as I played there. Finally, listening to him pant and whimper, I knelt down the rest of way, wrapped my fingers around his shaft and opened my lips for his cock.

I always give the guys I plan on eating a blowjob for two reasons. One is that on rare occasion, I find someone that looked absolutely scrumptious, but for some reason tastes awful when I get them in private and really start going. Even a basic lick won’t do, I need a real taste. Don’t ask me why that happens, but I found it out the hard way the first time some cute boy tasted foul and I had to power on through a wretched meal because I’d already started. When someone’s head is in your mouth, there’s not much way to stop and explain it away. So now I give them the suck test, and if one tastes off, I give him a happy and let him go off never knowing just how lucky he was.

The other reason is a simple bit of compassion. In general, once I have someone naked in my room, they’re a few minutes away from a one-way trip to my stomach. I figure the least I can do is make sure they get a couple moments of bliss before feeding time. I’m not heartless, just hungry.

Using my hand, I slowly placed his member in my mouth, gradually making a nice soft channel against it with my tongue. I could hear him groaning and getting louder as I tasted and suckled at him, letting my lips slide down to the base of that shaft and pushing it towards my throat. God, it was delicious. I could already tell from the first bit of musk hitting my tongue that Donny was going to be a delectable meal, and I intended to suck as much of this tasty appetizer out of him as I possibly could. From the way his fingers ran through and gripped my hair, I don’t think Donny disagreed. At least not with the part he knew about.

He throbbed against my tongue as I slid back and forth, sucking and gobbling and just plain hungry for everything he had to offer. I gripped his hips and fucked my own face with that delicious cock, and it sounded like Donny had never had such an enthusiastic treatment from any guy he’d picked up. And I was so hard, I had to finally take a second to tug down my Speedo and let myself out before my hand was back to his hip, sliding around to that tender, juicy butt. All the while I swallowed the head of his member over and over again, just imagining how soon as I was going to be swallowing him. After a nice, salty treat of course.

Being a horned-up, relatively young guy, he didn’t last much longer. I heard him muttering “It’s coming! It’s coming!” between breaths, as if to warn me for whatever I wanted to do. I slid my lips up just under his head, letting my tongue tease the head and slit while I kept sucking, and a second later he cried and gave me a mouthful of wet, sticky spunk.

God, even his cum was delicious. Not bitter, not even that salty with just the barest of sweet notes to it. I slurped it all down, moaning and greedy for more while each spurt was accompanied by another little cry of pleasure from him. I figured he was going to be tasty already, but if his cream was any indication, this was going to be the petite filet mignon of guys and he was all mine.

Using my hand along his shaft, I slid off his erection and purposely sprayed my face with the last couple weak spurts as I felt him ebbing. It’s just something I like on occasion, a warm splash around the mouth at the end. And honestly, there’s nothing quite like licking a guy’s last orgasm off your lips right before you eat him; try it sometime, and you’ll see.

Both of us panting a bit, I was at that throbbing, sensitive level of hard. That place where you don’t dare touch it for fear you might shoot off in an instant, and where it feels so good to be on the edge anyway. I started to stand up—very carefully—and get my suit the rest of the way off while Donny walked a few steps past me on wobbly legs. He was grinning in that dopey way we all do sometimes as he collapsed onto the bed.

“God … that was amazing…” he murmured, still trying to catch his breath. He rolled over onto his back and looked at me, eyes going to my dick with a grin. In a moment of irony, he licked his lips. “Give me… a minute or two to recover… and I’ll do you.” He rolled again, showing off that well-sculpted rump. “Or if you have condoms and lube … you can fuck me.”

Damn, that ass looked so cute. So supple, squeezable, and I had to admit it, very fuckable. I did have the condoms and lube in my nightstand, and I was thinking about it. But that whole body also looked so tender, and my stomach was already grumbling a little bit. It wanted something tasty and wiggly inside, and the blowjob had only made it want more. I was about ready to just grab his feet, start at the toes and slurp him up from there. Sadly, though, my cottage was not as isolated as I would have liked, so this was not one of those vacations where I could deal with someone screaming for help.

My throbbing had relaxed a little bit despite watching him, the stimulation easing back from the edge, so I felt a little safer. I slipped to the bed where Donny was laying and began to crawl over him, letting my cock brush against the back of his leg while my body glided against his. He let out a sharp exhale at the teasing, almost biting his lip when I draped all the way over him and licked his ear. My teeth gave a little nibble, making him giggle.

“Mmm, you are so yummy,” I teased him, loving those moments when I can say exactly what I’m thinking and people just think I’m being playful. “I could just eat you up.”

I love when people naturally think I’m joking and teasing them. When they giggle at me or just try to tease back, having no idea just how serious I am. The way he squirmed and wiggled, turning out from under me so that we were on our sides facing each other, it was just driving me mad. Already I was throbbing again, and I wanted to fuck this young stud, but I also wanted this delicious guy in my belly right now.

We kissed again while I was trying to decide what to do, and as our tongues danced and I knew that he could taste his cum still on my lips, my mind was pretty well made up. I pulled back just a little bit, my arm around his shoulder, my hand stroking the side of his face. Licking the last of that sticky cum off my lips and gulping it down, I sighed and looked him right in the eyes.

“In fact… I think that’s exactly what I’ll do.”

I opened my mouth wide and shoved his head in before I could start to question my choice or relent for that nice, tight ass. Sealing my lip around his neck with one chomp, I felt him freeze in a moment of shock. Most times that happened, and I preferred to capitalize on it. With a swallow that easily stretched my neck around his head, I pushed his shoulders into my jaws, my teeth just barely grazing his skin. The quicker I could get his arms at least somewhat pinned before he really started squirming.

I was nibbling my way down his chest when Donny’s bewilderment finally seamed to break and he started struggling. By that time, it was already too late. Even with him thrashing around and trying to reach up to my head, his arms couldn’t get much traction and my tongue was already lapping at his chest and teasing his nipples while I took another gulp. And goddamn, that boy was tasty! I’m sure I’ve had meals that were just as good, maybe better, but I still think for flavor Donny ranked in the top ten somewhere.

Grabbing those flailing arms and pushing them down, I swallowed a little more and felt him really stretching my jaws and neck now with his chest slipping in. I could hear each gulp as I was beginning to work him down. It’s pretty easy for me on my side usually, but I was trying to force myself to take him a little slower while I licked his chest and started to slurp in that flat belly. He was at that level of delicious where you get stuck between wanting to savor slowly and wanting to gobble up the next bite way too quickly.

Of course, when he tried to kick at me and almost connected in his thrashing, I did take another swallow and pull his body away with my hands. His head was pushing into my stomach, making me feel that first bit of real satisfaction while his legs were dangling over the side of the bed. My lips at his waist now, I nibbled and slurped for just a few seconds, playing with his navel while he struggled. Then I grabbed two handfuls of that nice, pliant rump and shoved with another swallow to get his hips into my mouth.

Sadly, he wasn’t one of those rare ones that pop a boner while begin swallowed, but with my stomach already starting to stretch and another opportunity to run my tongue over that tasty package, I couldn’t complain. I let my tongue fiddle with his bits while I nibbled on that nice tender ass meat. All the while he was squirming and kicking up a storm, trying to fight his way out if he could. I was still rock hard, and I don’t know if my belly grazed my dick while it was stretching, but I spattered the sheets without even touching myself. The meal was just that intense in that moment, and it felt so good that I swallowed a few more times while I was climaxing. And all his struggling and wriggling on the way down just made it feel that much better. Wasn’t the first time that happened, but Donny sliding into my stomach while I came was still pretty memorable.

By the time I was done shooting off, my belly had grown even bigger, I was taking deep breaths through my nose, and Donny’s feet were the only things outside my lips. They were still kicking a bit at the ankles, but the fight seemed to have gone out of him when most of him was pushed so quickly into my gut. Still, I wanted to savor this last little bit of him since I had the chance.

I let my teeth work a little at his ankles, trying to nibble just a little harder and make him squirm. Not enough to really hurt, just enough to wake him up a bit more. Then another swallow took his feet in mostly. I nibbled some more and played my tongue over his toes. I was really enjoying sucking all the flavor I could out of those last few moments of him in my mouth. But soon enough, I really wanted to finish up and get him all the way in. So I tipped my head up, swallowed one more time, and that was that. Donny was in my stomach with no chance of getting out, making a big, thrashing ball of my belly as he squirmed.

Okay, I don’t like the idea of hurting people. I’m not some sadist who wants to make others suffer, and I try to make it as easy as I can on them. But that feeling when a whole person is in your gut, and you know they can’t get out, no matter how much they struggle; it’s intoxicating. You feel so powerful just rubbing your belly and feeling content while they squirm and try to figure out what happened to the world. Licking my lips and tasting him, I allowed myself a few seconds to savor that feeling. Then I let out the belch I’d been holding, and in a minute or two more, those kicks settled down and Donny passed out inside.

I exhaled another breath, still grinning as my body began to work on him. My stomach was already gurgling and making all those other fun noises with the-bulge-that-had-recently-been-Donny. Time to just roll over and drift off rubbing a bellyful of tender, juicy man that would digest through the night.

Starting to slip over so I could begin that reliable bliss, I first felt the burning, stinging sensation and winced, almost crying out. I tried again, and my back lit up, the extra weight in my belly making it that much worse as fire shot throughout it. Heaving the new bulk, I rolled onto my side again and felt the-weight-formerly-known-as-Donny slosh against the bed, almost uncomfortable.

Apparently during that time I’d been seducing him, I’d been laying on my front and exposing my back to the sun for a good long while. No way I’d be able to get to sleep with that burn, and no way I wanted to try laying down on it. So I heaved myself out of the bed, wobbling awkwardly with my bulk-of-what’s-his-name, and slowly plodded into the living room.

It took several tries of various positions that would support my big, gurgling belly but wouldn’t put pressure on my stinging back, which was starting to give off a warm throb even in open air. Eventually, I wound up in one of the cottage’s chairs, hunched over so that my gut could rest on the floor for the time being and watching bad TV throughout the evening and into the wee hours of the morning until he became a more manageable mass of pudge. Not exactly the night I’d envisioned when I first lured that delicious stud into my room. And not how I envisioned the next couple days of my vacation waiting for it to heal so I could have another good, squirmy feast.

So for all you predators out there, yes, the beach is a prime location for hunting. It exposes bodies, gives you a bevy of options to choose from, and there’s almost always some tasty morsel also on vacation and feeling more free about who they go home with.

But for goodness sake, remember your damn sunscreen.