The Sacrifice


the Wolf

Commissioned by Romuva


Broadway glided above the streets of Manhattan, keeping an eye on the alleys below in the cool air. Autumn was in full swing in the city and lately the chill seemed to cut deeper for the gargoyle, even with the jeans and long-sleeved shirt covering much of his skin. He sighed, knowing it had less to do with the actual weather and more to do with the last few years. Goliath and Elisa had returned to Avalon five years ago trying to convince others to come back to the world and help grow new clans. They were not expected back anytime soon, even if a few gargoyles had shown themselves recently. Angela was with her own new clan in Scotland, helping to raise it up with a young gargoyle from Japan. He hoped they were happy, but couldn’t help the sense of loneliness.

It wasn’t the fact that Brooklyn had taken over the clan. His brother was an excellent leader and brilliant at spearheading their efforts to fit in with humans in the modern world. As more humans became aware of the presence of gargoyles, it had been Brooklyn’s idea to update their clothing to the modern era and to try and reach out to greater lengths to the human population. As Brooklyn had grown in the new world and made connections in all walks of society, Broadway had actually begun to feel that Brooklyn was the best possible leader for their lives in modern times. Certainly David had helped by hiring tailors to fit the clan’s unique clothing needs and setting up press and television appearances, but it was Brooklyn that was steadily proving to both humans and gargoyles that they could adapt and grow into society. Even in times of friction, Brooklyn had proven adept at defending the clan verbally and physically in ways that helped to bridge the gaps.

Tonight, they were on the lookout for any answers to why people on the street were disappearing. Brooklyn had first heard about the missing from some of his contacts among the homeless huddled in the alleys. He tried to help them as best he could, making sure they had warm coats in winter, getting funds from David to help feed them when possible, but there was only so much the clan could do for society’s cast-offs with their other oaths to protect the city at large. But when Brooklyn had heard of people just disappearing without a trace, he’d been adamant about the clan focusing on finding the cause. Everyone had agreed to help. Detective Stone scoured the streets whenever possible, the denizens of the Labyrinth had kept as many people safe as they could while watching for information below ground, and at night, the gargoyles of the Manhattan clan kept eyes in the sky.

Broadway participated with as much devotion as anyone else, but he often found his mind wandering with the cold and the heaviness in his chest. He’d think of Angela when he should be watching the streets like a hawk. If she were still there, they would have patrolled together. Broadway would feel some larger purpose in the clan to help it grow. If that final battle with Demona hadn’t ended the way it did. Angela understood everything, what Demona intended to do to the island’s human population, why she had to be stopped. But when Broadway was forced to slam Macbeth forward to strike the final blow into her, it had changed things. Regardless of necessity or their limited history, Demona was still her mother, and Angela had never looked at Broadway the same way again. Rather than cause a rift in the clan, she’d returned to the ancestral home.

The gargoyle cleared his head; he was doing it again. Focusing on the past when he should be keeping his eyes and ears open for trouble, clues, anything. As Broadway tried to tune in to the city below again, he heard the sounds of a scuffle. No, more than that, an all out fight. And in the grunts and growls that echoed up to his sensitive ears, he heard Brooklyn’s voice clearly. Shifting position, he dived for the alley below, ready to come to the aid of his brother.

Landing hard in the middle of the alley, Broadway saw the tall, human figure in the shadows at the end. Aside from his height, at least as tall as Goliath, something was off about the human that he couldn’t place. But more importantly, the man had Brooklyn by the throat, lifting up the gargoyle and pummeling him with his other fist. Broadway’s eyes glowed as he adopted a fighting stance.

“Let him go, pal,” he said with a menacing tone.

The man’s fist stopped in midair and his position shifted, turning to face Broadway while the arm holding Brooklyn did not move. The man took a step forward, carrying Brooklyn with him. As they shifted, the two slipped into the light cast from a streetlamp, and Broadway saw them both clearly. Brooklyn was bruised and battered all over, the jacket and jeans he favored for patrol torn in several places. He coughed twice as the pounding stopped for a moment, his long muzzle seeming misshapen in some way. One of his wings was torn and he couldn’t seem to lift his mangled arms. He tried to open a puffy eye and see down the alley.

“B… Broadway?”

The man holding Brooklyn cut an imposing figure, staring straight into Broadway’s eyes and wearing nothing but a pair of ancient-looking leggings. His bronze skin covered a lanky, toned frame that seemed to display almost every tight muscle, the only hair on him the short, black covering of his head. There was not a mark or blemish on his skin, no indication that Brooklyn had landed a true hit, but in all this sculpted physique, one feature was out of place. A huge, rounded belly hung over his waist, the skin smooth and stretched. The eyes were dazzling and dark, and Broadway could feel them boring into his own with a weight of power like he’d never experienced.

“I have no quarrel with you, creature,” he said in a low slightly rasping voice, “Now be off. This one attacked me as I fed and must pay the price for his insolence.”

Brooklyn sputtered and coughed again, “He… ate Rodney… saw… saw it happen… couldn’t stop him…”

Rodney was one of Brooklyn’s contacts on the street, one that helped others understand that Brooklyn and the other gargoyles were there to help them. Broadway felt his stance falter for just a moment as he took in his brother’s words. He looked at the tall man’s large belly again, and for just a moment, he thought he saw a twitch or movement. In the moment a shiver seemed to run over the man, and Broadway could see a look of intense pleasure on his face.

“That’s my brother you’re beating on,” he said with a growl forming, “And a friend of ours you just ate.”

“Form what I see, this poor soul had not a friend in your entire so-called civilization. Left to rot, not one care shown until I offered him comfort and an end to his pain. As to your brother, he attacked me unprovoked while I fed on this world’s detritus and will pay the penalty for his arrogance. Leave while I allow it.”

Broadway wanted to fly at the man and with claws extended. But he looked once more between the unmarred frame and Brooklyn’s mangled form. He felt the crushing intensity of those eyes and knew that he had no chance. Still… he couldn’t just leave Brooklyn. If they were going to go down, it would be fighting together.

“Broadway,” Brooklyn managed to choke out, “go… just get out… protect the clan.”

Brooklyn winced as the man tightened his grip and delivered another blow to his ribs, turning his attention away from Broadway. The green gargoyle looked at his brother, thinking of all the good he was doing.

Protect the clan.

“What penalty does he have to pay?” Broadway asked.

The man looked at him once more. “Over the next two nights, I will break him in spirit and body. That is how long this meal will sustain my form. Then, on the third night, I will consume him piece by piece and show him his place. That is the price of his presumption.”

A shiver ran through Broadway. He thought about all the good Brooklyn was doing for the clan and the city. He thought of the newer members from Avalon and the guidance they received. He thought about his own lackluster place in the clan since Angela had left and taken their eggs to Scotland and the new eggs in the castle.

Protect the clan.

Broadway straightened himself, dropping his arms to his sides. His wings folded over his shoulders around his shirt. “Take me instead. My life for his. Just… let him go.”

The tall man stopped and looked at him again with renewed interest, his eyes roaming over Broadway’s stocky form as if truly seeing him for the first time. “You would give your life readily for your brother? Merely to save him?”

As the man took a step closer, still holding Brooklyn out in a stiff arm, Broadway thought a moment. “For him. And for my clan and the city. You take me, you grant my brother and my clan safety, and you leave this city.”

“Broadway… no…” Brooklyn choked out, “Don-”

His words were cut off in a raspy gargle as the man tightened his grip. The tall man’s eyes were fixed on Broadway. “It has been long and longer since I had a willing sacrifice. Someone offering himself to feed me for the protection of his people and their lands. I had thought such nobility dead in this world.”

With another step closer, the man took a deeper look at Broadway. Despite the urge to take a step back as he was almost within arm’s reach, the gargoyle forced himself to stand his ground. He felt his body tensing under the scrutiny and found his gaze drawn to that lightly moving bulge in the tall man’s midsection.

“You would certainly make a more satisfying meal than this scrawny thing,” the man said, actually licking his lips as he looked Broadway over. His free hand went to his belly, fingertips rubbing there. “You look delicious as well. But you must swear it, Broadway. Swear to give yourself to me completely, and we shall have a bargain for your sacrifice to protect this city.”

His heart thumping in his chest, Broadway met the man’s gaze. This was the moment, his decision on whether or not he would live another week. “You have my name now. What do I call you?”

The man smiled and took another small step closer, his eyes almost seeming kind for a moment. “Call me… Cue. That should suffice.” He reached the free hand out now, running the back of his fingers gently over Broadway’s cheek. “Do we have a pact, Broadway? Will you swear to give yourself completely to me for the protection of your clan and this city?”

A sigh escaped Broadway’s mouth as the fingers touched his cheek. Warmth seemed to flow from them, a gentle sort of heat that momentarily banished the chill he’d felt within. The dark eyes seemed to flash a radiance of colors as the gargoyle’s body found an odd stillness at their meeting. Yet somehow, he knew he still had his choice, he could stop now and live long within the clan.

“I swear, Cue,” he said, before he could change his mind, “Let me take him to safety, and I’ll come back and give myself completely to you.”

“I am not needlessly cruel,” Cue said, “You shall have tonight and the night after to make your farewells, for my meal shall sustain me well enough. In two nights, you shall come to me here.” As he spoke, Broadway’s mind was filled with images of a particular abandoned subway station and how to make his way there. “And there you shall fulfill your oath. But I warn you, if you cheat me or attempt to attack me there, this entire island shall know my wrath… beginning with you and your clan.”

Cue took his hand away and Broadway felt in a daze. The warmth from the bronze-skinned man’s touch was gone, and the chill made Broadway somehow crave it once more. He then dropped Brooklyn, who landed in a crumpled heap. Broadway was shaken out of his reverie and knelt by his brother.

“Now take him and render whatever care he requires,” Cue said as he turned away back down the alley. He looked back over his shoulder once as Broadway gathered up his brother. “I do so look forward to seeing you in two nights, Broadway.”

Slinging Brooklyn over his shoulder, Broadway managed to make his way up a fire escape to a rooftop tall enough to glide away. He transferred his brother to his arms and took off, finding the autumn currents that would slowly take him higher.

“Broadway…” Brooklyn muttered weakly, “what have you done?”

“Protected the clan,” Broadway said quietly after a moment’s thought.



The blank stone eyes of the statue of Hudson stared back at him as Broadway stood in what had become the memorial hall of the castle. A statue of Demona was there as well, at the clan’s request. A remembrance of better times. David had commissioned each piece because he felt it an appropriate way to remember those that had gone. In some ways Broadway had always liked them and was grateful to the human for the care taken, but in others it felt too much like they might wake up at any moment.

After breaking out of the stone sleep, Broadway had dressed out of habit, pulling on the checked button down shirt and the black jeans in a fog. He was expected tonight and he didn’t want to risk making Cue wait too long. No telling what might happen to Manhattan if he got it into his head that Broadway wasn’t fulfilling his oath. But he’d had to take a moment with the statues in the hall before he left for the last time.

Wonder what mine will look like.

As if reading his mind, a voice spoke up, “It doesn’t have to be this way, you know. We can fight him.”

Broadway turned at the voice. Brooklyn was fully restored after two nights of the stone sleep, and as Broadway looked at him, he could see in the other gargoyle’s eyes both sadness and frustration.

“David’s already offered any manpower and technology at his disposal. I talked to Talon and his people last night, they’re all on board. Everyone is ready to help, Broadway. We can take care of him.”

With a sigh Broadway shook his head. “No, we can’t. You felt how strong he was and barely survived, but there’s more to it than that. He’s something… ancient. There’s power there that has nothing to do with his body, and I looked in his eyes. I don’t think anything in this whole city could take him.”

“Why? Why would you do that? Why for me?” Brooklyn’s claw was clenched into a fist.

“Because the clan needs you and what you’re doing for all the clans lately. You and Magda have eggs to raise in the coming year, to keep the clan going. Me… I’m not as important any more. Since Angela left, there’s just… It’s like I’m gliding with no idea where I’m going. But now I have an opportunity to protect the city and the clan’s needs. We always said we’d lay down our lives for the city. Now I can prove it. Even if no one will really know.”

“You’re wrong,” Brooklyn said, “We need you here. I need you. With Lex off on that irrigation project, you’re the only real brother I’ve got here. The rest of the clan is great, but you and I, we’ve got history here. More than most. Please, just say the word and let us fight.”

Broadway saw Brooklyn was holding together as best he could. He put a hand on the other gargoyle’s shoulder. “No. I have to do this, and I won’t risk the city or the others that just got here. I made an oath, and a gargoyle doesn’t break an oath of protection. You know that.”

They embraced then, brother to brother. He could feel Brooklyn trembling. “No one in this clan will ever forget you,” the red gargoyle said, “I’ll make sure of that.”

“Just help take care of Alexander for me. I don’t think he really understood what was going on. When you can reach Lex, make sure he understands why I had to do this,” Broadway said, “And take care of yourself and the clan.”

Broadway released Brooklyn then. Before anything more could be said, before he could begin to change his mind, the larger gargoyle sped out of the memorial hall and found the nearest exit to the castle. Pushing out and spreading his wings, Broadway began to make his way to the area of the city where he knew the subway station to be. As last words with his brother, those would suffice.



A faint, flickering glow led Broadway to the end of the dark underground path. Far removed from any of the tunnels of the Labyrinth, the disused passages glimpsed in his memories had led him to the old platform. He felt a shiver as the end of the platform came into view, feeling his fate weigh heavier now.

Stones were stacked and arrayed at the far wall into a semi-circle that grew taller from each side as it reached the center in the back. On almost every surface, a candle sat in a pool of wax, lighting the circle with an orange glow. The closer he drew, the more Broadway could occasionally notice a faint, half-remembered aroma in the air. Each time he tried to identify it though, the smell faded, yet it seemed pleasant somehow. Almost soothing in a way that just barely relaxed his nerves.

In the center of the stones sat a huge modern bed, round and seeming plush in the dim light. A collection of soft cushions were arrayed at the back, and reclining on them was the tall man that had called himself Cue, completely naked and watching as Broadway slowly approached. Cue’s belly was no longer distended but displayed only a toned set of muscles after a mere two nights. The gargoyle felt a cold shiver and the hammering of his heart as he forced himself to walk closer, thinking that at least it would all be quick.

Cue sat up on the bed and smiled wide at Broadway. “Ah, you have come. I knew you were a creature of honor.”

Hardening his resolve, the gargoyle continued forward as Cue’s eyes went up and down his clothed form once more. At the appraising glance, Broadway couldn’t help noticing the thick organ resting against the man’s thigh and how it seemed to twitch just a little as he was scrutinized.

Broadway took a deep breath as he reached the circle of lit stones. “An old friend of mine used to say, ‘A gargoyle without honor is no gargoyle at all.’”

“Quite a true sentiment, from what I had heard long ago and what I see now,” Cue said. His lithe body slipped from the bed in one fluid motion to stand in front of Broadway. His tongue idly slipped out to his lips and the gargoyle could see his mouth was watering. “It makes you look all the more delicious to me.”

Trying to repress another shiver, Broadway looked at Cue. “If you’re going to take me… do it quickly.”

“Broadway,” Cue said in a chiding tone, his hand slipping up to gently caress the gargoyle’s cheek as his body brushed lightly against the wide belly. Where he touched, Broadway felt warmth slipping into his skin, fighting back the chill of the underground. “You agreed to give yourself to me completely, and you should know what that means. A handsome feast such as yourself should be savored slowly.” As he spoke, the man’s hand slipped from Broadway’s cheek to rub the stiff, sensitive flap of his ear, the pleasant heat spreading as Broadway felt a different tremble along his body. “And because of your nobility in being my meal tonight… I intend to make sure your last night is most pleasurable.”

A hand slipped along the side of Broadway’s belly around his waist to his back, pulling him a little closer while Cue’s other hand continued to stroke along his ear. Before the gargoyle could speak again, the man leaned in and licked at his square jaw just before pressing his lips against Broadway’s. The gargoyle’s eyes widened in surprise at the initial kiss, but as it deepened and Cue’s tongue slipped gently into his mouth, his eyes drifted half-closed. He’d never even thought about another male in this way before, but as Cue moaned and pressed close against him in the deep kiss, Broadway found himself enjoying the touch and the pleasant heat flowing from it. The tall man’s tongue explored all around his mouth and in just a moment Broadway’s eyes closed completely, and he was enjoying the hands rubbing along his body and pulling him in tighter. No one had touched him this way since Angela.

For just a moment, Broadway began to think that this was just the start. That soon Cue’s lips would somehow open wide and begin to take him in, making him nothing more than a meal to sate the strange man’s hunger. Then the kiss broke as Cue leaned his head back slowly, his body still pressed tight against the gargoyle’s belly. The man smiled and licked his lips as Broadway’s eyes slowly opened again.

Mmm, handsome and even tastier than I thought,” Cue said, “Tonight is going to be wonderful. And you do not seem much resistant to this treatment.”

Broadway stammered a moment as he came back to himself. He felt addled as that pleasurable heat lingered on his lips and that soft scent from before seemed to come back in waves. “It’s, uh, it’s been a long time. And I never… at least not with…”

“I know,” Cue chuckled as one hand rubbed gently along the gargoyle’s belly, the other stroking along the horn nubs on his head, “Yet petty distinctions are beyond us here. They have always been beyond me, and tonight you are mine completely. And your body says you enjoy the touch.”

The fear that had gripped him all the earlier evening was slowly melting away, and Broadway could not deny how the hands felt on him. How nice it was to be stroked and wanted, regardless of any other circumstances. And gargoyles had no rules against such pleasure; he’d simply never considered it. “Yeah, it’s… really good.”

Smiling, Cue pulled in close and kissed the gargoyle again, spreading more of that warmth, until Broadway had almost forgotten the cold that had gripped him all the previous fall. Instinctively, his arms wrapped around the man, forgetting anything about what had gone before, but only losing himself for another moment in the soft lips and the deep kiss that he now returned. His wings fluttered a little behind him as Cue’s mouth worked gently against his. Maybe this ancient being would even spare him tonight.

He felt Cue’s hands slip simultaneously towards his chest without the kiss breaking. The man’s fingers worked meticulously and began slowly opening his shirt one button at a time. As the first few opened, Cue’s hands slipped in and stroked along the bare skin that was revealed, making Broadway let out a deep moan. Their kiss broke as Cue slipped lower and planted his lips once more on the gargoyle’s square chin, only to move smoothly down to his neck.

Broadway leaned a little back and forth as the man licked and kissed at his sensitive neck, feeling the occasional nibble of teeth as Cue moaned softly. Fingers continued to open his shirt and stroke his chest, reaching in to tease his nipples with gentle caresses and flicks along them. At all the amazing attention, Broadway could feel a firm reaction in his loins that had started lightly with that first kiss. Growing harder, he felt the material in his pants pressing back against his excitement as Cue kissed and stroked him. The touch of the lips moved down to his chest as the man slipped lower in his arms. The deft fingers slid down the edges of his shirt, undoing another button and stroking there while Cue licked at his upper body, groaning. Even if he was being tasted now, Broadway was somehow past caring with the wonderful heat growing in his body and the feel of someone affectionately pressed against him.

His movements growing quicker, the man ripped Broadway’s shirt open the rest of the way, leaving it to hang to either side of his gut. Cue leaned against him, his hands rubbing and groping all around the bulk of Broadway’s belly. His lips moved over to gently suck one of the gargoyle’s nipples, making Broadway moan as hands groped and kneaded all around his gut. He bit his lip as he felt his arousal straining and throbbing within his pants while Cue slowly slipped down further along his body, rubbing and nuzzling his way down over Broadway’s plump belly.

The man’s lips teased against the round midsection, kissing and licking as he rubbed and squeezed. Life among humans the last few years had made Broadway somewhat ashamed of his girth, but now as Cue paid extra attention to it and warmed it with his hands and mouth, the gargoyle began to forget all previous concerns. It all felt so wonderful as the man teased Broadway’s navel with his tongue, making the gargoyle sigh while Cue lightly moaned and licked all around the small divot. The man was clearly enjoying the taste and feel, and soon enough Broadway knew he’d be giving him a big belly of his own.

What was he thinking? Pleasant as this was, he didn’t truly want to be eaten, didn’t want to end up just as someone else’s supper. Yet as the rubbing continued and Cue moved a little lower, he couldn’t help the thought creeping in that ending in this large man’s stomach was just what he wanted. Even as something made him try to fight it, the thought solidified a little more as Cue’s hand dipped down to rub the bulge in the gargoyle’s pants while his lips kissed slowly lower along his midsection. Broadway’s tail swayed back and forth behind him as Cue stroked the thick bulge and knelt down completely.

Looking down, he saw the man grinning up at him, teasingly groping while his other hand moved to unfasten and unzip his jeans. As they came undone, Broadway moaned and the thick stock of his erection flipped easily out before Cue, its purple head already poking out of the stretched green foreskin. The man gazed at it for a moment, letting his hand stroke it softly and pull back the skin further. Broadway’s body stretched and shivered as Cue looked up at him and slowly licked his lips.

Mmm, I believe this is what humans call an ‘appetizer’,” he said.

Broadway couldn’t manage to speak with the firm hand slowly stroking his member before Cue gave it a long, wet lick from base to head. Everything shuddered at the delightful sensation, his wings stretching, his tail lashing as the tongue worked its way up the entire length of his cock. The kneeling man moaned, his eyes closing as he finished his first taste. Instantly his lips parted and slipped down, gobbling all of Broadway’s length into his humid mouth.

As Cue licked and suckled, moaning all the while, Broadway swayed on his feet. The intense heat and pleasure centered at his groin were unlike anything he’d felt before, even in his best times with Angela. Cue savored and feasted on his shaft, pulling it deeper with every bob of his head as if he couldn’t get enough to sate his desire. The soft lips slid up and down, the wet tongue stroked with every motion along the gargoyle’s sensitive head until he felt it slipping deeper into Cue’s throat. As the man’s hands pulled his pants down a bit more and reached around to grip his buttocks, Broadway couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to somehow have that hot mouth wrapped around his entire body. As it pulled him closer and closer to ecstasy, he imagined the warmth and never again feeling the cold chill on his skin or in his heart. And as he thought of it and felt all the wonderful sensations along his shaft, his balls drew up and he went over the edge.

Eyes closed and in the midst of the most powerful climax he’d ever experienced, Broadway felt the world tilt. The only sensation was pleasure centered at his groin and radiating through his body mingled with the sounds of Cue greedily sucking and swallowing. It seemed the man was pulling every last possible drop out of him as the moaning, smacking sounds continued around his member, making his orgasm last several moments longer than normal.

As the last of his climax ebbed and the thundering lessened in his ears, Broadway panted and managed to look down. Cue slipped of his slowly dwindling member and swirled that last mouthful of his seed around as he knelt there, seemingly still lost in pleasure. Broadway could see that the man was fully erect as he finally swallowed and rubbed his flat stomach with a moan of pleasure. Licking his lips again, Cue sighed and looked up at Broadway.

Mmm, essence of gargoyle. So delicious,” he said with a pat of his belly, “I can’t wait to have all of you in here.”

To Broadway’s mind, this now sounded like the highest possible compliment. Still dizzy from the climax and finding himself sinking deeper into the thoughts from before, he replied, “I… I think want to now. I wanna be a feast for you.”

“Somehow I thought you would,” Cue said as he stood, grinning, “Your loneliness marked you. In me you shall find all relief from your pain. Now remove the rest of those rags and come to the bed with me.”

The man had already backed towards the round bed as he spoke, and Broadway was now more than willing to oblige. He slipped his pants the rest of the way down around the hole for his tail and stepped out of them. Rather than go through the arduous process of getting his wings out of their slots in his shirt, he merely shredded the thing to tatters and let it fall to the floor. He wanted to be completely uncovered, ready for Cue and for any other pleasures the night could offer.

Stepping forward, Broadway found himself leaning in immediately to kiss Cue this time. And as the gargoyle’s lips met the man’s soft mouth, he could feel the arms wrapping around him and the hands rubbing gently at his wing joints. Their tongues wrestled against each other as Cue leaned back and dragged him down onto the bed, still kissing up at the gargoyle as Broadway lay over top of him. The gargoyle’s tail lashed in the air as he pressed down against the man, their bare skin rubbing against each other as Broadway felt the thick hardness of Cue’s erection pushing against his thigh. He knew he had to pleasure this man somehow the way he’d been pleasured, before he wound up as a meal.

They rolled on the large, soft bed, stroking and holding each other, Broadway folding his wing as need be and finding an easy rhythm as their mouths pressed against one another. Hands and claws worked gently up and down, the gargoyle losing touch of where he ended and the man began. His claws would run through the man’s hair, and he would feel Cue’s hands slipping around from his back to stroke the sides of his belly, then work down to grip his rump. As they squeezed against each other, Broadway soon found himself on his back, his wings splayed across the bed with Cue draped over his body and caressing his gut.

The kiss broke then, and the gargoyle sighed as Cue began slowly licking over his face in long steady strokes of his tongue. He reached a claw up to stroke the man’s hair and Cue grabbed it and licked the sharp fingers one by one, sucking them into his lips as he moaned and drooled along each length. Then Cue’s lips widened and sucked the gargoyle’s entire hand between his jaws, licking and groaning. For a moment, Broadway thought this was where it would start, that Cue would work his way down his arm and proceed to swallow his feast whole. He could even feel his fingers wiggling in the tight throat before the man released his claws.

Mmmm, you just taste so good!” Cue said as he slid down and to the side, his hands rubbing over Broadway’s chest, down to his bare belly again. He leaned over to kiss and lick all over the gargoyle’s paunch, letting his hands stroke along it while his mouth seemed to try to sample every square inch there. The tongue tickled into Broadway’s belly-button again, swirling around the edge and making him shiver as Cue salivated over him.

“So plump…” the man muttered as he sucked and nibbled at little patches of green skin all over the large gut. “And so succulent…” he groaned out as his hand squeezed Broadway’s belly as if he could simply gather the whole thing into his mouth this way. “What a perfect repast!” Cue said as his drooling lips lifted up and he began to make his way towards Broadway’s feet.

“W-Wait…” Broadway sighed out in his deep voice, almost out of breath.

Cue looked back at the gargoyle’s face, his eyes reflecting his ravenous hunger.

“Before you eat me…” Broadway paused, feeling an embarrassed blush rise to his face at what he was about to ask. “Let me, um… give you what you gave me?”

With a grin, some of the voracious look slipped out of Cue’s eyes. He slipped up to his knees next to Broadway and gripped his throbbing erection, stroking it slowly while the gargoyle watched. “You wish to taste this before I feed?”

Biting his lip just a little, Broadway simply nodded, almost feeling as if it was his duty to give the man that pleasure and experience it once before he slid down his throat. The pleasant scent from before was strong on the air now, but he’d long since given up trying to place it.

 He watched as Cue slipped down and crawled forward next to him, carefully working over his wing and up to his head. As the man turned and rose to his knees again, the thick shaft of his cock presented itself right in front of Broadway’s face. Cue grinned and stroked the gargoyle’s head once more.

“Then enjoy this last meal, Broadway. This dinner continues to be one of the best I shall ever enjoy.”

For just a moment, he was unsure how to begin now that the member was right before his jaws. Then Broadway simply leaned forward and took a slow, experimental lick from the shaft to the head. The taste was different, yet pleasant enough as he felt a dribble of musky liquid already slip from the tip onto his tongue. As the taste combined with the aroma on the air, Broadway felt his whole body tremble and a hunger he’d never known before grow within him.

Leaning forward eagerly and propping himself on the bed, he took the organ into his mouth, listening to Cue moan above him. His arms moved to slip around the man’s waist as he positioned his body to feed himself the thick, throbbing shaft. He sucked and licked hungrily around it, trying to do everything he knew he would enjoy but mostly relishing in the taste and feel of it against his lips and tongue. Cue’s sighs and pants guided him as his stroked back and forth along the hard cock, feeling the head slip once against his cheek, then almost choking on the next bob as it slipped into his throat. Soon though he found a decent rhythm that seemed to make the man groan in all the right ways and increased the flow of that musky precum. Broadway found himself basking in the feel of another male’s equipment filling his mouth and wondering why he’d never thought to try such things before.

He was hardening once again himself as the shaft throbbed in his lips, and somehow he knew that it would not take much longer for the other male’s climax. As he sucked and savored the hard meat, he felt Cue draw up and tense just before the first spurt of salty, sticky cum landed on his tongue. The taste and feel was incredible as a torrent of it seemed to flood his mouth. He swallowed what he could of it by the sheer force as it shot out, but some still dribbled out of his mouth along his wide jaw. The amount was amazing, as he knew in all his experiences, he’d never produced anywhere near this much himself. As the flow finally ebbed, he still had a huge mouthful of Cue’s hot cum in his mouth, and the gargoyle slipped off and slowly rolled onto his back. His eyes closed as he savored the taste of it, steadily drinking it down in little gulps until the last rolled down his tongue and into his throat, seeming to warm him from the inside.

He lay there, lightheaded and hard from the experience, feeling some of the seed covering his chin growing stickier. Broadway was dimly aware of Cue moving next to him and climbing on top of him again. To his surprise, he felt the still-hard member gently brushing against his belly, and he opened his eyes to see the man straddling his waist. Cue’s cock was in his hand, and the man was slowly stroking it just above Broadway’s belly, a look of ecstasy on his face as he slipped his body down and let the head of it rub against the gargoyle’s own hard cock.

“I have always had… great stamina…” the man panted out as his hips thrust gently forward. His cockhead barely teased Broadway’s own erection, but as the sensitive flesh met, the gargoyle gasped and felt his entire body shiver at the intense pleasure from the slow rubbing of the two heads against one another.

Moaning and grinning, Cue pushed forward more intensely, bringing his hand around both shafts to stroke and press them together. Broadway’s head tipped back on the soft bed, writhing and whimpering as warm pre leaked out of both his and Cue’s slits at the same time. He would not last long as the man bucked up against him in soft, steady strokes, the sensation almost too intense, yet he did not want it to end. Broadway growled long and loud in ecstasy as their orgasms mingled and they shot a thick, mingled load all over the gargoyle’s belly.

Heavy sprays of white seed ejected across Broadway’s gut and chest, the flow from both of them strong enough to almost reach his chin as the gentle heat began to coat the gargoyle’s skin. Cue’s other hand reached forward and rubbed the belly where he could, making both of them moan as their dual climax soaked Broadway’s paunch. When it had finally finished, Cue panting and looking down at him, the gargoyle’s gut was covered in a fine sheen that the man rubbed across his skin while his chest showed several streaks of fresh seed.

His whole body twitched now on the bed; Broadway had never felt quite so amazing. His member shrank slightly as Cue’s body teasingly grazed it, the gargoyle twisting lightly, half trying to escape the incredible sensitive feel of every inch of his skin and half wanting more of that touch. It was then that he heard the loud rumble from Cue and looked up a moment to see the wild light back in his eyes.

“That has made me very hungry,” the man said licking his lips and actually drooling onto his chin. “And I can wait no longer. You are going into my stomach, and I shall savor this meal as it should be.”

Before Broadway could speak, Cue quickly slipped off of him and off of the bed entirely, the man standing his full height and looking down at Broadway with that naked ravenousness in his flashing, multi-colored eyes. And in his befuddled state of afterglow, Broadway wanted – no, needed – to feed this god of a man.

“Now roll over, Broadway. This meal should be enjoyed properly.” Cue commanded.

Broadway obliged without hesitation, rolling to settle on his stomach in the middle of the bed, feeling the leftover cum there. He folded his wings tight against his back and tried to still his tail as the claws of his feet sat just at the edge of the round mattress, his entire body trembling slightly. It was actually about to happen, and as he felt a hand grip the tip of his tail and pull it down to his feet, Broadway felt his dwindling malehood twitch with new arousal against the bed. It seemed impossible after such a climax, but the very thought of sliding down into that perfect man’s throat was now somehow just as exciting as when he’d been kissed and fondled earlier. To be so desired, so needed. As he felt the soft, wet tongue licking gently along his toes, he moaned, eager to fulfill those desires and feeling his cock harden once more.

Pleasant, moist warmth slipped up over his claws, the hand on his tail slipping it inside with his feet as the tongue stroked along every surface. Looking back over his shoulder a moment, Broadway could see Cue’s lips stretching wide around his wiggling feet, the man already moaning again at his taste as he slipped forward slowly. The gargoyles tail tried to twitch and sway from the base as the end was sucked into the man’s mouth and held there by the barest pinpricks of the teeth nibbling. Sighing at all the sensations along his feet and tail as Cue pulled them further into his mouth, Broadway turned his head to face forward, simply enjoying the gentle stroking and tickling of the tongue.

His digitigrade feet wiggled as he felt the toes and half his arch gradually slide into the tighter squeeze of the hungry man’s neck. The rippling motions all around them made Broadway writhe on the bed while strong hands stroked up and down his legs, working him in bit by bit. Cue moaned behind him as his lips slipped and stretched over his calves, making Broadway briefly wonder just how he was managing such a feat, even as the gargoyle pushed his hips down into the bed. Every touch of those fingers and those soft lips around his legs drove his arousal further while the incredible soft warmth spread up from his toes.

Slurping, sucking sounds reached his sensitive ears, echoing around the chamber as a little gulp slipped the wet warmth further up his legs. He could feel the nibbling at his knees and half way up his tail now as he slid down along the mattress, steadily slipping further into the tight squeezing of those soft lips. The tongue stroked all along Broadway’s thighs as they began to slide in and firm hands gripped his hips to guide him into Cue’s stretching mouth. As that wet organ slipped up and reached his balls, gently stroking and rolling them, the gargoyle’s returning erection throbbed and begged more sensation, just more caresses from that amazing tongue before another wave of pleasure would break over Broadway’s trembling body.

Cue swallowed once more, and Broadway slipped inexorably down the mattress, down the massaging throat. His thighs were sucked easily into that tight channel as the rest of his legs were pulled down into the waiting gullet, his hands pulled into the man’s cheeks alongside his hips. Wiggling his toes, he could feel for just a moment a more open chamber around them, knowing this was the large man’s stomach awaiting him. There was something amazingly erotic about that feeling, of just how soon he would be swallowed down and part of this man. Why had he ever been afraid of this?

His musings broke apart as Cue’s talented tongue once more began stroking along his shaft, his member fitting perfectly inside the soft mouth again along with his wide body. Lapping and sucking bathed his cock, almost as if there were no teeth now to get in the way. As the man moaned loudly around him and licked all along his shaft and head, Broadway’s entire existence for the moment centered on the pleasure at his groin and the joy of knowing he was a perfect meal for Cue. His legs wiggled in the throat and chest as his hips ground against the working tongue, making Cue giggle and moan louder around him. The feeling of being satisfying as he was satisfied spurred Broadway on as he panted in Cue’s lips.

Wriggling and arching his back within his jaws, the gargoyle pushed his member against the working tongue, savoring the warmth of the mouth and listening to Cue’s moans of pleasure at his taste. He could feel his body warming once more as his erection released more pre into the man’s mouth, the soft lips pressing around his waist and gently squeezing and releasing in time with the laps along his length. Broadway groaned and panted as it almost hurt reaching another climax so soon, yet the thought was blasted away as another rolling squeeze around his thighs and pressure from the tongue drove him over the edge once again.

Bliss came in spurts and waves, intensified by the soft, wet rubbing all around his legs, the squeezing against his hips. Once more, Cue seemed determined to get every last bit out of him as it splashed into the mouth and over his tongue, the ravenous man pressing it and working it along the underside of his member until Broadway’s mind was nearly wiped and not a bit more would come out. He was already softening, going limp on the bed as another powerful gulp pulled him down deeper. The gargoyle was past all thought for the moment, past anything but the rippling massage all around him as he was swallowed down.

Those powerful hands gripped the tips of his wings and gently pushed them inside as lips stretched and pulled around the thick paunch of his gut. He could feel his wings pressing against his back and his arms pinned further against his sides as he slid down a bit more slowly, loud groans of pleasure erupting around his frame. Cue’s tongue licked all over the swell of his belly, working it ever so slowly down into his lips, as if he wanted to make it last as long as possible. The teasing along his navel woke up his thoughts just slightly as he writhed in Cue’s mouth and Broadway realized as the man moaned and licked all over his gut that he had been perfectly sauced earlier. It almost made him chuckle in his addled state as Cue greedily gobbled down his plump body.

Up to his chest now, Broadway felt the tongue snake out of the lips to tease his nipples once more as Cue continued to savor his belly. That soft tongue felt longer than before, tasting more of him as his wings and arms were pinned further and he slipped into the warmth of the man’s hungry gullet. He could feel his legs pushing into the stomach that already moved and churned around them. There was a light, pleasant tingle around them, but no pain. It made him rumble lightly in pleasure as the hands reached up and rubbed at his shoulders, pushing them down and helping another strong gulp as his chest finally sank into the open jaws.

Cue’s lips smacked softly against Broadway’s skin as he pulled him in further, clearly quickening his pace as he passed the gargoyle’s belly. With the man’s tongue still licking and tasting every inch he could reach, Broadway could feel him stretching effortlessly to pull his shoulders in and pull him down further until only his head was left outside. Broadway did not attempt to look back, but faced forward at the circle of stones and the bed from which he’d been pulled. Cue was still kneeling and devouring him and some part of him was oddly curious about what he would see as he slid down.

The gargoyle felt himself slipping deeper, his legs bending up even as the hot sack of the stomach stretched around them and the lips slowly pushed up against his head. The top of his wings pressed up almost to his ears as he felt Cue’s mouth pressing forward around them. He felt the lips framing his forehead and chin as the undulations all around his body pulled him further down, a shadow slowly descending over his eyes. There was no tunnel leading away from the light, no slow pull from the world, but just a dark curtain cutting off the flickering glow of the candles with an echoing slurping sound all around his head.

Heat enclosed him now as Broadway was squeezed tightly and pulled further and further down. After enough time, the skintight tunnel deposited him into that hot, fleshy bag, forcing him to curl up as it stretched and moved around him. He could feel himself being lifted slightly inside the stomach as the walls moved around him, turning him this way and that. A new haze filled his head and he was able to take shallow breaths inside the confines while he was turned and moved around until he lost all sense of orientation.

Broadway did not mind though. His only real sense was of peace and warmth and belonging. As he rubbed gently against the stomach walls and twisted around slowly to stay comfortable in the clinging flesh, he hoped it was bringing Cue as much pleasure as he felt. He had saved the city, and being swallowed alive to feed this creature had been different than he’d ever imagined. The warmth he felt now seemed like it would banish the chill he’d felt this autumn forever, and the desire meant he would never again be alone.

Rocking and slipping inside the pleasantly tight chamber, Broadway’s hand slipped slowly down over his belly to rub at his groin. As he groped himself in the slick confines rippling around him, the gargoyle groaned at the unbridled bliss rising up over him. He began to get slowly hard once more, the warmth and surprising comfort of the stomach walls taking him into stimulation unlike any he’d known before.

He did not care when or if he climaxed as he stroked slowly up and down his own shaft but simply sank as deep as he could into the rapture of his body inside Cue’s belly. Time seemed to lose all meaning as he squirmed and rubbed himself against the lightly churning walls. There was only the relaxed ecstasy as Broadway’s skin became more and more sensitive to the soft warmth in the midst of yet another arousal with the amazing man.

He could not say how long he pleasured himself inside the gurgling belly. It may have been mere minutes or long hours before finally his entire body tingled and another climax washed over him in waves to match the gentle squeezing and rubbing of the fleshy walls around him. But in that single moment, there was nothing else but the delight of his body and the pleasure he somehow found in being the other male’s meal. Gasping and groaning he rode the sensations for as long as possible before finally, as the climax ebbed, he began to doze.

In those last drowsy moments, he squirmed and rubbed, slipping inside the slick belly of the man. All his worries and cares faded away to leave only the pleasant afterglow of complete satisfaction. He idly wondered who or what this man really was, but it was of little concern. He’d fed him well and in this moment as he wriggled about to give him more pleasure if possible, that was enough.



The man called Cue stretched out on the large bed, the huge mountain of his distended gut sitting above his midsection. A contented sigh escaped his lips at the gentle movements of the creature Broadway inside. The combination of intimacy and complete satisfaction made him smile as his hands rubbed slowly over the skin, feeling a deeper level of that same pleasure as when the gargoyle had lain pressed against him. In his own way, he loved each and every willing sacrifice that passed his lips. And with this one, the power of his touch and his pheromones had barely been needed.

The slow and steady squirming within also pleased him. Usually that meant that the meal was in as much pleasure as he was and enjoying the soft massages of his balmy stomach walls. For such a noble being, he preferred it that way. No burning, no quick passage through pain into the beyond. But rather a slow, blissful descent towards their physical demise as they gave him the pleasure of their tender motions and the fulfilling meat of their tender bodies.

Leaning his head back and closing his eyes, he could feel himself getting hard again as his stomach gurgled and churned around the squirming gargoyle. With a moan, one hand continued to rub the huge dome of flesh while the other worked its way down and around to slowly stroke the underside of his shaft. He pressed his thick member up against the bottom of his belly, rubbing his fingers along the veins of the underside and enjoying the once again rising bliss with his large meal tucked away. As he thought of Broadway moving around in his stomach and felt each and every caress of his claws or flick of his wings, Cue groaned loudly and sprayed all over the underside of his gut. The spurts barely reached his popped out navel after the earlier dalliances with his sacrifice. Coming down, he dozed lightly on the bed with the wonderful weight in his middle.

For nearly an hour, his stomach roiling around the meaty feast, Cue merely basking in the afterglow of such pleasure. All the while, Broadway’s motions would settle for a few moments only to begin again, making the stomach slosh and sway. But as time went on, the little wriggles and the twitching of the gargoyle’s tail grew less and less, and Cue could feel him fading and dozing into the cozy sleep from which he would not waken.

When at last he felt the final little rubs inside him and the brave gargoyle became so much leaden weight, Cue steadily began to change. His legs stretched themselves and grew, beginning to fuse gradually together. His body lengthened and grew wider, the bulge of his belly becoming less distinct as everything shifted into one long continuous shape.

Within, he began to feel the connection once again to all the souls that had given themselves willingly to his hunger to protect their villages, their bloodlines, or merely the mortal they loved. Every one of them fueled him, stuck forever in that peaceful moment of warm pleasure and belonging, never knowing that anything otherwise had existed. Now Broadway was joining them too as the stomach continued to gurgle away in the steadily lengthening form.

The man’s face began to widen and lengthen, pushing itself to almost giant proportions as his arms began to shrink, the feathers pushing their way out of the skin there. As he slowly attained his true, full size, the luminescent multi-colored scales replaced his bronze skin. Tufts of fur appeared at the tail that had once been his feet and along his head to replace his hair. The great serpent slowly smacked his lips as he coiled around the bed.

Quetzalcoatl slipped into sleep and began to dream, still warmed from the inside by the incredible meal and the memories of the night before. He would keep his bargain and leave the island and the city the next morning, finding another place to feed his physical form on mortal cast-offs. But if ever the city needed protection that the gargoyle’s clan could not provide, he would return to fulfill his bargain with the courageous creature that had fed him tonight.


The End