The Building


the Wolf

Commissioned by Romuva


Awareness returned once again, and he began to stretch, hearing the cracking sounds all around him. Brooklyn yawned, shaking off the stone skin once again as he heard the others doing the same around him. Yet already, something was wrong. The air was still cool, but it wasn't the night breeze he was used to feeling when awakening. It was still, and there was no illumination from the stars or city lights. He was on a flat floor where only darkness surrounded him.

"Hey." Lexington's voice. "Who else is here? Where are we?"

"I'm here," Brooklyn said back. "But I'm not sure where here is. Certainly not the clock tower."

Broadway's deep voice came next, "I'm here too. Almost feels like we're in a basement or something."

Brooklyn sniffed the air. A bit musty, definitely a concrete room of some kind. Broadway could be on to something. But it didn't make much sense how all of them could be brought down beneath the clock tower in their stone forms.

A mechanical crackle came from above, and Brooklyn jolted, his ears perking up. A gruff, deep voice came from a slightly tinny speaker among them.

"Correct you are, my plump, young friend. You are indeed in a basement. My basement to be precise. Welcome to my building."

Stark light suddenly flooded the room, making Brooklyn and the others wince for a moment before adjusting. The light came from several powerful bulbs in the ceiling, and Brooklyn looked around, finally seeing his brothers standing next to him.

The room was a barren, concrete, industrial structure with support pillars periodically spaced around it. There were no markings, and no one in the room other than the three of them. Looking around, Brooklyn could see the speakers in the corners and a single metal staircase leading up to a heavy steel door. Part of him wanted to direct the others to simply rush the door and try to escape, but he had to think like a leader now and work things through to help protect the other two. There could be any number of traps on the door, or methods to incapacitate them should they move.

"Though really," the voice from the speakers continued, "it's more my larder in most cases. You see, I bring supple men and women here. Usually from the streets, some from other walks of life. Some even hear rumors and seek me out, thinking there are riches to be had. And then we play a little game to see if they can make it out of this building. The winners escape with their lives, and the losers… well, they're usually quite delicious."

They could all hear the person smacking his lips over the speaker for emphasis. "Granted, I've won almost every game."

Brooklyn felt his eyes narrowing. "And somehow, you think you can keep us prisoner and have us terrorize your victims for you? Never going to happen. How did you get us down here anyway?"

There was a little chuckle at that. "Ah-ah, trade secrets. And I believe you misunderstand your position. You see I had thought gargoyles all but extinct in the world. You can only imagine my delighted surprise to discover an opportunity for one of my favorite meals once again."

"You … can't be serious," Broadway said.

"Oh, but I am. You seem like one who enjoys a good meal, so you might understand what it's like to suddenly find the most exquisite fare after long years of thinking it gone. I can't wait to see how each one of you tastes, and I haven't eaten in a few days in preparation. So I have room for all of you."

So he can hear us and see us. Probably has cameras mounted everywhere, Brooklyn thought.

"You really think it'll be that easy?" he said. "What do you expect from us?"

"Well, you would not be the first gargoyles to slide down my throat. I expect that in a few hours I'll be relaxing after a good feast. But I hope you'll play well, because I prefer a challenge, and I know you all have some level of skill. Normally I start my prey at an upper floor, and the goal is simply to make it to the front door and leave. But since I know what you are all capable of, your aim is more advanced. Reach the roof of the building, glide away to safety, and I shall never hunt you again. Miss a step, fall into a trap, or fail to outrun me, and I will swallow you whole."

The door at the top of stairwell swung open, as of its own will, making them all look up.

"It's a mechanism that opens on a remote," Lexington said immediately. "You can see the arm and the transmitter right there. He's probably got the whole place rigged with devices like that."

"Of course," came the voice from the speaker, "I knew you were the clever one. I had this building built for me a long time ago, and I've spent many years learning how to update and upgrade all of its more amusing features. And might I say, you look particularly tasty right now."

A little shiver went through Lexington, and Brooklyn looked up at the door.

I have to get them out of this. It's my responsibility with Goliath not here. "How do we know you won't just trap us the instant we walk through that door?"

"Think now, Brooklyn. If I wanted to be that simplistic, I would have merely had you placed in separate, secure rooms and eaten you one by one at my leisure. I prefer a sense of sport, and you'll have a few seconds to get your bearings before the real fun begins. Better hurry though. Your challenge awaits, and I'm starving."

"I don't think we have much of a choice," Broadway said quietly.

"No, I don't suppose we do," Brooklyn whispered. "Whoever—or whatever—this is, they think they can take us one by one. But notice how he wouldn't come down here and face the three of us. We just have to make sure we all stay together, I don't think he can take three at once. So watch your step, and let's go."



They'd wandered for what felt like hours through maze-like hallways reminiscent of a luxury hotel. Yet a few attempts to simply rip their way through walls had led to concrete and steel under the façade. Corridors that led to dead ends, doorways that should have led to a room, but instead opened on another hallway, doors that opened to reveal just a flat wall. Occasionally they would find random stairs and head upwards, only to wind around another floor. It made Broadway dizzy.

Once during the wandering, he'd been yanked forward by Brooklyn just before a large cage slammed down from the ceiling, then fell through the floor again, leaving no evidence where it had been. In another hallway, he'd barely had time to shout a warning to Lexington before a length of wall shot forward and almost pushed him into an opening that had appeared seemingly from nowhere. Each time, they heard the voice from a hidden speaker somewhere. ("Aww, almost had my dinner there." "I bet that little one would have made a nice snack too. But I have all night.") Broadway was feeling on edge still, but worried that the constant searching was already starting to fatigue him.

Brooklyn also seemed hyper-vigilant, occasionally holding them back to look down a hallway, trying to check for traps. Broadway could tell it was wearing on him and tried help as best he could, but all of them were already feeling the pressure of being stuck in the building's hallways.

As they rounded a corner, Lexington looked to a wall in the hallway and raced forward.

"Lex, wait!" Brooklyn cried out.

No trap sprang, and Lex immediately stretched up to reach the keys of the computer terminal imbedded in the wall.

"Sorry," he said, realizing the risk he'd taken, "I just saw this and figured it might be an actual control terminal. Looks like it. If it's hooked into the building, maybe I can find a map or a way to disable all the traps."

Broadway followed Brooklyn as he walked slowly forward, looking up and down the walls. "Seems unlikely he'd leave that lying around."

"But come take a look," Lexington said. "I'm already seeing what look like a couple schematics and plans. And I think I know who or what he is. Doesn't matter much, but think about it. This is one giant maze. The challenge, letting us go if we find our way out. I think it's a—"

The computer terminal spun on an unseen axis. Brooklyn dashed forward, but before he could reach, it had already been replaced with a seamless, blank section of wall. Lexington was whisked behind it along with the terminal, and Broadway barely made out an echoing shout and a few metallic bangs as the smaller gargoyle fell somewhere else in the building.



Lexington tumbled down the chute, body rolling until it sprawled out onto the thinly carpeted floor. He stood up slowly, looking around at his surroundings. At a wall to his left, a huge desk attached, filled with monitors showing different sections of the building. The desk was made for a giant frame; the chair in front of it a custom piece of work made to fit something larger than even Goliath. No one was sitting in it now.

Turning his head forward, Lexington saw a figure stepping towards him.

"I knew it. I knew what you were."

"Yes, Lexington, you figured it out, I'm sure. But you took the bait so readily that it doesn't matter, does it? You're mine now."

Tall and muscled, the male presence stood before the small gargoyle. Dark hair covered most of the perfectly-toned gigantic human figure as Lex's eyes roamed up the legs, noting for just a moment that that creature was completely naked. Before he could blush, Lexington moved his eyes up to the broad chest, and further to the bull's head sitting atop the thick neck, the dark eyes regarding him from high above.

Taking in the full sight of the minotaur, Lexington knew he had no chance. He could not fight something this strong alone, and the others would never find him in time. Yet, even as he realized his demise was at hand, he could not help his eyes wandering over the strong male frame. The great beast looked at him like a piece of meat, and Lex felt something stirring in him that he normally hid. Thoughts that came to him late in the night when he was alone.

The minotaur leaned down towards him, his arms reaching for the gargoyle. Already he was drooling as Lex's eyes were drawn to that snout in fear before something else drew them back down his body.

"Mmm, I've been waiting for a taste of gargoyle for so long … I think you'll barely have time … to…"

The minotaur trailed off and Lexington looked up again. The creature was staring down at him with an amused look on his face. Lex followed his gaze downward. With the strong male figure looming over him, the smaller gargoyle was half hard. As Lex blushed, the minotaur chuckled gently and moved back a little bit.

"Hmm … maybe you don't mind the idea of being eaten up by me. It wouldn't be the first time it's happened. Maybe I should take my time with you…" he said with a slow lick of his snout.

"No!" Lexington said. "I don't want that! It's just … other guys … and I've never…"

The minotaur tilted his head slightly and leaned down. "Ah, I see. And even your brothers up there don't know do they? You've never told anyone? Never really considered it?"

The gargoyle shook his head. "No … I've thought about … but this world…"

Before he knew what to do, Lexington felt a gentle caress of the side of his head. "In my world, it was commonplace. I've met a few others like you. Human males that wind up here, and cease worrying when they know I'm about to enjoy my dinner. And I am not wholly without compassion, my dear Lexington."

Lex shivered as he felt the broad tongue slowly lick up his cheek, the minotaur moaning. With the scent of strong masculine musk filling his nostrils and the body pressing closer to him, even the thought of where it would end—of the fact that the seeming affection was also a matter of tasting him—did not stop his erection from growing. He panted and wanted to reach out and touch his captor, almost as much as he wished he could find a way to escape.

"No … you just want to kill us all," he groaned, trying to resist.

The minotaur pulled back and looked into his eyes. "Lexington. You cannot save yourself tonight. Once you slid down here, you were going to end the night in my stomach. Would you prefer to die struggling and alone? Or would you at least like one chance to satisfy your desires before you become my meal?"

It was true, and he knew it. There was no hope for him now, no chance to survive. But maybe he could at least enjoy these last moments. Possibly even find a way to save his brothers. When his eyes traveled over the strong body leaning down to him and felt the raw power, Lexington knew that it could be worth it. Succumbing to his fear, the hopelessness, and the desire all at once, he pushed forward and kissed the minotaur on the lips.

In an instant, the beast was returning the kiss, pressing him deeply into it and wrapping his large hands around Lexington's back. One of those hands reached down and tore the loincloth away, leaving the smaller gargoyle completely naked as the minotaur took control. Before he realized completely what was happening, Lexington felt the minotaur gently taking him to the ground, laying him back and settling lightly on top of him while they continued to kiss. Soon the kissing turned as the broad tongue once again made long, wet strokes along Lexington's face. It made him shiver again, from the sensation and from the knowledge that the beast thought of him as food.

Leaning up for a moment, the minotaur softly smacked his lips. "Mmm, it's been far too long since I had gargoyle, and you are so tasty. But before I swallow you, I think I'll get a really good taste of you."

The minotaur began slowly sliding down his body, licking at his neck, then working his way down to his chest. Though he could not forget that he was going to be eaten after this, for the moment Lexington was losing the ability to care. Gasping and writhing, actually pressing his skin up to the warm touch of the minotaur's tongue, the gargoyle felt himself growing even harder when those strokes teased his nipples before moving towards his thin belly. His wings splayed at his side as he lay spread-eagle under the minotaur with his tail lashing between his legs. With no way to stop what was coming, he simply laid there to allow the creature to do whatever he pleased.

Lexington cried out at the first lick along the shaft of his erect member. He'd never felt anything quite like the soft, moist caress bathing his sensitive cock. When more came, he wriggled uncontrollably while the minotaur's powerful arms held his legs. Looking down once, he saw the bull head in a look of utter bliss as it slurped at his hard meat just before the thick snout wrapped around it and began sucking. The gargoyle's head rolled back again, his eyes closed as the hot mouth worked all around his malehood. The sensations dwarfed every time he'd ever found a moment alone and fantasized about bigger, stronger male gargoyles that he'd never meet, and he completely forgot about the rest of his situation as those dreams merged with the feel of the mouth around his cock.

He couldn't last long against the culmination of all his pent-up desires and that moment of pure fantasy. Whimpering, groaning, and clawing at the floor, Lexington felt a powerful climax forcing its way up from his center. As it pulsed up into the waiting mouth at his groin, the creature moaned, the little vibration only spurring more out of the gargoyle. He could feel the minotaur swallowing hungrily, gulping down all his spunk as he lost himself completely to the orgasm rocking his frame.

Panting while the climax began to slow down, Lexington barely noticed the muzzle leaving his member. As he tried to regain some composure from the intense pleasure, he looked up to see the minotaur towering over him. He was smiling down at the gargoyle and licking his lips slowly, a thick, stiff erection jutting proudly from his groin. Lex's eyes were drawn instantly to the hard member, unable to help admiring it.

"Mmm, that was delicious. Has my stomach grumbling for you. But I think before I eat, I'll let you do the same for me. I don't seem to find you unwilling."

Slowly Lex pulled himself up off the floor. With his desires enflamed, even with the satisfaction, he'd already experienced, he did want to try it. He wanted to feel the hard meat against his tongue, to see how it measured up to his fantasies. His predicament no longer mattered, having accepted his fate. Still, there was one responsibility he could not deny.

"Yes, I'll do it," he said slowly. "I'll do that and more for you. Anything you ask or want to do to me. You … You can have me and I won't struggle. But please, just let the others go. I'm begging you, I'll give myself to you without fighting. If you just set them free."

The minotaur's dark eyes regarded him and the muzzle curled into a small smile. "You have such touching concern. I will consider this, then. But for now, indulge yourself … and me."

A large hand touched at the back of his head, urging him forward. Lexington barely had to crouch to be at eye level with the massive cock. He'd achieved the best he could hope for, and maybe if he gave the minotaur pleasure, it could save Brooklyn and Broadway.

Reaching his own hands forward, he let them explore the warm, turgid meat the way he'd imagined in his fantasy. The minotaur groaned gently when Lex's hand slipped to cup the sac underneath, feeling how heavy and full it was. His other wrapped around the thick member as best it could, beginning a slow stroking and further exploring the surface. Nervousness and curiosity warred within the gargoyle for just a few moments until the latter won out, and trembling with the realization of further fantasies, he leaned forward and took a slow lick of the large cock head.

The musky taste, the feeling of something dribbling on his tongue only made Lexington crave it even more. It was not like his thoughts and dreams; it was better. Giving it a few more licks and hearing the creature above him moan, Lexington wrapped his lips around the shaft and head and began sucking slowly. He indeed indulged himself, enjoying the taste and the feel of it between his lips while trying to imitate the treatment the minotaur had given him. It filled his mouth, stretching his jaws while he savored every inch of the masculine shaft and felt it dribble further onto his tongue.

Above him, the minotaur grunted and rumbled deep in his chest, "Ngh, been pent up for a few days before this. Won't be long now…"

Unsure what to do next, Lexington took his lips away and leaned back, a hand rubbing the powerful thigh of the creature while the other continued to stroke and milk the thick meat as if on impulse. The minotaur grunted again and a sudden spray of warm seed splattered across his nose. Before he could move, several more spurts landed on his cheeks and forehead, a few hitting his lips and tongue as the minotaur's strong climax covered his face.

With little understanding as to why, Lex was already half hard again as he leaned forward to lap up the rest of the flowing cum. He could hear the minotaur panting happily and feel him thrusting against his jaws while the first few sprays covered his face. It had never entered any of his thoughts, but he found he loved the feeling, imagining a much larger gargoyle flowing over him as the minotaur had. While the last of the creature's seed rocketed down his throat, he was momentarily in bliss.

Then, before the orgasm had even truly finished, strong hands reached down and pinned his arms to his sides, pressing his wing flaps with them. He winced at the pressure as he was lifted up, his feet kicking in the air and his claws trying to find some form of purchase. Looking up, he saw the minotaur's face before him, no shred of the earlier possible mercy in his features. Just unrestrained, ravenous hunger.

The bull head drooled in front of him, and the long flat tongue licked the snout as the dark eyes bored into him. "Mmm, you look delicious covered like that. It's always so fun to find I can really toy with my food. I think I'll play with the others whether they want to or not. Oh yes, that was nice, but I would never let go of any part of such an incredible feast. And you are just an appetizer to me."

Lexington had no time to think or to protest as the jaws opened wide and his head was shoved into wet heat of the creature's maw. The broad tongue immediately began lapping at the sticky mess all over his face, and as he was tasted once more, he began to struggle once more. He had only a moment of thrashing before he felt a strong tug and the hands pushing at him as his head was pulled into the tight grip of the throat. His slender body worked its way easily into the jaws of the beast, and he felt that tongue rolling over him once more, teasing his chest and nipples.

He couldn't believe how easily he'd been manipulated into serving all the monster's appetites. He'd always prided himself on being clever, but now all those pent-up feelings, all those unrealized desires had served so easily to give him false hope that he could save the others by bringing the minotaur enough pleasure. Lexington almost lacked the will to fight, his thrashing weakening as another gulp pulled him into the skintight grip of the working throat.

While the squeezing began to massage his body downward, the tongue slowly probed its way along his skin, teasing over his belly and around his navel to lap once more at his groin. The long, flat surface stroked softly along his hips, teasing his member. Lexington's legs and tail thrashed outside those lips as, despite himself, he began to rise once more at the working of the soft wet surface. He tried to fight against it, not wanting to give the monster any further pleasure, but as the tip of the tongue curled up and gently teased under his tail while the base wetly rubbed his thin belly and groin, he could not help the raw, physical pleasure of each stroke.

Hips bucking in pure carnal need against the tongue, Lex felt the massage slipping down his body as little swallows and the pressure of the tongue tip pushed him deeper and deeper into the minotaur. His member pressed against that smooth, wet surface, rubbing in time with the tongue's pressure as he grew harder and harder, the head throbbing and aching for another release. Another little gulp pulled him in, and Lexington grunted as he sprayed another thick load all along the back of the minotaur's maw. He groaned and whimpered as the embarrassing climax took him, remembering right in the middle of the physical pleasure where he was at the moment and where he was heading shortly.

Before he'd even finished spurting, he felt the creature's muzzle tip up and the blunt teeth nibbling at his legs and tail as it began to suck him down more quickly. The throat and gullet were tugging at him strongly now as the monster took big gulps. Hands pushed at his feet, and even as he tried to claw at them in some petty, minor revenge, the minotaur just kept pushing. He could hear the powerful thumping of the heart, the wet squelch of the muscle all around him, and the rumbling of the stomach just before his head was squeezed down towards the tight passage leading inside.

As he began to enter the stomach of the beast, Lexington felt his feet and the last of his whipping tail slide past those wide, soft lips and into the jaws. The flat teeth nibbled at them for just a few moments, then with another strong gulp, the minotaur ate him whole. The tight gullet squeezed the rest of him down easily, forcing him into the expanding sac of the monster's stomach and sealing the entrance behind him. Even with the power the creature had already boasted, Lex was shocked at just how quickly he'd been deposited in the stomach. He thrashed a few times, but could not deny what he knew as the entrance would not open and his kicks seemed to do no damage at all. The stomach turned and squeezed him and he settled into stunned, resigned silence. He was just food for the hungry beast.



With a happy sigh, the minotaur licked his lips and sucked his fingers clean. That incredible taste still lingered, especially after coaxing another sweet load out of the smaller gargoyle, and he wanted to enjoy every bit of each of them. The protruding bulge at his belly moved and pulsed, making the minotaur moan as he rubbed it gently. No matter what the meal, the feeling of something live squirming in his stomach was always delightful, and this one was particularly enjoyable.

"Mmm, it has definitely been too long. Think I ate you a little too quickly. Can't wait for more."

Returning to the control desk, the minotaur sat and checked the screens to see where the other two were. They hadn't made it far, but they had certainly done some damage to the walls trying to find a way to get to him. Possibly because he'd left the system on so that they could hear everything that happened with his first course. It was always interesting to see how the other meals were impacted upon hearing the first few go down his gullet. He couldn't resist teasing them a little more as he watched them searching for the next passage that would take them further, a hand on his gut.

"Mmm, yummy, yummy," he said casually, directly to the microphone, "You know he's still moving around in my stomach. I don't intend to let any of you pass out until you're all inside together; it'll make the feast more interesting. Perhaps you can find some way to save him, but I wager one of you will just be joining him soon. I'm looking forward to the main course. I wonder which it will be? A nice piece of lean meat or something fat and juicy to really fill me up? Guess we'll just have to see."



Brooklyn stalked through the hall, trying to get their captor's taunts out of his head. His claws occasionally clenched into fists. He wanted a straight-forward fight. Wanted to attack whoever had them running in circles. Wanted to think there might actually be a chance to save Lexington, if they could just get to him.

When he'd first slipped behind the wall, Brooklyn and Broadway had spent several moments tearing at the section, trying to find a way through to retrieve him. Yet even slashing with all their might, leaving furrows in the concrete and going through the wall, the way had been sealed by a solid slab of steel after the trap had sprung. Then from the speakers, they'd heard Lexington talking to their captor.

At first, Brooklyn felt sorry that he'd never truly known what their smaller brother was going through. Even if he couldn't directly relate, Brooklyn knew about unfulfilled longing. He would have accepted who Lexington was with no questions asked. He just regretted that he'd never been able to tell him.

But when the creature taunted him and they could hear it actually starting to eat, he and Broadway had flown into a rage. Eyes burning bright, they'd torn and battered at every wall, smashing through hallways in hopes of somehow stumbling upon the creature or simply venting their powerless fury. When they'd finally begun to tire and heard the thing finishing Lexington off, they'd stood panting among the ruin of the halls and listening to the taunts the monster hurled.

Broadway had been leaning down on his knees, catching his breath. "You hear that? He's still alive; we can save 'im! We just have to find this thing."

It had made Brooklyn think long and hard as they decided their next move. It had been drilled into him lately that being a leader often meant making the hard decisions. And he knew the truth. "No, we can't. The two of us could search this building forever and never find the corner he's hiding in, especially if he's moving. And we shouldn't even think of splitting up. We need a better way. We have to get out of here, find all our allies and bring them back to this building to tear it apart from the outside."

"But if we leave, he'll—"

"You think I don't know that? I'd do anything if I thought it would save Lex. But I have to think about you and the rest of the city. We have to stop this creature. You heard him. He traps innocent victims here all the time. Now come on. We're going to find the way out of here."

Broadway had given him a hard look then, and they'd barely spoken as they traipsed through the twisting hallways, finding stairs in odd places, strange rooms that seemed to have no purpose, while others were filled with restraints and other bizarre devices that they could only figure were for their captor's pleasure.

Now Brooklyn could feel the raw frustration in both of them. If there were just some clue, something to lead them to the monster, he'd take it in a heartbeat. There was nothing though. Nothing but finding a way out and avenging Lexington when they came back in force. The hard choice.

He was fuming over that when he barely heard a mechanism whirring near the ceiling.

"Brooklyn!" Broadway shouted as he leapt forward and slammed into him, shoving the thinner gargoyle forward to the ground.

Brooklyn looked over his shoulder just in time to see three darts imbed themselves in Broadway's shoulder where he'd been standing just a moment before. Broadway swayed and began to fall. Before he landed or Brooklyn finished righting himself, the floor opened down to a ramp and Broadway vanished from sight. It closed again just as the wall had with Lexington.

Growling, Brooklyn rushed over and began clawing at the floor, trying to find some opening, some way to follow. If he could only open that path again, he'd probably get right to the creature. He might be able to fend it off until Broadway could fight again, and the two of them could save Lexington. But there was nothing; it simply wouldn't open or yield in any way. Then the voice came from somewhere nearby again.

"Ah, dinner is served. So glad I get to spend some time with Broadway before I get too full. Don't worry Brooklyn. I'll save some room for you."

With a mirthful laugh, it was gone, and Brooklyn was alone in the building.



Like pushing up through murky water, Broadway slowly returned to a groggy consciousness. The first sensation he was aware of was that he was lying on his back with his arms stretched above him, the surface cool. Light was flickering from somewhere, but it still felt like it would hurt to open his eyes fully. Attempting to move, he could only tug his arms a fraction of an inch and heard the rattle of chains. Testing his spread legs, he found could not move them very far either or even bring them together. Even his tail felt tied to one leg, and his wings tied tightly together behind him. The sound and the feel of his bound wrists and ankles woke him further, and he attempted to call out only to feel something holding his jaws open and muffling his cries. Inhaling through his nose, he couldn't miss the smell and taste of the apple there, feeling the straps holding it in his mouth as he returned to full awareness.

Finally turning his head to look around, Broadway found himself laid out on a huge wooden table in a grand, elegant dining room. The room itself stretched far beyond him lengthwise, the walls lined with hanging paintings and sculptures on pedestals or shelves. The flickering light came from a candelabra at the center of the table as well as sconces in the walls. All the flames reflected off the giant silver platter on which he lay, adorned with lettuce leaves and other garnish.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" said a voice from the edge of the table.

Broadway craned his head up and looked down his body where a bar kept his legs spread open to see the minotaur standing there. He was without a stitch of clothing, just as Broadway was now, and his eyes stared at the pudgy gargoyle with naked, ravening lust.

"For my first course, I was so hungry I just had a bit of fun then gobbled him right down," he said with a grin, patting the round potbelly at his middle. Slowly he walked to the side of the table, tracing a finger over Broadway's meaty thigh. "And he was quite tasty. But now that I've had a little something, I think I can take my time on the main course. What better way to enjoy such a big meal than slowly by candlelight?"

As the touch made the gargoyle shiver, he looked to the lump in the minotaur's midsection. And saw it moving.

Growling deep in his chest, Broadway struggled against the chains, his eyes glowing as he poured anger into every ounce of his strength. Yet even amidst the furious rattling, his limbs trying to thrash, the chains held fast.

The minotaur gave a low chuckle and leaned over the table at his side, letting his hand run gently over the expanse of Broadway's belly. "You can struggle all you like; I even like my food feisty. But you'll never get free." He gave a quick, playful swat to the exposed flesh. "A long time ago, I had plenty of experience restraining these delicious, sexy bodies of yours."

The sting to his belly stopped him a moment as Broadway shivered. Somehow the feel of his restrained wrists and legs, that light burn at his sensitive gut, and the little jiggle of it sent something coursing through his body. Try as he might to stop it, he could feel a reaction stirring in his loins. When he looked over at the ravening creature that just wanted to eat him alive, it stilled some, but the feeling disturbed him nonetheless. Now as the minotaur looked at him the way he might look at a fully stocked kitchen, Broadway felt that strong hand rubbing and kneading all along his belly, his body trying to react even while his teeth bit down into the apple in the struggle for control.

"There's just something about you, Broadway," the beast said as the hand continued to stroke his tender flesh. "I've always loved the chubby ones, and having you all tied down like this … just gets me so riled up. So glad I thought to put cameras in this room, I'll get to watch all the fun we're going to have again and again."

Broadway followed the minotaur's pointing finger to the corners of the room, barely seeing the lenses shining from the candlelight. It would be seen from every angle, every indignity his captor wanted to visit on him. It should have sent him into another rage. It should have scared him to think that for possibly years to come, the minotaur would revisit this night and savor his complete degradation. Yet the utter helplessness of it, the sheer thought of the embarrassment further awakened all those stirrings trying to break free within his body.

He felt a long wet stroke as the beast leaned down and licked his cheek, making the gargoyle squirm and writhe, growling and groaning around the apple at the inescapable torment. The minotaur shuddered and smacked his bovine lips, leaning his head back up.

"Oh, you do taste delicious to boot! So tempting to just start eating. But I can't pass up the chance to play with a chubby gargoyle all I want." The creature grinned and gave another slap to Broadway's wide stomach, a sharper sting this time.

At that, something finally forced its way up from the build-up of all the demeaning attention. Broadway felt himself spring uncontrollably to half mast, whimpering around his gag and panting through his nose. The lingering sting and the thought of the cameras catching it all only made it worse as he felt himself hardening.

Even worse, the minotaur had noticed. "Hmmm…"

With a sly grin, the creature gave another strong swat to Broadway's belly, making the flesh turn pink as it connected. The gargoyle's member surged forward, bobbing fully erect and making him rattle the chains once more.

Chuckling, the minotaur slapped again and again, making the wide gut wiggle with a few more solid hits, watching Broadway's reaction grow and throb. Broadway whined and bit into the gag again, unable to stop his reactions as the skin began to feel raw. Looking down he could see it turning pink and feel his cock throbbing at the humiliating torment, powerless to stop the stronger creature.

"This is interesting," the minotaur said, as though talking about an amusing experiment. "I wonder what will happen when we keep going."

With that he began steadily, rhythmically slapping Broadway's rippling belly, working his way around it, but always coming back to center, to that stinging, burning patch of skin slowly turning red. Broadway threw his head back and panted as the mild torture continued, always feeling the pain with every slap and feeling it transition into a pleasurable throb through his loins.

He tried to summon other thoughts into his head. Tried to think of Lexington trapped and struggling in the creature's belly, still alive and squirming as it squeezed him. Tried to think of how the beast was just going to eat him alive and trap him there as well. Tried to think of what it would be like to be digested in his stomach. Tried to think of a host of other horrors to wilt the pleasure mingling with the burn of his belly. Yet every time, another swat would come, that loud crack and that new sting jostling his thoughts.

He could hear the minotaur chuckling as his member started to ache, just wanting some kind of touch for release that would not come. Instead, the hand simply sped up as it worked and slapped all around his jiggling belly, making him feel more and more like nothing but a toy for the beast's amusement. And this in turn fed his strange arousal, blocking all further thoughts out but the sense of being utterly reduced, of being used and abused for the minotaur to enjoy.

Whimpering and clenching his fists as the pat-pat-pitta-pat-slap sounds along his belly continued to speed up and the raw sting intensified, Broadway felt his back arching, actually pushing almost against his will up into the large, swatting hand. Each connection of skin to skin was a shockwave through his body now, his erection leaking precum and just begging for one simple moment of contact as the minotaur tormented him. Instinctively, his hands rattled the chains again, not trying to escape now but just trying to reach down and release the unrelenting tension pent up at his hips.

The thought occurred to him of how he must look on the cameras around the room, struggling just to be allowed some relief. How pathetic it must seem, how utterly helpless he was while the physical sensations of his belly being slapped raw pushed him to the height of strange desire. The image circled in his mind along with the raw feeling from his gut to his cock, and then without warning, something simply broke free.

Orgasmic pleasure surged through Broadway's entire groin as ropes of sticky cum began to jet out over his tender belly and the working hand of the minotaur. The slapping continued even amidst the messy orgasm as Broadway moaned from the hands-free pleasure, smearing and working the seed into the raw surface of his skin and only spurring him to further throbs of physical bliss. Tinged with the guilt for feeling so weak against the larger male, the gargoyle whimpered loudly around his gag. His climax continued for several moments with the now squishy sounds of the hand continually striking his gut.

When the pulsing waves subsided and his body began to calm, Broadway took shuddering breaths through his nose while the minotaur finally stopped slapping. Once he was able to tilt his head up, he saw that the flesh of his gut had gone from its usual greenish hue to a bright pink with an angry red just at the center, smeared with the shame of his orgasm. Meanwhile the minotaur slowly sucked his fingers clean of some of the mess, moaning as he did so.

"Mmm, gargoyle essence. Always so tasty," he said as he slurped the cum off of his fingers. "Of course, it's no match for the whole thing, but I think we're going to have a little more fun before I have my dinner. After all, tenderizing my meat got me a little … worked up."

Looking down the creature's body, Broadway could see that he was rock hard, a large, thick cock bobbing and begging its own attention. The minotaur slowly traced his fingers from Broadway's chest, over his still-stinging belly, and along his thigh as he moved to the head of the table where the gargoyle's feet lay. Broadway shivered at the light touch, once again feeling the true helplessness and knowing the minotaur could do whatever he liked with him. Pushing a chair out of the way, the minotaur leaned over, looking into Broadway's eyes as he gave another slow lick of those bovine lips.

He shuddered as he felt the first stroke of that flat, wet tongue across his balls, cleaning some of his seed that had dribbled down over them. Hearing the minotaur moan in delight as he was tasted and teased, Broadway couldn't believe it as he already felt himself rising again. The physical stimulation was irresistible, even after the extreme climax of just moments ago, and Broadway growled and rumbled as his body seemed to beg for more.

The minotaur tipped his head up with a grin, slurping a little cum into his muzzle and gulping it down. "Ah, this is one of things I also love about gargoyles. Maybe it's something about the stone sleep, maybe it's just the way you're built, but you've always got more to give," he said as his head dipped down.

Broadway knew it was true, just as the thick tongue stroked up his steadily hardening shaft. He could remember plenty of nights where he simply couldn't stop stroking himself to bliss, no matter how much relief he'd already had. And as the muzzle expertly nuzzled and awakened physical need once again, he could not ignore the desire of his body despite the horror of his predicament.

The minotaur moaned and spent long moments cleaning Broadway's shaft entirely of the previous orgasm, lapping it down while the gargoyle found himself wriggling and moaning around his gag. He didn't want it to feel so good. He didn't want to give the murderous beast any satisfaction, yet his body would not cooperate.

Once his balls and shaft had been completely licked clean, Broadway was hard and throbbing once again. He gave a muffled moan as the minotaur leaned back up and away, looking down to see the stronger male starting to climb up onto the table. He could do nothing as the minotaur slowly stretched himself out over the gargoyle, rumbling as he pressed down belly to belly with him.

The touch of skin still stung the expanse of Broadway's gut that had been slapped raw, and worse, he could feel the minotaur's bulging belly moving against it, reminding him that Lexington was still trapped inside. But that began to fade before the demands the creature had kindled in his body as strong hands stroked his head almost lovingly. The minotaur's naked hips pressed down, rubbing the girth of his erection against Broadway's own hard member and making them both groan. Never in his life had Broadway fantasized or even thought about another male, but the intensity of that raw contact as the two sensitive heads slipped against each other rushed everything out of his mind.

Even when the minotaur leaned down and began kissing and licking his face, mumbling occasionally about how tasty he was, Broadway felt only pleasant affection in the moment. His head was cradled and rubbed, his erection steadily and delightfully teased by the pressure of the other male's, and even the movement against his tortured belly was beginning to feel oddly soothing as the minotaur rubbed against him. The touch of the warm muzzle continued all over his face, slowly slipping down to his wing-like ear and nibbling as he listened to the wet licking sounds echoing there.

"That's right Broadway, just relax. We're going to make a nice glaze over this cute, pudgy belly," the minotaur moaned as one hand slipped down to rub the side of the gargoyle's gut. "It'll make you even tastier."

The taunting did nothing to phase him now. Broadway was lost in the pleasures of his flesh, having never realized just how amazing it could feel to be bound and pressed down, to be helpless to deny the indulgence inflicted on him by another. The hard shaft rubbed against his, the sensitive head stroking and teasing his own towards another climax, the hands rubbed all over him now, the full paunch wriggled against him, and it all felt so wonderful when he didn't bother to think about it.

The minotaur's moans grew steadily louder as his hips pushed more insistently and worked their erections steadily faster against each other. It didn't take much longer for the creature to emit a loud lowing sound as Broadway felt the hot spunk spurting all over his own member and his belly, the minotaur's bulging gut rubbing it in. The warm feeling spurred his own climax, and once again he shot all over himself, this time giving the minotaur's gut a healthy coat between them. His head tipped back and he continued to feel the kissing and licking all over his face, the creature groaning against him as their orgasms faded together over the course of a few moments.

With a sigh of pleasure, the minotaur sank a little against him and gave a long, slow slurp from Broadway's chin to his forehead. "By the gods, that was wonderful. But now it's definitely time for dinner."

As the minotaur slowly slipped off of him, reality came crashing back down on Broadway. That squirming stomach now sliding over his legs contained Lexington, and he would be the next course, with no way to stop it or save Lex. He shuddered as the beast walked over to one of the walls and pulled a key off a hook. Stepping back to the table and moving the chair within easy reach, the minotaur opened the cuffs at Broadway's ankles, taking a quick hold of them before the gargoyle could even kick out. Broadway panted and growled around the gag in his mouth, trying once more to struggle against the chains holding his wrists as the minotaur lifted the claws up to his muzzle.

"Oh, this will definitely be a meal to remember," the minotaur said. He licked his lips and opened wide.



Clamping his jaws around the feet of his meal, the minotaur sighed happily as his tongue swirled over those wiggling toe claws. He hadn't been exaggerating with Broadway about the flavor of his skin, and watching the pudgy gargoyle squirm in front of him was only heightening his appetite as the chains rattled. He looked at the frightened, trapped expression on his dinner's face, down to that beautiful reddened belly, preparing to take the first swallow…

Then he stopped. Plucking Broadway's feet from his lips, the minotaur shook his head. "What was I thinking? I just can't do this."

He paused just long enough, watching the hopeful light dawn in the gargoyle's eyes. Something about that moment was just so fun, making his mouth water and his loins tingle a bit more.

"If I eat you this way … I'll miss tasting the best parts," he said with a casual, sadistic grin before yanking the gargoyle up and flipping him over on the platter.

A wince came from behind the apple strapped in his mouth as Broadway was plopped down on his wide, tortured gut. He was forced to cross his arms above his head as the cuffs held them, the minotaur watching and eagerly anticipating. He chuckled as Broadway tried to thrash his bound wings and tail, only managing to wiggle them back and forth.

"There we are. Now I can get a good taste of that tummy!"

The minotaur lifted the feet to his lips again, easily tucking them and the tail tip into his jaws. Nibbling and slurping for just a few moments, he finally took a hungry swallow, savoring the feeling of them slipping into his throat. There was just something about that first gulp when eating anyone, that sense that the meal was now his, and now that he felt beyond any possibility that the chubby gargoyle was his food to savor and feel in his gut, he moaned delightedly. Ever since he'd heard that there were gargoyles in New York and acquired pictures and video on them, he'd longed to have Broadway as a nice, plump dinner.

Eagerly he gulped again, pushing slightly forward over his table and stretching his jaws around the stocky calves. He nibbled at the flesh, letting his tongue taste every available inch while the gargoyle struggled futilely on the table. Another swallow pulled the legs deeper into his jaws, stretching them wider as he felt the clawed feet kicking in his gullet. Given some of the gargoyles and other beings he'd digested before, the minotaur had little worry about them posing any threat to his insides as he let the next gulp lean him even further over the table. The thick thighs were tasty enough, but he really wanted to enjoy the best parts of the meal and feel it sinking deeper into his chest and belly.

Leaning over the table and balancing with his hands on the edge, the minotaur slowly stretched his lips around Broadway's wide hips. His tongue rolled once more around the gargoyle's balls and stroked the limp cock, tasting the mix of his own seed and Broadway's there. He moaned as he lapped and worked at it, teasing it in the hopes of making it hard again. One last spray of cum would taste and feel so nice to go with this course, and Broadway's body already obliged.

As the shaft hardened against his questing tongue, the minotaur couldn't tell from the muffled noises if Broadway was actually enjoying the feeling or fighting against it while his body reacted. In truth, he didn't care. He licked and moaned while the meat plumped and grew nicely against his tongue, the head of it feeling once more swollen and twitching at every touch. With a small swallow, he slurped Broadway further in, curling the end of his tongue up around to tease the slit of his member while lapping at the shaft.

Feet kicked in his stomach now, making the smaller gargoyle move around even more. The minotaur lowed out loud around the taste of Broadway and the feeling of Broadway starting to join Lexington in his belly. It was almost too much as he sucked and slurped at the hard cock, rubbing it up against the underside of Broadway's gut pressing against his lips. Loud, wet sounds echoed around the dining hall as the minotaur simply held his position, teasing the erection yet again and yearning to taste the fresh spurts straight from the source.

It did not take too long before his desires were met. Another small swallow pressing the thick belly further against his flat teeth, and compressing the throbbing meat further inside his maw elicited another muffled whimper from Broadway. The rich, salty flood spreading warmly over the minotaur's tongue coincided with another round of movement and twitching legs from his belly. Bliss washed through him at the taste and feel of the last orgasm his prey would likely have filling his muzzle. Without even thinking, he reached down amidst it all and gripped his own painfully hard erection, knowing it would be nigh impossible to reach once he was finished.

Just a few quick strokes, and the minotaur felt his own orgasm rocketing through his body to join the other sensations as he splattered the dining room floor. He shuddered against the table, holding himself up with the other hand while his teeth nibbled Broadway's lower belly and tail base. The gargoyle's climax had tapered in his mouth, and as his own pleasure finished, the minotaur found himself gripped by a renewed ravenous desire to have him inside.

Pressing far over the table, the minotaur gripped the wide, soft gut in both hands and squeezed, stuffing it back into his jaws as they gaped to push forward. He gulped greedily as he worked his teeth all around the supple flesh of the gargoyle's belly, tongue washing the cum-stained, raw skin. The tips of the bound wings slipped into his mouth, and as he felt them brushing against his palate he reached and undid the bonds. The wings attempted to stretch only to be kept in place by his teeth while the minotaur devoured more of Broadway. He continued to shove the plump belly into his jaws, chewing gently at the mass as it was pushed down and compressed into his throat to make a great bulge in his neck.

Feeling stretched across the table to the limit when his teeth grazed the gargoyle's chest, the minotaur reached a hand back to search for the key to the cuffs. Quick as he could, he unlocked both of the cuffs, trying to work against the movement of Broadway's arms. When they were both free, the minotaur took a quick swallow, sucking in the gargoyle's chest and beginning to pull back from the table. As he moved back, Broadway's claws scrabbled and left deep furrows in the wood amidst the surface scratches from previous meals. Still swallowing, the minotaur reached to the back of Broadway's head and undid the strap, letting it and the apple fall to the table out of the gargoyle's mouth.

With his belly swelling, the minotaur gulped a bit more, pushing Broadway's arms up against his head. In a motion honed through endless practice with other live meals, he found the seat behind him and sank into it while Broadway struggled and worked his jaws from having the gag holding them open.

"No…" the gargoyle finally said, all he could seem to muster, "No, no, no, n—"

The minotaur cut him short by slipping his tongue up over his face and pulling his head the rest of the way into his working jaws. Another gulp pushed Broadway's face into his throat while the minotaur tried to pose for one of his cameras, hoping something might be visibly outlined in his neck. It had happened before.

He could feel Broadway stretching his gullet almost to the limit and needed to get him down. Nibbling, slurping, gulping all around the arms, the minotaur reveled in his distending belly as he ate the rest of the tubby gargoyle easily. Once the thick body had passed completely into his stomach, the arms slipped in easily and finished the exquisite dinner.

Sitting back and letting out a breath, the minotaur rubbed his immense belly as his dinner settled in with his appetizer. Broadway and Lexington seemed to be moving around quite a bit as it sloshed with the two of them, and the minotaur groaned at how nice it felt to be so full of lively food. He felt himself erect again under the bulge, the hardness rubbing against his gut while he sat for a moment with his tongue lolling. Such an amazing feast, and it wasn't even complete yet.

He looked at the table and reached for the discarded apple next to the drool soaked bands that had held it in place. As he picked it up, he could see the teeth marks from where Broadway had bit into it while he was having his fun. Chuckling lightly, he crunched into it, enjoying the sweet taste mingling with the lingering flavor of the pudgy gargoyle. He was going to enjoy rewatching this part and remembering how nice it felt to just rest for a moment with a full belly and a little something sweet.

"Mmm, you really were tasty," he muttered around a mouthful before swallowing it to rain down on the rest of his meal. "And so satisfying too." He took another couple bites, cleaning the apple core and just letting the two gargoyles settle in his belly. "But I think I definitely still have room for dessert, and I want something a little more substantial than this." He tossed the apple core aside and hefted his huge, engorged bulk out of the chair, feeling it sag before him and jostling the two inside.

"So I think I'll go get him myself. Don't worry about the trip though, you two. You won't digest until he joins you. I'm going to love all that squirming inside when I'm truly stuffed!"

With that, he stepped out of the dining room, bouncing his belly before him as he went to see where Brooklyn might be and leaving the empty platter and garnish strewn on the table.



Broadway sat curled in the stomach, Lexington now pressed against his belly as they finally settled into the tight, swaying sac squeezing them from all sides.

"I hoped you guys would get out," Lexington muttered as they were pressed close to each other.

"We heard what you tried to do. It was … very brave. We tried to find him, then we were going to try and get back here with everyone if we could get out."

Air was still filtering in occasionally from the tight ring of muscle after the mushed chunks of apple dropped in on them, but Broadway could never position himself to try and open it up more. He tried a couple times to scrape at the walls with his claws, but just barely heard the minotaur chuckle and moan. Almost as if it felt good, even though he should have been able to tear through almost anything. The walls of the stomach just churned around him and Lexington each time.

"I've tried," Lex said. "It makes sense. He's used to gargoyles being… Well you know now."

Broadway nodded slowly, sighing as he settled a bit inside the rippling gut. "Food," he admitted. "All we are to him is food."

In the dark, slimy chamber, Lexington simply nodded as well.



Brooklyn felt like a coward. Even though he knew that it wasn't fear that stopped him but shear tactical understanding, he felt like he was trying to cut and run.

When Broadway had fallen through the trap in the floor, he'd realized again that he could wander this building for nights on end and still never find his way through to whatever was hunting them. It was the thing's home turf, and he had complete control over it. But if Brooklyn could get out, if he could find where the building was in the city, then he could gather Goliath, Hudson, and every other ally they had to storm the place from the outside. If what the hunter had said was true, he might even be able to save Lexington and Broadway if they were somehow being kept alive inside the creature.

Of course conveniently making sure you save yourself, he couldn't help but think.

No time for that though. He'd been trying to make his way upward, keeping close to what felt like the perimeter of the building based on all his senses. He hoped to make it to the roof or to find some way out, somehow get to the people that could help rescue the others. He'd been searching for what felt like over an hour though, and while he'd figured out how to avoid the traps, he didn't feel closer to getting out.

Round a corner to a hallway, Brooklyn couldn't believe his eyes. The hall stood with bare walls on either side. At the end was another wall with a patch of dark night and a small view of the city skyline. Taking another few steps forward, he looked carefully. He actually saw a bird fly and perch somewhere on a lower roof. He moved forward, cautiously watching the window and the walls around him. Brooklyn almost couldn't believe it might be a way out. He saw a camera up in the corner at the end, but it didn't matter. He could be through the window in an instant. A few more steps searching for any form of trip wires or any sense that the "window" was just a screen yielded no sense of trickery. He prepared to see if it could be opened or broken.

"Yes, Brooklyn. It's a simple window."

He stopped at the sound of the voice behind him. It no longer sounded like it was coming from a speaker.

As he turned and saw the tall form of the minotaur, what Lexington had been saying suddenly made sense. The huge figure stood at the other end, smiling at him. His hairy belly was a bloated, writhing mass sitting before him, and Brooklyn knew his rookery brothers were still moving inside.

"You see, when my human prey find this hall, they rush to that window. The hope that's dashed when they look out and see that there's no ledge and too far of a drop for anyone to survive is amusing to watch. Yet for you, it's simple escape."

"You're disgusting," Brooklyn said, looking at the minotaur. He knew escape and allies were right behind him, yet he couldn't take his eyes off that squirming gut.

"I just enjoy good food and entertainment. But you've earned it, Brooklyn; you can leave. Fly away and I'll never hunt you again. I'll just head downstairs and digest my meal. Two out of three isn't a bad score." The short, bull muzzle of the minotaur grinned then, his eyes closing as a hand rubbed his belly. "And I still got a good meal. Mmm, I can almost still taste them."

Brooklyn felt a growl growing in his throat. The window was slowly forgotten as rage bubbled up inside him, his eyes beginning to glow. He watched as the minotaur licked his fingers, making a show of it. Some part of him screamed to just dive out the window, but that meant consigning Lexington and Broadway to death.

"Well … what are you waiting for?" the creature taunted. "Go. You're free. The other two were pretty filling anyway." The minotaur let out a light belch.

Brooklyn leapt at him, claws extended and wings shuddering in the hallway. "I'll tear you apart!"

He rushed forward, ready to sink his claws into soft, yielding flesh. He hadn't been drugged or trapped. He would rip this creature open and pull them out, saving his brothers. Yet as his claws met the rippling gut, he only managed to send it jostling to the side, barely leaving a mark or two on the amazingly strong skin. It bounced and moved, and the minotaur moaned loudly.

"Oooh, that actually feels kind of good. Try it again, but you may want to be careful of the others inside."

A big hand took a swing at him, but Brooklyn was undaunted. He dodged to the side and went for the bull face of the monster, swiping for his eyes. Before he could even connect, a meaty palm wrapped around his wrist and twisted painfully. Brooklyn winced, surprised at the strength and how easily the minotaur began to turn him around. He struggled in the grip as the creature started to lift him up from behind, dragging him along the writhing belly bulge.

Attempting to kick back, Brooklyn soon realized he could not reach anything vital and would only kick Broadway or Lexington through the underside of the gut. A strong, corded arm reached around him, working to pin his back and spreading wings against the minotaur. The gargoyle's other arm was tugged down to his side until he was almost lounging on top of the massive abdomen, the one-armed embrace holding him tightly as he struggled. He grimaced as he felt a wet tongue licking the tip of his pointed ear, trying to twist his head away.

"Hmm, hmm, hmm," the minotaur chuckled, whispering into Brooklyn's ear, "Well, it looks like I get my dessert after all. And you were so close, weren't you?"

Brooklyn tried to struggle, to kick out, to lash his tail, to push with his wings, or free his arms, but nothing seemed to loosen the vice-like grip around his chest. A few more licks hit his ear and he could feel the flat teeth nibbling on it as he growled and thrashed.

"A nice flavor. Almost a little spicy," the creature teased. "But before I get you down, I'm going to have a little fun with you. Let's see what you have under the cloth…"

The minotaur's other hand slipped down to Brooklyn's thigh, caressing fingertips there before reaching under the loin cloth and gently gripping. Protective instinct made Brooklyn stop squirming as the palm brushed his member and the fingers tugged softly at his balls, tickling their way up and down. While the hand rubbed him and the teeth still nibbled occasionally at his ear, the gargoyle couldn't help reacting to the raw physical stimulation.

"Oh that's nice," the minotaur muttered as Brooklyn swelled against his palm. "Didn't quite expect you to be so hung. Should be fun to play with."

"No…" Brooklyn protested through clenched jaws. But the mouth was already at his ear again, sucking and slurping the whole thing into moist warmth while the fingers worked expertly at his balls and steadily growing shaft.

"Your body says otherwise." The minotaur still held him tight as he was molested and tasted, unable to forget what would come after. Yet still, his groin would not obey his desire to stop. "There's no real shame in reacting Brooklyn. I've had centuries figuring out how to touch males, so I can always handle one young gargoyle."

The hand stroked and squeezed, teasing him against the heavy cloth he wore for modesty for several moments until he was as hard as he'd ever been. The tongue traced the lobe of his ear almost perfectly, finding every little bump and crevice that made him react. Against his will, he found himself leaning back into the warm body, his ear actually pressing towards that tongue now. For several moments, the fingers ran up and down his shaft in just the right rhythm, making him leak just a bit under the cloth. His back attempting to arch against the grasping arm, Brooklyn sucked in a breath. Despite every other factor, he was just about to explode already from the stroking and licking.

Then the fingers slipped away, leaving him throbbing and aching as his sensitive cockhead brushed against the fabric. Shuddering breaths came out as each rub sent a torturous need through his entire body, wanting just that last touch. The cloth was ripped away from him and he looked down to see the minotaur's hand casting it aside, leaving him fully naked with his dribbling erection.

Another slurp grazed his ear, seeming to rocket through his body and down to his groin in the form of another throb. "Now, Brooklyn, I want to enjoy this later. So smile big for the camera."

Looking up from his jutting cock and panting lightly, Brooklyn remembered the security camera in the corner at the end of the hall. The minotaur had maneuvered them so that he was in full view of the camera. He realized that his legs were spread, straddling the belly where Broadway and Lexington were trapped and moving about, displaying his arousal as his balls rested there. A moment of shame almost caused his erection to sag before a gentle stroke to his balls and a soft kiss behind his ear set it to throbbing again.

"Please…" he whimpered. "You can't…"

"Of course, I can," the minotaur responded, nibbling the back of his neck and making Brooklyn beg for more of the touch on his cock. "I'm going to feed all my desires with the three of you, Brooklyn. So you may as well just enjoy some final pleasures before being my last snack."

Flat teeth nibbled where his neck met his shoulder, wet tongue licking slowly at Brooklyn's skin. The gargoyle shuddered and squirmed in the tight grip while fingertips brushed feather-light across his sac. The ticklish sensation only made him ache more for release, made him forget steadily where he was and who was applying the attention. His eyes closed as the surprisingly gentle hand rubbed its way back up to his hard shaft. Biting his lip at the side of his muzzle, Brooklyn felt the pleasure rising again as warm pre throbbed and dribbled from his cockhead. He gasped, feeling himself reach the edge of climax once more, only to have the hand slip away and grip inside his thigh a few times. Giving a growling moan of frustration, the gargoyle didn't trust himself to speak.

"Mmm, so tasty," his captor taunted between licks, "and so tender too. And it just keeps getting better the more you want release."

The minotaur simply would not let Brooklyn forget his position. Immediately his thoughts were once again on the camera, his capture, and how all three of them were now doomed. Yet the rubbing along his inner thigh gliding up to slowly cup his balls would not let him soften. His body still yearned for completion, even at the hands of the creature planning to devour him. Once again, the hand slipped up to tease at his member, bringing it back toward the precipice of climax. Once again, it slipped away at that last moment before he could release. His legs quivered against the moving belly while the strong fingers slipped up to stroke along his belly.

"Come now, Brooklyn, you know what you want," the minotaur said in his ear. He slurped the entire thing into his short muzzle, sucking at it while Brooklyn whimpered. The silky voice dropped to a whisper. "Beg for it, my tender morsel. And I'll let you release."

Brooklyn growled, "N-Never! Never, you bastard! You can't—ngh!"

He bit back a loud moan as the hand moved down his flat belly and the fingers teased the base of his cock.

"Beg," the minotaur's gruff voice commanded again, licking from the base of his neck, up to his ear, all the way along to the tip of his horn. "Do it now, or I'll just gulp you down like this. You'll slide down my throat with no relief and meet your brothers in my belly with a throbbing, dripping erection. So beg for it."

Snorting breaths as the fingers continued to stroke and torment him, Brooklyn held on to his pride. No matter what, he would not let this creature reduce him to that. Even as his body ached, even as he thought about the creature's threat, even as the tongue teased further on his skin, he couldn't allow himself to be so degraded.

Then he felt the minotaur shrug behind him. Hot breath washed over back of his head, and as one arm began to slide him slowly downward, the teasing hand stroked up his chest to his muzzle, beginning to tip his head up. He realized the minotaur was already setting him up to be easier to eat. In a moment of panic, he actually thought about the idea of being shoved inside there with his arousal mercilessly untouched and pressed in among Broadway and Lexington.

"No! No, please!" Brooklyn pleaded. "Please, just finish it! Please, just do it!"

The movement stopped, and the minotaur nuzzled his ear. "Do what? Eat you? Finish my meal? Say it, Brooklyn. Beg for what you want."

Gritting his teeth, the gargoyle growled. "Please, just get me off… I can't take it, just let me come."

With a chuckle, the lips, teeth, and tongue returned to his ear as he was hoisted up again against the broad chest. The teasing hand finally returned to his shaft, gripping perfectly and pumping his arousal to milk it in just the right way.

In just a few seconds, Brooklyn roared as long overdue pleasure thrummed through his body, throbbing from the head of his cock. Jets of hot, sticky spunk shot out of him, splattering his chest, his belly, and gushing all around his groin. He'd never come so hard in his life and the spurts just seemed to keep going while the minotaur moaned in his ear. Cum dribbled out over his balls and along the minotaur's stretched gut, the strength of the orgasm sapping him of energy until it finally began to taper down.

As the last, weak spurts gushed out of him in the dizzying climax, Brooklyn felt the arm around him go slack, and the minotaur tossed him to the floor. Still panting and recovering, he tried to rise again, but found he had no energy or coordination. His head was still trying to clear when the minotaur leaned down and gruffly grabbed his ankles. Before Brooklyn could make a move, his legs were dragged upward, his face scraping against the ground as he heard the minotaur lick his chops.

"Mmm, and now it's really time for dessert," the creature said as he reached down and took hold of Brooklyn's ankles. "Might be fun to screw you silly first, but hard to do with this bulk. And I really want you in my gut with the others."

A shiver took over Brooklyn's body as the minotaur slurped his lips again. He could hear the jaws opening wide with a little groan before his feet were yanked back and shoved into the tight heat of the creature's mouth. He looked up as his toe claws were licked and the minotaur moaned loudly, his eyes glued to the window just a few feet away. If he could just get free…

Brooklyn's claws dug into the floor as he felt his energy rallying, trying to pull away from the minotaur, ready to make a break for the window. The firm hands tightened their grip on his legs, however, and a loud gulp drew his feet back into the tight, undulating massage of the beast's throat. All the while, the minotaur moaned and worked his lips around Brooklyn's legs as loudly as possible. Still, the gargoyle wouldn't give up. His claws dug through the thin carpet, tearing at the flooring beneath, but he couldn't seem to break the creature's grip.

His legs sliding deeper into the flat teeth nibbling along his skin, Brooklyn suddenly felt himself yanked up as the minotaur tipped his head back and swallowed again. Standing shakily up to his thighs in the creature's gullet, the gargoyle tried to lash his tail at his captor's eyes and beat his wings at the air, yet each moment still brought him a few inches further into the minotaur's jaws. Lips smacked around his toned legs as the long tongue reached up to lap at him, the tip running over his balls as the minotaur swallowed him down.

Growling, Brooklyn reached up and dug his claws into the ceiling now, gaining a firm grip in the material. Maybe it would slow his descent into the ravenous jaws and give him time to think of a plan. With a little chuckle around his hips and the lashing tail, the minotaur began slowly licking at his thighs, balls, and member, cleaning the sticky mess from earlier off of him. Brooklyn shuddered and gasped, trying to keep his grip on the ceiling.

"No," he muttered, "no, not again..."

Still, he could feel his body reacting to the attention against his will. His cock responded to the warm, wet stroking of the tongue all too readily, and his body tried to tell him that the slick, squeezing rippling all around his legs actually felt nice. The minotaur moaned around him, slurping at his shaft as it continued to grow while Brooklyn could feel his feet already pushing into the waiting stomach and brushing against the other two inside.

Feeling the tug of the throat trying to drag him deeper and the arousal growing once more to throbbing proportions at his groin, Brooklyn winced. His claws began to lose their grip in the ceiling, and he looked up to see the camera capturing more of his degradation. His hips slipped into the working bovine lips, pushing his tail up while the minotaur nibbled at his rump. The stimulation only increased his reluctant arousal, making him gasp.

"I can't … I can't die like this!" he growled, trying to renew his efforts and wriggle out of the grip of the jaws. Yet his movements only made him sink further as the minotaur slid his teeth around the gargoyle's buttocks and tugged him deeper, tongue curling over his erect member.

With a new shudder as the tongue teased the sensitive head, Brooklyn's claws slipped, allowing another swallow to pull them away from the ceiling. His hips completely sealed inside the minotaur's maw, the onslaught to his arousal took on new vigor. Brooklyn's feet kicked inside the stomach, and he couldn't stop them from brushing against Lexington and Broadway.

Brooklyn brought his claws down, pushing at the minotaur's jaws. He had to try everything he could. Even with his body wanting to just give in, to sink down and enjoy the tongue's ministrations for these last moments, he could not give up. Panting, trying to focus through each stroke of the tongue sending a wave of physical pleasure through his body, he worked to pry the jaws open and attempt to push himself out.

The minotaur's hands reached up from where they'd been slowly stroking his belly and grabbed Brooklyn's wrists once more in their unbreakable grip. With almost no effort at all, the minotaur widened his jaws just slightly and stuffed the gargoyle's claws into his cheeks. The creature's tongue did not even miss a beat stroking along the stiff cock buried behind his lips, making Brooklyn twitch and shudder. His last hope of actual escape was gone, and now the minotaur was just toying with him. Inflicting physical pleasure for his own amusement.

"Just … just do it," Brooklyn snarled defiantly, trying to get his panting under control. He could already feel himself getting close to the edge again. "F-Finish me off. Just don't … don't do this to me, again! I don't—hng!—want to go out like this!"

The minotaur's only response was to curl his tongue all around Brooklyn's cock in a long slow lick, repeating it several times and making the gargoyle twitch wildly. His body began to give in completely to the pleasure, his back arching and pushing his erection harder against the groove made by the minotaur's tongue. The gullet rippling around his legs and dragging him deeper into that soft warmth, the tongue laving all along his balls and the length of his shaft, Brooklyn could not stop himself.

The shame of his defeat pulsing with each pleasant throb of his cock, the gargoyle spurted another mass of warm seed all around his legs and hips, right into the minotaur's muzzle. He could hear the creature groaning in bliss around him, seeming to enjoy the flavor and the feel of it. Slow swallows pulled Brooklyn down again in time with his steadily diminishing climax, his body going limp as the minotaur sucked him down. He knew he'd failed completely and couldn't bring himself to struggle any more.

Hands reached up again, gripping his wings and wrapping them around his arms and body. He sat limp now and let it happen, sliding slowly into the slick throat and just waiting for it to end. Teeth nibbled at Brooklyn, the tongue licking at his belly and trying to generate a response while the minotaur gulped him further down. The gargoyle would not give him any more satisfaction as he felt his feet press against his brothers inside. It would be the one victory he could claim against the monster.

With lowing grunt of frustration that vibrated around the gargoyle's body, the minotaur's hands came up again. Slowly as he still gobbled Brooklyn down, his fingers began feeling all over the skin, at the wing joints, touching the gargoyle's nipples through the skin of his wings. At several instances, Brooklyn's body convulsed and squirmed against his will. Chuckling around him, the minotaur began to attack all those sensitive places on his body, making him writhe as he continued to sink downward into the jaws of the beast. Try as he might, Brooklyn could not stop himself while the creature toyed with him, forcing him to squirm all the rest of the way down until only his head sat outside the working jaws. He'd been denied even the smallest defiance against the minotaur's appetites.

Mouth opening wide to stretch around his horns and the rest of his mane of hair, the minotaur worked his teeth up around Brooklyn's eyes. Sealed in darkness, the gargoyle could feel just his thin muzzle poking out from the creature's lips as he was held in place for a moment. The minotaur seemed to be moving, walking forward. As his pointed muzzle was sucked into the monster's mouth, Brooklyn saw the jaws opening and letting a little light in. From the back of the throat, through a tooth-lined frame, he could make out the lens of the security camera.

For several seconds, the minotaur moaned loudly around him, his broad tongue licking all over Brooklyn's muzzle inside his own short snout. The gargoyle realized he was getting a close-up of his final moment, something to enjoy later. A final indignity to his utter defeat.

At last, the jaws closed around his head and tilted up. With a pronounced gulp! Brooklyn slid the rest of the way down into the darkness of the minotaur's body. His body curled and scrunched against those of Lexington and Broadway, all three of them jostling as they tried to fit against each other in the tight, enfolding confines of the minotaur's belly. He could even feel those powerful hands roaming over him from the outside as the tight ring of muscle closed and sealed them in.

"I…" Brooklyn started, but didn't know what to say for the moment while they were all compressed against each other. "I'm sorry. I failed you both."

"It's okay," Broadway said weakly. "I don't think we could have beat him."

"No, it was my responsibility. I … He made me…" Brooklyn stopped, ashamed.

"He did it to us all," Lexington admitted from his side. "You know what I did. We don't blame you. We can't."

They were all silent for the moment, huddled together inside the churning stomach, wondering when the end would actually come.



Looking up at his camera, the minotaur dramatically licked his chops. He smacked his lips happily as he stared into the lens, a memento for himself in the future while the last of them sank into his gut.

"Delicious," he said aloud, patting his round, overstuffed belly, "The mighty Brooklyn, a tasty dessert."

They all moved around inside, making him groan and his stomach wobble about. Beneath it, he was hard as a rock, could feel the throbbing ache of his own need for release. He wished he could reach himself to just finish off right there in front of the security camera, but with three gargoyles tucked inside, he was just too big. Still, he had his own solution for such events.

Hefting his writhing belly before him, feeling it rub torturously along the top of his cock as they moved inside, the minotaur made his way to his bedroom in an upper floor of the building. Inside were a huge comfy bed where he sometimes took his meals to play before eating them, a giant hot tub, several monitors hooked into his system, and most importantly, an apparatus built around an oversized silicone masturbation sleeve.

The device sat at just the right height for these occasions when he'd stuffed himself too full, and above the sleeve, it was lined with soft pads he'd adjusted over the years. Pulling some lube from the shelf above the apparatus and smearing it into the sleeve, the minotaur wasted no time pushing forward against it.

He gave a loud rumbling low as the ribbed material slipped around his thick cock. Meanwhile, the pads set with just enough tension rubbed against his full, squirming belly and his chest. Groaning, tongue hanging out, the minotaur began thrusting his hips back and forth, bouncing his belly up and down with its live cargo while he pleasured himself on the device. He could feel the gargoyles moving inside as they were tossed all around, only adding to the intense pleasure as he worked himself towards climax.

He was not able to enjoy it long, but those few moments were worth the effort. Letting out a wild animal grunt, the minotaur came harder than any other time that night, feeling his entire body tingle from the fullness of his belly, the power he felt at devouring all of them, and the sensations around his pulsing erection. It felt as if rivers of seed were pouring out of him until he began to ebb, still feeling little aftershocks of pleasure when the orgasm was finally finished. He pulled out slowly, still feeling the gargoyles pushing and slipping around inside.

Spent from the way the sleeve had gripped his erection and the steady motions of all three of them, the minotaur stumbled back from the device. He panted and made his way to the huge bed, falling back onto it and jostling the contents of his stomach yet again. With another sigh, he rubbed the sides of his mountainous belly, feeling himself drifting gently on the waves of pleasure from being so full.

"Mmm, that was amazing," he rumbled aloud. "I'm going to watch the footage from tonight and enjoy it again and again, just to remember how wonderful you all feel inside. You three will give me no end of pleasure."

The minotaur yawned as he laid there, the weight in his gut and all the activity finally taking some toll on his energy. Still, he wanted to stay up to enjoy the feeling as long as he could. It had been so long, and one of the things he loved about gargoyles had to be the extra stamina that kept them squirming for a long time. He began to wonder if he shouldn't have spaced them out into several meals rather than gorging all at once. But there was something about being so utterly stuffed that he just couldn't pass it up. Something rumbled up from his stomach as his eyes began to feel heavier. With a loud belch that echoed around the room, the minotaur reluctantly drifted off into a peaceful nap.



All three felt the rigorous motion as they were shaken and bounced around each other inside the slick belly of the minotaur. After the way he'd used each of them, there was no doubt as to what he was doing while they slopped around inside, and the loud groans merely confirmed how much he was enjoying the meal he'd made of them. Lexington and Broadway gave a slight shudder as the creature's muffled words came through the stomach, while Brooklyn simply huddled quietly against them.

Then pressure changed, and the walls of the churning stomach squeezed in even tighter around them. It grew even harder to breathe, and the loud grumbling noises of their temporary home increased as the entire surface area rippled all around the three gargoyles.

"I think…" Brooklyn said, feeling tightness in his chest. "I think this is it."

They all knew it was true. Forced to huddle together in the confines of the sloshing stomach, the trio embraced. Each of them had always feared in his own way that the end would come, but had never imagined anything quite like this.

"At least … we're not … alone," Lexington gasped as he began to feel the tingle along his skin. The walls were beginning to seep moisture all around them.

"Yeah," Broadway muttered, squeezing a little tighter but already feeling Lexington go slack against them.

Brooklyn would give anything for them to not go like this, to think of some way to at least spare the other two. He expected to be gasping for air at any moment, yet instead, he simply found himself growing drowsy, the world swimming. He knew how this should work, knew what it meant to be deprived of air, yet all he felt was a bit of light-headedness before drifting off into unconsciousness.

As Broadway felt Brooklyn going limp against him, he was already experiencing some of the same tiredness. It wasn't so bad in the end. The light tingle on his skin hadn't started to burn. The liquid slowly filling up the chamber was warm, and the walls were soft. Beginning to doze, he almost felt like he was just slipping into a warm bath for a while.

The stomach continued its work as the last of them passed out, slowly churning, softening, and processing the three unconscious gargoyles for the hunger of the minotaur.



Waking with another burp and shaking his head a bit, the minotaur looked around. He hadn't intended to doze off, but once they'd all started to digest and he could feel all the energy expended in catching and playing with the gargoyles, he'd napped for a couple hours.

The bulge in his belly had already rounded and softened considerably as he hoisted himself up, slowly stroking it while it gurgled and sloshed around its soupy contents. He missed the squirming, but the fullness still felt nice as he carefully stood up from the bed.

Smacking his lips again, the minotaur went over to the hot tub controls and turned on the jets multiple jets. Plopping down in the warm water and feeling his belly jiggle as the bubbling lightly massaged it, he used a remote to turn on his monitors and pull up some of the footage from earlier in the night.

He still didn't have the energy yet for further arousal after all the previous fun, but it was nice to watch what had happened with each of them. They were memories of pure pleasure that might sustain him on slow nights or times when he had trouble finding suitable prey. As the minotaur relaxed in the bubbling hot tub and looked from monitor to monitor, he pulled up another video: a piece of his research footage.

Watching various images of the blue-skinned mass of muscle gliding, perching, and battling that he'd managed to get hold of, the minotaur smiled to himself.

"Someday," he said, "that's going to be a worthy fight and a good meal. But for now, you three were one of the best feasts I've ever had."

With a stroke of his belly and another belch, the minotaur settled in, enjoying the footage and the feel of his gurgling gut.


The End