The Boy Who Cried Wolf – The Way It Ought to Be (M/M)


the Wolf


Once upon a time in a small village in a faraway land, there lived a young boy named Finn. Or at least young by today’s standards. Having just recently reached seventeen years, in his own time, he would have been considered already a man and good enough to be working at a steady trade. Yet all the villagers knew that Finn was feckless and likely to remain so for all his days, a source of great distress for his parents.

At a slightly younger age, he’d first begun to earn his keep for his family by agreeing to tend a local shepherd’s flock at night. The work was simple; merely to stay up through the night and call to the shepherd if a predator were to come about. Finn was dutiful at first and never lost a sheep, but on numerous nights he had amused himself by rousing the shepherd from his hovel just to see the look on his face at the false alarm. Despite the shepherd’s consternation and the villagers’ annoyance at occasionally hearing his false cries at night, nothing had displaced the boy from his job. It was known that Finn had no ambition to rise beyond his meager life, and none other in the village wanted such a pittance of a job. Even those younger than Finn had found better work at market in the nearby town, allowing him to simply laze his way through life. Coupled with the fact that in the last year, numerous nights came up with a sheep missing, the boy was not well-liked by any person.

On the day our story begins, Finn was once again on his way down the road in the evening to arrive at the shepherd’s field. As he passed in his tattered, ill-fitting brown clothes, his head a mess of shaggy dark hair, villagers shook their heads behind him, a few glaring at the back of him for the nights that he had cost them good sleep. None were sure if he simply paid them no mind or if he was actually clueless about them. But every villager knew there was nothing to be done about feckless Finn.

When he reached the pasture outside the village, the old shepherd sneered at Finn even as the boy waved at him with a silly smile. It had been a long day in the field and the shepherd was in no mood to once again deal with the lazy halfwit that was unfortunately the only person willing to watch his sheep for such low wages.

“See here, boy. You keep a weather eye out tonight if you want yer coin in the morn. I already heard somethincreepin’ about out there in the woods. But don’ you dare rouse me without good cause, ‘r I’ll tan you no matter yer age.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll keep a good watch.”

“See to it you do!”

And without another word or look at the not-actually-so-young Finn, the shepherd made his way down the hill to his hovel for a good night’s rest. Finn watched him enter the tiny dwelling and then looked out over the sheep and into the nearby woods. He didn’t see anything yet, but he would have to keep his eye out. With the shepherd in such a foul mood it would not do to have missteps tonight.

As the hours passed, Finn began to find himself feeling bored as he often did, still watching the woods around him for any signs of movement. Looking all around him to see if anyone was already about, he called out.

“Wolf! Wolf, Shepherd Stone! There’s a huge wolf, come quick!”

A candle lit in the hovel down the hill and soon the shepherd was trundling up with musket in his hands, his eyes peeled. When he saw only Finn and his sheep, the shepherd sneered even harder than he had before.

“There’s nothin’ here, boy!”

Er, sorry, sir. I thought I saw something in the trees, must have been a branch moving in the wind.” He offered the same dopey smile to the shepherd.

Shepherd Stone began to raise his musket for just a moment. He’d be doing the village a public service. But deciding he would rather sleep than deal with hauling the dead weight into the village to explain, the shepherd turned about and grumbled his way back to his hovel.

As another hour passed, Finn once again felt anxious and tired of waiting for something to happen. He had some concern about what the shepherd might do to him if roused again, but he just couldn’t wait any longer.

“Oh god! Oh god, Wolf! Wolf!”

A candle lit again in the hovel down the hill and the shepherd was out the door, ready for another trip up the hill. Before he could start the climb, Finn called out.

“Sorry, sorry, sir! Don’t come up! It was just the trees again, I spooked myself!”

“Oh for… yer mother and father shoulda tossed YOU to a wolf when you was a babe! I’ll not come out again and you can expect only half yer coin! And that’s only if I don’t lose a single sheep!”

Finn watched down the hill as the door slammed shut and the candle was snuffed. He continued to stare down, ears waiting for any sound. After several long moments of careful listening, he could just barely make out the loud snoring of the old shepherd.

Standing and watching the house, Finn could almost hear the sound of something stepping out of the trees as he listened for the old man stirring at all, but he did not move. He kept his eyes on the house even as something loomed up behind him, and soon strong furred arms wrapped around him to pull him in against the hard-muscled body just behind him. As he sank back into the soft fur, the warm caress of a tongue met his ear, making him shiver and let out a breathy sigh as sharp teeth grazed the sensitive skin there.

“Hmm, well done, boy,” a gruff voice whispered, “I doubt we’ll be interrupted tonight.”

Finn could barely speak as the paws caressed him through his clothes. “P-Probably not. You shouldn’t have come around earlier though. What if he’d seen you?”

“He wouldn’t.” It was simple as that and the large wolf’s muzzle was at his ear again, nibbling and licking in all the ways that always made the boy practically melt. “And I don’t think you should tell me how to do things. I think my boy should get his ass back to that pasture and strip for me so I can see his progress.”

“Yes, sir!” Finn said, as the arms slowly released him. It was a chill night, but he wouldn’t be cold for long. When the wolf wanted him to strip, it almost always meant he’d be kept warm somehow.

As the brown rags slipped from his form, they revealed surprisingly taut muscle chorded along his arms. The boy’s thin frame was filled out more than anyone in the village had been allowed to know. As the last of his clothes slipped down to reveal his perfectly toned legs, the wolf smiled and nodded in approval.

“Hmmm, looks like you’ve been doing everything I told you. Very good work, boy,” the wolf said as he slowly approached and ran a paw over the tight, hard muscle of Finn’s chest. “You’ve bulked up nicely.”

The boy shivered as he felt his master’s paw against his skin, the fur barely tickling. “Oh, thank you, sir. I always want to look good for you.”

“Mm, of course you do,” the wolf said, the rough pads of his paw tracing down the boy’s skin caress his abs. “You’re shivering, boy. Are you cold?”

“N-No, sir,” the boy answered quickly. He could feel the chill at his back though, even as the paws began to warm his front.

The big wolf stepped closer and wrapped his arms around Finn, his soft fur rubbing and warming the boy. With a pleasured sigh, Finn leaned in and pressed against his master, his own arms clutching around the furry body. He hadn’t seen the wolf in a week, and now it felt good to belong to his master once more. The wolf nuzzled against his face and gave him the gift of a soft kiss on the lips, making the boy quiver all over. He could feel his master’s reaction as the sheath grew semi-hard against his belly.

“Such a very good boy, always doing what his master told him,” the wolf cooed as he gently stroked through the human’s hair with a paw. With each stroke, Finn felt himself slipping deeper down into the cozy space of being nothing more than a servant for the larger predator. Sighing, he snuggled in against the soft fur and felt the warmth grow as he knew his place.

Soon the muzzle was at his ear again, and the arms loosened their grip as he heard a whisper. “On your knees, boy. Now!”

The firm voice and the paws slipping slowly to his shoulders to press down, the boy immediately reacted. Slowly he began to slip down the wolf’s furry body, gently nuzzling his face into the fur of his master’s chest and belly. His hands stroked through the fur at the wolf’s back, gently scratching to the tailbase in the steady way that he knew his master liked. Rewarded with a loud rumble from the wolf, the boy continued scratching there as he dropped to his knees and faced the opening sheath.

Already the pink head of the pointed cock emerged from the furred wrapping. As he looked at it glistening in the moonlight, Finn wanted nothing more than to wrap his lips around it, to feel that spongy hardness pressing against his tongue as he pleased his master. But he knew not to dare touch it until his master told him to do so. The wolf was in charge here, and Finn had to remember that always as he slipped slowly further into his master’s control.

Strong paws stroking his hair while he watched the shaft emerging, the lovely organ grew harder and larger with each moment. Soon the head was right in front of his lips, taunting him with little thrust of the wolf’s hips that sent the smell of his musk straight to the boy’s nose. Still, the boy held back even as he trembled with desire, and his master made a satisfied growl.

“Well done, boy. I’m glad to see you’ve remembered your place. I can tell how hungry you are.”

“Oh… yes, sir. I want it so bad. Please? Can I taste your cock?”

With a chuckle, the wolf pushed at the back of Finn’s head. “Suck it, boy.”

Eagerly opening his mouth, the boy leaned forward. He felt and tasted the musky member brushing against his tongue before he closed his lips around it. Moaning, he suckled slowly at the thick, hard meat and felt the wolf’s paw stroking his hair and encouraging him onward. Plenty of times before he’d felt his mouth filled with the hard wolf cock, but every time felt fresh and wonderful. To serve his master and bring him pleasure while he tasted the wonderful meat and felt its slick surface slide against his lips was one of the things he lived for on any given night. The chill no longer mattered as he bobbed his head back and forth along the length of stiff flesh and listened to the wolf rumble above him, running his tongue all around long shaft with each stroke.

The first time he’d had to use his hands just to get anywhere with the wolf, but his master had taught him well so that now he gripped the lupine’s firm butt cheeks for purchase. The boy’s mouth alone helped his master grow harder, lips and tongue expertly working all the most sensitive spots that he knew so that the wolf would be pleased with his performance. Indeed, he felt the large predator pushing forward through his lips and pressing into his throat as he opened to accept the hard mass. Paws stroked his hair lovingly and the wolf now grunted with every thrust as Finn began to taste pre against the back of his tongue.

Ooooh, such a good boy!” the wolf moaned in bliss as the human worked diligently. “Now, stop. Stop!”

With all obedience, Finn leaned back, looking anxiously up at the wolf. “What’s wrong, master? Is it not good enough tonight? I’ll do better, sir!”

“No, no, you’re doing it perfect, boy,” the wolf said with a grin. His paw reached down and slowly stroked his thick, glistening erection right in front of the boy’s face. “I just wanted you to get it all ready. Get me hard and slicked up. I have other plans for you tonight.”

Blushing a deep red, the boy looked away. He had almost been hoping for this tonight when he first felt the wolf’s arms around him. Getting the master off with his mouth and feeling that salty reward shoot down his throat was nice, but it wasn’t much compared with the thought of being mounted and truly used by the wolf. He was so eager to feel the strong lupine looming above him and thrusting into his tight hole. But he couldn’t move just yet. That would assume too much; he had to wait for the order from the wolf. He was only the boy, after all, and master was in charge here.

Mmm, you’re being extra good tonight. Now get in position, boy!”

With a last look at the hard cock in front of him and a shiver of excitement, Finn quickly turned around and knelt down on all fours, his fingers digging into the grass in anticipation. Body tingling, he wiggled his rump gently in the air, almost teasingly the way he knew that master liked. Soon he felt fur brushing his back and legs once more as the wolf slipped in and leaned over him. He could feel that hard member teasing around his ass, sliding up and down the cleft and just barely coming near his tight pucker with each pass. Above him, the wolf moaned and rumbled happily, his breathing quickening as he prepared to take the human.

“Beg for it, boy!” the wolf muttered through clenched teeth as he ground against the boy’s cheeks. “Show me how much you need it!”

“Oh!” the boy exclaimed through tight breaths, “Oh yes, please, sir! Please fuck me! I need it so bad tonight. It’s been so long and I’m worthless without you using me. Please, please fuck your boy!”

Hearing a throaty chuckle above, the boy felt the hot tip of the wolf cock spearing against his tight hole and beginning to spread it open. Paws gripped his hips firmly, and the rough pads and claws lightly scratched at his tender skin. Then, as he had before, his master thrust hard and fast, burying the entire length deep inside up to the swelling knot. The boy winced as he felt himself spread open so roughly, only to glide into a soft moan as he felt the pleasure begin. His fingers dug new furrows in the pasture as he felt so full from the hot, thick shaft inside and listened to the satisfied rumbling of his master. With feral grunts, the wolf began slowly gliding in and out, making the boy pant even as he tried to move his hips in time to help master’s pleasure.

Soft cries began to escape his lips as the wolf’s gliding thrusts gained speed, each push now slamming into the pleasure center deep inside his body. Fur tickled his back and the wolf’s weight press against him. With every stroke, the boy felt his ecstasy rising as the pointed head battered into that perfect spot within while he felt the shaft throbbing, almost ready to complete deep inside his gut. Finally, he could stop his voice no longer as his back arched and his head came up, eyes closed.

“Oh, Wolf!” he cried out in bliss, “Oh god, Wolf! Oh god! Oh! Wolf! Wolf!”

The cries continued as he felt his orgasm crest and paint the grass beneath him with his seed, not even a paw needed to start the flow. And still the thick pounding organ continued, bringing wave after wave of pleasure until he had nothing more to spray. Even then the ecstasy did not stop and he continued to cry out the only name he had for his master as he felt the throbbing increase and knew that the lupine’s pleasure would come soon. He felt his pucker contracting, squeezing tight around the hard cock and milking it as it slipped in and out, working to hasten the climax.

Inside, the thick shaft pulled far back until only the pointed head was left stretching the boy’s hole. Then the wolf rammed home hard, stretching him even further as the base knot forced its way into the boy and the head slammed firmly against his center within. Another orgasmic rush hit as he felt the hot flood within him and the firm pressure on that wonderful point, making the boy give another cry that was almost a howl. Above him, the wolf grunted loudly in pleasure and tugged at his hips with each spurt of heat inside, strengthening each jolt of intense sensation within the boy.

Warmth filling his gut, he felt the throbbing begin to subside and the intense flow slow down to a trickle. Panting mist into the cold air, the boy shuddered as the thick organ filling him finally began to grow somewhat still. As his body began its slow descent from the incredible bliss, strong furry arms gripped him and maneuvered him down to his side. His master’s limbs enfolded him in the cool grass of the field, still knot-deep inside his tight hole. The warm, full feeling made him give a contented moan as he once more felt the soft, hot tongue licking at his ear. The wolf’s own moans hummed in his ears as the tongue caressed the sensitive skin there and slowly moved down to his neck. He snuggled a little deeper against the thick fur of his master’s body, feeling a minor jolt from inside that made it all the better.

Soon the thick knot began to shrink inside, followed by the wolf’s cock slowly softening until it slipped out of him. That familiar empty feeling took hold for a moment, but was soon overcome by the fact that the warmth of master’s seed remained and the fur cuddling up against his back. His skin tingled all over still, and the wolf continued happily lapping at him. He didn’t want this to end, but he soon heard and felt the low rumble of the wolf’s stomach behind him. After using him, master was always hungry.

“Will you take a sheep tonight, sir?” This was an understood sacrifice, and the boy was willing to lose a few coins to provide for the wolf.

The tongue slipped away from his ear as a paw slowly caressed the human’s chest. He heard master moaning, as if he were thinking. “No, boy. Not tonight. Tonight I have far more succulent fare in mind.”

“But what else is there, sir? Something master brought from the forest?”

Hm, hm,” the wolf chuckled lightly, “Of course not. I meant you, my sweet little morsel.”

The boy stiffened as he heard the wolf, the arms still gently holding him. Some part of him hoped that he misunderstood. “Sir? You mean you want to…”

Another lick at the boy’s ear made him trail off with a shiver. The wolf moaned happily and loudly licked his chops. His stomach rumbled again, louder this time. Mmm, so yummy. I couldn’t wait to gobble you all up tonight, boy.”

“But… but…”

“No buts. I’m having boy for my supper tonight, and that’s final. Remember your place.”

Fear coursed through the boy as several more licks wet the back of his neck, but what could he do? His purpose in life was master’s satisfaction, and if master wanted him to be food, that was what he had to do. Something nagged at the back of his mind as he pictured his lover tearing into him the way he’d watched with the sheep, but he slowly turned himself to face the wolf within the circle of the furry arms the held him.

“How…how is master going to…?”

As if seeing his fear, the wolf chuckled gently and slowly stroked his hair with a paw, giving the human’s face a soft lick. “Oh don’t worry, boy. You’re just going to wriggle your way down my throat. I want to feel you squirming in my belly.”

The boy was about to plead with his master not to eat him, but he watched as the pink tongue slipped loudly around the wolf’s muzzle and heard another grumble from the stomach. It was hopeless. Master wanted to be fed, and if it was wriggling human he wanted, the boy’s place was inside.

Mmm, now in you go, boy.” Still held tight within the warm embrace, the boy watched as the jaws slowly opened before him. Drool dripped from each of the white teeth as he looked into the pink interior of the waiting maw. As the tongue lolled slowly out, the boy stared into the dark chasm of the throat that awaited him, feeling the hot breath on his face. The tip of the long tongue flicked up and gently tickled the boy’s chin just as the jaws widened enough to fit his head. He knew then just what was expected of him.

Obediently the boy leaned forward, shivering but compliant, and rested his head inside the mouth of the wolf. Laying his face against the tongue, he could already feel the wet warmth beginning to close around him slick down his hair as a satisfied moan reverberated up around him. Paws rubbed pleasantly at his back while pushing him forward into the lupine’s softly closing jaws. Hard, sharp teeth barely grazed through his hair and he felt his face pressed forward against the tight edge of the throat slowly opening to accept him.

His head lay in the grip of the warm wet maw as master’s tongue lovingly caressed his face for several moments. Drool dripped all around in the tight humid air, matting his hair and coating his entire head. He could feel rivulets running down over his neck and shoulders while the wolf moaned all around him. Even knowing he was about to be food, the boy still felt somehow loved by his master. The feel of the arms’ embrace tightening around him gave a sense of affection as he felt the jaws around him opening just slightly.

With a push, his slickened head slipped into the gripping muscle of the throat, feeling it squeezed and tugged downward by the skintight, wet blanket of flesh. He could barely breathe then, struggling to take in air every moment that the throat opened to try and pull him down further. The tight grip worked in waves all around his head, slowly getting a grip on the boy as he felt his shoulders slip into the hungry wolf’s muzzle. Groans emanating all around him, his skin was steadily slathered with drool from the lapping tongue, every inch of taut, toned flesh tasted and seemingly savored by the beast to which he belonged.

Its grip established around him now, the rolling gullet muscle squeezed the boy, and every slimy undulation pulled him deeper into the hot darkness as the wolf ate him. Amidst the audible gulping sounds, his shoulders slipped into the tightness while his broad chest works its way into the long jaws. Arms pinned to his sides now, he felt his body pulled away from the warm fur of the wolf as paws slipped down to his hips to help guide him in. The boy felt them squeezing his rump gently and pushing him further while the long tongue flicked along his nipples, making him squirm a little inside.

At the quickening sound of master’s muffled heartbeat and the moans reverberating around him, the boy remembered that his lover had wanted him to move and wiggle on the way down. Dutifully as he inched his way further into the lupine’s body, the boy gently moved his shoulders back and forth, twisting his body and lightly twitching his muscles. The movements only helped to push him further down in time with each wave of the squeezing gullet and soon he felt the slippery tongue tracing the well-defined muscles of his abs. Every brush of his skin along the soft, firm tube encasing him brought rumbles of pleasure up all around him, letting him know that he was fulfilling his purpose and being a good meal.

Soon the boy’s head was pressed against what felt like an almost yielding barrier as the gullet muscles constricted and pushed around him. Feeling the paws at his rump shove and a strong swallow convulse all around him, his head pushed forward into a wider chamber as his hips worked their way into the jaws of the wolf. Realizing that this was the stomach, the boy felt an exhilarated shiver run through his entire body, eliciting another moan from his master. He was actually feeding his lover and meeting his purpose, just as he should, and he knew he was a good boy from what he’d felt and heard around him so far. As the wolf’s tongue lapped all around his cock and balls, he could hear the muffled sounds of pleasure and wiggled his hips in the maw to enhance the sensation for his master. The boy could feel the wolf’s approval as the sharp teeth softly grazed the skin of his rump, a gentle nibbling on his flesh as the wolf moaned. The sensations might have made the boy hard had he not been so completely spent only a little while ago. He felt contented enough to know that his lover was so satisfied as he felt the jaws starting to open again.

Another swallow all around him and the boy felt himself pushed further into the stomach. He could hear and feel it churning all around him, the gurgling noises echoing in his ears as he felt the soft, slimy walls slowly stretching around him to let more of his body slip in. Hips sliding down to be massaged by the throat and gullet with the rest of his upper body, his thighs rested now on the wolf’s tongue. As the nibbling and licking continued, the boy let his legs kick lightly, just enough to feel them brush against the surfaces of the wolf’s jaws and assure himself that master would have the lively supper he deserved.

The boy’s entire world shifted then as he felt the wolf roll with him inside. Perhaps this made it easier for his lupine master to swallow him, but the boy could not be sure. He continued to slip inside, the fleshy walls continuing to expand around him as more of his kicking legs left the cool air outside to sink into the heat of the lupine’s body. Another swallow pulled his thighs down the throat and his calves into the drooling jaws. The paws outside rubbed down his legs as they moved in and slowly massaged along his feet as master worked to push them in. Nearly up to his waist in the stomach now, the boy could almost picture his lover as the soft muscles worked around him, his powerful wolf master laying there with just the two feet sticking out of his muzzle, while the rest of the boy was stretching his gut. The boy wiggled his toes a little and almost giggled at the image as he felt another wave push him just a little more inside.

The slippery, soft tongue wrapped around his feet then as they were pulled inside the wolf’s maws, the jaws almost completely closed around them. The boy felt them nibbled and slurped for a moment as they wiggled against the teeth and the roof of the mouth. Then all too soon another undulating wave pulled them down into the hot grip of the throat. With all of him inside, the wolf’s body worked swiftly to push the rest of his legs down. Despite the stomach stretching easily to fit him in, the boy was forced to curl up inside the slick, squeezing walls that rippled around him until his feet popped in through the tight ring that led there. He could feel it sealing after them as his body was forced into a tight ball, surrounded by warm flesh.

Inside the belly of the wolf, all was dark but soft and slightly yielding. It almost felt cozy as the boy settled within the stomach that held him tight. He could hear the wolf’s breathing, almost panting now that he had finished his meal. Cautiously, the boy pressed hands and feet against the slimy walls and shifted about, feeling the coating on his body grow. Barely able to make out the muffled sounds of his master, each motion and bit of pressure seemed to bring forth a soft moan of happiness. Amidst the churning and rumbling all around him, the tight squeezing of the stomach’s embrace, the boy set about finding all the ways to move that seemed to make his master happy. With each moan, he felt a sense of joy that he was still meeting master’s needs. And if he was good enough, maybe his lover would get him out somehow, but it didn’t matter. He was there for master’s pleasure and master’s satisfaction. He would be a good supper the way he had been told to be as he wriggled, pushed and rubbed all around inside the belly. He would squirm until master was truly satisfied with him.



The wolf lay in the field under the bright moon, sucking his fingers clean one by one. The boy’s flavor lingered there, and he wanted to enjoy the taste as much as he could while his belly wiggled about above him. The motion of what’s-his-name tucked inside made him moan loudly, and as he rubbed a paw over the furry, bloated mass, he could feel the odd moving lump from the human. He knew that he couldn’t help but start digesting soon, but he swallowed a little air all the same just to keep the meal breathing. All the writhing about felt so wonderful in his stomach, and he had a feeling this one wasn’t going to come out of it any time soon.

There was no finer pleasure than to feel a whole boy filling his belly, especially when he could just relax and enjoy being too full to bother moving. He had a feast like this about once a month and always a few guys he was conditioning for one in all the surrounding villages. More often than not, he was their kind master, sometimes merely their secret lover. Even on rare occasion he was their submissive little dog. Always they kept him secret because the rest of the village wouldn’t understand, and once they had bulked up enough and the moment seemed right, it always ended the same: with them sliding relatively easily down his gullet.

A satisfying little kick from within made him rub his engorged gut with its current treat, and he gave out a warm sigh of contentment. This sheep watcher had been particularly easy to condition, already so eager to be submissive and give over his will. The results of not pulling him out of his submissive state at all were incredible. He hadn’t had a meal in a while that had squirmed in just the right way for so long. Normally by now it became frantic, or the boy just gave up. But this one really wanted to please him, even trapped in his stomach waiting to be digested. Maybe the boy thought he’d be let out somehow, but it didn’t matter one way or the other. All the wolf could do was bask in the simple pleasure while it lasted.

After long moments of rubbing his belly in the cool grass and staring up at the moon and stars, lost in the pleasure of a lively dinner inside, the wolf finally felt a gurgling within his stomach. Followed shortly by a few frantic kicks that must have been a result of the pain, the wolf knew it was over and there was no point in being cruel. Releasing the pressure, he gave a long, loud belch and felt his stomach contract nicely around the boy. A few more wild struggles and then the weight in his gut grew still and heavy. Closing his eyes with a smile, the wolf and gave his stuffed belly a little pat as it began to churn faster. Licking his chops, he could just barely taste the last of his dinner’s flavor that followed the belch.

Mmmmm. Such a good boy.”




The End