The Boy Who Cried Wolf – The Way It Ought to Be (F/M)


the Wolf


Once upon a time in a small village in a faraway land, there lived a young boy named Finn. Or at least young by today’s standards. Having just recently reached seventeen years, in his own time, he would have been considered already a man and good enough to be working at a steady trade. Yet all the villagers knew that Finn was feckless and likely to remain so for all his days, a source of great distress for his parents.

At a slightly younger age, he’d first begun to earn his keep for his family by agreeing to tend a local shepherd’s flock at night. The work was simple; merely to stay up through the night and call to the shepherd if a predator were to come about. Finn was dutiful and had never lost a sheep, but on numerous nights he had amused himself by rousing the shepherd from his hovel just to see the look on his face at the false alarm. Despite the shepherd’s consternation and the villagers’ annoyance at occasionally hearing his false cries at night, nothing had displaced the boy from his job. It was known that Finn had no ambition to rise beyond his meager life, and none other in the village wanted such a pittance of a job. Even those younger than Finn had found better work at market in the nearby town, allowing him to simply laze his way through life.

On the day our story begins, Finn was once again on his way through the road in the evening to arrive at the shepherd’s field. As he passed in his tattered, ill-fitting brown clothes, his head a mess of shaggy dark hair, villagers shook their heads behind him, a few glaring at the back of him for the nights that he had cost them good sleep. None were sure if he simply paid them no mind or if he was actually clueless about them. But every villager knew there was nothing to be done about feckless Finn.

When he reached the pasture outside the village, the old shepherd sneered at Finn even as the boy waved at him with a silly smile. It had been a long day in the field and the shepherd was in no mood to once again deal with the lazy halfwit that was unfortunately the only person willing to watch his sheep for such low wages.

“See here, boy. You keep a weather eye out tonight if you want yer coin in the morn. I already heard somethincreepin’ about out there in the woods. But don’ you dare rouse me without good cause, ‘r I’ll tan you no matter yer age.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll keep a good watch.”

“See to it you do!”

And without another word or look at the not-actually-so-young Finn, the shepherd made his way down the hill to his hovel for a good night’s rest. Finn watched him enter the tiny dwelling and then looked out over the sheep and into the nearby woods. He didn’t see anything yet, but he would have to keep his eye out. With the shepherd in such a foul mood it would not do to have missteps tonight.

As the hours passed, Finn began to find himself feeling bored as he often did, still watching the woods around him for any signs of movement. Looking all around him to see if anyone was already about, he called out.

“Wolf! Wolf, Shepherd Stone! There’s a huge wolf, come quick!”

A candle lit in the hovel down the hill and soon the shepherd was trundling up with musket in his hands, his eyes peeled. When he saw only Finn and his sheep, the shepherd sneered even harder than he had before.

“There’s nothin’ here, boy!”

Er, sorry, sir. I thought I saw something in the trees, must have been a branch moving in the wind.” He offered the same dopey smile to the shepherd.

Shepherd Stone began to raise his musket for just a moment. He’d be doing the village a public service. But deciding he would rather sleep than deal with hauling the dead weight into the village to explain, the shepherd turned about and grumbled his way back to his hovel.

As another hour passed, Finn once again felt anxious and tired of waiting for something to happen. He had some concern about what the shepherd might do to him if roused again, but he just couldn’t wait any longer.

“Oh god! Oh god, Wolf! Wolf!”

A candle lit again in the hovel down the hill and the shepherd was out the door, ready for another trip up the hill. Before he could start the climb, Finn called out.

“Sorry, sorry, sir! Don’t come up! It was just the trees again, I spooked myself!”

“Oh for… yer mother and father shoulda tossed YOU to a wolf when you was a babe! I’ll not come out again and you can expect only half yer coin! And that’s only if I don’t lose a single sheep!”

Finn watched down the hill as the door slammed shut and the candle was snuffed. He continued to stare down, ears waiting for any sound. After several long moments of careful listening, he could just barely make out the loud snoring of the old shepherd.

“Well, that didn’t take too much effort,” said a silky voice that set his skin to tingling.

He turned back towards the pasture and watched the tall, powerful form of the female wolf walk out of forest. Standing on two legs, her hips swaying, her naked breasts lightly heaving, the lupine stalked straight past the sheep at the edge of the pasture and towards Finn. The boy shivered, feeling his hair stand up on end as her black on gray fur shined in the moonlight and her green eyes stared at him.

Instantly, he ran to her, smiling wide and wrapping his arms around her as her own furry arms wrapped around him. Nestled against her body, feeling her breasts and toned form against him, Finn sighed and closed his eyes and nuzzled his face gently against her neck.

“It’s so good to see you,” he said as he pulled slightly back and looked up at her. “I was worried you might not come.”

With a grin, she leaned her muzzle in and kissed his forehead. “I sent you the signal, didn’t I? I wouldn’t leave my favorite guy disappointed.”

“I know. It’s just… something could always happen, you know.” He leaned into her again, laying his head against her chest. “I mean, you’re the only good thing in my life. I know what you promised, but I’m always afraid something will happen and one day I just won’t see you again.”

A paw stroked the back of his hair gently as he listened to the breathing of his lover. He felt her tongue brush over the top of his head and sighed softly at the affection.

“Don’t worry so much,” she said, “Soon enough, I’ll take you away from here. We can always be together then.”

Nodding, Finn rubbed his arms along her back. “When you change me. When you say I’m ready.”

Leaning down, licking his earlobe, and giving it a little nibble, the wolf squeezed the boy. “Yes. And we can see how you’re coming along tonight of course,” she murred softly in his ear, “while we keep each other warm.”

The boy smiled and pressed in against her, hugging tight and moaning quietly at the feel of her body. As her warmth pressed against him, Finn nuzzled his face into her chest, gently rubbing his cheeks in between the furry mounds. His hands scratched through the fur on her back while he listened to her heartbeat and the soft rumble that his affections brought forth. The big, powerful wolf cooed over him as he kissed each firm breast, feeling her paws rubbing along his back over his clothes. Slipping to the side, he let his tongue glide over one of her nipples, feeling it firm up as he moved to suckle at the nub, the fur around it tickling his lips. One of her paws slipped to the back of his head, and she gave a light moan.

“Hmmm, eager tonight aren’t we, Finn?”

Flicking his tongue over her nipple a few more time, the boy looked up at her and nodded. “You know what you do to me, wolf,” he said with playful affection, rubbing his hands along her sides and watching as she stretched and moaned in front of him. He leaned in and suckled the other nipple for a moment while she stood and moaned, arching her body in front of him.

Strong paws gently pushed him back off of her body as the wolf looked down at Finn. Panting a bit, she smiled and let her eyes roam over him. “I want to see how far along you are, Finn. Let’s get rid of those clothes, shall we?”

With a grin, the boy pulled back and nodded. “As you like.”

He began shedding the ill-fitting clothes to show the weight he’d gained since she last saw him. Unlike most of the boys his age, Finn had reason to be proud that his gut now had a semi-decent paunch and a bit of growth on the sides. He’d been eating as the wolf told him, and now even his arms were gaining a little bit of fat on them, just over the muscle he was also working to build and keep up. His thighs had increased in size over the last few weeks from both working them out and the pies he’d managed to swipe. It was all for her - for them - so that he’d have enough energy for the change, just as the wolf had told him.

Feeling almost timid as he displayed his pudgy frame before her and quietly hoping for her approval, Finn tossed aside the last of his garments and turned for the wolf to see how far along he’d come. He’d grown hard as they touched, and now he could feel it trying to soften as he waited for his lover to speak. “Well… what do you think?”

Eyes roving up and down his body, the wolf’s tongue idly ran along her chops while he watched. She sauntered up to him, grinning and reaching around him to gently pinch the soft flesh of his rump. “I think you look almost good enough to eat. You’ve really come along nicely. We might be able to do the change soon.”

Finn’s heart jumped in his chest as heat rushed to his face, and he leaned in against her and sighed. Instantly he was hard again at the first touch from the wolf. Her paws roamed along the boy’s skin, feeling the extra bit of fat and squeezing here and there as if to get a gauge of just how much weight he had.

“Oh yes,” she muttered, even while she began to nibble at his ear again. “Mmm, this feels very nice. Very promising.”

His whole body shivered as Finn felt her teeth and tongue at his ear and the attention of her paws. He could feel her beginning to guide him slowly down to the ground as her muzzle touched against his lips in a gentle kiss. Soon enough he was on his back in the cool grass with the wolf over top of him, kissing and stroking his skin. Hands brushing through her soft fur, he wrapped his arms around her, returning the deepening kiss as he stroked her back and pressed up against her. His hips brushed her fur, teasing his hardened member as she ground back slowly against him, making Finn moan.

As they lay together, the wolf’s tongue began long, gentle caresses over his face, the wet skin cooling for a moment between each lick only to be warmed again by another stroke from the tongue. The large lupine rumbled deep in her chest as Finn sighed happily, his body squirming under hers, and kept warm by her inner heat and soft fur. Finally with a last long lick that went from his chin to his forehead with her claws running through his hair, the wolf pulled gently back from Finn and stared down into his eyes. Her tongue slowly cleaned the drool that had gathered on her muzzle.

“You really do taste good tonight,” she said with a smile, “Would my tasty boy like a treat of his own?”

Finn nodded quickly, knowing what she had in mind. “Uh-huh!”

Raising her body off of him, the wolf slowly crawled forward over his belly and chest. Her breasts lingered for just a moment above his face, Finn enjoying every inch of the view as she gradually moved until her thighs surrounded his head. He could smell her arousal now as he looked up at the lips of her sex already glistening in the moonlight. He couldn’t understand how men in the tavern could complain about that smell. Maybe it was him or maybe the women of the village were different, but even though it wasn’t a traditionally pleasant scent, he found the aroma of her sex fully intoxicating. As she sat up above him and slowly hooked her legs under his shoulders, Finn leaned his head up and buried his nose in her soft cleft, inhaling and running his tongue gently between the yielding lips.

As the first tang of her fluids hit his tongue, he was rewarded with a soft yip carrying into a low moan of pleasure from her. He’d learned from listening to her what she liked, which always made the experience so much more rewarding. Feeling the flow of her juices already increasing slightly, Finn ran his tongue steadily around inside her, stroking all her inner walls and stoking the heat that was already building. He lapped up and swallowed the thick fluids as the surge grew and her hips ground down against his face. She moaned loudly now as his tongue quickened its pace, the boy hungry for more of her taste. His hands slipped up her toned thighs to the soft fur of her buttocks, gripping and tugging as his lips pressed deeper into the gyrating wolf.

Burying his tongue deep within her, Finn curled it and probed as he continued to enjoy her flow, until the tip found the familiar nub of the wolf’s engorged clit. A few gentle flicks made her press down hard against his face and increased the wonderful flow, and soon he was slowly caressing and moving the little point in all the ways that always brought her pleasure. Above him the wolf yipped and moaned, increasing in volume and pitch as she rode his lips and tongue hard. Finn was in his own ecstasy as he licked and slowly began a light suckling at the nub that made her whimper, feeling his erection throb with every taste of her warm center.

Suddenly the wolf pulled away from his face, panting and leaving a film of her juices on his chin. With quick, guttural breaths, she furiously slipped down his body to straddle his hips, carefully positioning herself above his hardened cock. As she slowly settled to fill the void with his member, Finn gasped and dug his fingers into the ground at the feel of that wonderful, soft heat encasing his shaft. Hips bucking instinctively, he could tell they were both close as the wolf bounced furiously at his hips, getting a rhythm with his thrusts while she pleasured herself with his body.

She was panting furiously above him now, high-pitched moans occasionally escaping as the heat rose at their center. He could feel his own climax building, biting his lip to try and stave it off just a few seconds more as his lover approached her own crescendo. Soon though, he could hold back no longer as her flow increased around his cock, the hot inner walls squeezing tightly with each bound and thrust. As he finally let go and felt the orgasm rising up from his aching balls to flow into her, he cried out the only name he had for her.

“Oh, Wolf! Wolf! Oh god, Wolf! Oooooh! Wolf!”

Only a moment later, as his own climax began to taper, he could hear her cries of utter ecstasy. The high, almost inaudible yelps that she always made when the full moment hit barely registered to Finn as he lay in the grass and tried to think again. It was important to him that she felt just as much pleasure if not more when they were together, and it was satisfaction to feel the warm flow around his member. Through the post-climactic fog, the boy brushed his hands through the wolf’s fur, trying to offer whatever he could as she continued to use him to ride the waves of her pleasure.

The rocking of her hips began to gradually lose pace above him as Finn began to soften. The wolf shuddered as she slowed and began to settle atop him, letting out stuttering breaths and occasional little yips. He knew the signs when her body was coming down and her orgasms shrinking to small jolts of pleasure that she had once described to him. The boy’s hands traced softly through the fur of her thighs, and she smiled down at him before gracefully toppling over him, her tail swaying above them. His arms embraced her and scratched her back as the wolf nuzzled against his cheek. The hot breath of her panting washed over Finn’s ear just before an affectionate lick brushed over it.

“Hmmm, that was wonderful,” she mumbled. Her teeth nibbled gently at his ear once again and he could hardly respond when she whispered, “I think you’re actually ready.”

Finn’s eyes widened. He twisted his shoulders to look at his lover, almost unbelieving what he’d just heard. “You… you really mean it?”

Propping herself just above him, the wolf nodded. “I think you’ve got just enough energy to get it done. But… I’m worried you’ll be scared of what we have to do…”

“What is it? I’ll do anything for you. For us. I want to be with you.”

The wolf sat up again and looked down at him. She seemed to shiver a bit, a look of anticipation in her eyes. “To perform the change, I have to take you inside me so you can be kind of… reborn.”

Looking perplexed, Finn asked, “How do we…?”

She licked her chops nervously. “I have to eat you, Finn.”

A chill of fear crawled up the boy’s spine. “You have to… eat me? Tear me apart and-”

“Oh no!” the wolf said, “Nothing like that, Finn. Actually, I have to swallow you whole. I have to keep you inside me for a few days while the transformation occurs. Then when I let you out, you’ll be like me.”

Having never heard this part of the process before, Finn felt a certain nervousness. Could she be lying to him? All this time? No, of course not. If she just wanted to eat him, she could have done that any time after he’d been spent below her. He loved the wolf, and she loved him, which meant he had to trust her. In just a few days, they would be together all the time in the forest. Looking up at her, Finn gave his best smile.

“So… how do we, uh… get started?”

With a huge smile, the wolf leaned down and licked his face. “Mmm, you just leave everything to me. I’ll take care of you, boy.”

The sultry tone of her voice made Finn tremble as the wolf crawled back over his body down to his feet. She knelt there, looking him up and down, admiring his plump frame. Wrapping her paws around his ankles, she picked up his feet and brought them to her muzzle, pulling him just a bit along the ground. He watched her tongue glide slowly around her muzzle before snaking out to lick at his toes, teasing them as the tickling sensation made Finn shiver and writhe on the ground. She moaned as her teeth grazed the small digits, taking a bit of time to torment him and making him laugh almost against his will.

The wolf’s muzzle slipped up for a moment, leaving his toes covered in slick saliva. “You know, Finn, it doesn’t hurt that you’re so very tasty,” she said with a playful little giggle.

Whimpering just a little from the sound of her voice, the boy couldn’t think of anything to say before the wolf’s jaws opened wide and stretched all the way around his feet. Looking down his body, he could see them disappear with a wet chomping sound just before her tongue flicked all along soles. Finn writhed on the ground, laughing in the few moments before a loud gulp pulled them deeper.

Amazed, the boy looked down again as he felt his feet enter a hot, wet massage, squeezing and tugging them all around. He could even see the bulge in the wolf’s throat as she let out a little moan. His lover had rubbed his feet on occasion during some quiet nights before or after their trysts, but it was nothing compared to this. The tight, welcome heat surrounding them, tugging on them until soon his ankles were past the wolf’s jaws and joining his lightly kicking feet in the cozy warmth. He couldn’t help but add his moans to those of the wolf, already beginning to feel that being swallowed by his lover might turn out a pleasant experience.

Paws slid up Finn’s legs to his thick thighs, pads rubbing there and guiding him in as the wolf took a loud swallow and tugged down his calves into that same warm tunnel. As the tight massage moved steadily up his legs with each little gulp, Finn’s head tipped back, his body writhing in the pleasant sensations. He’d never experienced anything similar to being taken from a cold night slowly into a completely warm and soft embrace. Looking up, he saw that the wolf was enjoying taking him in, her eyes glazed in pleasure as she drooled around his knees and slowly stretched her jaws around his thighs. As her tongue stroked and tasted along his skin, Finn couldn’t help growing half hard again, despite his recent climax.

Wet sucking and smacking sounds began to fill the air as the wolf worked her way up his thighs and his feet were pressed up against soft, barely yielding flesh. The working gullet constricted around his legs, and his feet pushed through into what felt like a slightly more open space that could only be her stomach. The wolf’s throat bulged as more of Finn was pulled into her, and the boy tried to catch what glimpses he could, finding the sight of disappearing between her jaws oddly arousing amidst the squeezing around his legs. She had slipped down on her paws and knees now, head almost to the ground and sliding up his body as her jaws opened wider to fit around his plump, round buttocks. He could feel her hard teeth pressing against the soft flesh there, but never scratching him as she groaned in what seemed like intense pleasure. The tongue rubbing along the sensitive skin drove him to full arousal just as her mouth wrapped around his hips.

The ridges of her soft upper palate brushed teasingly along his erection, making Finn gasp. His feet wiggled against the soft flesh that he could feel starting to stretch against them as they pushed in. His whole body beginning to shiver and squirm in the grip of her maw, his hands instinctively reached for where his erection was being so wonderfully tormented.  The jaws opened once more as the wolf groaned with each movement of his body, and the boy’s hands slipped in to be trapped as she swallowed once more.

Arms pinned to his sides as his hands brushed against his groin, he now felt that warm, undulating massage of her throat all around his hips, pressing and stroking against his manhood. The boy’s back arched and his body writhed as every inch of his skin tingled in pleasure. The yielding, squishy stomach around his feet stretching readily to accept more of him, the pressure of soft flesh around his legs, and the blissful moans of the wolf all combined with the stroking along his shaft to bring him to the edge of ecstasy once more. In her throat, his hips bucked and spasmed as another orgasm claimed him. Much shorter than the previous one, the greater intensity made him see flashes of color as he heard her groan loudly, even felt the vibrations all around him adding to the intense pleasure. As it ended, his breath came in ragged sighs, the pleasure of the afterglow enhanced by the soft, warm walls surrounding him.

Finn could barely feel as he began to change position, still trying to recover from the second climax as the wolf shifted with him inside. Her paws pushed against his back to lift him up, and she sat back up into a kneeling position. Smiling with a little sigh, he looked down to where he was now slowly sinking into her up-tilted jaws. If he craned just a little, he could see a slight bulge in her belly that wiggled when he moved his feet against the elastic flesh surrounding them.

“That’s… huh…” he muttered with a silly grin as the wolf’s jaws began to press against his pudgy belly.

Moaning around him as her tongue brushed the small of his back, the wolf stretched her maw wide, squishing the paunch the boy had built up down into her throat inch by inch. Finn could see her straining slightly as his vision cleared, but the hungry look in her eyes told him she was still enjoying every moment of taking him in. With every tough little swallow, more and more of his soft frame sank down, and he watched her jaws climbing up to his chest. Her eyes radiated bliss with each bit of him that was pressed down to stretch the waiting sac inside. The boy could still catch the occasional view of her belly growing bigger with him, finding the view both surreal and oddly enticing.

Paws slipped up to his shoulders now as Finn found himself chest deep in his lover’s mouth, pushing on him to help the massaging gulps drag him down into her belly. Each touch added to the pleasant sensations following the incredible afterglow as her muzzle worked its way around him up to his neck. He could feel the tongue lapping up his neck to the line of his hair while his shoulders finally slipped between her cheeks. Unable to move his head any more to get anything beyond a glimpse of her nose and a bit of the wolf’s eyes, Finn looked up at the stars and prepared for what would come next.

Head slipping from the cool air of the night into the welcoming warmth of the wolf’s muzzle, Finn sighed in bliss as her tongue played through his hair. Soon his view of the stars was lined by her teeth, and her hot breath was all around him. His legs were bent into the soft compartment of her stomach and his whole upper body now kneaded by her gullet working to pull him down. With a long slow slurping sound that echoed around his ears, the view of the stars receded, and with a loud gulp, he slipped into total, warm darkness.

His final descent was a short one as the tight undulations of the gullet deposited Finn the rest of the way into her stomach. As the soft walls surrounded him and he felt the stretched ring of flesh seal shut just above his head, the boy was surprised to find that he had never felt so wonderful. He was inside his lover, swaying and turning around to get cozy as he was hugged skintight by the rumbling, roiling sac. The feeling of the slimy, fleshy walls all around his skin was surprisingly pleasant, and the boy sighed as he rubbed against every inch. Finn squirmed about to settle himself in and wait. He knew the change would come soon and he’d be with his lover for the rest of his life. With another sigh, he felt himself pleasantly dozing in the cozy safety of her belly.



Mmm, so yummy,” the wolf moaned to herself as she rubbed the rounded bloat of her belly. Sitting in the field and sighing at the effort of gulping him down, she licked her chops and could still barely taste Finn on her lips. The boy moved lightly in her gut, making it slosh in front of her, and she groaned again at the pleasant feeling of him tucked away deep within her. She was actually going to miss Finn a little; he’d been pleasant enough company and fun to play with. But after tonight’s climax, she just couldn’t hold off any longer and knew it was time to enjoy one of the finest meals of her life.

When she’d first come out of the woods almost a year before, she’d planned to merely eat the boy watching the sheep and slip back into the forest to enjoy a full belly. He would have been enough of a tasty morsel then, but when she saw the way he’d looked at her as she came out of the forest, that mix of fear and excitement, she’d decided to toy with him a bit first. That night she’d clearly been his first, and the way he’d worshipped her, clumsy but enthusiastic, the wolf had decided to see how far she could take him.

Laying with him in the field, she’d spun him a tale about how she’d watched him a long time and fallen in love with him. How she could take him away to the forest with her, but that the transformation would take so much energy that he had to be ready. She was actually a little surprised the next night she came around thinking it would be meal time only to find that he’d so wanted to believe and had started fattening himself up for her. So she had decided to keep him working his way up and enjoying his steadily improving attentions over the course of the months.

Now she could enjoy the wonderful jiggling of her belly as the perfectly plump boy slid around inside, working on getting cozy in the tightness of her stomach. He’d given her enough pleasure that she had to make sure he’d just drift off continuing to believe he’d wake up as a fellow wolf somehow. No pain or worry for her tasty Finn, the boy had earned that much. Feeling the intense pleasure of the nice, soft movements inside her, the wolf knew she would definitely have to try this route again at one of the other villages; it made the feast so much better. It was especially amazing to her what a difference it made that the boy actually seemed to enjoy sliding down her throat.

As she began to feel him settling down and getting comfortable, the wolf let a loud belch echo through the field. She could feel her stomach compressing all around Finn inside as he wiggled just a bit before the walls smothered him. Smacking her muzzle softly at the last little taste of him, the wolf hoisted up the bulge now quietly gurgling in her gut and began to slowly make her way back to the forest.

Mmm, thanks, Finn,” she sighed with a pat on her belly, “You were the best supper a lady could want.”



The End