Studs for Supper: The Interview


the Wolf


Aaron drummed his fingers nervously on the arm of the chair. He looked at the desk again, just a chair behind it and only a single phone adorning one corner. That last guy – Vince? – had said it would only be a couple minutes before the last leg of the interview started. But it had already been five according to his watch. He was starting to worry that he’d screwed up somehow and they were deciding if it was worth the time of this next person. He really wished he could remember the names he’d heard; normally he was so much better about that.

There had been the female hippo that asked him all the standard interview questions. She’d been some kind of personnel manager and gone over the basics of how the restaurant usually operated, hours he might have to work, did a general gauge of how he’d be as an employee, essentials he’d been through in plenty of other interviews. Though some strange items, of course. Her name had been something with “C” – or maybe an “S”? – and she’d talked to him in a conference room before giving him a brief tour and handing him off too… that guy. The guy with the “V” name, definitely a “V” on that one. 

The fellow human had taken Aaron into what looked like a strip-club, thankfully not open at the time, and put him through basically an audition. He’d put his acting skills on his résumé, so it wasn’t too surprising. It had actually been pretty simple, a few improvisational exercises on the stage while the guy evaluated. Acting scared, acting confident, pleading, seductive, quiet resignation, eagerness, all just general emotions that he’d had to improv. The evaluator hadn’t really offered much in the way of comments, just occasional suggestions. It made Aaron a bit nervous.

Then – Vinnie? – had escorted him to this more private office, thanked him and told him another name would be with him shortly. It was a female name, but that was all he could remember. He was too focused on figuring what he’d screwed up in the impromptu “audition”. He checked his watch again. It had been seven minutes now.

Finally he heard the door behind him starting to open. Aaron stood up and turned to see a female alligator checking the papers she was holding. She looked up and smiled, extending a scaly, slightly webbed hand to him.

“Aaron McKenna?”

“Yes,” he said, taking the offered claw and shaking it firmly, “that would be me.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Marie Lechamp” The gator closed the door behind her and began stepping around the desk to the opposite chair. “Very sorry about the long wait, my last appointment took a little longer than expected.”

“Oh that’s all right. It wasn’t that long,” Aaron said.

As they sat down, Aaron was able to notice that Marie was not in the business clothes he’d expected. She was wearing a white, midriff shirt that displayed the shapely curves of her bosom as well as the yellow scales of her belly. Black pants that looked stretchable hugged her body, cut to allow her tail to move freely. Though he couldn’t help but notice the figure through the reptilian appearance, Aaron knew he shouldn’t even let her think he might be gawking at her. Certainly not in an interview, even if she was dressed more for a workout at the gym. He focused on the gator’s face.

“I’m sure Victor told you, I’m what we call a Meals Supervisor around here. I’m one of several people directly supervising our edible employees.”

“Ah, I see…”

He couldn’t exactly figure how one supervised such a thing, but it was the first time in all of the interviews that anyone had bluntly mentioned the actual position. The idea that he was applying to be one of the menu items offered from the restaurant. He felt his chest tighten.

Marie set his résumé and the application he’d filled out on the desk. “So just to let you know, Charlene had good things to say in general. And Victor gave you a great review, said you showed some real talent and that he could definitely work with you on some direction and practice. And we definitely have a need for that sort of thing around here.”

It was a load lifted off of Aaron’s chest. He hadn’t screwed up anything like he’d thought. “Well… that’s definitely good to hear.”

“I just want you to start out relaxed for this section. Because of the nature of our business and what we offer, some of this interview can get pretty personal. We have to know that you can handle that personal level and a number of awkward situations that might get thrown at you.”

Aaron nodded. “Of course, I can understand that. I know a little about this place, I’ve had a couple friends that were… well they know a lot about how it works.”

“Yes, we’ve had a few referrals that way. So do you feel like you’re ready for this part now? Do you still feel like this is work you can do?”

“I think so. I’ll admit that getting started might be odd, but I really think I can manage to get used to it,” Aaron gave the gator his best smile.

“Okay, let’s start with a few basic questions then.” Marie picked up a pencil to jot notes. “How would you honestly describe your body?”

“Well… I’ve got a decent muscle structure, I try to keep in shape. I think my arms are pretty toned. I’ve got a little extra belly padding right now, but I can lose that if I need to if I really work at it. I’m a little shorter than average, but not too much. Um… white? Human?” He paused a moment to see if that was enough. Marie was still scribbling. “Chest hair but not much on my arms; a little on my legs. Er… short hair usually…”

“Okay, that’s good. So you’re pretty honest with yourself. That’s why I like working with the actor types. You mentioned you could lose weight if you had to. What if we asked you to gain weight?”


“Oh of course. A lot of our clients actually prefer their meals to be on the plump side and we serve every type. It’s not a guarantee you’d be asked, but we need to know if you’re flexible.”

“If that’s what they want, I can do that. I’ll just need to know where I’m supposed to maintain.”

“And we can actually help train you with that. Good, good.” Her eyes moved up from the paper, directly at his. “You’ve been in theatre. How do you feel about public nudity?”

“It takes a little getting used to, but I’ve managed it on stage once. I think I could do it again.”

“This isn’t a one shot role that you finish up after a run, you need to understand that. As edible staff, you’ll be completely objectified at times. You’ll be wheeled out to a table naked for a customer. You might be in a group with several other naked males waiting to be the next snack. If we need help in the Meat Market on a night, you might even be asked to perform a strip show. Can you deal with all that?”

Aaron was taken aback for a moment. He really hadn’t thought about that fact; most people he knew had ordered delivery in a private home. “I… uh… well I suppose I would be able to deal with that. I’m pretty sure I could. Yeah, it actually makes sense, I think I could do that.”

“Okay then. And you will have some time as a trainee to get used to it. We do some in house service and offer some clientele discounts on a meal with the knowledge that you’re getting used to the whole thing.”

“Uh… alright.” Aaron was feeling just a little nervous. He repeated in his head, he could handle all of this; he really needed this job.

“It gets more intense from here on out. Are you at all turned on by the thought of being eaten alive? Swallowed whole?”

Aaron spent a moment trying to figure the “right” answer to that one. Saying the wrong thing might lose him the job. After a moment, he knew he simply had to dive in and be honest. “Well, sort of. It’s… I didn’t think I was. When I first heard of all this that is. But I heard some people talk and I looked around online and the idea started to be a turn on. It just kind of grew on me I guess.”

“Hmmm, interesting.” The gator was tapping her pencil against the side of her long snout. It was almost impossible to read her expression as she thought. “And in the questionnaire you volunteered that you’re straight.”

“Yes, that’s correct…”

“We have a lot of male customers. What if one of them saw you in the restaurant in some capacity and wanted to eat you? No sex mind you, just wanted you for a meal. We do have a sort of “open menu” policy in the restaurant. Even if you’re serving or greeting, a patron could order you at any time. Could you deal with that?”

The thought had never even crossed his mind. Like many people he’d questioned his sexuality. He’d even met guys that were obviously interested in him. It had never made him squeamish, but he had no interest in return. After a moment’s thought he responded, “Actually I don’t think it would be that big a deal. I’m just playing the part right? And if it’s just for the job as food.”

There was a slight smile from the gator as she jotted a few things down. “You’re kind of getting the idea.” The human thought he noticed a glimmer in her eye… and at the corner of her jaws. “Now what if you were served to a female that you didn’t find attractive, that you actually found repulsive, and she wanted things to get sexual before she ate you? How would you handle that?”

“Is… is sex usually required?”

“I just want to know how you’d handle it and how you’d feel about it, without knowing any policy what would you do when someone you had no attraction to wanted to rub against you, maybe even have full sex with you, then eat you alive?”

Aaron let out a breath. She was right, this was getting personal. He really needed this job though; he’d been the proverbial starving actor for a while now. Times were hard. “Well, I, that is, I suppose it’s all just playing the part really. I guess it’s the same as the male thing in a way. As long as I’m not breaking the law or anything.”

Marie nodded, the corners of her long mouth turning up slightly. “And that’s a concern for a lot of new hires. If it does come up, you don’t have to worry about the law, there are a few legal loopholes that work for us. Last question along this line. If an order comes in where someone wants to rip you apart or chew you up alive, could you handle that, knowing you’ll still come back the same way as any other time?”

“I… really just don’t know about that one. That sounds a little too much for me, I don’t know if I could do that.” It was potentially a deal-breaker, and Aaron knew that he might be simply thanked for his time and asked to leave. But it just sounded too painful.

Jotting down a few more notes, Marie nodded steadily without looking up. “That’s actually fine, we just have to know if people are going to be honest about that. That’s the one thing that’s not required of any employee, only those that are willing for the bonus. So before we wrap up, do you have any questions for me?”

“Well, you mentioned a bonus for that. Are there any other bonuses and benefits? Charlene mentioned health but didn’t go into the details really.”

“Ah yes. Well as far as bonuses go, they’re based on being able to fill certain special requests and how many of those you fill in a pay-period. Things like Rip-‘n’-Tear meals or someone that wants to watch their meal cooked. Other odd preparations or requests from customers. It’s always up to you on those types of requests.” It was sounding like a speech the gator had given many times before. “As for health, we’re second to none because you’re getting a new body several times a day as part of your work duties. If you have an injury or illness outside of work, our proprietor can usually find a way to make it right, often just through the reforming process. You’ll also get free meals if you want them, basically any other edible staff you’d like to eat, and plenty of our employees take advantage of that. Our sister restaurant should be opening soon so you’ll also find some female fare available when that happens.”

“Wow. Sounds pretty good. The health benefits I mean.”

“A lot of people really like that perk. Any other questions?”

Aaron thought for a few moments. He knew that he should have at least one more question, but nothing was coming. There was more to this whole thing than he’d first thought, but he couldn’t quite think of much else to ask. “No… No, nothing leaps to mind now.”

“Okay, well you can always let us know if you something does come up.” Marie looked at the watch on her wrist. “And that leaves us with just enough time for lunch.”

Aaron felt his heart trying to move into his throat as he watched her tongue slowly run the length of her jaws. Her eyes bored into him, almost questioning. “You mean…?”

“Oh yes. I’m inclined to hire a tasty-looking morsel such as yourself already. But it’s often customary to do a sort of taste test at the end of the interview.” She leaned back in her chair and gently rested a claw on her flat, scaled belly, patting gently. “You’re free to say no, but I can tell you that getting out of those clothes and slipping in here would probably seal the deal. You smell scrumptious. I want to see if your taste measures up and feel how well you’ll squirm!”

Exhaling loudly, Aaron looked away from the leering, hungry gator and thought for only a moment. He really didn’t have a choice, he wasn’t sure he’d have the money for rent next month at this point. And he’d already talked to guys that had come back after being devoured. With a look back to Marie’s questioning expression, he began to loosen his tie and pull it out of his shirt. As he began to unbutton the shirt, her smile widened and she leaned her elbows to the desk, resting that long snout on her hands to watch.

Mmmm, good! I’ve been starving. Always skip breakfast on interview days.”

Figuring that he might as well make a good showing if he had to prove himself, Aaron tossed his tie aside, then slowly began to unbutton his shirt. He kept his movements steady and fluid as he exposed his chest inch by inch, lightly pulling the fabric apart with each button that came undone. He could help but feel a bit of pride as he watched the interviewer drool just a little and nod approvingly when he finally stood up and let the shirt glide off of his back.

Ooooh, I can’t wait to feel you slide down.”

Naked from the waist up now, he let himself soak it in as praise, moving his body and letting her watch, keeping her eyes on what he was displaying as he cautiously worked the dress shoes from his feet below. Aaron knew all too well how an awkward moment with shoes could ruin a performance like this. Sliding them safely under the desk, he slipped a hand teasingly down the ever-so-slight paunch of his belly, moving to the front of his pants. With one deft hand, he unbuckled the belt, letting it slide open as he undid the dress pants.

He could here the gator breathing harder as he revealed the tight, red boxer briefs and gently let his pants fall with a couple sways of his hips to pile around his ankles on the floor. Stepping out of them, he widened his stance to display his body before Marie, feeling her dark eyes roaming all along his frame. Aaron could feel himself actually getting into the performance, thinking of the few fantasies he’d indulged in.

“Is this what you want, madam?”

By way of answer, the gator loudly licked her sizable chops and grinned, hinging them open so that her chin rested on the desk and her tongue rolled out before him. Saliva dripped from each tooth, coating her gums and tongue as Aaron stared down into her awaiting throat. He had a moment’s hesitation as he saw that yawning pink maw, looking down the wide throat that led so deep into her, descending into darkness. What if it was a trick somehow? What if she simply ate him, digested him and they didn’t bring him back? Just a one time snack for a hungry alligator?

But no, he’d talked to those other guys, even watched one of them emerge from one of the chambers. And besides, it was too late now. If that was her intention and he tried to back out now, she could simply chase him down and scarf him up in a moment. The very thought gave him an odd shiver and a tightness in his loins as he saw her tongue flick in waiting. As she wasn’t looking, he quickly fumbled out of his underwear and leaned forward towards the gaping jaws.

With an excited shudder, he reached his hand into her mouth and gently stroked along her tongue, watching it writhe and feeling the supple, wet surface. Enticed, he leaned slowly further over the desk and between her jaws, peering in to see just how deep down her throat he could make out. When his hand slipped deeper, slowly exploring from her tongue back, the jaws around him suddenly snapped closed, gently but firmly sealing his head, shoulders and arm inside.

The gator moaned loudly around her mouthful, finally getting a good taste of the human after the teasing of his hand. As she tugged on him from across the desk and pulled his arm down into her neck, Marie was quite pleased. The new hire was as delicious as she’d thought. With claws helping at his flank and the other arm, she pulled him into her jaws with a soft, easy swallow, keeping her throat wide open and forcing him past his timid exploration. He was squirming nicely as she dragged him across, pulling his legs up onto the desk as she sat back, his chest already firmly caught between her teeth. She worked gently, making sure not to scrape him too hard as he wriggled and pressed against her tongue.

A moment of panic gripped Aaron as the light cut off and he felt the strong jaws clamping down around him. The sound of the first swallow that pulled his arm down echoed through the jaws as he felt himself dragged up and into her. He pulled against the current, instincts driving him to try and get out. The depths of her throat sucked at his hand, keeping him inside along with the tight pressure around him. As her tongue began gently swiping all along his chest and face, his breathing slowed and he was able to calm his body. Even in the jaws of the beast, she was being soft and gentle. He was safe and still had to seal the job.

Realizing he suddenly wasn’t moving, Aaron worked his way into a controlled squirming, rubbing his body gently around the inside of her mouth. Since he would mostly be playing the part of the willing meal, he began trying to wriggle his way further towards her throat, rubbing against the questing tongue as he felt her moans increase around him. Already Aaron was allowing himself to enjoy some of the sensations in her jaws. The warmth, the soft, moist muscle working around his arm. His body shivered a bit as realized he was actually living a fantasy, embracing the pleasure of being her meal.

Jaws opening and tipping up just slightly, Marie sucked more of the human in as she felt him wriggling down. She wondered if the new hire knew just how perfectly he was moving about in her jaws while his head slipped into her throat. The little rotation of his shoulders against her throat that suggested eagerness without being pushy. The sway of his body as his legs kicked ever so slightly outside her reptilian lips. And those shivers that ran down his body along her tongue every once in while. His skin already boasted a wonderful texture on both tongue and in her gullet, but when that little vibration would pass through… ooooh, just that extra bit of gustatory ecstasy that made him a truly perfect meal. Already her decision was made, now she was simply after enjoying her lunch as she slurped in him up to his rump.

The tongue slipped up between his legs as Aaron slowly floated deeper into her gullet. For a brief embarrassed moment as he continued his wriggling against her gulping throat, he realized he was semi-hard against her tongue. Not exactly a typical job interview reaction, but he was not in typical circumstance. The pleasure of his position soon overrode his abashment as the gator’s soft, slimy channel rolled and undulated over him, the swallows coming slower now and drawing his excitement across her tongue. The warm wetness just made him shiver every few moments, gasping as he fought for some control. Trying to keep his mind clear, he focused on his performance, kicking his legs lightly, continuing his motions inside her while his body slipped further and further into the warm, tight embrace of her body.

With a happy sigh around his legs, Marie leaned slowly back in her chair in delight. Little gulps, little swallows, dragging his legs into her jaws and running that obvious erection along the entire length of her tongue. She couldn’t resist teasing once she’d realized how excited he’d grown, seeing how he’d react. Plus all those extra little shivers it brought along, his convulsions inside her were exactly the perfect addition to how he’d already been. If only she didn’t have other meetings and appointments to keep today, she might have begun to indulge the warmth she could feel at her center. There would be time enough for that sort of thing later though. Marie had Her claws idly moved to rub the bulge his body created in her neck, smoothing it down, helping with each little swallow as she pulled his thighs in and sucked him up steadily down to his feet.

Once his erection had been dragged the length of her tongue, Aaron suddenly lost the control he’d been fighting for. Even focusing on his performance, the squirms, the wiggles, down to timing each vibration of his body, he couldn’t seem to help as the tip of his manhood pushed from the back of her tongue to the smooth workings of her throat. Body spasming, he felt the thick strands of his orgasm coating both his belly and the inside of her throat, smearing against him even as more was milked forth on the next swallow. As almost always happened, for those few seconds, he forgot where he was, what he was doing, riding all of the sensations, his body tingling as his scalp suddenly pressed against a barrier, unaware in his climax of the ring leading into her lower stomach.

The alligator had felt those convulsions from inside enough to know what they meant as she reveled in feeling him slipping down. With a little smirk to herself as she felt the warmth in her throat and the last of his climax fade, Marie flipped her head back and opened wide, tossing the rest of his legs and feet down her gullet. Her jaws snapped shut as she opened up everything inside, letting her lunch be borne down into her belly by a flow of little swallows so steady that they moved together as one big gulp. Claws on the paler scales of her gut, she enjoyed one of her favorite parts of any meal, feeling her stomach quickly expand and grow from the inside and the outside as her morsel slipped completely inside. In a matter of seconds, the new hire was tucked away her the round, bloated dome of her gut.

Aaron wriggled and squirmed lightly in his afterglow as the tight massage suddenly changed to a cozy waterslide, leading him easily to curl up into the fleshy ball of her stomach. He could feel something sealing just after his feet enter into the darkness like a sauna, the walls moving all around him and pushing in against him. His skin tingled as he moved back against them, pushing and slipping against every surface while her stomach rolled him around and coated him in her juices. He never felt any burn from them, just a light, pleasant tingle and the soothing feel of the soft stomach walls enfolding him, knowing only dimly that the gator had already begun to digest him as he began to feel a little light-headed.

The delightful feel of a stuffed belly moving about inside, the flavor of a delicious human still on her tongue, the warm glow of having gobbled live prey, Marie relaxed into her chair in a few moments of utter bliss. A claw stroking her exposed gut as she felt the last wonderful struggles of her lunch, the alligator finally let out a light burp when she felt the movement finally cease, followed by a contented sigh. If he made customers feel even half as nice, this one was definitely a keeper.

Shaking her head just slightly, refocusing, Marie casually turned her chair sideways to reach the phone on the desk and dialed the extension for the recovery room. The day’s attendant answered, a jaguar she knew well.

“Hi, Cheryl, how are things going down there? … Good, good. Listen, Aaron McKenna should be waking up in chamber four in just about fifteen minutes. His clothes should be there. … Oh, excellent. Would you tell him once he appears that he can start tomorrow if he likes? … Oh yes, definitely. … Heh, heh, yeah. Yum, yum. … Oh yes, you’ll want to order this one for lunch sometime,” she said with a gentle rub along her protruding belly, smiling. “He was absolutely delicious.”


The End