Studs for Supper: Sid's Saturday Night Special


the Wolf


Marty stood backstage, taking a few breaths and getting himself psyched up for the next performance. He had to take the stage in a little less than half an hour, already dressed in nothing but a thong that didn't even conceal his bulging package. Nudity on stage didn't really bother the stallion anymore once he was truly in the moment, but he still couldn't help feeling a little self-conscious about starting out almost there.

The horse had been working the auction stage at the Studs for Supper Meat Market almost since the beginning. Between his attractive chestnut coloring with the white markings on his muzzle, his body-builder physique, and the fact that he was available to males or females, he'd been a valuable commodity even before the auctions began. The old colloquialism certainly didn't hurt, and the evening when a male lion and a female hyena started going around the Meat Market one-upping each other on how much they'd pay for particular meals to try and get them first—including Marty himself—management had a stroke of inspiration. The stage had already been there for guys to perform a strip show or dance with a price tag sitting on it, and it hadn't taken a week after that night for the bidding system to be put in place and auctions to be scheduled.

They'd become an instant success with customers paying almost twice what they'd normally pay for the same edible employee, and that was just with guys stepping out onstage and modeling while people put in bids. Once the employees started coming up with little performances or dances to sell themselves, the money rolled in even faster, and with a percentage bonus for successful auctions, anyone willing to make a public display began creating their own shows for the stage to try and up the bidding.

Though he'd never really considered himself a dancer or performer before, Marty had watched what other guys did and begun creating his own set of characters for the auctions, surprising himself with a smoothness of movement that accentuated everything that made him appetizing. He almost exclusively worked the auctions or the stage now. Some evenings he was Bruce the Spruce Stallion, stripping from the nines to entice the audience. Other nights he might be Bill the Bucking Bronco, strutting out in cowboy attire that left little to the imagination and making it clear through movement that the winning bidder might have to "tame" him somehow. That was always a popular one that went for a good price. There were several other characters he used onstage, but tonight was the big show. For the last several months of Saturday evenings, he'd just been Sid, performing a once-a-week show that hadn't failed to draw a crowd yet.

Sid's Saturday Night Special was a challenge that required a great deal of control. The role was simple enough mentally; all Marty had to do was play an arrogant, lusty stallion. But physically … there were so many aspects that could—and occasionally did—go wrong if he didn't keep just the right bodily concentration. So while the human Sam and the bull Roderick finished their gladiatorial combat scene on the stage and waited to see who would buy them, Marty did his deep breathing and stretching and focused himself for the show's requirements. His own partners for the evening would arrive any moment and start helping him get into character.

 Just a few seconds later, Ryan came from one of the hallways leading to the backstage area. The blonde, wiry human stood only about five-foot-five and was usually ordered when customers used words like "twink" or "little morsel". He smiled, naked except for skimpy, tight, blue briefs, and looked at the bulge in Marty's thong while the horse towered over him.

"Pink, huh?"

"According to management," the stallion said with a smirk, "the last couple times I wore pink for the Saturday Night Special, we had like a six-percent increase in final price. So now it's apparently the official color. Don't ask me why."

Ryan shrugged and very casually reached a hand out to stroke the bulge through the soft satin. "Probably something about vaguely feminizing you in such a masculine starting show. Makes either gender still see you as a submissive meal, despite what happens on stage. Or there's no psych BS, and it's just that it looks really nice against your fur."

Marty nickered and shook his head a little at the pleasant arousal beginning where the hand touched him. He liked Ryan, and the two had learned to work well together for the Saturday Night Special. It hadn't hurt that they would hang out and sometimes enjoy a friendly hook-up outside of work, during which Ryan had learned just how to arouse the horse without taking him too close to the edge.

The horse blew out a breath through his lips, already feeling half hard at Ryan's gentle rubbing through his thong. "Say, where's Desmond? Shouldn't he be here by now? We go on in just a few minutes."

Confirming this, they could both hear Barry's voice from over the loudspeakers outside. "All right, it looks like we have a winning bidder for these two titans of the arena! Now, bidder ID … HungryMamaBear, you are the Empress of the evening. Are you going to take them both back to your chambers, or does the crowd get to watch The Barbarian Bull enjoy his victory by gobbling up that tasty human?"

Most of the Saturday evening shows were devoted to some form of male-on-male stage play to rack up extra bidding through entertainment and offering the winning bidder something extra. Management had created a similar setup at Edible Ladies in their Meat Market with several female-on-female shows, and both seemed to be a hit with respective customers.

"Let's hope she wants them to do the eating part of the show. Might buy a couple minutes for Desmond to get here."

Ryan looked up, still gently teasing the stallion's groin with his hand and letting the other brush the fur of Marty's back. "Oh yeah, about that," the human whispered with a little wince. "Desmond had to call in tonight. So we've got someone pinch hitting."

It was a disappointment. The trio generally worked like a well-oiled machine, with the dark-skinned Desmond, much like Ryan, knowing exactly where and how to touch and what to do to make sure the performance went off perfectly. The look of the three of them also had the benefit of providing a nice spectrum for the viewers. Ryan's face said that Marty wouldn't be happy about the replacement.

From beyond the stage, Barry's voice came through the loudspeaker. "Oh, sorry everyone. Looks like our lovely ursine empress is going to let both boys live to serve her personally and privately. Better luck to the rest of you next time!" The cheery voice was essentially a five-minute warning.

"Who are we working with?"

Before Ryan could answer, a quiet, high-pitched voice came from the horse's right. "Helloooo!"

Marty felt his chest tighten and looked to see the small otter with dark brown fur flouncing down the hallway towards them, tail swishing behind the royal blue briefs he wore. "Hey, sorry!" the otter whispered. "I was cuffed to a post, giving the eye to this absolutely gorgeous giraffe guy, hoping I'd get to go for the loooong slide, when they came to tell me they wanted me to step in here! This is going to be awesome! They told Barry to stall just a little, so don't worry."

Phillip was already at the stallion's side, rubbing up against the horse and grinning up to him. It wasn't that Marty disliked the otter. Not necessarily. Just that the overly swishy nature grated on his nerves and he didn't feel their styles would work well together at all. Phillip also did strip shows, but his were all about gyrating and turning all about the stage in quick, dance-club moves to entice a group of usually muscled or bearish males that wanted a lithe little snack. Marty worried that the otter just wouldn't have the control that the Saturday Night Special required.

"Now, Phillip," Ryan said, already addressing the issue, "remember this needs a gentle touch. It's taken us a while to perfect the—"

"Oh don't you worry about me, Honey," the otter said as he reached up to twirl his fingers against Marty's short fur. "I've watched this show a few times. I'll treat the pony juuuust right!"

He gave a saccharine, flirty smile up to the horse, and Marty focused for a moment on his breathing and controlling his arousal while Ryan continued to tease him. The fingers on his chest even felt pleasant, but Marty hated being called "pony" or "boy" in that certain way or any of the other young terms some guys liked to use. For just a moment though, he wondered if it might work out somehow to have the little annoyances of Phillip's voice dull the raw physical sensations and keep him at the right point.

Just as Marty's erection was reaching a peak and beginning to flare slightly at the end, he heard Barry's voice through the loudspeakers. "Okay, everyone. Time for our next show, and I think you all know what comes next. It's what a lot of you have been waiting for and saving up your bidding for. You know who you want to see! And maybe he's just about ready, so come on everyone, let's see if we can get him out on to the stage!"

Before he'd even finished announcing, the chant began somewhere in the crowd and grew to encompass most of the customers surrounding the stage. "Sid! Sid! Sid! Sid!"

Marty had to hand it to Barry; the stag knew how to warm up a crowd and give them just a little extra time if they needed it. He looked to the two other males, Ryan moving to stand beside him while Phillip fawned at his other side. "You guys ready?"

"Ready to go."

"Oh yes! I am soooo excited! Let's get out there!"

Marty just let out a breath and began to lead them out through the curtains that blocked off the backstage area with one of the smaller males on each arm. The cheer as the curtain pulled aside and he started to walk out boosted his confidence right into character, and Marty thrust his chest out as the stallion Sid, with his throbbing erection making a mockery of the thin bit of cloth supposedly covering it.

Barry's voice came once again as they took the center of the stage. "Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Studs for Supper Meat Market is proud to present … Sid's Saturday Night Speciaaaaal!"

The gaggle of people around the stage of all species, shapes, and sizes cheered and screamed while Ryan and Phillip began pressing in close to the horse and running their hands all through his fur.

"Oh my, everyone, it looks like Sid has two cute little guys to help him out tonight. And it seems like he's made a new friend since last week!"

The crowd was still clapping and cheering, and Phillip took that as a cue to step forward away from the other two. Before Marty could get a grip on him, the otter took the front of the stage and started bopping across it, showing off his personal dance moves and trying to steal the show.

Without missing a beat, Barry made it seem like it was all intended, part of the act. "Oh my, look at that otter boy go! Bet you just know he's going to be a squirmer!"

While the audience chuckled and Phillip grabbed attention, Marty pulled Ryan in front of him and began stroking the human. He leaned his head close to Ryan's face, letting all the customers think they were making out.

"What the hell is he doing?" Marty whispered.

Ryan sighed and reached a hand down to stroke the top of the stallion's erection, making sure it wouldn’t go down in the middle of the show. He whispered back, "I'll … I'll take care of it; just follow my lead…"

The human slipped just to the side so that most people around the stage would have a good view. He slowly stripped the patch of satin down to expose the stallion's dappled member and let his hand run along it.

"Hey, Sid," he projected to the audience, "What have you been feeding this thing? It's huge!"

Marty had no idea what to do next. Despite all his other talents, he'd never really had the head for improv in front of a crowd. All the other Saturday Night Specials had just been movement and Barry announcing and teasing the crowd. And of course, as soon as Ryan spoke up, Barry had followed the lead and gone silent.

"Uh … this and that," was the best the horse could come up with.

"Well," Ryan continued loud enough for the customers to hear, "I think it's feeding time again! And I bet it would love a tasty little otter boy!"

Phillip stopped in mid-move and looked back at them with a grin, his eyes immediately drawn to the flared erection jutting there. Ryan stroked the top of the shaft, and Marty realized how perfectly the human was pulling Phillip back into the show and making everything look planned. And making sure Phillip would go in first so that the two of them could get back to their usual act. The otter pranced back over to them and began rubbing the underside of Marty’s member while Ryan continued to run his hand along the top.

As they both fondled the stallion, making him whinny for the crowd, Ryan leaned close to Phillip and whispered under the noise. “Now remember, you’ve got to be careful. Stimulate him too much, and he could blow his load before you get in there. You need to give just enough so he stays hard and sucks you in.”

“I know, I know,” Phillip whispered back, and began to kneel down with his face before the massive horse cock.

Sid’s Saturday Night Special had always been a cock-stuffing show, and at least a couple times early on, Marty had grown too excited and shot all over the stage and his would-be “prey”. Barry had been a genius at still selling the trio, but it was never as impressive as the full show. Since he, Ryan, and Desmond had worked out the kinks, there hadn’t been an incident for a while, but now with the otter in the mix, the risk had been introduced again.

Already Phillip was leaning forward and nuzzling the head of his cock, moaning and letting his hands tease it. Even doing so gently was making the stallion shake and clench his fingers while more pre dribbled out against the otter’s cheeks. Ryan gently pushed back on Phillip to give Marty a moment’s break.

“So what do you think?” Ryan asked the otter loud enough for the customers to hear. “Think Sid’s equipment is big enough to gobble up a little guy like you?”


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