Studs for Supper: Girls’ Night Out


the Wolf


Sarah rode in the rumbling oversized Hummer, leaning against the door and looking out the window. Chin in her hand, she let a little sigh escape as she watched the posts of street lamps pass by.

“Oh, would you stop moping,” Maggie said in the driver’s seat beside her. “You’ll bring me down. No bringing us down tonight, you hear me?”

She straightened in her seat and turned from the window. “I’m not moping. I’m just still… not so sure about this. I’m nervous.”

“Sarah, we’ve been over this, come on. It’s not cheating.”

“It sure as hell seems like cheating. Especially tonight.”

“Well it’s not, and this is just what you need tonight. Carl out of town, he told you we should go have a good time. And I know you’ve been dying to try this place. So that’s what we’re doing. We’re having a good time.”

“Yeah, I know. It’s just… I’ve always wanted to find the right time to tell him about… all this. And then he and I could talk and it wouldn’t… well it wouldn’t feel like cheating.”

“And just when was that going to be? You’ve been married to this guy – a great guy, mind you – for four years today, and you’ve never even brought it up. You just keep avoiding and finding reasons not to tell him. From everything I’ve seen, if you explain it right, Carl’s not going to leave you just because you have fantasies about eating him.”

It was hard to argue with Maggie for a few reasons. She was making good sense, she was Sarah’s best friend, and she also happened to be a large bear. They’d met in high school, back when they were at least the same height, through a few shared interests. It was only during a study session using Maggie’s computer in their junior year that they’d discovered another particular shared interest as far as men went. Tonight Maggie wore a relaxed t-shirt and jeans while Sarah was wearing a casual top and a skirt at Maggie’s suggestion, and they were on course for the only known hot spot for predatory interests.

“I know that, sort of. I know it up here, that he’d be fine with it. He’s been pretty open to a couple other kinks and shared a few with me. But this one, I’m still just scared he’ll run screaming or that it’ll get out if I tell him. And god, now I’m going out to a public restaurant! What if I see someone I know?”

“Then you’ll have loads to talk about, because they’ll be in the same boat. Think about it, what does it mean if they’re in that restaurant?”

“What about the protestors?”

“Those morons have to stay outside the parking lot and it’s a nice loooong parking lot. I’m telling you they thought of everything with this place. Trust me, you’ll love it.”

“I’m sure. But couldn’t we just hold off? Maybe one more month? I’ll find a way to tell him by then. Just go catch a movie or…”

“No,” Maggie said emphatically, “No, no, no. We’ve put this off the last several times because you weren’t ready. This is girls’ night out and you’re going to have a good time and enjoy this if I have to drag you kicking and screaming. I’ve been here several times; it’s always great. I’ve been dying to take you here.”

“All right. I mean, I really have been wanting to try it out. I mean really wanting. I still just don’t know what I’m going to tell Carl though.”

Maggie chuckled and shook her head. “You want my advice?”

Unable to help a smirk, Sarah responded, “Do I ever have a choice.”

“Not really.” Maggie was grinning ear to ear. “I think you should set the mood in the house before he gets home, you know, some soft music, candle light. Then you take him to the bedroom. Then you just give him the wettest, sloppiest blowjob you can manage and hit him with it afterwards!”

Sarah barked laughter, unable to contain. The bear had always been able to do that to her. “Oh, you’re horrible!”

“Hey I’m telling you, any guy, no matter what the species, will take anything better after oral sex. Trust me, this is something I know from experience.”

Still laughing, Sarah just shook her head. “Yeah, I can just see that now. ‘Oh by the way, honey, that whole time I was thinking about swallowing you whole.’ That won’t kill the mood at all.”

“Hey you never know, have you ever raided his computer? He might love you for that.”

“I kind of doubt that.”

“Well, you’ll be happier when you think of something, trust me on that. And by the way, we’re here.”

Sarah looked from Maggie to the windshield and saw the huge parking lot coming up before them. Numerous rows down was the massive building. By now everyone was aware of Studs for Supper and the strange sorts of deliveries they made all over the city. Sarah had heard and read all about the actual restaurant that was more three connected restaurants in one and dreamed of getting there sometime, but hadn’t realized just how large or popular it would be. As Maggie drove the Hummer by a small cluster of people standing outside a fenced area carrying various cardboard signs, Sarah felt her stomach drop at actually being there.

The night out had originally been planned as a distraction from the fact that Carl simply couldn’t get out of the business trip scheduled over their anniversary. Maggie had decided earlier in the week that it was high time Sarah experienced Studs for Supper and that she was going to take her to the casual dining side that Saturday for their night out. Now it was here, Maggie was parking the car, and they were about to go inside so that she could live out the fantasy she’d hidden from almost everyone for as long as she could remember. Exciting as the idea was, all Sarah could think about was the look that would be on Carl’s face when she tried to explain to him.

The restaurant itself was a sprawling star-shaped building with three different facades on three different points, connected in the center with doorways to any of the other two, so Sarah had heard. These included a fine dining restaurant that served elegant recipes surrounding the primary menu item and a “meat market” on the other side. It had been described as strip club and buffet somehow rolled into one. Sarah knew for a fact that Maggie had been several times.

“So it’s all safe here, right? Like all the info said, all the people you eat just get brought back by magic-users?”

“One magic-user in particular,” Maggie said with a nod as they walked from the car, “They say no one actually knows who he is. Could be a she for that matter. But yes, all completely safe, I know. Can you keep a secret?”

Sarah stopped and just looked at the bear, raising her eyebrows.

“Right, stupid question. Well, my first time here, you wouldn’t believe it. I was so nervous I could hardly walk in the door. And that was after I went back and forth for about an hour about even making the trip.”

“You’re kidding. You? The fearless wonder? The veteran dancer - and breaker I might add - of tables?”

“Watch it there,” Maggie grinned, “But yeah. I was terrified that I might somehow be seen by someone who wasn’t into this. Or that what they said wasn’t true about the place. Though once I got in, it was easy to relax. It just feels like any other casual restaurant inside.”

“So how do you order… what you want?”

“Well, there’s menu with about a dozen codes, but there’s a thing where just about any male you see that works there is fair game. I started to look at the menu, but then I saw this cute-looking Labrador wondering around and bussing tables. So I asked the waiter if I could just have him.

“The waiter just asked if I’d like him as he was or prepared, and I was worried I’d lose my nerve again, so I said to bring him right over. The waiter got the lab’s attention and called him over, told him that I’d ordered him. He actually grinned at me and started to strip as the waiter pulled a privacy curtain around the table. The lab was happy I’d chosen him, which just made it all the better.

“Well, as soon as he was undressed, he stepped over and asked if he could do anything for me before the meal. I was so into the moment that I just grabbed him and stuff his head in. It was easy, my jaws could suddenly stretch without any problem, and every pull I made on him was like a warm massage from the inside. And when I finally got him down, felt that whole guy inside me… I tell you it was better than I’d ever imagined.

Sarah had a little shiver thinking about it. The way Maggie described it sounded so exhilarating.

“After I was done, I just sat there for several moments, thinking about how I’d actually done it. Years of dreaming about that moment, and there was finally someone squirming alive inside me. To celebrate I ordered a little dessert for myself, as well as to kind of… come down. And just when I started to get a little nervous about the fact that my gut had stopped wriggling a while back and what that meant, I happened to see that same Labrador cleaning the dishes off another table.”

“And he was exactly the same?”

“Exactly. He even cleared my table, smiling at me the whole time. Last thing he did was lean over, pat the bulge and say ‘I really hope you’ll come see us again sometime.’ Then he was off around the restaurant. Needless to say, I was hooked.”

“Wow,” Sarah said and thought for a moment. “You know, I think I’m going to owe you one for dragging me here.”

“Really? Coming around?” Maggie asked with a grin.

“I think so. I mean, you know how long I’ve been dreaming about this sort of thing. Hell with it, I’m just going to see what happens and enjoy tonight.”

She’d said it as if she were trying to convince that last little part of herself. But as Maggie opened the door, Sarah began to lose all doubt at the sight of the place and the knowledge that she was finally there. There was a tingle up her spine as she went through the front door and looked around.

In many ways it was just a standard “fun” restaurant. Wood décor with a muted green and black for the brand colors. Decorations and bric-a-brac on the walls. A podium for menus and a host to meet customers. A bend leading from the entrance obscured the seating area for the moment, but she still had an easy feel from the place. It wasn’t long before a petite male red fox in a green apron bearing the Studs for Supper logo arrived at the podium. He smiled to them.

“Hello ladies. Two for the evening?”

“Yes, we actually have a table reserved. Under Krushev,” Maggie answered.

“Ah yes, I see it right here. Hope you two brought your appetites!” the fox said cheerfully as he picked up two menus from the podium.

“Indeed we did,” the bear returned, here eyes tracing the fox’s body as he turned to guide them back to their table.

Sarah had a moment to notice that the fox wasn’t wearing anything else under the apron as he turned before the rest of the restaurant caught her attention. Maggie walked with the causal ease of someone who’d seen it all before, while Sarah’s eyes darted around the decorations within and the surprisingly mixed clientele. While there were empty spaces around, she was surprised at how full the place was.

There were males and females of every imaginable species crowded into tables to enjoy the evening. Some already had men laying on the tables that were obviously meant to be meals. Others sat waiting, either alone or chatting with someone else at the table. In some cases, a curtain was drawn around where a table sat, and Sarah had a moment to notice that every table had such a curtain available.

They were soon seated at a booth near the back. A few tables down was the inner wall with a door subtly labeled “Meat Market”. The fox handed them each a booklet thicker than Sarah had expected. “There you two are. Have a look at those and Ian should be with you momentarily. Enjoy!”

As he scurried back to the front of the restaurant, Sarah sat in the booth opposite Maggie and already felt more relaxed. Of course she wasn’t going to be judged here, because there was no one here to judge. She was among her own, feeling so completely at home for almost the first time in her life as she opened the menu and began to make sense of the codes. It wasn’t even as complex as she had thought it might be. She sighed at the happy, comfortable feeling and looked up from the menu.

“Thank you, Maggie. Seriously.”

“Oh, don’t mention it. Say, do you mind if I order for both of us? Just for tonight. This is my treat and I think I can pick someone you’ll really like. Plus, you have to try this appetizer they have, think you’ll love it.”

Smiling, Sarah closed her menu and nodded. “Sure, why not? Haven’t steered me wrong so far tonight.”

At that moment a horse wearing a black polo shirt, khakis and the standard green apron appeared at the side of the table, setting down two full water glasses. “Good evening, ladies, how are we tonight? My name’s Ian and I’ll be taking care of you. Can I get you started off with a drink or one of our appetizers for the moment, or have you already seen someone you’d like to have?”

Maggie smiled to the waiter. “I think we’ll start with two top-shelf margaritas, and we’d also like a six-order of minis to split, please.”

“Any particular style on those minis or just a mixed bag?”

“Oh mixed bag is fine.”

“Just so you both know, it’s not likely you’ll get any humans in there.”

Sarah looked up a moment, and Maggie simply waved the issue away.

“That shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Okay, and how do you want them to be? Eager, Terrified, or Casual?”

Maggie thought a moment. “Just Casual tonight.”

“Sounds good,” said the horse, tapping his pad with his pen, “I’ll get those started for you and give you some time to look over what you want tonight.”

Sarah quirked an eyebrow. “Minis? Casual?”

“Just trust me,” Maggie said with a smile, “You’ll love this little surprise.”

It was not long before the waiter returned with a tray carrying the two margaritas, two small plates, and a basket covered with a small cloth. As he set the first drink down, Sarah immediately took a slow pull and licked a bit of salt from the rim. “Oh god, that’s good.”

“So did you decide what you want for entrées?” the waiter asked.

“Yes, I’d actually like to start with that tender little fox playing maître d’ tonight. Any problem with that?”

The horse only grinned as he wrote on his pad. “No problem, Sebastion’s always popular when he works that position. He’ll be pleased someone ordered him again. And for you, ma’am?”

Maggie spoke up before Sarah could say anything. “For her I think it should be four-N-N, one-five-three, R-five-A-R-Y.”

“Ah, an excellent choice. We’ll round up your dinners and get that order prepared for you in a few minutes. Anything else I can get you?”

“I think we’re good,” said Sarah, “Maggie?”

“Oh yes.” Maggie was already peaking under the cloth into the basket. “Great!”

With a smile the horse left as Maggie began to pull the cloth off of the basket.

“Okay, that seemed really complicated. What was all that? What’s… in…”

She stopped short as her ursine friend revealed the basket with a flourish. Inside the basket were six naked men of various different species, all shrunk down to about a height of six inches and milling about, some even chatting with each other. When the cloth was completely removed, the two otters, three different canines, and the lone human all looked up briefly to acknowledge the presence of huge diners above them, then promptly went back to whatever they had been doing.

Wasting no time, Maggie immediately reached in and plucked out one of the otters. Looking up from the basket Sarah watched as the bear licked her chops and raised the little man over her head. Maggie opened wide and dropped him in, letting him slide down her tongue before she swallowed the little otter in a loud slurp and a single gulp.

“Mmmm,” Maggie moaned, “I love otters; the way they wiggle down. Mind saving the other one for me?”

“Uh… no not at all. So these are casual minis?”

“Yup. They can act terrified if you order them that way, or they’ll all jump up and down begging to be eaten first. Anyway, they’re always delicious, wriggling little morsels. Perfect way to start the evening.”

Sarah took another drink of her margarita. A big one. “I… It sounds good, I just wasn’t expecting something like this. They still look a little big to swallow.”

“Ah, but remember what this place does to you. Here, try one. Start with the human. I guarantee you’ll be hooked.”

Remembering what she’d decided earlier, Sarah reached in and got the single human by his chest between two fingers. As she pulled him out of the basket, she could see that he was slender with brown hair. He looked up at her and acknowledged her presence, but nothing more, just smiling gently.

“Just put him in your mouth, let hunger do the rest,” Maggie coaxed.

Shifting her hand to around the little man’s legs, Sarah opened her lips and pushed him in up to his waist. Her tongue felt the soft contours of his body, tasting his flavor and making her moan as she felt him squirming. Small feet kicked lightly at her chin as he dangled there while Sarah’s eyes closed to revel in the new sensation. In every fantasy, every picture, everything she’d looked at online, she had no idea it could be this wonderful. The taste, the feel of finally having an actual man in her mouth. Her lips seemed to purse on their own as she slowly sucked the rest of his legs in. She could feel her cheeks bulging as he was curled up inside and rolled around her mouth. The live, moving mouthful sent shivers up her spine as she tasted every inch of him.

Finally she swallowed and felt what would have normally been a large lump slide easily down her throat. No difficulty or pain, just the incredible feeling of the little man squirming down through her neck, into her chest, and then the squirming inside her stomach as he moved about. Her hand went to where he was, softly rubbing as she let out a few heavy breaths.

Opening her eyes and shaking her head out a little, Sarah could see a slightly blurred Maggie grinning from ear to ear. “Oh wow. Oh wow, that was amazing. Mmm, I can’t believe that.”

“Didn’t I tell you?”

Another sip of her drink seemed to pull her somewhat back to the table.

“Here, watch this,” Maggie said, having already plucked one of the canines out and set it in front over her on the table.

Maggie leaned down and set her muzzle in front of the canine, slowly opening up and rolling out her tongue like a carpet. The canine dutifully came forward and crawled on all fours to her tongue, slowly making his way into her maw. The bear’s eyes half shut, and little sighs escaped her with every contact that the little canine made with the tongue. As he moved in far enough, she curled her tongue up behind him and slowly closed her jaws. Sitting up, Maggie took a huge swallow and then opened wide to show nothing left.

Not wanting to be outdone too quickly, Sarah stood one of the leftover canines on her plate before her, hope this trick would actually work. Her lips in position, she moved down quickly, encasing the whole six-inch-tall figure inside her mouth. As she opened her throat lightly to make room for his head, she hadn’t counted on how much his fur would tickle her tongue or the different flavor that would hit her once the canine was in her mouth. Feeling him squirming though, she wouldn’t lose this one. Without lifting her head at all, Sarah steadily sucked and swallowed, pulling the small male up and into her throat, savoring the feel of his passage as he writhed all the way down into her, creating new sensations where the human had passed before. Once he was squirming inside her stomach, she raised her head and smiled to Maggie. Licking her lips, she could still taste the little canine there.

“Impressive,” Maggie said with a raised eyebrow.

Sarah couldn’t help a smirk. “Yeah, Carl loves that trick.”

“And you call me bad!”

Still smiling, Maggie pulled the remaining otter out of the basket and dropped him into her water glass. She took the glass and raised it up to Sarah before tipping it up to her muzzle. The bear’s jaws opened wide to guzzle down the entire contents. For a brief fraction of a second, the otter tried lazily to swim against the current of water cascading into the ursine gullet, only to slide down the edge of the glass shortly after and into the bear’s waiting jaws. Maggie snapped them shut as soon as the otter was completely inside, taking several moments to roll him about and enjoy the last taste of him, before finally letting him slide all the rest of the way down her thick neck. With a contented sigh, the bear patted her belly. “Mmm, delicious. Top that!”

“Oh, I don’t know if I can,” Sarah said as she picked the last canine out of the basket, “I think I’ll just enjoy this one slow.”

Looking the canine over a moment, she realized he was actually a coyote. Musing that she’d never actually tasted a coyote in any fashion before, she lifted him up and opened her mouth, slowly lowering his feet between her lips. In steady, tiny little nibbles, she worked her way up the coyote’s legs, licking every inch as she ate him slowly, slurping up his thighs, working her way to his midsection. As she enjoyed every little flavor and motion from the canine slowly sliding between her full lips, she swore she could almost here a little moan coming out of the coyote. Tiny nibble by tiny nibble, she pulled him in up to his neck, the coyote definitely gasping now as she felt a nub pressing up against the roof of her mouth. In a moment of realization, Sarah suddenly swallowed, sending another wonderful, ticklish, squirming little mass down to her stomach. Feeling more excited motion inside than the previous two, Sarah couldn’t help a little giggle to herself at what had just happened. It probably helped that her margarita was somehow two-thirds gone.

“I think,” she said, still giggling slightly, “I think he popped a stiff one while I was eating!”

Maggie chuckled. “Oh yeah, that happens sometimes. Place is full of surprises the first time.”

“So just what did you order to really stretch my belly?” Sarah asked, feeling quite free between the atmosphere, alcohol, and the three men she’d already consumed.

Maggie would only grin with mischievous glint in her eye. “Oh you’ll see soon enough. I think I see our waiter coming.”

And as Sarah looked over, she could indeed see the horse returning, pushing a hefty cart with a huge covered silver tray on it. The fox from the front of the restaurant walked beside him, grinning as they came to the table.

“I believe you ordered fox, madam?” the vulpine said as he looked at Maggie and began to remove the apron.

All but drooling over him, Maggie nodded. “Oh yes. You’ll feel so good in here to start, Sebastian! Come on up here.”

As the naked fox left his apron behind and climbed up into the bear’s lap, Ian made a motion and the tray slide gently from the cart onto the table.

“And I believe you will be having the… special?” he said, trying to suppress a smile to Sarah.

Before Sarah could wonder what was so amusing, the waiter removed the tray cover with a flourish and bowed away from the table. With surprising grace, he moved the cart out of the way and closed the privacy curtain around them while Sarah could only gasp in surprise.

Carl knelt on the tray, hunched over his knees, surrounded by a garnish of lettuce leaves and radishes, holding an apple in his mouth. He wore nothing but the smallest cut underwear that Sarah had ever seen him in. Turning his head to look at Sarah, he managed to look only slightly embarrassed as he let the apple fall from his mouth.

“Happy Anniversary, honey.”

Still gaping, Sarah looked up at Maggie who was smiling with unabashed satisfaction while she hugged the contented fox against her body. “Surpri-ise. You know I think I’ll take this little morsel and enjoy him in the Meat Market. And let you enjoy your meal.”

The ursine stood up, lifting the fox with ease as he snuggled against her body. “Oh, and Happy Anniversary, you two.”

As Maggie left through the curtain, Carl stretched himself out sideways on the table, his lithe, toned body displayed before Sarah amidst the garnish as he reclined on one arm. He smiled a little sheepishly to her. “So… do I look good enough to eat?”

Beginning to recover, Sarah couldn’t help a little chuckle, “Um… Yes. Yes, you definitely do. But how? How did you figure it out? How did you set this up?”

“Well for setting this up, Maggie did most of the work. The idea just tickled her to no end. As for how I know about all this… Do you remember about six months ago when I had to borrow your laptop?”

Sarah slipped back in her seat, “I thought I got everything hidden.”

“Oh you did, no histories or anything.” Carl smiled to her as he leaned forward. “But one of your messengers was signed in automatically still. I didn’t even notice it until I got a message with just a link saying, ‘Check this one out’. And it wasn’t really hard to figure out who HungryMamaBear was.”

“Oh, my god…”

“So I hit the link without thinking, figuring it would just be some funny picture. And, well, it was a picture. I looked around the site and then started talking with Maggie a little. Honey, why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“I was embarrassed. I didn’t know what you’d think of me. I mean… Well, it’s not exactly normal.”

Carl smiled and reached out to stroke her cheek. “You know I couldn’t stop loving you. It was a little strange at first, but the more I talked to Maggie, the more I got the whole deal and what it meant to you. So I wanted to do something for you. And Maggie mentioned this place, said they could do something like this. So I figured this would be the perfect night.”

“So are you… I don’t know, have you been into this at all?”

Carl gently shook his head, “Not really. But I know now that it’s a big thing for you. And I want to make you happy. I might even learn to love it with you.”

Sarah smiled and leaned closer to him. “So the business trip and Maggie’s insistence?”

“Lies. All lies and clever tricks. Can you ever forgive us?” he said playfully.

Sarah couldn’t help herself as she leaned forward and kissed him, her fingers stroking through his hair as their lips met. As their tongues danced against each other’s lips, Sarah could feel those old familiar desires stirring in her. For a moment, she almost felt the old mild frustration before it hit her.

Wow, I really get to do it this time, she thought as she pressed harder against his lips, I actually get to swallow him tonight!

Though she often let other men enter her fantasies, the idea of Carl was always the best, the thought of him curled up inside her belly making her tingle all over. And now she felt her body reacting to his as it always did, even as her appetite grew in tandem.

Breaking the kiss, Sarah gently ran her tongue over her lips, still enjoying the taste of him there. With a grin to Carl, she looked over his body. “Mmm, I think they’re forgivable in this case. And I’m still so hungry…”

Carl gave her a little nervous smile. “Then we should get you fed.”

Feeling the full brunt of desire now, Sarah pulled her top off and tossed it into the booth. As her bra slipped off as well, she caught Carl staring once again at her breasts. There was something about knowing that he still stared that sent another thrill through her, making her loins tingle as she reached for his underwear.

“Off,” she commanded, already working to get the tight underwear off. Carl’s hands slipped down and helped until he was lying naked on the silver platter.

Sarah was feeling the wonderful power, that full predatory mindset that always thrilled her in her fantasies. “Now move. Sit here, right before me, like a good meal.”

Submissively, Carl complied, moving about until he was sitting on the edge of the table her, his legs hanging to either side of her. Giving a satisfied rumble, Sarah ran her hands up along either side of his thighs, those toned, meaty legs that she had dreamed of so often. She looked down to see that Carl was starting to grow just a little as her hands stroked, warming him and feeling him shudder. She no longer cared if it was excitement or nervousness, she just knew something she wanted before the main course.

Leaning her head down, Sarah used her tongue to deftly scoop his still flaccid member into her lips. She could hear Carl groaning at the first wet touch of her tongue, a little jump from the organ in her mouth as she slowly enjoyed the flavor and feel there. The smell of his musk filled her nose, enticing her hunger as she slowly worked to make his erection grow.

Having been with him so long, Sarah knew all the right places to lick, just how to run her lips over his shaft to make him rise. Her tongue snaked into his foreskin, grateful once again that he was uncut as he stood almost instantly in her mouth. Slowly moving up and down the length, she let her lips move the foreskin back and forth, gently coaxing him out as he pushed and stiffened towards her throat. As they reached the point where she normally felt some tension in her jaws, Sarah was delighted that there was no strain, only the wonderful pleasure of feeling him grow fully erect between her lips. The thickening head pushed into her throat and she swallowed blissfully around it, reveling in the feel, enhancing her desire to have more of him inside.

Slowly Sarah slipped her lips off of his erection, watching it bob before her full and hard. She looked up as Carl looked down, smiling at the desperate look on his face. She licked her lips softly, making sure he saw as she began to push him back along the large table.

“Mmmm, you are such a tasty slave. I just have to eat you up.”

Carl lay back across the table then, his head lolling over the other side as Sarah picked up first one ankle, then the other. She began licking at his toes, letting her tongue curl gently around each one and feeling that wonderful rush through her whole body as she held his feet together. The taste was so wonderful as they curled against her tongue; clearly he’d been perfectly cleaned before being brought out to the table. Wanting to savor every sensation, she nibbled slowly at the small digits now and hoped this first time wouldn’t be the last.

Licking and sucking at the flavor of her husband, Sarah barely realized when her lips and jaws had stretched almost completely over the tops of his feet. Her teeth scraped lightly at his soles, while her tongue tasted along them, enjoying the clean, fresh flavor. Carl seemed to shudder on the table, occasionally giggling when her tongue hit a ticklish spot. All his movements felt wonderful against Sarah’s lips as she tested her limits, stretching wider and attempting to take his feet completely in.

It was incredible. With virtually no effort or strain, she felt throat open to accept his feet while her jaws easily worked their way up his ankles. As if she’d done it hundreds of times before, no gagging or pain, Sarah felt a full-sized man’s feet kicking in her throat for the first time. Bliss washed over her as she reached up and tugged at Carl’s legs, swallowing again. The hair on his calves tickled her lips as they passed into her mouth, his feet already slipping down towards her chest. And still no pain, only a wonderful feeling of finally getting to enjoy him this way as her lips stretched around his legs.

Hunger and lust driving her forward, Sarah began to devour his legs. She could here him moaning as her lips and tongue worked their way along his calves and up to his thighs. His erection still danced before her eyes with every movement he made, looking tortured as it seemed to slightly rise and fall with every stroke of her tongue. It amused her as she felt him stretching out her neck and chest, but as she gave into her predatory instinct, Sarah no longer truly cared about his pleasure. Swallowing and sucking his well-toned thighs between her lips, she slipped and hand to her breast, gently massaging and caressing her own nipple while the heat steadily rose in her loins.

His legs stretching the length of her working gullet, Sarah could feel Carl’s toes beginning to press at the opening of her stomach. It was a heady feeling; she’d never actually been aware of anything at that point before. The sensation made each breath a labor, the tingle between her legs growing delightfully as it coupled with the knowledge that in just a moment, her husband would start to slide into her stomach.

Tongue caressing each cheek as his perfectly-formed rump began to slip into her mouth, Sarah swallowed and shuddered all through her body as she felt the first of him slipping through the tight opening into her waiting stomach. She could feel it tightening around his feet as they slipped in, eager to accept him and take in more. The hand at her breast slipped soft down to stroke her belly as she stretched her lips around Carl’s waist in one deft movement. Carl tensed a moment within her, but did not make any sound other than a sharp gasp. Even in the haze of her predatory pleasure, Sarah understood.

Taking care about her teeth, Sarah worked her jaws and gulped until half of Carl’s belly was between her lips, his erection tucked all the way into her mouth. The feeling of it pressing against her palate while his balls sat in her throat made Sarah slip her other hand down under her skirt between her legs, lightly stroking there as the tide of arousal grew in her center. She could already feel her gut starting to expand and stretch in small ways now, her right hand rubbing along the surface as his feet made little kicks inside her stomach. Moaning around him, she pulled once more, tasting the exquisite masculine flesh and the salt of his sweat as her lips reached his chest.

Nose snuffling in the patch of hair there, Sarah leaned at the table’s edge, beginning to swallow him up like a snake now while her hands busied themselves at her belly and sex. Inhaling his scent in perfect union with the strokes of her tongue along his back, her fingers slowly stroked the outer lips through her panties, pushing deeper with each little swallow that took him further in and expanded her midsection a little more. The hand at her belly stroked along the expanding surface, enhancing all the physical pleasures washing over her.

As she felt his neck and underarms slipping up against her lips, Sarah had a moment of shock that she was so far along on devouring him. A moment in the haze of her pleasure to realize just what he was doing for her as his body gently wiggled and twisted in her throat and gullet. In that wonderful moment where love mingled with physical bliss, she could feel her climax beginning to rise, the first little ripples shivering up from her center, skin tingling all over as the sensation spread. Barely hearing the wet, smacking sounds of her lips, Sarah opened wide and sucked down her lover’s head, slipping her working fingers softly into her sex as his arms slipped up along the table.

Pressuring the engorged nub of her clit, breathing heavily, she tipped her head up, lifting his arms up into the air. The first wave of climax was upon her now, singing all throughout her body as she felt the wetness around her fingers below her ever-expanding belly. Everything was driving her on now. The feel of his head moving about in her mouth as it slipped into her stretching throat while his hair brushed against her tongue, the bulge she knew was forming there as she sucked him steadily down. The sucking, slurping sounds just as she’d always dreamed about them as his toned arms slid inward past her lips. The taste of him, the exquisite flavor as every inch of him had tickled over her taste buds.

Waves of pleasure crashed over her as his hands slipped at last into her mouth. Her tongue caressed every finger as they moved and curled in her mouth, nibbling them ever so gently, wanting the final taste and the full feeling to last forever as her body rocked and tensed in the heat of a chain of orgasms. In the midst of one of the most incredible moments, her entire body aflame with grinding pleasure and continued desire, Sarah swallowed the last of her husband.

Belly expanding out the rest of the way with her incredible living meal, Sarah was forced to slide back against the back of the bench. As her hand could not reach her sex for the rounding, stretched midsection in her way, she no longer cared. The waves still came as Carl’s mass inside and every motion against her stretched stomach spurred them onward. Every touch of her own hands as they rubbed along the massive belly, every time she could feel some little indication of her husband tucked inside, fueled the intense fire of a pleasure she had never known before. Her tongue licked across her lips, still tasting him there as now she moaned in loving bliss.

As the intense climaxes finally began to subside to a dull pleasurable throb, Sarah, panting, slumped into the booth, hands continuing to stroke her full belly. It felt so incredible to simply be full for the first time. Especially with Carl. As she felt his squirming inside beginning to slow, she held her belly gently, hoping he knew just how much she loved him and how grateful she was for this. She hoped he was just drifting off quietly, knowing that the restaurant would bring him back. Already Sarah could feel her stomach churning already.

She sat for long minutes at the table, slowly massaging her belly and waiting for the moment when he quieted to just a still weight inside her. As she sighed in joy, picturing him waiting for her at home later, Sarah softly muttered, “I love you, hon.”



The dimly lit atmosphere of the Meat Market was a stark contrast to the brightness of the casual dining décor as Sarah made her way in to find Maggie. She’d given up trying to fit her top over her gut and merely put the black bra back on for some kind of modesty. No one bothered to notice in the casual dining restaurant, and as she entered the Meat Market it was clear that she was not alone.

Amidst the strip club atmosphere, people in various states of undress walked and mingled without much care. Sarah had only a moment to feel self-conscious before she realized that the only looks she was getting were glances of approval at her stuffed belly. And it was certainly not the only one there; women and men of every species were in various states of enjoying a meal. Sarah even stopped for a moment to let a striding doe go past her with a male cougar on a leash trailing behind.

“Out of the lady’s way, meat!” the doe barked as she jerked at the leash, the cougar instantly catching up and kneeling behind her. The doe smiled and winked at Sarah. “Some of them are just impossible to train, aren’t they?”

Finding the moment awkward for a second, Sarah just chuckled and nodded, leaving the doe to drag him off. As she looked around, Sarah could see other men of various species on leashes, a few standing dutifully tied to posts with prices hanging around their necks.

For a moment, Sarah felt a tingle again, finding the idea somewhat intriguing, even in her full state. A hand on her exposed belly, she idly wondered what sort of enchantment might be on the place as she continued her search for Maggie.

“All right, ladies and gentlemen!” a voice exploded from loudspeakers to her left, “Another auction coming up now in the Studs for Supper Meat Market! I know some of you are hungry enough to eat a horse so put your hands together and start your bidding. Here comes… Bruce, the Spruce Stallion!”

Looking in the direction of the speakers, Sarah saw a large, strong horse in elegant top hat and tails enter from a curtain at the back of a long runway. The clamoring crowd surrounding the runway let up a cheer as he began to dance, slowly stripping down and showing off a perfectly cut body-builder muscles. With every strutting step down the runway, another piece of clothing was tossed off until he stood on display for all of them. People with small hand-held devices began punching buttons furiously, while the horse posed, simply waiting to see who would get to eat him that night.

For a moment Sarah admired the stallion’s body, but had no intention of getting into the feverish bidding, still feeling the swell of Carl inside. Finally in the back corner away from the crowd and the runway, she spotted a familiar ursine shape.

Maggie lounged naked in a semicircle bench, her own gut swollen and squirming slightly. Two gray and white paws were just slipping into her huge muzzle, guided in by her tongue. On either side of her, two gray wolves scratched lovingly at her ears and stroked her belly as it expanded with the freshly devoured meal inside. Sarah could hear them talking as she approached, Maggie simply sighing and licking her chops with a satisfied grin.

“Mmm, scrumptious,” Maggie muttered.

“Is very good Miss Maggie. He squirms nicely in here, food for you. Now please, eat me next. I am surely the tastiest of my brothers,” he said in a vaguely Slavic accent, “I should be your meal and Yuri can simply pamper you. He’s barely worth a snack.”

“Feh, my brother is always telling lies,” the other wolf replied, “Maybe you should eat him next to stop his wagging tongue. But only because I am better tasting. You should save best for last.”

“Hmm, I don’t know boys,” Maggie replied as the two continued to stroke and fondle her. “That other brother of yours sure hit the spot. Hard to top. But I guess I’ll have to gobble all of you up to be sure.”

The wolves each let out a loud rumble of appreciation, intensifying their massage of her belly and nuzzling gently against her. It took Maggie a moment to open her eyes and notice Sarah was there.

“Well hello there, Sarah,” Maggie said with an approving look at her swollen belly. “How was your dinner?”

Sarah found a spot on the bench to settle down on the other side of the wolf that had first been speaking, sighing as she sat. “Incredible. How have you been doing?”

“Oh lovely. My tender little fox was a tasty start. And while I was here I saw this delectable pack that was on special. Couldn’t pass them up. Glad you had fun.”

The wolf closest to her leaned just a bit away from Maggie and smiled to Sarah. “Hello, I am Ivan. That over there is Yuri. And Nikolai is digesting in your friend’s tummy.” His eyes traveled to the rounded, gurgling bulge in her midsection. “You have such a beautiful, smooth belly. If Miss Maggie does not mind, may I rub for you?”

Sarah looked up at Maggie and the bear simply nodded. “Yes, Ivan, treat her nicely.”

As the paws touched her gut and helped her digest, Sarah could suddenly understand why Maggie had looked so contented sitting there on the bench. While the wolf massaged her churning, bloated belly with expert enthusiasm, Sarah sighed and sank back into the bench. A few moments later, she tried to look up to thank Maggie for such a wonderful evening and the best anniversary present ever. But Maggie was already busy, Yuri’s head stuffed down her throat, greedily pulling him further in.

Sighing and chuckling, Sarah simply sat back, closed her eyes and enjoyed Ivan’s ministrations. There’d be plenty of time to repay Maggie on their next night out.


The End