Studs for Supper: First Order


the Wolf


The phone was heavy in Jeanette’s paw as she mustered up the courage to make the call. Every time her finger moved to the buttons, she would convince herself that she didn’t really want to place an order and begin pacing the living room of her apartment once again with the knowledge that she wanted more than anything right now to simply place an order.

The flyer had been sitting in her mailbox amidst a few other pieces of junk mail and two bills. The wolf hadn’t noticed it at first as she’d walked into her kitchen and set the mail on the counter with a tired exhale. It had been a very long day at the office. There had been numerous annoying projects, phone calls with clients that didn’t seem to understand the most basic principles of business, and all throughout the day Jeanette had felt a low level restlessness that she knew wasn’t likely to be taken care of after work. So her first priority had been getting out of her work clothes and at least into something more comfortable.

She’d kicked off the high-heeled shoes before she even reached the bedroom and swiftly changed into the first light grey t-shirt and pair of loose blue sweats she could find laying on the carpet. Glancing in the mirror just a moment, Jeanette had noticed that her dark brunette fur looked a little messy from the quick change and enjoyed the fact that she didn’t have to worry about it any more today. Almost instantly she had felt a little better as she stepped out of the bedroom barepawed and headed back to the kitchen. She’d stared blankly around the kitchen for several moments as she felt the after-work hunger gnawing at her stomach.

Damn it, I’m starving, but I really don’t want to cook anything, she’d thought as she started opening and closing cabinets, just to keep her hands busy. And I’m horny as hell right now, but I don’t want to go out again to some bar for only a chance at meeting some guy that’s probably not even worth it. Besides, would be kind of like teasing myself even if I could get picked up. Or pick a man up, or whatever.

Nights like this were horrible. That physical desire that seemed to hover as a tightness just between her loins and belly felt so strong, and her mind had not been much help either. All throughout the day, it had taken her on little fantasies of just about every man she saw, especially John at the office. She’d wished for a few moments that the cute husky was there right then, simply taking her to bed for a massage that would lead to something more, or almost a million other ideas that seemed float through her head in an endless loop. But he wasn’t there, and Jeanette knew that he wouldn’t be there for the rest of the night, nor would anyone else she could count on for a little relief. And exhausted as she was from work, even the thought of using one of the toys from under her bed seemed like too much effort.

Trying to take her mind off of her desire, Jeanette decided to focus on what she could take care of for the moment. She began sorting out the mail on the counter as she busied her mind with whether to order pizza or Chinese. Already the wolf could feel that whichever she chose, a glass or two of wine would have to go with it. She hadn’t even been paying attention to the junk mail but had merely been separating it out from the bills as she settled on calling up the Golden Palace for some beef with broccoli and sweet ‘n’ sour pork. Jeanette had almost tossed the card into the trash with the rest of the advertisements before it caught her eye.

She had stared at it for a moment in disbelief. Across the top, there was a picture of a yellow banner with red print that read “GRAND OPENING!” Underneath, it was a simple cream-colored background with various male silhouettes printed in faint blue and overlaid with black print:


Studs for Supper


Do you hunger for men? Fantasize about indulging your predatory instincts on male meat?


The first of New York’s hottest new restaurants for carnivorous fantasy meals is officially open for business.

Dine in any one of our three restaurant sections designed to cater to your mood, or have your meal delivered direct to your door.

Tons of species! Any body type! Prepared as you like!

Real males, no fake fantasies, 100% LEGAL!

Present this card or mention it when you order over the phone and get HALF OFF your first order.


Studs for Supper

Fulfill Your Fantasy.


Jeanette had read over the card several times, convincing herself that it was not a joke. It wasn’t possible that anyone had found out about her fantasies. She was too careful about when and where she looked at websites and which given email addresses she used. On the back was another printing of the logo and some fine print. It had been addressed to “Resident” and had all the postmarking of any other advertisement she’d seen before. The only explanation was that it had to be real.

So now she continued to pace her living room in indecision. The idea of calling some place and just having someone delivered so she could eat him just seemed too surreal and somehow cold. Yet at the same time, Jeanette’s hunger grew with each moment and she had fantasized for as long as she could remember about eating a man. Most specifically a human. Feeling that soft skin against her tongue as a whole wriggling guy slid into her stomach. A couple times in her college days she’d dated a human or even picked one up in a bar just so she could lick him all over and dream of what it might be like to eat him. Of course it would be impossible for her to swallow one whole even if she placed the order, but still, to be able to actually know she’d eaten one. Then again, she couldn’t just kill someone tonight, what kind of person would that make her? Though the card had said this was all legal somehow. Maybe all the meals were people that wanted to die. Or were going to die for some reason anyway and chose to go this way so their families would be well provided for or something like that. And after all, being a predator was perfectly natural. Her finger edged towards the buttons again, then moved away as she looked over at the card again. Finally she dialed the number as quickly as she could, before she could stop herself again. Whatever the reason, she could legally get a man delivered to her tonight, and with her restlessness that was good enough at this point.

A pleasant sounding female voice answered, “Hello and thank you for calling Studs for Supper. How can I help you tonight?”

“Um… hi,” Jeanette said, unsure how to move on. “I… uh… I got this card… in the mail.”

“Of course, so this is your first order? I’ll get your discount set up. Can you give me your name please?”

Jeanette was actually somewhat comforted by the slight bit of normalcy as she went through the process of giving her name, number and address to the woman.

“Okay, now we’ve got that taken care of, what can I get for you tonight?”

Er… well, I’m not exactly sure how to… well I have this idea…”

“Oh, you didn’t get any menu with the flyer. Alright, I’ll have one with the basic options sent with your order. For now I can help out with a few questions to set you up. What species?”

“Human,” Jeanette blurted almost immediately.

“That’s a popular one tonight. Now that is what you want to order right, not what you are?”

“No, I’m a wolf.”

“Ah, okay. So you want a human. Did you have a body type in mind?”

“Not… exactly…”

“Well I’ll run through a list of the basic sorts and you tell me what sounds about right. There’s Skinny ‘n’ Lean, Plump ‘n’ Juicy, Toned ‘n’ Tender, Fattened Up, All Muscles…”

Jeanette listened incredulously for a moment at the names, finally managing to speak up. “Um, Toned ‘n’ Tender sounds good.”

“Okay, I think we have one of those available. Does hair color or race matter to you?”

“No, not really.”

“And did you want that prepared any particular way?”

“No, I was actually hoping to… er… have one raw kind of.”

As if intuitively, the woman on the other end asked, “Ah, were you wanting to swallow him whole?”

Jeanette blinked. “Yes…”

“Okay, that’s fine, I’ll note that for your package tonight. Any other special requests, like toppings or a role you’d like your meal to play?”

“I… I’m not sure… I don’t think so…”

“Okay, that’s fine,” the woman said, as if understanding Jeanette’s nervousness. “So your total for tonight is going to be $17.39. And how will you be paying?”

As Jeanette gave her credit card number, she was shocked at how low the price was. It would normally cost just a little over thirty bucks to eat someone alive? It didn’t make sense.

“Okay, that went through just fine. You should expect Mike there in a few minutes. Enjoy your meal and thank you again!”

The line was cut off before Jeanette could ask any of the questions that were burning through her mind. Had she really just ordered a living, thinking person for dinner? How and why so cheap? What could she have been thinking? She’d just given her credit card number without a scrap of proof that this was on the level. She should call Visa and… and do what? Tell them it was a mistake? And would it actually be on her statement? She couldn’t think of-

Just then there was a knock at the door. Jeanette turned and stared at the front door of her apartment. The delivery guy couldn’t be here already. Besides, they would have to call up from the front door to be buzzed in, so they couldn’t just knock. Probably just one of the neighbors needing to borrow a cup of something. Composing herself, Jeanette opened the door to see a human standing about five-foot-ten in front of her. His skin had a vaguely tanned look that seemed more to be a natural tone than a suntan, and his face was clean-shaven and handsome. The man’s hair was a short-cut sandy brown and he looked to be in his early to mid twenties, standing there in black jeans and a light blue t-shirt.

“You must be Jeanette, right?” He said with a pleasant smile.


“Hi, I’m Mike and I believe I’ll be your dinner tonight.”

Just shut the door. Say it was a mistake and he should go and rethink this, that he has every reason to live or something. No matter how tasty he looks right now… How did he get here anyway? But damn he certainly does look toned… and tender… Jeanette realized she was staring at how Mike’s tight body fit into the shirt and jeans. “Oh… right. C-Come in.”

Still smiling, the man stepped in past her and walked into the living room of the apartment as Jeanette shut the door and followed him. His aroma seemed to waft to her nose and she could feel herself salivating. He looked and smelled so good. In the center of the room, Mike turned to her and casually asked, “So is there a particular place you want me? Anything in mind before you eat, or are you simply hungry?”

Jeanette was a bit taken aback at how this man approached the fact that he was about to be devoured. “I guess… in the kitchen? The dining area?”

Mike nodded and walked to the kitchen slowly, his tender rump showing perfectly through his jeans as Jeanette watched him head to the small table and chairs that sat just off to the side. She followed, still caught between really loving the look of her meal and being too nervous to think she’d actually enjoy this. The man turned and leaned back against the small table and looked to her again, his eyes shining oddly. He seemed so happy and carefree. It didn’t add up; none of it seemed real. Was Jeanette dreaming? As she worked it out in her head, she noticed him looking gently at her.

“I’m guessing I’m your first live meal, huh?”

For some reason, Jeanette felt a little embarrassed at that. She bristled and gave him the steeliest look she could manage. “Of course not! I’ve fed on plenty of live prey throughout the city! You’re lucky you’re still even standing there. I just thought I’d let you… I just… the only…” With a sigh as she saw him still just standing there and smiling, she walked past him and flopped into one of the chairs there. “You’re right. The liveliest thing I’ve eaten lately was a burrito. And I actually thought I could live out this fantasy of mine. Pathetic, huh?”

Mike pushed away from the table and walked around behind where she sat. His hands came to her shoulders and slowly began to rub and squeeze, kneading the tension out of them expertly. Jeanette moaned and felt her eyes flutter closed at the wonderful feeling. Her whole body seemed to relax in a way that it hadn’t in months. “Oh god, you’ve got about two years to stop doing that.”

He chuckled lightly. “Well I’ve had some training. In my last job I was a masseuse. And no, you’re not pathetic at all. You seem nice, you just need to relax and have some fun with this.”

Jeanette simply melted into the chair for a few moments as the hands worked at her muscles, the massage to her shoulders seeming to flow through her entire body. After a moment, eyes still closed, she asked, “So, what’s your story? Are you sick or something?”

“No, of course not, wouldn’t have come in if I were sick. Can’t be giving customers the flu, can we?”

She sat up again and craned her neck to look at the man behind her. “But I don’t understand, why are you so… so blasé about death?”

“Death? Oh, oh, wait a minute, we didn’t screw up your order did we? We thought you didn’t order any role-playing and I’m not much of an actor. I can try and act scared or resigned to die or something, but I don’t think it’ll be very convincing. I’m not theatrically trained; my specialty is pampering. If we screwed up, we’ll certainly…”

Jeanette turned further in the chair and looked at him. “But… if I’m supposed to eat you tonight… how… Am I supposed to throw you up afterwards? They didn’t say anything about that. And how am I even supposed to swallow you? I can’t possibly… but she said… I’m confused.”

Mike looked at her for a moment, and then a light finally dawned in his eyes. “Wait a sec. You didn’t read the back of the card, did you? Oh, no wonder you were so nervous.”

“‘Back of the card?’ The fine print you mean?”

“Yes, I mean the fine print. I mean the part that explains exactly why we can legally do this and why you don’t have to feel guilty at all about eating me,” he said with some amusement.

Jeanette lowered her head a little, more embarrassed than before. “I guess I missed that part.”

“Okay, I’ll give you the basics. Which reminds me…” He pulled a stapled booklet out of his pocket and set it on the table. “First off, that’s the menu. Has kind of a code system so you can call up and order a particular type of meal by number. Then just add in anything special that you want, and we’ll see what we can do.”

Jeanette nodded slowly, still feeling more than a little confused. “So what is the deal here?”

Smiling warmly, Mike began slowly massaging her shoulders again. “Just sit back, relax, and I’ll tell you. You know about magic-users right?”

Jeanette nodded as she began to sink against the chair again. Her company had even used them once or twice for a few odds and ends. Mostly to make office parties more interesting in some way; for the most part she knew that magic-users couldn’t do a whole lot beyond some entertaining tricks and occasional quick fix jobs. More powerful ones tended to just keep to themselves and didn’t believe in selling their services.

“Okay, well the proprietor of Studs for Supper, and the soon to be open Edible Ladies hopefully, is a rather powerful one. And one day when he was contemplating whatever it is someone like him contemplates, he stumbled on a way to rebuild just about any body and transfer the individual’s soul into it. All very technical, I certainly don’t know how it works. The most surprising thing was apparently how cheap some of the spell components were when bought in bulk. So, seeing a niche market that could be filled this way, and I’d wager having a few fantasies of his own, he began working on a system to map this out in a kind of mass production, figured out a few other spells that might be useful and finally opened his restaurant a few years later after going through the staffing and the legal issues.”

“So you’re saying…?”

“Yes, no one dies in this venture; it’s more like trading in a car. After you eat me, I’ll be kind of yanked back to the restaurant, which I can tell you is a bit of an odd feeling, and pulled directly into a new body that’s already being formed for me in the basement. A perfect copy of this one down to the last cell”

“But how? How does this guy do that? How did you get into my building so fast? And how am I supposed to eat you the way I want to?”

The man shrugged. “Magic. I get teleported where I need to be for a delivery. And as soon as I touched you today, you had whatever you needed to enjoy your meal. I don’t know how it works, and I’ve never even met the actual boss. I’m just working my way through a physical therapy program at the university. And this pays better than the spa did and beats waiting tables most of the time.” He grinned a bit. “That and to be honest, I really enjoy it.”

“Oh,” she said, feeling herself blush under her fur. “So it’s like that for some of you guys too.”

“Oh yes, ever since I was young. Seeing this job in the paper one day was kind of like a dream come true, though I was also a little skeptical at first. And it’s worked out well. I think I just like serving women in general. In addition to a little massaging, I can provide a lot of extra attention. And if you want to use me for… anything, feel free. Just say the word and I’ll do whatever you want.”

Jeanette’s face felt red hot at that. “How… is that legal?”

“Why shouldn’t it be? As soon as I was delivered to the door, I was food, plain and simple, even in the eyes of the law. And there’s absolutely no law against fooling around with food.”

Jeanette just sat there trying to take it all in. All that worrying and wondering had been for nothing. Now she really wished she’d read the back of that flyer first. “Wow… I had no idea. I feel like such an idiot.”

Rubbing from her neck to her arms now, Mike ran his fingers through her fur in ways that felt incredible. “You’re way too hard on yourself. I say don’t sweat the details. The only thing to focus on now is that you can enjoy your meal without any worries at all. It’s perfectly safe, you’ve got a guy here that’s more than willing to feed you, and you can do whatever you’ve always dreamed of with me. So why worry about the details?”

Feeling herself salivating and a light tingle rising from her loins as he talked, Jeanette smiled a little and her stomach rumbled again. Her hunger was coming back now, with a vengeance. “You do smell very good… Still just a little nervous though.”

“That’s understandable,” Mike said as he left the back of her chair and walked around to where she could see him. “Tell you what. I’ll go ahead and strip down for you here and you can watch. Kind of get yourself ready while I get myself ready.”

“O-Okay. Am I really going to be able to swallow you?”

“Well, give your jaws a try,” he said as he stepped back into the kitchen. “See how wide you can get them.”

As Mike began to slowly pull the t-shirt up and reveal the nicely toned upper body, Jeanette did as he suggested. She stretched her muzzle as wide as it would normally open and worked it to see if she could continue. To her amazement, her jaws actually continued to stretch wider with no discomfort. When she actually reached the point where she knew those broad shoulders would slip in easier, her upper jaw blocking her view, she closed them again. It was amazing. She looked at the human, watching as he dropped the shirt to the floor, and slowly turned with his back to her. Jeanette smiled as she watched the human work his jeans open in a little strip tease, her tail wagging through the opening at the back of the chair. A paw slowly rested on her belly as she licked the drool from her jaws.

“Will… will my stomach stretch like that too?”

Mike looked over his shoulder at her as he began to pull his jeans slowly down. “Big and round. You’ll be able to fit me in there easily. And I’ll fill you up just right.”

The wolf felt a little sigh escape her muzzle at that, thinking of just how big she’d be with the tender human tucked insider her. But as she thought of that, even as she watched the human expose a taut, sculpted rump in skintight boxer-briefs, another concern came to her.

“Oh no, I didn’t even think about this. I have to go to work tomorrow, and I can’t show up looking like that. The things people will say…”

“Didn’t I tell you not to worry so much? I’ll digest overnight. You probably won’t feel hungry at all tomorrow, but no one is going to be the wiser,” he said with a playful grin over his shoulder as he kicked off his jeans and slid his hands up to the band of his underwear.

At that something finally loosened completely in Jeanette. As she watched the delectable-looking man in her kitchen and knew that he was all for her, she suddenly felt elated, almost carefree at knowing what would actually happen. And so incredibly hungry. She watched as the underwear slowly slid down those perfectly shaped legs and as Mike bent over to take them off. His buttocks looked so wonderful sticking in the air like that, and she felt a hot tingle moving from her loins through her lower belly, joining with her hunger in an incredibly potent combination of desire. Jeanette pulled off her own shirt quickly, not wanting it to be ruined, and leaned forward to grab and squeeze at those tender cheeks.

Mike looked around his side at her as Jeanette slowly fondled his rump and pulled him back closer to where she sat. Moving back easily, the human smiled and slowly stood up in front of her as both cheeks were gripped and tested. “Tender enough for you?”

Mmmm, very,” Jeanette moaned as she gave him a pinch.

“Feels like someone got over her jitters.”

Jeanette responded by leaning slowly down and running her tongue along the surface of one smooth buttock. Paws maintaining a snug grip on his hips, her jaws widened once again and slowly slipped around the flesh as she felt a slight shiver run through him. Mike stopped speaking, and Jeanette’s sensitive ears picked up a sharp intake of breath as her teeth brushed his skin. The wolf nibbled and sucked at the tender meat, the aroma and flavor of him flooding her muzzle. She could feel a willingness and arousal flowing through him as her paws pulled him closer into her. Feeling even freer with him, one paw slowly slipped around his waist and gently rubbed against him to find the human semi-hard already.

With a shuddering gasp and tingle that ran through her own loins, Jeanette began to slowly tease the human’s member. Her paw ran along his length with even measured strokes and slipped to caress his hanging sac from time to time as she continued to taste and nibble at him. Slowly, she moved her jaws off of his rump and pulled him down into her lap, setting him on one leg. She could see now that his eyes were closed as Mike gasped at each motion of her paw and his excitement steadily grew. Jeanette thought for a few moments about pulling him to the bedroom and riding him until she had everything that she wanted from him. Yet she could feel herself drooling now and her stomach writhing in anticipation of the meal as her tongue worked to clean her jaws. As the wolf hungrily licked his ear and felt another delicious shiver run down her spine in time with his taste, she knew that she couldn’t make it to the bedroom tonight.

Her one paw still stroking his now full erection as he quivered in her lap, the wolf brought her other up to gently cradle the human’s head and push it towards her jaws as she slowly opened them wide again. She marveled once again at just how easily they stretched as she tipped the human’s sideways into her muzzle. Tongue matting his hair and still flicking at his ear, Jeanette moaned in pleasure as she felt the first mouthful of her meal slipping so easily into her. With gentle nibbles and holding him close to her, she began to work her way down towards his shoulders, feeling her throat already beginning to open and stretch for him.

Mike’s hands ran slowly through the fur of the wolf’s belly, rubbing and scratching lightly as she continued to fondle him. Jeanette moved her paw away from his groin for just a moment to take hold of the hand and gently guide it up to her breast. Taking the cue, the hand slowly squeezed and rubbed in an expert caress that teased her erect nipple perfectly. Back arching slightly in her arousal, Jeanette hungrily fed his head into her throat with an audible swallow. The sound, the feel, the taste, the thought that it was finally happening all spurred Jeanette’s pleasure further as she stretched her jaws even wider to pull his broad shoulders inside and licked all over the exquisitely toned flesh. To her surprise, even her tongue seemed to be able to move a bit farther than usual, allowing her to taste every inch and curve as his chest began to slide against her cheek.

Her paw returned to his groin and felt the grip on her breast tighten just a moment, sending another wave of pleasure that seemed to travel from her chest directly to her loins. She could feel herself moistening even as she felt Mike’s delightful squirming from her own attentions. Stroking and teasing him slowly, the wolf continued to swallow, lapping at every inch of meat that she could. Her tongue slowly teased his nipples as his chest began to slip towards her throat, and his head was pulled steadily into his gullet. The sensation as her body seemed to work elastically around him and the incredible feeling of power was more than even her wildest fantasies allowed her to dream. Jeanette swallowed hungrily now, her stomach growling and aching for him inside as her paws grasped his back and belly to lift him into her.

Writhing pleasantly inside her, the human was forced to give up his massaging of her breast as his arms were steadily pinned to his sides. Jeanette moaned a bit around him as there as suddenly nothing but open air against the teased nipple and hungrily worked to pull him in enough so that her own paws would soon be free. With gluttonous abandon she gobbled and gulped around the human’s torso, pulling him deeper and enjoying the wet, piggish noises she could hear coming from her own mouth. Her tongue rolled and worked over each individual muscle it seemed, helping to slide him further down in her body. Tugging and expanding around him, Jeanette had almost reached his waste in her ravenous exploration when a new sensation almost drove her over the edge of ecstasy. She actually felt as his head pushed through into her stomach and moaned slowly around him.

The human squirmed and kicked lightly as the wolf savored the moment, her tongue dancing across his abs. A small swallow took him a little deeper, her jaws just around Mike’s waist as his shoulders began to press at the entrance. As quivers ran through both of them, Jeanette could feel his erection twitching against the outside of her cheek, hard as it had ever been. With an inner smirk, her tongue slipped out and wrapped around the man’s penis, deftly pulling it inside. She knew this would only take a couple seconds by now, even as her own pleasure continued work towards the breaking point. Sucking hungrily at his whole body and working his arousal with her tongue, stroking and pressing it against the inside of her cheek, Jeanette was soon rewarded with a twitching, salty climax from her meal. She moaned in delight as she felt his muscles jerking and stiffening all throughout her gullet and watched his toes curl. The taste and feel of his cum in her mouth was the perfect addition that seemed to push her one step closer to what she already knew would be an incredible orgasm.

With another swallow, she tilted her muzzle up and lifted his legs into the air as his hips slipped into her throat. She could feel his shoulders widening the opening into her stomach now, her eyes closed in bliss. With one paw guiding his legs down into her muzzle as she slowly swallowed, the other moved to the breast that had been neglected earlier. Slowly massaging and teasing herself in ways she knew too well, she knew that it wouldn’t be long. Jeanette felt that she must be free-flowing already and wanted to time her pleasure just right. With measured, rolling gulps she pulled his legs in deeper, lapping those wonderfully meaty thighs into her muzzle and down her throat. Her eyes closed in bliss as she began to completely fulfill her fantasy.

As more of Mike slipped through into her stomach, the wolf could feel her belly beginning to expand and grow around him. She wished that she could see it growing now as his calves slowly passed through her muzzle, her tongue readily tracing the lines of tone there. The paw that had been guiding his legs down into her now moved to her belly and began rubbing in slow circles to enjoy the growing mass, causing a jolt to pass through her loins and she knew it was coming now as his feet twitched just above her muzzle. Jeanette opened her eyes to look at the last bit of Mike that would slip into her maw and pursed her muzzle as best she could to fulfill one more part of the particular fantasy.

With a purposely loud, wet sucking sound, she dragged his feet and toes into her muzzle, a few drops of drool spraying out in the process. Gulping once against audibly, Jeanette pulled the rest of the delicious human down into her stomach and felt him curling up inside. The paw at her expanding gut slipped down underneath into the sweats she still wore and slowly rubbed at her sex to guide the tide of the orgasms finally washing over her. As soon as her throat was clear, Jeanette tipped her head down to watch as her stomach grew the last few inches with her live human meal. The very sight her furred belly sitting in front of her, so perfectly round and full as it wriggled slightly, sent her climax to the next level.

Wave after wave of pleasure rocked the wolf’s entire body as she panted and saw herself through a blur of pure bliss. The paw at her sex slowly fingered inside and rubbed the swollen nub of her clit in the exact combination of motions she’d known for so long as the other moved seemingly of its own accord, unable to decide between fondling her breast or that full, heavy gut that seemed to push her down to the chair. The torrent seemed like it would never stop as tears rolled down Jeanette’s cheeks.

“Oh… God…”

After several moments, the wolf began to feel the first tapering of her erotic pleasure and soon felt the climaxes burn down to a pleasant afterglow with an occasional enjoyable shiver through her loins. She sighed as her vision cleared once again and looked down at herself. Lounging in the chair, Jeanette’s belly sat in front of her on her legs, twitching occasionally with Mike’s movements as he rubbed along the inside of her stomach walls. Sighing happily, she rubbed her stomach back and enjoyed the movement for a few more minutes before succumbing to one final desire that had always seemed to be the capper for her fantasies.

Without remorse or apology, Jeanette patted her gut and then let out a loud, very unladylike belch, expelling a great deal of the air from her stomach. She watched it contract a bit, but it still seemed to keep its rounded shape. The human’s wriggling increased for a moment then settled down again to a dull twitch inside. Utterly satisfied, Jeanette started to hoist herself up from the chair and found it easier than she thought. Whatever magic had been worked on her was done expertly. She felt full and heavy, but without feeling bloated in a bad way as she walked to the living room.

A paw on her gut, Jeanette settled onto the couch, grabbing the remote. She knew the rest of the evening would simply be relaxing with her meal in the pleasant afterglow that still surrounded her. She thought about the menu sitting on her dining room table and knew that she’d be a regular. She wondered if she could leave Mike a gratuity somehow and realized that his clothes hadn’t been sitting on the kitchen floor when she left it. Maybe whisked back to the restaurant for him? With a shrug, she figured she’d call tomorrow and find out about giving him a little extra somehow. He’d been so perfect.

Settling on a comedy news show, Jeanette let herself sink into the couch and completely relax with a satisfied smile. She hoped the restaurant would do a good business. Even at full price, it would be worth every penny.