The Stranger


the Wolf


Michael walked through the party, moving from room to room and slowly sizing up the guests for the evening. Don threw these parties almost every weekend, and it was really the best way to meet other guys and possibly find a stranger for a one-night stand when the particular urge was upon him.

The town still hovered on the borderline of becoming a city population wise, but continued to remain a standard Middle American small town. An actual gay bar simply couldn’t be supported as a viable business currently, and no one wanted to drive to the nearest bigger city a good distance away on a regular basis. So it had been difficult to really socialize or possibly meet someone within town until Don began throwing his parties on the outskirts.

Don Jacobson had come from an old money family with a fair amount of clout in the town due to some favorable business conditions far back in the family’s history. Currently the very successful head of the family business and living with his partner Eric in a large, spacious house just ten minutes drive outside of town, he was ideally placed to be a hub of activity for what little gay community existed inside the town. He had begun hosting mere get-togethers once in a while at his home with just himself, Eric, and a few close friends, which were not completely composed of gay individuals. Then as time went on, people began bringing friends that were hoping to meet someone and the parties steadily grew into a weekly event where people of all sorts gathered to be with one-another and the small get-togethers were moved to the middle of the week.

Once Don and Eric finally decided to formally host the weekly event, they made a few simple ground rules clear to everyone. Bring some contribution of food or drink, be respectful of those around you, if someone isn’t interested, back off, and if you intend to have sex, take it someplace private or your own home. And it was well known that Don had no problem with turning someone away or throwing them out of his house if they didn’t abide by this. In time, different rooms simply seemed to be designated for particular interests without any official statement from the hosts. Some came to meet potential partners, some came to simply chat and discuss issues of the day, some couples came to have a drink and dance together without feeling accusing eyes from every corner.

Michael came for sex, as did plenty of others that showed up at the party. For a while, he’d had to work at getting laid, just like anyone else, but after a few successful conquests, his name was circulated among a particular crowd in the exact way he had hoped it would be. He was attractive enough with a handsome face that was framed in soft, stylish black hair and usually had just the barest hint of stubble. He was in decent shape for a twenty-eight-year-old, though he didn’t work out as much as he should. But Michael’s main advantage was that he had allowed the rumors to spread, quite accurately, that he had been blessed with a thick, ten-inch long monster between his legs. Since this had gone around among the more promiscuous of the party guests, Michael hadn’t had any trouble any time he came around taking someone home that simply wanted one chance to play with his equipment. The sweetest though, was when he could find a stranger. Someone that was only in town for a few days and had heard about the parties from a friend of a friend or some other such, then possibly heard about him. It made him feel like a king or a god, to be able to simply walk among them and pick one to satisfy his pleasures when the mood struck him.

Now, in one of the many rooms devoted to dancing, Michael was watching bodies gyrate, admiring a few with nice tone and good rhythm, taking little notice of most and wondering why some of them even tried, judging all of them. He saw familiar faces and gave a small nod to the tight-bodied twenty-year-old he had taken home last Saturday. It had been a decent evening that night. The guy had practically worshipped his cock, kneeling in front of him and licking him all over before begging Michael to bend him over the bed and bury it in him. Michael could even feel a little stirring at the memory of how he had gladly obliged, but he wanted something more tonight. He was feeling that rush, that urge that required someone new. Someone fresh and unknown.

He moved around the room a bit more, nodding to a few more familiar faces, seeing a few winks and the occasional pleading eyes that gave him a rush. Some of the dancers tried to gravitate towards him, but he continued to snake his way through the crowd, leaving them behind. Michael reveled in how many of them practically begged to be with him and could feel that rush that he be able to truly indulge himself tonight, that he merely had to find the right one.

And then Michael saw him.

It was a newcomer to the party, one that Michael hadn’t seen in any of the previous weeks or in town. He guessed the guy’s age at about twenty-two, maybe a little older. Dressed in khakis and a light blue shirt, he stood about Michael’s height with short cropped black hair above a clean-shaven face that many people would define as cute but that would never be considered rugged or handsome. Unlike the others, this one wasn’t dancing or even making an attempt, but stood somewhat stoop-shouldered in the corner, watching the others as he nursed the drink in his hand. His clothes seemed loose enough to hide his body, but as Michael looked him over, the guy seemed to be actually fairly toned from the way the clothes draped. The thing that caught Michael’s attention most was the wistful look in his eyes. It seemed as though this wallflower was hoping to start interacting with the others in the room but just wasn’t sure enough of himself. Michael began to move closer to him, seeing true potential here.

“Hi there, stranger,” he said as he got close to the guy, “Don’t think I’ve seen you around here before.”

“Uh… hi,” Wallflower said. “Yeah, I’m just in town for the weekend.”

Michael nodded the way anyone nods when given such typical information. “Here with a friend or something?”

“No, nothing like that,” Wallflower answered with a shake of his head. “I’m just in town for my sister’s wedding tomorrow. My family doesn’t know that I… well that I’m… well you know. But I overheard someone talking about these parties in town and I kind of slipped away for the evening. Thought I might have some fun.” He said the last with a slightly disappointed air, as though he had been trying without success a few times, and took another sip of his drink.

For Michael it was almost too good. No friends at the party, no one knew the guy was here. All his desires could be met if he could just get this boy home. Now he just had to see how easy it would be to bait the hook. “I see. Well, I’m Michael,” he said, extending his hand.

Wallflower took the hand with a shy smile at Michael. “I… uh… I’m Jack…”

Jack’s mouth worked and smiled as if he wanted to say something but couldn’t find the right words. Clearly he had heard the rumors and was interested. It couldn’t be better. Michael would play it cool for now though, as Jack took a drink to occupy his mouth with something.

“Nice to meet you, Jack. So what are you drinking?”

“Black Russian,” said Jack quickly as he pulled the drink from his lips, clearly glad to have something to say. “Love these things.”

As he spoke, Michael couldn’t help but notice Jack’s eyes darting down, trying to steal a glance at the crotch of his jeans. Michael put on his best warm smile and leaned a little closer, dropping his voice to a whisper. “It’s okay. The rumors are true,” he said, working to sound as amiable as possible.

Jack turned bright red and looked away quickly, taking another drink so that he wouldn’t have to speak for at least a couple seconds.

“You know, you’re going to finish that if you keep guzzling it that way. I can offer to get you another one and we can walk around here for a while rambling about pointless things, or we can skip all this wasting time and go back to my place for what we both want. There’s no pressure. I just think it would be easier.” Michael smiled at the half shocked, half relieved look on the younger guy’s face as it turned back to him.

“I… I… uh… I just didn’t think you’d be… ah… interested. No one else was.”

Michael grinned and darted in, stealing a kiss on Jack’s lips. “What do they know? You’re cute. Just my type. So what do you say? Want to get out of here, have a little no strings fun? If you need some time to think about it, that’s okay…” Michael mentally crossed his fingers. He was hoping that a little reverse psychology would work on this boy’s clear desperation and get him into his car.  The urge was so strong now.

Jack seemed to think for a moment and then turned to Michael, smiling. “No. I mean… no, I don’t need to think about it. Let’s go.”

Yes! Michael thought as his smile widened. “Alright. I’m going to slip out the back here. Saw an old acquaintance in the front room that I really don’t want to run into again. Guy was a real jerk and he might go a little overboard if he sees me leaving with you. Meet me out front at my car in a few minutes? It’s the only red Honda here.”

Jack just nodded in nervous excitement as Michael began to slip away from him towards another door. It was too perfect. No one would see them leave together at this point, and if anyone had been watching in the dance room, they’d be likely to assume that Michael had decided not to keep going on this one and moved to another room. Michael would get all his kicks tonight.



The Honda pulled up to a small one-bedroom house barely inside of town. The two hadn’t talked much, but Michael could tell that Jack was a ball of nervous excitement. He had sat like a tensed spring just waiting to burst the whole ride, occasionally stealing glances at Michael’s lap. Michael had thought about offering the boy a chance to grope him during the drive but had decided to let him sit there and wait, pretending to pay no attention during the drive.

Michael pulled into his driveway and shut the motor off, already opening his door and stepping out of the car. He looked back in through the window to see what Jack would do to find him still sitting, nervous but seeming to be ready as he slowly opened his own door. Michael smiled and, as Jack stood up, beckoned him to come closer. As Jack walked quickly around the care, Michael took his keys out of his pocket and led the way to the front door.

“I live alone,” Michael said, breaking the intense silence. “So we don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone.”

Jack nodded and followed Michael through the door, trying to think of something to say. As soon as he was through the door, Michael closed it and grabbed Jack’s shirt, yanking him closer and wrapping his arms around the younger man. Mashing his lips against Jack’s, Michael let his hands roam over his back, stroking one down to his buttocks and slowly fondling a supple cheek. Jack seemed frozen for a moment, but slowly began to kiss in return, letting his lips slide along Michael’s as his own arms wrapped around the other man’s waist. Michael tongue slowly pressed against Jack’s lips, Jack letting it pass inside and slowly suckling at the muscle for a moment.

Tasty, Michael thought as he slowly broke the kiss and leaned back to look at Jack, their arms still tight around each other. Jack was smiling in a slightly dazed way and seemed a bit more relaxed now, and Michael now felt that wonderful, possessive surge of knowing this boy was his.

“Such nice, soft lips,” Michael said and gave Jack a slightly gentler kiss. “I want them wrapped around my cock.”

Jack blushed and nodded, struggling to speak. “That, um… that sounds…. It sounds delicious,” he finally said with a nervous little laugh and tried to start sliding down Michael’s body.

Michael stepped back away from him before Jack could get to his knees, grinning like a cat. “Bedroom’s this way,” he said as he kicked off his shoes and began to walk towards a hallway at the end of the midsized living room.

Jack timidly got up, slowly following Michael back. When the two arrived at the bedroom, the floor was covered with industrial plastic, only a simple bed and dresser adorning the room.

“I’m setting up for a couple projects in here so don’t mind that stuff,” Michael said and then turned his head back to look at Jack, a lewd, lusty grin on his face. “Tonight it’ll just make it easier to clean up.”

Jack let out another nervous smile, clearly not used to teasing or talking even remotely dirty, but seeming to enjoy it. He stood stiffly as Michael walked to the bed and sat casually on the far corner from the door. Looking Jack up and down with his most winning smile, Michael leaned back, supporting himself on his arms. “Strip for me.”

Jack shivered and looked at the broad smile as Michael reclined. His fingers came slowly to the center line of his shirt, beginning to unbutton it. Arms quivering, Jack revealed a completely hairless torso and a lightly toned physique. Michael let out a happy sigh as Jack finally pulled off the shirt and stood, beginning to undo his khakis. Whether it was from genetics or shaving, Michael loved smooth skin on a guy and as the khakis fell away, he could see that Jack’s legs matched his torso, all smooth skin as he stood there in only simple briefs. His right hand moved to rub his crotch, feeling a semi-hard bulge growing there at the vulnerable way that Jack stood there, seeming to wonder what to do next.

Mmm, you look nice. Now come over here. I wanna touch you.”

Jack obeyed with slow, embarrassed steps, but smiling as he moved closer. When he was within arm’s reach, Michael grabbed the band of Jack’s underwear and steadily dragged him the rest of the way. He leaned forward and kissed Jack’s smooth chest, locking his lips to the center of it and sucking at the flavor of his skin, listening to the younger man moan as Michael’s hand sneaked into the briefs and groped there. Pushing the briefs down onto Jack’s legs, Michael finally pulled his lips away.

“You have such nice skin. And not bad down here either,” Michael said with a gentle squeeze and a grin. “But I still want those lips more than anything. So get these clothes off of me and get on your knees.”

Michael had used a much more commanding tone now, and Jack’s body jolted slightly. Though almost immediately and obediently, he reached down and pulled Michael’s shirt out of his pants and began to take it off for him, Michael lifting his arms at the appropriate moment. Michael had a thin coat of hair on his chest and Jack seemed to instinctively run his fingers through it as his other hand went down to unbutton the jeans. Moaning at the contact he was making, Jack began to work to pull the jeans off, Michael moving his body to help little by little and the growing erection bursting out of the hole in his boxers. Jack stopped and stared for a moment at the sheer size of the shaft and gaped as he saw it still growing.

“You can have it when I’m undressed,” Michael said firmly with a little laugh before taking on an even more commanding tone. “So you best hurry up, boy. Get this stuff off me and show me what a good little cocksucker you’re going to be.”

Quivering in lust as his own cock jumped slightly at the words, Jack yanked the jeans the rest of the way off, plucking Michael’s socks off soon after. He moved back in, eagerly working at the boxers, his hand gingerly touching the huge member as he worked the underwear around it, finally stripping Michael naked.

Jack moved directly in front of Michael and dropped to his knees, staring at that huge erection. Looking up with wide eyes at the man sitting on the bed, Jack sputtered, trying to get his words out. “C-Can I now?”

Michael felt that intense, godlike pleasure again as the boy practically begged to suck him off. Smiling like a benevolent ruler, Michael nodded down at his new plaything.

Jack tentatively reached out his hands and took hold of the shaft, gently rubbing it in a way that felt wonderful, the hands feeling the skin and testing the weight of Michael’s balls. Acting eager and nervous at the same time, Jack leaned his head forward and slowly ran his tongue along the underside of the shaft, tasting the musk there and sending a shiver through both of the men as he kissed and licked around it, getting used to the feel. Michael watched him the whole while, enjoying the sight almost as much as the touch of Jack’s tongue.

Mmm, tastes so good…” Jack moaned in extreme satisfaction, his eyes drifting closed then open to look up at Michael.

Michael nodded down at him, simply knowing that it was true. “Yes, yes. Now put it in your mouth like a good cocksucker. And don’t you take it out until you swallow everything I give you.”

Jack nodded obediently once more and shifted himself to get at the head, opening wide and slowly wrapping his mouth around the organ. His eyes closed again as he filled his mouth with the hot member and slowly began sucking and stroking with his lips. In steady motions, Jack began to bob up and down, taking a little more of the ten inches each time, stretching his lips around the girth of the cock and making Michael moan in pleasure. His hands helped to stroke the length of the shaft that wasn’t in his mouth and worked expertly to get Michael off.

Michael’s own hands went to Jack’s head, stroking through his hair and lightly pressing down as he did so, breathing heavy already. Though he had seemed inexperienced before, this plaything was already deep-throating him like a pro, and Michael could tell that this was going to be even more than he had hoped for.

As Jack greedily sucked and swallowed his cock, wrapping his tongue around it and stroking it perfectly, Michael's right hand snuck away from his boy’s hair and moved quietly under the mattress of the bed for the knife. The urge was growing so strong.

It was a long, thin carving knife with a serrated blade on which Michael kept a fine edge, sharpening it after every kill. He had placed it just so under the mattress before going to the party, setting up the plastic like always shortly after. As the wet slurping sounds continued and his member throbbed in the grip of Jack’s warm mouth and throat, Michael could picture how it was going to be, making the pleasure all the sweeter.

Jack was good little cock slut, Michael knew that he would swallow every last drop of cum in that orgasm and then look up dutifully to see that his new master looked pleased. And Michael would indeed look pleased just before he slashed the knife across the boy’s throat. There would be that shocked, dazed look, the pain almost not registering as he began to bleed. Then the light would start to go out of the boy’s eyes and at that moment, Michael would cum a second time, just as he had on every other kill. He’d splatter it all over Jack’s dying face then have a little fun with his body for the rest of the night, making Jack truly belong to him. Then he’d wrap the body up in the plastic and dump it, maybe buried in the woods this time.

As he mapped it out in his head to the sound and sensation of Jack sliding up and down the length of his cock now, he could feel the younger man slowly taking the entire thing deep into his throat, an incredible task, and stroking it all with his lips, working to bring forth that orgasm. Michael could feel it almost coming now, his balls already tightening and his hand tightening around the knife along with them, readying for the killing stroke.

And that was when steely fingers snapped to his knife hand and bent his wrist back.

Crying out in mingled pleasure and pain, Michael looked down to see Jack's left arm stretched out, holding the knife and his hand with an impossible strength, the other man’s head still bobbing and sucking at the massive cock. Jack’s hand twisted a little, causing another jolt of pain to shoot up Michael’s arm, never losing his rhythm on his stroking and suckling.

The pain had slightly delayed Michael’s climax, but he had passed the point of no return and it was soon matched by pleasure as he shot a thick, powerful load into Jack’s working mouth. Moaning in seeming pleasure, Jack moved his lips up just under the head of Michael’s cock, sucking and licking as it filled his mouth with the salty essence, his throat working to swallow it in time. A bit of the cum dribbled out around Jack’s lips, but he did not seem to mind, solely focused on the head in his mouth and keeping his grip on Michael’s hand.

No… Michael thought, no, no, this is all wrong. You can’t do this to me. I’m in control! You’re mine!

As his climax finished, Jack swallowed a last gulp and slid off of the monstrous cock, indeed looking up at Michael from where he knelt. But this was not the doting, hopeful look, Michael had expected. Jack's green eyes were like ice now, staring into Michael’s own in cold accusation. There was nothing of the timid man that Michael had found leaning against the wall, only a commanding power that made him feel weak.

Then without a word and in a move too quick for Michael to follow, Jack twisted the knife out of his hand, flipped it, and made a quick stab with the point into Michael’s neck. Gasping in pain, Michael fell back on the bed, lying there and clutching at his neck and panicking, feeling for the blood that he knew would come, though there was none yet. Oh god! Oh god oh god oh god oh god, he killed me! He killed me! No, I don’t wanna die! No! Daddeeeeeee!

“I wouldn’t worry,” said Jack’s voice, but it was now as cold as his eyes had been, “That was just a little precision cut, to make sure you don’t try to scream or interrupt me. Besides, I think it’s appropriate, since you probably never gave any of the others a chance to speak.”

As Michael calmed some, he realized it was true. There was only a little bit of blood where the knife point had entered and it was already beginning to dry. But he couldn’t make a sound beyond a small gasp. He slowly looked down to see Jack standing at the foot of the bed, cum still coating his lips and twirling the knife in his fingers, almost examining it.

“You’ve been very naughty, Michael,” Jack said simply, and slowly licked the cum from his mouth and chin, seeming to savor the taste. “Don’t get me wrong, you’ve been pretty smart about how you do it. But did you really think none of them would ever be missed? Every couple of months, someone goes to the party and doesn’t make it back home. They may have been unknown, but they still had connections that wondered about them.”

Michael shivered on the bed, not daring to move as Jack talked casually about the guys he’d made his own. His mouth worked stupidly, but nothing came out and Jack’s eyes darkened.

“Don’t try to say anything, you can’t even speak. You know, Don started seeing what was happening months ago. Every once in a while, someone would call him and ask if he’d seen their friend, cousin, whatever since the last party. And no one seemed to know where they went. Don thought it was locals attacking random people. He went to the police, but they couldn’t really be bothered. With his money and name in this town, they didn’t laugh in his face, but we both know they did it behind his back.”

At this, Jack dropped the knife, leaned forward and placed his hands on Michael’s thighs, holding them down with too much strength. Michael turned his head away, not looking into those eyes any more. As he did, he could feel Jack lifting his legs up and beginning to work his way onto the bed.

“Don tried to keep watch, but the parties are so busy. And then he heard about me from a friend online and got in touch with me. I checked in around the town, tried to see what kind of feel I could get. Realized that a few hicks grumbled about the ‘damn fags’ but no one really cared enough to attack anyone as long as the parties stayed on the outskirts of town. Besides, I had a hunch from the beginning that it was someone at the parties. And clearly, it was you.”

Jack moved completely onto the bed now, pushing Michael’s legs up higher and exposing his ass. Jack paused and looked down approvingly as he folded Michael over, leaning his weight onto the thick legs. Already realizing Jack’s intention, Michael shivered as he felt a hardness pushing between his cheeks and putting pressure against his tight hole.

Mmm, good, you’ve never been used this way. Should serve you right. I hoped that mousey exterior would lure whoever it was to me. I had a feeling when I heard about you,” he grunted as he began to thrust his way into Michael, “Then when I saw you, I almost knew immediately. A predator knows a predator.”

 He pushed deeper into Michael’s tight cavity, stretching it slowly while Michael writhed beneath him. Jack was quite decently endowed himself, and Michael burned as he was invaded with nothing to soften the attack. He had tried to move away, but Jack was surprisingly strong as he had already shown and held him there, thrusting in and out steadily now and stroking himself within Michael’s hole, panting now as he spoke.

Ooooh, nice and tight! So now, after I finish fucking you, we take care of the problem quietly. Don doesn’t want a big media circus, even for Hicksville, USA. He just wants his guests safe. So I get a few hundred thousand, maybe an evening with Don and Eric in the mix. But the best part is what I get to do to you tonight.”

He leaned even further over Michael and gently licked his ear, moaning as his thrusts move faster and faster, Jack’s length sliding in and out of his now stretched hole, continuing to burn with each stroke, Jack beginning to lose some of his focus.

“You see, your cock was just an appetizer, and a tasty one at that. For the main course, I’m going to eat you tonight… Mmm, just going to swallow you whole…”

As Jack spoke, his fucking became even more vigorous, as though the idea were helping him and spurring him on. Still writhing in pain, Michael couldn’t begin to believe it was possible, but the fear was real. Even if Jack couldn’t swallow him, he knew he was going to die somehow tonight.

Mmmm, nibble on that hairy chest… suck down those thighs… get a big, full belly and then show it off and collect my fee.”

Jack cried out and Michael felt the thick cock spasm inside him, letting loose a thick load of hot semen deep inside his body. Tears ran down Michael’s face at the burning feeling as Jack moaned in ecstasy above him.

“Oh, yes! And one of the best parts? I get to keep a little something from anyone I swallow… I’m going to enjoy having your cock swinging between my legs… It is actually rather impressive…”

Jack stayed buried within Michael, shooting steadily into him until the last of his climax ebbed away. With a satisfied grunt he pulled himself out, Michael feeling that pain once more as he shivered on the bed from being used so roughly. As Jack moved aside on the large bed for a moment, Michael’s legs fell and he simply lay on the bed, gasping at the pain that still held him. He felt a hand on the side of his face hold him firm as Jack reclined right next to him from only a couple inches away.

“You know, you really should have gotten help Michael. I’m sure there was a time when you knew you were sick and could have asked for it. But now it’s too late. Time to pay the piper. Time for one last kiss.”

As Jack moved his lips to Michael’s and pressed against them, Michael wanted to say that it wasn’t to late, that he would get help, that he’d leave town, that he’d do anything to stay alive. But he could not speak. And even if he could, he somehow knew that Jack would not listen.

Jack’s lips kissed against Michael’s and slowly began to open wider than they should be able to. Michael could feel those wonderfully soft lips spreading and working their way up over his nose, and then could see the top lip sliding across his eyes as the bottom slipped through the stubble of his chin.

Impossible as it may have been, soon his whole face was encased in a tight, wet warmth of Jack’s mouth, and he could feel the grip sliding over his hair as Jack somehow took his entire head into his mouth, lips quickly stretching and moving around his neck.

Slowly lapping at Michael’s face, tasting him and eager for more, Jack wrapped his arms around Michael once again and began to take him in further. Swallowing his head as easily as he had swallowed the man’s cock, Jack worked his lips around the broad shoulders, moaning as his body began to fill with the delicious man lying on the bed.

Michael struggled some in a feeble attempt to get away before this could go any further, but only slipped in deeper, hearing Jack groan all around him in bliss as he felt the warm lips slide around his chest, pulling him in further as teeth scraped at his skin. It was unbelievable. Only a short time before he had been a god, ready to take another boy completely for his own, to accept another unwilling sacrifice. Now, as he felt the teeth slowly nibble their way down along his belly and his head and shoulders pulled deeper into the skintight elastic grip of a gullet, he had to start accepting that he was just someone’s food.

Jack stroked his hands along Michael’s side, guiding him further in with every swallow, his lips now squeezing tightly around the waist. His tongue slowly snaked out and toyed with Michael’s now flaccid member, reveling in the feel and taste of it as he gobbled further and further along Michael’s torso. He nibbled and sucked at the flesh in his mouth, the flavor of the killer sending waves of pleasure through his being.

With another swallow, Michael’s hips slipped into Jack’s stretched mouth and his head was forced through a tight ring of muscle into the heat of the stomach. Already it churned around him, eager to accept more of his flesh and begin processing it down for Jack’s body, whatever he really was. Michael was fairly certain that he was no mere man. No mere man could have done this to him he thought, even as his shoulders were forced to join his head in the dark confines.

For long moments, Jack nibbled at the tender rump, continuing to tongue play with the penis in his mouth before taking another swallow. Sitting up in the bed now, he tipped his head back, lifting Michael’s legs above him and letting them slowly slide down between his lips, letting his gullet finish the work of getting Michael into his belly. It was slowly swelling bigger and bigger as Michael slipped further in, Jack’s hands rubbing the steadily rounding bulge that he made.

With wet, sucking sounds, Michael was pulled down steadily, his legs vanishing into the mouth and then quickly down the gullet to join the rest of him in the tight, expanding gut. Soon only his feet could feel the cool outside air of the evening, kicking lightly as that was all he could manage.

Then Jack’s tongue curled over the toes and slurped the feet into his mouth, taking a last loud gulp of Michael. The feet slipped down his throat, feeling wonderful as those last two morsels moved through his chest and joined the feast in his stomach. Michael struggled somewhat inside as he emptied completely into Jack’s belly and was forced to curl up, but they were once again feeble attempts at best as his skin began to tingle. His will had been truly broken.

Jack slipped down and lay back on the bed, feeling his belly wriggle slightly as he stroked it. He moaned in pleasure at feeling so full and having another living meal inside him. Despite being a murdering psychopath, the guy had been quite tasty and he could already feel his body beginning to process to give him Michael’s cock. Would be nice to swing that about as his own.

Tomorrow he would load up Michael’s Honda with whatever he wanted to take of the possessions in the home, then drive over to Don’s and tell him that his problem had been solved, showing him the bulge that was left as Michael. He’d collect his fee, see if Don and Eric wanted to have one more go around as they did two nights ago, and then drive the Honda out of town to wait for his next job, making it look like Michael had just taken an impromptu trip.

For now though, his belly gurgled in a pleasantly full way that made him drowsy as it sat above him like a mountain. He let out a wet, satisfied belch and drifted off to sleep on the bed, hoping the next job would work out as well as this one had.