Son of a Succubus


the Wolf


My motherís lips glided up and down the shaft of my cock. I was laid out on her bed, gripping the thick comforter under me and gasping, my eyes closed while she licked and sucked and hit all those amazing pleasure points. I looked down my body to see her dark, curly hair bouncing while her head bobbed up and down. She moaned and swirled her tongue around the head of my dick, making it sound like the best thing she ever tasted, before sliding all the way back down and pulling that head into her throat. It was at that moment that I couldnít take it anymore and came, right into my momís throat. She worked her lips up and sucked harder, licking and making me shoot even more, every throb and spurt an explosion of ecstasy throughout my entire body. All the while, I knew she was drinking it down like it was life itself. Which to her, I suppose it was in a sense.

This is the sort of thing that happens when your mom is a succubus.

When I finally came down and could feel my feet again, she was still crouched over me, her hips pinning my legs to the bed while she slowly swallowed the last of my load. Her face looked like someone enjoying a particularly good caramel, or maybe one of those little candy bars that just gives you a single bite of your favorite treat. I was still panting and had a moment to be glad I had gotten a B in Drama last quarter before she crawled over the top of my body. Her mocha-colored skin was rubbing against my slightly paler shade all the way, her perfectly sized C-cup breasts brushing my body. If I hadnít just spent everything I had, Iíd be getting hard again at that point.

She kissed me then. Not like your mother kisses youóprobably anyway, I guess I shouldnít assume anything about your momóbut a deep, wet, passionate kiss with her tongue pushing past my lips to brush against mine. I could never help but kiss back since all this started with her and that time was like any other, I pressed my lips to hers and played tonsil hockey with my mother. Donít knock it Ďtil youíve tried it, especially with a mom like mine that just oozes sex. Literally.

Mom broke the kiss and leaned up, looking down at me with her dark eyes that look grey when she puts effort into looking more human. ďMmm, yummy,Ē she said with a lick of her lips that made me shudder in a couple ways by remembering a couple things. ďHope you enjoyed that, Colin. Remember, dinner is going to be in an hour, so make sure you get some homework done once you get up. Have to keep those grades up.Ē

With that, my mom worked her way off me and pulled on a soft terrycloth robe, heading out of the room and leaving me to recover the rest of the way. It wasnít going to take too long at that point, given she hadnít really drained me. This was more of a reward.

See, my mother is a demon that feeds on sexual energy Ö among a few other things. Iím not exactly sure where sheís from, but I donít think itís ďHellĒ the way most people think of it. One time she talked about it, and I donít remember much, but I think her race has more to do with a South American tribe that barely exists anymore than anything European. In any case, sheís been alive and breeding for centuries with various men, feeding off of them and treating her kids as can be expected.

Apparently, succubi donít give birth to incubi, and mom mostly has male children. This is why there arenít sex demons running all over the world; only a child of the same gender goes all demon at puberty. So any sons Mom had were all normal, flesh-and-blood humans. And once we reach a certain age, her general nature makes us think Ö well, what guys tend to think about a woman like her. My birds-and-bees talk included a great many practical demonstrations.

It doesnít even seem strange to you after a while, when life is like this. Itís just what the household is. You know that certain things are going to happen with your own mother. And once you hit a certain age, you learn that your mother doesnít intend on letting anyone out into the world with her blood that isnít at least going to be competent. So you learn about Momís reward and consequence system for grades for her sons after the appropriate age.

A stands for Anything. And she does mean ďAnythingĒ. Each one earns you a couple hours in her room alone with her to experiment or enjoy whatever act or fantasy you have in mind. With Momís ages of experience, those can be pretty amazing. One of my older brothers, Ray, is a cutting-edge nuclear physicist thanks in no small part to this. Sadly, Iíve only had that opportunity once and I couldnít think of much beyond making out and asking if she would tie me up and ride me. It was amazing, but I just never had the focus in classes to work hard enough to make that sort of thing happen again.

B is for Blowjob. One of these on a big paper or report card and anytime in the next quarter, you can tell her you want to cash it in and Mom will toss you on the bed and go down on you. Iíve enjoyed plenty of these and it is one hell of an incentive between her experience and appetites. Itís really amazing.

C means Cunnilingus. Just like the grade, this is kind of a middle of the road situation. Eating my mother out certainly isnít bad by any stretch, but it means either you or she can decide when to cash it in. Best to get it out of way when youíre in the mood, otherwise she might pick the worst time and youíd better get down there and get her motor running. I should know, Iíve had to do that several times.

D is just Donít Bother. I think Mom was stretching for the letter on that one, but the effect is what matters. A D on anything negates all your other rewards for a couple weeks, a whole quarter if itís on a quarterly report card. The punishment is more the denial of all that sexual pleasure youíve been used to getting. Iíve only had a couple short dry times because of this, and man itís worse than it sounds. Because itís not just not getting any, itís watching her strut around the house, usually naked, while your multitude of brothers are all free to reap the fruits of their grades and help scratch Momís itches and feed her needs.

Speaking of feed, then thereís getting an F. F literally means Feed Me, which is much more dangerous than it sounds.

You see, there are three ways Mom feeds. One is by raw sexual energy. The way I understand it, just having sex or being around sex is kind of like casual snacking, or at most, a fast food combo. Itíll sate the hunger, but itís not the best or most satisfying for you.

Another is that she eats the life energy of men when their defenses are down. Itís a bit rough, but not the worst thing for a guy. Itís kind of like Ö she might suck a year off the end of your life, then the next day you feel like you have a nasty flu while you recover. For her, thatís like the equivalent of a home-cooked, balanced meal.

Then thereís the third, the most dangerous thing for all of us. A succubus like Mom also actually eats men. As in swallows them whole and digests everything. Itís not something she does all the time, but often enough that Iíve seen it once or twice and seen the bulge in her belly afterwards even more often. And as far as I know, for her thatís kind of like dinner at a top notch steakhouse or Thanksgiving or any other amazing feast. Itís really beyond that, because she definitely gets off on having a stomach full of a whole, live man. I also know that sheíd love a decent excuse to eat me or any one of her sons that canít make her proud enough out there in the world. Itís a pitfall that goes with the perks of a succubus; I think she even enjoys the way her sons taste just a little more than other guys.

I actually watched it happen to my brother Troy. During his senior year, he started getting lazy and cocky. It had been a while, and he hadnít seen anything happen to anyone else really for a long time, so he developed an attitude and a habit of slacking off classes. I was mostly busy with my own stuff while it was going on, so I donít know everything that led up to it, but he managed to get two Fís in a single quarter. Mom knew about it before he even got home, the way she does with any of usóIím pretty sure she keeps track and calls our schools the day grades are givenóand there was a big fuss. She gathered everyone available into the living room and stood there naked and watching the door. And we all waited, anticipating what was about to happen.

After a while of all sorts of tension building, the door opened and Troy strutted in like cock of the walk, all the arrogance Iíd come to know from him in a few years of mild bullying. For just a second or two as the door closed, he stopped, his tanned jock frame still while he took in the sight of all of us waiting for him and the usual look of my motherís perfect, naked body. Then she was on him before he could move.


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