Shrink Note Part II: SwallowNote


the Wolf

Commissioned by Conn


Chris reclined on his bed, watching the little show on his nightstand and sighing happily. He was naked on the sheets, and three of his little shrunken girls were already in his belly, moving and kicking around. Sakura was always particularly feisty and he'd gulped her down first today, followed by a slender brunette named Heather, then Gloria, a slightly voluptuous treat with short black hair. The other five made a pretty good show of cheering him on in their doll cheerleader outfits, trying desperately not to wind up as the next snack. They still had no idea they'd each already been gulped down at least a few times in the last couple days.

Tifa lead the cheers and drill movements as the tiny women danced on his nightstand, trying to look excited through her anxiety. The other girls jumped and moved synchronously, occasionally missing a little move here and there. As usual, only the blond Juliet and the red-headed Nami seemed to have any enjoyment mixed in with their movements.

"Who's the biggest guy on campus?" Tifa shouted with all her spirit.

"Chris! Chris!" the others chorused back.

"Who's the sexiest guy we know?"

"Chris! Chris!"

Seeing them all there just for him, feeling the movement in his belly, and hearing them call his name all made his hard-on grow. His left hand gently stroked his shaft and his right rubbed his belly slowly. He looked over the line of shrunken girls, licking his lips. They all looked so tasty like that, but he knew what he wanted right now.

First, he reached over and plucked Juliet out of the line, making all the other girls scream and shiver as he easily pulled the little outfit off of her. Carefully, he set her down at his groin, his stiff member looming up next to her. He left her there, having a good feeling that she wouldn't try anything, and noticing how she just stared at his cock while he reached for what he wanted next.

Tifa always looked so yummy when leading the other girls, her breasts bouncing gently in front of her. As he reached for her once again, she screamed, still thinking this was the first time.

"No! No please, not me!"

Licking his lips while she struggled in his hands, Chris peeled the cheap clothing off of her form. He was already beginning to lose count of just how many times he'd eaten her in one way or another in the last couple days, she was just that good. He held her in his hand, thumb gently playing with her breasts as he drooled. It made his erection twitch, and to his surprise he felt something brushing against it and looked down.

Juliet was reaching out to touch it, her small hands rubbing up and down some of the length as she looked at it in awe. Chris grinned and reached his other hand down.

"Oh, it's okay, little morsel, you can get closer if you want," he said as he gripped her against the top of his member, stroking her along it and feeling her shiver as he grew even harder. "And as for you over there, I don't hear any cheering…" he said with a sing-song note of threat in his voice.

Shivering and stuttering, the other girls tried to regain formation. All the while, Chris toyed with Tifa in his hand and made exaggerated moaning noises as he stroked Juliet against his stiff cock. He brought the captain of the squad slowly up to his face while the girls finally started to do what they'd been instructed to in such moments.

"Ch-Chris, Chris, he's our man! If he can't eat her, no one can! Chris! Chris! He's our man, if he can't eat her, no one can!"

The chant was a little off due to how nervous it made them, but it still made him smile and moan in earnest. They continued as he opened his lips wide and began to lower Tifa down into them, like an emperor eating grapes. Her little feet kicked as he slurped at them and dragged her in, all the while furiously pumping Juliet against his member, feeling the pleasure rising as he tasted Tifa.

"No, no, not me, not me! Please!"

Her tiny frame slipped easily into his mouth, sealed inside by his jaws closing. His tongue began rolling her around while his sucked the long black hair into his lips to join her. Her taste filled his mouth, and her breasts rubbed first against his palate, then along his tongue. The feel of her squirming in his mouth, the sound of the other girls cheering him, the sensations as Juliet willfully wrapped herself around his member in his hand; Chris was in Heaven.

Tipping his head back, he swallowed, once again working Tifa into his throat to send her down to his belly. As she started the journey to his stomach, filling his neck, Chris felt his climax roaring up through his shaft in a moment of utter rapture. The girls were still cheering as they were told they must; Tifa slid into his stomach to join the rest of the wriggling kicking; and he shot a thick load onto his gut that trickled down after a few spurts and coated Juliet in rich, sticky spunk.

Panting and shaking, Chris grinned as he rode the waves of his orgasm until coming down. The girls were now shouting, screaming, and cheering. He licked his lips again, still tasting Tifa's slightly sweet flavor on them while he heard a tiny little sigh from Juliet. Had she actually enjoyed all that as much as he had? Though it gave him some other ideas, for the moment he set her on the sheets and wiped his own hand on the pair of underwear he'd been wearing before.

He looked over at the three remaining girls on the nightstand and smiled. "Mmmm, yum. You all did a wonderful job, just like I asked. But I'm afraid… I'm still hungry!"

Kristen and Samantha screamed and tried to run but stuttered and stumbled as they reached the edge of the nightstand, paralyzed by the drop. Chris scooped them each up and tore the doll clothing off of them as they wriggled in his grip. In the last couple days, he'd discovered a new favorite and opened wide now as he brought them both up to his lips. Working hard he stuffed both of the girls into his mouth at the same time, shoving them in carefully with his fingers until his cheeks bulged and his lips closed around them. It almost hurt to have his mouth stretched so full with their wiggling, but the mingling flavor of two girls tasted so delightful as he rolled them around his mouth, coating them with saliva.

Closing his eyes, Chris savored their taste and struggling for several moments until he finally pushed one slightly to the side to gulp down the other. He couldn't tell which was which as the large lump was pushed down his throat, stretching it to the limit then slipping down into his stomach with the others. Wasting no time, he positioned and swallowed the other squirming girl in his mouth, tipping his head back to make an easier trip until she slid all the way down to his belly. Chris sighed and felt almost full as he looked yet again to the nightstand.

Nami still stood in the center of the nightstand, looking up at him transfixed. Slowly, Chris reached out and picked her up, feeling a familiar, single little shiver go through her. She was becoming more and more curious to him with each time he played with her. Both her and Juliet.

He lifted Nami to his face and slowly licked his lips, smacking them afterwards and feeling her shiver again even as she couldn't look away.

"Mmm," he teased, "they were all so tasty, and I think you'd make a delicious dessert."

He watched her reaction, caught somewhere between fear and excitement. He looked down to where Juliet was still lying on the sheet, already sticky from his cum and looking up at him with her hands between her legs while she sighed out loud. He didn't feel like eating her while she was still coated, so looking between them, he decided to take a chance.

Picking Juliet up, he set them both down on the nightstand, the two of them looking up at him with confused expressions. Chris reached for the drawer in the nightstand and pulled out his precious leather-bound book and the pen he kept with it.

"If I show you two little tidbits a secret… do you swear to keep it to yourselves?"



Resting in her room for a few hours, Dawn tried to stave off the sense of fatigue. Trying to keep tabs on Chris during the holiday was proving not so much difficult as boring. She'd at least gotten a feel for his patterns in the last few days, which were largely staying in his room and only venturing out at normal mealtimes. So right now, she could pretty well count on the fact that he would at least be in the room for another half-hour to an hour before venturing out for lunch. So she took her time to think.

The only thing she'd really gained, other than the fact that he was entertaining himself somehow with several different women in his room that she was almost sure were somehow tiny, was that Chris never went anywhere without clutching a small, leather book. The few times she'd seen him out, he'd had it on him, often took it out to jot something inside, and always checked to make sure he had it before returning to his room. She couldn't shake the feeling that she really wanted to see just what was inside. Though so far, the only plan she had come up with was to try and ambush him while he was out and get hold of the book somehow to thumb through it. And that really wasn't much of a plan at all.

It also didn't help much that she hadn't slept well the last few nights. Anticipation of the next day and what she might find out invariably led to dreams where she dangled above a pair of giant lips looking into a wet, hungry chasm that waited to claim her. While the dreams might have been nightmares at one point, from at least one of them she'd woken up to a grinding sense of need throughout her being that set her hands rubbing her breast and stroking her sex to a pleasant, tingling climax.

Dawn looked at her clock from where she lay on the bed. Only a minute or two since the last time she checked. She set an alarm for a half-hour just in case she dozed off, but it was doubtful she'd get any real sleep. She just had to keep watching him, waiting for the moment when Chris might tip his hand and she could find out just how he could shrink someone and possibly erase their memory. Then there was also the question: What would she do once she found out?



That night most of the girls were sleeping on a bed of t-shirts he'd made at the bottom of his closet. They would be sleeping for the next several hours and well-rested in the morning based on what he'd written in the book. Chris was once again relaxing on his bed, staring at Nami.

The pretty little redhead was naked, straddling his tongue and riding it while he flicked and bounced her in front of his nose. He could barely taste her feminine juices as Nami sighed and stroked herself, clearly enjoying the jostling he was giving her. All the while, Juliet toured his torso, moving from his chest and down his belly to his erection once again, only to crawl back up his grumbling tummy and tease his nipple with her own naked breasts.

All three were enraptured in the moment, and Chris had to admit that while tormenting his little captive cheerleaders was fun, the willing ministrations of these two little treats were something special. He'd learned after showing them what the book could do that Nami loved looking into his mouth and waiting to be swallowed. Now she was enjoying it without fear when he occasionally teased her and opened his lips, letting her get a good look into the dripping cavern before closing them again and bouncing her on his tongue outside.

Juliet continued her exploration of his body, having confessed that she just loved how much larger he was than her, how she delighted in everything about his huge presence, especially getting to rub herself against a hard dick that was taller than she was. And every touch of her naked little body along his skin made him that much harder all the time.

The blond had travelled back down to his groin and begun rubbing herself against his erection again when Chris opened his mouth wide and tipped Nami forward onto his tongue. She gasped, this time in pure bliss as he slowly slurped her into his jaws to fill his mouth. With a loud sigh, he rolled Nami around in his cheeks, tasting her once more while she squirmed and Juliet pressed herself against his throbbing hard-on.

There was no need to touch himself at all with Nami writhing in his mouth and Juliet pressed against his member. Chris swallowed and sent the redhead down his throat while he climaxed and shot a thick load onto his belly and Juliet. He could hear her little moans of joy as she was covered in his seed yet again. When he plucked her away from the mess and began wiping her off with a cloth, he smiled at her, licking his lips and patting his belly.

"Mmm, Nami's yummy in the tummy. Still, I think I have room left for you."

Juliet was giggling and wriggling this time the whole way as he got her cleaned off and brought her to his mouth. Starting at her feet, he sucked her all the way in through his lips, feeling her breasts and hair pass before he easily swallowed her down with a loud, wet gulp.

Sighing, he rubbed his stomach as she slipped inside, enjoying the feeling of the two of them moving about. He gave them a few minutes, imagining with a grin that maybe they were fooling around inside him. After waiting as long as he always figured was remotely safe, and swallowing a little air in the process, Chris picked up the book and wrote them sleeping in the closet with the other girls.

For the next while, he simply read to wind down, feeling quite satisfied with the day. He mused a bit later as he began to drift off that it was kind of nice to not have to change their memories any more. Beyond making the notation easier, it was fun to know they'd want to be treats for him again.



Morning came, and after dressing lightly, Chris already had ideas as he opened his closet to the awakening shrunken beauties. He'd found some dolls' clothes that would serve as skin-tight bodysuits for the girls in various different colors. He tossed them in and smiled to the various looks of nervousness.

"Hello my little lovelies," he said, giving a quick look to Nami and Juliet smiling at him. "We've had some fun the last couple days and you've done well to avoid the fate of the first two. But this morning, I think I'm going to have some of you for breakfast."

He let the moment sink in for most of them, watching as they already cowered but began to dress in the suits. "Still, to give you a chance, we're going to play a little game of hide-and-seek. I'm going to set the clock on my phone for fifteen minutes, then give you all just a minute or two to hide in the room. Anyone that's left after the buzzer sounds is safe for another day. You can even try to run away or anything to escape if I find you. But if I catch you… it's down the hatch!"

Chris set the clock and covered his eyes to begin the game. His mouth watered already as he heard them scurrying around the room, trying to find places to hide. He thought he even heard a few squabbles as a couple of them tried to go for the same decent spot.

"Ready or not, here I come!" he shouted playfully and looked around the room.

Nami was standing on the floor in front of him, not even putting on her suit. She called out, "Please, just take me. Eat me and spare the others!"

Chris stifled a laugh at the little glint he could see in her eye when he leaned down close to her. Would be fun if that was the way she wanted to play. Without a word, he scooped her up and popped her loudly into his mouth. He pushed Nami around inside, acting as if he was chewing her up, groaning as he did.

"Mmm, delicious," he muffled around his mouthful before swallowing her down, wondering how many of the other girls were watching. "Though I think I still want to eat up all your little friends too!"

Chris looked around the room and thought he noticed a shadow of movement behind the leg of his bed. He leaned down, grinning as his hand reached for whoever had hidden there. "Fee fi fo fum, I think I smell a cheerleader, yum!"

Kristen tried to run out from under the bed, but he snatched her up before she could get more than two steps from her pathetic hiding place. Peeling the suit off of her like a banana, Chris pushed her head first into his jaws, continuing to pull her out of the legs of the one-piece until she was completely in his mouth, kicking and screaming. He tipped his head back and swallowed, sending her to join Nami before letting the doll outfit flutter to the ground.

"Mmm, that was easy. I hope some of you make it a challenge, I'd like to work up an appetite! Let's see if anyone else is under there…"

Kneeling down to all fours, he saw a huddled form at the very back corner of the bed. Gloria was being smart in her dark blue outfit, trying to find a dark place he might not be able to reach. Still, he crawled under the bed slowly, fingers grasping for her.

At first the dark-haired beauty tried to shrink back from him into the corner, but when it was obvious his fingers would reach her, she rolled out of the corner and up into a sprint down the wall. She was moving fast, the suit clinging to her curves as Chris pushed himself back out from underneath. Gloria ran out from under the end of the bed and looked around, searching for another place to hide or that he might be too tight for his hand.

As she seemed to make for somewhere under his desk at the other corner of the room, Chris managed to get his foot in front of her. Gloria actually tried to jump and cartwheel over it, but he reached down and snagged her before she could complete the maneuver. With her struggling in his grip, he pulled the suit off her and dangled her by her foot above his mouth.

"Not bad, a good idea and some nice moves. But I'm afraid you lost this game!"

Opening wide, he lowered her slowly down between his teeth, gulping as soon as she was completely inside his mouth and feeling her wiggling and sliding down into his stomach. Chris sighed and licked his lips, feeling three of them squirming in his gut. He took caution to swallow a little air for his breakfast before a hunch told him to check the closet again.

He tugged and worked his hands through the pile of t-shirts before finding both Samantha and Tifa ducking down in the mass. He looked at both of them, admiring the way the body suits accentuated their figures, especially the way Tifa's white suit tugged at her breasts.

Neither of them tried to run with his body blocking the exit, but simply shuddered as he uncovered them. Samantha looked up at him in her red suit. "Please, please don't eat—"

Craning his head down, Chris didn't let her finish. He wrapped his lips around her and pulled her in from where she knelt, suit and all. The girl didn't taste as good this way, but he loved the way it felt to just gobble her down before she could even beg. He groaned as his tongue ran over his lips again, drooling and looking at Tifa.

"So tasty! More!"

He picked her up and began peeling the suit slowly off of her, wanting to enjoy every little bit of her. Chris brought her up to his face and inhaled her scent briefly.

"Nooo," Tifa moaned, "Don't eat me. I'll do whatever you want, just please let me go!"

Considering her a moment, Chris flicked out his tongue and ran the tip across her large breasts, letting them bounce at her chest. He sighed and smiled at her. "But you're so tasty! And I still have room for you."

"You… You can taste me all you want! You can keep me here and taste me every day, just please don't swallow me."

He made a show of considering it, lapping against her breasts, then her entire body. Chris slipped away from her for a just a moment, as if pondering her suggestion. "Nah, I want you all the way in my belly!"

Before she could protest further, he stuffed her into his mouth, sucking at her top half while her legs wiggled just outside of his pursed lips. His opened his mouth again, and with a little chomping noise flipped her the rest of the way into his maw, swallowing hard. As his throat worked her down and deposited her in his stomach, Chris was beginning to feel almost sated. Yet he still had three more little morsels to make this a full breakfast.

With a little belch, then another gulp of fresh air, he moved to check under his desk. At different corners, Heather and Juliet had both hidden there. In the yellow suit, Heather tried to run, even attempting to do some form of flip away from him, but the space was too compact. He caught her while she jumped in the air, and as soon as his hand closed around her middle, Heather seemed to just give up.

She was slack and shocked as he pulled the clothing off of her, and barely moved when he gently placed her on his tongue. It was almost disappointing when she didn't struggle on the way down, but still she was one more tasty girl in his stomach along with the others that were wriggling. He swallowed more air as he looked at Juliet.

The blond looked relaxed in her purple form-fitting suit, and he gave her a little wink, knowing that Sakura was still hiding somewhere, probably listening to everything. He put a finger to his lips, then spoke up.

"Mmm, and now it's your turn blondy!" Chris made an exaggerated munching sound and gulped down another mouthful of air as he crawled out from under the desk, leaving Juliet to play with later.

"Ah, yummy! Looks like there's just one more around here somewhere. Wonder where that little pink-haired morsel is hiding…"

Out of the corner of his eye, Chris noticed the curtain rustling. The window sill seemed too high up for one of the girls to get up to, but as he looked at the leg of the desk and the vent under the window it seemed possible that Sakura could have made it. He pulled the curtain back, and there she was, holding quiet and still until she was discovered.

The tiny girl practically growled at him, but seemed to know that she had no chance of fighting or escaping.

"You bastard!" she shouted. "My family will destroy you for this!"

Chris scooped her up in his palm and grinned at her, admiring how the pink suit matched her spiked hair and clung to her skin. "They'll never know you were here."

As she tried to shout something else, Chris tossed her up into the air. She twirled for just a moment above him as he turned his face up, then began to tumble down just as Chris opened his lips. She fell right into his wet mouth and he gulped her down, feeling her kick and struggle madly all the way into his stomach.

Patting his belly, he could feel all of them moving and jostling about inside. He took another swallow of air to make sure they could survive just a little bit longer before moving under the desk to retrieve Juliet and put her on top of the work space.

"Mmm, think I'm going to enjoy my breakfast just a little bit and make my notes outside this time. After that, maybe you and I can play a little."

Juliet smiled from where she stood on the desk. "Then maybe I can be dessert!"

Chris just grinned as he gathered up the notebook and pen and went to relax on a bench outside the dorm and write the girls where they needed to be. He barely got a step out the door before something slammed into him, pushing him back into the room and grabbing the book.



She purely improvised when she saw the door opening. Dawn had every intention of merely continuing to keep an eye on Chris after listening at the door for a little bit when she heard him planning to head outside. She'd started to try and quickly get out of sight, but the single moment of inspiration and being tired of waiting made her rush towards the door instead. And when she glimpsed the book in his hand as the door opened, everything fell into place.

Completely caught off-guard, Chris tumbled back and she yanked the book from his fingers. She had just a second to take in the surprised look in his eyes and the tiny girl standing on the desk screaming in shock. The door closed behind her and she stared at Chris, glancing from him to the girl and back again.

"I knew it! It was impossible, but I knew you were doing this somehow! How did you do it? Does it have something to do with this?"

Opening the notebook and beginning to take a look at some of the notes inside, Dawn tried to make sense of it. It read like a fantasy day-planner, but as she saw names and times, everything seemed to fit into place. It was still impossible, but the proof was standing on the desk. Chris looked up at her, his eyes wide and terrified.

"Please… just give me that, I need to write in it!"

"Oh no," Dawn replied. "You're not getting this back until I get some answers!"

A noise came from Chris's gut, and Dawn could actually see something moving there under his shirt. "If you don't, they could die! Please!"

"It's true!" the girl on the desk shouted, "He hasn't hurt anyone, but he has to use the book soon."

Looking back and forth between the two of them, Dawn had no desire to trust Chris with the notebook. Still, they seemed sincerely worried. She rushed over to the desk and sat down with the book, grabbing a pen.

"Okay, what do I do?"

"Start with Nami, she's been inside the longest and she's the easiest. Just follow the notation and write that she's standing on the desk next to Juliet."

"Inside? Wha—? Oh… my God…"

Dawn bent down and wrote quickly in the book, following his instructions and only asking for the spelling of the name, writing for the next minute on the clock. As soon as it passed, a small, red-headed girl appeared standing beside the blond. Startled back for a moment, Dawn stared at the girl.

"Whew!" Nami said, fanning herself. "It was getting stuffy in there, Chris, I was getting a little worried. Not that I… Oh, did you tell someone else your little secret?" She smiled up at Dawn. "You also want to spend a little time in his tummy?"

Fighting back a blush, Dawn bent back to the notebook and looked at Chris, "You mentioned others; can I do the same with them?"

"Um," Chris looked nervous, "I don't think it would go so well that way. Only these two know how it works. The others usually wake up with different memories." He paused a moment, looking sheepish now. "K-Kind of like you did."

A surge of anger was beginning to rise in Dawn, warring with the mildly pleasant aspects of some of her dreams. Still, she had to focus on the task at hand.

"Well it's stopping, right now. Tell me what to do, what to write."

As Chris gave her the names and helped her with the notation, Dawn scribbled furiously in the notebook. He gave her the details he'd planned to work into their memories so that they'd never know what happened, making sure they'd be perfectly safe in their rooms. She couldn't believe he'd be so careless with them, but at least he genuinely seemed to care that nothing happened to the girls he'd abducted. Clearly Chris had never intended to hurt anyone. Dawn couldn't allow herself to forget, though, how he'd kidnapped them each right before the holiday and kept most of them as prisoner for the last few days. Or what he must have done to her before this.

When the last of the notations was in the book, and the minute passed on the clock for the time listed, Dawn heard Chris breathe a little sigh.

"There's no one in there anymore," he said. "They should all be safe. Thank you."

Dawn turned her head and glared back at him, making him shrink back from her. The pen was still poised above the notebook. She could really make him shrink if she wanted to, maybe put him through a little of what he did to everyone else.

Then she heard a little noise and looked over at Nami and Juliet, still in their tiny forms standing on the desk. Clearly they didn't want to see him hurt and were looking anxiously between the two of them. Dawn sighed.

"We're totally going to talk about what you've done soon. For now, I'm getting out of here before I do something drastic. I'm taking the book and these two with me. Maybe they can explain a few things. Unless the two of you would like me to change you back to normal now?"

Nami and Juliet looked at each other. Finally, Juliet spoke up.

"No, we'll go with you, let you hear our side of things. Maybe it'll help."

Dawn took up the book and the two tiny girls, looking for some way to hide it all for the trip home. Eventually, she looked at the trash can and plucked out the same paper sack Chris had used to smuggle the girls into the room. She thought for a moment, then looked at Chris.

"Give me your room key." It wasn't a polite request.

"Oh, no way, I have to get in and out of—"

Grumbling a little, Dawn actually tapped the leather book quickly on Chris's forehead. "I have a really good imagination. Don't make me get creative with this thing."

She could see him shiver with a certain satisfaction as Chris reached into his pocket and took the key off his key ring, handing it to her. Taking it, she gently placed the girls and the book inside the bag, pocketed the key, and walked out of the room.

"I'll be in touch…" she said with an ominous air, letting the door slam behind her.



Chris hadn't been able to think clearly or distract himself since Dawn left with Juliet, Nami, and the book the previous day. He didn't dare go outside of his room for not knowing what might occur and the lack of his key, yet remaining inside filled him with equal trepidation. He waited constantly for the moment when something would happen, expecting any second to feel himself slowly getting smaller until he was swimming in his clothes. Or possibly some other change that he couldn't risk happening when he was out in the open. So he spent the night and the morning jumping at every little sound or feeling around him.

It was about noon when the hunger pangs began. He hadn't stored any food in his room and hadn't eaten all morning. He'd been a bit hungry before, but as the clock struck twelve, he felt his stomach roiling and twisting, begging for something to fill it. Chris began searching his room for any kind of crackers, crisps, or any snacks that he might have forgotten in some drawer or on some shelf, but he could find nothing and knew that a cheap snack just wouldn't do the trick in any case.

For an hour, he sat tormented in his room by the gnawing need, the hunger that wouldn't go away, trying anything to take his mind off the feeling in his middle. At about one o'clock, he heard the knob of his door turning with a key in the lock.

The door opened and Dawn entered, kicking it closed behind her. She smirked at him where he sat in his desk chair, clutching his gut.

"Hello, Chris," she said, holding the notebook, "How are you feeling?"

"What did you do to me?"

Dawn chuckled a little as she took a step into the room, "Oh, nothing much yet. Having trouble deciding. Wait, have you been trapped in this room, all this time? Well, you must be starving by now."

Casually, the girl began removing her clothes, taking a few more steps into the room. With each garment she shed from her thin frame, Chris felt another desire growing to match his craving for food. Dawn really was beautiful when it came down to it, and there had always been some attraction to her; it was why he chose her for the first experiment. As she removed her bra and panties, he couldn't help but notice that her toenails and fingernails were painted a light shade of green that went will with her body.

Naked now, Dawn laid herself out on his bed, teasing Chris while he practically panted with the need in his gut. She just looked so delicious as she rolled onto her belly, propping herself up on her arms and letting her feet kick up from her knees. He thought he might be drooling, and his tongue licked over his lips while his stomach cried out for something to fill it. Preferably something squirming around.

"Aww," she said, clutching the notebook again and thumbing through it. "You look so hungry. If only you had something here for lunch."

Chris couldn't stand it any longer. Even if he couldn't get her down, he at least had to taste her. Dawn didn't make a move when he rushed to those cute little feet with their green nail polish and grabbed her ankles. Tongue running over her toes, Chris found himself nibbling the tasty little digits and almost whimpering at the fact that he couldn't just pop her in his mouth and gulp her down for just a little while. Was this her revenge? This horrible taunt of coming in, baring all, even letting him taste, while knowing he couldn't actually have her?

She looked over her shoulder and smirked at him as he sucked at her wiggling toes and moaned. "C'mon. You're a big, strong man. I'm sure you can do better than that. What's the matter? I don't look good enough to eat?"

It was maddening the way she wiggled her naked rump as she said it. She already knew he loved her taste, and this was almost too much. He was growing hard at running his tongue over her toes, but feeling so frustrated. Almost on some strange instinct, Chris ravenously pushed her small feet further against his lips, his tongue licking over the top of them.

Then he felt his jaws stretching. Easily.

His eyes widened and before he knew it, Chris had sucked Dawn's feet all the way into his mouth, nibbling at them. She sighed as he licked all over the wiggling extremities, and he moaned as he felt them lightly kicking against his tongue and palate. The exquisite flavor of the coed filled his senses, and Chris experimentally swallowed around her feet, tugging at her calves with his hands.

It was so easy, so smooth, as if he'd done it a thousand times before. His throat opened up and pulled the feet down, stretching effortlessly around them. He could feel them in his neck, but there was no pain, not even a sense that he was at his limit. All he felt was a pleasant fullness there and a desire to feel it throughout more of his body. And still with Dawn's ankles in his mouth and his lips wrapped around her shapely calves, her flavor flowed over his tongue.

Dawn sighed as he stood at the foot of the bed and swallowed again. Her body arched and wiggled when Chris pulled her further in, feeling her feet slip down below his throat and her legs glide between his lips. It was just so surprisingly easy as he nibbled his way along that supple skin, his neck opening and stretching along with his lips and his jaws to take her in while he could actually feel her feet moving back and forth at the top of his chest. They steadily slipped lower when he took another little swallow around her.

There was hardly a moment for him to think about how he could breathe or keep taking her in with such little effort, his stomach still grumbling and twisting. Even so, he was hard as a rock when he took another swallow and ran his tongue over the smooth skin of her thighs, making her squirm and groan on the bed. He just needed her in his stomach so badly now, needed to feel her filling it out, not even wondering if she would fit or not, just knowing that she had to.

Chris swallowed again, finding himself kneeling at the foot of the bed to continue gulping her down as she slid along the sheets. The wiggling feet finally pushed with ease into his stomach, calming it for the first time since he'd felt the hunger pangs, as if the promise that it would soon be full was enough for the moment.

His nose was pushed into the crack of her rump while his tongue lapped where her thighs met her pelvis. Dawn's legs were squeezed tight together, and he could not reach deep, but Chris thought he got the vaguest taste of arousal as she squirmed halfway into him. He gave a few experimental licks at the groomed mons and felt her squirm with a little moan. The sound and the feel only made him drool over her.

Bringing his hands up to her hips, he opened wide as if taking a big bite of a burger and gulped her down further, pushing her in with his hands. His teeth grazed Dawn's rump, nibbling while it slid into his mouth, his tongue slathering saliva all over her flat belly and teasing her navel. He could feel his stomach filling and expanding now in a pleasant stretch that made him moan around her. It all just made him want more, to feel her entirely in his stomach so badly.

Hands reaching up to her shoulders and pushing, he swallowed hungrily and pulled her thin midriff down through his lips. His mouth watered constantly all around her while his tongue licked its way up to her pert breasts with each gulp. Chris slipped his fingers down to them for a moment, teasing them and making her coo and whimper as he squeezed them slowly into his expanding mouth.  Licking at her nipples, his tongue made her squirm yet again while Chris's hard-on twitched, bumping against his expanding gut.

He kept swallowing around her, feeling his stomach grow with every little gulp and loving every moment of it as he ate Dawn whole. Soon enough his lips were sliding up around her head, taking it in easily as her arms and hair hung out of his mouth. Tongue slurping up her hair and getting it off of his chin, he pulled the arms a little deeper and a little deeper, watching the notebook slip out of her fingers and onto the side of the bed. With wet smacks of his lips, he kept eating, barely noticing the prized possession as he sucked in her arms.

Soon only those thin fingers with their green-painted nails wiggled outside his lips, the rest of her sucked completely down his throat. He slurped them in quickly and gulped, making his already stretched belly grow and round out as Dawn was deposited inside, the skin rubbing cruelly against his throbbing erection.

Chris sighed and licked his lips slowly, his hands straying to rub his wiggling gut while one slipped down and pressed against his cock. He'd actually done it. Dawn was in his stomach again and he was wonderfully bloated; it felt more amazing than he could have ever imagined.

With a bit of effort, he lifted his belly and stood for just enough time to move and slip onto the bed, almost flopping himself down and making the huge bulge wobble above him. Still tasting Dawn on his lips, Chris stroked his tormented erection and it took only half a moment of feeling her wiggling about inside and touching himself before he lost all thought to a powerful climax spraying the underside of his belly.

When he came back from the brink, Chis just lay there, rubbing his still-squirming tummy, feeling her moving and pushing about inside. "God, that was a hell of a lunch," he muttered.

He realized in that moment that he really should get ahold of the book and write Dawn out of his stomach. Whatever had happened, even if she'd somehow wanted it to happen, he'd never live with himself if she were digested.

"Mmm, you're telling me," her voice echoed quite clearly in his ears. "Oh, you might want to take a look at your little book."

Chris blinked in surprise. Not once had he ever heard any of the other girls saying anything from his stomach. How in the hell…?

He reached for the notebook, thankfully still on the side of the bed, and thumbed to the first available page to find a long, detailed list of entries.


12:00 PM Chris won't digest anything for the next 10 hours.

Chris's jaws, lips, throat, esophagus, stomach, and all other necessary body portions can stretch painlessly enough to swallow a whole person.

Chris can hear anyone in his stomach.

Chris's stomach will allow anyone to see while they are inside…


The list went on and on with various little details about changes to him and his stomach, how it would feel, making it habitable and survivable, until:


Chris becomes ravenously hungry and nothing will taste good except a woman.


"You know," Dawn's voice came again, "I can't believe you never actually thought of that. All the times you altered the other girls, all that worrying about when you had to get them out, and you never thought to just use the book on yourself."

The feeling of contentment radiating from Chris's full belly was mingled with confusion now. "I… I don't understand. Why did you do all this?"

Dawn wriggled in his midsection and seemed to be thinking for a moment. "Well, I was pretty angry with you, and for a while I was trying to think of some suitable revenge that wouldn't permanently harm you. But, I did spend a while yesterday talking with Juliet and Nami. We talked about how this actually felt, they explained completely how the book worked, showed me to a few interest websites. And then we did some… experimenting."

The words filled Chris's mind with plenty of pleasant images, and he could almost feel himself trying to get hard again. "So are they back in their rooms now, or in your room?"

"Actually, they're relaxing in my stomach at the moment. You'll see a few other entries in the book if you check the next few pages." There was a grin in her voice. "That's the other reason I changed my mind. I kind of understand this whole thing a little more."

Chris patted his belly lightly. "I'm… pretty glad you did."

"Heh, of course you are. Still, I had to make you wait and wonder for a little bit, maybe put you through some of the fear and uncertainty you inflicted on others. But I know you're not a bad guy. So here's the deal that we decided on after the three of us talked for a while about what you did. Because we're actually starting to enjoy this whole thing, all three of us are willing to be part of your buffet and play your games. There are a few catches, though. One is no more abducting girls and wiping their memories. That's just wrong, and you know it. Another, you don't surprise us with this. You let any one of us—or all of us—know when you want to do something and what you have in mind, and we'll let you know if we're in the mood and have the time."

Chris lay on the bed, listening to her voice and massaging his round, squirming belly. He understood everything she was saying, but seemed to also float in the relaxing pleasure of feeling so full of her. He sighed a little.

"Not even the occasional extra girl? Like Tifa?"

He felt a little kick from inside. It wasn't painful, more like a light nudge. "I think you're getting a pretty good deal here," Dawn said, "Especially after what you've pulled for the last few weeks."

He let out a sigh, knowing she was right. Chris had to admit to himself that there was a little bit of guilt from keeping them against their will, even if he knew they would never be truly harmed. Not to mention the fact that his meals had felt even more amazing with Juliet and Nami when he'd revealed his secret to them, making them willing participants.

"Yeah, it sounds pretty good." He rubbed his gut a bit more, stroking her through the skin in places where he could feel her, grinning. "And you were delicious."

His stomach wiggled pleasantly as she moved inside, and he could feel her contentment. She chuckled lightly. "Strange as it is, hearing that feels good. You know the only reason I'm doing this is that I always kind of liked you. Thought you were cute. Just wish you'd actually, you know, talked to me, maybe showed me what the book could do. We could have figured this out together a lot earlier."

Chris chuckled, making his belly jiggle all around her with its light, delightful churning. "Well, at least we have time now." He laid back with his hands behind his head and smacked his lips. "And I'm sure we can come up with plenty of ideas between the four of us."


The End