Shrink Note (Part I)


the Wolf

Commissioned by Conn


Chris stared down at the tiny female figure standing on the desk in his dorm room, nervous anticipation surging through him. Ever since he’d found the book and discovered its powers in his first experiments, he’d dreamed of a moment like this. But now, seeing her there naked and trembling, he had a moment of worry that it might not work as it always had before.

The girl was a slim-framed brunette freshman named Dawn that shared his Calculus I class. As a sophomore at the university, Chris had been more than willing to answer a few questions she had during their first classes together. They never really hung out, but chatted before and after class on occasion. She was a nice girl and her petite body often featured in a few of Chris’s more interesting fantasies in his room at night. Something about the perky face and breasts just made her seem so… edible. And when he’d discovered all the things the book could do, she seemed to be a perfect final test.

As he stood naked in his room and looked at her cowering there on his desk, most escape attempts completely run out of her, he had a moment of concern. What if the book didn’t work for the second part like it did with all the harmless experiments? What if she was really gone once he was done? He didn’t want to hurt anyone, just wanted to have fun with her and enjoy all those feelings. Having already shrunk her down to six inches tall though, it was a little too late to second guess now.

Dawn let out a little yelp as Chris scooped her up with a single hand, his fingers gently feeling over the soft skin of her tiny body and brushing over her breasts. Actually holding a tiny girl in his palm, he could feel arousal starting to stir, especially as he thought about what was coming next. His other hand slipped down automatically to his groin as he lifted her up to his lips and opened his mouth wide.

Wriggling and fighting in his grip, Dawn screamed out loud, but it came out as barely a tinny squeak to full-sized ears. Before he could second-guess anything, Chris popped her shrunken body into his mouth, past his lips and minding his teeth so the only barely brushed her. As he slowly sealed his lips shut, he could feel her thrashing around in there, his cheeks bulging with every little shift, punch, and kick. His tongue slowly began to roll her around, and Chris moaned at the taste of the delicious girl in his mouth. For several long moments he moved her about and sucked gently at her skin, feeling rock hard as the flavor and feel of her squirming inside exceeded any fantasy he’d ever had.

Breathing hard through his nose, he began to feel that the little female morsel in his mouth was ready for the next phase as she slipped around more easily on his tongue. A moment ago he might have been tempted to just pull her out and stop, but with the exquisite taste and the feel of her wiggling in there, he had to feel her all the way down. Lining her up on his tongue as he felt some of her energy diminishing, Chris tipped his head back and felt the little feet slip into his throat. There was a fresh round of thrashing about inside, but it was useless now as he swallowed hard around her. For a moment as she slipped in, Dawn was a difficult lump to get down, the feeling bigger than he’d anticipated in his neck. With a few more gulps though, he felt her slipping down past his neck and into his chest.

It was amazing feeling her writhe all the way through his gullet. He’d have to see if the notebook could do anything to make it a little easier to get something down, but at the moment, the sensation as she struggled the entire length made him pant. Chris licked his lips, hoping to get another taste of her as he stood and stroked himself, feeling her inch her way to his stomach. Then suddenly, he felt her slip completely inside.

The rubbing, squirming feeling inside his belly as Dawn reached his stomach sent Chris over the edge of pleasure. And orgasm rocked through his entire body from his balls out through his cock, every nerve tingling in that familiar pleasure made new again by the sensation and the knowledge. He’d actually swallowed a delicious girl whole, and she was squirming in his stomach right now. His other hand rubbed his belly lightly, feeling her move in there as the incredible climax finished.

For only a moment, Chris basked in the afterglow and the feel of her inside, but he knew he should probably hurry. Wiping himself clean on a cloth in the closet, he pulled the small, leather bound notebook from its hiding place and quickly opened it to the active page. He looked at the note from earlier that evening.


10:45 PM Dawn shrinks to 6” tall maintaining her proportions. Her clothes do not shrink.


Chris pulled out a pen and checked the clock. He’d spent a bit of time catching her, getting her to the desk, and deciding whether or not to go through with it. It was almost midnight. He had to work fast.


11:59 PM Dawn is asleep safe in her dorm room bed at her normal size and proportions. No recollection of being shrunk or eaten. Remembers going back to her dorm room.


He set down the pen with seconds to spare. As the clock turned to 11:59 exactly, his stomach suddenly felt empty, and Chris was ravenous. He hoped that meant that it had worked and really hoped the memory alteration worked. It was the first time he’d tried to do anything like that with the book.

As he was thinking about what might happen if it didn’t work and how he needed to hit the snack machine downstairs in the dormitory, the clock flipped to midnight exactly. He watched as all the words written in the notebook faded away to reveal clean white pages. A little whistle escaped him. The way the book seemed to work, if everything was successful, he’d have to have girls for lunch, not a late dinner.



A weight lifted from Chris’s chest when he saw Dawn walking into the calculus class the next morning as though nothing had happened. The instructor hadn’t arrived yet and Dawn took the usual seat next to Chris, yawning as she set her bag down. There was no indication that she remembered anything, so he decided to test the waters a bit.

“Hey, Dawn,” he said, “How goes it?”

“Hi, Chris. Fine. Didn’t sleep great last night, so I may want to check your notes later, see if I miss anything.

So far so good. Still he wondered… “Heh. Party a little too hard?” he asked, trying to sound casual.

“Oh nothing like that, it’s only Wednesday! I just…” Looking at him, Dawn suddenly seemed the slightest bit embarrassed. “Some weird dreams. Nothing that interesting. Really.”

As the instructor entered, the students settled. Finals were just a couple weeks away and most of the classroom was focused on soaking up the current week’s information before beginning next week’s review sessions. As talk of theory and equations filled the room, Chris found his mind wandering unbidden to what came after finals. Despite attempting to focus and take decent notes, the knowledge that the notebook seemed to work flawlessly opened all sorts of possibilities.

He never knew where the leather bound notebook had come from. Chris had simply found it one day during his freshman year in some bushes along a campus path and picked it up. At the time, it was empty and had no name or other information, so he’d simply kept it as another resource for taking notes. When after the first day, anything he’d written in the notebook had vanished, he began trying to figure out what it was. Over time, he discovered that writing in a particular notation could change physical properties of almost anything around him with the right description and a time. The time seemed to be important, because at midnight every night, the notebook cleared itself. And he’d learned that before that time, he could just make a new note to alter something again, return it to its former state, even bring back something destroyed, but at that exact moment, any changes became permanent. Chris had no idea why the notebook worked that way, but he knew how it worked and after last night, that it worked perfectly on people too.

Now his mind was brimming with ideas for the upcoming week off. While other students were heading home or going off for road trips, he had already planned to stay in the dorm, maybe catch up on some reading. After confirming what the notebook could do, Chris had no plans to be there alone. He didn’t yet know who he’d have, but he had to stock himself up with enough real food and at least a few tasty shrunken girls to enjoy. He would feel guilty about the idea, but after seeing that Dawn was just fine, with only a few dream-like impressions of the night, he couldn’t see the harm. He just had to select carefully so as not to ruin anyone’s vacation or arouse any suspicions.

Chris pulled his mind back to the instructor’s scribbles on the board at the front of the class. He still needed to pass the final, and there would be plenty of time to find the appropriate morsels when he wasn’t trying to focus and take notes. As an added bonus, in the next two weeks, he knew he might be able have Dawn again as a snack or another random treat or two as time permitted.



It was at a football game the next weekend that Chris was finally struck with inspiration. He wasn’t much of a sports fan most times, but watching the drill team was always enjoyable if a group of people were going to the game. No one knew that every time he watched them, he dreamed of having them all to himself. Just an entire squad of tiny cheerleaders that he could gulp down one by one as they did their routines. Or to have them to play with and admire as they did routines for him.

Then as he was sitting in the stands with the other cheering fans, the thought struck him. Well now, you could really have that during break if you want to.

He grinned and could practically feel his mouth watering at the idea. There were bound to be a few cheerleaders out there that weren’t expected home for the break. At least a couple of them were study abroad students and probably couldn’t easily make it back. There had to be a way to find out who was staying or not expected in some other way. As he looked at the team, he tried to pick out who he most wanted to try and get, and how to find out which of them would be available.

There was the captain, Tifa, who looked utterly scrumptious with her long brown hair and those perfectly round breasts. That was a first priority, to see if he could get her. Chris had dreamed of her in so many ways before even finding the notebook. Imagining the smell of her, the taste of her, the feel of her body whetted all his appetites. He had seen her around campus from time to time and even thought about asking her to lunch, but could simply never get the right words to form before she was gone again. He thought he knew someone that had a class with her, so maybe there was a way to find out if he could at least make her part of the group for the upcoming break.

Pulling his eyes away from Tifa, he noticed the cute blonde with thick pig-tails to her right. Her slimmer, cute frame displayed well in the choreographed movements with the others, but there was something about her that caught his eyes. There seemed to be a natural confidence in every move she made and the way she showed off for the crowd along with the others that made him want to see her tiny frame doing the same in his room before he enjoyed the feel of her slipping down his throat. He was pretty sure her name was Julie or Juliet, something similar. He’d have to find out more information and quickly if he wanted to enjoy her over the break.

Chris’s eyes roamed over a few more girls in the team, but nothing seeming too impressive as he looked down the lines until he saw a shock of bright pink hair and was instantly inspired. He had to stop himself from licking his lips as he looked at a foreign student named Sakura. The girl had actually been in a composition class with him and he’d chatted with her here and there but never given her much thought. Seeing her now, the grace with which she moved in one of the coordinated routines and her pert body, he knew he’d love to have her along with the others to enjoy during his break. Already he was fantasizing about what the little squad would look like and the tasty morsels he could enjoy at his leisure.

As he looked at a bright red-haired beauty named Nami that he knew well and had to be on the list, Chris suddenly had a marvelous idea. He didn’t have to pick and choose just yet one who he’d get for his little squad. With the book, he could simply shrink just about any of the cheerleading squad left after others had gone and take them home with him the Friday evening before the break. Then it wouldn’t take much to pick out his favorites from the ones that weren’t expected home and send the rest wherever they should be remembering little more than an odd dream.

The very idea made him hungry in ways he couldn’t sate with normal snacks. Feeling the weight of the small notebook in his pocket, he looked around the stands, searching for a little inspiration. Chris just needed something to tide him over and as he looked up, he happened to see Dawn, sidling her way out of a row of seats, heading for an exit that lead to the concession stands and bathrooms under the seats of the stadiums. He knew it wasn’t likely he’d have any opportunity for another snack, but still he got up to follow her and see where she was headed. A few ideas were forming in his head, and he might get lucky.



Dawn pushed her way into the empty bathroom and into one of the stalls. She sat on the seat with no need to use the facilities, but it seemed like the easiest place to be alone at the moment. She needed just a few minutes, without missing too much of the game or chatting with her friends, to think.

Ever since the odd, vivid dream, she couldn’t stop thinking about the boy in her Calculus class. Chris had always seemed nice and they had been friends, but she’d never thought of him beyond that. So what did the dream mean? Maybe she was reading too much into it, maybe it was just her mind doing random input and happened to cast his face for that part. Just a regular nightmare that plucked some random person from her real life. Yet it had seemed so real in her memories, and some of the dream had felt oddly good too. Did it mean she was attracted to him in some way? Of course when she was glancing his way during the game, he only had eyes for the cheerleaders. Typical, guys never wanted the girl who was good in math courses and English courses, they always went after girls that could jump up and down and spell a few words with their arms.

As Dawn shook her head and resolved to go back out and simply enjoy some time with her friends, even if she wasn’t that into the game, she had a woozy feeling as she stood up. At first thinking that she had simply risen to quickly, she suddenly felt a familiar sensation, as if her body was compacting and pulling in from her clothes. Just like in the dream before.

Panic tried to grip her as she shrunk down, her size diminishing steadily but rapidly in the jeans and baby-doll tee she had worn to the game. Soon she was scrambling in a huge mound of cloth and still growing smaller, trying to swim her way out of it to see what she could in the bathroom. As she stopped changing and pushed against the huge clothes that had crumpled on the floor, she heard the sound of the bathroom door opening and closing, then the loud click of the door locking.

Dreaming, she thought immediately, Somehow, I must be dreaming again.

She couldn’t seem to will herself to wake up though, or even to control the elements of the dream as she had at other times upon realizing she was asleep. As she tried to place herself on a tropical beach, a snowy mountain, or even a club full of half-naked men, something began rifling through the clothes around her, clearly searching for her. She had no control, couldn’t change anything, but even as giant fingers reached in and found her, Dawn couldn’t believe that this could be real.

“Gotcha,” a deep voice said as she was fished out from the clothes and under the stall door. She looked up in the grip of the large hand to see Chris’s face. His eyes roamed over her the way Dawn might look at a chocolate cupcake she had decided she could have because she’d been good the rest of the day.

As Dawn squirmed in the grip of the large hand, she looked around at the rest of the bathroom and Chris’s giant features. In his other hand, he held one of the trays of cheap chips and cheese sauce that the concession stand sold.

Mmm, glad you didn’t hit the floor, cutie,” Chris said as he leered at her and slowly licked his lips. “I just wanted a little something sweet to go with my nachos.”

Dawn screamed, but she already new that there was no chance anyone outside would hear it at her current size. She was carried a few steps to where the sinks were and could see herself in the mirror now. Just a tiny girl gripped in his hand, squirming and utterly helpless as he held up the tray of chips with its little cup of yellow-orange sauce, Chris grinning all the while.

She couldn’t stop her legs from kicking a little as he lifted her up and dipped her down into the warm cheese. As they were bogged down in the thick goop, Dawn couldn’t help but think for a moment that it felt like a thick hot tub, almost nice on her skin if she didn’t think about the fact that it meant she was just a snack.

Chris moved her around the sauce a little, pushing her down so that her legs were forced to bend and the warm cheese came up to her breasts. She shuddered a little at the feel of it on her body, half from fear and half from the surprising rush of the physical sensations. But as the large thumb and finger pulled her out again, her struggles became frantic once more as she was lifted up high to look down into Chris’s upturned face.

Giant lips opened beneath her and Chris’s tongue rolled slowly out as she kicked and shivered. Dawn could feel herself being lowered slowly to his mouth and watched as a drop of the sauce slipped off her foot and landed on his tongue. There was no escape, no hope, because even if she could get out of his grip on her shoulder, she would simply drop right into his mouth. She moaned as her feet and legs ran along the wet slickness of his tongue, hearing him groan in enjoyment the more she slipped in. As her rump brushed against his tongue, Dawn was suddenly released, sliding down easily between his lips and all the way into his mouth.

Sealed in darkness and losing her bearings as his head tipped back down, Dawn struggled and kicked as the blanket of his tongue licked and moved her all about. It pulled the sticky sauce off of her, clearly tasting her through it as loud moans came out all around her. She was pushed flat against the roof of his mouth, only to be rolled between Chris’s cheeks next. Dawn was momentarily grateful that, as in the last “dream”, though she brushed against his teeth, they never clamped down.

After several moments of being tossed and soaked in the hot mouth, Dawn suddenly felt everything still for a moment. She was laying the length of his tongue, feeling her feet kick at what must be his throat, when light reentered her world, blinding her for a moment. As her eyes adjusted, she realized that his lips were opening, giving her a clear view outside. She could see his huge face in the mirror, his mouth wide open and see herself laid inside. The view gave her an odd tingle as the tongue rippled under her, teasing her body and breasts for a moment. Then she watched in the mirror as it curled up against her face and began to push.

His lips closed again and Dawn’s drenched body slid easily back into the waiting chasm behind her. Almost instantly as a loud gulping sound surrounded the girl, her entire body was squeezed all around, every inch of her skin pushed and massaged in the heat of rolling muscular contractions. As she moved downward, she couldn’t help a momentary shudder that had nothing to do with fear. Despite where it was leading her, the full-body massage felt wonderful around Dawn and caressed her in ways that somehow gave her the barest hint of arousal.

Even at the moment that she plopped through a tight ring into a hot, fleshy sac, Dawn felt an electric little tingle as the movement all around her. Then reality hit home, and she remembered where she was now. Her arousal faded almost immediately as the entire stomach rippled and compressed around her, making it hard to breathe. She remembered just what a stomach did, and as her skin began to tingle just lightly, Dawn panicked. Kicking and thrashing against the gurgling walls, she felt the world beginning to fade around her. She tried desperately not to give in, but she was getting so drowsy… so drowsy…

… Dawn jerked up as she awoke, fully clothed, sitting in the bathroom stall. For a moment, she looked around her trying to remember when she had come in here. She remembered coming to get a moment alone, sitting down, and then… She must have dozed off somehow, though she didn’t remember being tired. And there were the remnants of another dream, eerily similar to the one from last week. Of course, she had been focused on the previous dream. She must have simply fallen asleep while thinking about it and had another. That was all, just a little nap from the fatigue of a heavy class load.

I’ve got to get better sleep, she thought as she left the bathroom and tried to put the dream out of her mind.

Rejoining her friends, she fell into the conversation they were having easily, thinking that she needed to just let go of worrying about dreams. Then a shiver went up her spine as she glanced to where Chris was sitting and saw him enjoying a plastic tray of nachos. Had she seen those before? What was going on?



Chris checked the clock on his phone as let out a breath. Two minutes that would seem to stretch out into an eternity until seven o’clock. No one could possibly hear the tiny little protests from the nine girls that were in a couple boxes in the McDonald’s sack he was carrying, but he could just barely notice them and it made his stomach rumble.

For the last couple hours, he’d been gathering them up from various places where they would be alone or in a pair, timing everything carefully so he’d be at the exact right place when they shrank. Not all officially members of the drill team, but five were so far. The other four were cute little morsels he’d noticed in class and around the campus that he’d decided to add to the list upon finding out they were not heading home. He’d probably gobble a couple of them down tonight to motivate his little cheerleading squad and then whisk them back to their dorm rooms with the notebook before having his real fun for the week. He’d already developed a notation schedule to keep the girls for the week, bringing them back asleep just before midnight each night and shrinking them just after the clock struck and the book erased itself. He even had a way to keep them squirreled away while he slept and doll’s outfits for them. Now he just had to collect the last one, and he looked at his notebook again.


7:00PM: Tifa shrinks to 6” tall maintaining her proportions. Her clothes do not shrink.


 With a little shiver at the fact that he almost had his entire collection, Chris checked the time again. Only one minute to go. He would feel a little guilty about all of this, but he wasn’t hurting anyone. Once the week was done, all his little treats would be back on campus, with a set of detailed memories about an enjoyable, relaxing week. He had even learned ways to make them seem more real and avoid the risks of strange dreams or sensations of lost time by adding more detail to his notations. For now, it was time to add the last snack to his menu. He knocked on the door of her dorm room, hoping everything would go as smoothly.

Tifa answered the door in black shorts, her breasts straining against a tight, white midriff t-shirt. She look at him quizzically for a moment as Chris just stood there, holding the bag and waiting a second.

“Yes?” she said, “Do I know-”

Then she began to grow smaller, Chris moving his foot to the door so that it couldn’t close. It didn’t take long for her to shrink down, just as it hadn’t for all the others. Soon she was standing naked in the pile of her much larger clothing. The tight shorts and shirt did not cover her or make her hard to find, and Chris reached down and gently plucked her up. The campus was already mostly deserted and no one was in the hallways as he looked her over.

“Oh, we’ll get to know each other pretty well over the next few days.”

He was about to open the sack and toss her into the box with the others as he spent another moment looking over her tiny form. The full curves of her breast, the supple little rump rubbing against his hand as she squirmed, and the feel of her soft skin all made his mouth water. Chris had to have a taste.

The girl struggled and kicked more in his grip as he brought her up to his lips and opened wide. Very gently, he slipped Tifa in between his teeth and closed his mouth, pushing her around with his tongue and savoring her for a moment. He decided he could probably walk the rest of the way back to his dorm with the tasty, squirming little morsel in his mouth. Working her into a position where his cheeks wouldn’t bulge too much, Chris fought the urge to gulp her down just yet as he strolled casually through the campus housing area, enjoying her breasts rubbing against his tongue and the taste of her body.

He was so engrossed in the flavor and feel of Tifa in his mouth that he almost didn’t notice Dawn until she was right in front of him, smiling at him.

“Hey Chris, so you’re staying home too, huh?”

For just a moment, he was frozen. He didn’t want to risk swallowing Tifa to talk to Dawn. He didn’t know how soon he could write in the notebook again and didn’t dare risk actually harming any of the girls. But he couldn’t just stand there mumbling with his mouth full either. After just a few seconds of indecision, he mimed a minor couple of coughs, curling Tifa into a ball with his tongue and spitting her into his hand, keeping it closed around her.

“Oh…ahem… Hey Dawn. Didn’t realize you were still here, thought you were going home.”

“That was the plan,” she said, “but things got changed on me at the last minute, so now I’m hanging around here. You okay? What you got there?”

Chris tried not to shiver. Thankfully he’d thought to put the girls within those McNugget boxes in the bag. “Oh, you know. Stuck here, got a cheap dinner.”

Dawn nodded. “I hear you. Not catching a cold are you?”

The conversation was going on too long. He could feel Tifa squirming furiously against his fingers and was worried about the other girls somehow acting up in the boxes. Chris gave another little cough. “Well, don’t think so, but better safe than sorry, right? I really should just head back to my room and get some rest.”

“Yeah, probably a good idea. Well, if you’re going to be around, maybe we can get together during the week. As long as you’re feeling well.”

“Maybe… Could be fun… I should get going though,” he said with another cough, “I’ll… see you around.”

He dodged around her with a little nod, almost accidentally waving until he remembered what was in his hand. That felt a little too close and he’d have had no way to explain the tiny girl he’d just had in his mouth. He had to get back to his room fast.

Luck seemed to favor Chris as he didn’t encounter anyone else on the way. He held Tifa between his lips one more time as he searched his pocket for his keys, her legs kicking outside while he made his way into his dorm room and closed the door behind him. He sighed a little in relief as he set Tifa down on top of his desk and began to open the white bag.

Shivering and covered in his spit, Tifa looked up at him, somewhere between indignant and terrified. “What’s going on?” she stammered in her squeaky little voice. “How in the hell? Why are you doing this?”

“Just wait; I have to get the others out and I’ll explain it to you all,” Chris said in a casually cheery voice. He’d planned this out and didn’t want anything to be missed.

He pulled the McNuggets boxes that he’d used to transport the others out of the bag and opened them up. The various little morsels trembled as he plucked them out of the boxes and set them on the desk. Some screamed, others were simply looking up at him in nervous terror. Both Nami and Juliet seemed to be caught between fear and an odd fascination that Chris took note of as he set them down. Only one, Sakura, simply stared at him in frank curiosity as she was lifted out of the box, her arms crossed almost defiantly. He saved a red-haired girl named Lana for the last and kept her in his grip as she struggled and flailed at his fingers. He looked down at all the tiny women on his desk, some huddling together.

“All of you have been brought here for my amusement during the holiday. I’ll be kind to you and give you everything you need, so long as you perform for me as I wish. For some of you, I may even share some pleasant delights if you’re willing to please me in the right ways.”

He felt a stirring in his groin as he spoke the words he’d planned out for a while. The sense of sheer power as all of them looked up at him was hard to ignore, and he wanted to start enjoying them. Sakura took a step forward on the desk.

“And what if we just refuse? I don’t know how you did this, but I do know that someone’s going to notice ten people missing. You can’t just make us disappear.”

Chris had expected something like this might happen. In answer he simply smirked down at Sakura and the rest and tipped his head up. Lifting Lana up above his mouth, he opened his lips wide and began slowly lowering her down. The girl kicked and screamed in his fingers as his tongue slipped up and guided her feet into his jaws.

“No!” she shouted, “No, no, no, no, no!”

She slid slowly along his tongue, and Chris moaned loudly at her taste and the wriggling over her body as he pressed her against his palate. Lowering and sucking the squirming Lana the rest of the way in, he carefully sealed his lips around his fingers and pulled them out, leaving her trapped inside.

Half for show and half to enjoy the taste of this first treat, Chris spent several moments rolling her around his mouth as she writhed and screamed, his tongue caressing the soft skin. He groaned and made loud sounds of pleasure, his hand roaming to his belly, not bothering to look at the other girls but hearing them gasp and squeal as he enjoyed the first of them.

Without tipping his head back down, making sure the others could see his neck, he opened his throat and swallowed. Lana slipped along the back of his tongue, sliding easily down and letting him feel the lump there that he knew all the tiny women could see. Another strong swallow sent her the rest of the way down, and he could feel her working and struggling her way through his chest and down into his belly. His hand rubbed there and he looked down at the others, giving an exaggerated lick of his lips as he smiled. He couldn’t help but notice that Juliet was looking up at him in more wonder than fear.

Mmm, what a delicious little treat! Maybe one more for tonight…”

As his hand reached out, the girls scattered around the desk, trying to hide behind the bag, the boxes, anywhere they could get to. Even Juliet tried to search for cover. Chris thought about grabbing Sakura as another example, but he wanted to keep her around for a bit, and the girls he ate tonight would be written back into their own room with memories of a nice quiet evening. So he reached for Lana’s roommate, a slightly plump brunette named Shannon.

Snatching Shannon up, he stuffed the top half of her into his mouth, his lips sealing at her waste. The tip of his tongue lapped at her breasts as he casually watched the frightened little women scattered around his desk, most of them unable to take their eyes off his face. Her flavor was a little more robust than Lana’s had been, and her cherry red painted toes kicked wildly as he nibbled ever so gently at her waist.

After a couple minutes of this, Chris wanted to feel her sliding down into his stomach as well. He slurped her legs up slowly like spaghetti, already swallowing as her feet slipped past his lips to feel the smooth ride of her down his gullet. He found it surprisingly easy to bolt the girl right down, his body seeming to get used to swallowing struggling meals as she slid down into his gut.

Mmmm,” he moaned with another lick of his lips, “Such yummy little morsels. I think I could eat you all up tonight. But I suppose I’ll give you all the chance to perform. Now, time to make a note of who went down the hatch.”

While all the girls on his desk recovered, Chris pulled out the notebook. Some were staring up at him in utter terror, already clearly thinking of how to survive. Tifa looked sorrowful and occasionally glanced up at him with a calculating look. Sakura glared at him with a certain amount of anger and defiance. Most interesting to him, as he began writing, was the fact that Nami and Juliet both seemed more fascinated than afraid. He might be able to have some real fun with them.

In the notebook, Chris made the necessary notations for Lana and Shannon to be asleep in their beds in their dorm room, and to only remember a relaxing evening of flipping channels on TV and chatting. When he’d collected them, he’d noticed a board game in the room, so he made them remember a few rounds of it and who won and who lost. Details always helped with the memories.

“Now,” he said as he looked over the rest of them, “I think I feel full enough. We’re all going to start having a little fun here…”



Dawn was deep in thought as she walked away from the door. She’d suspected something like this, somehow, even though it defied normal belief. But in her life, she’d seen a few strange things; enough to know that nothing was impossible. And with what she’d seen then heard through the door at Chris’s dorm room, she couldn’t deny it was true.

Since the day at the game, she’d had a suspicion that her dreams were not actually dreams. She’d kept tabs on Chris as much as she could, even cancelling her vacation to try and decipher what had actually happened. There had even been another strange dream, muddled with memories she couldn’t prove from an evening she’d spent alone in the library. In each dream, she’d been shrunk and swallowed down by Chris and what she’d witnessed tonight proved to her at least, the he’d somehow done it and brought her back.

She’d watched him going from place to place, always picking up something and putting it in a bag before pushing something else into a door and closing it. It could have been some kind of set of drug deals, but then she’d seen him put something into his mouth, and moved around to intercept him. When he’d coughed, she thought she saw flash of something moving, but hadn’t been able to confirm it. Then when she’d followed him, she actually caught a glimpse of tiny legs moving out of his mouth before he made it into his door.

But what was she to do now? Dawn couldn’t tell anyone a story like that, and if Chris hadn’t actually hurt her, he might not hurt them. And truth be told, some parts of what she could remember of the “dreams” still felt kind of… good. The idea of a tongue all over her body, the tight squeeze of warm flesh around her… But she hadn’t been given any choice in the matter, and neither was whoever he’d taken back to his room. Plus she’d been too scared to explore anything else at the time.

Dawn wasn’t sure how exactly he was doing all of this or just what it meant to her or what she should do about it. But before the week was over, she was going to figure it all out.


End of Part I