See Me After Class

by the Wolf

Commissioned by Galion Firemage


Please? Tomorrow after school I want us to finally meet. I want to give you all of me.

fine. see me after class and I’ll take you the way you want to be.

Mr. Wallace surreptitiously looked at that last text exchange from the previous night while sitting at his desk. The black, middle-aged history teacher lifted his eyes to scan over the class of restless seniors doing a simple exam review, wondering who his mystery admirer could be. Stuart, the skinny, pasty class clown? He kind of hoped it wasn’t, a little too wiry for his tastes. Maybe if he was lucky, it was Martin, the barely C-student body-builder. Now that would be a prime piece of Latin meat. The very thought made Allen Wallace’s big belly rumble, and he sat up a little straighter in his desk. He knew he should stop guessing; it could be any of the boys in this class, or even in any of his other classes throughout the day. It was just so enticing though, knowing that in the school, right that very moment, one of his seniors was ready to be his next meal.

Wallace had always tried to be careful, and never shown his face on any of the forums he visited. Even so, he couldn’t resist showing off pics and even short videos of his squirming gut right after he gulped down some guy from a club or invited some slutty little prey over as a late night snack. It was those meals that gave him the ponderous belly that sat beneath the button-up shirt he wore, so many smaller men simply turned into fat. Most of the world knew that men and women like him were out there, but if he were found out, no way anyone would trust him to teach in a school.

He wasn’t sure what clue he’d let slip—whether it had been something in the background of a picture or even if he’d let his voice get caught in a short video—but one of his students had recognized him on the forum. At first, he’d felt everything sink when he saw a message from some newer username on the forum with the simple subject line “Mr. Wallace”. Far from threatening to expose him, the new guy had started flirting with him. Asking if he was going to put someone in permanent detention that day, saying how tempting it was sitting in his class to just walk up and rub his belly. It had been risky to respond, but Allen hadn’t been able to resist and started teasing his student about how he might “forget” his lunch one day and have to find something else to fill him up. Still, aside from being male, the messages on the other end had worked very hard to keep any identifying info from coming through. And Mr. Wallace had staved off a few coy messages about how maybe possibly somehow they should maybe possibly meet for some kind of fun. Until last night, when the student had all but begged to be eaten after school on Friday. He knew it was risky, knew it could be a scam, but he just couldn’t resist the idea and had agreed.

The last bell rang, its high-pitched song signaling the end of the last period of the day. A horde of young men and women bolted from their desks, carrying forth the growing spring plague of senioritis while Wallace sat up and shouted out some recommended reading pages for next week, advising them all to stay safe over the weekend. While the last of them filed out, waving to him and nodding, Mr. Wallace just remained in his seat. The door closed on the mostly empty classroom and the anticipation began. His own excitement surprised him as he thought about the fact that soon, his dinner would simply walk through that door. Wallace hadn’t even decided if he would take the time to take him home, or throw caution to the winds and take one of his students right in this very room.

He couldn’t even sit still, though he’d wanted to be casually waiting at his desk when whoever walked through that door. After about five minutes, he started pacing the room and closing the blinds to the windows in preparation, feeling the grumbling of his stomach grow stronger. After ten, he began to worry that the guy wouldn’t show up, having to remind himself that whoever it was would probably wait a little while to make sure they wouldn’t be noticed immediately returning. At twenty minutes, he forced himself to sit down again and start going over some of the administrative work on his desk, even though all he could think about was young meat offering itself to him. It was almost impossible to focus with his stomach growling and his cock throbbing.

Just over half an hour after the end of the school day, the door began to open slowly and a timid figure poked his head in. “Uh … Mr. Wallace? You still here?”

The voice and frame inching into the door were immediately recognizable. Justin Vance, a bright, socially awkward, chubby eighteen-year-old from Wallace’s third period Advanced US History class. The boy shuffled in nervously and Allen grinned. So this was who had been flirting with him for a couple months. He never would have expected it at first, but he’d certainly eaten a few guys before who were wide open online but had trouble even talking once meeting in the real world. Now that Justin had been revealed, Mr. Wallace licked his lips. The plump, tender white kid would make a fine meal, and he was all Allen’s.

“Oh, yes, I’m still here,” he answered with a grin and began to stand up.

Justin entered the rest of the way as Mr. Wallace took a few steps forward. “Oh, good,” the student said, relieved. “I was, uh, worried you’d left.”

Finding it just that hint more enticing as his prey played it shy and coy, Allen felt like playing along just a little as he stepped closer to the boy. “I was just catching up on some paperwork. Though could you lock that door for me? Don’t want anyone else wandering in.”

“S-Sure, of course,” Justin said. Wallace knew his larger stature had always made this student nervous, and now he understood why. As the younger man turned and clicked the latch over, Allen closed the distance further. He was so hungry after all the anticipation, and under his belly, his cock was throbbing almost painfully against his khakis.

Justin started to speak as he turned back around. “I just wanted to … ask…”

Mr. Wallace loomed over him and let out a deep chuckle as his student lost his voice. He swept Justin into his burly arms now that the door was locked and mashed his lips to the younger man’s. The student squirmed in his grip for a moment while Mr. Wallace forced his tongue between the almost sputtering lips for an initial taste. Justin was trying to say something that deteriorated into a low sigh as Allen found him leaning into the kiss and returning it after just a moment or two.

He let out a deep chuckle or two as he felt Justin’s hands trying to rub his sides then, pulling back from the kiss. “Mmm, tasty boy!”

The student was swaying a little in his arms, trying to catch his breath. He shuddered a little against Wallace’s belly and looked up. “M-Mr. Wallace … I … I—”

Shhhh. Just get those clothes off.”

Wh-What? But—”

“Take them off like a good boy,” Wallace commanded his prey, deciding he would take complete charge just like he knew Justin wanted. “And maybe I’ll let you suck my cock first.”

The boy’s cheeks turned bright red, and his breath heaved. He seemed to be caught in a moment of indecision before he quivered and started to strip off his shirt. Wallace grinned as he watched more of the pale skin exposed itself, finding the light plumpness and little bits of fat here and there so appetizing. He unbuttoned his shirt to expose the dark skin of his large belly, knowing it would probably motivate his prey even more. He was pleased to see the way Justin’s eyes were drawn to his expansive gut while the senior unbuckled his own belt and began to work on his pants. Wallace simply unzipped his khakis and fished his erection out of his underwear, displaying it.

He knew the sun had not even set outside, and the bright fluorescent lights of the classroom allowed Mr. Wallace to already see every inch of his plump young dinner. Barely officially a man, and already he was going to end up in the teacher’s stomach before the sun went down, adding to his bulk. The idea made his cock throb even more, drawing Justin’s eyes down to it.

“I haven’t … I mean, I’ve never … er…”

“It’s okay, Justin,” Allen said in his deep, commanding baritone. “Just get on your knees and put my cock in your mouth.”

The younger man did as he was told, just trembling in what seemed like nervous anticipation. The way he’d talked online and in texts, Mr. Wallace hadn’t thought his student was a virgin, but that was just another thing he’d seen before. Kneeling there, Justin closed his eyes and opened wide, using a hand to guide his teacher’s thick shaft into his lips. Watching it all and feeling the wet, hot mouth slip around his head and part of his length, Allen groaned. He could tell his girth was taxing the boy’s lips, but Justin still worked hard to stay around it. There was something about the inexperienced yet driven mouth working at his cockhead that spurred his arousal almost better than some of the expert cocksuckers he’d seen before. That and after all his various experiences, he’d be lying to himself if he didn’t admit a certain satisfaction to seeing this middle-class white student worshipping his black dick. It was all working with the intense anticipation of waiting to speed him along.

Feeling himself about to boil over, Mr. Wallace grabbed Justin’s head and pulled it back just a little bit. He was past the point of no return already and used one hand to grip his shaft as he sprayed a huge load over his student’s face, groaning loudly as thick, ropey shots landed on Justin’s cheek and nose. The boy was panting, tilting his head so that the cum would hit more places on his face. Allen could see his hand reaching between his plump thighs and stroking his own smaller cock, hardened from all the new experiences and likely from the anticipation of what came next. Mr. Wallace felt himself drooling at the tapering end of his orgasm, his stomach rumbling loudly while he licked his lips clean again.

Reaching down under his armpits, Allen picked his student up again, setting him on his feet and stroking his hair while his own cock still dribbled the last few pleasant drips of that orgasm. He’d planned to take his time before, to make this last all night, but now he just didn’t care. Shuddering, heaving breaths were barely making it out of Justin’s lips as he stood and swayed there. The plump, pudgy senior was still touching himself, and Mr. Wallace could tell he was high on the endorphins and arousal. No better time to send a boy to his belly than that.

He leaned forward and took a few licks over his student’s cum-soaked cheek, making him smack his lips. “Mmm, so delicious. I think it’s dinnertime.”

Still panting, Justin opened his eyes. “Oh—Oh God. D-Does that mean you’re going to—”

Mr. Wallace was already opening his jaws wide before Justin even started speaking. His stomach had gone from just grumbling to twisting and turning in his gut. It wanted this boy bad. Gripping his student’s arms, Allen shoved Justin’s head into his mouth, engulfing it with virtually no trouble as his prey stood there. His tongue eagerly cleaned the rest his cum from the boy’s face, loving the way the flavors mingled in his mouth. Justin was completely still for that moment, making it all the easier to lift him up after slicking down his face and hair and take the first swallow.


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