Predator and Prey Night

by the Wolf


Rory checked the address again, his saber tail twitching slightly as he put the last of his bag together. The dark-furred wolf had showered and groomed himself, feeling just a little flutter in his heart as he prepared to leave for the club. He'd been to a sex-positive environment before, but this would be his first time at the new place. After establishing his apartment and acclimating to his new job in the last couple months, Rory finally figured it was time to see what the scene in the big city had to offer.

He'd discovered The Fantasy Factory after a few Internet searches. The place had taken over a building in a defunct industrial complex and offered various BDSM and other play parties, catering to a wide variety of desires and even hosting instructional seminars at times. Of course, Rory felt he didn’t need any instruction anymore, after discovering enough about what he wanted. In general, it had good reviews, and when he'd seen an event called "Predator and Prey Night", it had seemed like the perfect time to try and meet someone there for a little dom and sub play. Hopefully even some intense stuff if he met someone he was comfortable with.

The wolf did one more check on the small gym bag. He had his collar, of course. A few different forms of sexy underwear to put himself on display, as he’d read the place had changing rooms available. A riding crop and a paddle, just in case someone a little new wanted to discipline him and didn’t have their own equipment. The thought of that and the smell of all the well-used leather as he pawed through the bag gave him a little shiver. Rory supposed that would be enough to bring with him.

He headed down to his car in street clothes, tossing the bag onto the passenger seat next to him. As he pulled out of the garage, it felt so good to know that there was a place to go in the city that wasn’t even that far of a drive. Where he used to live, he’d always had to leave town and take long drives just to find a halfway decent club, some of which didn’t really have decent play space. If everything he’d read was true, The Fantasy Factory had all of that covered.

The address was right when his phone guided him to the area, but there were no real signs to denote the place once he got there. Finding a place to park, he looked to one of the doorways and managed to make out a vague logo of two red F’s in a circle. Had to be the place if everything was indicated correctly.

He went up to the door, carrying his bag and opened to it to actually hear light dance music playing and see a cubicle-style wall set up to block line of sight into the main space from the doorway. Turning to his right, a female rhino in a corset sat at a high desk with a computerized register. She smiled at Rory and looked him up and down.

“Hi there. Can I just see your membership card before you go in?”

“I, uh, don’t have one yet. Kinda new in town. The website said I could pay at the door?”

Still smiling, the rhino reached down and pulled out a clipboard full of a few papers. “Sure, you can do that. I do need you to fill this out real quick and sign it saying that you’ve read the rules of the club.”

Nodding, Rory took the clipboard, fished a pen from a basic coffee mug sitting on the desk, and began filling out his usual information, glancing over the forms. He’d seen similar before, basic agreements that you understand what you’re getting into, will abide by rules of consent, the club not being liable if you get into a situation you aren’t prepared for, no illegal activities, etc, etc. Skimming it and seeing nothing new, Rory signed and handed it back to the rhino. Clicking away at her keyboard, she spoke without looking up.

“Okay, so do you want to do a one-month trial or go ahead with a year membership?”

“Let’s go ahead and do a year now.”

The rhino smirked, “Always good. Any particular alias you want on your card?”

“No, ‘Rory’ is just fine with me.”

“Alright, I’ll get that printed in a moment. And that’s fifty dollars for the year membership, plus twenty-five to attend tonight’s event.”

The wolf handed her a debit card and with a quick swipe and the whirring clicks of a simple card printer, he had a membership and was welcomed into the main area.

“Have fun; don’t bite too hard,” the rhino said with a smirk.

Stepping around the cubicle wall, Rory just grinned. The main room was a spacious area with the event just getting into full swing. Off to the side, he noticed a snack area with some basic machines including drinks and such. Some tables were set about for conversing, set far enough back in the space to allow for a dance floor. But the really amazing thing was what he saw towards the back and to his right.

An entire section of the room had been cordoned off with a little plastic fence set up, the sort one might find as part of a large building set in a toy shop. A slightly cheesy archway had been put in the middle for access with a simple printed banner that said “Prey Pen” across the top. Inside the fencing a whole host of couches, chairs, and cushions were arranged where subby men and women of all sorts lounged and scanned the room, trying to attract attention.

Rory loved it. The idea of just relaxing there, nestled among people, flirting with the more dom types just outside and waiting to be chosen put a spring in his step. It didn’t take long checking the opposite direction to find a short hallway that led to restrooms and changing areas. The build-out beyond it was a little crude, and the lockers had clearly been purchased second hand, but it didn’t matter.

In the bathroom, he stripped down and looked down at himself. Rory kept in shape, and he was pleased to see his definition hadn’t faded too much in the weeks of getting settled and trying to find the right gym. He was never a muscle-head, and at least keeping up running helped him keep his lithe frame in some kind of shape. He actually felt pretty attractive as he slipped into a pair of tiny red striped briefs that left little to the imagination. Wrapping his custom leather collar around his neck and buckling it to show that he was a sub took him into another headspace almost entirely. He looked in the mirror, not a person, not an employee somewhere, but now an object of sex waiting to be chosen by the right guy. Or possibly girl if she really had that certain something. It made him feel amazing.

Rory stowed his bag in one of the cheap lockers and headed out to the Prey Pen. He walked in, looking around at the assorted rabbits, rodents, one horse off to the side. He walked by a warthog in a ball cap and little else already having a chat with a cute-looking female mouse in her collar and attractive lingerie. As he adjusted his own collar, a grey-furred rabbit that had been lounging on a cushion came up to him, smiling. He was naked except for his own shining, red vinyl collar.

“Hey, how’s it going? Don’t think I’ve seen you here before.”

Rory smiled politely, trying to not to judge the bunny from the quality of his gear. “Hello. Yeah, first night here.”

“Oh, well, uh, welcome.” The rabbit looked him up and down, teeth pulling at his lower lip. “You’ll probably be popular. Not a lot of wolves come into the Prey Pen.”

“Well … guess we’ll have to see,” Rory said, wondering where this conversation was going. “So … you wind up here a lot?”

The bunny gave a little snorting chuckle. “Sadly yeah. Just … you know, trying to find the right one.” He shuffled his feet a little and spoke haltingly. “So, do you ever, like, go for the predator side?”

Rory bit back an annoyed sigh. He’d seen this before in one of the clubs he used to go to and guessed he couldn’t blame the rabbit for trying. There was something of a macho reputation and expectation of wolves, but he felt his collar should have made it pretty obvious what he was looking for.

“Nah, I’m not a switch.” He laughed it off with the best grin he could manage. “Pretty much an omega all the way here.”

“Oh, of course, of course,” the rabbit said with an awkward smile. “Well, uh, good luck. To both of us.”

As the lapin wandered back to the cushions, Rory looked over the seating, trying to find a good place to park himself and scan the area. He wanted to be visible, on display for anyone who might want to start up something with him, but didn’t want to appear too desperate either.

“I see you’ve met Mick,” a low, rumbling voice came from behind him.

Rory turned to find his face inches away from someone’s chest. Taking a half step back, he looked up at the face of the grizzly standing just about a head taller than him and almost twice as wide. A white tank top stretched tightly over the muscle of his chest and the paunch of his belly, allowing his thick arms to show in the open with his lustrous brown fut. He wore a pair of loose-fitting jean shorts, and he was checking Rory out at the same time with an easy confidence. The relaxed smile on the bear’s muzzle and his overall posture screamed dominance that almost made Rory weak in the knees.

Now this is more like it. “Uh … yeah, apparently,” Rory said nervously.

“He tries that with just about everyone,” the bear said, quiet enough to not be overheard before he held out his paw. “I’m Kevin.”

“Rory,” the wolf said as he took it and felt it engulf his own.

Kevin’s voice dropped even lower as he tugged Rory in a little closer. “He’s right though. Wolves like you are something of a rare delicacy on a night like this.”

“Oh, really?” Rory said, trying to put just enough interest in his voice. He already wanted to rub his body up against the bear’s but didn’t want to seem desperate and ruin the mood.

“Really. So I figured I’d see if I could snatch you up before any of the other ravening beasts around here get to you.”

Rory smirked, though the way Kevin talked made heat rise to his cheeks. “Think they’re all going to come after me, huh?”

“You look yummy,” the grizzly said, making the wolf look down and shiver. “But since I got to you first, let’s talk a little, see if I can take you away. What do you like?”

I like you. He almost blurted it out-loud, but was still trying to play something resembling cool. “Oh, a little of everything. Really enjoy humiliation and being objectified. Mostly like to let a dom take the driver’s seat and run the show … so I can just be something for them to use.”

Kevin grinned. “I like a lot of that too. You are such a cute little wolfy.” Rory felt his ears reddening as the bear stroked the back of his head. “You know, I don’t like wasting time, little wolf. I want you. So unless you really object or need some time to think about it, I’m going to drag you to a private room and do horrible things to you.” The bear nuzzled his thick muzzle against Rory’s triangular ear, whispering, “Like fucking you like a little bitch for starters.”

A shiver ran all through the lupine body as Kevin’s chest and belly brushed up against his fur. “No objections at all,” he breathed out. “Just … let me grab my bag. Has a few fun things.”

“Hmm, sounds interesting. I’ll be right outside the Pen here.”

He felt like the luckiest creature in the world as he walked at a quick trot back to the hallways and the second-hand lockers. Sure, it was moving fast, but if they both knew what they wanted and wanted the same things, where was the harm? It felt right, and it wouldn’t be the first time Rory had wandered off with someone who was more or less a stranger. The enticing anticipation of the unknown filled him while he pulled the bag out and left his clothes in the locker. He had a good feeling in his gut about the whole thing.

When he walked back out to the entrance to the Prey Pen, the grizzly slipped beside him and put an arm around his shoulders. As they walked together, Rory couldn’t help but notice the jealous look from Mickey the rabbit out of the corner of his eye. It didn’t matter though. Kevin the grizzly was like a wet dream in the fur, and he was already stiffening a little just feeling that powerful presence against him.

The bear guided them past a few tables and around the edge of the little plastic fence to a hallway leading further back into the building. It was lined with tall cubicle walls that led into reasonably sized enclosed areas. Some had a bed, some just a mattress on the floor, a few other setups available, and some were already closed off with notes on a whiteboard hanging outside like: “Non-Con Roleplay, Do Not Disturb” or “Screaming Expected; Safe Word is ‘Oxnard’”. Muffled noises of private scenes filtered into the hallways, enhancing Rory’s feeling of excitement and anticipation.

Kevin finally found the room that he wanted, a wide one with a sturdy-looking sling hung from rafters up above and a little plastic stack of drawers holding some standard supplies. The sight of the whole thing made the wolf shiver as he was turned towards the grizzly and dropped his bag on the floor. Kevin’s thick muzzle pressed roughly against his, forcing a kiss on Rory that made him go half hard in his sheath. Their tongues wrestled lightly, the bear’s invading Rory’s thin muzzle as he tried to suck at it. Claws moved up and down his back while his own paws rubbed Kevin’s thick chest and belly for several moments.

The grizzly stepped back, grinning down at Rory as Kevin began to pull his shirt up. “The underwear. Lose it,” he rumbled in playful command, his own shirt flying into a corner.

The wolf found himself staring for a couple seconds, admiring the fur of Kevin’s chest and belly, before he bent down to comply. He pulled the skimpy briefs down, carefully working them over the tip of his cock poking forward before slipping them down around his ankles. When he stood, the bear was already kicking his jean shorts into the corner as well, completely naked underneath. The lupine gave a little shiver as the grizzly took a step towards him again. Rory leaned into the bear's thick body, murring lightly at the warmth while the strong arms enfolded him and claimed him. He nuzzled the hearty fur of his chest, inhaling the masculine scent of Kevin as paws stroked at his ears.

“Hmm, such a good little wolf,” Kevin cooed in a bass rumble. “Now before we get too far into anything, we really should have the talk about limits and such. I need to know what you’re not comfortable with.”

“That’s pretty easy,” Rory said. “My limit is whatever you feel like. I’m yours to do with as you please.”

Kevin’s body shivered all over against the wolf’s. “That’s a nice idea, but are you sure? I mean, with a night like this…”

“Yes, I’m sure.” The wolf looked up and smiled into the bear’s downturned face as they pressed to one another. “I’ve been around the block a few times, and I know what I want. I want to belong to this big, sexy bear and let him do whatever he wants.”

Grinning, the bear held Rory a little closer. “I like that. My own yummy little lupine to enjoy however I want. But just in case, what’s your safe word?”

Rory hoped this wouldn’t be a deal-breaker. He so wanted this big bear to master him tonight. “I don’t use one.”

“Seriously? I mean … maybe just in case, we should use—”

“No,” Rory said quickly. “Look, I’ve had this conversation before, and if you’re not comfortable with it, we can stop now. But I don’t like having a safe word. When I give myself to someone … I like the feeling of being completely under their control. No way out; no giving into any fears or nerves.” He grinned. “So that you can do whatever you want with me.”

Kevin had to catch his breath, and Rory could see that the idea was exciting the bear. His eyes widened and for a moment, he almost looked like a cub at Christmas.

“Really? You mean it? I can do anything? Can even do … the big D?”

Rory chuckled, thinking about some of the massive cocks he’d managed before. “Give me all the ‘big D’ you can handle. I’m yours to use.” He looked down and faced Kevin’s chest again, shrinking just a little against the larger bear’s body. “I’m a good wolf.”

Rumbling in his chest, the bear leaned down and gave him and affectionate slurp between the ears while running thick claws through the fur of his shoulders. “Yes, you are. Such a good little wolf. And a keeper too.”

Rory nuzzled and pressed his face into that thick chest, murring while his tail swayed gently back and forth. He felt Kevin pull away and let out a little submissive whimper, just enough to make the ursine chuckle lightly.

“Don’t worry, wolfy, we just need to go over and make a note on the whiteboard that it’s a no-safe word scene with no limits. Then we both have to initial it so no one misunderstands and tries to come to your rescue.”

It all sounded reasonable for a place like this. He watched as Kevin took the dry-erase pen hanging taped to a string tacked to the wall and wrote “Private Scene”, “No Safe Word”, and “No Limitations” on the board. He scrawled a set of initials then handed the pen to Rory. Heart fluttering, Rory scrawled his own initials on the board. It wasn’t all that hard to find, but still every time someone didn’t blink or call it off when he wouldn’t use a safe word was an incredible rush of anticipation.

He grinned at Kevin. “Well, guess I’m officially yours now.” 


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