One Night for Two Furs


the Wolf


The smells hit me as soon as I walked in the door, making me smile. Dinner was cooking in the kitchen, something Italian. Always a good choice, but the smell was more than that. Part of it was him, the very smell of my sweetie wafting through with whatever he was cooking for me. They both made my muzzle water.

He came to meet me in the entryway, looking yummy as ever in just a pair of jeans and no shirt. His lithe body with its swimmer’s build was almost taunting me as he came to greet me with a kiss. As my muzzle met his shorter one, I hooked a paw into the waist of those jeans and pulled his hips close to mine. Our kiss was long and longing as our tongues wrestled. Seemed like it had been a long day for the both of us.

“Been thinking about you all day,” he said, confirming my suspicions. “So glad your home.”

My paw rubbed along his furry abs as we looked at each other, giving another little peck.

“You and me both,” I returned. “Was a long, hard day and I spent most of it just waiting until I could be pressed against you. And whatever you’re cooking smells almost as tasty as you do.”

He smirked at me. “You smoothie. We’ll just have to fill up tonight. And maybe we should both call in sick tomorrow. What do you think?”

The idea sounded wonderful. Not only for what the next day could bring, but for what it meant for the night to come. No limits, no worrying about time. I nodded and kissed him again, pressing hard against him. I could already feel a stirring in my dress pants.

With a little giggle, he pushed me gently away after a moment of pressing his muzzle lips to mine. “Easy there, stud. We’ve got plenty of time. And I don’t want the lasagna to burn.” He backed towards the kitchen. “How about you go get yourself comfortable while I check on dinner?”

I nodded and smiled as I followed him, staring into those gorgeous green eyes of his until it was time to turn the corner towards the bedroom. The day had been an awful one full of useless meetings and extra paperwork, but the night was definitely looking up. I sloughed off my jacket and yanked my tie off as quickly as I could, letting both fall where they lay and then kicking them into the closet. The dress shirt and my suit pants I actually did toss into the hamper, along with my boxers. Standing naked for a moment in the bedroom I sighed. Felt so good to know my lover was right in the next room now. And from our greeting, my sheath was already chubbed and semi-hard. I didn’t want to take away from the dinner he’d clearly spent so much time on though, so I pulled on a pair of loose sweat pants. He was right; we’d have plenty of time after a great lasagna.

I stepped out of the bedroom and walked to the kitchen. He was just closing the oven again to give the lasagna a little more time, then stirring something in a pot on the stove. Quietly, I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. My paws gently rubbing his firm belly as I kissed the back of his neck. The sound of his sigh was music as I pressed against his body and nibble up to his pointed ear.

Mmm, smells delicious. And the lasagna ain’t too bad either.” I said as I looked over his shoulder.

He chuckled again as he stirred the green beans, leaning back into my chest. “Keep it up sweet-talker, flattery will get you everywhere.”

“I’ve always counted on it.” With some effort, I resisted the urge to slip a paw down to his groin. Didn’t want to distract him too much just yet. “Think I’ll have you for dessert. I’d love to make you an appetizer right now, but then we might forget all about this wonderful dinner. And I couldn’t have that.”

He turned around in my arms and reached up to rub my ears with his claws. I felt my muscles stretch naturally to push into that feeling, my toes curling a little. I scratched his back gently and listened to him rumbling at me.

“Well it’s almost ready,” he said breathily as he pulled away from me once again. “Do you want to set the table for me? I’m worried you’ll have an accident soon.”

I chuckled and stroked his muzzle quickly, then looked down. I was sporting a decent tent even in the sweat pants. I’d felt myself getting excited, but he was right, I must have had it bad. With a smile I nodded and moved to the cabinet for a couple plates and set them on the counter. I went ahead and set out the silverware at the table for a romantic dinner, and found a couple candles to light. Even with just the two of us in a small apartment, we were going to do it right.

I heard him taking the lasagna out of the oven and headed back into the kitchen. We kissed again, hardly able to keep our paws off each other, before we each dipped out portions and carried them to the table. Dinner was delicious, and made all the better by staring into my lover’s eyes as he stared back into mine.

We talked throughout about our respective days, going through what had made them seem so long. Mostly it all came back to the same thing, that intense feeling during the day of wanting to be with each other. It must have been something in the air.

When we’d finally both had our fill, my mate looked at me over our empty plates. He was trying to conceal a mischievous smile, but I could tell he had something in mind as he casually said, “Honey, would you mind clearing the table while I put out the candles?”

I smirked at him, but did as he asked. I collected his plate and gave him a peck on the cheek that turned into a lick on the ear before I was done. Making a pile of both plates and the silver, along with anything else, I stepped into the kitchen. I could hear him moving about as soon as I was gone. I took my time setting the dishes in the sink, giving him enough time for whatever it was he was planning. When it sounded like he was still, I finally walked back into the room that doubled as our dining and living room. I shivered at what I saw, grinning from ear to ear.

My sweetie’s jeans were pooled beside the table. He was sitting on the table at my seat, facing it and letting his legs dangle over the edge. He leaned back, supporting himself with his paws and displaying himself fully for me. His tight briefs were tented out with a thick, fully-hard erection. He knew how crazy that sort of thing drove me, just a thin layer of cloth covering him up. Looking over as I came through the doorway, a smile curled his muzzle.

“I seem to remember you saying something about having me for dessert,” he said coyly.

I didn’t need any other encouragement; my mouth was already watering at this next dinner course. I rushed to my seat and sat down again, letting my paws slip along his chest and around his flanks. The scene was so delicious that I couldn’t start for a few seconds; I just sat and stared at the way his cock filled out his briefs and looked so perfect there.

Finally, I leaned down and slowly mouthed around the bulge through his underwear, listening to him gasp above. There’s always something about feeling his hardness ready and waiting for my attention, but not tasting it yet. There’s something about that last thin barrier that makes it so intense and hot. I was once again at nearly full mast as I worked him with my muzzle. He groaned above me and plumped just a bit more in my mouth as his paws reached down to stroke my head.

Soon enough though, I wanted even more from him. After properly soaking his briefs for several moments, I slipped my muzzle up to kiss his belly. As my paws slipped over the waistband and began to work it out and over my lover’s beautiful malehood, I nibbled each and every toned muscle in his thin frame. Finally, I could slip his underwear down to his thighs as he lifted his buttocks up just slightly to help me.

I didn’t even take time to admire his erection. I just couldn’t at that moment. My muzzle slipped right back down and wrapped around the entire hard shaft, bringing another loud groan and whimper from my mate. My paws squeezed his rump, gripping each cheek as I went to town on his erection.

For several minutes I noisily licked and sucked at his member, letting my tongue all about every bit of skin and vein it could find. I listened to him rumble, whimper and groan about me, adding my own hungry moans to the mix as well as the wet slopping sounds as I worked and stroked him. His taste was intoxicating as ever and I wanted every inch and drop of it. His pre already flowed onto my tongue, warm and salty sweet. I wanted to drain him dry and feel him shoot his whole tasty load into my muzzle, all for me as I felt it slide down my throat. I loved the flavor of his spunk, always had and I knew I’d get him close soon.

As I worked at him, I could suddenly feel him tugging at my head. I didn’t want to stop, but maybe I was gobbling him too fast. Maybe he really needed me to savor him a little longer tonight and make this first one last. I knew I should do that much if he wanted, since he’d cooked for me and laid himself on a platter for me to indulge. Reluctantly I pulled myself off of his thick, hard meat and looked up into his half-lidded, pleading eyes. As he saw me make contact, he scratched my ears gently and gave me a longing look.

“Fuck me,” he said between breaths. “I know how much you want this, how much you love it, and I really wanted to give you a load for dessert. But, oh god, I really need you to fuck me right now. I’ll feed you all the cum I can muster later; I’ll bathe you in it tomorrow as best I can. But right now I just need you to fuck me. Please.”

I could tell from the longing in his voice and his eyes that it was what he’d been dreaming of and needing all day. My sweetheart could never seem to get enough of me filling him; pushing deep into him gave him so much pleasure. I wasn’t feeling selfish. Just being close to him and touching him in any way right now was enough for me. I stood up and kissed him slowly on the muzzle without a word, then gently pushed him back so that he’d lie flat on the table.

My erection rubbed against his own as I pulled him forward a bit, both of them hard and gleaming as our precum mingled. He groaned and looked down his body at me as I took hold of his legs and pulled him just a little closer. Standing there felt good as I lifted gently and exposed his puckered tailhole. It made me feel so powerful to see that begging look on his face that I hardened just a bit more. Gently I rubbed my cockhead along his furry sac until I slipped under it pressed forward. Then in one quick motion, I pushed forward and plunged deep into him, stretching and filling him up quickly.

As I felt myself hit some of those familiar spots deep within, he threw back his head and gasped. His own malehood jumped and his body was writhing all across the table. It was a good thing he’d cleared the candles away. His arms flailed and claws as my paws held his thighs and I shifted back slowly then thrust quickly in again. His back arched and I felt him clamped down on me as I heard him holler.

“Oh god, yes! Oh thank you! Thank you so much! God damn! That’s so good!”

I was thankful once again for the thick walls in our apartment as I continued to work in and out, pulling out slow only to thrust home again each time. He was always so loud when he really got into it, and with each thrust, I heard another stream of moans, thanks and praise. And I loved it. Listening to him as his tight depths stroked me always spurred me on, gave me such a feeling of pride.

We shook the table as the pace intensified, my lover hollering in gratitude and pleasure all the while. I could see him getting close, his cock moving towards the edge, even as the intensity of his tight passage was bringing me close as well. I was a bit of a quiet lover, but he always made enough noise for both of us.

“Oh man, here it comes! Thank you! Thank you! You’re so fucking good!”

He came first, shooting a thick jet of cum as soon as my next thrust entered. It spurted high and far, landing all the way on his shoulder, soon followed by plenty more. He seemed to have built up a lot throughout the day as it just kept shooting out across his chest and belly. He screamed, moaned, yipped, rumbled and made just about every possible noise as it flowed freely in time with my motions while I still worked towards my own climax. I was coming closer, and watching him certainly helped matters as I pushed in an out of him. He still rocked with me even as the main climax seemed to subside; he seemed to just be basking in the sensations in his current afterglow.

Coming close myself, I looked down at his body as I began to hit the threshold. It seemed like such a shame to let his seed go to waste. I moved my right paw steadily and scooped up a great glob of his spunk to bring to my muzzle. Hungrily I sucked it off of my fingers and that was all it took. For some reason, his cum was always so tasty, and that warm, salty mouthful pushed me right over the edge.

As I rolled it around in my muzzle and let my eyes shut, I climaxed directly into him, listening to him moan as the warmth spread through his insides. I moaned myself as I bathed in the taste and the feel, the intense sensations becoming my whole world for a moment as I shut everything else out. I swallowed and licked my chops clean as I kept cumming inside him, realizing I’d been building up for most of the day too. Finally my orgasm subsided into a gently trickle and then finished completely.

I opened my eyes to find him looking at me and smiling as I carefully pulled out of him. I smiled back and leaned slowly over him, pressing against my lover and kissing him deeply on the muzzle as he kissed me back. His paw came up and slowly stroked my face as I rubbed his sides, as if we couldn’t bear to pull our bodies apart. When we broke the kiss, we stared at each for a few moments before my lover talked.

“I think we should go get a shower,” he said, still smiling. “We’re a mess.”

Chuckling, I rubbed the fur of his chest, my hand slipping through the cum that was already settling in there. I slipped off of him and stretched. “Yeah, you did get a little sticky. We’ll go scrub up; then maybe we can put in a movie.”

Mmmm, that sounds nice,” he said as he started to sit up on the table. “Something with zombies or other slimy things in the dark.”

I nodded and grinned as I helped him down off the table. It was a good thing we’d gotten a sturdy one. We walked to the bathroom, arms around each other’s waists and still seemingly unable to break contact. I kissed him on the cheek as I pulled open the curtain, waiting for him to step inside first.

The steady hiss of the hot water began and he moaned as he stood under the showerhead. I grabbed the body wash and lathered up my paws, starting with scrubbing and rubbing his back. A steady rumble vibrated his body as I worked through his fur, moving down his lower back and squeezing his pert buttocks. Neither of us was recharged enough yet for another full romp, but the feeling was still wonderful as I gently cleaned him. Even when a finger gently moved to soap and massage his recently abused pucker, he just sighed happily, relaxed and contented. It was a sound that made me feel the same way.

I kneeled down in the tub to wash his legs then motioned for him to turn around so I could scrub where he needed it. I washed each of his toes one by one, making him emit an odd little sound that was somewhere between a giggle and a whimper. My paws worked their way up his legs until I was scrubbing his groin. Gently working through the fur of his balls, I moves my other paw to pull back his sheath and very softly scrub his penis clean. His claws found my ears and water trickled lightly from them over my head, adding to the light misting I was getting around his body. Finally when I thought he was sufficiently clean down there, I stood up and got another handful of the soap.

His chest and belly definitely needed the most work, being caked in several spots with his own cum that the water had made sticky. I worked up a good lather with my paws and stroked his body in scrubbing circles, leaning in to kiss his muzzle as I did so. Our tongues met once more as I cleaned the evidence of our earlier tryst off his chest. My paws moved up and down his slender arms and our paws locked at the end, just holding for a moment as we kissed under the water. Finally, we broke so that he could rinse off, and then it was time to switch.

I stepped under the showerhead and closed my eyes, letting the heat and pressure run over my face and basking in the sensation. His hands came to my shoulders and I let out a long contended sigh that I hadn’t realized I was holding in. I hadn’t really known just what a long day it had been until my sweetie was rubbing my muscles and scrubbing my fur. Mounting him on the table was one thing, but this… there was just something about it that was even more intimate as his paw worked their way down my back. The way he so diligently tended to me.

His arms slipped around me in a hug that pressed him to me, even as he washed my own chest. His tongue slipped to the back of my ear as he worked and rumbled out, “Mmm, I love you.” Smiling and feeling a warmth in my chest and throat, I patted his paw with my own where it rubbed down to my belly. “I love you, too.”

He gave me a full scrubbing massage from top to bottom, always working the back, then wrapping his arms around to clean my front. He let me simply stand there the whole time and enjoy the feeling of being taken care of, and it was all just adding more to what was turning out to be a wonderful, wonderful night. As the last of the soap ran down and off my footpaws, I reached down and turned the water off.

We stood stretching and drip drying for a few moments, resisting the urge to shake off since it wouldn’t do any good with both of us standing there. I reached around the border of the curtain for the closest towel on the rack and wrapped it around my lover, helping to dry him off a little before grabbing the other towel for myself. We never bothered to keep track of whose towel was whose. Seemed a bit silly with some of the other things we did.

Finally we were both clean, dry and fresh. I stepped out of the shower and hung up the towel as he moved behind me.

“So what should we watch, since this is our night?” I asked.

“I could definitely go for just about anything ending in ‘…of the Dead’ or something with a lot decapitations. Nothing overly silly tonight though.”

Our mutual love of just about all kinds of horror movies was one of the things that had originally brought us together, so I was all for it. Beyond simply enjoying the movies was the feeling it always brought up when we were snuggled on the couch watching one, thinking about how it had allowed us to meet.

“Genuinely horrific zombie fare it is,” I said with a smile. “I’ll let you pick.”

We headed to the living room and I settled myself into my typical groove in the corner of the couch while he opened up the entertainment center and looked through our collection. We had quite an extensive selection of the gory, suspenseful and even playful, so that we could never quite remember exactly which ones were there. I put my feet up on the ottoman and felt right.

“I think I saw a good one on the bottom shelf.”

Without thinking, he bent over to check, not realizing that I was amusing myself by staring as his ass. He peeked over his shoulder and smirked with a raised eye while I laughed. It was a bit of a running joke between us because I used use that old trick on him before we were even dating. Then again, I’m pretty sure he recognized it even then. Finally he selected a remake of an old classic that we both loved and plugged it into the player.

He slipped over to the couch and sat down as I cued up the movie with the remote. My lover snuggled up against me, and my arm wrapped around him. We sunk gently into the couch as the titles started, his warmth against mine and his claws gently working at the fur of my belly and chest. While I stroked his shoulder, I inhaled the scent of him, the clean, fresh smell that came off his fur mingling with his natural musk. It was so wonderful.

For about twenty minutes, we just stayed just like that, nestled against each other as the rest of the world ended on the TV. He slowly started to sprawl his legs out on the couch as he leaned against me. Occasionally we nuzzled as I continued to take in his aroma. He just smelled so good, I couldn’t get enough. I shifted to pull him closer and kiss his ear as we both still watched. Out of the blue he looked up at me and smiled.

“Think I should go make us some popcorn?”

When he said that, it just seemed to click into place. My honey was great in the kitchen, and I felt a little empty and wanted a taste of something, but didn’t really need food. There was something else that would make the evening perfect in that moment. I licked my chops and looked down to him with a grin before giving him a wet smooch.

“I want something, but I don’t think it’s popcorn.”

He grinned at me and knew exactly what I was driving at, we both knew each other so well. His eyes stared into mine and his paw slowly rubbed my belly, making me rumble a little. “Hmmm, want me to snuggle up in here?”

Slurping his muzzle, I nodded, ever smiling. “Yup. You smell so yummy for my tummy tonight.”

Sure, the talk was juvenile, but neither of us cared in those moments. It always did something for us with that sort of thing, and it wasn’t failing this time either. He giggled and playfully stroked my muzzle.

“Well it sounds cozy,” he crooned as he continued rubbing wide circles in my belly fur. “But if I’m all wrapped up in your tum, I’ll miss the rest of the movie.”

I slurped his muzzle a few more times, long slow licks all around it to tease him, watching as his eyes closed. “Aw, but you’re so tasty after we got you all cleaned up for me. And it’s not like you haven’t seen this sixteen times.”

He let out a sound that was some bizarre mix of a purr and a chuckle. “Oh… I guess,” he mocked relenting as he crawled up into my lap. “And at least I can hear it inside.”

I pulled him close into my lap and nuzzled him slowly, rubbing all around his muzzle as we snuggled there for a moment longer. As my muzzle opened, I heard another rumble from him as he leaned in close. It wasn’t the first time I’d swallowed him, and he always loved that first look down my throat almost as much as I loved that first mouthful. I leaned down and slipped my jaws around his muzzle, feeling him rub eagerly against my tongue as I savored that first taste once again. Licking slowly around his chin and muzzle and slipping down to his neck, I squeezed him gently in my arms. Soon he’d really be mine for the night.


I moaned around him as I stretched around his head, feeling him shiver against me at the sound of it. He tasted so perfect and felt so fulfilling as his head began to slowly slip into my throat. I scratched his back gently while my arms carefully pinned his to his sides. His shoulders were always the hardest part, even with his slender frame. It was just that initial stretching of my cheeks that did it. Once I was past that, I could always just relax and enjoy the taste of my sweetheart sliding into my stomach.

He helped by squeezing his shoulders down as best he could, his muzzle gently nuzzling my gullet while I worked to slide around them. Cheeks sliding inch by inch down the slope of his shoulder, my eye caught a glimpse of zombies chasing down a female victim as my mouth finally managed to stretch around him. We both sighed in that moment. Me because the hard part was over, my lover because he knew he was officially going to be gulped down now. There had been a few very rare nights, though not many at all, where I’d started at his head and had to stop because I just couldn’t seem to manage the shoulders. When he was in to his chest, it was always a little relief for both of us.

Taking things slowly now, with his head moving around inside and gently tickling, I nommed his chest and back softly. My teeth scraped through his fur and down over his nipples as I took little swallows around him, letting my tongue graze every inch of flesh that I could. He wriggled perfectly, half in my lap still, and I could already feel my loins stirring once again as I felt him slipping through my throat. Swallowing again to his slender belly, I slipped a paw between his legs and found him plenty hard already. I ram my paw slowly along the length to get him going the rest of the way. There was nothing quite like lapping a full hard-on while I swallowed him.

I never liked to think of it as “eating” my lover. Even when he was halfway into my gullet, wriggling about like that and tasting so delicious, I couldn’t think of it in those terms. It’s true, I was swallowing him whole, and it’s all the same in the eyes of some, but “eating” seemed too much like I’d ever digest him. I could never hurt him that way, but I still just love gobbling him up. And when he’s snuggled inside, that fullness warming the both of us, it’s always such an incredible feeling. There’s just a difference between the two.

Letting my tongue work along his belly, my paws pushed up on his rump now, helping to position him for easier swallowing. I lapped out of my muzzle then and got a taste of the head of his cock, bobbing hard in front of my chin. The taste made me shiver as it made him tremble inside. The feeling from the inside and the outside was incredible. I gave him a few more slow licks, savoring those movements inside as I pulled him in a little deeper. I’d lost track of the movie now, just a few random sounds filtering in here and there as I worked to take him further in. My throat worked, my paws shoved, my tongue stroked, all to get him deeper. I wanted that hard member in my muzzle, right on my tongue when it finally gave up his cum.

I could feel him nuzzling his way towards my belly as I finally took in the rest of his belly down to his hips. His head was just pressing into my stomach as that tasty rod fit neatly into the length of my muzzle. It wasn’t the first time by far, of course, but every single time felt fresh and wonderful. I suckled around his entire body, pulling all the flavor I could from him as my tongue stroked and wrapped the entire underside of his cock. I could feel him writhing inside as I finally put the full force of my muzzle at his groin. I take pride in the fact that I give good head, even when my honey’s body is stuffing my muzzle full. I could hear light moans as his pre leaked over my tongue, sweet and musky, and his body began to stiffen.

It still took some work as it always does when you’re working someone else, but it wasn’t long before I heard him yipping inside and having his second orgasm of the night. The taste flooded my senses making me moan as it washed along his fur and my tongue. It was a big part of what I had been waiting for all day. I let my tongue milk him as my paws stroked his thighs hanging out there. It was just a shame he had come earlier and only had so much to give in that moment. There was enough though, several good solid spurts. I could even hear a few of his usual screams of pleasure muffled through my belly. It gave me a little extra smirk around his body to hear that, even after feeling him flood my mouth.

Letting my tongue wash in the flavor of my lover’s seed for several moments, I finally made another swallow. This was a big one, pulling his hips and his entire load into my throat. I could feel his cum sliding all the way down my gullet along his body while his tail twitched around in my mouth. He was still shivering a little from the aftermath of his climax when his head pushed into my stomach. It began to stretch my belly, a feeling that was always surprisingly wonderful when it was my partner inside. I rubbed gently along my gut at that moment, hard as a rock below as he trembled inside me. My other paw slipped down and I stroked myself while I nibbled on his legs.

Those perfectly toned, slender thighs he got from his daily run were always such a tasty mouthful. I ran my tongue along the lines of his musculature, still finding the aftertaste of his load here and there as I did so, and let my teeth graze him just slightly. At each contact, his tail tip would twitch just outside my muzzle and tickle my nose. I couldn’t get a hold of the little bugger with my tongue, so I swallowed just a little more until it was easy enough to suck in with his thighs. I moaned while he squirmed inside, trying to get deeper into me, the feeling incredible all along my throat and through my chest. I wanted to take him slowly though, and savor every inch. Besides, teasing him was just too much fun.

I could catch glimpses of the movie now with his legs sticking out of my muzzle. The occasional kick would get in the way, but I was still able to enjoy a few favored scenes. There was just something about sitting there and watching a few minutes with him halfway down, paws rubbing my belly and my stiff member; it was bliss. But I knew what he really wanted and I wouldn’t make him wait much longer.

With a tip of my head, I made another powerful swallow. My lover slipped further through my throat and I felt his upper body pushing its way into my stomach as he wriggled his way to help. When his thighs passed my throat, my belly really began to expand under my paw. I was rubbing the stretching fur and skin there and suddenly felt him inside, through the wall. The feeling always made my cock jump just a little bit more, I had to be careful with that second paw if I didn’t want to pop off too soon.

Moving both paws up to my gut, I stroked my sweetie lovingly inside, his calves slipping into my muzzle. I licked them all over, taking every taste I could from him as I rubbed him down within. He pressed back against my stomach and my paws, and I could feel him vibrating happily inside, pushing my arousal up another notch. Despite our earlier tryst on the table, this was going to be a big one. Now we were both on the same page, wanting to get him completely into my belly. His footpaws were the only thing left, sticking out of my muzzle.

Closing my eyes, I let my tongue slip out around them and teased his toes as I pulled them in. He shook my belly as he laughed at the lightly ticklish sensation. The movement made me so hard that it almost hurt as I gobbled in his feet and closed my muzzle around them. There were always those few moments of hesitation at the end. Wanting him in my stomach, curled up in there, but enjoying his taste so much that it’s hard to finish him off. Letting my tongue explore for a while, nibbling and massaging his feet gently with my teeth, I finally felt ready after a few long moments. Paws on my belly, ready for it to expand, I gulped him all the way down.

I could feel every inch as his feet and legs sunk down inside me, my gut growing with his body as he worked to slide comfortably inside. I felt the instant that his feet slipped through the tight ring and my stomach completely held him, his body rubbing up against the walls and giving a steady, vibrating murr. Immediately, I reached lower and began stroking my erection again, working myself furiously as he settled in. In my extreme arousal it wasn’t long at all. I shot long and powerful. All over my belly. All over my lover. I gasped at each spurt as it ran out until it reached the point where the orgasm continued, but just dribbled out over my paw.

Shaking a bit as I finally opened my eyes, I realized I had slipped down almost completely off the couch. I carefully hoisted myself up onto the couch and I could feel another little vibration inside me, different this time. My honey was giggling in there. Of course he knew what I just been up to, and I couldn’t help but smirk. The cum rolled a little on my huge belly, but was already getting a little sticky. I could always wash it off later.

Once I was sitting there again, I rubbed my gut and sighed. I licked my chops and I could taste everything. Traces of his fur, the aftertaste of his skin, just a little bit of his seed left. All so delicious as he settled into my stretched stomach. It was always an incredible feeling to have him this close. Like cuddling to the third power. He rubbed his own paws back against mine through the fleshy wall and I couldn’t think of anything but how much I loved him.

Mmm, yummy, yummy.” I cooed to him. He could usually hear me just faintly, or so he always said. He wriggled at that, so it must have been true. “You feel so good in there, my tasty little snack.” Another wriggle and what seems like a happy sigh from my gut.

I sat with him in there, just rubbing my bloat and watching the rest of the movie, savoring the feel. He moved about gently, occasionally massaging me from the inside in all the right ways. We stayed there long after the movie was over. The TV was on in the background, but I wasn’t paying much attention to the new or the late night shows after. I was mostly basking in the feeling and knowing that I didn’t have to worry about the next day. And it felt like my sweetie was feeling about the same from the way he moved about inside me.

Eventually though, I did decide it was time to get ready for bed. I hefted us off the couch, groaning a little at the weight but also loving it. He shifted around to get more cozy inside as I got up and the sensation was incredible as always. After a moment to wash up in the shower and clean off my belly, I turned off the lights and headed to the bedroom.

Now as I sit on the bed, I know it’s time to let him back out soon. He feels like he’s already sleeping in there, like I might have rocked him to sleep while I was washing up. Even though I don’t really want to bring him out again, I don’t dare doze off with him inside me. Can’t take the chance of my body somehow deciding that my lover is actually food. Besides we have all day tomorrow to do whatever we want, and sleeping against him will be so much nicer than having him tucked away at this point. I start working to pull him up through my gullet again, thinking about all the things we’ll do tomorrow. He’ll probably wake up first and make me breakfast, he’s that kind of morning person. And it’s one of the things I’ve loved about him.

Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day, I can already tell.