My Sister the Succubus


the Wolf


I came home in the evening from a heavy day of classes and library time to find my apartment door unlocked. For most people, this would be a moment to pause and decide a course of action for dealing with an intruder. In my case, since the door was at least completely closed, I had a better hint of who was in there and just sighed a little as my plans for a solitary, relaxed evening vanished.

I opened the door to my little one-bedroom apartment. It's not a dump studio, nor is it a penthouse by any stretch. It's just a cozy, clean space that I can lay my head while I finish my Masters, and it would likely serve my needs when I went to work on my PhD as well. The door opened to face a clean kitchen in the open floor plan, and I looked to the left down the short length to the living area. Already I was feeling a little something when a dusky, honeyed voice said, "Hey, Phillip."

She hadn't even looked over at me from where she sat on the couch, but I could tell she'd been there a while already. As she often did, my older sister Violet was paying me an unannounced visit. My much older sister.

Violet was about ninety-three years old at this point, but didn’t look a day over twenty-two. Benefits of succubus DNA if you’re a female. Obviously she’s my half-sister really, but who wants to quibble over a few alleles here and there? The point is that as one my mother’s few daughters, she inherited the whole package of near immortality and all sorts of interesting abilities. Violet was also granted her own sense of supernatural beauty.

She sat on my couch, drumming her fingers on the arm and grinning her perfect white teeth at me. Her completely unblemished skin had an average Caucasian tone under the dark brunette hair that barely seemed to have hints of red in certain light. Between her and mom's own dark hair and more bronze complexion, I’ve always figured Violet’s father was Scotch-Irish. Not that the children of succubi ever really get a chance to meet their fathers; they’ve usually been swallowed alive before we’re even walking. Violet herself was currently sporting a huge, round belly just under her perfect, slightly hanging breasts. Still, I knew she wasn’t having any kids of her own yet, and this was just the result of a normal feeding, gobbling down some loner guy that probably wouldn’t be missed.

“Hello, Vi,” I said as casually as I could. Not that her showing up unannounced was anything new since she found me. It’s just that her supercharged pheromones were in the air and making my pants feel a little tighter. “Just stop by for a little chat after dinner?”

My sister just giggled and patted her belly, licking her full lips as it worked away at the slightly twitching form inside. “Actually, I felt like having some dessert.”

The first time Violet had said that to me with that look in her eye, I’d panicked. I put a lot of work into surviving my mother’s household, and I’d thought it was all for nothing because my ravenous sister was going to stuff me down her throat. Of course, that hadn’t been what she meant then, and it wasn’t what she meant this time.

Succubi do devour men whole, but that’s more of a major feeding. Though from what I gather, younger ones tend to eat full meals more often. Otherwise, they feed off of sex and life energy in ways that the sciences haven’t really unlocked. So in this case, my sister using me for “dessert” was far less sinister. In fact, it was a downright lovely idea that made me throb a little harder.

I’m sure some people think it’s weird, getting hot and bothered for someone you know is your sister, but when you grew up with my own mother’s sense of rewards for good grades—in addition to the gastric doom she held over us all—there’s very little out of the ordinary. Sex is just a thing that happens, and you enjoy it when it does. Though it is admittedly rare for us to run into one of our sisters. I don’t think it’s usually this survivable, but it’s such a small sample size, it’s hard to say.

In any case, I wasn’t thinking much about that as seconds ticked by. I was stepping forward while I watched Violet heave her huge belly up from the couch and walk to meet me. It bounced slightly in front of her naked body, and I’ll admit I’d come to find even that sexy over the course of years. When we met in the middle, I started gently rubbing it in a way I know she liked while I leaned over it to kiss her.

As our lips touched and I ran my hand over that smooth, stretched skin, I felt that almost imperceptible tingle that meant she was already feeding just a little off my sexual energy. It’s the most harmless feeding, and it actually added to my own arousal, her need drawing it out of me. Then against my own midsection, as the kiss deepened, I felt another little wiggle from her belly.

I leaned back and we giggled as I gave it a little pat, “So who’s in here?”

My sister shrugged. “Just some meaty frat jock type. Don’t remember his name, but he was yummy. You really want the details?”

“Not really,” I admitted with a smirk.

Yes, I’m sure I seem callous and horrible, knowing some guy was digesting in my sister’s stomach and still ready to give her “dessert”. Just remember, I grew up with this sort of thing, knowing a succubus in the house was going to eat men and simply dealing with it. Life doesn’t stop and start once something momentous becomes just another day.

I was already pulling my shirt off and tossing it aside, my hand slipping up over the top of her belly to grope her breast. My thumb teased her nipple and made Violet groan while another little ripple ran through her belly. This one I could actually feel against my own skin as we touched, and it made my sister let out a short, deep belch. I turned my face away from the smell, but didn’t let my hands wander too far away.

Mmm,” she said, “Wish you could understand how good it feels to be this stuffed, little brother.”

“Well,” I countered with a shrug, “since I can’t have that, I’ll have to settle for feeling what it does to you. And what you do to me. Not a bad deal.”

Violet grinned and tweaked my nose. “I think Mother taught you well.” Pushing me back and looking down my body, my sister licked her lips slowly. “Mmm, maybe I should just get my dessert straight from the source tonight. Really taste it.”

I knew what she was driving at, and her nails were already gently raking my upper body down to my pants while she started to slip towards her knees. Very carefully, I pulled her back up while trying to stroke her in nice ways.

“Actually, I think I’ll strip and get on the bed. Nothing quite like having you ride me.”

My sister put on a fake pouty expression, but her smile showed through. She certainly didn’t mind the idea of pinning me to the bed and making us both moan. All while she digested her latest male meal.

I walked back into my bedroom first and began to strip down, trying to not to whine too much about what I’d missed. The thing is, I would have loved for her to give me a blowjob then. I was positive my sister gave amazing head like most succubi. But for my own safety and sanity, I’ve always tried to avoid any oral play beyond kissing. I just couldn’t be sure how much control she had at her stage in life, and I worried about what would happen if I started to taste too good … but damn was it difficult sometimes. Still, the consolation prize certainly was nothing to sneeze at.

I’d already stripped off my pants and underwear and was standing next to my bed, stroking my cock and feeling all those desires soon to be fulfilled. Violet’s step was so light even with the extra weight that I felt her belly touch my back without hearing anything but the light borborygmus of her digestion. The gut was relatively still now as she leaned forward and reached around to push my hand away and stroke me herself. The soft touch of her fingers was amazing as it worked back and forth along my shaft. I knew she had to stretch to reach me like this and I heard her muttering behind me.

“You were supposed to get on the bed and wait for me, not stand here playing with yourself, Phillip.”

That voice of hers, equal parts command and playfulness, sent electric shocks through me. I had a little bit of say and knew when to suggest something, but there was no doubt that once we were into it, Violet was in control.

“Just making sure I’m really ready,” I said, just giving her enough meekness to excite her further.

“I’d say you’re firm enough. Now get on that bed.”

“Of course.”

I climbed onto my queen-sized mattress on top of the covers and lay on my back, displaying myself to her. My erection was jutting up and throbbing hard while she looked me over with a smile. I’ve had the thought more than once during that moment that I was laid out like a primal offering of some kind. That I was officially at my sister’s mercy and she could do anything to me, even move down to my feet and declare that this was the one night she wanted a full dessert to match the meal. Something about that little tinge of fear that ran through my body in the couple seconds of anticipation made the aroused desire oddly more intense. And as Violet climbed up to the bed and began to straddle me, I let out a sigh of relief and pleasure, the euphoria that I had been spared from risk another night.

She slowly settled herself down over my groin, taking control and gasping as the warm moisture of her sex began to envelope my entire cock. The feel of it sliding over my sensitive head once again and gripping me tightly made me moan and grip the bed comforter. We were both already fairly primed for our own reasons, and as she hitched her hips in a few initial motions, testing that she was lined up just right, I shuddered in raw pleasure.

When she was satisfied that everything was in its proper place, Violet carefully settled herself down onto my hips, taking my entire shaft into her and sighing. I could almost hear her biting her lip as my sister filled herself and that huge, burbling belly settled onto my abs and chest. I looked and smiled, feeling the warmth of her sex around my cock and the view of what I’ve come to see as that beautiful round tummy.

It blotted out most of my other view of Violet as she settled and began the steady rhythm of riding me, that dome of full flesh. I brought my hands up to rub and gently squeeze it, feeling that it had already begun to go soft as she digested the frat boy away. The first time, I thought I’d never get used to it, but now I loved every time her gorgeous belly was resting there and staring me in the face. My hands roamed all over the creamy skin, and I know the rubbing was driving her crazy the way her bouncing on my cock steadily increased.

The position we were in, I couldn’t even really see her anymore, just that huge, stuffed tummy jiggling against my chest. I know finding that view so hot has something to do with her being a succubus, making everything automatically sexier to my brain, but in those moments I’ve never cared. Feeling her wet sex grip my manhood, hearing her groan out in pleasure as her stomach gurgles and glorps, seeing nothing but that expanse of feminine gut and pressing it with my hands, all these things were just a recipe for perfect pleasure with my sister.

I could feel the moments when she was getting close. That sense that she was feeding and feeding well as my own arousal was heading towards its precipice, driving her towards something beyond a climax. Certain shadows started to fill the room in in its weak lighting from a couple lamps, and I knew it was that bare hint of her primal, true nature that appeared at the height of any excitement or hunger. The very thought of that made me thrust my hips upward in time with Violet’s motions, my arms almost gripping her belly and using it to help our coupling. I could hear her moaning as I did that, knowing that she absolutely loves it when I squeeze her gut while she’s digesting a meal.

Heat rose around my cock; I could actually feel the gush of her juices increasing and the pleasant pressure growing from Violet and from myself. I started to thrust hard up into her, working to push us further, still gripping her belly, even leaning my head forward to kiss her navel. As soon as my tongue touched that sensitive button, her body coursed with an electric little shiver. She cried out in strange, dark tones that I’d become used to over time. Her body was going through its own special climax, one that helped her feed on all the raw sexual energy in the air, which in turn heightened the pleasure and created a glorious loop inside her.

For my part, I could feel my orgasm drawn out by that incredible power of hers. The climax began, and time seemed to slow down. I felt myself shoot up into her in that wonderfully familiar burst of pleasure, yet with my succubus sister, it was always that much more. Every shot seemed to last several seconds. Her body milked me for more than just cum, but for the raw sense of desire and climactic bliss, sucking it out of me as I willfully gave it to her. There was no cost to my life or health, just the intensification of everything that was always so wonderful about sex to begin with.

She bounced up and down furiously, slapping that beautiful stretched tummy against my body. I didn’t even mind the sloshing weight of it, lost as I was in that strange uber-bliss that only a succubus can manifest. It was no wonder that so many men could easily fall prey to her, because in those moments, I thought only of the next throb and vibration of sheer rapture. I couldn’t even say how long my own orgasm actually lasted, just that it seemed to pulse in time with her own pleasure, slaking some thirst within my sister that I’ll never truly be able to understand.


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