Hunger Pangs


the Wolf


An angry growl sounded from her stomach. Valerie winced a little and looked down at the island in her kitchen where the sad little plate of celery sticks spread with a bit of peanut butter sat. Her stomach rippled again, calling for much more satisfying fare. She craved all those fattening foods. A large pizza with all the meats. A giant burger dripping with juices and toppings, coupled with some nice greasy fries on the side. A huge burrito stuffed with meat and cheese… Taking a deep breath, Valerie ran her hand over the bare, subtle roll of fat sticking out under her sport top to remind her why she was denying herself. She knew her butt and thighs were still fine, but that beginning little bulge in her abdomen would just be the start if she didn’t nip it now. So she had to just have this “meal”, then do the workout DVD in about an hour according to the diet she’d looked up.

Valerie picked up one of the celery sticks and quickly bit into it, hoping that once the so-called superfood—whatever that meant—of the peanut butter was in her stomach, the cravings might stop for a while. Instead, the tastelessness and texture of the celery seemed to only make it worse, even as she powered through. She’d known the diet would be rough, but tonight she just wanted to indulge even more than usual. Wanted every forbidden thing to cross her lips and tongue, damn the consequences. Telling herself to stay strong, that nothing tasted as good as thin felt, blah, blah, blah, Valerie took up another celery stick. Maybe if she just ate them quickly, her stomach would be full and she would forget all those things she wanted instead.

The side door to the kitchen opened as Lydia came home while Valerie was finishing off her third celery stick. It hadn’t helped much, but she still picked up the fourth while Lydia set her bag on the kitchen table and came into the room. For just a split second, Valerie envied the young, nearly perfect figure with her long strawberry-blond hair, but then she simply smiled feeling a mixture of pride and love.

“Hi, Mom,” Lydia said, looking down at the plate where a couple sticks remained and raising her eyebrows. “Um … is that dinner?”

“Hey, honey. For me, yes. You can have whatever you want.” She sighed and took another crunch on the current piece of celery. “How were classes and such today?”

Lydia had remained at home after graduation to save money while she attended college locally. While finances were not dire, and a few scholarships helped, both she and Valerie had agreed that with just the two of them in the house, it would make sense for her to live there another couple years. So far, there had been enough space for both of them, and the arrangement had saved at least a few thousand dollars in housing costs alone.

Stepping forward, Lydia leaned her elbows on the kitchen island. “Oh fine. Today was my heavy load, had Organic Chem, Drugs and the Brain, and British Lit of the 1800’s, then a few hours in the library. How are you doing?”

Sighing and munching a celery stick, Valerie swallowed and frowned. “Having a rough evening, honestly. Really dealing with cravings, and this isn’t helping,” she said as she held up another celery stick.

Lydia rolled her eyes and went to the fridge. “Mom, seriously, why are you torturing yourself like this? Have some real food. Let’s just have a free night.”

“That’s really tempting, honey, but you don’t understand. I used to look like you. And since your father left, I haven’t really gone out the last year or two, and I need … something. You know the needs I’m talking about. Which means I need to lose some of the weight.”

“Mom, you look great,” Lydia said as she walked to her mother with her own glass of juice. “Just put yourself out there; you’ll be surprised.”

“If I looked great, your father might have stayed with me.”

A change came over her daughter’s expression. “Mom, Dad left because he’s an asshole, and his boss had a lot of plastic surgery and that huge trust fund. You’re a fox, and you don’t know it.”

“Yeah, right,” Valerie said sardonically. She appreciated her daughter trying to be nice, but when she looked down, she didn’t feel it. She pinched the little bulge of her belly. “I’m middle-aged and getting fat. Soon it’ll hit my ass and thighs.” Valerie sighed. “For God’s sake, my tits are fat.”

“Your tits are fine, Mom. They’re nice tits, awesome tits. Don’t insult the power of your rack.” That at least made Valerie chuckle as her daughter continued. “As for your little pot belly, I think it’s cute, and so would a lot of guys. You’ve got the curled black hair, and your face is pretty.” She set her glass down and shrugged. “Face it, you’re a MILF. And even if guys your own age can’t see it, I’m sure there are plenty of people at my school that would be all over you.”

She actually laughed a little and looked up with a thoughtful smile. “Hmm, a whole bunch of college guys fawning over me. It’s a fantasy I could get behind.”

“I’ll make some calls,” Lydia said with a teasing smirk. “So what do you say we ditch the diet, at least for a little bit, and have a pig-out night? Just you and me?”

Valerie was teetering on the edge of agreeing. She knew her daughter was probably right, but she’d grown up with so many images and guys that said thin was the way to be. She was afraid of putting up a picture on a dating site and not looking her best. On the other hand, she wasn’t sure if it was worth it to be miserable.

As if to add another voice to the debate, her stomach let out another rumbling growl. If possible, the sound was even louder than before, rippling through her body and making her groan a little as she actually felt it in her gut. There was no more real debating, Valerie needed real food tonight.

Lydia looked down at her mom’s belly and chuckled. “Jeez, that settles it. I’m getting my computer out and ordering a couple pizzas before you eat me!”

Snickering, Valerie dramatically clutched the counter edge of the island and stared at her daughter. “No … it’s too late … You look like a giant turkey leg.” She playfully licked her lips and lunged at Lydia. “Come here!”

Lydia chuckled as she pulled back. “Oh no! She’s gone crazy! It’s diet madness!”

They laughed as Valerie grabbed her arms. “Mmm … so hungry… You look delicious!”

“Mom, the pizza. Think of the pizza!”

“Must have food! Omnomnom!” Valerie smacked her lips while Lydia giggled in mock struggles. She teased and even licked Lydia’s face, making little hungry moans and noises as she thought how right her daughter was. She needed a break among other things, and soon they’d order something and have a night of movies on the couch. Valerie was so hungry that the licks actually felt good to her tongue.

She couldn’t have said the moment things changed or who moved in what way, but suddenly Valerie found herself kissing her daughter. Not just teasing or joking, their lips were pressed together, tongues wrestling back and forth with each other. A little moan was escaping from Lydia, and Valerie found herself caught between how nice it felt to finally have another pair of soft lips pressed to hers again and the realization that she was making out with her own daughter. One thought made her want to pull back while the physical sensation drove her to keep going, especially as she felt a hand rubbing along her exposed tummy and another running through her hair. Her own hands had slipped on some instinct to Lydia’s hips and she actually found herself leaning deeper into the kiss for a couple seconds. When she felt her breasts brush against her daughter’s, eliciting another little moan in the middle of the kiss, Valerie finally pulled away quickly, breaking the contact.

She took a couple steps back, her eyes widening as both she and her daughter stood panting in the kitchen. Lydia sighed some and looked at her mother while Valerie grappled with herself. There were a few moments of silence that Valerie assumed were both of them being nervous to speak first.

“What … was that?” she finally said.

“I’m not sure,” Lydia responded slowly before looking up at her mother, “but … it was kind of nice.”

“No.” Valerie turned and took a couple steps away and steadied herself against the island counter, shaking her head. “No, no, we can’t—we shouldn’t do that. It’s wrong.” But her lips were already craving that touch again, her body reacting to all the needs that hadn’t been satisfied in too long. Just one more thing she now desperately wanted the taste of that she shouldn’t allow herself.

“I … I guess so.” Lydia took a step forward. “But why, really? What’s so wrong?”

Valerie took a couple deep breaths. “Well, it’s … I mean, you know … just wrong.” Still the question shook her as her body begged for another go. Telling her to just try and see, how nice that long kiss had felt.

Lydia moved a little closer, and Valerie didn’t pull herself away. She didn’t want Lydia to feel like they couldn’t share affection just because her mind was torn about that little slip-up. Valerie shuddered and took another breath as her daughter was right next to her again.

“Mom, look at me.”

Valerie turned her head to see Lydia leaning in a little closer. The thought that it would somehow be wrong was losing ground to her body’s need to feel that touch.

Lydia gently took her mother’s head in her hands. “Does this really feel wrong?”

She aggressively leaned in and pressed her lips against Valerie’s, tongue pushing and demanding entrance. As their lips met and her daughter’s tongue pushed into her mouth, Valerie’s resistance melted away to the strange desire inside her. She pushed back to the kiss, her mouth working against Lydia’s while her hands reached out to hold her. They turned, and Valerie’s back pressed against the counter, both mother and daughter moaning into each other’s mouths. Bodies shifted and Valerie felt a hand at her breast, cupping it carefully while a finger stroked and teased her hardening nipple through the sport top. She whimpered at the delicious tingle that raced from her chest straight down the direct connection to her loins, pushing her closer to true arousal. The sensation made her whimper, yet she still could not break contact with Lydia’s lips because if she did, she might think too much about what they were doing. Lydia’s fingers worked and teased her breast further while Valerie stroked her hands down in the embrace and once again squeezed her daughter’s hips.

The fingers at Valerie’s breast slipped lower as lips and tongues continued that passionate dance. They stroked at her tummy, the skin already oversensitive and making her shudder between her daughter and the island. Playing there for just a little while, the hand moved in quick circles down until it slipped right under and against her groin. When Lydia’s fingers touched there, pressing through the tight workout pants against the growing moisture, Valerie finally broke the kiss. Her head tilted back and she gasped as a wave of unexpected pleasure shot through her body before she could come to any form of sense.

“Lydia,” she breathed out heavily, “wh-what are you—oooh!—doing?”

Continuing to gently stroke with her fingers, Lydia nuzzled her mother’s neck. “Just making you feel good, Mom,” she whispered. “I know this is something you need.”

“H-Honey,” Valerie said through another couple pulses of pleasant stimulus, “k-kissing is one thing, but l-let’s not get … Oooohh… Oh yes!”

She’d blurted it out when her body slipped to the next level, pushing away more of her coherent thoughts. Lydia’s other hand had moved to tease the nipple that had been neglected, and she’d begun slowly kissing the hollow of her mother’s neck. Valerie could feel herself melting to the attention in ways she hadn’t in years. It had been that long since another person had worked at pushing every button and really making it about her. Her hands moved back and gripped the counter edge to steady herself while she sucked at her lip and rode the intense sensations.

The pressure decreased as Lydia backed up a moment. Valerie no longer wanted anything to stop. She’d lost all care for arbitrary moral limitations, just knew that she wanted—needed—that contact again. And if Lydia wanted to give it to her in that moment, so be it; she merely hoped her daughter wasn’t suddenly having second thoughts.

“Let’s get your top off, Mom.” Lydia was already reaching for the edges of the skintight sport top, and Valerie moved instantly to help her. She peeled it off quickly with her daughter’s urgent help, not trusting herself to speak just yet in case she said the wrong thing or overthought what was happening. Her breasts fell just slightly against her chest once they were no longer compressed by the top. Lydia was already cupping Valerie’s left breast with her right hand, smiling and letting her thumb run slow circles around the areola. “See, Mom? They’re very nice tits.”

Before Valerie could speak through the heavy breaths she was taking, her daughter leaned down and flicked her tongue across her right nipple. A shock of pleasure coursed through her, making Valerie’s loins tingle even more. Lydia pressed her lips against the hardened nipple, gently sucking and moaning while her left hand slipped to grip her mother’s buttocks, squeezing and making Valerie’s back arch. Her eyes closed and little whimpering moans escaped her as her daughter’s attention enflamed her desire, the simple bodily pleasure feeding the need for more, deeper bliss. A realization struck Valerie as her daughter teased both nipples, sucking and pinching them softly.

“You’ve th-thought about this before,” she gasped out, “haven’t you?”

Lydia’s head slipped just a little away from her mother’s breast and she grinned. “Once or twice.” She gave the nipple another wet lick that made Valerie shiver all over. “Like I said, Mom, you’re a fox and don’t even know it.” Kneeling down slightly, Lydia kissed her mom’s belly, brushing her face against the little roll of pudge and sighing. The ticklish sensation almost made Valerie laugh as it further enhanced and drove her arousal. Her fingers were tugging at the tight workout pants while Lydia let her tongue tease into her mother’s navel. “So let’s take your mind off everything.”

Her daughter’s lips were pressing lower, making Valerie’s eyes widen for a moment as she felt the elastic of the pants being tugged against her thighs. She imagined a warm tongue waggling inside her and moaned, even as she pictured her own daughter’s face buried between her legs.

“Wait…” Valerie managed to groan out.

Lydia stopped immediately, slipping to her knees and sitting back on her feet. “You … don’t want this anymore?” She actually looked sad.

“No. I mean, yes, I mean…” Valerie stammered. For just a few seconds she hadn’t been sure what she wanted, but it all felt so good and her daughter was so willing. One thing had made itself apparent though as she sighed. “I mean, the counter is digging into my hip.” She couldn’t believe what came out of her mouth next. “Let’s … let’s at least go to the living room. It’ll be more comfortable.”

A smile broke over all of her daughter’s features. “Lead the way.”


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