His Own Way


the Wolf


Jack Smith sat in front of the large oak desk, across from the rather large man that owned the desk and the warm den in which it rested. The chair was quite soft and comfortable, matching the cozy, lavish feeling of the den. A fire even crackled in a spacious marble fireplace to his right, casting flickering shadows in the low light. His indifferent green eyes watched the man sitting before him in a powerful navy blue suit; potentially his latest client if the job seemed right.

Harold Lannigan was an impressive figure to behold. His rotund frame dwarfed Jack in many ways and he had stood at least a few inches taller when he had conducted Jack through the large and lavish home into this cozy den to discuss business. A full head of distinguished dark grey hair sat above fiercely intelligent, slightly sad brown eyes as the man himself sat in a huge wing-backed chair of deep maroon velvet. His face was strong and seemed to have been tanned until recently. Now it was visibly pale, boasting a few laugh lines and what seemed to be relatively new worry lines. He smiled wanly at the somewhat smaller man, looking almost like a benevolent ruler in the settings.

“I appreciate you coming to meet me here, Mr. Smith. It may mean a great deal to me,” Lannigan said.

Jack simply nodded. “With how much you were offering just to meet with you and hear what you had to say, I couldn’t very well turn you down. I’m just sorry I had to make you wait a couple days. And you can feel free to call me Jack.”

“Of course, Jack, I did hear that you tend towards the informal. You may, in turn, call me Harold. Not to worry, I understand that you had to finish your previous business.” Lannigan paused and steepled his fingers, elbows resting on his desk. “It is true then, isn’t it? You can do what Lawrence said you could?”

With another light nod, Jack’s hand idly went to the soft bit of paunch that he was still sporting. Rubbing gently, he smiled to the big man across from him. “It’s true. This is actually some of my last job that’s still working off.”

Taking a shallow breath, Lannigan relaxed back into his chair, his eyes widening just barely perceptibly. “Amazing. Truly amazing. I almost didn’t believe, but Lawrence swore in his email that you were a man who could actually… do it.”

“I can. Among many other things. So tell me, what is it that requires my unique talents?”

“Yes. Yes, of course.” Lannigan took a deeper breath and seemed to compose himself. He took a moment as if to steel himself for what was to come, looking down at his desk for a moment. “I should give you some background information first.”

Jack kept himself from sighing or betraying anything. The big man seemed serious about this and still hadn’t looked up, but it felt almost like wasted time. Jack didn’t need a lot of background on the offense. He wanted either a target or the info needed to find the target and to know just what heinous act deserved being digested alive this time. Lannigan wasn’t the first potential client that wanted to give extra info, but it still always rankled Jack to have to wade through it for what he needed to know.

When he looked up, Lannigan’s eyes were even softer and sadder than they had been before. “I... I’m dying, Mr. Smith. Jack. My doctors have estimated that at this point I have almost two months to live, and that only one month of that will I truly be myself.”

There was none of the odd little echo that Jack always heard if someone tried to lie to him. Harold was telling the truth as far as he knew.

“Your brain?” Jack asked.

Lannigan nodded slightly. “A tumor. It’s situated between my frontal lobe and parietal lobe just slightly to the left-hand side according to the doctors and the CAT-scans. Odd how much you remember about something when it’s killing you. They say that the way it’s expanding and enmeshed currently, operations or other treatments would be futile and would only serve to decrease my quality of life in the… last months.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that,” Jack said gently and sincerely. He truly felt for the man before him, but still wondered why he was hearing about this.

“Thank you. It’s important to me that you understand that I’m estranged from my so-called family. I came from a very ‘religious’ family and they never have approved of my lifestyle, of who I am. No amount of money I made would change that. It bothered me for a time, but I’ve had no use for them for the past twenty-three years. My brother and sisters and what they think of me stopped mattering very shortly after I met Nathan.”

Jack nodded. Clearly Harold needed someone to listen to him, and Jack had no problem helping his fellow man. But it all sounded rehearsed, and the business side of him wanted Lannigan to get to the point of why he needed to hire someone like Jack.

“For the past two decades, we’ve been each other’s world. I consider him my husband, regardless of what the state says, and so does the church we’ve belonged to. I’ve had a real family in him and a lot of our friends. When I was first diagnosed about eight months ago, Nathan was ready to stand beside me. But a month ago… he just… he couldn’t handle it any more. He moved out and into a hotel, and he’s been preparing to leave town…”

Lannigan’s voice trailed off as Jack started to stand up. He could see where this was going and it wasn’t the sort of job he was willing to do. “I’m very sorry, Mr. Lannigan, but I don’t think I can be of help to you. You have my deepest sympathies, truly. It’s very unfortunate that your husband left you because of this, but I won’t kill him just for that. I’m afraid I…”

It was Jack’s turn to trail off as he saw the momentary, horrified look in Lannigan’s eyes and watched the man shake his head quickly. “No!” Harold said. “Oh no, never! I couldn’t even think of… what you think!”

Jack slowly sat down again as he regarded Harold once more. He suddenly had an inkling of what the large man was leading up to, but he would wait to hear it. “My apologies.”

“You must have dealt with a lot of despicable people in the past, Jack. No, that’s not my intention at all. I still love Nathan, and I know that he loves me. We actually met at a support group for people whose families had decided to shun them. We’d both felt alone for a long time, but somehow when we got together, it all just fell away. He really bloomed in our relationship, and we’ve really built our lives around each other now. Nathan’s a wonderful man, just very sensitive. He loves me too much. We’ve been discussing the facts since my first diagnosis. He thought he would be able to handle it, but the more time went on, the more he was suffering. Nathan tried, really, I know he did. But he told me that when he thought about that last month… he really wanted to be… just…”

Jack became intently interested in a painting on the wall as he heard Harold’s speech break down. He saw no weakness in the man crying, but he felt it only right to give him a certain amount of dignity. Had he known Lannigan a bit better, he might have moved around the desk and embraced him, but the idea simply did not feel right. So instead he examined the individual brush strokes that made up the ship rocking on the sea until he heard Lannigan’s composure return.

“I’m sorry about that,” the husky voice said, “I even practiced talking about all this before you arrived so that this wouldn’t happen. I just got a little off track. In any case, I was actually the one who first told Nathan he should get away from all this. I bought him the hotel room for as long as he wanted it. As much as he couldn’t watch me deteriorate, I… I couldn’t make him suffer with me.”

“No apology needed,” Jack returned gently as he leaned forward. “Harold, I think I know what you’re getting at, but I don’t like to make assumptions. Now I haven’t heard anything that would indicate other targets for a man in your position in anything you’ve told me. So I want to ask you straight out, who is it you want me to eat?”

Harold nodded slowly, still sniffing slightly. “Me. I want you to swallow me alive before this tumor can take my life or who I am. I don’t want to die that way, I don’t want to die alone, and I don’t want to force Nathan to be with me or to know that I’m suffering at all.”

Jack nodded and took in a deep breath. Letting it out with a sigh, he settled back into the chair, deep in thought. “You know Lawrence from the web, don’t you?”

“Yes. No doubt a man such as yourself has heard of the fantasy. The way Lawrence describes it, you actually enjoy your work quite a bit, so you know that there are others that dream of… being on the other end.”

Jack knew all too well, and Lawrence gave his information to anyone that might want to hire him. A bisexual, married man, he had hired Jack two years before to take care of a spoiled frat boy that had raped his daughter. The rapist had avoided conviction thanks to money and an expert lawyer that pulled every dirty trick possible. When Jack showed up in the appointed hotel room with a full, bulging belly to display that the rapist had indeed been dealt with, Lawrence had begged to spend one night with him in that state. He’d rubbed all about Jack’s belly as the frat boy squirmed a few moments helplessly inside. Lawrence had sucked him off slowly and asked to be teased about how tasty he himself would be. And though Jack would never consider eating the devoted father, he was more than happy to help him think of the favored fantasy and give him all the verbal stimulation he could want during that night. A few days later, Jack had found the sleazy lawyer as an added bonus and given him a chance to try and plead his own case before swallowing him too.

Now Jack regarded the man across from him again, seeing the resolved look in his eyes. “I’m very aware of it yes. And I’ve had a few people ask me to do the same thing. I’ve turned down every other job like that, because it didn’t feel right. But your situation is, of course, unique.” He thought a second longer, considering everything he knew. “You have a plan or a scenario worked out?”

“I do. If I’m going to die, I want to die my way, living out my fantasy to the fullest extent. Again, from what Lawrence tells me, this would probably be within your abilities and, hopefully, your willingness. I want to be given two weeks. During that time I intend to start by attempting to reconcile with my family one last time. It may seem silly, but I feel it’s something necessary for my soul. I won’t tell them I’m dying, simply that I want to try and speak with them. If they’re willing, I’ll explain what’s happening and spend a few days with them and become reacquainted. If not, I’ll spend those first few days as I see fit. In any case, I also intend to liquidate my assets and dispose of them in that time among my real family here. If I’ve given everything away already in full legal sense, there should be no way for my siblings to try and claim undue rewards.

“My second week, I intend to spend with Nathan. I’m going to tell him of my plans, more or less, to die on my own terms and that I intend to disappear. Though he knows of my little quirk, he won’t be able to understand or believe in the actual possibility. I want to have a few final days with my husband where we can hopefully simply enjoy each other’s company. I want to give him fond memories of the last and the inheritance I feel is due to him.”

Jack listened silently as Harold laid it all out. It sounded like the man had rehearsed this part as well and was trying to get through it as painlessly as possible. He didn’t want to interrupt.

“Two weeks from today, after I’ve had time to make peace with those that matter to me, I want you to show up at my door. I don’t want to be sure of a time that you’ll come, but just to know that you’re coming to devour me. As soon as you step into this house, I want you to dominate me completely. I will leave the details up to you, but just so that I’m being treated as something between a slave and food. And at the end of the night, I want to end my life in your stomach, after which, you will find an envelope here on my desk that will contain much more than your usual fee. Is this acceptable? Something that you’re willing to do?”

Jack took a deep breath. “The terms would be acceptable. Though there are some things that we should discuss.”

“I’m not too big, am I? I was concerned when I actually saw you.”

“No, I could swallow a man your size easily. Not likely to move much for a while afterwards, but that’s not the issue. I need you to understand that once I’ve done it, it won’t be like your fantasy. If you don’t pass out quickly, it could be incredibly painful, and that’s even as you’re on the way down. I have some good body control, but you’re still going to be squeezed pretty tightly to get you in. And there’s the matter of acids. You’ll feel them burning if you’re awake at all inside. I can try to deprive you of enough air so that you pass out seconds after you hit my stomach, but you need to understand the risk of pain.”

Harold nodded, looking almost excited as Jack matter-of-factly talked about the mechanics of eating him alive, his eyes still serious and thoughtful. “I understand that risk, and I’m willing to take it. If I can live out even a portion of my fantasy and go out my way, I’ll chance the pain. I’d rather that than lying in a hospital bed suffering and forgetting who I am.”

Nodding once more from his chair, Jack sat in thought for several more moments. In any other case, he would refuse to fulfill the fantasy, because most of the others who called him for such requests had no idea what they were getting into. This man was different though. And he couldn’t see denying the man his last dying wish. He stood up and extended his hand across the desk, and Harold immediately stood up to take it.

“Then in two weeks time I’ll be here again. You have until then to contact me at any time and change your mind. But know that once I’m here, I’ll enjoy my feast regardless of what you say.”

He could see Harold give an almost imperceptible shudder as he nodded his agreement but could not tell whether it was excitement or fear. Most likely both.



Harold sat in his dining room alone, eating some of the best salmon he’d ever tasted and wondering if it would be his last meal. He had told Smith specifically to come at an unpredictable time, and he wondered if he’d have time later to eat any of his other favorites that he’d bought. One thing Harold would not lack for in his last day was good food and he’d already enjoyed plenty. He could have afforded more expensive certainly, but he didn’t feel he’d truly get better, not for his tastes. As he ate and sipped a good Riesling with the salmon in one of his best suits, he pondered once again over the course of his life and the fact that it was definitely ending, at the most, in a matter of hours.

He thought about terminal patients and inmates on death row, the only people that were ever given official expiration dates. He thought about general suicides as well, but didn’t feel that he could lump them in with the other two categories. They always had a choice. They could hold off at the last minute and lead long – or potentially short – lives of unpredictability once again. That was what distinguished the first two classes. Knowing when they would go and not being able to do a damned thing about it. Though he’d done something and taken some control by hiring Smith; at least he could say that. If something was intent on ending Harold Lannigan, he was going to beat it to the punch. Not just a way to live out his fantasy, but a little Fuck you to the traitorous cells growing in his brain.

Even in the last two weeks, he’d been starting to feel the difference. He couldn’t be sure if it was the tumor or just the sort of thing that happens to everyone at times, but he didn’t like it in either case. At times it had been hard to concentrate, and he would have trouble remembering why he stepped into a room at all. Little things that hadn’t slipped him would do so, or he’d say something without intending to let it out. He hated it.

The attempts at his false family had gone about as expected. They had wanted nothing to do with him when he tried to contact them. His sister Janet had said that she would only speak with him if he had realized his errors and would come back to their church begging “forgiveness”. The younger sister Bethany was polite enough but clearly uncomfortable talking to him and came up with polite excuses as to why she couldn’t see him that week. His brother Rick had called him “past redemption” and a few less savory terms and hung up as soon as his voice came over the line. He didn’t bother with trying the extended family after that. He knew it would be the same with all the cousins and the few living aunts and uncles.

But if they’d known the rich queer was about to keel over, those righteous bastard vultures would line up to try and  pluck the money from my corpse. Fucking lowlifes! I should tell Smith to go to them one by one after me and…

Harold shuddered a little. The thought had sprouted up like several throughout the last two weeks. Another thing he didn’t like, but he wouldn’t have to worry much longer. He focused on how the rest of that week had gone; that made him happy. He’d gathered his friends and the members of his own church together as often as he could. Nathan had been about as well, as often as possible. For all of them there had been laughter at the good memories mingled with the unavoidable tears. He’d been embraced and cared for throughout the week, and they’d all been so patient with the few times he’d suddenly blurted something inappropriate or even cruel. They stood by him for the whole week and on the Saturday night he’d held a huge good-bye bash and told his closest friends that he intended to go his own way soon. That night he’d given away most of his worldly possessions as they pressed him for answers, many asking to be there when he went. He would only tell them the same thing, that they unfortunately couldn’t witness it but that he appreciated their friendship and wanted them to remember him as he was on this night. Later in the evening, in front of everyone, Harold had surprised Nathan by officially signing a few documents that would transfer control of all his remaining accounts, business interests, and any other holdings to Nathan’s complete ownership amid applause and some happy laughter as Harold cracked jokes about being destitute and having to live off his husband.

Then had come his last week. All the friends and real family understood that he and Nathan needed time together and respected that. The first Saturday night after the last guest had tearfully hugged him good-bye, Harold and Nathan had walked with arms around each other straight upstairs to the bed they’d shared. For the first night, there’d been no talking, no real action at all. They’d pressed against each other silently and simply lay huddled together for the whole night. Harold had sighed occasionally through the night and once or twice heard Nathan trying not to sob as they pressed close together. Each time he’d just slowly wiped the tears without a word.

The rest of the week had been another story entirely. They’d run the gamut from slow love-making to pure primal fucking and everything in between. They worked hard to make every minute count, to enact almost every fantasy that either of them had ever talked about. For at least six days, they had come as close as possible to forgetting that it was Harold’s last hurrah. He treasured the few marks that were still left on his body from those several days.

Yesterday had been hard though. Reality seemed to come home when they woke up in the morning and both realized there were less than twenty-four hours to be together. Neither could find the mood or energy for anything. They wound up snuggled together on the couch, watching old favorite movies. At least once an hour, one of them felt the tears coming again. And the hardest came later in the evening as they sat together in those last few hours. Each of them knew the moment was coming, but it was Harold who had spoken first.

“You know… you can still change your mind about the house. With our friends around here, you should really have it.”

“Don’t talk about that, bear. Please…”

“We have to. I really want you to have it. I want you to entertain; I want all of you to get together here. I want to know that you’ll all have each other when I’m gone.”

“We’ve been through all this. Sign it over to someone else. I’m sure Robert would love it. I just… I can’t live here afterwards. I can’t.”

“Are you at least going to stay in town?”

“I don’t know. I’m not sure I can. Everything… it all just… What are you doing tomorrow? Why won’t you let us be with you?”

“It’s complicated… I just want you all to remember me this way. It’s why I’m doing all of this, so that you won’t remember me in a hospital bed or anything else. Especially for you. The funeral is all arranged, I simply won’t be around. You’ve got the right pictures to put up and if you want…”

“Stop it! Just don’t… Call it off, whatever you’re doing. Give us at least one more week to be together. Go back to the hospital. Maybe… maybe they’ll find something new. Even if not, we’ll have those few more days, things might change…”

Holding him closer now, pressing him to his chest, trying not to cry.

“And after that, we’ll want one more week. Or one more month, or maybe we’ll hope for some miracle that’ll give us a year. But I can already feel it changing. Baby, we both know it’ll happen. And I don’t want whatever that final day would be to change everything you know about me. I want you to remember something good.”

Nathan clutching him now, sobbing against him. “It’s not fair. It’s not fucking fair! It’s NOT FUCKING FAIR!”

His eyes closed, stroking Nathan’s hair, silently agreeing as the litany went on through choked breaths.

“I can’t… I just… It’s not FAIR! I don’t want to be without you! I can’t live that way!”

Eyes widening at that, worrying as he held his husband. “Nathan?”

Sobs hitching against him. “It’s not fair…”

“Nathan, honey, I need you to listen to me.”


“You’re not thinking of…” Hard to even say it. “…of doing anything to yourself… after I’m gone. Right?”

No answer, not immediately.

Pulling back to look in his eyes. “You promise me, right now, that you won’t do anything to hurt yourself.”

“I don’t…”

“Promise me.”

“I… I promise…”

“We have a couple more hours. When it’s time to go, I want you to stay with Kim and Frank for a while. Will you do that? For me?”

Thinking a moment, then Nathan nods.

Pulling him closer again, holding his husband tight. “Thank you.” Holding him for long moments as another wave of tears hits, wracking Nathan’s body, leaving him unable to speak.

Hard breaths trying to pull in. “I’ll miss you so much…”

Pulling back and giving Nathan a long, soft kiss. “I’m going to go call them. It should just take a moment. When I get back, we’re going to do whatever you want for the next couple hours. This time is for you.”

Coming back to the present, Harold looked down at the empty plate in front of him. He hadn’t even tasted the last of the salmon, but it was gone all the same. He wiped his eyes with a cloth napkin. He’d talked to Frank for a moment that night, and he and Kim had been more than willing to let Nathan stay with them for a little while. When he’d gone back to the couch, Nathan had been sprawled naked on it, ready for one last night. To think of that made him smile. But at the end of the night, after their final acts of love it was as difficult as before. Frank and Kim both came to pick Nathan up at the right time, and the two began to say their final good-byes. Nathan fell apart during their last embrace, right after their last kiss. Harold had wept as well and it was hard for either of them to let go. In the end, the other couple had been on either side of Nathan, helping him to their car after saying their own farewells to him once again. It had been pretty rough on the two of them as well. Harold knew he couldn’t have thanked Frank and Kim enough for what they did. Or what they were probably doing for Nathan now.

“You were right, sweetie,” he said as he began to pick up the lone place setting, “It’s really not fucking fair.”

Walking through the door into the kitchen, he just set down the plate and the glass when he heard the loud chime of the doorbell. His spine stiffened and he instinctively looked at his watch. 2:41.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls…

The thought came unbidden to him. He exhaled, realizing this was the time now, no more lead-up, no more guessing. Here it was. His last wish and his own death. Straightening his tie, he walked slowly out of the kitchen, heading for his entryway. He’d wanted to look handsome and dignified before Smith took him to do as he would. There was a moment of excitement as he reached for the door, almost an exhilaration at wondering just what Smith had planned. A moment of apprehension when he almost couldn’t open it.

As he finally pulled the large door open, he was pushed firmly back into the entryway. It didn’t hurt or even feel uncomfortable, but the hand on his chest had meant business as Smith stepped into the room. A small rush went through him. He’d had no idea the man would be that strong! Dressed simply in jeans, a dark blue t-shirt and a nice leather jacket, Jacked closed the door, clicking the lock as he did so. He carried a huge black duffel bag in one hand that he sat casually to the side with the sound of metal clinking inside. He turned towards the big man then, green eyes burning passionately as he looked Harold over.

The scrutiny was different than it had been when they’d first met. His eyes were crawling hungrily all over the body before him, already making Harold feel a bit more like an object… a piece of meat. It sent a shiver through his spine as Jack approached him and glanced at his suit. He’d never been truly made to feel the lesser to another man, even though he’d fantasized more than once. It was incredible now that Jack was actually able to give him that feeling. One of the man’s hands moved to brush lightly over Harold’s belly and made him almost gasp. He was already feeling transported now, away from thoughts of death as a reality as his old desires were slowly enflamed. Almost as if he were suddenly another person under Smith’s gaze.

“Hmmm,” Jack murmured as he stalked a slow circle around Harold, “You’ll make a succulent feast tonight. And I’ll have plenty of fun with you first.”

Smith’s eyes looked slightly up, directly into Harold’s as he came back around in front of the large man. There was fierce power in that stare as Jack’s hand slipped up the suit coat and gripped the tie. He pulled the tie down so that Harold’s head was at an even level with his. Harold found himself intoxicated by the raw power that flowed through the man.

“My plaything is a bit overdressed, though.” He released the tie. “Strip. Now.”

Shivering in the suit, Harold began to comply immediately. He sloughed off the coat without a thought to its expense and let it fall to the floor in a way he’d never done before. His fingers fumbled at the tie, making him feel like a teenager at his first time. He hadn’t even been so nervous or so turned on then as far as he could remember. He could already feel his arousal growing as he pulled the tie up off his head and Jack held out his hand.

“Give that to me. I think I’ll find a better use for it.”

Complying easily with every command, Harold continued to strip as Jack methodically undid the Windsor knot. He’d stared to unbutton the shirt with his trembling fingers when Jack rolled his eyes and reached forward. Grabbing the front of the shirt, he ripped it open, tearing the buttons off and letting them fly quicker than Harold could move. It was such a small thing, but it made Harold pant as he pulled the shirt back off of his body. Eager to please, he ripped the undershirt out of his pants and up over his head, completely naked from the waist up. Smith licked his lips and looked approving as his hand touched the bare belly. The fingers stroked through the hair there, and soon Jack’s palm pressed against softly rounded flesh.

Mmmm, you look delicious. Been too long since I had such a big meal,” he stepped back again, staring at Harold. “Keep going now.”

Harold opened his belt and the catch on his pants, pulling them down swiftly without even thinking about his shoes. His embarrassment seemed to add to his feelings of arousal a half-hard erection poked out of his boxers under his belly. Stumbling a little, he worked to step out of his shoes and get out of the pants that were tangled around his ankles. Harold could feel those eyes boring into him as he wondered just how undignified he must look; a fat man hopping about like that. Finally he kicked the last of them off and looked up again. Smith merely stood all but drooling in front of him, smiling wickedly.

“The socks and underwear too. Lose it all, my fattened piggy. You won’t need it where you’re going,” Jack said with a light pat to his own flat midsection.

Shivering, not trusting himself to speak, Harold tugged at the band of his boxers and bent over to pull them down. What would have been an insult to him from almost anyone else sounded so wonderful coming from Smith. The commanding but affectionate tone stroked pleasantly through all his desires, offering just what he’d asked for. As he stepped out of the underwear and worked at the socks, Jack walked around him. It made Harold jump when fingers pinched his rump, gently toying with the flesh there. The hand kneaded his buttocks one after the other, and Harold suddenly realized that Smith was testing the meat. Instantly the stiffness below his belly grew. As he managed to work the last stitch of clothing off, Harold sighed and stood up again, completely naked and hard.

Walking around him slowly again, Jack kicked all of the clothing completely off to the side. His gaze never left Harold’s body, making the big man’s breath heave. He toyed with the tie in his hands as Harold watched him, longing for whatever would happen next. Jack’s lips curled into a smile.

“Much better. I dare say mouth-watering. And it seems my plaything is enjoying himself. That’s good.” Jack pulled the silk tie taut between his hands. “Now hands behind your back, piggy.”

Letting out a sigh, Harold complied quickly as Jack slid behind him. The silk brushed against the skin of his wrists and soon pulled them tight together. The other man seemed to know what he was doing. Harold’s arms were soon immobilized without any real strain to his shoulders, held in the grip of a tight knot. He’d been tied up before, but never like this, never with the rush of someone so completely in control. He dared to speak as the erotic sensations washed over him, his eyes closing.

“Thank you Ja-”

A firm hand gripped his face, stopping him. His eyes opened again to see Jack’s blazing into them.

“You will call me Mr. Smith, meat. Is that understood?”

A shiver ran through him before he could speak again. “Y-Yes.”

“Excuse me?”

“Yes… Mr. Smith.”

The hand slowly relaxed to stroke down his chest to his belly, rubbing there. Harold let out a sort groan.

“Good,” said Smith. “Now we’ll talk about the rules for my piggy. He’ll do as I say and speak only when spoken to, like a good supper. Understood?”

“Yes, Mr. Smith.”

“Ah, good. He’s a quick learner. If he does well, he will be rewarded with pleasures that may match mine.” The hand at Harold’s belly rubbed downward and slowly fondled the erection there for emphasis. Harold let out a hot breath and a moan.

“If he’s disobedient, he’ll be punished.” Smith’s hand moved away from the erection as the other came up quick for a hard swat on the side of Harold’s rump. “Understood?”

“Yes, Mr. Smith”

“Excellent.” Both of Smith’s hands moved to rub Harold’s gut now, stroking as he moved closer to the big man. “Now kneel, piggy.”

His body already trembling, Harold simply nodded and worked his way to one knee carefully. When he felt steady, he worked the other under him and found himself looking up at Smith for the first time.

The other man slowly took his jacket off and walked over to hang it on a hook near the doorway. He walked methodically back over to where Harold knelt with hands behind his back and casually began to undo the belt at his jeans. Looking now, Harold could see quite a bulge already forming at his groin, making his own erection take notice. Jack’s green eyes bored into him.

“I’m sure my piggy knows his first task now,” Jack said as he unbuttoned his jeans and stalked closer. “Feeling that tender flesh of yours has me in the mood. So you’re going to give me a good suckle.”

The zipper came down next to reveal a bulge straining against grey cotton briefs. As soon as it was free, the briefs tented fully in front of Harold. Good God, Jack was huge! And he likely wasn’t even fully hard yet. Eyeing the stiff member hungrily where it pushed against the cloth, the large man had a moment of doubt. For the first time, he was about to cheat on his husband. He hadn’t thought of it before, but teasing was one thing and taking this member into his mouth would be another. Maybe he should call it off and have Smith just swallow him now. Maybe…

His thoughts were interrupted as a hand gripped the back of his head and his face was pressed against that bulge. It rubbed against his cheeks and lips, teasing him as Smith’s hips slowly pushed forward. He felt himself panting as the desire grew. It wouldn’t hurt Nathan after all. He’d never know of it. And even if he did somehow, the circumstances…

“My piggy is disappointing his master. You don’t want to be punished do you? Open wide now and suck. Gobble it like a good little pet.”

The taunting pushed his desire over the edge. Harold didn’t make a conscious choice to allow himself the pleasure so much as lose himself to the old fantasies he’d nursed for so long. His lips opened and slipped around the bulging cloth, tongue working around it, trying to find a way to free the actual meat. Swirling over the cloth and around the erection, Harold’s tongue tip finally found the panel of the opening. He could hear Smith’s approving moans above as he managed to slip it over the head. One side out of the way, he licked and tugged with his lips and very gently with his teeth around the organ. Fingers stroked through his hair and the bulge grew even more as he worked. Finally, he found his reward and felt the true shaft slip out into his mouth.

Eyes closing once again, Harold sealed his lips around the still plumping shaft and slowly ran his tongue along its length. After working so hard for it, the taste and feel were incredible as it filled his mouth. He’d considered himself a good cocksucker for a long time and brought his skills to bare now, stroking with his lips, licking and indeed suckling as Smith cooed above him.

Mmmm, that’s a good piggy…”

Harold’s hands strained a little against his bonds out of instinct, being so used to bringing them into the act. The captive feeling only heightened his own arousal as he did some slow bobbing with his lips along Smith’s thick organ. The hips pushed forward suddenly as Jack began to press closer, his hands still holding the back of Harold’s head. Strong fingers rubbed through his hair as the hard cock forced its way towards his throat. Soon it was starting to barely choke him, forcing Harold to swallow hungrily around it. He couldn’t remember a time deep-throating something this big in his life as he gasped slightly between swallows.

“Oh yes!” Jack moaned. “Swallow it, piggy. Soon enough you’ll be in my belly, so enjoy it all while you can.”

A little whimper hummed out of Harold around the manhood in his mouth. His eyes squinted closed as he worked to hold on and avoid gagging. He hadn’t needed to work this hard in a long time, and through the haze he could just picture Jack rubbing a swollen mass that would be him. The thought spurred him to do even better. His lips teased at the base of Smith’s cock as his tongue worked to stroke amid the swallows he had to take just to get a little air. He wanted so much to please his master, to do everything just right before he became food for this incredible man.

“It’s coming! Get ready!”

A gasp from above, a spasm at his lips and Harold felt the hot flood down his gullet. Moaning as his own erection twitched and stiffened, he swallowed harder, sucked deeper and worked to milk Smith completely. He could almost feel the load pooling in his belly as it fired down into him, beginning to ebb with the first few spurts. His lips a tight seal, he felt the member pull slowly back, working out of his throat and through his mouth. The salt semen drizzled onto his tongue as the head passed, leaving an incredible flavor. Smith continued and slipped out through his pursed lips to let the last of his orgasm smear over Harold’s lips and drip down his chin.

Sitting down on his feet and taking a deep breath, Harold looked up at Smith. The man was looking back at him and smiling happily. Harold swelled a bit with an odd sense of pride as he licked the cum from his lips and chin. He rolled the small amount in his mouth, savoring the taste, thinking idly that it was probably that last time he’d taste another man.

“That was wonderful. My supper is quite skilled it seems. I think he should be rewarded.” Jack reached down and stroked his cheek. “Is there anything in particular he’d like done to reward him?”

Harold sighed lightly with the hand on his face and stared into Jack’s eyes. His hands tugged at the silk binding them for a moment as he wanted to place and hand over Smith’s. He’d almost forgotten they were bound. The thought, the feeling of giving himself so completely to this man was so wonderful. He felt his member throbbing, and tried to think of something, anything, to beg for. The only thing he truly wanted was to belong to Smith completely.

“What-whatever my master feels is good enough for me,” he said with small smile as he looked down and away.

Strong fingers reached under his chin and tilted his head up again. “My piggy is smart. I think I know something that will please us both.”

With a step back, Jack slowly pulled the t-shirt up over his head. Harold could see that his previous meal was already gone as he displayed his slender frame, abs flat with the barest amount of visible tone. A light patch of hair rolled over his chest as the shirt slipped over his head and was tossed aside. His eyes were glued to that belly, idly wondering just how he was going to be able to fit completely inside. He wanted to run his hands over it, but they were still held fast behind him. Jack unbuttoned and slipped down the jeans in one fluid motion, kicking them off to the side. Only his underwear remained, his member still hanging out through the opening. The whole show heightened Harold’s excitement as Smith slowly pulled the briefs out and down, finally standing before him completely naked in the entryway. Harold’s erection throbbed, feeling as though it could burst at any moment.

Eyes locked on his, Jack stalked in closer and knelt down to Harold’s level. “We’re going to see how you taste now.” Hands rubbed at his belly, slowly downward until one of them gripped Harold’s shaft. “And it feels like you might have an appetizer all ready for me.”

As Harold’s muscles trembled, Smith leaned in to his neck. A slow breath escaped him as he felt Jack’s tongue flicking at the hollow of his neck, then gliding up to his Adam’s apple. He tilted his head back as Jack licked firmly up his neck and under his chin, listening to the approving hum.

Ooooh, you’re a rare delicacy, piggy. Haven’t had someone like you in a long time.”

The hand stroked his erection, making him gasp through his teeth. Smith leaned in, his arms wrapping around Harold as his tongue began to explore further down. The larger man’s mouth opened and his eyes closed as Jack licked at one of his nipples, the hardened nub sending signals to his loins. He bit his lip, trying to hold back his climax until Jack leaned off of him again.

Without a word, Smith began to move him down to his side as Harold tried to catch his breath. The larger man rolled easily and was soon down on the cold floor. Tingling surged through his feet as they awoke, helping him to stave off the tide of his arousal. Soon Jack rolled him again and he was lying on his back atop his hands. As he worked to try and get comfortable, the soft lips were at his nipple again, licking, sucking, biting, and making his back arch. His loins surged again, and Harold moaned at the pent up arousal. Fingers softly rolled his sac while another hand stroked and pinched his second nipple, bringing him almost to the edge before pulling back once again.

Now the lips and tongue alternated over the dome of his gut, slipping through the hair there as Jack planted soft, sucking kissed all around. Through his haze, Harold could hear the occasional moan of pleasure from Smith, the smacking of his lips as he moved lower and lower along his body. Soon Jack was kissing and licking his thigh, tormenting Harold to no end until he felt the firm, wet tongue gliding up under his balls. The slow lifting and gentle drop pushed Harold forward again, teeth clenching, back arching, the sensations almost too much to handle, until for a moment everything was gone.

Then soft lips wrapped the head of his penis in moist warmth. That expert tongue caressed along his slit a moment before the lips worked their way steadily down his shaft. Everything was driven from Harold’s mind but the pleasure as his tortured erection was swallowed to the root. Eyes closed, his world shrunk to the incredible feeling of tongue and throat stroking him and the hungry sucking and humming sounds. His hips pushed up into the mouth, the lips moving in time with his motions as they began to bob and milk him. For a few brief moments, Harold sat upon the very precipice of bliss as the mouth worked him so smoothly inside. Then he could hold no longer.

With a strangled gasp, wave after wave of pleasure erupted over Harold as he climaxed hard and powerful. All the attentions before had worked up such an intense arousal that he wasn’t sure the flow would ever stop. He could barely hear the sucking and gulping sounds as Smith continued to bob along his length throughout the orgasm. Entire body straining as the moment stretched to an eternity, Harold finally began to feel himself subsiding. The lips remained pressed around his member to the last, Jack swallowing everything he had to offer and pulling every possible drop from him. When at last he had nothing more to give, Harold felt his body almost sink into the floor, basking in the intense afterglow.

The lips slipped off of his spent erection and from above him came the sound of smacking lips. Mmmm, such a delicious appetizer. And my supper liked his reward I trust?”

Harold opened his eyes to look up at Jack standing over him. He did his best to nod. “Oh… Oh yes, Mr. Smith. More than I deserved. Thank you so much.”

A smile lifted Smith’s lips as he licked them once more. “Glad to hear that, piggy.” Jack’s hand slowly rubbed his flat stomach. “That was very tasty, but now I’m so hungry. I should get you ready for dinner.”

Nodding slowly, Harold began to push himself up as Jack leaned down to help lift him. Smith’s hands were gentle and cautious now as he pulled Harold up to stand, brushing off his back. He couldn’t help but notice that the other man was already semi-hard again as he was pushed slightly forward.

“Lead on to the kitchen now, my piggy. And we’ll see what would go well with you.”

Harold walked as he was told, leading Jack in through the dining room.

“Ah good. I was hoping you would have a decent-sized table,” Smith remarked as they pushed through the swinging door into the kitchen.

The spacious room was laid out with grey marble countertops and oak cabinets. Stainless steel appliances surrounded them, intermixed with the counters, and a sturdy counter block sat in the center. Harold waited as Jack looked around the room from behind.

“Hmm, very nice. This should definitely serve to prepare you.”

Another shiver up his spine as a hand went to the back of Harold’s neck, rubbing lightly and moving up through the back of his hair. Jack hand suddenly got a good grip and pushed him forward, the other gripping his bound hands to drive him. He was pressed against the center block, the edge pressing into his belly. Soon Harold felt Jack against him, the other man’s now full erection rubbing along his buttocks. Forced to bend slightly, Smith’s lips were soon at his ear.

“But first things first. You should be properly stuffed.”

There was no waiting, almost no lead-up as Smith positioned himself behind Harold. He felt the hands gripping and rubbing, the thick head pushing against his tight hole and forcing it open. Moaning, Harold threw his head back as he felt the burn of entry and the pleasure that always followed. He’d been taken before, but never quite like this as he felt the first hard thrust press deep into him. The commanding savagery of it, the raw power as Smith proved just how much Harold was his, all transported him to knew levels of erotic joy. There was pain, but mingled with so much pleasure as Jack’s spongy head brushed his prostate inside. His muscles clenched on instinct, and he heard a satisfied moan from behind.

“Oh, that’s good. Wonderful.”

Unable to speak, Harold rode the rhythm as Jack began to pull slowly out. Despite his recent climax, his loins began to stir anew, making him push his hips back from the counter. The thick shaft inside him slipped out until only the head remained then slammed back home quickly, another wonderful brush of the sensitive button inside. Harold pushed back against the shaft, working to please his new master with each motion of his muscles.

Thick grunts erupted behind him now, counter pointing the accelerating motion of every thrust into him, raising him again. His member ached as it rose once more to the feeling of being filled and used so thoroughly, the shaft in his rectum plunging in and out as he was pressed against the counter. Kisses were pressed into the back of his neck and fingers still ran through his hair and around over his belly. His whole body sang with the intense pleasure as he felt Smith working and stroking himself within while Harold’s own spent member tried desperately to work towards another climax.

The thrusting went on for several moments, quick, sharp and powerful as Jack somehow managed to hit all the right points within Harold. A particularly loud grunt and a vibration that ran all throughout his stretched hole signaled the coming release just before Harold was flooded with warmth deep inside. The second climax was shorter than Smith’s first, but still surprisingly fluid. Harold could hear the other man panting behind him as it began to subside, and his own pleasure reached a sort of completion. A release and a vague trickle of come leaking out of him broke the waves for the large man, his knees going weak and almost buckling. He could feel Jack holding him then, arms wrapping around him and carefully pulling the diminishing shaft out of him.

Head swimming for a few moments now, Harold felt Jack continue to lift and begin to pull him up on to the counter. Earlier he would have been surprised that Smith could actually lift him, but nothing surprised Harold about this man now. He relaxed and tried to regain his focus, laying across the center block. He’d never realized before that he would actually fit on the thing, but he was actually somewhat comfortable as he was rolled up to his side. With just a few deft motions from Jack, his wrists were finally freed before he was tipped onto his back again. It felt nice to lay on the cool surface, just relaxing after so much activity.

As he lay and listened, he could hear Smith starting to rummage around the kitchen, searching for something. Turning his head, Harold could see him checking the pantry and the refrigerator. He wondered if he should ask what Jack was looking for, but knew that he should stay silent. He realized that he’d passed a certain point and was truly food to this man now. Letting out a tight breath at the thought, Harold turned his head back to look up, remaining as still as he could until Jack returned.

“I’ve been trying to figure out what my supper will taste good with. There are some fine things here, and I think the honey-mesquite sauce would best bring out your flavor, piggy. Now where can I find something to brush it over you?”

It was hard to speak as his heart hammered in his chest. It was all becoming so real. “Behind you. In the second drawer. Mr. Smith.”

Jack nodded to him and turned to get the barbeque brush out. Harold watched as he pulled a couple more cabinets open for a large bowl and then opened the fresh bottle of sauce. Soon he turned back with a smile at his meal as he dipped the brush into the bowl. A shudder of excitement ran through Harold’s body as the first stroke went over his chest. The brush tickled through his body hair as the scent of the sauce began to rise off of him. Jack spread a generous covering over his chest and ponderous belly with smooth, expert strokes that left an even layer across his torso. The brush next went over his arms, running a thin sheen over each one as Jack circled around him. Harold could hear Smith idly humming to himself, little snatches of a tune that he could almost pick out as the sauce was applied.

When the arms were finished, the same treatment was given to Harold’s legs, tickling him here and there as the brush strokes continued. He watched it all as his body twitched with the spontaneous chuckles that escaped, basking in the incredible feeling of being prepared for dinner. He and Nathan had toyed with food before but never quite like this. Smith clearly knew what he was doing as he spread the sauce all the way to Harold’s toes. Then with a smirk at the larger man’s face, Jack brought the brush to the soles of his feet, making Harold erupt in uncontrollable laughter at the intense tickling. With each foot, Jack held tight to the ankle in that strong grip of his where it could not pull away, coating every inch with the sauce as Harold writhed and giggled. By the time the deed was done, he lay on the counter panting for breath and feeling his feet dripping.

The final touch was a thick coating applied to Harold’s groin. The larger man closed his eyes and gave a breathy moan to the incredible attention. His overtaxed manhood would not rise again so soon, but the soft measured strokes still felt wonderful along the sensitive skin. Smith went over the member and sac several times, letting the brush rub them the perfect way each time so that Harold could almost feel himself sink into the counter. When the brush was finally pulled away after the final stroke, Harold opened his eyes to see Smith.

Inhaling deeply, Jack smiled and gave an approving nod as he looked Harold over. “Exquisite. Now you wait here. I have a few things to set up, so we’ll just let the flavor soak into your skin a bit. Then I’ll enjoy the perfect supper.”

With that, Jack left the kitchen. Harold lay perfectly still for long moments. He could hear Jack exit the dining room and return, followed by the sounds of bustling a few moments later. He could hear chairs moving and something being set on the table, and thought he barely smelled the ozone of struck matches. Mostly though, he heard the trip hammering of his heart in his ears, pounding as he thought about the end coming near. His thoughts raced over his life, all his experiences, the times with his true friends, all the time with Nathan, the events that led up to this moment. He could feel tears trying to come to his eyes as his breath caught and hitched, his lungs trying to close. He should have had more time. It was all threatening to unravel him, to take him out of his fantasy, out of going out with some dignity. So many things he should have told everyone. He should have told Nathan how much he loved him, how he’d miss him too. But would he even exist to miss him after this? He should have…

Fingers curled softly through his hair, stroking his head. He hadn’t even heard the door open. “Shhh, shh,” a voice said in his ear, “Breathe now. Just close your eyes and take a deep breath.”

Harold did as he was told. It was so much easier if he did that. He took one shallow breath and it rattled out. The fingers continued to run through his hair, somehow pulling the tension away. He tried again and was able to feel his lungs expand as all the thoughts began to organize once more. A third breath cleared him further as another hand gently ran over his forehead.

“I shouldn’t have left you alone here. This is not what I’m used to. When I give people what they deserve, it’s usually much different. For you though, Harold, you’re being robbed of so much. The time had to be taken, because I’ve watched you quietly these last couple weeks. And you deserve something very special.”

Shuddering on the counter, Harold took several more breaths. He could feel himself pulling together again. He had to believe in something. He told himself that he’d be able to watch Nathan, to miss him, and to see him eventually be happy again. And he wouldn’t waste away in a hospital bed; he could make that transition now, in his own way.

“I’m… I’m ready now… Mr. Smith.”

“As am I, my wonderful meal. I saw a large cart in your pantry. I think we’ll use that to take you out to the table.”

The thought made Harold shiver once again as Jack went to the pantry and wheeled the sturdy metal cart beside the center block. He could feel the surreal sense once more of being a meal for another man. He moved his body to help as best he could while Smith slid him over the side of the block. His legs hung over the edge at the knees and the cart groaned at his weight, yet it still managed to hold him.

With his head at the handle of the cart, Harold was wheeled forth around the block and to the door to the dining room. As the door opened and he lifted his head to see just what had been laid out, Harold gasped.

Two candelabras sat angled to the corners on the far end of the long table, providing the only illumination. The table itself had been garnished around the other end with leaves of lettuce spotted with baby tomatoes, leaving a space the perfect size for his body. At the close end of the table sat the one chair that had not been moved away, the larger master chair. The entire scene clearly only waited for himself and Jack.

“A feast such as yourself should only be supped by candlelight and savored slowly. I give you this last choice before you feed me, my delectable piggy. Shall I start at your feet or at your head?”

Harold was speechless for a moment. He knew what he wanted, but it was all so incredible. It was the dream he’d had so many nights laid out before him. Finally, he found his voice. “My… my feet, Mr. Smith. I’d like to watch it happen.”

Smith nodded. “Sounds delicious.” He turned the cart around so that Harold was facing the proper way right along side the table. As Smith lifted his feet up and moved them towards the edge of the table, Harold reached over with an arm to hoist his upper body over the garnish. He noticed for the first time how his body glistened with the red tint of the sauce as he helped Jack position him right where the space had been set. He lay down carefully, finding that the lettuce and tomatoes truly formed a perfect fit around his body, his feet settling just before Jack’s chair.

Wheeling the cart away from the side of the table, Smith stepped into the shadows at the edge of the room for just a moment. Soft piano music wafted into the dining room then and Jack reemerged into the light, slowly taking his seat before Harold. The hungry gleam in his eyes reflected the candlelight, and Harold could feel them moving all over his body. It made his body quiver amid the surroundings and he could feel arousal growing within him once more.

“Thank you, Mr. Smith. Thank you so much.”

Jack’s answer was a slow lick of his lips as he reached for his meal. His hands wrapped around Harold’s ankles and lifted the feet as he leaned forward in hi chair. Harold watched as Smith’s lips parted, catching a glimpse of the inside of his mouth before the tongue slowly ran over his toes. A satisfied moan joined the piano music as the tongue slowly licked each toe down the line, making Harold shiver. He saw Jack’s eyes close when the soft lips spread and managed to slip around both feet, slowly sliding down until teeth scraped against his heels.

Watching as he felt the wet warmth of Jack’s mouth, Harold could see the other man’s lips already stretching around his ankles and beginning to work further up towards his calves. Cheeks bulged and stretched as Jack’s tongue stroked the soles of his feet, coming just shy of tickling as he moaned at the first taste. Already Harold could feel his arousal growing as his toes were pulled down into the tight grip of Jack’s throat, his feet forced to point the way for his body. As hands stroked against his calves and began to pull his weight steadily along the table, Harold gasped when he felt the first powerful swallow pull his feet into the tight throat.

Smooth undulating motions massaged his feet wonderfully as the tongue stroked his ankles now. Jack’s eyes opened again and shined up to Harold, reflecting the dancing candlelight as he began to truly feed. His lips actually stretched open as he pulled at his huge meal, swallowing steadily, Harold feeling more and more of his thick calves slipping and sliding into the skintight, undulating gullet. His own head tipped back against the table as he moaned and bit his lip. The soft, wet feeling creeping up his legs was more powerful than he could have imagined. Pleasantly warm and wet, the mouth and throat constricted and pulled in an incredibly tight massage as Harold thought of how good he must taste and how feeling he would be for Smith. Breathy, lip-smacking sounds joined groans of delight filling the room as he felt Jack hungrily devouring his legs.

Those strong hands gripped his rump tightly now as teeth rubbed through the hair on his thigh. A good ways down the table now, Harold looked down his body. He could not see Jack beyond the dome of his own belly, but he could feel everything as the hands tugged at the side of each buttock. Fingers kneaded wonderfully into the flesh there, heightening his arousal and making him harder while they worked to shove him further down. His toes squeezed together in the gullet brushed against a blockage soft blockage within. Though soon it slowly pulled open, and Harold realized that this was the entrance to Jack’s stomach. With a gentler swallow, his feet began to slide into the chamber. Inside another man’s stomach. His member throbbed even before Jack’s nose brushed against it as he thought of how he would truly be just a large bulge in this man’s belly soon.

He could feel the wet pressure against his cock, the upper lip pinning it to the underside of his gut as his hips were pushed through into the mouth. Harold worked to hold himself back as it stroked all along the length, shuddering when it finally slipped completely into Smith’s mouth. Beads of sweat stood out on Harold’s forehead as his manhood rubbed against the roof of Jack’s mouth. He did not want the climax to come to soon, in spite of the incredible teasing. Hard lower teeth chewed gently against his soft, fat cheeks as the upper jaw worked and scraped under his belly. It was almost too much combined with feeling more of himself slipping into the other man’s stomach with each moment.

Watching eagerly, trying to hold his ground against the intense stimulation as he slid further down the table, Harold panted as the top of Jack’s head slipped into view over his own hairy gut. Eyes closed, Smith seemed completely enraptured in his meal, hands stroking all along the sides of Harold’s ponderous belly. He gulped and shoved, his seemingly elastic body stretching itself out around the larger man. The strong tongue rubbed at the small of his back and slithered slowly upwards along his spine. Harold began to feel himself lifting off the table just slightly with every swallow now and his legs pressing against the walls of the stomach, expanding it with every inch that slipped inside.

The hands slipped along his body up to his shoulders now while wet cheeks pinned his hands to his sides. Drool dripped down all over and around Harold’s body as Jack continued onward, his mouth working its way over the mountain of belly sitting there. His teeth nibbled hungrily with each motion of his elongated jaws, making Harold feel ever more like the food that he was as he was pushed deeper. The hands pressed on his shoulders firmly, helping the throat to take him in with each loud gulp. Already the undulating gullet was pressing in firmly around his lower belly, stroking his member against it and moving the extra fat about as Jack’s lips reached his chest.

Body wiggling against the increased stimulation, Harold’s vision blurred as he worked so desperately to hold on to his climax. He could make out Jack’s eyes opening, looking down into his face as the last of the round gut slipped in between his jaws. The gaze was both hungry and affectionate so near as he could tell as Smith’s lips slowed their motion, tongue sliding all about his back as he began to savor his meal once again. It was all so right, clearly he was meant to be food for another man if Jack was enjoying him this much. But he couldn’t release yet. Even as Jack’s hard teeth slowly scraped over his erect nipples, taking them both in with his chest, he couldn’t let go. Not until he was completely inside. Not until he was just a bulge and ready to be digested away by this hungry god of a man consuming him.

Heat rose further in his body as Harold’s eyes closed. He bathed in the firm, wet embrace of mouth, throat and gullet compressing all around him, his incredible arousal, and the tingling that he was beginning to feel pooling around his legs, letting the warmth flow. He could feel himself lifted off the table and straight into the air, the mouth sealed tight around his shoulders as he slipped straight downward. Sweat poured from him now as the wet flesh slipped easily over his shoulders, holding him like a sleeping back just around his neck. He gasped and panted, almost in tears. It was so close now, so very close. Jack had swallowed the rest of his body and all that remained was his head. Then he’d be inside Smith. He’d truly be another man’s food, the way he was meant to end his life.

Slippery and eager, the tongue snaked up through the back of his hair as he felt himself sinking, stretching out the stomach further as that upper lip rubbed up under and over his chin. The sounds from outside were soon cut off as he slipped easily in, his ears covered over tightly by the inside of the mouth as the exquisitely soft lip moved over his closed eyelids. He could only hear the wet sloshing, only see the darkness as breath washed over him and finally the top of his head slipped down. He was in now, completely inside the jaws, his whole body being stroked and pulled to make him sink even deeper. It was not long he found as a loud gluk sounded all around him and he slipped quickly down, down, down.

His whole body pushed down into the stretched chamber of Smith’s stomach. He could hear groans all around him and feel the tingling pool around him. It was almost starting to burn as the top of his head finally slipped past the tight ring and he was sealed completely inside Jack’s belly. He could feel rubbing around him and feel the sloshing of the stomach as it squeezed around him.

Suddenly, everything jolted downward and changed position. He lost any sense of forwards or backwards in the stomach, but just pictured Smith sitting in that chair with the soft candlelight. An empty table before him and a massively round belly, maybe a satisfied smile. Finally he could let go as the stomach walls rubbed against him. His hand managed to reach his erection and in a few short pumps inside the tight, burning stomach, he felt relief beginning.

At that moment, a thunderous belch sounded all around him and the stomach walls truly became a second skin. His orgasm continued as he tried to suck in air only to find a fleshy wall against his face. Gasping as lights burst on the inside of his eyelids, he blacked out completely in the midst of the most powerful climax of his life.

Awareness returned to Harold Lannigan some time later, and he took in all around him. Wow… he thought, it’s different than we ever imagined…



Jack blinked the sleep from his eyes as light seeped in through the curtains of the dining room. He stretched his arms and legs out as he lay naked on the floor, the remnants of the collapsed chair all around him. Taking a deep breath in, he sighed out slowly, rubbing the immense mountain of belly that weighed him down. His gut was well rounded now, his meal already losing definition as his stomach gurgled softly. He shifted his weight and let out a gentle belch, groaning as his stomach sloshed. His eyes closed again as he opted to lay there for at least a while longer and let Harold’s mass digest a little further. He drifted close to sleep and back to wakefulness again for a few hours, thinking about the job and replaying the afternoon and evening in his mind. The thoughts mostly gave him a smile as he felt the delightfully warm fullness from his feast. Harold seemed to go out happy in the end and appreciate the set up, and Jack could only hope that he’d been well and truly satisfied with everything.

For the next two days after cleaning everything up, Jack puttered around the ground floor of the large house, taking it slow and relaxing. It wasn’t his own place, but the house was comfortable and had just enough amenities left to spend his time with, despite a fair amount of the furnishings being gone. Besides, he was really in no state to travel just yet. It actually felt somewhat nice, like a short vacation.

He hadn’t even bothered with the office in that time as he waited for his gut to go down. Large men always digested a bit slower for some reason, in addition to being more massive, and Jack took the time and trusted that his fee would be there. So he watched the movies he could find around Harold’s entertainment center. Knowing the kind of man he had been, he didn’t feel that Lannigan would mind. It was a damn shame really. He’d seen so many scumbags that were perfectly healthy until he was called on to get to them. And a decent person like Harold is the one who gets a tumor. If he hadn’t known better, he’d swear there was no justice in the world.

On the third day, Jack felt he was ready to depart. He’d been able to hike up the stairs the night before and sleep in a bed as opposed to the couch he’d slept on the other nights. He still sported quite a huge belly, but it wouldn’t keep him from getting home. He’d driven with worse.

At noon he headed down to the office after waking up and getting dressed in the larger clothes he had packed with his supplies. The room was much sparser than it had been before. Almost everything was gone except for the desk and two empty bookshelves. Sitting on the desk were two white envelopes, one bearing Jack’s first name in a fine handwriting, the other blank and thin. Jack opened his own and looked at the cash within. It was almost four times his normal fee, quite an impressive sum. Curiously, he picked up the other one.

It contained the deed to the property and legal papers with Harold’s signature in several places. Other spaces were left blank for another signature. Jack had never bothered to fully grasp legalese, but the intent was quite clear. Whoever signed those papers would own the property and the house lock, stock and barrel. Jack smirked and shook his head. Nice as it was, he had no use for the house. And even if he did, his signature wouldn’t mean much given his tenuous legal status. Then again, this envelope hadn’t been addressed to him or anyone in particular.

Jack heard something from the next room just a few seconds before the door to the office opened. He turned to see a thin, middle-aged man with brown hair standing there, his face an unshaven mixture of shock, disappointment and fresh grief. Jack had seen him a few times before from a distance. Up close at the moment he looked so frail. And very tired.

“Who are you? What are you doing here? Where’s Harold?”

For a moment Jack had no idea how to answer. Something close to the truth at least, though the man wasn’t likely to believe the whole thing. “Nathan, Harold’s gone. Like he planned. He hired me to help him prepare.”

Nathan’s eyes welled up and searched around the room, as if trying to find another answer than the one he’d been given. His breath hitched. “No, he can’t just be gone like that. He can’t! I want to see him! What did you do? And how do you know my name? Who are you?”

Jack stayed against the desk, his gut sagging in his clothes. He seemed to feel it more now as Nathan pressed the onslaught of questions. “I’ve seen you, Nathan, since Harold hired me. I’m very sorry. There’s just nothing to see. It all happened how he wanted it to. It was… very peaceful.” It was the best he could think of to say.

“How can there be nothing to see? I… I’ll call the police!” He was sobbing now as his eyes darted to and from Jack, around the room. But he didn’t move. “Tell me exactly what happened! Tell me...” Nathan’s voice trailed off as his eyes settled on Jack’s belly and made a slow tour of the rest of his body. The difference in proportion must have been easy to spot. His eyes widened a moment, and he shook his head. “No. No it’s not possible. There’s no way! That can’t happen, it just can’t!”

Jack’s hand went to his gut gently. No sense in not telling the truth. He was thinking it and he’d either believe it or he wouldn’t. “It can. It’s what he wanted. You knew about his fantasy, he told me so when he hired me. He didn’t want you to have to see it.”

Nathan was silent for several moments, clearly trying to take it in and decide what he could believe. “You really… you ate him?”

“As he asked. I made it pleasant for him, came as close to the fantasy as I could.”

“Then before, did you… I mean did you and he…?”

“He loved you right up until the end, Nathan. Nothing ever changed in that.” Better that than all the details, Jack figured.

Nathan fell back against the doorway, leaning there and looking away as tears streaked his face. He looked back at Jack and for a moment there was an all too familiar look in his eyes. Jack was prepared for Nathan to ask to be taken too. But then Nathan stopped and leaned back, closing his eyes. “Oh, Harold.”

Jack thought about simply leaving, walking past and letting Nathan work it out for himself. But he felt that Harold at least deserved more. “He told me you were planning to leave town.”

Nathan nodded, his eyes still closed.

“I know you don’t know me at all, but I’d like to give you some advice. There are some papers on the desk. If you sign them in the right place, this house is yours. He set it up before all of this. He also said that you have friends here.”

Looking at Jack now and wiping his eyes, Nathan nodded again. “Yeah… two of them are outside.”

“Sign the papers, Nathan. Stay here where you do still have a life; we both know it’s what your husband would have wanted. Honor his memory by staying with your friends. It all hurts now; it’s a pain and an emptiness that doesn’t seem like you can stand it. You want to run away from it. But eventually you’re going to need the memories you built here. Trust me when I say that. I speak from experience.”

Jack began to head out of the office. He’d slip out some back door and leave quietly. Thankfully he’d had the foresight not to park right at the large house. He passed Nathan and heard the other man turn towards him.

“Who are you?” he asked for the third time. Underneath, Jack could almost hear the unspoken question of, What are you?

“I’m just a man who believes in giving people what they deserve. Your husband deserved to choose how his life ended. He made that choice with dignity. You deserve some measure of happiness in your life since you clearly truly loved him. Take what’s given to you.”

Jack left Nathan to ponder that as he walked through the house and picked up his packed bag. His own emotions almost got the better of him as he walked through. Old memories. He could almost have wept for both Harold and Nathan. But it would do no good for him to dwell on it. His job had been done well, with interest, and there would likely be others soon.

His stomach churned and gurgled as he regained his composure and slipped out the back. His hands rubbed the huge rounded bulge softly, simply enjoying the feeling of such a wonderful feast inside.