the Wolf


          Hansel wandered through the woods, noting as he kept his eyes open for any signs of game that it was getting dark. His hunting trips were taking longer and longer as herds continued to migrate out of the area. But the village stayed in one place, so he had to find something. His father and step-mother refused to attempt to provide anything for the family and had for several years now, too enamored of the easy life that treating Gretel and him as slaves afforded them. His twin sister was stuck in the garden, trying to provide what food his hunting could not.

          Running his hand through his short, wavy blond hair, Hansel thought of all the ways he was stuck, even as he tried to find a single track or trace of deer or even rabbit that could provide dinner for an evening or two. Hunger gnawed at his insides, reminding him of his predicament. At nineteen years of age, it should be easier to make his own home somewhere, but the village and these woods were really all he had ever known in his life. Homes in the village were difficult to come by without the right resources, the lack of which also made traveling and finding another place to call home equally difficult. And his step-mother had made sure that both he and Gretel had just barely enough to survive and to be dependant on her and their father from the moment she installed herself in the house. Hansel had thought many times that he should just light out and survive on his skills at hunting until he found a place to settle, maybe invite his sister to come along. But deep inside, he was afraid he would not be able to survive too far outside the village, and the thought of crawling back to that hateful woman… it made him shudder to think just what tortures of work she’d devise for them, all with that sweet, saccharine voice of hers and that smile that could make a crocodile flinch.

          Pushing the idea of slipping away some night to the back of his mind once more, Hansel continued on the trail. The lack of game was forcing him to head deeper into the woods than he usually ventured, and the darkness began to feel a bit more oppressive as the trees thickened and blotted out more of the already fading light. For a fraction of a second that seemed to somehow stretch into an eternity, Hansel felt himself slipping away from the able-bodied man he was becoming back to the frightened boy that had listened with rapt attention to some of the dark stories told about the woods, every sound becoming a malevolent presence that would gladly rip into any young thing that invaded its domain either to feast on flesh or for the pure joy it would derive from feeling him suffer unto death, the half-formed images of such things that had haunted him into sleep and loomed over his nightmares as a boy now chasing each other about his mind as he gripped his bow more tightly. Then the moment passed and he was able to remember that the noises in the wood were just the rustling of the wind and the occasional movements of small lower beasts. He stumbled a bit at the dizzying effect of that moment, and even though he knew he had just had a mild fright of some sort, there seemed to him some sort of meaning imbedded in that old fear. All this left him as soon as he saw the gingerbread house.

          He couldn’t understand why he had noticed the confection first. It was just a standard gingerbread house sitting on the porch of a large cottage. In fact, the cottage was rather grandiose compared to most of the homes in the village. How had he not noticed it before? Moreover, why did he notice the gingerbread house first? But at this point, Hansel was not concerned with such questions, as his hunger once again clawed at his stomach. Without even thinking why, he rushed to the porch, set his bow and quiver aside, and began to devour the gingerbread house, remembering his youth once again, and the few times when he had stolen a pie or some other treat left unattended to cool on a windowsill. He didn’t even hear the door of the cottage open by the time he’d decimated half of the gingerbread.

          “Most people don’t think it very polite or proper to steal,” said a voice casually from above him.

          Hansel stopped with a bite of gingerbread halfway to his lips as he finally noticed the woman standing in the doorway. His eyes slowly followed from bare feet up a pair of long, barely-tanned legs until they disappeared into a simple black dress unlike any Hansel had ever seen before. The material clung to the swell of her well formed hips, up through her flat belly, and lifted the wonderfully rounded swell of her bosom while exposing a quite a nice, tantalizing view of its top. Hansel had time to notice that this dress strangely had no sleeves, but exposed the entire length of her arms, showcasing a great deal of her undoubtedly soft skin before his eyes were drawn to her face. Framed in flowing raven hair that cascaded just past her shoulders, it was perhaps one of the greatest beauties Hansel had ever seen. Perfectly shaped and with a dazzling, somewhat amused smile, it captivated him more than even the most attractive women in the village. Her grey eyes caught his own blue and Hansel felt almost as if he could stay within them forever, felt a powerful attraction to this woman he had never seen before, as though she was his destiny.

          He was still sitting on the porch, gazing at her with his mouth hanging open and his hand frozen where it had been when she first spoke for several minutes that seemed like an eternity before she finally spoke again in that amused voice.

          “You might as well take that bite. I can do nothing with it now.”

          Hansel blushed a bright crimson as he looked down again and put the piece of gingerbread in his mouth, chewing very slowly as he tried to think of what he could say before he swallowed the bite. By the time he had even a vague idea, it had lost its taste his mouth felt completely dry.

          “I…” he coughed out, trying to regain some form of composure, “I… I’m so sorry. I did not mean to steal; I have not done something like that since I was ten. I’ve been at the hunt all afternoon without success and I was so hungry… I really can’t give you anything for it, but… I do not know… I could…”

          He trailed off searching for some way that he could possibly pay her back, but coming up with nothing. To his surprise, the woman chuckled a bit and waved her hand in dismissal of the idea and gave a light shrug.

          “You shouldn’t trouble yourself overmuch; it has not upset me greatly. I can always make another one,” she said with that wonderful smile that he had already witnessed as she looked him over, “And you do look as if the day has been long. Absolutely miserable in truth. How long have you been out here?”

          “I fear I am not sure,” Hansel said, “I can no longer see the sun, but I know it has been at least several hours.”

          “Why don’t you come inside and have a hot meal, then? It will help you hunt, I am sure, and might lift your spirits somewhat.”

          “I could not ma’am, I’ve already regrettably stolen from you, and I-”

          “I insist. Consider it a favor to me that I might have some company as repayment. After all,” she said, once more flashing her dazzling smile and meeting him with those captivating eyes, “you are just in time for dinner.”



          Hansel struggled against the manacles that currently held his arms above his head attached to the supporting beam of the large kitchen, testing them and finding no weakness. He slumped a bit, his now naked body resting against the smoothly finished wood there. The smell of cooking meat wafted through the kitchen from the huge burning stove several feet to his left. Just off the corner of that stove and behind him was a long counter that contained strange fixtures within, which brought forth water into basins set directly in the counter. Hansel knew that the door through which he had originally come into this kitchen must be behind him and possibly slightly to his right. There had been a sitting room just inside and he had been led from there into this room, amazed at just how large the cottage actually was inside. Just before him was a grand, rectangular dining table that could have potentially seated twenty, but at which there was only one place setting, one that would face him from across the long edge of that table. All the while as Hansel struggled occasionally and took in as many details of his surroundings as he could, the witch bustled about the kitchen, preparing for her dinner.

          When she had first led him into the kitchen, the smell of meat already in the air, Hansel was surprised when the woman turned and pressed her body against his, slowly backing him up again. He had lain down with a few young women in the village, but none had been this forward. Even with his handsome face and toned features, each time had still taken a great deal of cajoling on his part. But without even a proper introduction, this alluring woman had pressed tightly to Hansel and slowly rubbed her body against his even as she had taken his hands and guided them upwards. He had barely felt the cold steel clasp over his wrists and by then it was too late. Her trap had been sprung and as the witch broke her kiss, the young man could only lunge forward in fear and anger, demanding to be freed.

At his righteous indignation, the woman had only smirked letting a little chuckle escape her. In that look he had seen the same amusement she showed on the porch, but underneath was a new expression of cold superiority. With a burst of inhuman strength, the woman had come forward again proceeded to tear the clothes he had been wearing to rags in a mere few moments until he was completely nude and feeling a great deal more vulnerable. The erection that had already begun at the feel of her body against his had quickly wilted at his predicament.

Pinching gently at various points of his flesh and giving general sounds of satisfaction and approval the woman had not even looked at his face and said, “I really don’t believe you are in a position to make demands, my tender little one,” as she examined his body. “Mmmm, yes, you’ll make a wonderful meal. And be good for a few other uses too.”

Hansel had been sure he was headed to the stewpot that very night at her words, forgetting the smells in the air. Half in terror and half in some residual anger at being trapped he had muttered, “You disgusting wench!”

“Actually, I think you mean ‘witch’,” she had said with laughter in her voice, “You shouldn’t act so hostile against your betters really. Especially those that can shape the very fabric of reality and are currently deciding just how much agony may or may not be in your future. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must attend to preparations for tonight’s dinner.” The witch then gestured towards the large oven and left Hansel’s view except for a few occasions when she brought something for the place setting at the table. “When you can keep a civil tongue, we may talk a bit. And you will be keeping me company for dinner, though I doubt you’ll want to partake. I’ll have something for you later. We do have to keep you healthy.”

So now Hansel leaned against the simple column, giving up on his struggle as he tried to think of some smart way out of his situation. He did not think this witch could be bargained with, and he was sure by now that neither the manacles nor the support would give in any way to his struggle. Both wood and metal were strong and well-maintained. Hansel could not have said why he began asking questions. It could have been the hope of finding some reason the witch would have to let him go, or it could have been simple boredom and fatigue.

“Did you bewitch my mind to lure me here?” he asked without really thinking of anything else to say. To his surprise the witch answered immediately, almost amiably.

“No. There was actually a warning barrier before my cottage. You see it never stays in one place overly long and I do like to give my prey a chance before they wander here. You may have felt it. For most it takes the form of intense fear that drives them to take another route. Some can actually feel the danger more clearly through certain senses. As for getting you inside, the only thing I really ‘bewitched’ was your Y chromosome.”

“My what?” Hansel asked, confused.

“Never mind. It is something your kind will eventually understand to some degree in all likelihood. Though it’s doubtful that you will truly understand it for quite some time, if ever. Your societies never cease to amaze me. Always assuming they understand reality completely, until the next age turns that understanding on its ear. But to do what I do, you must have true understanding. You have to know it, feel it, and then shape it if you like.”

The witch’s words made Hansel’s head spin, as he could not understand half of them. He did remember that moment of intense, almost child-like fear before coming in sight of the cottage, but the rest made no sense. Thinking of that, he had another question for the witch.

“So you are what the stories are about? You are the one that captures children who wander to far?”

The witch chuckled some at this. “Stories, really? Of course they would be hardly accurate myths. In answer to your question, I am sure I’ve inspired some kind of frightful legends among your people, the times my cottage is near them. But most children would never make it past the barrier. The few brave ones that do are usually sent off with a few treats and don’t remember what happened. Unless I haven’t been able to eat in a very long time, I don’t have much taste for suckling. Tender, yes, but eating the truly young is an incredible wickedness unless there is nothing else. As a hunter, you should know this.”

Hansel blanched at the way she referred to children as “suckling”, the way he would refer to a good ham on Christmas. Once again the true nature of being chained in this cottage slammed home to him, and he stopped asking questions. A few minutes later, the oven door opened, and Hansel could feel the heat wafting from it towards him as the witch announced that her dinner was ready.

A large pan was carried with surprising ease to the table and Hansel stared in horror as the witch sat down and prepared to eat. Lying in the pan was a boy just slightly younger than Hansel himself. He had been trussed up at the wrists and ankles and placed in the pan kneeling with his body bent over his knees, looking as though he were bowing down and worshipping in some bizarre cult. It was impossible to tell the race of the boy, because the skin was roasted a golden brown that almost looked appetizing if Hansel forgot for a fraction of a second just what he was looking at. This was almost the worst, but the absolute worst was the face that Hansel could clearly see. The eyes were missing, likely bursting in the heat as there was a thin jelly that seemed to run down from their sockets. The rest of the features were stuck in a horrible rictus that suggested he had died screaming. As if answering the various questions in his mind from the horrified look on Hansel’s face, the witch spoke up.

“This one didn’t behave as I asked him to,” she said with an almost playful lick of her lips as she inhaled the aroma of her meal, “so in the end I decided he’d make a good slow roast. I’m actually lucky that he stopped screaming before you came to my porch. Otherwise you might have heard him.”

With that she slowly pulled a piece of meat from the flank of the roast human and let Hansel watch as she brought it to her lips. The witch savored the piece of meat for several moments, moaning a bit at that first taste before finally swallowing.

Mmm, yummy,” she murmured as she took several more bites before looking again at the boy currently chained to the support of her kitchen. “Now you’ll have a choice to make, given what you see here. In a few days, you are going to be my dinner; there is nothing you can do to change that. I’ll spend those days plumping you up just a little and using you in any other ways I see fit. If you accept your situation and behave for me, I can make the meal devoid of any pain for you. If you especially please me, I have the power to even make it quite pleasant. If you struggle, defy me, or annoy me too much... well,” the witch said with a smile, plucked another piece of meat from the roast on the table, and slowly chewed and swallowed the morsel down as if that made all the point she needed to. And in truth, it did.

Hansel was already picturing himself in much the same position as the fellow on the table. Only he saw himself in the oven, still very much alive and screaming as his skin was slowly burned, possibly having been basted by the witch beforehand. He could even feel the heat as he thought about this, so strong were his imaginings of the preparations that might await him. He decided in that moment that he would make every appearance of being her willing servant up until she said that his time was up. Hansel would still wrack his brain on a daily basis for some method of escape or some way to trick her in the final few moments, but if he could not manage to come up with something, he wanted to be sure he avoided this other boy’s fate.

The witch meanwhile was intently focused on her dinner at the table. She had known after examining this one that if he didn’t cooperate, his flesh had just the right tenderness for a good roast, and it did not disappoint. The taste was exquisite thanks to a few of spices she had added while the boy begged her to change her mind and the flesh seemed to almost melt against her tongue now that he’d been properly cooked. She continued tearing strips of meat from his flanks for several moments before she had to give in to her desires. For all the poise and grace with which she met her meals at first, the witch had always become ravenous when the time to feed truly came, as if something wild in her was released. She pulled the arm from the roast with ease, as it always was, and began sinking her teeth greedily into the meat there, tearing it off in great chunks from the limb almost faster than she could chew and swallow. Already she was beginning to feel that incredible sensation as her stomach filled and began to distend slightly. That full feeling always brought a rush of heat that crept from her belly quite quickly to her loins, already moistening before she let the bones clatter to the pan and grabbed the other arm. The witch cleaned the flesh from the second arm in a passionate frenzy as her stomach swelled steadily and the fire within her grew hotter with each bite.

Watching all this with a certain disgust, Hansel completely forgot his hunger as he worked hard now not to be sick. Even when he turned his head away, he could still hear the witch eating and the moans of bliss she made amid the wet smacking and tearing sounds of the cooked flesh being torn from the body. After the second arm was completely finished, the witch finally rose from the table and Hansel could so the rounded pot belly she now carried as she daubed at her lips with a napkin. Picking up the entire pan and what was left of the roast boy, the witch walked with a slight shiver in her step to the area of the kitchen that Hansel could not clearly see. He did not try to look but was simply grateful that the witch’s meal was taken out of sight as he heard a door open, a sound like a mild wind and a light clatter before it was closed again.

In almost no time the witch was right next to him, any strip of clothing gone and her breasts and the new swell of her belly pressing and rubbing against his side as one of her hands reached out and gently stroked his chest and abs. Her soft lips met his ear and the witch began suckling and nibbling at his lobe, pulling it into her mouth as she pressed harder against him and wrapped her left leg around his own legs. Hansel’s eyes drifted closed as his head tilted back against the wooden column, and in spite of his fear, or in some ways because of it, he could feel himself growing aroused and hard at her touch. The witch’s hand slowly slid down his abs to find his stiffening length, coaxing it to greater fullness as she let her lips pull gently off of his ear.

“And now for dessert,” she said in a moaning whisper, “I think I’ll take a taste test of you.”

Her teeth nibbled gently at his shoulder while she slid around his body to face him with an incredible grace and fluidity, pressing into him further while her hand continued its expert massaging of his growing erection. Her lips immediately found his neck and the witch licked and nibbled her way down to his muscular chest, sucking one of his nipples into his mouth and teasing the hard little nub while Hansel gasped in pleasure, then moving to the second one, while the fingers of one hand gently pinched the first. She ground her hips into his, and he could feel the moisture there, the scent of her arousal filling the air as his own began to join it.

Hansel was transported as his wrists pulled at the chains, no longer wanting escape, but wanting to caress the body that now writhed against him, full of the promise of incredible dark pleasures if he would only yield to them. But the chains held fast and Hansel could only move in time with her, pushing his body forward into her. The witch continued to slide slowly down his body and now he could feel the swell of her belly rubbing up against his full erection, the sensation incredibly erotic as he forgot all his previous fears. He pushed his hips against that swell, his hard member rubbing around the belly and leaving a small trail of precum there as the witch moved further down, still lapping at his flesh hungrily, moaning at his flavor.

Kissing and nibbling at the toned structure of his abs, the witch drank down his flavor gladly in the fine sheen of sweat that had begun to form on Hansel’s body. Through the ecstasies of his taste, she was keenly aware of his arousal pressing into her and rubbing first at her belly then slipping up between her full breasts. The incredible sensations mingled with the feeling of fullness from her earlier meal to stoke the fire in her loins to an incredible blaze of passion. One of her hands slipped down, rubbing slowly over her belly and down to slowly stroke the sensitive outer lips of her sex, perfectly moist now and already erupting in pleasure at her practiced touch. Her tongue flicked into the boy’s navel teasingly, and she could feel the head of his cock rubbing under her jaw, the shaft surrounded by her round breasts. Moaning in bliss, the witch buried her nose in Hansel’s pubic hair, lips finding the base of his shaft as she kissed that musky junction and let her teeth gently scrape along the skin there, lost completely for a few moments in the smell, the taste, the feel, the anticipation of wrapping her lips around his manhood and filling her mouth with all that it had to offer.

Hansel had a fraction of a second’s fear that those teeth that scraped his skin so sensually might soon bite down, but in the very same instant it was lost to a wave of pre-orgasmic pleasure and desire. The witch’s tongue licked from the very base of his sex all the way to the head in one slow stroke, her lips wrapping around his shaft and her teeth still nibbling in that wonderfully erotic way, but never closing down hard. Hansel could feel his member growing harder than it ever had before, even gaining in length, as it was slowly and expertly slicked down by the witch, her free hand caressing and lightly squeezing his balls as her lips moved slowly down the underside towards them. Hansel watched her tuck her head lower as he felt her hand slip up to his erection, lifting it up as her lips slowly kissed against his sac, causing his head to roll back once more, the world fading from sight as he let himself sink into the bliss that flooded his other senses.

The witch let her tongue slowly slurp one full ball into her mouth, suckling at it and testing the weight with her lips before stretching them out to accommodate the other, her mouth full of the delicious musk as she licked and sucked at his entire sack. She could feel Hansel’s aroused reaction both in her hand and her mouth, even as the first of many orgasms slowly began in her loins and spread throughout her body, her fingers now working deeply into her sex and enhancing the pleasure that already burned there. As she felt the balls tighten slightly in her mouth, she knew the boy would not last much longer. With a smoothness borne of practice, she slipped her lips gently off of them, raised her head and used the hand already gripping his glistening manhood to stuff the entire length into her mouth and down her throat as her lips pressed in a tight seal around the shaft.

With a sharp intake of breath, Hansel’s body jerked against the column as his cock was enveloped in the velvety mouth of the witch, her tongue already working furiously to bring him to the orgasm of which he was already on the precipice. He felt his erection spasm in her mouth against that questing tongue and knew that this had lasted as long as it possibly could now. Blissfully he let himself go over and climaxed harder than he ever had in his life. None of the women he had been with in the village could have matched this witch’s talent even if they had offered him the particular pleasure she had taken. As he tensed and writhed against the column, he could feel her steadily milking him with her lips, greedily drinking down his seed as it came.

As another orgasm wracked her body, the witch reveled in the feel and flavor of the boy’s essence free-flowing into her mouth and down her throat, letting it coat her tongue as she gulped hungrily. This was the treat she had truly craved and she savored as best she could the taste of his cock and the thick, salty cum, letting them sit and mingle in her mouth as long as she could, while another bolt of pleasure shot through the very fiber of her being. After several moments, she could tell that the boy was entirely spent as his erection already began to soften between her lips. She swallowed the last of his seed and let the organ slowly slide out of her mouth, licking her lips clean of a small dribble of cum that had escaped during his climax and letting her own body come down from the intense pleasure.

Hansel slumped against the wood to which he was chained, hanging almost limply from his arms. He felt completely drained in every possible way as he returned from the incredible bliss of his climax to the real world. Looking down once more, he saw the witch now, still on her knees, rubbing her belly lightly and licking her lips. He noticed that the swell of her stomach had already shrunk a small amount as she began to rise from the floor. She did not seem tired in the slightest, only pleasantly sated as she stretched her arms and gave a little moan. Coming closer, the witch actually gave him a small kiss on the lips. For a moment, Hansel thought she might have decided to let him live in some way, his leaping with the small hope as she smiled at him.

“You’re delicious,” the witch said, dashing Hansel’s hopes as she continued, “That was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. If you keep behaving like this, your last moments will be quite pleasant. If you only knew, you’d be begging me to eat you tonight.” She smacked her lips and rubbed her belly gently, flashing him her incredible smile again. “And I’d have a hard time resisting. But it’s just not time yet. So I’ll give you some dinner and something to sleep on. When you’re ready for either, you’ll find those chains can stretch and move through the wood to some extent. A little trick I can do.”

With that, the witch waved her hand and what looked like a feather bed appeared on the floor, with a blanket folded on the edge next to a large pillow. On the bed was a plate with what Hansel could tell was a venison steak, some vegetables and several different desserts. That done, the witch spared another look over Hansel’s nude form and walked out of the kitchen without another word.

At first glance, Hansel thought he would neither be able to eat or sleep tonight. The chains amazingly stretched out and moved up and down through the wood just as the witch had said they would, but his mind was too focused on what was to come in a few days. But when his stomach gave a loud growl and a shock of pain, he found that the dinner was delicious, with the best desserts he’d ever eaten. Especially when the plate refilled itself until he was truly full. After finally getting a good meal, he also discovered that despite his worries, the bed, blanket and pillow were of a softer material than anything he’d ever encountered. He drifted off in almost no time.



          When Hansel finally awoke the next morning, he was convinced for a few moments that he’d had some sort of nightmare that eventually turned into some sort of sexual fantasy dream. That was until he was awake enough to feel the metal still clasped around his wrists and realize that it was all true. He woke slowly, stretching out from under the blanket before finally standing up. As he yawned and moved off the bed, he watched as it disappeared from sight along with the blanket and pillow. It was only then that he realized he could already smell some kind of breakfast cooking.

          “Ah you’re finally awake,” said the voice from behind that sent shivers up his spine for various reasons.

          He heard a snap of fingers and in the next instant he was pulled back against the wooden support once more, his arms stretched upwards as the chains returned to their original position in the wood. The sudden jolt woke him completely, and Hansel looked around the now brightly lit kitchen, noticing that he could actually see the woods through some windows that he hadn’t noticed before and actually hadn’t been on the outside of the cottage.

          As he was marveling at this, two hands encircled him from behind and gently rubbed along his belly. Looking down at them, he noticed that his defined abs were no longer so readily visible, even as the witch’s hands stroked and pinched the very thin layer of fat there, a sensation that he could not deny was somewhat pleasurable. His arms had not lost any of their definition, nor had his legs, and Hansel could only guess that the witch’s food was somehow just plumping him up in the areas that she wanted.

          “Ah, glad to see that you ate your fill last night,” the witch said as her head slipped around the column and closer to his ear. “I’m making you a big breakfast right now. We’ve only got a couple days to get you as plump as we can for dinner before I run out of my other meat.” Her tongue snaked out and licked his ear. “And with how scrumptious you are, I might not be able to wait that long. So you eat as much as you can this morning, and if you eat really well,” she said, one hand slipping down his belly to grope his manhood, “there might be some rewards. And keep in mind that if you don’t eat… I might think that you were trying to ruin my next big meal. Then I’d have to find other ways to spice you up.”

          The witch went back to her preparations in the kitchen and Hansel already knew that he would eat as much as he could of whatever was placed in front of him. Truth be told, he actually did feel very hungry once again, and he hadn’t eaten as well as he had last night for a very long time. But he also still remembered the roast that had been on the table and the agreement he made with himself. He had the whole day after breakfast to try to think of a way out of this mess so far as he knew, so for now he would do everything he was told.

          It was not long before the witch set a plate piled high with various foods on the table where she had eaten her dinner last night. A snap of her fingers and Hansel knew that his chains would once more extend as much as he needed to reach the table and begin eating. Sitting down in what was a very comfortable chair, he couldn’t help his mouth watering at the array. There was bacon and sausage, eggs cooked just as he liked them, browned potatoes and a few other treats. The aroma was intoxicating and Hansel began to eat hungrily with the utensils the witch provided, sometimes just digging in with his fingers where appropriate. The witch soon sat across from him, seeming very satisfied at the way he was devouring the food, and Hansel noticed that the swell of her belly from last night was already gone this morning.

          “Ah, glad to see you’re enjoying your breakfast. I put a great deal of effort into it,” said the witch as she watched the boy.

          Hansel could not escape his curiosity, as well as the fact that his mind was already forming an idea or two. “If you can make food appear when you wish, why must you use your time to cook?”

          “Oh, for several reasons. One is that I don’t just “make food appear”. It all has to come from somewhere. I simply rearrange the bits of reality from many different places that have potential to be food in an instant at your feet. And set up that rearranging to keep going until you’re full. This takes a lot of energy, so I only use it when need be. Plus it’s easier on a full stomach, as I was last night, so it would drain me today to use that much power. That and I simply enjoy cooking. Especially in some circumstances.” She added this last with a wicked grin.

          A shiver ran up Hansel’s spine, but he pressed on between bites at the truly delicious breakfast, asking, “But if you have this power, do you really need to…” he took a moment, taking another bite as he tried to work the words out, “…eat me? Why not eat what you can prepare or summon with your powers?”

          “Do you really think you’re the first one to ask that?” the witch said with a smirk. “I eat people like you because it’s what fuels my abilities. It has to do with the energy surrounding a human, and you wouldn’t understand. It’s different than the way you might eat a deer that you manage to kill. Or the cattle that someone keeps. And when you reach the point that I have, the powers I possess… it’s wonderful. When I eat you, it will be because I want to, my deliciously tender morsel.”

          Knowing now that he could never possibly convince her that he should not be a meal in this way, Hansel decided to finish his breakfast silently. He did not eat with the same exuberance with which he began, but still consumed as much as he could, enjoying the taste even through the feeling of hopelessness that once again washed over him. Finally, Hansel settled back in his chair, knowing that he could not eat another bite. His hands rested on his gut, feeling bloated from the incredible amount of food as the witch took the plate away to the kitchen proper.

          As Hansel sat, letting a light belch escape his lips that relieved some pressure, the witch’s hands encircled him from behind once more. One rubbed the new bloat of his belly while the witch practically purred in satisfaction; the right however immediately slid down to grip his member, gently fondling and stroking as Hansel shivered in his seat. Her touch, whether by instinct or by practice, seemed to find all the right places and pressures as she stroked, and he could feel himself growing hard quickly, pushing his hips forward and thrusting the growing organ into her hand.

          Feeling the growth within her hand as her teasing brought the boy to erection, the witch began a steady stroking along his cock, gradually gaining speed as she fondled the meat in both hands. Stroking faster and faster, the witch wanted to bring him to climax quickly this time, and as she felt him getting close, she moved her left hand to grab the plate of meat she had just carved from the last meal and held it underneath his sex, knowing he would spurt soon. She had wanted to taste him again so badly all through his breakfast, but feared her morning hunger would cause her to devour him right there. And it was too soon; he was going to plump up so nicely if he kept eating as he was told. In a couple days he would be perfect, so for now she would settle for a bit of spunk with her meat. Later, when she was properly sated, she could have a little fun with him and nibble at the delicious flesh a bit more.

          The orgasm came somewhat quickly, Hansel’s hands gripping the arms of the chair tightly as he exploded in a torrent. He could feel some of his own cum splatter on his belly and legs as he climaxed, but could not care about the mess he was making. It was just as well that his eyes were closed through most of the experience and he never noticed the meat that received a healthy coating of his seed, the witch drawing it back out of sight just as his climax tapered off. When the incredible wave of pleasure finally subsided, he felt a finger run through some of the splatter on his full gut. The wet smacking sounds were right at his ear as the witch sucked her finger clean.

          Mmm, even tastier than last night. I think I might just miss you after you’re gone,” she murmured into his ear, licking her lips. “You’re one of the best catches I’ve made in a long while.”

          With that, she was gone from the room. And thinking about her last statement, Hansel began to get another idea of how he might talk her out of dining on him in the near future. As he thought of that, he looked around the kitchen, his chains still expanding. There were strange objects all about the kitchen such as a large white box about the size of a man with two doors in it, a small box with a door made of glass that he could look into sitting atop one of the counters, and several other strange gadgets whose function he could not possibly determine, but nothing sharp or useful for opening the manacles was in easy reach and none of the doors or drawers in the kitchen would open for him. All he could do in the end was sit and wait for the witch’s return, hoping she would somehow be more interested in the offer he had in mind than his earlier attempts at reasoning. As the impending dinner drew closer, he would even try begging if he thought it might work at all. But he somehow knew that no matter how hard he begged, the witch would not be moved. He would have to think of something. Something to barter.



          By the afternoon Hansel could clearly see the swell that breakfast had caused in his belly. He still would not be considered fat by most standards, but he was definitely adding weight fairly quickly from the food the witch served him. He had thought her plan to fatten him up was impossible with the time she mentioned. But now he could clearly see the beginning of a curve around his gut and knew that in a couple days, he would easily have a nicely rounded, plump potbelly. And then he would apparently be perfect for supper.

          From behind where he sat at the table, examining his belly and trying desperately to think of some way he could get out of his manacles, the door to the kitchen opened, and he heard the witch’s cheery voice calling out.

          “Inspection time! Come over to the support here, I want to see how you’re coming along. And I’d hate to have the chains drag you back, it might bruise the meat.”

          Hansel immediately did as he was told, moving to stand where he had been originally chained, looking at the witch in the same black dress she had been wearing when she first came to the door. When beckoned him forward just slightly, he moved towards her as quickly as he could, wanting to give the impression that he would dutifully follow whatever she asked. At this, the witch smiled.

          “You’re behaving so well,” she said as the witch began looking him over. “Now just stand still while I poke and prod a bit. One has to inspect the meat regularly if everything is to go as planned.”

          The witch began running her hands up and down Hansel’s arms first, gently pinching as he did his best to keep still. He had noticed that the witch was once again full and had a slightly bulging belly to prove it. That was probably why she now allowed herself to fondle her latest catch, she wouldn’t be so tempted on a full stomach. Hansel paused at that thought, shivering as he realized the significance of it. He was already getting used to being referred to as food and was starting to do it himself. He could not let that happen. To do so would be like giving up and accepting that he could do nothing, and then it would be easier to just slip away and let himself be nothing more than fatted cattle.

          Hands now rubbed his belly and the witch nodded and cooed in approval as she gently pinched the growing layer of fat there. Her hands stroked over Hansel’s legs, up the still toned thighs and down the solid calves, muttering in satisfaction. She moved around behind now, checking his back and letting her fingers play over the various muscles there. The inspection actually felt somewhat enjoyable to Hansel, the rubbing exciting him in some way as her hands reached his rump and began gently squeezing and testing the tender flesh there. Suddenly, his body tensed as he felt lips and teeth against his right cheek, the witch nibbling there, testing both the tenderness and the taste of his flesh. The sensation was incredibly erotic, and Hansel could once more feel arousal beginning to grow at his captor’s touch, even as her mouth pulled gently away from him.

          “Perfect,” she moaned from behind him as she stood once more, stalking around him and looking over his body again. “You’re coming along splendidly, remaining tender and plumping up just right.”

          As her eyes found his groin, the witch smirked and gave a giggle that was almost like an innocent virgin.

“Hmm, seems I’ve managed to prime your pump again,” she purred while running one finger gently along the length of his erection, her tongue idly running over her smiling lips while Hansel shuddered. “I might as well put it to good use. Get on your back.”

She spoke the last more as a powerful command than as a playful seduction, and Hansel readily complied. It was not fear that made him stretch out immediately on the floor of the kitchen but desire, completely forgetting all his fears in the overriding thrall of his lust. Just as he had the last two times.

The witch’s dress had vanished and her naked beauty was now on display as she slowly lowered herself to straddle Hansel. The small bulge of her belly rubbed just slightly against his as she slowly settled herself onto his hips, letting the already moist softness of her sex envelope his hardness and squeeze it in a wonderful, velvety grip as his entire length was taken in. Her eyes closing, the witch gasped above him and began a slow, steady rhythm in her hips, her sex stroking and clenching around his cock in a wonderful way that made Hansel’s back arch as his hands moved up to find her breasts. They gently kneaded the flesh there, stroking and teasing the nipples as the witch moaned in pleasure.

Riding the boy’s cock with a rhythm that grew faster and faster, the witch delighted in the wonderful friction against the nub of her clit as she worked her sex against every inch of that glorious hardness, using her prey for her own pleasures as she had countless others before. Her hands explored his chest and the growing swell of his belly, moaning at the added pleasure as she once more realized just how perfectly he was plumping out and how delicious he would be. Leaning over him as her hips continued to buck along his length, gently rocking her towards a burst of pleasure, her lips found his shoulder and chest. She kissed and nibbled at the wonderfully taut flesh there, tasting him as she rode him with ever increasing speed, the friction and heat between her legs reaching a fevered pitch as she listened to the sharp intake of breath from the boy, signaling that he too would soon lose himself in the erotic pleasures of their coupling, even as a climax shot through the witch’s entire like lightning.

Back arched and hands now clawing at the floor of the kitchen as the witch’s body pressed against his and feasted on his passion, Hansel let loose a cry of pure ecstasy as he felt the incredible heat and pressure around his manhood clenching and milking his throbbing erection. He had controlled himself as best he could throughout the witch’s ministrations to stay hard for her, and once again could hold out no longer as he exploded within the incredible heat of her center. Somewhere deep in the back of his mind, Hansel knew that he was still just meat, being used for her pleasure as he surely would be used when she finally devoured him in some way. But he did not care. As the wave of pleasure crashed over both of them and he barely heard the witch’s screams of pleasure over the pounding of his own pulse in his ear, he did not care about anything but that incredible fire that had been stoked and was blazing up within both of them.

After several long moments, the fire finally began to burn down to a few embers and eventually to nothing more than a gently smoldering as the witch lay atop Hansel, waiting as his hardness slowly softened within her. When they had finally both relaxed from the pleasures of their flesh, the witch slowly slid herself off of him, stretching out like a cat before standing up once more.

“That was nice,” she said with a smile and satisfied look down at him, “I need to get started on some dinner for you. Have to keep that belly growing. You just lie there and relax, my tender little treat.”

Hansel lifted his head and watched as the witch walked into the kitchen and began bustling about the various drawers, doors and strange items he had looked over earlier. He thought she looked just distracted enough that he might be able to sneak up on her and bash her head in somehow, or grab her and get a weapon from one of the drawers quickly enough to finish her. But he put the thought out of his head as quickly as it came. One snap of her fingers and those chains would drag him back to the wooden pillar. Then who could know what tortures she would devise for him? Better to offer what he had thought of earlier and save himself a painful death if this cottage was to be his end.

“If…” he began and had to gather himself before he could go on. “If you were to let me live. I would do anything for you” It began coming as a stream of words and oaths as he babbled on. “I would belong to you, I would do whatever you would ask of me and be yours to command. I would help you when you wanted to eat. I would hunt for you and even help you capture those that might deserve to come here. If you would just allow me to live.”

The witch looked over her shoulder with what seemed to be a humorous smirk. “Would you, now?” she asked in an almost mocking tone.

Hansel, mistaking her mocking tone for interest, pressed on as he found even more of his voice. “I would commit myself to you if you were to spare me. I would service your every need at your slightest gesture. You could taste me any moment that you desired, you would not have to lose me. You could keep me as long as you wish, and I would be a man of my word, down to the very last detail. Your every desire…”

The witch had been smirking at him all through his babbling and now interrupted him with a high and melodious laugh from deep within. Hansel lay dumfounded on the floor as he watched her regain control of herself, his heart sinking like a stone in his chest. Finally she looked at him once more, her eyes full of the kind of amusement that he would have for a child that does not realize when they say something humorously naïve.

“Can you really think you’re the first to offer to serve me in exchange for life?” the witch asked him. “Almost every meal I have enjoyed has in some way tried to entice me to keep them alive. And more often than not, it has been through offers of service. Some have even offered to serve up their families and friends to me in exchange for their own lives.”

As Hansel listened, he was shocked. Not that others had tried to barter with this witch before, he realized now that he had been foolish to think otherwise. But that others had offered up so much just to stay alive? He would gladly offer someone like his step-mother to this witch’s hunger if need be, but the others of the village? He could never trade their lives for his own. And the thought of endangering true family such as Gretel. A life earned that way would not be worth living. As he thought of the sheer weakness and treachery of some of the others before him, the witch continued on.

“Once I even tried the idea of keeping someone much like you around as a servant. He was a delicious and industrious boy a little older than you and I wanted to enjoy him as long as possible. I promised him long life in exchange for servitude and being my bedmate whenever I wished. He agreed to be bound to this cottage so that he would not run unless I gave him permission. If people were always guaranteed to stumble upon this cottage, it might have worked well. But there have always been times of hunger for me when none venture towards my domain. And in one of those times, I cornered and ate my tasty little servant.” The witch rubbed her belly gently at the memory. “He was delicious as always, but I hate to break promises. So I don’t make them. Once you step into my parlor and are caught, you are my food. The more you understand that and come to terms with it, the easier a time you’ll have of it.”

The witch turned back to her cooking, lightly chuckling to herself at times, and Hansel lay on the floor, sighing to himself several times. He would eat dinner heartily, but in silence. He was busy meditating over what the witch had said to what he had thought was a decent bargaining posture. He was busy realizing that he truly was in a hopeless situation and that once you truly grasped that concept, it made the fears and worries a little easier to quell because there was really nothing to worry about with inevitability. He was busy doing just what the witch had told him to do as he enjoyed the taste of what would almost assuredly be one of his last six meals or so. He was busy coming to terms with it.



          The next morning, Hansel awoke to something tickling at his toes. His feet kicked back lightly from the source as he groggily rolled over, but in just a moment the tickling continued. Finally stirring enough from sleep to look down at the end of the bed, he saw the witch licking and nibbling over his toes, working her lips further along his feet as he stared down at her for a second or two. Instinctively, he sat up and pulled his feet back, but was surprised to find that he did not feel the same fear that had gripped him the other times he realized he was being tasted. The witch stood up from where she had been kneeling over the feather bed, smiling as she licked her lips.

          “For some reason your toes looked so tasty sticking out from under your blanket. Probably a good thing you woke up, or I might not have stopped.”

          Hansel took the teasing in an emotionless, detached way that was new for him. It still made him somewhat nervous, but even after a single day, he was used to it. He knew it would continue throughout the day and probably tomorrow as well. If he actually saw tomorrow.

          He looked down as the witch bustled into the kitchen, quite clearly to make him another huge breakfast, and examined his belly. Leaning against the familiar wooden pillar, he could see that it was getting nicely rounded now, even if it was still relatively small. Hansel’s legs, arms, back and chest were unchanged, just this steadily growing. Rubbing his hands over it, he could feel that it was nicely soft, but always looked taut. He had time to marvel at this, to wonder just how the witch was achieving this with his body, when she brought another heaping plate to the table and broke his reverie with the announcement that breakfast was ready.

          Hansel sat down and began to eat heartily as he had last time, truly feeling his hunger once again. At least he would not die unsatisfied. This time as he ate, the witch smirked and crawled under the table, moving once more with animal grace until Hansel felt her lips wrap around his currently limp member and his full balls, making him gasp around his next bite before the witch started to slowly suckle at his manhood. Hansel did not have to be told to keep eating, already knowing it was what she would want, even as his appetite grew in time with his erection. He shoveled down the food in front of him in a frenzy as under the table the witch brought him to full hardness and milked him dry.

          The rest of the day passed much the same as the day before. Hansel’s belly continued to grow with every meal the witch cooked for him. Another inspection was performed in the middle of the day, the witch making approving sounds all throughout and sparking arousal in Hansel once more. And once more, the witch put him to good use, bending down before him and commanding him to take her from behind, their separate lusts mounting in a flurry of passionate cries and sweating bodies until both reached that pivotal moment of pleasure. As had happened during the past two days, it was in those moments that Hansel forgot everything but the touch of her body and the incredible pleasures coursing through his own flesh.

          But nothing could have prepared him for what happened after the huge dinner that the witch cooked that night. He was taking his last bite of the meat and vegetables that had been piled high on his plate, feeling his now perfectly rounded belly barely rubbing against the table as it jutted out several inches from the rest of his body, when the witch slowly slinked around the table to his side. Gently she ran her hand across the bulge of Hansel’s gut, smiling at the way he had completely filled out and leaning in close to him. With a wave of her other hand, the same feather bed that Hansel had slept on the past two nights appeared behind them.

          “I feel like a little something special tonight,” the witch cooed as one hand continued to caress the new plumpness of his belly, the other running gently through Hansel’s hair, “so for the next few hours, I don’t want you thinking about what’s coming soon. I want all your focus on me… and all the things we can do in that bed.”

          She took his hand, and Hansel allowed himself to be led over to the bed, his mind already entering that state of calm bliss where nothing mattered but her touch. He lay down on the bed, the witch following along with him and gently kissing his cheek, moving down to his neck and his shoulder as her arms wrapped around him. Hansel tried to touch his lips to hers as their bodies began slowly intertwining and pressing against each other, but every time the witch would turn her face away and would not allow him to properly kiss her. Soon Hansel gave up trying, and allowed himself to be swept away in all the other possibilities as his lust grew and his kisses fell upon the silky skin of her neck and shoulders, moving further down.

          It had not been like this any of the times in the last few days. Other times, the witch had simply used Hansel’s body for her needs, and he had gone along willingly out of his own desires, but at the end of each dalliance, they both knew he was convenient and little more, to be cast aside at the end as she went about her daily routine. This time however, they rolled on the feather bed almost like lovers, each exploring the other’s body, finding all those special spots that brought forth a moan, a gasp, or the whispered encouragements that signified further pleasure.

          Hansel’s kisses continued to find purchase all along her skin, tracing the lines and curves of her body wherever they led him along the path to her mounting pleasure. His tongue flicked over her nipples while her fingers ran through his hair, encouraging him as he continued to let his lips play along her body, moving down over the little bulge of her gut, all the while tasting her almost as she had tasted him in recent days, until his tongue found its way slowly between her legs, relishing the flavor there and tasting deeper and deeper as the witch gasped and moaned.

          The witch ran her hands along every bulge of muscle on his body, watching and listening for those points that seemed to bring him greater pleasure and further arousal. They ran across all the flesh of his protruding belly, the witch delighting as he writhed in pleasure at this newfound erotic center. Her fingers explored Hansel’s sex in greater depth than she had before, gripping and stroking, working around his member, balls and rump in varying combinations as she felt him ebb and flow within her hands until her right hand gripped his full erection while a finger of her left slowly pushed into his tight backside, causing him to groan loudly as his orgasm splattered over both of them.

          In the course of the evening, his solid cock found her every entrance, and each time, she ground against it, pulling his hardness into her and moaning as they brought each other to climax time and time again. Each time Hansel thought he might be completely spent, he found the witch’s touch guiding him back to arousal, wondering for brief seconds if the dinner had something to do with it before he lost himself once again to the extreme pleasure. The witch found herself spurred on by his touch in every instance as with every effort, the boy managed to find a few new places that stoked the fire in her loins.

          Finally after what seemed an eternity of pleasure, Hansel lay truly spent on the feather bed, his arm around the witch nestled against him and he completely forgot all his fears and worries for the time. As they regained their breath together, the witch stirred just a bit, and spoke for the first time in several hours.

          “Since it never came up before, I’m curious. What’s your name?”

          Somewhat surprised to remember that he had never told her who he was in this time, Hansel answered and asked the witch her name.

          “I have none really,” the witch answered, “Not any more. I don’t need one. Well, Hansel, there’s a reason I wanted to make tonight special. Can you think of what it is?”

          His mood immediately dropping from the light afterglow in which he had been basking, Hansel realized that he knew what this was, and possibly had before they lay down together. His heart sank as he allowed himself to realize that tomorrow was the day.

          Feeling him tense against her, the witch nodded slightly and got up from the bed, looking down at Hansel and smiling somewhat warmly.

          “That’s right. I’m all out of meat. So tomorrow I’m going to eat you. You’re nice and plump now and you’ll make an absolutely delicious lunch. But with how good you’ve been, I felt you deserved something extra. And tomorrow, you’ll find just how pleasant I can make what’s going to happen to you.” She moaned and rubbed her belly in a way that would have been very sensual just a short while before. “You won’t see me until lunchtime as I have a few preparations to make. You can do whatever you like to enjoy your time until then, and whatever you need will be provided to you by a few of my little tricks. And then… well I think I’ll let you be surprised. Good night, Hansel, my delectable treat.”

          With that she was gone to her bed, and Hansel was alone. He lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling. He was out of time. No escape, no miraculous change of heart, no incredible rescue could possible save him and he knew it. He was food now. He had come to terms with it, but the reality that it was happening tomorrow was still hard to accept. It took a long while before Hansel was finally able to slip into a very restless sleep.



          Waking up late the next day after his fitful sleep, Hansel knew that he didn’t have much time left until the witch would want her lunch. Yet somehow he found that he wasn’t afraid any more. If nothing else, he somehow knew that the witch would make his end quick and painless as possible before she cooked him into whatever meal she desired, just as she had agreed. He already knew that he had pleased her, and had faith that this would not go unrewarded.

          The next hour was spent mostly in reflection on his life. He knew he could do anything he really wished with this time, but nothing else really seemed appealing or appropriate for the last moments of his life. He knew he hadn’t made any great accomplishments, but he was aware that he had been a good person, as best he could. And he had provided for his family, even though two of them did not deserve it. He was just thinking about how his sister would fare in his absence, hoping she would be all right, when he heard the door to the kitchen open and a snap of fingers made him stand upright against the pillar once more.

          He expected to see the witch carrying some sort of weapon to finish him quickly, or a vial of something that would simply make him sleep and never wake up. But when she slowly walked in front of him with an anticipatory smile on her face, the witch was still without a stitch of clothing and held nothing in her hands.

          She licked her lips as she looked Hansel over, admiring his still muscled frame and the plump belly he had grown, simply saying, “It’s time.”

          Hansel nodded and looked her in the eyes, determined to meet his end bravely. “Just please answer me this,” he said. “How do you intend to do it?”

          “Do it?” she asked as though he had said something odd.

          “Yes. How will you kill me? It will be quick, will it not? Before you cook me?”

          The witch gave a melodious little laugh and slowly walked towards him as she spoke. “Kill you? Cook you? Why, you’d behaved so you could avoid such unpleasantness.”

          Hansel was clearly confused, “Then how…”

          “I’m just going to gobble you right up as you are. You’re going to slip into my belly, and then you’ll just slowly digest away. And, oh, how yummy you’ll be on the way into my tummy.”

          The witch’s mouth fairly watered as she teased him and moved even closer, and Hansel’s eyes widened in fear. This was his reward? To be eaten alive, trapped and suffer inside her? He pressed back into the pillar by instinct, knowing there was still no possible escape, but trying to stay back from her, his eyes now focused on those full pink lips as the witch’s tongue slowly snaked out and made another pass over them, her pert breasts already touching his chest now as she smirked gently.

          “You’re so scared because you don’t know. But you’ll feel it soon enough, and then, you won’t know anything but bliss.” Her head leaned in, and her tongue flicked out to lick across Hansel’s lips as her hands caressed his sides. Mmmm.”

          Then, for the first time, the witch gave him a true, deep kiss.

          Before he could really struggle, Hansel could feel himself melting into that kiss. The sense of calm joy that he had felt at other moments of her touch felt amplified now as his own lips began to tingle in pleasure. He returned the kiss gladly, pressing his mouth into hers, exploring it with his tongue and feeling her lips slowly spread to the skin around them, knowing only the incredible tingle of pleasure that seemed to spread from his lips outward. Soon he felt her mouth working over his chin and nose, teeth scraping along his skin and bringing even more of that wonderful tingling as he tongue began gently lapping over his face.

          The witch stretched her lips quite easily around Hansel’s face as her hands slowly rubbed along his muscular arms and sides, further calming him for his journey. Her preparations early made it a delight to open and stretch her body wider to pull him in, and she could already taste that incredible flavor for which she had longed these last few days, knowing the meal was finally hers. Her preparations had included a little charm on her lips. Wherever they touched, this tender morsel would feel a wonderful tingle of delight, no matter what else touched his skin from that point on. And as her lips would caress every inch of his body, she could be assured that he would never suffer and would feel nothing but pleasure right up to the very end.  The witch had done this several times before and always liked to reward her good meals this way. She moaned as she stretched her lips around his head now, slowly engulfing it with a wet glomming as her tongue bathed his face in saliva, her stomach growling loudly for the coming feast.

          His world plunged into a sultry darkness, Hansel no longer cared about reality. His entire head was alight with pleasure while the tongue massaged his face gently, bringing forth more of the almost orgasmic sensation as he felt himself being pulled deeper. The witch’s lips created a tight seal around his body as they slowly began to spread over his shoulders, his head pushing into her throat and feeling an unbelievably wonderful pressure there as his body worked to pull him down. With this feeling and the sensation her lips slowly stroking their way to his chest, Hansel knew he was just a good meal for her and did not care. If this was being eaten alive, he could not wait to a rest in her belly and feed the witch. He could feel her teeth following along behind her lips, chewing at him lightly, tenderizing him as they added to that incredible tingle that was spreading down his flesh. As he felt the manacles suddenly release his wrists and his arms fell to his sides, his head lay in her throat being pulled gently downwards. Hansel had no thoughts of trying anything now that his hands were free. His mind was swimming in pleasure, and in some strange corner of his thoughts he actually hoped that he tasted good to his captor.

          The witch moaned around the delicious mouthful that Hansel made, already feeling her neck stretching in a very pleasant way around his head as she worked her way around his shoulders. She savored the meat of his chest, letting her tongue slowly work over the toned meat, teasing his nipples as Hansel slipped slowly into her body. His chest filled her mouth now and stretched it steadily wider as she used her hands on his arms to help guide him in. Feeling him wriggle just a bit inside her, the witch knew that it was not out of fear, but more spasms of the sensation running along his skin now, and she could even feel him trying to help his way in deeper. With steady, powerful swallows the witch continued to enjoy her feast, lips brushing against the swell of that wonderfully soft belly as she could feel his head slipping into her gullet, stretching her chest in that wonderful way now.

          Hansel moaned and continued to shiver and writhe inside her, that tight massage of her throat beginning to creep down his shoulders as the wonderful bliss continued to spread down his body, claiming him just as her hunger would soon. The witch’s saliva and other fluids inside her gullet coated his body, and he could feel it making his trip down that much easier as every touch from her body, every drip of drool that hit his body, every motion that he made brought forth another wave of absolute pleasure. Hansel wriggled about inside the witch even more, working to rub his sensitized skin against the wonderfully soft walls of her inner passages, even as he could feel her mouth, lips and teeth moving feverishly, working their way around the new protrusion of his gut. The pleasure that spread through his belly as it was rubbed and nibbled at was even more intense than anything he had felt so far as the witch gobbled him down, and his struggles increased as he worked to press his gut into every possible surface in her mouth, his body slipping deeper and deeper into hers. Soon he could feel his head pressing against the tight entrance to her stomach while his belly was pressed, massaged, and gently licked inside her mouth.

          Tears of pleasure and slight strain running down her puffed cheeks, the witch moaned around the incredible flavor of Hansel’s rounded gut. She had plumped him up perfectly and the belly made such a wonderful mouthful. So soft and pliant, but still carrying the toned flavor of the rest of her meal, she gently pressed it between her teeth, letting the fat there fill her cheeks, part of the belly already slipping into her throat as his body was inched further down. As his head slowly began to push into her stomach, the witch pressed and worked the plump gut in her teeth, working to get all the flavor she could without ever breaking the skin, letting the incredible sensation of fullness run over every square inch of her mouth, even as it began to slip from her upper body into her own belly. With audible smacking and champing noises, the witch made slow careful swallows, one of her hands reaching down to rub her gut as she felt Hansel’s head pushing down into her stomach. Her tongue stroked every bit of fat and muscle it could reach along the line of his gut before slowly snaking out, tasting the erection that had already grown as she swallowed him down.

          As the witch’s teeth had nibbled and gnawed at his flesh, pressing it in ways that felt incredible with the new sensations on Hansel’s skin, he could already feel an arousal growing that was stronger than any he had ever experience. He groaned and squirmed inside her, even as his head was pushed into a slightly more open area, the tingling continued all over his body, and especially at his belly as it slowly began to slip into the tight grip of the throat, adding to the joy he felt. The tongue flicked along his arousal quite pleasantly, spurring it forward as Hansel’s body writhed in the added pleasure. It was almost too much sensation at one time and he could feel his sanity collapsing under the weight of such extreme bliss. But nothing could have prepared him for the moment when her lips passed over his belly to his hips, brushing against his flaring member as the witch slurped it into her mouth. Pleasure so incredible shot through his body that he climaxed in that instant against her tongue and a small part of Hansel’s mind actually did snap in the intensity of it. He could not really remember himself or anything of his life outside. There was only this incredible pleasure that shot through his whole body, centering on the throbbing, spurting head of his cock, and the witch’s belly to be filled. He had to feed her well. She needed meat and he was perfect living flesh and he had to keep her well fed for several days because who knew when another morsel like himself would come along and the only reason for his pleasure was to feed her so he had to get into her stomach had to be yummy in her tummy had to hit the spot had to get her stuffed had to.

          Outside, the witch lapped up the flavor of his seed one last time, letting it spread over his skin and season him. As she purred around him and relished that flavor, she could feel Hansel getting more active inside, wriggling with a fervor that was delightful as his shoulders and chest began to slide slowly into her stomach, making her belly stretch gently outward. The witch nibbled at his thighs now and found that his legs were kicking and that he was sliding much faster into her now, his hips already wriggling into her throat. Her gut was expanding so quickly now, the pleasure of it shooting through as she let herself slip to the ground. She leaned back bathed in the growing fullness as Hansel’s kicking legs slipped between her lips, soon only half his calves and his feet sticking out.

          Almost there almost there getting closer as his chest was moving into that wet, fleshy chamber and he had to curl up and move around because he was sliding into her and his legs were slipping past those wonderfully full lips and into her and that wonderful gut she had given him was slipping in now and he was most of the way in and he had to keep wriggling had to keep working because her belly was where he belonged where he finally realized he had always been heading and he had to fill her up and get into her stomach to nourish her because he was tender and of course delicious and that could only mean that he was meant to be food for this beautiful witch and feel that wonderful tingle of being inside her of becoming part of her and so glad that he did not get roasted or stewed or baked or anything because then he would never know just what a perfect meal he was and how he was almost completely inside her now.

          Lips sealing around his ankles, the witch could feel Hansel squirming wildly inside her now, and the sensation was so wonderful. Though the feet tried to pull into her lips, she kept a tight lock around them, watching them wriggle and writhe as she realized he was actually trying his best to finish himself inside. She slowly rubbed huge, moving, pulsating bulge in her belly, feeling every bump and sway as he struggled about in there. Finally one fluid motion, the with tipped her head up, slurps in the last of his feet, the toes tickling her lips as they passed and swallowed, giving him what he now seemed to want so badly.

          At last all inside he was completely curled up in her belly because there was a moment when he could not pull his feet in and he thought that maybe he had not tasted good enough or that he was not hitting the spot like he was supposed to and he was unworthy and she would spit him up and tell him to get out because he was no good meal just a pointless boy not even a man worthy of feeding her then his feet were gobbled up quick as you please and he knew her of course she could not resist a final tease before letting her fulfill her and feed her as he was supposed to because he was a good meal a delicious treat a succulent feast and he could stay in her belly where he belonged where he always belonged and he would keep her fed for days so he could finally relax in the comfortable tingling warmth of her stomach.

          The witch lay on the floor and smacked her lips as the last of Hansel slipped into her stomach and settled there. Her hands roamed over her stretched belly, feeling him there and enjoying that fullness as she took the last of his taste from her lips.

          She could have lain there all day and just felt satisfied with her feast, but just several minutes after finishing off the last of that tender morsel, she heard a knock at the door. She did not want to get up, but if it was another potential meal at the door, she could not risk letting it go. Hoisting herself to her feet, she could feel Hansel sloshing and swaying inside her and cast a quick glamour that would hide her belly and put forth the appearance of clothes as she walked out of the kitchen to the front door of her cottage.

          Opening the door, the witch beheld a girl about nineteen there, with blond hair and a very shapely frame. What struck her immediately though was the girls facial features, which bore some similarity to the boy that was currently stewing in her belly.

          “Hello,” the girl said, “I am sorry to bother you, but I am currently searching the woods for my brother Hansel. You have not seen him have you?”

          The witch managed to work her face into a look of concern, but inside she was grinning from ear to ear.

          This delicious feast might not be over just yet.


To be Continued.