the Wolf


Gretel moved slowly through the forest, careful not to lose the trail of her brother as she went. She could tell he had been stepping and moving softly as he often did when he hunted so as not to disturb possible game, so that track was almost non-existent. But Gretel had another trail to follow. She could feel Hansel’s energy in the places he had been, could tell the direction he had decided to go and, if she focused very hard for several moments, could even get a trace what he had been feeling when he decided on a path. The soul path, as she often thought of it, was a couple days old and faint but easier to detect because of Gretel’s connection to her twin. It would have been completely undetectable to just about anyone else in the village.

Living in the hateful house with her father and stepmother, Gretel had nurtured many of the same desires for escape that she knew her brother often did. She, however, had always taken a more active and practical approach than his simple dreams of leaving and trying to survive. It was uncanny to her that Hansel could have such instinct, guile and careful planning at his hunting but always seemed at a complete loss to apply such abilities when dealing with the civilized world.

At a young age she had begun slowly hiding small portions of the meager allowance afforded by her current parents for necessities in an effort to create a savings for both of them to escape the stranglehold of her stepmother’s machinations and start a new life. Gretel had never told Hansel about these hidden wages because he had always given in to a certain kind of fear too easily, and Gretel knew that he would give up the secret if their stepmother started asking any sort of questions. And then that wretched woman would find a way to have the savings back or to simply cut off the allowance until they had to spend the savings just to survive. But Gretel’s plan grew even more intricate when she found her true mother’s old books and diaries.

Her birth mother had been convicted of what the village elders decided to call “crimes of the unnatural” when the accusations were made. It had never escaped Gretel’s attention that the first person to make the accusations was the very woman who now lived a life of ease in her mother’s home. Nor had the subtle smiles that passed between the woman and her father when the man testified that his wife had indeed done things that were unnatural in his presence and that he lived in fear of what she might do. In spite of Gretel’s mother’s protests that all she had ever done was for the good of the people of the village, the elders had her executed.

Gretel had found the books at the age of sixteen when she was doing menial labor around the garden as commanded by her stepmother. As she was cleaning the moss and overgrown weeds off of a small statue, some instinct told Gretel to check the foundations on which it stood. As she did, her hand fell across a small bump in the stone that pressed in. One side of the stone cube slid open to reveal a hidden compartment filled with writings. In those writing she found detailed information from her mother and other authors on just how “unnatural” tasks could actually be performed.

Studying and practicing whenever she could get the chance, Gretel soon found that she had a natural ability for these tasks. In almost no time, she was having the garden tools do her work by themselves while she used the time to study further and learn more. Her senses sharpened, her abilities multiplied and grew more powerful, and her plans became grander as she worked day and night to both learn more and keep her secret. Gretel was no longer able to add to her savings, as the practice seemed to make her ravenously hungry, but that mattered little with what she was discovering. She would avoid her mother’s fate and when she felt Hansel was ready, she would show him what she could do, wreak an unforgettable punishment on her father and stepmother and escape somewhere. Anywhere.

But then Hansel had not come home from the hunt that evening. This was not unheard of; at times when game was hard to find, Hansel had been known to camp for a night and look the next day. Gretel, however, could not shake the feeling that her brother was in danger and knew that this was not ordinary worry. As she had grown in her abilities, she had tapped just barely into the vibrations of reality and had developed a stronger connection to and awareness of her twin than the light one that had existed all their lives. The feeling had been faint, so Hansel might be able to handle himself. Yet the next day, the sensation of impending danger for him worsened. She would have left then, but her stepmother had been annoyingly watchful of her servant that day as she sometimes was, and Gretel did not want to tip her hand until she knew that Hansel was safe. She could have handled her father and stepmother, but if they managed to get the attention of anyone else, a mob could form and she did not have enough power to deal with that yet.

For two days she had been delayed in this manner, until finally on the third night after Hansel’s disappearance, which the others simply attributed to him finally slipping away that time, the sense of danger became so great that she had fled to find him as soon as her father and stepmother had finally fallen asleep.

And now she was following the trail of his spirit, steadily feeling herself getting closer to where he was, the sense of danger now at its peak, but mingled somehow with an odd sense that her twin was incredibly happy at the moment, almost elated. It puzzled her, and Gretel stopped for a moment and started to try and focus even harder to actually develop a connection with him. She was only able to get a flitting, bizarre impression about hitting a spot before something distracted her and broke the connection. On the trail before her, she could just barely make out a kind of shimmering wall, like glass that was somehow flowing and pulsating on its own.

Gretel moved closer to the barrier, knowing that she could only see it because of her current focused abilities. She reached a hand out, expecting to touch something and feel solid contact, but her hand went straight through the seeming barrier. Instead of touching any actual material, she felt a wave of intense childish fear. It was the cold, vulnerable fear of unknowable things that lurked under beds and in dark corners of cellars. Gretel pulled her hand away and knew instantly that this was set to deter the average person from this path. And Hansel was beyond it.

Focusing her mind to block out the unpleasant sensation, Gretel stepped back a few paces and made a quick running jump at the barrier, not wanting it to slow her down at all. As soon as she was through, she saw the cottage and could feel the powers that dwelled around and inside it. The sensation was almost cloying and it took Gretel a moment to adjust before she ran to the front door. Her brother was inside there somewhere, and she would find him, find out what was happening to him.

Gretel knocked at the door, trying to keep from pounding as best she could. She waited for a few moments before she could hear someone moving towards the door. Then suddenly in the intensity of her focus and emotion, she realized that it was Hansel coming to the door! If he could answer a door, maybe he was all right. Maybe he had discovered abilities of his own and found this cabin. Maybe there was no actual danger, but just urgency to share with her what he had discovered! Maybe she could simply tell him what she was able to do as well and they could put her plans into action together! Maybe-

The joyful shout that she was ready to give her twin died in her throat as she saw a beautiful woman answer the door. In a fraction of a second, Gretel knew that something was not right. Hansel should be standing right in front of her, not this woman in a long black garment. Quickly, Gretel worked to look both lost and hopeful as she spoke to the woman, taking some of her focus from her abilities.

“Hello,” she said as politely and sounding as ignorant as she possibly could, “I am sorry to bother you, but I am currently searching the woods for my brother Hansel. You have not seen him, have you?”

The woman seemed to look concerned, but to Gretel she did not feel that way. The impression that Gretel got from this woman was one of a kind of newfound joy, mingled with some secret knowledge. Gretel wished she could actually link with this woman’s mind the way she could on occasion with Hansel. She had half a bizarre hope that in a moment an illusion would suddenly melt away and Hansel would be standing there with a grin on his face as though he had just had one of the greatest jests ever. But this did not feel realistic.

“No, I fear I have not,” said the woman with an affect of caring and kindness that felt like a lie to Gretel. The more she thought about the entire situation, the more Gretel did not like it.

“But if you would like to come in for a moment,” the strange woman continued, “I could possibly help you find him in a short while if you wish. I simply have to make some preparations for a meal I am going to have later.”

This all felt more like truth to Gretel, but it was tinged with something, as though the woman were somehow amused by this. Gretel nodded, keeping her face looking completely ignorant of what she felt as she entered. But she would keep her guard up and one way or another, she would get some answers…



Gretel struggled against the manacles that bound her wrists, unbelieving for a moment that she was trapped like this. Try as she might, her abilities and efforts had no effect of any kind on the cold metal or the support holding her, and she began to realize just how much power this woman actually had.

She had followed the woman into her house and on into a large kitchen, the feeling continuing to linger that Hansel was right in front of her where the woman was standing. Worry, anger, confusion and a growing fear had clouded her focus and she had not been able to see the woman for what she was. And upon walking into the kitchen, a wave of unease had hit her.

Hansel had been in this room for a few days. The fear he had felt hung in the room, radiating from a central point near one of the wooden supporting pillars. It was easy for her to feel it here because the trail was not old. It was in fact quite fresh and strong, and at the sensation of it, that her brother was here not to long ago trying desperately to think of a way to escape death, Gretel had lost any hint of composure.

“Where is my brother?” she had asked coldly.

“Do not worry,” had said the woman, sounding kind and seeming not to understand that the question was directed at her, “We will look for him in just a moment.”

With the woman’s back to her, Gretel had held out her hand to focus her energy and channeled all her raging emotions into a force that slammed into the woman and pinned her to the wall. Holding her there nearly a foot above the floor with her power, Gretel had then advanced two steps further into the kitchen.

“Maybe you didn’t understand me,” she had said with the complete conviction that she was in control now. “I know my brother was sitting in this kitchen for a few days. I can feel his presence here even now. Where is Hansel, you bitch!”

To Gretel’s surprise, the woman had not seemed scared or even shocked, but had simply given a little chuckle. “I thought I felt some power coming off of you,” she had said casually, “It’s an impressive raw talent you have. But a pity it’s been so woefully underdeveloped.”

And without moving a muscle, without even looking over her shoulder, the woman had somehow sent a wave of force out from herself that made Gretel’s finely focused power seem little more than the pressure of a single leaf caught in the wind. It had slammed into Gretel’s head, sending her back directly into the center support in front of which she had carelessly stepped. When the back of her head hit the support, the girl had slumped to the ground, dazed but not completely unconscious. From above her Gretel had been able to hear a whining sound of metal scraping against wood and soon that cold metal had wrapped around her wrists and pulled her into a standing position along the support, almost exactly where her brother had been for the past few days.

After the fog had lifted from her mind and she had tried several times to use her abilities on the manacles to no avail, she took another look at the woman who was now standing only a few feet away from her and looking Gretel over with what seemed to be a genuine curiosity.

“Hmmm. This was so simple a few moments ago,” the woman said, seemingly more to herself than to Gretel. “I had other plans when I first saw you, but those with talent such as yours are rather rare. You certainly have strength and some knowledge, even a little cunning. I could almost think of taking you on as an apprentice. There are so many things I can teach you.”

Gretel could feel a cold fury growing inside her at the woman’s casual tone. Despite being chained and clearly outmatched, she struggled at the manacles, glaring directly into the witch’s eyes. “The only thing I want from you it know what you did with my brother.”

“Is it not enough to simply know that he is gone?” the witch asked with a sigh and stepped closer to Gretel, “What will it help you to think on him now? True power is staring you in the face. If you would embrace it, you must give up such concerns, because no amount of care or knowledge will bring him back to you. He could have easily wandered here and then wandered off on his own, seeking a new life of some sort. Why not think that and let him go?”

“Because I know you’re lying. He stayed here for several days and felt real fear for a time of it. And he’s still here now; I can feel him! Where is he?

The witch looked at Gretel for a moment and then slowly let a sadistic smile spread over her face. Her body began to shimmer and change right before Gretel’s eyes. The clothes the witch was wearing were gone and as the shimmer faded away, the girl could now see that the glamour had hidden a hugely distended belly, hanging down from the witch’s midsection and over her thighs. The skin slowly moved and undulated with odd shapes here and there all along the large bulge, and Gretel realized something was moving inside. Her horrified realization came at the same time that the witch gently patted her belly, tongue idly sliding around that cruel smile. At seeing the expression on Gretel’s face, the witch simply nodded.

“He was delicious. A truly mouth-watering squirmer. And he knew the whole time that I was going eat him eventually. Thankfully, he behaved and he was able to enjoy that last trip down. And that made it a very delightful meal for me too. He had so many uses and now he’s right where he belongs” The witch moaned a bit in pleasure and rubbed her engorged belly gently, licking her lips as though she could still taste Hansel there in some way, seeming to clearly enjoy the stricken look on Gretel’s face. Mmmm. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss isn’t it?”

“It’s… it’s impossible.”

“As you can clearly see, it’s not. Use that sense of yours if you doubt me.”

And it suddenly was clear, why she had felt what she did when the witch came to the door. Hansel had been there all along. And he was still alive. Gretel tried to reach his mind with hers, but could not seem to find anything.

“Let him out. Let him out now, please; he’s still alive. I’ll do what you ask, just bring him back somehow.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t do that. I need food, and he’s going to keep me going for the next several days. And he was so tasty, I’d probably just gobble him back down as soon as I saw him again,” the witch taunted with a small laugh. “Besides there would be little point. I think his mind went around the time I was finishing him up. Too much sensation, too much physical pleasure. That can happen. Don’t worry; he won’t be alive much longer. And he won’t feel a thing. Everyone that passes on should be so lucky.”

“You inhuman monster!” Gretel screamed and thrashed against the chains holding her, “You bitch! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! I’ll tear your heart out!  I’ll…”

“Now, now, you are not in a position to threaten, young one. There is no way to bring him back, nothing you could have possibly done. Accept that as a reality.”

“…tear you apart…”

“Cease this waste of energy. Though it seems pointless to offer to you with what you know and how you feel, you have a choice now, one that very few who venture into this cottage have had. You can agree to accept the loss of your brother as part of the loss of your old life and learn what I can offer about your abilities. Or you can feed me as well and we’ll see if you taste as good as he did. What do you choose?”

Gretel looked down for a few moments hanging from the chains now, her energy spent but her rage still burning within her. For that time, she could not think of the words that would express what she felt inside. Finally her eyes turned up to the witch, that same cold fury blazing in them. “I swear, whatever it takes, I will end you. And I will make you suffer.”

With a sigh, the witch nodded. “Of course. Such potential, wasted. But at least you’ll make a fine meal. Since I doubt you’ll cooperate while you’re here, I think we’ll get you plumped up and properly seasoned, and in a few days I’ll have a nice roast. Of course, first we’ll have to see if that’s the right way to cook you.”

The witch moved closer, and Gretel tried to jerk away when the hands came towards her but was held tight by the chains. The witch’s hands reached Gretel’s top and tore it off of her in a single, easy motion. Next went Gretel’s long skirt, and soon the girl was standing naked and completely vulnerable against the central support. The witch’s hand then moved to her skin, slowly running along the girl’s abdomen, gently stroking and occasionally pinching the flesh there. Gretel shivered at the touch, disgusted that this woman would treat her like a piece of meat. Yet her disgust ran deeper than mere revulsion at the witch.

Somewhere, in the back of Gretel’s consciousness, the touch felt incredibly sensual. Though she was not yet fully conscious of it, Gretel was more ashamed of herself than anything. She had spent so much time in her studies and practicing that it had been long since any other person had touched her in any way. She had never been attracted to another woman in the village, but something felt different about this, as though it had nothing to do with her usual attraction. And though she was merely being prodded like any common cut of meat, there was something about the way the witch’s hands moved that felt so affectionate, such a gentle caress, that she could not deny a certain physical pleasure.

As the hand moved slowly up and gently lifted one breast, gently rubbing along the underside and feeling the weight before moving on to the other, Gretel gave a sharp gasp. She could feel unbidden warmth already building in her loins, slowly spreading to her belly and thighs as soon both the witch’s hands were on her breasts, gently kneading and stroking them.

“Hmmm, very nice…” she heard the witch mumble as Gretel’s eyes slowly closed, and she forgot where she was. She could feel her nipples hardening as the soft hands rubbed across them. She could feel the moisture beginning between her legs and welcomed it for a moment of sheer pleasure at being touched. And she could hear a low, throaty chuckle as fingers moved from rubbing to gently pinching her erect nipples.

“My, my. Forgetting ourselves a bit aren’t we?” the witch’s teasing voice floated to her from somewhere outside the haze of sensual pleasure.

No, no, NO! a small voice inside her head screamed, This is wrong! She killed him! She killed your-

But the thought was silenced as Gretel felt the new, wet caress of a tongue slowly rolling over her right nipple, teasing it before soft lips gently locked around the tip of her breast, suckling gently, teeth nibbling lightly. Her own teeth sank into her lip, biting back a moan as the flood of sensation was soon joined by expert fingers delicately rubbing at the outer lips of her sex.  The fingers stroked and swirled along those sensitive nether regions, causing heat and moisture to grow, while the lips and tongue moved to her left breast, giving the hardened nub there the same treatment. Gretel’s legs buckled and for a few seconds, she was held up only by the chains on her wrists. And this only seemed to add to the pleasure, being helplessly locked to the support as those hands and lips toyed with her mercilessly.

Mmmm, you are quite tasty. I think I’ll see just how good you really taste.”

The words seemed to oddly excite Gretel even more as the lips left her breasts for a moment, the fingers still gingerly stroking around her sex, slowly beginning to intrude just slightly and moving back out, gently rubbing at the very center of her pleasure with each entry. The lips and tongue returned to her flesh, kissing and licking just below her breasts. The teeth behind those lips began gently taking small nips at her skin and slowly zigzagging their way down the length of her smooth belly. Each little nibbling sent an electric wave down to her sex and along Gretel’s spine, making her shudder uncontrollably. Her moans now easily escaping her lips, her hips began to grind against those delicately stroking fingers, pushing onto them as best she could in her bound position.

The mouth continued its gentle progress down her abdomen and soon the fingers slowly moved from her sex to stroke her thigh, another hand joining the other thigh and working slowly up and down. Gretel gave a low whine, almost like that of an animal, at the loss of the fingers, but was soon gasping as the tongue began stroking along her sex, lapping at the moisture there. The tongue moved along the outer lips, stroking straight and moving in circles as well as other patterns, teasing around her cavity. The fingers tickled wonderfully along her thighs now, and Gretel shoved her hips hard onto the mouth. The tongue responded by slowly pushing its way into her center, while the lips kissed and worked against her labia. The tongue swept over her clitoris, moving it gently but firmly in smooth, easy pattern, a light pressure beginning to push Gretel towards the edge of pleasure.

Sweeping it between those soft lips, the tongue continued oscillating the small nub steadily, while the lips suckled and teased around it, coaxing more of Gretel’s juices to flow. Moaning and gasping as her lustful pleasure rose, Gretel ground her hips deeper onto that mouth, eagerly pushing the center of her pleasure down onto the working tongue. All the while, the fingers squeezed her thighs, stroking around them, working up to her buttocks and squeezing lightly, only to return to her thighs again in an endless loop, send waves of seemingly impossible orgasmic pleasure through the girl’s body.

And soon, at a particular flick of the tongue, a caress of the lips, a light pinching stroke of the fingers, Gretel’s mind exploded in bliss. Every inch of her skin tingled as the climax rocked through her body, arching her spine and flooding her sex. The tongue did not stop, but continued to lap, seeming eager for the juices and flavors Gretel had to offer, driving her further into deeper climaxes, one after another blazing through every fiber of her being.

Her entire body clenched, Gretel rode the waves of pleasure. She had never felt something so intense, had never been able to experience this level of pleasure as climax followed climax, seeming to sweeten as they went. Finally, after several long moments of pleasure, she could feel her body becoming spent. Her muscles slowly started to relax even as the tongue worked to clean as much as it could from her sex. As she hung limp from the chains, the mouth and hands finally left her body. And though she could not have gone any more, Gretel ached for the touch to continue in that longing that always followed such pleasure when contact was finally broken.

A wet, smacking sound greeted the girl as the witch cleaned her own lips of the fluid. “Mmmmm,” the witch moaned in pleasure, “That was delicious. You’d make a wonderful roast. Or just about any other meal. So many possibilities.”

Gretel’s eyes flew open and in a moment of almost painful shock, she remembered everything; where she was, what was happening, and what this woman had done. Gasping once more, this time in shame, she could not believe what had just happened. How could she have forgotten? How could she have allowed herself to be swept up with what she knew? Her eyes locked on the floor, trying to will those past few moments away, trying to think of some reason that it had not been her.

“There’s nothing wrong with enjoying physical pleasure,” the witch said, and it almost sounded kind but for the gleeful undertone that Gretel could barely hear in her voice, “No matter what the circumstances, one might as well enjoy what one can.”

“You!” Gretel spat, her eyes suddenly locking on the witch’s once more. “You did something to me! You bewitched my mind! I’d never…”

The witch simply chuckled at this and shook her head. “Always the same silly misconceptions. I didn’t touch your mind, only your body. And it seemed more than willing to enjoy that touch on its own.”

As Gretel glared at the smirking witch, she noticed something else that had escaped her in her moments of unsuitable pleasure. The large distended belly still hung on the witch, but it was no longer squirming or moving at all. It just sat and swayed with the witch’s movements, and Gretel knew that Hansel had expired while she was rocking her hips against this woman’s mouth. Crestfallen, she slumped against the pillar, losing what fight she had left.

“Poor dear,” the witch said without any hint of true sympathy, “You’ll adjust in the next few days. You’ll find that the pain will lessen. There’s nothing you could do and there’s nothing you can do. Now, I’m going to get some rest. It’s been a busy day, if rather enjoyable. I won’t see you until morning.”

A bed and a plate of food appeared before Gretel with a slight wave of the witch’s hand. The food was piled high, and the bed looked quite warm and soft, but Gretel was not interested in either at the moment.

“That plate will refill when you need it to until morning. Eat up and eat hearty. We’ll have to get you nice and plump for the oven. Or wherever you wind up.”

When Gretel did not respond in any way, the witch simply left, slowly rubbing her engorged belly and listening to it work away at her last big meal. She looked forward to the next one, even though she felt a certain disappointment.

Gretel spent a few hours simple dangling, then sitting when the bonds suddenly allowed her too, moving through the wood by the witch’s powers. Eventually her stomach started to grumble and she pulled the plate over to her lethargically, having little interest in the actual act of eating. The food smelled and looked delicious, but even as she plucked a piece from the plate, she remembered some of the witch’s parting words.

We’ll have to get you nice and plump for the oven…

As renewed defiance sparked within her, Gretel threw the plate against a leg of the table. The bitch wouldn’t win everything. She might not be able to escape, but she wouldn’t fatten herself up like cattle. No matter how hungry she got, no matter how much she felt the gnawing at her belly, Gretel vowed she would not eat. Not one single bite. She lay down on the floor as night fell, not even using the bed, and worked at getting to sleep, using just a bit of her abilities to calm herself and her stomach. She at least still had control over that.



Gretel awakened to the feeling of being yanked up by her arms and forced to sit up. Her head bumped the pillar slightly as the chains tightened and retracted back into the wood. Grimacing from the pain and clearing the cobwebs from her mind, she looked to see the witch standing over her without a stitch of clothing. The large belly had shrunk some during the night, but it still hung very full and heavy as a grim reminder of what had occurred.

“So you decided to throw a little tantrum last night instead of eating,” the witch said, glancing and tilting her head, indicating the smashed plate. “You must have been hungry, so why not eat?”

“Maybe,” Gretel returned with a smirk on her face and a bit of fire in her eyes, “But you should get used to the idea of a stringy, skinny meal, because I will not eat one single bite for you. I might even starve to death before you get around to me.”

“It’s not wise to try my patience girl,” said the witch matter-of-factly, but Gretel could detect a slight edge to her voice. With a wave of the witch’s hand, the plate and food vanished from the floor and returned to where they had been set before. “You’ll only make yourself suffer in many ways with these petty attempts to spite me. And what makes you think you have a choice in this matter?”

“You cannot make me eat, even if you put ten plates of food in front of me.”

A cheerful smile grew on the witch’s face at this. It was the sort of cheerfulness that made Gretel wonder if she had not made a horrible mistake. “Oh can’t I, dear? Well let’s do a little testing on your idea.”

Instantly, nine identical plates of food appeared in a ring around Gretel along with the first. All were piled high, and the witch gently stepped over them, calmly moving to straddle Gretel as the chains held her sitting against the pillar. Kneeling down, the witch rested her full weight on Gretel’s legs, pinning them down while the weight of her gut pressed against the girl’s own torso. She was held almost completely immobile as the witch grabbed a roll from the first plate. Her other hand flew to Gretel’s nose and pinched it shut. Gretel almost instantly opened her mouth to breathe and the roll was stuffed inside.

She attempted to spit it out, but the witch’s hand was instantly at her jaw, forcing it closed and working it herself to make Gretel teeth chew the roll. When the fingers found her nose again, Gretel tried to hold on, but eventually had to start swallowing just to make room for a breath. The roll slid down quite easily, and Gretel’s stomach growled for more as she gasped in air.

“Hmm,” the witch said with a smirking tone, “I believe you just swallowed one single bite. But of course, you shouldn’t be too relieved. You see we have to do a thorough test, so you’re going to swallow every single bite on all these ten plates I’ve put in front of you.”

Gretel looked horrified as the witch grabbed a chunk of meat from the first plate and repeated the process, forcing her to swallow. This occurred several times with bits of food from the first plate, until Gretel soon found that the witch was no longer working her jaw, but that she was chewing on her own out of habit. And throughout this, she could not deny a similar spark of pleasure at the contact as the witch straddled her, a spark that caused her a great deal of shame.

As bits of meat, vegetables, bread and other various foods were shoved at her face, Gretel began to realize just how hungry she was and soon was acting on instinct as the witch reached the second plate.

She ate and ate greedily, her lips and tongue occasionally working over the tips of the witch’s fingers which gave her a strange erotic shiver in her spine. That body was so close, pressed against her, and once again, Gretel began to lose the sense of where she was. The food was actually quite delicious, and the soft skin being pressed against her felt warm and wonderful after a night of sleeping on the cold floor. Soon the cheeses, rolls, and occasional sweet treats were not being shoved into her mouth but delicately placed there.

The witch smiled as she watched Gretel eat. She worked her way through the plates of food, picking and choosing what flavors would follow each other best as well as what would make the girl nice and plump for the meal to come. It felt wonderful to see and feel this morsel getting as lost now as she had yesterday, when the witch had decided to have a little fun with her. She continued to feed Gretel, noticing more and more that the girl was kissing the tips of her fingers and finding the sensation delightful. Her sex moistened gently and the witch slowly rubbed herself even as she fed her meal.

After a long while of being fed and eating, Gretel began to feel full again. But the food did not stop coming. As more and more of it crossed her lips, Gretel began to feel bloated indeed. Soon she felt as if she could not eat another bite and did not respond the next time a bit of cake was pushed to her lips, having barely forced down the last chunk of beef.

“Oh no… we’re not done yet…” came the breathy voice of the witch as Gretel began to remember somewhat where she was. “We’re actually only halfway there.”

Gretel’s eyes widened as she heard this and the cake was forced into her mouth. She swallowed as she had been doing habitually, but was sure she would not be able to finish this. She would burst from this torture.

“You can… do it…” the witch said, and Gretel could feel her gently rocking on top of her legs, the girl’s eyes closing as she leaned back against the pillar. “You’ll just have to… mmmm… process everything a little faster.”

And somehow Gretel understood what the witch meant. She used some of her abilities to control her own body, breaking down her food more quickly. She found that she had room for even more as she worked her body, also allowing her stomach to stretch just a little bit further, even as it gurgled and churned away on its contents.

The girl began savoring the food now, enjoying it just as much as the first several plates, if not more so. As she was steadily fed, she could feel the witch rubbing against her a bit more, sending little erotic pulses through her body. The pulses came more quickly the more the witch pressed into her and she could hear the witch moaning lightly as the feeding continued.

“Last… plate,” she soon said through heavy breathing. The witch was in the midst of several climaxes as she plucked the bits of food from the tenth and final plate, already feeling Gretel’s belly growing against her own. As she rocked against her own fingers, the witch gently placed a few cubes of cheese on Gretel’s tongue, letting the girl slowly slurp them off the fingers of her other hand. Soon a few pieces of rich chocolate were all that was left. The witch lifted each one to Gretel’s lips and held onto the last piece as Gretel tried to take it. “Ah, ah, ah,” the with muttered through her orgasmic rush, “Just let it melt in your mouth.”

Gretel heard these words with her eyes shut, experiencing a certain ecstasy as felt so full and bloated on good food and the wonderful press of another body against hers. She understood after a moment what the woman meant and gently wrapped her lips around the fingers and the piece of chocolate, slowly letting it melt all over the fingers and her tongue. As it did, she gently sucked and licked the fingers clean, pulling all of the chocolate down her throat, that last little morsel of food. As the fingers left her mouth, the witch’s other hand slowly came up and pressed against her lips. There was something sticky left over on the other fingers and she eagerly began to clean them too, tasting a sweetness like honey but not quite, devouring it ravenously and swallowing it down.

Ahhh, there you go,” said the witch’s voice, “Now you’re looking nice and plump already. You’d make quite a juicy roast if that’s what I decide.”

Gretel’s eyes flew open as the witch moved off of her and stood up. It had happened again. She looked down at her belly and saw that she had already grown a nicely rounding gut despite her vow last night. She had completely lost herself in that shameful physical pleasure and forgotten about everything else. Again. Anger flared in her once more, both in herself and towards the wretched creature stand over her. “You… bitch,” Gretel muttered, panting in her confusion and rage. “Never… again.”

“Hmm, this is going to be a problem. You get so caught up in all these emotions that you only behave if I’m sitting here stroking you. You’re brother wasn’t nearly so much trouble. Of course he had a good example to motivate him from the beginning. It seems I’ll have to get a bit creative with you. Though there is one thing that worked on another stubborn meal a few years back…”

The witch held out her hand and a sharp cleaver appeared in it. She kneeled down quickly over Gretel and grasped the girl’s leg with her other hand, holding it to the ground in a vice like grip. Gretel had a moment to realize just what the witch was doing before the cleaver came down right at her ankle, severing her foot neatly from her leg.

Gretel screamed in pain, unable to hold back this time as the witch simply picked up the foot with her free hand. Having practiced light healing with her abilities several times before, Gretel was able to instinctively seal the wound off, but the pain did not abate so easily.

“Now I have a little between-meals snack that I’ll enjoy later,” said the witch casually as Gretel cringed and whimpered on the ground, “I want to have quite a good meal when I prepare you, but it’ll be a problem if you don’t eat. And I can’t spend all day making sure you’re feeling lusty so that I can feed you. So if you eat what is placed in front of you for the rest of the day, your foot will actually grow back by the morning. Kind of like a lizard’s tail. If you’re standing on a new foot when I wake you up, I’ll give you a good breakfast and I might even give you a bit of that stroking you seem to like so much. If you’re still sitting here and being stubborn, I’ll just cut something else off and have another snack. And I’ll keep doing that until I get to something that you really want back. Or until there’s not much of you but a few leftovers.”

And with that, the witch walked out of the kitchen, leaving Gretel alone to her thoughts and her pain. The next time food was placed in front of Gretel, she looked at it thoughtfully for a couple moments. She had healed the wound of her ankle and she could surely heal the other one. In her current situation what were her feet anyway? Wasn’t her will to keep the witch from her pleasure strong enough to avoid this platter? Then she thought of the fact that she really had no idea what the witch would cut off next.

Slowly, feeling truly broken and hopeless for the first time since entering the cottage, Gretel pulled the plate towards her. She ate lethargically, finishing the food as best she could, forcing herself to eat through her sorrow. And when the next plate of food came several hours later she did the same, her mind burning over a million different ideas as the hours ticked away, and rejecting each one for one reason or another.

As she was finishing a late dinner that had been placed in front of her, Gretel felt a horrible wave of frustration and anger come over her. She had given up. She had forgotten her brother twice now and let the witch toy with her as she willed. And now she was actually helping to make sure that vile woman would enjoy eating her! How could she have sunk so low! In all her life, even in the worst times, she had never truly broken, had always been ready to fight somehow or to plan or-!

All of Gretel’s thoughts stopped as she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. That heavy table had just jostled slightly. Gretel summoned up a bit more anger and focused her abilities, watching the table jiggle slightly as she willed it. She had been so busy trying to work on the chains or the pillar that Gretel had not even thought to test the surrounding object in the kitchen.

Gretel knew that she could not attempt a direct attack on the witch or even use any kind of ability while the witch was watching. The woman would simply swat her power away as easily as a fly. But there had to be some way to use this. Gretel thought on this and tried to figure out a way to free herself and escape. But there was something more important. She didn’t just want to get away. She wanted to make sure that this ended here. She wanted to destroy this creature somehow. There had to be a way. She owed Hansel that, to at least try. Thinking about this as time went by, Gretel eventually drifted off into sleep.



Gretel was sitting in the kitchen; her foot had grown back in the night just as promised. The witch stood above her, and she was smiling, her belly shrunk a bit more, morning light streaming into the kitchen.

“See, now you’re behaving. And because of that, I have a really special treat for you. But you have to close your eyes if you really want it.”

And for some reason she really wanted this special treat right now. It just felt wonderful that there were possibilities for pleasure here if she did the right things. Eagerly, she closed her eyes, ready for whatever was to come, realizing that she could at least be happy hear in her last couple days.

“Now open wide,” the voice of the witch floated to her.

Gretel did as she was told, opening her mouth as wide as she could, wondering what wonderful meal would be given to her now. It was not long before she felt two slabs of meat shoved into her mouth, pushing her cheeks out. This certainly felt like a big meal, but Gretel knew that she could get it down. She had eaten ten plates of food the day before. What couldn’t she handle?

The meat was delicious, its flavor dancing across her tongue as it continued to get wider, seeming to join into other even larger slabs. Gretel swallowed greedily now. She didn’t care about the shame she had felt before. If something here tasted and felt this good, she could endure anything from the witch for it. Her belly was swelling with this delicious food and it felt delightful.

“You can open your eyes now dear.”

And Gretel did open her eyes and looked up. Her lips were wrapped around Hansel’s chest now, and half of his body was already curled up inside her. Looking up into his face, she could see a glazed over look, his eyes as empty and limp as his body seemed now. She continued to swallow as the witch pushed and shoved, until soon she had swallowed him completely.

“Didn’t I tell you he was yummy?” the witch asked with a little titter.

Gretel rubbed her full, bulging belly and nodded. Licking her lips, she smiled at the witch seductively. “Mmmm, he was delicious. And it’s not like I needed him. He only ever dragged me down and kept me stuck in that house. Now he’ll only drag me down for a few more days.”

Then a loud belch escaped her and she laughed. It was a laugh that echoed through the kitchen, a cruel laugh that reverberated all throughout the cottage.



Gretel woke from the dream in a cold sweat, breathing heavily. She realized as she came back to the real world that tears were streaming down her face. Almost instantly she leaned over and threw up the last meal that she had eaten. She half expected to see the witch standing somewhere nearby, giggling at her. But the cottage was silent except for her panting, and it was still the dark of night.

The dream had been horrible, but she could relax at least a small amount now. It had only been a dream. She could still think of a way out of this if she just concentrated. She focused on the table once more, just making it jiggle lightly, but nothing that would make too much noise. She looked at the table and the other pieces around the kitchen, thinking of their construction and some way that she could use them. Between the dream and the effort of concentration and the fact that she had missed a fair amount of sleep already in the past few days, Gretel’s head began to ache. She had to stop concentrating and relax.

And that was when she got the idea. Surely the witch was subject to at least a few limitations. It was all in the head. If she could find a way to make use of that, she might just be able to do something to stop her. But she would have to figure out some way to truly make use of it without the witch simply making a mockery of her attempt and punishing her for it afterwards. She continued thinking and meditating on this until she slipped into another, thankfully dreamless, sleep.



This time, Gretel’s awakening was much more pleasant. The smell of breakfast cooking slowly reached her as she lay on the feather bed next to the pillar. For a moment, Gretel actually enjoyed the aromas drifting to her from the kitchen proper. Her stomach growled and she could almost imagine that she was somewhere pleasant, where a husband was kind enough to make her breakfast in bed. But as her hands moved to her belly and felt the new girth there, she remembered exactly where she was.

Rising from the feather bed, Gretel found that her foot had indeed grown back to normal in the night and that it was perfectly easy to stand once again. Her belly had also swelled quite a bit for just a single night. She looked down and ran her hands over the perfectly rounded paunch that had grown on her, jutting out almost as far as her breasts. The rest of her body had been unaffected by the food, just that plumpness at her gut, and she could feel her hunger for more quite keenly now.

As she looked into the kitchen, the chains immediately tightened into the wood once more, pulling her back to stand at the pillar, arms above her. The witch glanced over from where she was cooking with a little smile, looking approvingly at Gretel’s belly.

“Glad to see you made the best choice yesterday,” she said, and then the smile faded a bit and her eyes looked severe, “Though I was disappointed that you still tried to wretch some of your meal up last night.”

Remembering the middle of the night, Gretel stared down at the floor, the dream coming back to her. “Really bad dream…” she muttered. Her voice still held an edge of defiance as she explained, but she did not seem to hold much of that fire any more and did not add anything. She simply worked to focus on something else and avoid thinking about the nightmare.

“Ah, well I suppose we can hardly blame you for that,” the witch said, seeming to brighten again. “Your breakfast is almost ready, so I hope you’ll eat well. I’ll even have a little something with you this morning.”

The chains began to stretch just long enough for Gretel to reach one side of the table as the witch set a plate there before her, piled high with flapjacks and sausages. The witch sat on the other side of the table, setting a plate before her that held the foot she had cut off the day before, browned earlier in a skillet.

Gretel knew somewhere inside that she should be shocked, appalled, angered, even possibly a bit afraid at this gesture. But she could not muster the energy for it, not any more. She simply looked at the witch’s “breakfast” and said, “Must you?” in a tone that held more exasperation than anything.

“Why yes, I must,” the woman said, not looking up at the girl, “To me it smells delicious and will help keep me fueled for a slight bit longer. In this way, I have to time to prepare and eat you tomorrow evening rather than trying to rush things in the morning.”

Bringing a second bite of food to her lips, Gretel stopped as she heard this, staring at her plate and not looking up. After a moment she finished the bite that was on her fork and looked up at the woman to see her biting each of the toes off the foot.

“So soon then? Hansel couldn’t even hold you for a week?” the girl said bitterly.

“Well I’ve been a little active with you, and that tends to speed up my metabolism. I’ve had to use a bit more power with you and a bit more general energy. But you’ll more than make up for it tomorrow. Someone with power like yours will make an even more satisfying meal.”

Gretel ate in silence for a few moments. She methodically moved the fork from the plate to her mouth, taking in bites and filling her hunger, but barely recognizing the flavors. She could not enjoy the food, but could not put forth the energy right now to be defiant or show any attitude. She could hear the witch greedily devouring her own breakfast, listening to the wet smacking sounds as she ate slowly. There was a question on her mind that she knew she could not ask, but she could not help her curiosity.

“How are you going to eat me?”

“Ah, I’ve thought about that the last few days,” the witch said, and Gretel could almost hear her smile, “It’s been a long time since I had a good meat pie, and I think you’ll fit quite nicely into one. I’ll be spending most of tomorrow making the crust, and then bake you up.”

Having nothing to say at this, Gretel merely finished her breakfast even as she could hear the witch finishing her own. When she finally looked up from the empty plate, she could see the woman licking her fingers clean, moaning slightly as she enjoyed the last taste.

“I’m full,” Gretel muttered simply. And the witch merely nodded and stood up as well, giving Gretel a moment to move out of the large table before the chains pulled her back to the pillar. Moving back over to the pillar, Gretel noticed for the first time that the witch now only had a slight bulge in her gut, smaller than Gretel’s own now.

“It’s nice to see you’re starting to accept your fate. If only you’d made the right decision early on, you could be an apprentice instead of pie filling. But if you’re good for the rest of the day, I might take some of your pain away when you’re in the oven. Some.”

Then the witch was gone, but her last taunt stayed with Gretel, echoing in her mind. Gretel had every intention of being good for the rest of the day as far as the witch was concerned, but she had absolutely no intention of lying down and being cooked easily.

She looked at the table again. There was something about it that continued to draw her attention. If only she could figure out what. She could try to use her powers to hurl it at the witch sometime, but the woman would simply parry that away as soon as it was coming. A flying table was not exactly subtle.

Don’t think about what it is, came a voice suddenly in the back of Gretel’s mind, Think about what it can be.

Shivering a bit, Gretel felt as though she recognized that voice and the words that had been spoken to her many times when she was trying to solve a problem of some sort. Those words had always been used to encourage her to think in different ways. Even from a young age, her true mother had taught her well.

She closed her eyes and then looked at the table again, taking it in from all angles. Sturdy wood, held together by nails of good quality. The legs held to the frame by longer nails. And that was when Gretel realized a possibility.

Slowly she used her ability to begin pulling the nails from the closest leg, working as best she could to do so silently. Some she sent away to the corners of the room where they would hopefully be missed, but one she brought over to the bottom of the pillar, masking it with a glamour. She could only hope that the witch would not see this immediately in some way. Making sure that the table was balanced and that the leg would not fall, Gretel calmed herself. Her heart had been pounding the whole time.

She had a basic idea and as the hours ticked by, she began to form it into a plan that could easily work. Her concentration was broken when the witch came in around noon time, beginning to prepare her lunch. Gretel worked hard to seem as broken and forlorn as she had in the morning, dangling lazily from the pillar and staring at the floor.

From the corner of her eye, she watched the witch and knew what she would have to do. She would have to take care of part of her plan tonight, when she knew she would not be disturbed and wait for the right time to strike tomorrow. This would most likely come when the witch was enmeshed in her cooking. She always seemed a bit distracted at these times anyway, and Gretel could only hope that it would be more so when she was preparing for her grand meal.

A plate of hot sandwiches was placed before Gretel and the chains loosened once more so that she could reach it to eat.

“Eat hearty as always, dear. You’ve been coming along so nicely. And after lunch, you’re going to have a nice dessert. If you really appreciate it and eat well, you might convince me to make some of tomorrow pleasant.”

Gretel ate the sandwiches hungrily while the witch watched, already feeling her belly grow as she devoured the entire plate. She ate methodically as she had in the morning, but a bit more quickly, without talking. She wanted to get this over with and get the witch out of the room. She did not like thinking that any moment the woman might notice that something was amiss.

As she finished the last bite of the sandwiches, the chains began to pull back into the wood, but lower than usual. Gretel was able to move her arms slightly, but had to either kneel or sit in order to be comfortable. She looked up and the witch sauntered over to her, smiling as she stood in front of Gretel. The girl’s hands could not reach the witch at all, but her head was right next to the woman’s thigh.

“Very good. Now you’re going to have me for dessert,” the witch said with a little giggle as her hand reached down and took hold of Gretel’s hair gently, “I really need a few licks right now. I know you can do it. So give me what I need.”

Trying to recoil as the strong hand began to guide her head towards the witch’s groin, Gretel could smell her lust shuddering at the thought of pleasuring and tasting this woman. And yet some part of her was not shivering from fear or disgust.

Knowing there was no way to escape this, Gretel slowly pushed her tongue out and gave a tentative first lick of the witch’s sex, tasting the juices that had already started to flow there. The taste held a certain familiarity that was not altogether unpleasant, and Gretel gave another gently lick along the outside, taking some of the juices into her mouth this time and swallowing them. The feeling and the taste had a transporting effect and Gretel once more felt her eyes closing and felt her mind drifting away from where she was.

Her tongue worked slowly over the outer lips now, gently stroking them and she began to her moans above her as she slowly pressed harder and harder, tasting more of the fluids that were released. She moaned also, actually enjoying the taste, having never realized just how wonderful this could possibly be. Gretel’s tongue began to gently press upwards, working first the tip into the warm cavity and then pushing farther, finding slightly new flavors along that inner path as she began to press her face in that moist center.

Feeling a gentle tingle from her own sex, Gretel’s hand stroked gently across her thigh and down to her center. Her fingers began slowly fondling her sensitive sex in time with her lapping along the warm wetness poised above her. She steadily swallowed more of the fluids now, allowing her tongue to work deeper even as her fingers did the same for herself. She listened to the gasps of pleasure from above her with delight, feeling her pleasure rising from deep within.

Soon her tongue began gently teasing the outside again, pressing against the outer lips once more and slowly swirling around them, heading to search for the little nub of pleasure, her fingers already finding her own quite easily. Listening still to the cries of bliss above her, Gretel’s tongue soon found what she was seeking, slowly pressing against the hardened clitoris. Her tongue moved the nub gently in lines and circles, finding new patterns as she listened to and tasted for the reactions, coaxing more and more of the juices to slide gently into her mouth.

Beginning to climax easily after several moments of fingering her sex, Gretel rode the wave of several orgasms, her tongue growing quicker with each one until she heard shouts of ecstasy from above her and felt another climax along her tongue, fluids flowing freely into her mouth and down her chin as she continued to work at both herself and the nub poised at her tongue, bathing in the blissful rush of climax after climax.

After a long while, Gretel could feel the flow tapering off, losing some momentum herself as the orgasms finally began to wear down. Feeling that the hand was no longer gripping her head, she slowly dropped down away from the sex above her, licking her lips clean of its juices as she sighed and heard another sigh come from above her.

Mmm, that was wonderful,” the voice said above her, bring Gretel back to her surroundings once more. “You’ve certainly earned yourself some relief tomorrow evening. I’m really looking forward to it.”

With that the witch walked out, moving a bit slowly as Gretel opened her eyes. She managed to keep her body calm, but inside she was furious. That was the third time the witch had made her forget about where she was and what that woman had done. The third time she had been used and forced into some twisted pleasure with that vile creature.

As the day went on and meals were served without the witch demanding anything extra from Gretel, the girl put up a façade of complacency each time. But all the while, she nurtured that hate that was still burning inside her and thought of the best time to strike when the witch was planning to cook her tomorrow.

When night fell and the witch finally left the room for the last time, Gretel picked up the nail from where it sat next to the pillar. She worked at each of the manacles, hoping that somehow they would not be blocked against such mundane means the way they were blocked against her abilities.

After two hours of work, just when she was able to give up and resign herself to the oven or at least some sort of petty spite, the manacle she had been working on clicked open. Shocked and elated, Gretel worked at the other manacle, trying to repeat exactly what she had been doing when the first popped open and managed to find the exact action within half an hour.

Gretel thought about trying to find where the witch slept and simply strike now, but realized that she could probably wander this entire cottage for a year and never quite find the witch’s bedroom. Instead, she practiced the motions she would need when the time was right the next day until she was only able to count to two when the motions had been finished.

She was about to go to sleep when she realized that the witch would likely wake up before her. And if she saw that the manacles were no longer attached, the plan would be for naught. Trying to think of a way to make sure she woke up at the right time, Gretel realized she would have to stay up all night long in order to have the plan work. She could use some of her abilities to stave off sleep. But that might use up some of the weight she had gained. And if the witch saw any shrinkage in her now rather large belly, it might be clear that something was not as it should be.

Gretel searched and racked her mind for a solution and then saw the plate that had been left for her dinner. Looking at it, she remembered something the witch had said and thought, I’m hungry, I want food, I need food, I’m hungry, as hard as she could. As she watched, the plate filled up with food and she began to eat ravenously, repeating this process as the night wore on, until she could see dawn slowly breaking though one of the windows.

As she saw this, Gretel grabbed the manacles and held onto them, hoping that the witch would be too busy to notice this as she went about her day. Today, one way or another, it would be over.



It was a few hours before the witch came into the kitchen. Gretel was already eating another plate of food when she came in and started for the kitchen proper. She stopped and smiled at what she saw.

“My, aren’t you up early today.”

“Trouble sleeping,” Gretel said, continuing to stare at the plate and sounding as lost and broken as she could.

The witch looked over her again and seemed pleased at the fact that Gretel’s belly had grown even a bit more. “A few midnight snacks?”

Gretel simply nodded silently as she ate.

“All the better to plump you up a bit more, my dear.”

And with that small barb, the witch began bustling around the kitchen, grabbing up ingredients and slowly whipping them together. She seemed lost in her work and Gretel thought about striking now, but felt that she should wait. She wanted to seem broken and let the witch get completely immersed in her work. She simply waited, staring off into the floor as the witch scurried around the kitchen, meditating all the while and going over what would happen.

After a few more hours, the witch was warming up the oven and beginning to shape the dough into a very large pan for the crust that Gretel was supposed to go inside.

“Just a little while longer…” the witch muttered, almost more to herself than to her captive.

Yes, Gretel thought, noticing the witch’s distraction, just a little while longer.

The witch moved to check the heat of the oven, having perfectly shaped the crust, and Gretel knew that the time was now. The next time the witch turned around, all her attention would be on Gretel to collect her and force her somehow into that waiting pan. She counted in her head as she made her move.

One… She flew from the pillar as the table leg flew to her hands, her abilities keeping the table standing and silent. She heard the chains pulling into the wood once more realizing that the witch still knew that she was moving, but did not know that she was no longer chained. Two… The witch’s head began to turn to smile mockingly at Gretel, but before it could turn completely it was battered with a crushing blow from the table leg in Gretel’s hands.

The witch lurched forward, stunned, and Gretel did not wait a single instant. She brought the table down several more times, not giving the woman a chance to right herself, regain her focus, or recover in any way. As she swung the table leg, almost unbelieving that her plan had actually worked, Gretel let all of her pent up rage flow into each blow.

“Do you find that amusing, you bitch?” Crack. “Have a clever retort?” Crack. “Three times!” Crack. “Three times you made me forget!” Crack. “Three times you used me!” Crack. “That dream!” Crack. “Shoving that crap down my throat!” Crack. “I hate you!” Crack! Diiiie! Just fucking DIE!

It continued for several moments until Gretel heard that the witch’s moans had stopped and she seemed to be lying still. Panting heavily she calmed down some and was ready to drop the table leg and run when she saw the witch was already stirring, her battered skull beginning to knit itself together.

“Oh no. You’re never leaving this room alive,” she said with a cold fury. Gretel looked around the kitchen. There had to be some way to finish off this creature for good. And her eyes locked on the oven. She would have been frightened if she could see the sadistic smile twisting her lips. It would have been very familiar.

“Time for dinner,” she mocked as she picked the witch up with surprising ease and opened the oven door. “Let’s see how nicely you’ll cook up!”

Gretel tossed the witch into the large oven, directly onto a metal rack where the pan would have gone. Slamming the door shut, she threw a locking lever that she had noticed into place, holding the door shut. She watched through the window as the witch began to feel the intense heat, the woman’s concentration still broken. Gretel enjoyed the view as she saw a hand feebly press against the glass window of this strange oven. And then she had another idea as she saw the skin already beginning to blister and burn.

She had intended to simply burn the witch and leave her in the oven, but Gretel did not know just how much such a powerful woman could recover if she had to. And it would only be fair that the witch suffer as much as Hansel must have. And after all, Gretel was feeling rather hungry after all that effort. She waited a while longer, grabbing a glove that was hanging from a rack in the kitchen as she watched the witch go limp again.

Opening the oven door once more, Gretel grabbed the witch by the hair and dragged her out, slamming her on the ground as she did so. She dragged the burnt woman over to the table and hoisted her up onto it, laying her out across it. Using a bit of her abilities on herself to make sure she could accomplish what she wanted, Gretel could not helping licking her lips a bit. The smell was actually rather delicious.

“You told me to eat and eat hearty,” she said grinning at the still limp form lying on the table. “Well I should do what you said. Wouldn’t want to disappoint, would I? Need to be nice and fattened up.”

And with that, she slowly opened her mouth wide and pulled the witch’s head towards it. She wrapped her lips around the crown of the head, stretching herself with ease as she began to slowly slide over that singed hair. Her hands pulled the witch along the table as she knelt at the edge, working her lips up over the eyes and nose, eventually over the chin and around the neck, getting a first good mouthful.

As she stretched and pulled herself, Gretel found the taste exquisite, and for a fourth time she was transported into sheer bliss. But no shame intruded this time. She felt deserving of this pleasure. Righteous, as she slowly began to swallow the witch, pulling the head gently into her stretching throat. This time she would open her eyes and watch. This time she felt that incredible pleasure already beginning to tingle up from her sex at the taste and the feel, but would remain completely aware of where she was and why she felt it.

She pulled the witch’s shoulders into her lips now, nibbling gently at the delicious flesh there, pulling with her hands and her working gullet now, eagerly shoving the witch further into her body. She could feel the witch’s head pushing out her throat and soon her chest and that full feeling was incredible. Greedily she pushed forward, onto the witch’s arms and just above her breasts, amazed at how easily she could stretch around her entire body.

As she devoured the woman and slowly let her lips push over the full, rounded breasts, she could see the feet of the witch starting to move just slightly, legs twitching a bit as she watched some of the burn marks beginning to fade just a bit. So, the bitch could recover from this? Let her. Gretel knew where she was going and by the time the witch could have any hope of concentrating again, Gretel would be digesting her. The thought made Gretel moan and she slipped a hand down to her sex to help that slowly growing tingle, even as she continued to swallow her captor down.

Her lips passed over the breasts, squeezing the cooked mounds of flesh into her mouth. She chewed at them, a bit hard, and felt a twinge from the head inside her chest. Gretel wondered if the witch could feel pain still. She hoped so. Chewing and grinding her teeth at the breasts for a few moments, Gretel swallowed again, her stomach growling now as more and more meat began to fill her. With each bit that she took down, Gretel pulled with her teeth, digging in and feeling a bit more wriggling inside as she bit her way down the witch’s belly, feeling only a slight lump there and remembering once more just what had happened to her brother. She quickened her pace and bit down harder as she worked her way down to the hips.

Feeling a bit more stirring from inside her, Gretel moaned at the pleasurable feeling, her one hand slowly massaging her sex in nice even strokes while the other helped push the witch’s body further into her. Slurping and swallowing, discovering the great delight of feasting in this way, Gretel soon pulled the hips into her mouth and felt the head of the witch shoved through the opening into her stomach. She moaned around her wonderful mouthful at this sensation and sat back away from the table, lifting the legs up into the air as she slowly let the witch’s rump slide into her stretched throat.

With her belly stretching even further now and no longer needing to help her swallowing, Gretel’s hand moved from the witch’s legs to her own gut, gently rubbing as it slowly grew, continuing to masturbate slowly and steadily as she savored this experience. Her lips moving in rhythm with the rest of her body, Gretel continued to gobble the witch’s legs down and pulled them slowly between her teeth, scraping along what burns were left and enjoying the struggling from her stomach as the witch was slowly shoved into that hot fleshy chamber.

Soon only the witch’s feet were left sticking outside of the girl’s lips. Remembering the other day, and with a certain sadistic sense of glee, Gretel let her teeth slam down hard on the ankles, cutting through the cooked flesh and scraping against the bone beneath. The struggles in her stomach intensified and she could swear she heard a muffled and altogether satisfying scream coming from her gut.

Gretel ran her tongue through the wound she had made for a few moments, the feet dangling barely outside her lips by the bone now. Feeling satisfied with this she opened her mouth wide, stretching it as she had before, and used her hand to shove the feet inside her mouth.

As she sealed her lips around the last of the witch, Gretel gave a sigh of pleasure and tipped her head back to swallow her. With the hand on her gut, she felt the last growth, expanding her belly out hugely as the witch slid into her stomach, her other hand pushing into her sex and working her towards a strong climax. She lay back on the ground, moaning as the witch was finally trapped in her stomach and used her power to speed up her metabolism just as she had done when the witch tortured her with food. She could feel the squirming increase and knew that soon the witch would be nothing more than a bit of belly fat. And a little while after that, she would be nothing at all.

Basking in this knowledge and the tormented writhing of her meal inside, Gretel felt an explosive climax, more powerful than she had ever felt before. As the orgasm racked her body and she could feel her meal digesting quickly away, power surged through Gretel. She felt the contact of all the very fibers of reality, of everything that was or could be throughout the universe. With a shock, she saw other worlds, strange worlds that had nothing to do with her own. But not just other worlds, other dimensions, other places outside the known universe. She felt connected to it all, able to manipulate whatever she liked as sudden understanding of the true workings of it all flooded through her mind. Her back arched, pushing the bulging weight of her belly up as she rode her climaxes and this new found knowledge, growing slightly drunk on the power that was unfolding before her. No more would she be bound by the limited abilities of what she had discovered in those books and journals. She was so far beyond those, she could do anything everything, could destroy civilizations and create whole new worlds if she desired. Because she knew the truth. And she knew to not think of what things were, but what they could be!

And then, suddenly, she was merely lying in the kitchen in a cottage. Her head swam and her stomach gurgled. It was still now. No struggling, no movements, just a light churning as she digested her meal, which was now quite calm.

She looked around the room panting as her hands slowly moved to lie at her sides. She looked at the pillar where she had been chained, the manacles now just hanging as lifeless chunks of metal. As she looked at them, she thought of Hansel and slowly cried. Not the enraged weeping that she had done earlier when spewing venom at the witch, but the simple tears of grief and loss. And as she cried, she also thought of her mother. At least after she had gone, Hansel had been there and the two of them had stuck together, no matter what. Now she had no one. All because of the witch and that bitch back in the village. And were it not for that wretched woman, she and Hansel never would have come to the witch’s cottage in the first place. And the village and its elders, all those scared sheep that had killed her mother.

Fury began to replace her sadness. They would all pay for her loneliness, every last person in the village. She had the power. She would trap them inside the village walls and devour them one at a time. She’d demand a sacrifice a week with her terrible power until none were left. And she’d save the bitch for last in her feast. Because it was truly her fault that Gretel now had no one.

And as she was beginning to move, she heard another familiar voice in her mind.

Remember, you’ll never really be alone. I’ll always be there, one way or another. And I’ll help you when I can. And you’ll have your brother too.

They were the last words her mother had spoken to her before the execution. But now she didn’t have her brother. And it was her own fault. She’d been too slow, she hadn’t left soon enough. If she had come when she first felt he was in danger. They were supposed to look after each other and he was gone forever now.

Forever’s a pretty long time, sis. She heard his voice now. Except this wasn’t a memory. Gretel could not remember her brother ever talking like this. She’s actually been with us the whole time, and now we’ll both be with you. You’ll need a little level-headed guidance with what you just inherited.  Just watch out for yourself and don’t make the mistake that witch did. Don’t forget who you are.

Gretel shivered. She had almost done just that. She had almost destroyed an entire village that did not deserve it. Still, she felt that she should punish her step-mother; she owed that to her family. And as a thought hit her, she smiled. She could easily go devour her step-mother right now and then move off to wherever she liked, but there was something better she could do.

Focusing for just a moment, Gretel made sure that the coffers in her old house were completely empty and redistributed the coins throughout town. It was really rather easy. And with no step-children to bully around now, that wretched woman would have no life of leisure at all. It seemed a much more fitting punishment.

Rising from the floor, her belly still swollen, she walked out of the cottage and looked around. It was a bright clear day and the air was nicely cool. Gretel looked around and focused on the cottage. In a matter of moments it sank in on itself and was gone. She looked over at where that shimmering barrier stood and obliterated it.

Gretel thought then for a few moments about what to do next. As she looked around this calm spot, she decided she might just wander for a while, see what was out there and where she could be guided. Some of those visions had been rather interesting.

The girl faded from view leaving an empty space in the clearing in the woods. Somewhere nearby, a bird sang in the early evening and life continued on.