Goldilocks and the Three Bears – The Way It Ought to Be


the Wolf


Once upon a time there lived a beautiful, wealthy girl of eighteen years with blond hair in long, flowing curls. Her beautiful blond hair had garnered the name Goldilocks as it had shown its potential even at her birth, but in most cases, the girl simply preferred to be called Goldi. She was the envy and desire of many people as she came from a very wealthy family and had been blessed with naturally attractive looks that ran from her flowing blond hair, to her pretty face, on down to her well-proportioned bust- and waistlines, and continued all the way through her long, smooth legs. Goldi was lacking in one area though. To say that she was a complete bimbo would be unfair, but to say that in many ways she lived up to the stereotype of a pampered, pretty blond and was not the sharpest knife in the drawer would be quite fair and accurate. On the day our story begins, Goldilocks was walking through the woods, a quite expensive cell phone to her ear as she talked with her friend Cindy.

“… and so Daddy was, like, so totally pissed about the curfew thing, which was such a total overreaction because I was only three hours late, you know? And I was all fine, so it’s no big deal. But he was all yelling about discipline and how I would have to take over the business some day and blah, blah, blah. But I know Daddy, and I just gave him that look and I had him, like, completely around my little finger. So this weekend he still let me take the Mercedes, and I’m meeting Josh… Or was it Tony this weekend? I can never keep them straight, I mean they’re both so… Cindy?” she said, finally stopping in the middle of both her tirade and her path. “Cindy?”

Unfortunately, Cindy had actually been cut off several moments earlier as Goldi moved completely out of range for her coverage. The girl looked at the cell phone, saw that there was no signal and immediately began waving it high in the air and looking up into the phone’s screen as she turned about in a circle, hoping to get some sort of connection. The only thing this actually managed was to make her look incredibly foolish for a few moments.

“Oh god, why can’t they make anything that works?” Goldi asked as she continued moving about in a circle, but her dance did not seem to please any particular deity into answering. Eventually, she gave up trying to find a signal and began to look around, noticing for the first time that she did not recognize this area of the woods at all. The girl had been so engrossed in her yammering that she had wandered completely off the path that led to the popular camping spot for many local teens, and wandered right into unknown territory.

For a few moments, Goldi managed to hold off any panic with the thought that she could simply retrace her steps back along the path that had brought her to her current position. As has been mentioned, she was not a complete bimbo. Unfortunately this thought occurred to her shortly before the realization that during the Dance of the Lost Signal she had managed to get herself completely turned around with no concept of where her original path lay. At this point, Goldi began to feel a little of that panic that had threatened earlier, but still managed to keep some control.

“Okay,” she said to herself, trying to sound confident, “these days it’s, like, pretty tough to get really lost. So… if I pick a direction and start walking, then I should come across some kind of campground or, like, something soon.”

Though a portion of her mind did not truly believe this and was still continuing to repeat something to the effect of, Oh my god I’m going to die, the majority liked the plan just fine. Goldi began walking, figuring it would not be long before she saw some signs of civilization.



Not too far away from where a rich, somewhat ditzy blonde had just made the accidental choice to head deeper and deeper into a rather large forest, there was a quaint cottage where there lived three bears. A very large, gruff Papa bear, an equally large and powerful Mama bear, and their younger cub who was still small but just beginning to get bigger and developing a rather feisty streak that ran in both his parents.

At about the time Goldi was performing her interpretive cell phone dance, the Mama bear was just pulling some frozen pizzas out of a large oven that was made to serve the whole ursine family. There were three pizzas in total, a large pizza with every meat possible for the Papa, a large with the works for the Mama, and a slightly smaller cheese for the cub, who was still a bit fussy about any other toppings.

“Dears,” Mama called, “Dinner’s ready!”

There was a sound of thunder as the cub came running down the stairs and barreled into the kitchen. Meanwhile Papa came in from the den, still reading the last few sentences of a chapter in a paperback before closing it.

“Ah, dinner smells wonderful. Thanks, hon,” Papa said as he pecked Mama on the cheek.

“Yeah, thanks, Mom,” agreed the cub as he sat down in front of his pizza. He grabbed at a slice and quickly pulled his claw away. “Ow! It’s still hot!”

“Well,” Mama said with a slight smirk, “Three-hundred and fifty degrees doesn’t exactly cool in an instant.”

“True,” said Papa with slightly teasing voice, “But you said, ‘Dinner’s ready’ not ‘Dinner’s cooling down’. You really must be more clear about these things.”

“He’s got you there, Mom.”

“Oh fine, wise guys. I slave to turn a knob and put three discs on racks and this is the thanks I get. See if I cook for you ingrates any more.” She teased back, sticking her tongue out at both of them with a grin.

“We’d better back off, son. You know disaster strikes if I go near the oven,” Papa said laughing, “All right, tell you what. Since we’ve all stopped what we were doing anyway, let’s take a little walk together and wait for things to cool off.”

“Sounds like a nice idea,” Mama said, already heading for the door, the others following.

“I guess,” said the cub, being almost dragged by his father to the door, “but I’d rather finish the mission I was on. I just brought down one of the Covenant’s main ships”

“It’s called family time and it won’t kill you,” said Papa with a half humorous, half annoyed look at his son. “Though I might if you don’t unplug yourself from that idiot machine now and then. Pretty soon your brain is just going to leak out of your ear.”

“Have you ever tried any of the games, Dad? They’re actually really good for your mind, between the puzzles and the paw-eye coordination…”

And soon they were all out heading through the woods and debating the merits of video games among other subjects as the pizzas cooled on the table, and a spoiled teenager unwittingly made her way to their small cottage from the opposite direction.



Listening to her stomach grumble, Goldi continued walking through the woods, moving around trees and going in what she vaguely hoped was a single direction. She was beginning to give up hope of ever seeing civilization again and was already envisioning horrible fantasies of being found starved to death or simply wandering the forest forever without any sign of normal food or fashionable clothing again. She was just pondering her potential new life as a ratty-haired vagabond with a certain sense of dread when she finally came within sight of a small two-level cottage.

It was nestled directly in the middle of the woods without a real path even leading to it, but Goldi did not question this in her current state. She ran to the cottage and knocked loudly on the door, disturbing only the birds in the surrounding trees as no one was home. Desperate for some form of shelter and rest from actually having to commune with nature for a while, Goldi tried the doorknob and found that whoever lived here saw no need to lock it. Finding this horribly quaint, she took a tentative step into the cottage.

“Hello?” she called, “Is anyone home?”

As she walked into the door, she realized she was standing in a large kitchen. In fact everything in this house seemed a bit large, even the furniture. But that was the style sometimes. These people were either wealthy and eccentric or incredibly poor and possibly quite fat. But Goldi’s thoughts on how best to judge the normal occupants of the house vanished as soon as she caught the scent of food and saw the three pizzas sitting on the table in the center of the kitchen. Goldi instantly flew to them, like a piranha to a chunk of raw meat.

Being a vegetarian because it was the “in” thing now and all her friends thought that animals should never eat other animals, Goldi’s only option was the cheese pizza sitting on the end of the table. Normally the girl ate in careful bites and just enough to keep from being considered anorexic, but with hunger ripping at her and no one to see, Goldi devoured the entire pizza in the space of five minutes. Feeling a bit better if a little bloated, she decided to explore the rest of this quaint house until whoever lived here got back. Then she could get them to take her back to civilization one way or the other and this nightmare would be over.

Following the doorway off to the side, Goldi found herself in a rather large den with a fireplace and an enormous recliner. Tired from her long walk, she immediately slumped down into the recliner, which was comfy, but at least two sizes to big to seat her properly. She was more than willing to bet now that the owners of this cottage were just horribly fat and left food lying around anytime they left. Goldi relaxed for a few moments, but soon boredom began to set in and she looked around the chair for a remote.

After several moments of looking, Goldi realized that there was no remote, only to be struck by the corresponding fact that this room had no TV. Taking an actual look around, she noticed that there was only a second recliner, a few very large end tables, and shelves lined with… ugh… books. Goldi never understood why anyone bothered to read any more. She knew that movies and TV could give you the exact same stuff in a lot less time. And all those words made her eyes hurt the few times she had tried during a very brief fad when being brainy was actually “in”. How can anyone live like this, Goldi thought as she got up to explore the rest of the house. God, people are just stupid.

Heading back through into the kitchen, Goldi found another door that led into a modest but spacious living room. Goldi noticed a few chairs, a couch and a coffee table that all seemed to be of rather nice design, but still couldn’t seem to find any semblance of a TV or stereo or any general electronics. Without wasting any more time in this room, she noticed a set of stairs to her right, leading up to the second story of the quaint but oddly proportioned house.

At the top of the stairs Goldi faced a wide hallway with three different doors, two on the left side about equidistance apart and one on the right side at the end of the hall. Opening the first door on the left she saw a small room with just a bed, a dresser and a night stand, which she could only assume was a guest room. Goldi moved on to the next door in her wandering, home invasion escapades and was immediately delighted.

Inside the room was a relatively normal-sized bed, a dresser and just about any form of electronic entertainment she could hope for. A decent TV sat on a stand with several recorders, players and video game systems leading off of it. A stereo sat on a shelf near the bed and dresser with quite a collection of CDs. Goldi did not take the time to wonder what all the equipment was doing in this seemingly quaint cottage in the woods but was merely grateful to have some way to entertain herself until whoever owned this place returned.

She immediately turned on the stereo and one of the gaming systems and began playing, soon becoming completely lost in the game and oblivious to the rest of the world. So much so that she never heard the door open downstairs as the owners of the house returned.



“So it’s just him on this Saturday, she won’t be coming over?” Mama bear asked as she and Papa walked though the woods on the way back to the cottage, their cub several paces ahead now.

“Yeah, she probably won’t be coming over for the next few months.”

“What’s going on? She’s alright isn’t she?”

“Oh she’s fine, everything is going well and the pregnancy is progressing appropriately as far as they can tell. It’s just that… well you remember when you were pregnant with junior, the cravings?”

“Of course.”

“And you remember the… er… interesting nature of their relationship?”

“Naturally, they kind opened us to a few new ideas. But what… Oh.”

The papa bear nodded. “Exactly. They both kind of agreed it would be safer if she were on a bit of quarantine until it was time. And I figured the wolf might get a bit lonely during those times, so I invited him to continue our regular poker nights on his own. I figured you wouldn’t mind.”

“No not at all. It’s completely understandable.” The mama bear let a little smile cross her muzzle. “Of course I couldn’t blame her. He does look yummy. In a few ways.”

Turning a shocked look to her, the papa bear let his mouth fall open. “He’s a friend of mine!”

Giving a little giggle the mama bear wrapped an arm around the papa bear’s own. “Oh, you know I’d never do anything, I consider him a friend too. But a little fantasy doesn’t cost a thing,” she said, teasing him. “And you know I’m all yours.”

“Well that’s good,” he said, chuckling against a little remaining worry, “It would really screw up poker nights if I had to kill him in a jealous rage.”

“Or if I-”

“Mom! Dad!”

The cub was standing in the door of their small cottage. Hearing the tinge of fear in his voice, the two immediate ran the rest of the way in large lumbering steps to where he stood.

“What is it, son?” asked the concerned papa bear.

“Just look,” the cub said, pointing at the table where the pizzas were sitting, “And I know I turned my stereo off when I came downstairs. Someone’s in the house!”

Both larger bears could see that one of the pizzas had been devoured and only crumbs remained. And they could hear the sound of the stereo playing loudly upstairs.

“You two stay here,” Papa bear said. “I’ll go take a look upstairs.”

“The hell I’ll stay down here!” Mama said with a ferocity that surprised both of them. “No one invades my house, and especially not my son’s room!”

Knowing better than to argue, the papa bear simply nodded. “Okay, we both go. Son, you wait down here.”

And with that, the two bears moved quickly through the door to the living room and up the stairs. As the entered the hallway, they could hear the sound of their cub’s video games and a muffled voice through the door. Moving as quietly as possible, which was not very quietly at all for two large bears on a wooden floor, they made their way to the door and opened it. When they did, they saw a thin, blonde human girl sitting on the edge of the bed occasionally muttering angrily at the screen. Seeing this, the two bear exchanged a glance with each other, Papa smiling slightly and Mama looking mildly disappointed.

“That’s it?” said a voice from behind them, “I thought there was a big hunter in the house or something! It’s just a girl!”

Two things happened at that moment. Both bears turned to see their cub that had followed them up the stairs anyway, and Goldi turned to see three bears standing in the door of the room. Letting out a scream, the girl backed against the wall against which the bed stood, getting as far from the bears as she could while the two larger bears scolded their cub.

“I told you to wait downstairs,” Papa said sternly.

“But it’s just a girl,” the cub replied, almost sounding disappointed as he squeezed past and walked into the room, looking at Goldi.

“But you didn’t know that!” Mama reminded him.

“She not even bigger than me. And she’s just been sitting here playing… Oh, you didn’t!” he said directly to Goldi as he grabbed the controller and checked the screen. “You did! You saved over my game you stupid bimbo!”

Goldi was beginning to get over some of her shock at the appearance of the actual owners of the house and was now able to be annoyed at being insulted. “It’s just a game, you little brat. Like, get over it. I was just waiting for someone to get home and tell me how to get back to civilization; god! So how do I, like, get out of these woods?”

The cub was growling low at the girl as she stood up, the mama bear moving to collect him and take him out of the room. The papa bear looked at his mate with an almost amused smile now.

“Hon, would you please take junior out and find him some food while explaining to him that we don’t just talk to hear ourselves? I’m going to have a chat with our trespassing little friend here,” he said staring at Goldi now.

“Gladly,” Mama bear said and walked by him with a little wink. “Have fun.”

As Mama dragged her cub out, the younger bear complaining about all the time he had lost on his game because of the stupid girl, Goldi looked nervous for the first time as the largest bear pointed a single claw at her.

“You come with me. You have some explaining to do.”

Goldi walked nervous closer, knowing that she didn’t have much choice and was led by the bear to the door across the hall. As the door was opened, Goldi saw that this was the master bedroom, boasting a huge bed at its center for the adult bears to sleep in and some rather nice furnishings in general. Two large dressers, a flatscreen TV on one wall, and a desk with a computer completed the room.

“If you mess with me at all,” she said as she took in the room, trying to embolden herself, “my daddy’ll make a rug out of you.”

Papa simply chuckled at this threat as he followed her into the room and shut the door. “If I called the authorities right now, I could put you up on trespassing and probably a few other obscure charges if I took a little time to study. Though true justice is a little hard to get for the furred kind, your daddy still wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. So have a seat,” he said, indicating the bed, “and tell me what you were doing in our house.”

“Look, I got lost in the woods and I found your place. The door wasn’t, like, really locked, so I came in and was going to just wait for whoever lived here. You want money? We’ll pay whatever you want, just get me back into town.” Goldi said indignantly, opening her purse.

“You’re way too used to just buying your way out of everything aren’t you? You invaded the sanctity of my home, availed yourself of our food and comforts and didn’t show an ounce of respect when my family came home. You are truly the rudest, most spoiled brat I’ve ever seen. Unbelievable,” Papa said as he sat on his haunches on the floor, leaving his face and the girl’s at almost the same height.

 “What? I was ready to pay for anything I used and, like, give you people a little extra. Do you even know who my daddy is? All I have to do is ask and he’ll, like, give you the money for getting me back to town.”

“This isn’t about money; how many times do I have to explain that? This is about home invasion and your complete lack of respect. There are some situations you can’t just buy your way out of.”

Goldi was beginning to feel a bit nervous now. She was not completely unaware that the bear significantly outweighed her and could probably kill her in an instant. She was also not used to problems that money could not solve. “Well… what do you want then?” she asked plainly, hoping to find some way to bribe the bear and get the hell out of here.

“A blowjob for starters,” said the bear with a somewhat wicked grin.

The girl’s mouth dropped open and Papa’s grin seemed to grow at her shock. Shaking her head a few times in disbelief, Goldi tried to process the demand. “You… you expect me to just, like… You think I… Whoa, there are limits, pal!”

His grin remaining, the papa bear slowly stood up in front of the girl without a word and displayed his equipment for her. The half erect organ dangled in front of the girl’s face, her expression quickly changing.

To say that Goldi was a slut would be demeaning and, once again, unfair. To say that she was quite used to enjoying whatever pleasure crossed her mind in the moment would be, once again, quite fair and accurate. As Goldi stared at the semi-hard bear meat, her tongue idly ran over her lips. Despite a few friends’ opinions that it wasn’t all that important, she had always personally been a fan of huge sizes, and as she watched she was learning that the common metaphor really did ring true.

“Um…” she managed to stammer out, “Er… what about your… uh…”

“She and I have an understanding about this sort of thing. You needn’t worry about that.”

“Well…” Goldi said as if mulling it over, “I guess one BJ couldn’t hurt. If it’ll get me out of here…”

With that she almost immediately leaned forward off of the bed, already hungry for what she saw. She wrapped her hand around as much of the bear’s shaft as she could, already noting that at half-mast it was bigger than most guys at their fullest extent. Goldi slowly licked at the head, tasting the musk there for the first time and reveling in the flavor and feel as she gently kissed his cock. Sliding her lips slowly over the thickening head and moaning, Goldi gently began to take the male meat into her mouth while the large bear rumbled. She sucked deeply as she slowly began to move down along the shaft, taking in as much as she could, savoring all of the flavor the meat had to offer.

His erection growing further to the ministrations, the bear moaned above her, the feel of her soft lips and eager tongue strengthening his arousal as he steadily grew into her mouth. He could feel the tight seal of her lips and the warmth of her mouth enveloping half of his member as her other hand slowly began to caress his furry balls, lifting the full weight and slowly rolling them one by one. His head tilted back, basking in the sweet pleasure as his tongue ran slowly over his teeth, anticipating all the delights of the afternoon to come.

As the bear’s arousal grew, Goldi could feel his girth beginning to stretch her lips, her own loins growing moist at the sheer feel of the size of it. With an effort, she popped her lips off of the thick organ, beginning to slowly lick and nibble along the sides as she stroked with her hands, her lips moving up and down the shaft. Feeling the hard meat steadily plump to its full erection, Goldi moaned as she devoured the cock from all sides, hardly able to fit her mouth around it now. Though a splatter of so much cum would feel good across her face right now, Goldi knew that she wanted something more from the massive meat before her. Looking up from where she knelt for a moment, Goldi could only see the fur of the bear’s ponderous belly as it hung over her.

“Can… can I ride this instead?” she asked tentatively.

She could not see the reaction on the bear’s face and he did not speak, but a moment later, his two giant claws came down and began to lift her up. As she was slowly pulled up over the swell of the furry gut, Goldi could soon see the hungry look in the Papa bear’s eyes as he gently slid his way over to the bed, carrying her.

The bear laid himself carefully on the bed, getting comfortable with ease and holding Goldi above him. As he settled in, he gently laid her down on his belly and sprawled on the bed with a large smile on his muzzle.

“Do whatever you like,” he rumbled, “as long as you get me off.”

Goldi could not get out of her clothes fast enough as the opportunity presented itself. Squirming over the top of the bears belly, she eager stripped off every stitch of clothing until she was laying, completely naked, across the furry expanse.

Practically purring in delight, Goldi slowly opened her legs to straddle the bear and let her body gently slide down his belly towards his lap, causing him to groan in pleasure. Goldi could feel her sex free-flowing with desire now as the thick head off the bear’s member pressed firmly against her outer lips.

Using her hands, Goldi began to push herself upright, accidentally rubbing the large belly before her and bringing forth an extra groan of ecstasy as her sex began to caress the head of the thick organ beneath her. With her weight situated, Goldi began gently pumping her hips and working to pull the huge cock into her. Gasping in both pleasure and pain, she could feel it stretching her further than she had ever been before, rubbing in places none of the guys she had been with had ever been able to reach. As her hand slowly snaked down, helping to rub her clit against the huge shaft, she could feel the bears own hips bucking lightly with her, helping to push himself into her.

With wet, squelching sounds that Goldi couldn’t help a giggle at in her euphoric stats, the girl managed to take most of the bear’s meat in, feel the head press against the deepest regions of her center. Her back arched and Goldi had to grab onto the fur of the bear’s belly to steady herself as she began to slowly bounce herself up and down, clenching and stroking her inner walls and the hard nub of her clit against his endowment. She could feel the heat growing at her center, moaning and panting in pleasure, and knew that it would not be much longer for either of them.

Papa grunted as she slowly rode him, his hips occasionally thrusting, but mostly relaxing sprawled on the bed as the girl worked herself along his thickness, feeling his climax coming. It would be a sweet one, even by the standards of these little trysts he and his mate allowed themselves, and as he inhaled the aroma of the blonde and their mingling lusts, he knew she would be a delectable morsel when they were finished. Letting out a rumble of delight, he could feel himself beginning to orgasm at the very thought of where she was going next.

A heat built up within her that led to a hot, sticky explosion as Goldi felt the first thick jet of the bear’s climax rocket into her. Gasping at the feel it burned through her center, slowly dribbling down to her stretched sex as more came, Goldi’s hand worked the nub of her clit harder, her clenching growing faster, eager to spur him on and have her own pleasure before he was finished. Then as he laid there, the spasms of his member rocking into her, Goldi felt that particular touch inside, that particular motion of her nub, the one that always pushed her finally over the edge of pleasure and exploded along with him into her own pleasure. Fairly screaming as she rocked on the spurting organ, Goldi climaxed over and over, riding the spurts of the bear’s flow until they tapered off completely, still riding the waves of pleasure.

In her lasting, lusty haze, Goldi was almost unaware as those big claws reached around her until they slowly peeled her off the slowly receding member. Feeling her climaxes dwindling slowly now, the girl could feel herself being pulled back up over that large belly, further towards the bear’s head. She moaned lightly, basking in the afterglow of such pleasure, even as she could still feel the pain where the ursine cock had stretched her. As she was dragged forward, she could suddenly feel the bear’s tongue slurping over her, coating her in drool and making her laugh when it tickled.

“My, you’re really affectionate, aren’t you?” she said playfully.

“Not really,” Papa replied casually, “Just hungry. And you’re quite tasty.”

The girl giggled, thinking that he was joking with her, and lightly rubbed against him. “Then maybe you should eat me up,” she murmured to him, thinking she might coax a bit more pleasure out of him.

“Well, that was the plan. Though I think I’ll start at the other end.”

Smirking, the large bear picked her up again and turned her around, flipping Goldi so that she was lying on her back atop his gut. Grabbing her ankles, Papa slowly licked at her feet, nibbling at her toes, the girl laughing even more as she was tickled there. As she squirmed on his belly, squirming at the tickling, Goldi heard a loud grumble come from beneath as the bear’s stomach called for a meal.

Mmm, sounds like you might need some, like, real food soon,” she said with a giggle.

“Of course, what do you think you are?”

“That’s really not funny,” Goldi said, beginning to get somewhat nervous.

“Not supposed to be. My other dinner got cold while I was dealing with you. Not that I mind, what I have now is nice and warm, and it’ll squirm nicely on the way down.”

And as the horrorstruck expression dawned on Goldi’s face, Papa slowly pulled her delectable feet forward, working them both into his muzzle, letting his tongue slather further over them and groaning at the flavor. With a smooth swallow, he pulled them into his throat, a nice bulge forming there as the girl’s calves slipped into his muzzle, her legs beginning to kick with her struggles.

Terrified as she watched the huge bear beginning to consume her, Goldi struggled and scrambled, trying to get away, only to find that she was trapped tight by the bear’s claws and throat. The only thing her struggles seemed to accomplish was a light moan from the bear that slowly vibrated up through her ankles as they sat trapped in the tight tunnel of his throat. She tried to grab handfuls of the fur on his belly, hoping to hold on and stop him from taking her somehow.

Uttering a groaning rumble as he felt the girl’s frantic struggles against him, the bear pulled her legs with his claws and swallowed again in a smooth easy motion. Her feet slipped smoothly into his gullet as the bear pulled her in, opening his maw just slightly to take in her silky thighs. As his tongue explored the meat there, savoring the taste of the warm, living girl, his claws slowly lifted her up, holding her above his muzzle. Her hands managed to tear out a few tufts of his outer coat, but the bear merely gave a little inner chuckle at Goldi’s efforts as he steadied her above him.

Sliding in more easily now, Goldi had enough awareness to realize that she had no physical leverage at all. With the slimy gullet working around her feet in an unyielding grip and the bear’s tongue stroking her legs and coating them with thick drool, she continued to squirm out of feat, but saw no chance of wriggling her way out of his grip. “Please!” she screamed and began to beg. “Don’t do this. I’ll be your slave, I’ll hump you, like, everyday! Just don’t eat me!”

Papa’s eyes simply rolled at the idea and using his claws to guide her down, he took another swallow around the girl. Her tender rump slide over his tongue now, and he moaned loudly around it as he worked the muscle over each cheek, salivating even more at the succulent flavor and feel as his jaws stretched and swallowed her down. He chewed lightly on her buttocks, testing their tenderness and bringing squirms from her, but doing no more than pinprick punctures as he took her in.

Goldi realized that the bear did not care about what she could offer and never had. She had merely been a plaything and then a convenient snack, nothing more. In her last attempt to try some kind of escape, tears in her eyes now as she somehow knew that even this was futile, she attempted to slap at the bear’s nose and scratch at his eyes. The claws simply moved, slowly and patiently, to grab her hands. With no effort to override her strength, the bear pushed Goldi’s hands into his muzzle inside what would be his cheeks, pressed against her side in the heat of his maw.

Opening his muzzle a bit wider, Papa slid his claws up the girl’s back and swallowed again, steadily guiding the tender morsel further into his muzzle. As his gullet steadily filled with her legs, eagerly pulling them down towards his waiting stomach, the large bear opened and closed his mouth in several hungry gulps, working his way up the girl’s midsection and groaning in pleasure all the while. Her wriggling and squirming gave way to spasmodic sobs as she was slowly dragged down up to her chest.

Goldi could feel herself being cocooned in the confines of the gullet and throat, pulling her down more quickly now as she heard the grumbling of the bear’s stomach for her. She sobbed at knowing that she was truly doomed and that in all likelihood, no one would ever know what happened to her. Her breasts were pressed against the jagged roof of the bear’s mouth as another swallow pulled her in to up to her shoulders. Being slowly nibbled at as she was compressed inside the maw and throat, Goldi felt her feet push through a tight ring of muscle to somewhat more open space, and realized she was beginning to slide into the stomach. Her sobbing increased as Goldi grew frantic, wriggling her body to and fro as best she could.

Rumbling loudly as he could feel the first bit of satisfaction in his gut, Papa slurped the wildly writhing girl in further, eager to finish his meal. Soon only her head sat outside his jaws and the girl went into a full panic, becoming almost difficult to pull down as the bear worked to swallow her.

Goldi writhed without sense or reason, without any form of thought. She only knew that she didn’t want to slip into the darkness. Didn’t want to take that last plunge. Didn’t want to be mere food. “No. No! No, no, no, no!” she screamed like a mantra as she felt the bear continuing to pull her deeper and the heavy weight of the claw on her head.

Ravenous now, and so close to satisfaction, the bear pushed down on Goldi’s struggling head as he swallowed, shoving her frantic form into his maw and then his throat, pulling her body completely into his. As her head slipped into his throat, bulging it out, the bear closed his muzzle and quickly slurped and sucked in that long, luxurious blonde hair until there was nothing left of the girl outside. With a satisfied groan and an audible gulp, the bear finished swallowing Goldi the rest of the way down.

Quickly squeezed downward by the bear’s powerful gullet, Goldi slipped down into that total darkness, the fight almost completely out of her as she was truly lost. She emptied into the bear’s stomach, the slimy walls closing in on her and the oppressive, sweltering heat beating down on her as she was forced to curl up, barely stretching the walls of the big belly.

Feeling full and satisfied, Papa licked his chops, still tasting that tender girl as both claws went down to rub his full belly. He could barely feel a little more swell in it, but the feeling inside was so wonderful as she settled in, lightly squirming at times.

“You look pretty happy, stud.”

Papa tilted his head back, still lying on the bed, to get an upside down view of his mate leaning in the door. He smiled to her and gave his full belly a gentle pat, feeling quite content and relaxed. Mmm, yup. Yum, yum.”

The mama bear moved over to the bed after closing the door and leaned over the bed, gently kissing her mate. “Now I’m all jealous.”

“Well maybe we can go out tomorrow and see if we can’t find some poor lost guy in the woods for you.”

“That would be nice,” she said with a smile, “I get the guys; you get the girls. Still works. Well junior’s in his room. We went out, found some small game and had a talk about listening to what we say. Now he’s playing that game again, said he had lots of catching up to do on it. I told him he could play the stereo nice and loud if he wanted.”

“Oh really?” Papa said with a smirk.

“Really,” said Mama, smiling back, “And you’d better not get too relaxed, mister. I need some attention. Now.”

Papa grinned, a small belch escaping him before he could speak. The squirming in his stomach suddenly grew frantic one more time for a few moments and was finally completely still. He and his mate laughed as he looked up at her.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said playfully as she draped herself over him.


The End