the Wolf

Commissioned by voremonger


"He's looking really bad."

Jenny knelt once more by Freddie, her blond hair falling over her face as she stroked her hand along his head and felt how dry his skin was. Sheila looked on with concern as her younger sister examined their pet.

"And now he won't even try to eat anything. Barely even tries to open his mouth," Jenny continued.

The two sisters had looked up everything they could when Freddie began to take sick, but it was difficult when the animal in their barn was not a typical pet. When they'd first found him, he'd been about the size of a small dog, still the biggest frog they'd ever seen. At the time, Jenny—then 16—had been curious at how big it might be able to grow, so they'd brought it home and kept it in the barn.

Sheila had helped her research what frogs could eat, and they'd started him on some feeder mice from the pet store. Every day after that, Jenny had dutifully gone out to feed him a few and watched as Freddie gobbled them down with a slurp of his sticky tongue. The frog had grown bigger and bigger, never seeming to reach a limit.

After they had noticed that the rat problem in the barn had suddenly disappeared and that Freddie was the size of a husky, they figured the mice wouldn't satisfy him and started looking for other ways to feed their pet. Sheila—just turned 19—had found one practical solution when a stray cat had wandered onto the farm with no tags or signs of ownership. With a gulp it had gone down Freddie's throat and the frog had seemed satisfied. Though at the time, Jenny had felt horrible about sending a little kitty to their frog's belly, no matter how much she was starting to enjoy watching him eat.

So after much deliberation, she and Sheila had settled on piglets for the next stage. Sheila loved the sense of helping an animal grow, while Jenny seemed to really like watching when they set a little pig loose in the barn and Freddie's tongue whipped out and swiped it into his big mouth. The pig solution was also helpful as the frog continued to grow on his new diet, as they had been able to simply get slightly older pigs as he needed more to eat.

Now Freddie was almost as big as a horse, and gobbled up almost completely grown pigs into his wide jaws. Or at least had until several weeks before. About that time, the large frog had begun to have trouble keeping anything down and couldn't seem to get any nutrition. Both Jenny and Sheila had hoped it was a mild issue that would pass, but it reached the point that Freddie hadn't even attempted to eat the pig that had been now sitting in the barn for a few days. And they hadn't been able to figure out just what the problem could be, despite attempts to read up on frogs.

So Freddie lay on the barn floor, seeming near death, and Sheila leaned over him with her sister. The elder sister ran her hand along the frog's lips, feeling just a little moisture there, and noticed his mouth opening just a little bit.

"This may sound weird, but maybe his belly needs something he can't cough up," Sheila said, thinking a moment, "Maybe the problem started when he just couldn't keep food down and now he needs something to get his stomach working again."

"Well, how do we do that?" Jenny stood and looked at her sister.

"I've got kind of a crazy idea…" Sheila said, and began to take off the tight athletic shirt she was wearing.

It was a hot day and both the girls had worn jean cut-offs and simple clothing, putting on as few garments as possible. As Sheila took off her shirt, her round breasts fell free with no bra to hold them. Jenny looked for a moment, noticing how beautiful they were before feeling a stab of envy that she hadn't quite developed as much as the nineteen-year-old yet. Though she had her own pert chest, Jenny had hoped that by seventeen she would be a bit more endowed, with the way her pretty sister had sprouted. As Sheila took off her shorts as well, getting herself completely nude, Jenny gave a puzzled look.

"What are you going to do?" the younger sister asked.

"Well… with a little help from my little sister, I'm going to climb into Freddie's tummy just long enough to get it going again. Maybe I can keep myself in there until he feels like really eating again. Then, we replace me with the pig."

Jenny tried to hide a little blush at the thought. Though she was worried about the safety of her sister, she'd never told anyone about the warm little tingle she got when she watched Freddie eat his meals. And the thought of any girl—especially her own sister—sliding into the frog's throat and making a bulge in his belly gave her a serious shiver.

"Wh-What do you… need me to do?"

"Well, you'll have to help me get his mouth open so I can slide in. Probably help me wiggle my way in if he's still trying to cough up everything." Sheila chuckled then. "And if Freddie decides I'm too nummy to let go, you may have to help get me out again."

Jenny chuckled a little too, but found herself imagining Freddie somehow licking his lips after eating up her sister, like something out of a cartoon. Shaking the image away, she looked to Sheila.

"Okay, if we're going to do this, let's do it." She leaned down by the frog's wide mouth and began tugging at his lips. Sheila leaned down to help and in his weakened state, the amphibian offered little resistance.

As his maw opened up wide, they both looked into it, staring at the slightly moist, greenish brown interior. Jenny held the lips open, quivering just a little as she looked into the slightly open throat at the back leading down into the dark. Freddie still seemed listless as Sheila shifted position.

"All right, just hold him like that. Going to stick my feet in first."

Laying herself out on the ground, the older sister scooted herself forward towards the frog's gaping mouth. As her feet touched the warm, slimy surfaces, Shelia felt her own little tingle. Her toes pointed down, and she wiggled her feet into that opening of the throat, working and shuffling her body to begin squeezing herself into the frog. She shook a little as her feet and calves pushed into the tight, wet tube, feeling the slickness of Freddie's throat and how nice it actually felt rubbing against her toes and feet as she worked and pushed her way down, Jenny holding the lips open enough for her to slide in.

As her thighs passed into the throat and she kicked gently to stretch it open for her hips, she began to feel a little resistance. Sheila hadn't counted on Freddie still trying to spit her back up, but the frog was apparently so used to rejecting food that it wasn't letting anything further without a struggle.

"Jenny," she said, "I think you'll have to come around and give me a little push. He doesn't want to let anything in there."

With a slow nod, Jenny let go of the lips and came around to help get her sister down into the frog. Watching Sheila's legs slip steadily into that throat had already made her tingle all over now, and she tried to hide her excitement as she put her hands on Sheila's shoulders. With a gentle shove and a little wriggle, the elder sister made her way deeper.

As her sister's help allowed her to sink further in, Sheila felt Freddie's tongue push back against her. For a moment, she marveled at the irony that normally the long sticky tongue would be used to pull dinner into his jaws rather than try to push it out. Then she felt it brushing against her buttocks and barely teasing the lower tip of her sex. A quiver ran through her whole body as the gentle, accidental brush combined with the slimy rubbing all around her legs to bring her almost instant arousal.

Her hips sank into that tight, resisting throat, and Sheila let out a little moan, automatically moving her hands and pushing them into the frog's lips. Her sister's hands stopped pushing for a moment.

"You okay?" Jenny asked.

"F-fine," Sheila managed to get out. "Just, um, little tight. Trying to… oh… slick myself up a little more to get into Freddie. Keep going."

The pushing began again, and with her sister's help, Sheila could feel her feet beginning to force their way into what could only be Freddie's stomach. She kicked them lightly, feeling the wetness around her feet as they pushed against yielding flesh. Her breasts pressed against the frog's upper lip as his mouth shut again around her belly. Swaying her shoulders from side to side as Jenny pushed, they managed to get Freddie to open up just enough for Sheila's chest to slip in before his jaws glommed back closed again.

The elder sister felt the pleasant quiver all through her skin move up another notch as the slick gums of the frog squeezed and rubbed her breasts, teasing her nipples in such a warm and pleasant way. She bit her lip to keep from moaning out, her hands in his throat already rubbing at her sex, feeling moisture that had nothing to do with Freddie's wet gullet.

Jenny felt her own body reacting as she watched the frog's jaws snap closed around her sister's chest. Part of it was the sight itself, part imagining that it was her slipping in and being gobbled up by their pet. Taking a deep breath for control, she helped push a little deeper as Freddie's odd gag reflex was still trying to push back against them. As Sheila's shoulders slipped in, the frog's slimy drool coated Jenny's hands, making her suppress a moan.

Sheila giggled, trying to not to sigh too loudly, "Over the lips, past the gums, look out tummy, here I come!"

In the midst of her growing arousal, Sheila remembered to take a good deep breath before her head was pushed forward into elastic maw. They were probably forcing the frog to swallow a little air, but she couldn't count on it being enough to breath just from that. The thick drool covered her face and hair as Jenny's hands pulled back. Freddie was still resisting her, but she was in enough now that she could wiggle her way down inside.

With a twitch and shake of her body, Sheila pulled herself down. The stomach walls were yielding reluctantly at first to her body as her legs bent and her top half worked its way through the slimy gullet rippling around her. It teased her skin all over, rubbed her in heat, and squeezed all around, continuing to rub her nipples as her fingers couldn't help but push gently into her sex.

Curled up in the frog's tight stomach, the walls rippled all around her at first, seeming to try and push her back up into the opening from which she came. Sheila squirmed and wouldn't let Freddie spit her up, partially to make sure he kept something in his belly and partially because it just felt too good being hugged all over inside the tight sac.

There was no burning, nothing trying to digest her just yet, and she tried to maintain her focus through the pleasure, tried to remember why she was doing this and that in a few minutes she would have to stick her head back out and check how he was doing. But, oh, it just felt so amazing in that grip as it rubbed every inch of her skin and moved her around with her squirming. She had to not lose her bearings and remember which way the opening was, even as she stroked the lips of her sex and felt arousal and pleasure growing.

After a few moments, she felt a subtle change in the walls around her. They shifted and didn't seem to be pushing against her any more, at least not trying to push her back out. With one hand, she found the opening that led to the frog's gullet, keeping track of it as things shifted. A little sigh escaped her, and she knew she should slip her head up and see if this was working, even if she was reluctant to leave the surprisingly cozy stomach.

Working both hands up into the sphincter and stretching it, she pushed her head up into the gullet, almost swimming up until she managed to push back up out of his throat. Her fingers slipped out of his lips and pried his mouth open again, looking at the interior of the barn framed by his jaws to where Jenny was sitting with her top off. The younger sister's hand moved quickly away from her chest as Sheila took a deep breath.

"Sorry, it was getting hot here. Decided to… relax a little while I waited."

"It's… it's okay," Sheila said through breaths and pants. "Does it seem like it's working?"

Jenny nodded. "Oh yeah! Freddie actually sat up! You know I can see you a little through his tummy. You make a big bulge there. I think… maybe just a little longer and he'll be ready for the pig."

Sheila hid her delight at sliding back into that warm stomach for a little while longer. "Okay… I think I can do that."

Taking a deep breath and holding it, Sheila let go of the lips. As the frog's jaws closed, there was almost no resistance this time. The throat rolled gently around her and she slid back in, almost like a short waterslide into a warm sauna. When she was completely inside the stomach again, sloshing around inside, her hands slipped immediately to her crotch.

Pleasure intensified and it was hard to hold in her breath as she rubbed her fingers all around and toyed with herself. Sheila's body pressed up against every inch of the warm, slimy stomach wall as it rippled against her so wonderfully. Soon the stomach was beginning to squeeze tightly around her, the full body hug making her cry out as the stomach walls undulated more around her skin.

She was panting as her fingers worked furiously in her sex from the cozy feel of it, waves of pleasure rising through her and determined to finish an incredible climax in Freddie's stomach. Then through the haze of rising bliss, Sheila noticed that the tingle on her skin was now more than just feel of her intense arousal. It took another moment to shake her head clear, even as her fingers stroked slowly along her lower lips, and realize that her pet's stomach was now actually trying to digest her. Much as she didn't want to, it was time to push her way out unless she wanted to become a part of Freddie forever. She could already feel some of the juices starting to burn on her skin.

Her fingers found the tight ring at the top of the stomach, meeting much more resistance this time. Even with her unfulfilled sex sending jolts of demand through her body, she was satisfied that her idea had worked. Once he gobbled up the pig in the barn, Freddie would probably start to get better.

The amphibian's throat now fought against her as she worked to push her way up, trying to ripple around her and force her back into the churning stomach. Clearly, now that the frog had a good meal and remembered satisfying his hunger, he wasn't ready to give it up again.

Working and struggling, Sheila managed to force her hands back up, her fingers grasping the lips of the frog as his throat still tugged at her body. Her muscles were tiring, and all that rubbing felt so nice it was hard to resist the pull trying to plop her back down into that nice, hot sauna of a stomach. Yet she pushed with her hands and managed to pry open his mouth, getting another look at the barn.

She blinked a few moments in surprise at what she saw.

Jenny was laid out naked on the barn floor, barely holding up her camera phone to record Freddie with one hand. The other was tucked between her legs, working and probing her sex as she moaned, her head thrown back. When she finally looked up and saw that the frog's big mouth was open, she turned beet-red and whipped her hand away from her groin.

"I… I… Sorry… His belly… I just…"

"Help me!"

Dropping the phone, Jenny scrambled to her feet with a nod and raced to Freddie's maw. Gripping her sister's wrists—and trying to ignore the embarrassment of her sticky hand—she tugged and began helping to pull her sister out of the frog's gripping throat.

"I don't know what it is," Jenny started to explain, "Just watching Freddie's tummy… the way it squirmed… thinking…"

As she slipped out of the jaws of the frog slowly, the elder sister shook her head. "It's okay. Being in there. I… um… it felt very nice."

She gave her sister a knowing look and nothing more needed to be said. As they gripped each other's wrists, Jenny tugged and helped pull Sheila out almost to her waist. As soon as Sheila felt her feet slip out of the stomach, she felt the throat tighten and tug much harder, almost pulling her back from her younger sister's grip. As it did, the long tongue tried to wrap around her and pull further, Jenny having to grip that much hard to tug her back. The tug-of-war with Freddie's mouth continued for several seconds.

Sheila chuckled, even as the tight grip of the throat tugging at her hips gave her a wonderful jolt of pleasure. "Wow, he really does think I'm yummy. Just doesn't want to let go."

"Yeah," Jenny said with a weak little laugh. "He looked so satisfied with you in his tum. Really loves you… for lunch."

The laughter died for a moment as their eyes caught each other, Jenny still barely managing to pull and keep Sheila from sliding down again. It was clear they were both thinking the same thing. How they had brought the frog home, named him Freddie, cared for him, fed him and grown attached to him. And how worried they'd both been when he wouldn't eat and seemed to grow sick.

"Maybe…" Jenny began, breaking the silence first. "Maybe Freddie stopped eating because he always saw something he wanted more than a pig… Maybe the only way for him to eat again, is to have one of us."

Sheila gave a rueful grin. "A couple scrumptious girls must taste a lot better than a dirty pig."

"Oh yeah. All yummy in his tummy, giving him just what he needs."

There was a moment before Sheila said, "Should I do it?"

"If you do, Freddie will eat you all up. You'll just slide in and not come back. You'll go to sleep in Freddie's belly and then just be a big lump digesting there in his gut, but keeping him alive. Probably making him really happy."

Jenny said it all without fear or desire, just matter-of-fact. Yet the thought of it all sent a shiver straight from Sheila's loins through her entire body. They both loved their pet, and the way it felt inside had been so incredible. She'd drift off with a smile; she knew it.

Sheila nodded. "Let go."

Their fingers released their grip and the irresistible pull of Freddie's throat and tongue took over. The frog gulped and gobbled, his jaws and lips working around Sheila and quickly swallowing her again, pushing her down that tight channel back into the sticky, slimy heat of his stomach. Sheila barely managed to get a gulp of air before she was shoved and curled into the tight, massaging walls once again.

With nothing left to worry about and the tingle of Freddie's digestive juices all around her, Sheila brought both hands down to her groin. Her fingers stroked all those special, most sensitive places she'd learned in herself as the stomach walls squeezed and rubbed all over her skin. Her breasts pressed against the sticky yielding surface several times as she was rolled around in the stomach. She could hear all the gurgling and churning now as well as her pet's strengthening heartbeat. The thought that she would feed him well and the sensations all around her pushed her pleasure forward as her fingers worked.

Sheila reached the point she knew so well, and let one digit dance over her clit, slowly working it back and forth, in gentle circles, in time with the squeezing and rumbling of the belly. As it pushed her over the edge trapped inside Freddie's belly, she let go of the breath she'd been holding and cried out in bliss.

The working walls of the frog's stomach allowed her to float in utter ecstasy as multiple orgasms wracked her. All her thoughts were blown away by more pleasure than Sheila had ever experienced before, her entire body a conduit for rapturous joy within the amphibian's tight gut. She didn't even feel the air growing thin, didn't notice herself getting drowsy, the waves of her climax so powerful as her pet frog began to truly digest her.

Her last thoughts to surface amidst the rush were that she would make such a good meal for her frog and to idly wonder if Jenny would be his next dinner.



As she let go and Freddie finally ate her sister, Jenny snatched up the camera phone to resume the video she had been taking. She managed to get it into place just in time to see Sheila's fingers slide in between the frog's wide lips and track as she slid down his gullet. She got a good video of his belly growing bigger and rounding out with the large lump of her sister, now just another meal for their pet.

She shivered as her other hand rubbed her own nipples, and slowly slipped down her belly and to the moist lips of her sex. Freddie simply sat, looking content and fat and happy as Jenny's focus and camera were on the struggling mass of his tummy. Sheila was clearly moving about inside, and occasionally Jenny could even make out the imprint of a foot or some other body part. Once she actually thought she saw a brief imprint of Sheila's face through the frog's elastic skin.

The sight of it, the thought of being gobbled down and trapped inside the pet frog, made her work her fingers that much faster, stroking and fondling herself as she tried to keep the camera phone steady and take in every moment of Freddie beginning to digest her sister. After just a few moments, she could actually hear loud gurgles coming from the frog's gut, and Jenny panted as her pleasure grew, arousal flowering at the sound of her pet making her sister a part of him. Eventually she had to set the phone down, trying to position it next to him to catch the best angle of his gut bulge as she laid herself down close to him.

Watching his belly work and Sheila squirm through it made Jenny squirm in her own way. She writhed on the barn floor, gasping and groaning, moving her head closer to the round bulge so she could hear every sound it made. At one point, she could almost swear she heard a muffled cry from Sheila inside, almost like a cry of pleasure.

She made her own sounds as well, digging in furiously with one hand while the other rubbed and squeezed her breast, teasing her nipple and bringing herself that much closer as she listened to the symphony of digestion next to her.

Finally, after several moments, she whimpered and moaned loudly as pleasure coursed through her body, starting at her sex and flooding everything out to her fingertips and toes. Every time it seemed as if the orgasm might slow down or ebb, another loud gurgle from that tummy next to Jenny and her fingers brushing just the right place would send her up over the edge again. Several waves of sheer, unadulterated pleasure.

As she came back down to Earth on the dirty barn floor, Jenny looked over at the large lump of his round belly. She noticed that it was no longer squirming or moving, but just gurgling lightly. As she rubbed her hand over it and thought of Sheila, she sighed. Her phone was still recording and she hoped it would capture more of the process once Freddie's tum began to shrink down again. The frog gave a deep croak, and to Jenny's mind it sounded almost like a sated belch.

A smile came to her face as she thought that she probably wouldn't have to miss her sister for long. From where she lay, their pet frog looked huge and her hand stroked his belly again. She wanted to know what Sheila had felt in there.

"Don't worry, Freddie. Once you're hungry again, I'll come in here. The piggy and I will run around the barn and you can use that long tongue snatch up whatever you want for lunch. And after that, I'll leave the barn door open. You can go gobble up as many tasty girls as you can catch!"

The frog ribbited lightly. As far as Jenny was concerned, he might as well have said, Yum, yum.


The End