Family Vore Day


the Wolf


I sat in my sister’s room in the chair next to her desk with her stewing away in my belly. The door was locked, giving me plenty of privacy to enjoy my breakfast as it barely moved around inside. I rubbed my belly and gave a little belch as she stirred. Jenny was going to be pissed when she reformed the next day. It was the first year she was allowed to participate in Family Vore Day, and she’d been so excited only to be gulped down first thing. But she was learning a lesson we all learned on our first Eighth of August: Never sleep in.

It was going to be a small one this year. My brothers and some of the other family couldn’t make it back due to work and travel, and I was the only one not living at home that managed to make the trip. I still live driving-distance away, so I made sure to make the trip so that Jenny would have at least one other person in the house other than Mom and Dad. Not that it made too much difference. She’d talked all the day before about how it might go down, knowing what had happened in previous years when it was a real free for all. Hard to keep a straight face when I kept thinking about how easy she was going to go down. Newbies never last that long.

It’s kind of an unofficial traditional initiation for one of us getting in on the first day. I set my alarm for insanely early in the morning, and just like my older brother Thomas had done to me on my first year, I snuck into her room and slurped her right out of her bed. Now my younger sister was just my breakfast and she would come back to the world tomorrow a little wiser and a little grumpier for having to wait a whole other year for Vore Day. Another tradition, no one told her that sometimes we all do random devourings when the mood takes us throughout the year. She’d probably get some other experiences with Mom or Dad before the full-on holidays even hit.

Mmm, Mom. That got me thinking while I relaxed and let Jenny process a little in my stretched gut. She was my real goal this year, my main challenge after several years of winding up in a stomach before the day was over. I know at least one or two of my other brothers has managed to catch her at least once, but mostly Mom is pretty slick. She has her ways, and when it comes to all of us hunting each other throughout the house, she’s the one who’s taught us most of what we know. I drooled when I thought of her, and remembered with frustration the number of times I’d wound up as a snack for her. Well, okay, not entirely frustration; I’ll admit she makes it great. Still, maybe this would finally be the year I turned the tables.

Before that, though, I had to sit for a while and let my sister digest. Nothing personal against her, I knew she’d be fine. Mom and Dad are both reformer switches, and before letting anyone participate in Vore Day, they do a couple tests just to make sure the gene isn’t missing. So far, everyone in the family can enjoy having or being a meal and come back good as new the next day. I think for a while, they thought about keeping their activities a secret, but when that didn’t work out, they figured we all might as well enjoy our odd little quirks together. Stroking my belly as it gurgled and glorped before me, I was so glad they came to that decision.

I let out another little belch and sighed as I tasted my sister again. Jenny really had made a good breakfast, especially since I hadn’t actually eaten anyone in months. It’s a little tough to find reformers out in the open, and I’m not about to start just devouring people that can’t come back. So it does make these family days a little special.

I spent a couple hours in the room, perching Jenny’s laptop on my belly to browse a few sites and pass the time while everything softened and lightened inside. Dad had to work during the day today, but Mom had the day off. I knew she was already stirring around the house and knew that she wouldn’t try to just get in if a door was locked. Another little rule we all obey on Vore Day: a locked door means you’re finishing something fair and square. Of course, once I decided to step out of the room, the game would begin again, and she’d probably try to ambush me somewhere. It was getting a little close to lunch time, and I thought that I had room for something else by now. Just as long as Mom didn’t get me first.

Lifting myself out of the chair, I headed for the door, already feeling that weird combination of being so delightfully full and also feeling hungry again. It’s strange for those of us that have this ability and desire. Like you know you’ve eaten enough and should be beyond satisfied, but also know that something more would taste and feel so good. So I opened the door from my sister’s room and prepared to start looking for Mom.

Admittedly I didn’t have to look very long. The door to my parents’ room was open, but that was too obvious, and I kept moving. I got from my sister’s room to the end of the hall with the remainder of my plump belly wobbling all the way. I had my ears and eyes opened, and I heard something rustling from the coat closet just at the end of the hall when I started to walk by the door. I stumbled forward into the living room just as the door burst open and my mother tried to pounce on me.

I barely avoided tumbling over with the extra weight, and managed to right myself and turn just to see her give a little harrumph of frustration. We’d reached the point where I was a little larger and stronger, so to make it quick, she would have to get the drop on me. If she’d landed on my shoulders and managed to suck my head in, then she’d have won and I’d just be a meal for her to enjoy until Dad got home.

We stared at each other for a moment, both naked and standing at the edge of the living room. Another rule of Family Vore Day: wearing clothes is cheating. So I had a moment to admire my mother’s body once again. Long smooth legs led up to a slightly soft frame, her hips just a little wide, but matching the little bit of a fat around her middle. Mom wasn’t huge, and she worked out, but even when it wasn’t us, she loved good food. Her breasts pushed out from her chest, a healthy pair of C’s that were just on the border of becoming D’s. A pretty round face, framed by chestnut hair. Seeing her like this again, I could feel a stirring down in my groin. It didn’t help that I was already full from earlier and that she teased me with a little lick of her full lips. Mom can use some stealth and surprise, but her main weapon with us has always been seduction.

She smiled at me when she glanced down at my belly, though it was almost a smirk. “So, how was Jenny?”

“Delicious,” I said with a belch. This sort of banter was nothing new with us on a day like this.

She shifted her body, pushing her chest out just a little and giving me that sultry look. “Hope she learns something from her first day.” Mom made a little pouty face. “Though I’d hoped I’d finally see what a daughter tastes like. Then again, at least she’s made you nice and plump for Mommy.”

Damn. That kind of talk almost undid me. I could remember those other times, being lured into her bed, all that wonderful attention before I got swallowed. I had to focus though, I had a goal and the thought of it actually made my stomach rumble a little, even around my previous meal.

“Actually, I was thinking it was just about time for lunch, myself.” I licked my own lips for emphasis, staring at her and reminding myself of my own hunger.

Mom just gave a musical chuckle. She rubbed her hands along her sides up to her breasts, gripping them and squeezing them in front of me. “Oh, come now,” she said in that sultry voice and actually tilted her head to kiss her own breast. “You know you can always have a taste of these, son, but in the end, you’re going to be my food.”

Oh man, she really knew me too well, that move always got me. I was panting a little and I could feel my face getting hot. Maybe it would be worth it to just give in again. It would just be one more year right? And for a little time with her like that, it would be worth it after already having a good meal in the morning.

She could see the effect she was having on me and extended a hand out to me. “There now, just come with me to the bedroom. We can have a little fun, and then you can just slide right into my tummy again. I’ll make it so nice, you’ll love being your mother’s meal one more time.”

It all worked at me so quickly. Lust ran in waves all over my body, because I already knew all the wonderful things Mom could do to me. I took her hand, felt her soft skin, and she just smiled and started to turn away to lead me back to her bedroom and the end of the game.

Then I tightened my grip, whipped her back to me and grabbed her other arm when she was turned to face me.

I let my lust shift in my mind, thinking about just how tasty my mother always looked. Thinking about how much I’d longed to feel her slipping into my throat and lick her all over while she was forced into my stomach. With another lick of my lips, I held her tight and leaned in to run my tongue along her face. Her skin was smooth and so delicious, it just made my gut grumble more.

“Not this time, Mom,” I said with a grin. It was her turn to gasp and give a little uneven breath. I took a moment to savor it while I tightened my grip. That realization that for all her posturing and playing the game around getting me one more time, she was actually going to enjoy this just as much as I was.

I was drooling heavily as I opened my mouth wide and drew her closer, that taste of her still beckoning. There was just a little wriggling as I slowly stuffed my mother’s head into my mouth, letting my tongue trace her face once again and enjoying the unique blend of flavors there. I had gotten a taste of Mom before when we’d been just fooling around, but it was never quite like this. As I felt her hair matting down with my saliva and sensation of her becoming a mouthful, it took on a new dimension. That craving finally being satisfied.

I gripped her arms tight to her sides to hold her steady, letting my fingers massage there just a little bit as I began to eat her whole. A swallow took her head down to stretch out my neck, making me lift her up a little bit to keep her going in while I worked at her shoulders. My whole family has no trouble gulping people down; there’s a natural, controllable elasticity that we all carry along with coming back from certain things. So even with Mom’s breasts, it was pretty easy to work my lips around her while gulping and stuffing her in. I couldn’t help moaning when I licked first one then the other right into my mouth.

Under my already full belly, I don’t mind saying I was hard as a rock at this point. Finally eating up my mom and really tasting her chest this time was just doing all sorts of things to me. The simple fact is my mother has a great set of tits. I took my time to savor them now that I’d started, sucking on them and licking her nipples while she moved around in my grip. It made her squirm and kick her legs when I toyed with them and let them stretch out my cheeks, nibbling and teasing all around her sensitive flesh. My mother’s head moved around in my chest while I took my time to slowly suck her in deeper bit by bit.

After a while, I did have to keep moving though. Standing there in the living room, there was no more room inside me for inching, so I opened wide and took a mighty gulp. Even though I knew it could go plenty further, my neck almost felt stretched to limit with Mom’s breasts squeezed into it. I lapped at her belly while I took another almost compulsive swallow, musing as I did at just how many times I’d actually been tucked inside that plump tummy. It felt so soft and scrumptious on my tongue, passing through my lips while I got her further down. Her arms were pinned by my cheeks as I let my hand slowly slide down, tipping my head up just a bit as her wrists were pressed firmly to her hips.

By now my mother’s head was already slipping into my stomach. There was something incredible about reaching that point where even if she decided to take up the game again and wriggle and squirm with all her might, she’d still be my lunch. I nibbled and lapped all over her skin, letting my tongue inspect her navel, feeling a few extra wiggles inside as it teased her. From the smell that was only further exciting my appetite, Mom was really enjoying becoming a meal for me.

I reached my hands around to grip and squeeze her rump, pushing and gulping her in deeper. My belly was starting to expand a bit more with the extra mass as I pushed her somewhat jiggly butt past my upper lip and slipped my tongue up in between her legs. Again, it wasn’t the first time tasting my mother there at all, but it was incredible to lick at her already wet sex while she slid down my gullet into my gut. I panted around her as I pushed and swirled my tongue along her lower lips, my cock throbbing at the taste of her juices and the feel of her squirming throughout my body. Mom was such a delicious lady, and I gripped and stroked her thighs while I stood there and ate her in every conceivable way.

My tongue pushed, curling into her while she continued to slide slowly down into my neck and chest. I wanted so much to reach down and rub my belly, stroke my cock. But there would be so much time for that once I’d finished, and I’d be a poor sport if I didn’t help her enjoy this as much as I could. I ran my tongue all along her nether lips, teasing her clit, nibbling at her rump, and eliciting more of the that tangy, delicious flavor from her while I rubbed her legs. I could feel her reaching some initial levels of pleasure, knowing with a certain sense of pride and glee that Mom would probably spend that time in my belly curled up and pleasuring herself.

Soon those soft, silky thighs of hers were beckoning to me, too wonderful to resist a taste of, and I had to pull my tongue back as her hips slipped entirely into my throat. I reached out and rubbed my mom’s feet as I continued swallowing, steadily letting her luscious legs work their way past my lips. I tasted every inch of them, licking at her skin while I massaged in between her toes and along her heels and arches. She was so delicious, already filling out my gut even more than what was already in there from my sister. I gobbled and munched, still trying to take it slow, but eager to make her all mine.

Putting a little more pressure on her feet, I slurped Mom’s knees into my mouth and tipped my head up so there wouldn’t be any uncomfortable strain on her joints. The last of my mother was practically falling into my mouth as I slurped, swallowed, and pushed lightly with my fingers. I’ll admit, I even gave her a little tickle once or twice to make her squirm inside and jiggle my belly. Every swallow was getting easier and a little quicker just because I was in the home stretch. Soon my gut was almost full, sagging down past my hips, and only her feet were outside my lips. I sucked them in, careful in tilting my head back down so that I wouldn’t make her pull anything. I wanted to see one thing before I finished up.

There’s one of those decorative mirrors in the hall in my parents’ place, and I went to take a look. It was just big enough to show my face and my chest, and the sight of my mom’s toes barely sticking out of my lips gave me a thrill. Not just from how amazing it felt physically, but that confirmation that I was leveling up in the family game. I watched those toes slip into my lips as I sucked them in and swallowed her down, the bulge traveling through my neck down into where I could just barely make out the top of my belly.

I rubbed the huge bulge with both hands while Mom moved around gently inside, making a wonderful meal. It was considered bad sportsmanship to give someone else indigestion once you wound up as a meal on Vore Day. Besides, she clearly didn’t mind losing to me. My mother gently settled into my stomach while I stroked her through the stretched skin and walked into my parents’ bedroom. I could feel the motion in my gut rubbing it against my throbbing erection that added to everything else while I went to lay and relax on the huge bed.

Damn, eating her had made me horny. And as I stretched out there and let my stomach work around her, I think Mom knew that.

She was moving lightly around while my gut gurgled, clearly rubbing gently enough inside to provide extra stimulation. I sighed and reached along my gut just enough to press the head of my cock where her motion was already working my belly against it. Didn’t take long at all after everything else, and I shot a thick, heavy load all over my wiggling gut for several moments.

Already it was a great Vore Day.

“Thanks, Mom,” I said while I caught my breath and almost melted into the bed with a full, sticky belly. “You really were delicious.”

She was still gently rocking inside, probably enjoying her own pleasure at being tucked into a soft stomach. It was still a few hours until Dad would get home. I belched, tasting her again and began to doze from my big meal. Maybe, just maybe, I’d have them both this year. Yeah, if Dad felt somehow like just giving up and letting me. I don’t think even my more experienced brothers had bested Dad just yet. To the best of my knowledge, Mom was the only one that had ever eaten him when he was in a particular mood. Still, as I relaxed there, yawned, and let out another little hiccupping burp, maybe I’d come up with something. Even if I didn’t, moving up to second place and winding up as my father’s dinner wouldn’t be too bad a way to finish out. I drifted off for a nap, running the scenarios through my head while my stomach finally worked and churned for the first time around my mom.




The sound of the front door opening woke me up a few hours later. I must have really fallen into a deep sleep while I started digesting my lunch. Light had changed in the windows, and my dad was just getting home. With a sigh and a little snort, I shook myself out and looked down at my belly. Mom had gone soft along with the rest of Jenny, just waiting to come back next morning. I could feel the shift in weight and rubbed all over my gut while Dad was just getting into the house. Trying to sit up, I could hear him calling to the back rooms.

“Hey, hon, it’s me,” he said, sounding simply happy to be home. “Did you eat them both, or did you save one for me? I could go for a snack about now.”

If I knew my father on a day like this, he was already stripping out of his clothes and getting ready for whatever he and Mom had originally had in mind. Well, he was going to get a surprise, so there was no sense in delaying it. I heaved myself off their bed, belly jiggling with all the soft mass that had been added. Made me groan trying to reach the bedroom door.

“Margot?” Dad called. “Are you hiding somewhere, thinking you’ll get the drop on me? Come on, hon, you know how hungry I get when I have to work.”

I came out of the bedroom just as Dad was entering the hall. Sure enough, he was already naked and paused with just a momentary shock. My dad is a huge guy, standing about six-four with a bodybuilder physique. I’m not exactly a shorty, but he looms over me a bit still. He was just standing there with his muscles tense and his cock half hard. I couldn’t help a little grin of pride at what he must be seeing now, even if I was already reminded that I had no chance of taking him down. For what it was worth, I slapped my belly and gave a nice big belch.

“Sorry, Dad. Had Jenny for breakfast, and then Mom made a great lunch.”

He just chuckled and shook his head a little as he got a good look at my belly. “So you finally got her, huh, boy? Not bad.” He took another step closer and let his hand rub over his own taut abs. “Of course, I’ve spent the whole day working up an appetite, so I’ll have to eat something.” Dad was smirking and licking his lips while his hand moved a little lower to run over his dick. “And I was looking forward to a blowjob all the way home. So I guess you’re going to have to do the honors, son.”

Damn, he was enjoying mocking me. He knew I couldn’t wrestle him down and win Vore Day, not the way he was built and still on an empty stomach. Granted, I didn’t even really want to anymore. Something about Dad’s raw power is always alluring for just about anyone in our family, and as I watched him standing there stroking his cock, it seemed more fun to just give in and enjoy it. Wouldn’t be the first time sucking him off, and it seemed kind of like a nice dessert after the rest of the day.

So rather than even give some fake protests, I just slipped down to my knees, let my belly rest on the floor, and smiled up at my dad. “Well, someone’s got to do it after you’ve had a long, hard day, Dad.”

My father just laughed good-naturedly and took a few steps forward, still stroking himself and getting harder. “That’s my boy! Might as well enjoy a treat before I swallow you down.”

It would definitely be a treat. It’s strange, I can’t say I’m attracted to any other men normally, but just about anyone else in my family is on the list. Maybe something about our weird pheromones or something like that. But whatever it is, my mouth was watering for my dad’s cock. Like if I couldn’t eat him, it was at least something worth getting a taste of.

I reached out for it, wrapping my fingers around the now mostly hard length, and moved my face forward to wrap my lips around the thick head. Giving it a few licks, I was already moaning while I slipped my mouth down the shaft and started sucking. It tasted so good, having that hard meat in my mouth and knowing it was certainly making my father happy. Judging by the sounds he was making, I was already hitting some of the right places.

Mmm, oh yes, son! That’s nice!” I glanced up from where I was slowly sliding up and down his length to see him staring down at me and already licking his lips. “You look so tasty like that. Already can’t wait to gobble you up.”

He was panting and sighing while I was working my way back and forth along his shaft just a little more quickly. Truth be told, all the teasing and tasting him was pushing my buttons already. I started working and licking around Dad’s meat more vigorously, which brought forth a gasp just as he was starting to make a little thoughtful noise.

“You know … Jeremy, I just realized, I don’t think I’ve actually eaten you before.”

I thought for a moment while I slipped back to kiss and lick the head of his cock only before sliding it back into my lips for another go. Come to think of it, he was right. Other times it had always been one of my brothers or usually Mom. The closest we’d ever come was one Vore Day he’d already caught me and was having me suck him off while Mom crept up behind and started at my toes. She swallowed me up that day and then finished off Dad’s blowjob herself before the rest of the day kept going.

I moved off his cock just a moment and kept slowly working it with my fist. “I think you’re right, Dad. This’ll be the first time.”

I swear, he was actually drooling a little more at that. “Oooh, keep sucking, boy. As soon as I come, you’re finally going down my hatch.” He smacked his lips and kept tormenting me as I leaned back in and eagerly shoved his cock back in my mouth. “Can’t believe I’ve waited this long to get a real taste of you.”

Moaning around my dad’s shaft, all I could do was mumble some kind of agreement while I licked, sucked, and bobbed along his length. The smell and power of him were already working at me completely; I was rock hard under my sagging belly and actually looking forward to going directly into his stomach for the first time. I sucked long and hard, as eager for that sensual treat as I was to finish him so I could feed my father’s appetite.

His stomach growled loudly and he gripped my head, working at my lips while we both sighed. “Mmm, eaten up all my other boys at least once. How could I let a—unf!tasty snack like you go for so long!”

Dad was managing to push a whole different set of buttons in me, and I just kept sucking and swallowing in time with the way he moved. I wanted to be delicious for him, to taste even better than my brothers now that it was just him and me for this moment. I wanted to make him come so hard, and after a few moments of that vigorous sucking and teasing, I at least got one of those.

My father let out a mighty groan while still gripping my head and pumped the first shot of a massively built-up load onto my tongue. That salty, masculine taste filled my mouth and my cheeks for a moment before I managed to swallow and make room for the next wave. It was so delicious, just what I found myself craving after a day of gorging on other family members. I kept slurping and milking his cock with each spurt to get all that I could. Dad’s cum was like an addiction in those moments, and I was getting as much of a fix as possible.

I don’t know how long exactly I knelt there just drinking down his load. I know it was thick enough that a little even dribbled out of my lips when I missed my timing, but most of it just joined the soupy mass of my sister and mom in my belly. Eventually though, he was drained dry and stumbled a step back while I gasped and slipped down to sit on my feet. I was reeling and licking my lips, still tasting it while my own cock throbbed and begged for release.

Before I could even think of trying to reach it, Dad was looming over me and grinning. His stomach made another ravenous grumble, and he licked his lips while he leaned down to pull me up. His powerful hands gripping my biceps, he had no trouble lifting me up off the floor, even with that sloshing gut of mine. Dad didn’t even say anything more as my face moved up before his and he started to open his jaws wide. I guess after shooting that hard, he was just too hungry to waste any time.

Looking into his gaping lips, past his flat teeth and into the pink interior of his mouth dripping with saliva, I couldn’t help but smile and sigh. To my father at that point, I was just a scrumptious meal to pack into his gut after a hard day, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I couldn’t wait to see what his stomach actually felt like, but first my head slipped easily into his stretched mouth.

As darkness enveloped me, my father’s tongue ran all over my face, tasting every inch while he moaned in what seemed like delight. It was no time at all before I was shoved and tugged deeper, my head squeezed in the grip of his throat. He really was ravenous after everything and having no trouble taking me down. I’d worried briefly that he might have difficulty once he got to my belly, but I remembered that my dad had probably taken down bigger before.

Dark, wet squeezes and gulps became my world for a little while as his gullet worked hard and fast to keep taking me in. His teeth scraped gently against my skin, and his tongue lathered it in drool while my chest and soon the beginnings of my belly slipped into those surprisingly soft lips. There seemed to be no trouble at all with the extra weight, as I merely felt the soft mass compressed and squashed in with the rest of me. With the taste of that cum still on my tongue and the compression all around me as I steadily entered my father’s body, I was achingly hard. Soon I’d been in his stomach, and I knew I’d be safe there, warm and protected while Dad gained such incredible pleasure from temporarily digesting me. It’s hard to truly explain for someone who doesn’t share the genes, but this was an ultimate act of bonding and love as I slid so smoothly down my father’s throat.

Of course it also helped that once my gorged belly was stuffed completely inside, Dad’s tongue went right to work on my throbbing erection. The feel of it swiping over that sensitive flesh almost shocked me, even though I shouldn’t have expected anything less. Just a few swipes was all it took with all the other stimulation to send jolts of pleasure rocketing through my groin and give my father a little extra flavor to go with me. I was twitching and gasping inside him, my head just barely pushed into his stomach, and I swear I could feel my dad just chuckle a little around me before he continued eating.

The rest of it was surprisingly quick, but that was the way his appetite worked. He gorged himself on me, the undulating muscles all around me forcing me into the tight, moist chamber that was his stomach. I could only curl around myself as his belly expanded just as much as it needed to in order to contain me. When my toes were sucked in past his lips, Dad gave me a few last licks that made me laugh and convulse at the tickling just before he ate me completely.

Every inch of me slipped into that chamber, a soft cozy blanket surrounding my entire body in slimy texture. My father’s stomach was a little warmer, the material inside just a little thicker than Mom’s usually was. I sat in there and sighed, feeling so incredibly content while Dad moved around and groaned. A few muffled phrases that I couldn’t understand and the feeling of hands rubbing over the bulge I must have made in his middle. I didn’t need to hear the words to get the message: I was Dad’s excellent dinner on this special day and he loved me for it.

The stomach wall already started to churn around me just as mine had worked quickly on Jenny and Mom. The process wouldn’t really be painful, and I could give him some pleasant motion inside until I drifted off to sleep. I thought I could feel him settling into something, and I imagined my dad sitting in his favorite spot on the couch, remote in one hand to watch TV, the other resting on his domed gut. The winner and still champion.

Inside, I was already beginning to doze a little. Dad had a powerful stomach indeed. When we woke up the next day, he’d probably already be making a nice breakfast for everyone. Waffles, bacon, eggs. Kind of what he always did after winning. We’d all sit around the table, talking about how it went down, laughing about who got who, Jenny pouting about her initiation, but enjoying everything as a family. That was what would really put the proper finish on Family Vore Day.