Double, Double 2: The Lesson


the Wolf


          Marcia walked along the campus path with a smile on her face as she watched all the other students around her, sizing each of them up in her mind for potential dates. It had been several years since she had met Kali in the small university and received the extraordinary gift of the powers that the goddess had to offer. Kali, the goddess in human form that she still lived with now, had given her the ability to devour young men and use their energy to further her own beauty and youth for eternity, and the only price Marcia was required to pay was her complete loyalty and obedience to the goddess. This was actually quite a small price for the gift she received, as Kali demanded very little of her besides companionship and to keep her informed when she had to travel to other planes of existence. Otherwise Marcia was free to go wherever and do just about whatever she pleased, without ever having to worry about dying, growing old or even losing her sexual physique.

          Now they were both “attending” a much larger university - which more or less meant that they went to classes, in which their names somehow always appeared on the class list and somehow they always managed to pass with flying colors - in order to search for suitable prey. Young boys were the best source for the energy they needed to maintain their bodies and universities were perfect for them to hunt. There was never a shortage of fresh-faced, easily-seduced young men, and disappearances were easy to explain in such a community, as young people could always be counted on to either “transfer to another college” or leave an oddly anonymous note saying that they “couldn’t handle the pressure” and were leaping into a river or taking other such desperate action. And sometimes such explanations were not even needed if the person was not too well known. It could easily be guessed that they simply “ran off” somewhere. Still it was necessary for them to occasionally move as eventually, there was always someone who was noticed when they went missing. For Marcia and her goddess though, it was always easy to get out before too much trouble could brew.

          Now she surveyed the students around her in this large campus, delighting in the thought of all the potential prey, all the wonderful meals that could be walking about here. She was feeling the hunger again and had been feeling it more often lately. At first, just after the wonderful double date that Kali had arranged in order to give Marcia her first time, she had taken things very slowly. She still felt like a normal human and would only take a special date when she needed it in order to maintain her body, and was still close to terrified up to the moment when the feeding began. She even felt guilty for a bit afterwards each time she had a living meal. Then as the years went by, she was beginning to take more enjoyment out of the meals, much like the first time. Marcia was realizing the awesome power she wielded and more and more often found herself taking meals only for the thrill of devouring a man and feeling him writhe inside her.

          It had been a week since her last feeding, and Marcia was feeling the extreme desire again. She did not need another man just yet but yearned for the erotic sensations that her meals always gave her, so she turned her attentions away from her internal musings and outward to the students around her. Her eyes watchful as a predator as she surveyed those around her, Marcia searched for familiar faces among the milling crowds with which she would have some potential opening. Since she was not feeding to sustain her beauty this time, she was not limited to the young male prey. Though she still preferred men in almost any occasion, she had experimented with a woman or two in the past year and found that there was a certain thrill to it. The other women that she took had a more delicate flavor than her male prey; often the skin was softer, sometimes almost silken on her tongue. Tonight, however, Marcia knew that she wanted the musky taste and hard attentions of a more masculine meat.

          Soon she saw her quarry, and fought the predatory smile that wanted to creep to her full lips. It was Brian, a boy from her astronomy class, walking down the path a bit ahead of her. They had said hello to each other once or twice in class, but Brian did not talk often and usually nothing beyond a few pleasantries. He was a freshman, standing maybe five-seven with reddish hair and a little extra weight here and there, but not so much that people could call him fat, and was obviously a fish out of water in the large university. His shyness radiated from him profoundly, as though he were doing his best to disappear from the rest of the world and be left entirely to his own thoughts. Marcia was only dimly reminded of her earlier life before Kali and knew that she could use his awkwardness to lure him. She would still have to be careful though. She had learned quickly in her hunting that nothing was a sure thing.

          “Brian, hi!” she said as she made a small trot to catch up with him on the path.

          Brian looked up as though broken from some deep internal musing, all his nervousness showing clearly in his pale blue eyes. He barely looked at her, as though he was afraid he’d be struck blind just for a glance. “Uh…hi Marcia. H-How are you?”

          In that moment Marcia made a quick evaluation. Two facts that were immediately obvious in her mind were that Brian was already attracted to her and that he never expected she would even notice him outside of their shared class. To bring him in for a meal tonight she could either come on strong and let him know that she was certainly noticing or play down her own confidence and act as though she was nervous about the meeting too. In the fraction of a second that all of this processed in her mind, she decided to do a little acting and seem nervous about what she wanted to say. She knew all too well from her earlier life and from lost opportunities in her new one that the shy and brooding were often scared off when the beautiful people took a sudden strong interest.

          So Marcia stood a bit less straight and altered her entire body language so that it actually buried some of her best features, making her appear less confident as she spoke to him. “Oh, I’m okay,” she said in response to his question, “I just saw you walking there and wanted to say hi. Never seem to see you outside of class. Um… where are you headed?”

          “Just back to my dorm, I’m finally done for the day,” he said, still quiet, but seeming to ease just a bit.

          “That must be nice, I’ve still got Anthropology in a few minutes. Well, at least it’s Friday right?”

          “Yeah.” He paused, not quite sure what to say, then began to move along again, his head moving back down, “Well have a good weekend…”

          “Hey wait,” she said, “What are you doing tonight?”

          The question seemed to take Brian completely by surprise as he stopped in his tracks, almost frozen as it hit him. “Ah, nothing really, didn’t have any plans. Why?”

          Marcia smiled, making sure it seemed embarrassed as she looked at him. “Well I was wondering if, maybe, you might want to have dinner or something with me. Just at my place, nothing major.” Except, of course, for the fact that you’re going to be dinner, she added in her mind.

          Brian still had to think for a few seconds, it was obviously a shock to him that this girl was showing any interest at all, even more so that she was being so forward. Shaking himself out of the shock, he said, “Okay…sure, I’d love to.”

          “Great! The house is on forth, you can get there easily from the campus, it’s number 1001.” She gave him a few more directions and they decided to meet there at around five. As Brian walked off towards his dorm, she detected a bit more spring in his step, but he still shrank back from the rest of the crowd. Marcia straightened up and her embarrassed smile became a wicked grin. He was perfect. He would be easily seduced, probably very tasty and most importantly, he was not likely to be missed.



          Kali sat on the couch reading when Marcia came through the door. Immediately as Marcia came in, she made a graceful bow towards the goddess’s human form.

          “My goddess,” Marcia said reverently.

          Kali made a nod and a small gesture with her hand indicating that her servant should rise, not looking up from the book. “Marcia,” she said quietly in greeting.

          Marcia stood straight and moved into the kitchen for a drink. After reading a bit more, Kali stood and followed her, relaxing against one of the counters, her long brunette hair flowing around her. Kali had crafted her body to be as perfect as possible and had helped Marcia define a look of her own that was almost equally attractive once she had taken her as a human connection. Now she watched Marcia in the small kitchen as she fixed her drink, impressed with all the progress she had made.

          “I must admit, I do find human literature fascinating at times,” she said casually, “You know, I’ve told you before that the formalities aren’t really necessary any more. You can just call me Kali, and you don’t always have to bow. I like to think we’re practically girlfriends at this point.”

          Marcia nodded. “Yes, my go- Kali. Old habits just kind of die hard.”

          “I understand, and it will be necessary of course should I ever have visitors from other realms, but not when it’s just the two of us here.”

          “Of course, I would never embarrass you in front of your fellow…” Marcia trailed off, searching for the right words. As much as Kali had told her over the past few years, there were still some things she had trouble conversing about or completely understanding with the limitations of a human mind.

          Higher beings is probably the term you’re searching for.”

          “I suppose that works,” Marcia smiled, “Oh, before I forget to tell you, I’m having a dinner date over tonight.”

          “I’m well aware of that. Remember I can look through your eyes when I wish; you would do well not to let that slip your mind. I actually wanted to talk to you about that, about just how many dinner dates you’ve been having lately. And about your selection of prey.”

          Marcia’s eyes widened just slightly. Kali had never sounded this serious to her before, and it made her nervous. She had actually gotten used to the goddess being surprisingly relaxed about most issues and worried that this new change could mean trouble for her.

          “Don’t get too nervous,” Kali said immediately, “I don’t have to be a goddess to know that you’re sweating right now. This is actually something almost everyone in a position like yours must learn at some point. Most learn this lesson without having to endure… punishment.”

          The way she said the word made a lump rise to Marcia’s throat. “What lesson is this?”

          “I’m glad I have your full attention, as this is important. With your ability there comes a certain responsibility not to disrupt the natural order of this world to an extent that general humanity suffers. You see I know that your perception of humanity has changed a great deal lately merely from the way you carry yourself. You forget that they are still just as important as we are, maybe even more at times.”

          Marcia listened and could not understand; Kali had seemed pleased when she finally let go of the guilt that had followed each meal. As if reading her thoughts, the goddess continued.

          “It is one thing to not torment yourself over what is necessary to keep your current shape. It is quite another however to eat with reckless abandon and choose people as your meat that should instead go on in this particular life. That is the problem, the fact that you’ve been taking many more meals, and moreover, that you have selected your meals on many occasions from the kind, the intelligent, and others that could have bettered humanity in this cycle. That upsets a balance that beings such as myself must try to uphold and eventually worsens humanity as each loss of one good individual sends out ripples through the species.”

          Marcia was a bit taken aback as she tried to absorb all that Kali was telling her. She took a few moments to gather her words, knowing that in a moment like this she must speak properly. “I see what you’re saying, but I don’t understand something. The first one I took on that double date was not a bad person in any way. You chose them, so why must I choose differently?”

          Kali sighed. The memory of the first time was always strong and effected later choices. “It may have been my mistake to go on that night and let that be your first meal. I chose Jeremy Masterson because he was an obnoxious, overbearing boy that had not two weeks earlier drugged and essentially raped a confused freshman girl at a party. Humanity is bettered by his being reborn to another life, where maybe he will learn some respect. I had assumed when I chose him that the friend he brought would be of the same caliber, but I was wrong. When I saw the other’s character, however, I could not readily just halt the night we had planned for so long.”

          Marcia nodded slowly, trying to grasp the whole idea as she thought about the consequences of her actions. “So… do you wish me to cancel my dinner date with Brian?”

          Kali thought for a few moments and shook her head. “No. From what I saw, the last thing that boy needs is to have his hopes raised and then dashed. But I will make two requests. One is that you do not have the date here. If you decide to go through with your meal, I personally do not want to see another innocent taken this way right now. I also ask that you at least consider what I’ve told you, think about letting this one go. Maybe even give him one good night and then fade into the background. But for now, go prepare for your date. Just remember this discussion.”

          Marcia went back to her room, thinking about all that Kali had told her and all that it meant as she looked for an appropriate outfit.



          “…and that, right there, that star second to the right from the leg of Pegasus, is actually the Andromeda Galaxy.”

          Marcia and Brian were lying on the hood of her car, both stargazing while Brian pointed out various constellations and the names of particular stars. It turned out that stargazing was Brian’s main hobby and that he had hopes of doing research after college. So when Marcia told him at the door that her roommate had other plans for the small house that night, they decided to take her red Mustang, get some fast food and get out of the city to someplace where they could eat burgers and look at the stars. Of course she couldn’t help but find a spot that was as isolated as possible, under the perfectly good excuse that the stars would be more visible there.

          So now with trees lining the view of the night sky, Marcia lay beside Brian, her temptations driving her almost mad, but Kali’s words also playing over and over in her head. She was actually enjoying the simple pleasure of stargazing with the boy next to her to some extent, realizing just how long it had been since she partook of these human activities and how fun they could be.

          Absently, she moved her hand to his thigh as they lay beside each other, almost forgetting her temptation for a moment until she felt his flesh under his jeans. It was tender, only lightly pliable, which meant that there was only a relatively small amount of fat there. Immediately, the touch brought her back to her hunger, the desire almost completely forcing Kali’s earlier words from her mind. She could not help but squeeze gently as she felt him, drawing her hunger out more. Marcia loved this particular kind of meal for some reason she could not define.

          Brian stopped in mid-sentence as he was talking about the names of several stars and how far away they were, fairly gasping as Marcia’s hand stroked over his thigh. He looked over at her in surprise and found her eyes wandering over his body, amazed to see a strong desire in them before those bright green eyes turned back to his own pale blue. He looked away almost immediately, nervous as her hand quickened its pace on his thigh and she grinned at him.

          “You like that?” Marcia said coyly as she squeezed and stroked, moving teasingly close to his groin.

          Brian was trying to think of something witty to say, but the slowly rising bulge in his pants seemed to answer her question for him so that all Brian could manage was to gasp a low, “Uh-huh…” that trailed off as his breath quickened.

          Her smile widening, Marcia slowly tickled her fingers to his crotch and unzipped his pants, her hand reaching inside to fondle him while her other hand tugged his shirt out of the waistband of his jeans and ran underneath over his smooth, plump abs. As she felt his hardening manhood and ran her hands all about the tender flesh, her hunger grew and she pressed her body against his. Marcia drew the growing erection out of his jeans and into the cool night air, the stiff meat already throbbing as her tongue darted to his ear, getting her first taste of him as Brian shuddered against her.

          She whispered seductively, “Mmmm, take your shirt off for me. I’m going to see how you really taste.”

          Brian could not oblige fast enough as her blond head began to move slowly down towards his groin, his ragged breath heaving now as his passion mounted, still unable to believe what was happening. He tore the shirt off and was immediately aware of the cool hood of the car against his bare skin, which was already developing a thin sheen of sweat from his arousal. Then a jolt shot through his body, closing his eyes for him and arching his back up slightly, as Marcia wrapped her lips around his member.

          She worked the meat into her mouth, running her tongue along every vein and slowly over the smooth head, feeling the erection pulse against her tongue and filling her mouth with the thick musky taste. She could already feel the tingle between her legs as her juices began to flow, not just from the act of devouring his manhood but also from the exquisite taste of his flesh. Marcia knew in that moment that she could not simply “let this one go” as she savored the moment, sucking on Brian’s member like hard candy and pulling all the flavor she could out of him. Looking up at his uncovered upper body, seeing that tender male meat with its thin layer of fat that would add to his flavor, she slowly pulled her mouth off of his erection, sliding her full lips over it until she kissed the head and moved back to look him in the eyes.

          She moaned as she fixed the boy with her gaze, full of mischief, and smiled up at him, “And do you like that?”

          Brian could barely respond, his mind reeling from the incredible sensation as his manhood throbbed almost painfully, mingling with the pleasure and coming back from the brink of orgasm as all the attentions stopped. He could only nod, panting and gasping as he propped himself on the hood. In that moment, Marcia knew that this boy was hers for the taking and moved quickly over him, straddling his hips and leaning down inches from his sweating face.

          “I’m not sure if you’ll like this though…” she whispered to him, her own passion mounting as she leaned into a deep kiss, pressing her tongue to his throat and tasting him from the inside. Her whole body tingled with desire as she already concentrated on the magic that would allow her to take him.

          Brian joined the kiss instantly, playing his own tongue into her mouth, his instincts taking over as he realized this was really for real and that this woman wanted him. He could feel the moist area at the crotch of her panties under the skirt she had worn and wanted nothing more than to bury himself there. His hand reached tentatively to her chest, but as soon as he felt her breast there the timid feeling was gone and he fondled her passionately as she broke the kiss and leaned back up a bit. “Oh, I think I like that a lot actually.” Had he actually said a complete sentence? The experience seemed to be opening new doors for Brian, and he couldn’t be happier. His feeling changed to abject fear as he noticed the look on Marcia’s face, as though some dark specter had crept in and taken over the beautiful woman on top of him.

          “Not that…this.”

          In the last few moments of his life, the image that would be imbedded in Brian Johnson’s mind was the maniacal, feral look on Marcia’s face, that all consuming hunger in her eyes just before she came at him and his world was cast into utter darkness. The cool air had been replaced by stifling heat and moisture, making it hard to breath as he flailed against the metal hood of the car, still feeling her weight on top of him. Something flat and slimy brushed all about his face, coating it with that thick slime that covered it. His logical mind would not allow him to believe what he already knew. This could not be her mouth, sealing around his head. No human could do this; it was physically impossible. But those hungry green eyes still flashed in his head, telling him that impossible or not, this was happening.

          Marcia had struck like a cobra, the magic already working to stretch her mouth wide open and had taken his whole head inside in one go. She moaned in sheer, unbridled pleasure as she felt him struggling beneath him, pinning him to the hood of the car and listening to the sound of his flesh sliding against the metal as she ran her tongue across his face. The flavor was wonderful, the taste of salt sweat mingling like a seasoning with the delicious taste of masculine flesh. She nibbled lightly at her beginning feast, feeling his head already begin to fill and stretch her mouth as she pulled it open even wider to take his shoulders. The elastic stretching of her body with the magic she had learned was almost second nature by now and she easily worked her lips down around his shoulders, feeling him struggle in vain under her as she devoured him. Brian’s erection was dwindling, but she could still feel it underneath her and rode what was left against her crotch while she ate, delighting in the dual pleasures it gave her.

          He continued to struggle as he felt himself pulled deeper into that warm moisture, the sudden unreality of the situation still weighing on him as moved his hands up to try and push Marcia off of him. Brian could feel the girl riding him as even now his body was pulled deeper into something that felt like a hot, wet second skin, strong smells and sounds washing over him as his head moved further in and was squeezed like a vice in some tight grip, the slick probe now working over his chest. Normally he might have been aroused again, but fear was the deciding factor as he felt his arms grabbed and forced to his side by a grip from which he had no chance of breaking. His heart sank as he felt that he was moving more quickly with each second.

          Swallowing his head easily, Marcia could feel her stomach’s eager anticipation of the delectable male morsel in her grip. She ate faster now with her lips past his shoulders, slamming his flailing arms to his sides to take them in more easily, pulling him past her lips with small movements over her mouth and helping with her hands. Eventually realizing that he was not going to become aroused again and finding it harder to move down passed his chest, Marcia rolled carefully over to the other side of the hood, taking him with her on top and swallowing more as she felt him struggle and twitch a bit. She could feel her chest and upper abdomen already beginning to fill out as she worked her way down his torso, licking all over him and knowing it would not be long before he was safely tucked away.

          It had been horrific enough being pulled into the slick, slimy confines and feeling the tight new skin crush his head and pull him down further, but now Brian’s world was turned all about as he felt the fleshy tube - yes, he had to admit it to himself as the last moments stretched out that it did feel like flesh he was being pulled into – rolled over, placing him on top rather than underneath. He thought he might be able to use this change to his advantage for a moment, amazed that sheer panic had not taken all his facilities, but knew this would not happen as he was pulled in to his waist. His pants were torn off - not just pulled, but literally torn – along with his boxers, and that all-too-strong grip moved to his ankles, helping to work him inside. The same slimy probe that had been working over his body was now coming out and around his manhood, working over his balls as he slipped even further in. He began to moan and whine a bit from fear as heard a loud growling and gurgling just ahead, his mind not wanting to admit what he already knew it must be.

          Marcia panted around her meal as she stuffed herself with the feast, nibbling at his tender buttocks and delicately slurping his sweet meats into her mouth, leaving only his legs outside now as she felt his head slip into her stomach. Her sex tingled at this feeling and sent a shiver through her spine as she held onto him, knowing he was truly hers now. She gulped and swallowed fast, working his body further into her and feeling her stomach stretch outward with his mass. Watching his legs disappear between her full, red lips, Marcia moaned and moved her hands downward once she was up to his knees. One hand moved to her growing abdomen, stroking gently as she felt more of Brian slipping inside; the other went to her sex, also stroking and working underneath her panties to pleasure herself as she took the last bits of the boy in. Continuing down his calves and savoring every inch of his flesh, she finally came to the point when only Brian’s feet, now quite still, were left for her. She slowly sucked them in, letting them run across her lips, teeth and tongue as a final taste of him and finally swallowed him down, feeling an orgasmic rush through her body in a powerful climax.

          When the feeling finally subsided, Marcia stretched out and relaxed on the hood of the car, her hands roaming over the distended belly that peeked out from between the skirt and the shirt she had worn. She listened to it gurgle around what was left of Brian as it worked on him, glancing at the tattered remnants of his pants as she felt full and content with the boy digesting inside her. Her tongue ran idly over her lips and she could still taste the wonderful flavor of him there as her eyes turned up to the stars.

          She felt a small pang of guilt at having disappointed Kali, but this would be the last time. Marcia knew that a lot of what the goddess had said was true, and she had sworn obedience to her so she would change her habits. Her next meal would be the caliber of person of whom Kali approved; pushy, cruel, possibly foolish, and Marcia would be careful. But for now, she would simply enjoy the sensations as the crisp night air washed over her skin, and the wonderful meal warmed her from the inside.



          It was several weeks later at the football game, when temptation began to call to Marcia again. For the space of those several weeks, Marcia took pride in being able to follow Kali’s advice, and life seemed to be returning to normal. Her assumptions had been true and Brian had hardly been missed except for a few posters and some mild attention, both of which were raised by his parents. Not a trace remained of him as the clothes had been burned and their ashes flushed in Marcia’s bathroom. The police had come to see her upon hearing about the date from Brian’s roommate, and Marcia could only tell them with a sorrowful air that he had never made it to the house and offer a solemn hope that he would turn up all right somehow. Kali was there to back up her story, because the two had spent the disappointing night watching a movie after Marcia had been stood up. And somehow the two officers just couldn’t suspect either of the girls in the least of lying.

          Marcia spent the time since Brian’s demise in strict adherence to Kali’s guidelines. During the time, she worked to befriend a variety of people and thus see them as equals and begin to enjoy more simple human pleasures once again. The girls she had known as mere acquaintances became quite close to her, and were almost regular fixtures around the house. She only took one meal in that time as needed to sustain herself, and her selection was made all the easier when one of her recent friends came crying to her. The girl, Cheryl, reminded Marcia a great deal of herself before her rise with Kali and it pained her to hear Cheryl confess that a few days ago she had been taken to bed by a lesser football player named Eric who now would not even acknowledge her presence. As it turned out, Eric had used his status to use several girls in a similar fashion and then move on to the next. It was viewed as a common in such a college, and most girls simply left it behind as a learning experience after a time. But Marcia felt this particular player was due for a disappearing act.

          While seducing Eric in the locker room, and in the few minutes before devouring him, she learned a few interesting secrets about the team. Such as the fact that at certain times the players could lock the door to the locker room as a signal to others that they were busy entertaining a female friend. Even the coach and janitorial staff respected this signal as unspoken tradition. As she swallowed the struggling player down and felt him feed her in the privacy of the showers, Marcia could not help but think of how useful this information might be in the future.

          It was that very information that would lead Marcia to give in to her desires once more. The disappearance of Eric had raised a bit more of a ripple than that of Brian but had been explained by a note found during a search of his locker. The hastily written note said that he simply couldn’t take the guilt and the pressure any more from the things he’d done and was hurling himself into one of the faster moving rivers near town. It was expected in this sad case that the police would find no body.

          Marcia began attending home games regularly to watch the players in action and see whom she could single out. At first her goal was merely to find a few that she could seduce in the locker room for some good old-fashioned fucking as part of her efforts to reconnect with her humanity again. And she loved the thought of the irony of turning the tables and just using some of the guys. Maybe she could start a trend and get some of the other girls to take the same attitude.

          Her desires changed as she watched Darren Marsh play the field. Darren was the typical star quarterback that the college had courted from high school and whom, it was hoped, would lead the team to one of the larger bowl games this year. Even through the padding, Marcia could tell some of his chiseled physique and what she could see as he moved made her mouth water. Her first thoughts at this were ones of control. She reasoned to herself that she would find out about Darren, maybe seduce him a few times and see if he fit a profile of which Kali would approve for a meal. Marcia already had that old stalking feeling as she decided how she would go about researching him; she would ask around, look into his past, see what some of her friends had heard. Her tongue played idly over her lips as she sat in the stands that first game, thinking of just what would happen once she found out that he was another arrogant jock that needed to disappear.



          A week later, Marcia was aghast at what her findings on Darren yielded. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. There were no records of any checkered past from either his home town or the couple years he had already spent in the university. No large or even minor crimes appeared from the bit of hacking that Marcia did; the boy had never even received a parking ticket. He wasn’t stupid either. Darren was a Chemistry/Physics major with high marks all around. It seemed nauseatingly impossible as Marcia’s search for any good reason to make him a meal grew more and more desperate.

In talking with her friends at home one night, after she had already deftly steered the conversation to guys and sex, she found that when she asked about Darren the others would only talk wistfully about the fact that he was virtually unattainable. They admitted that most of them had eyed and fantasized about him to some degree, but couldn’t think of a way to get him to bed. It wasn’t that Darren was attached at the moment or waiting for some girl he knew in high school, he simply wouldn’t have sex with someone unless he felt what he called a “real connection.” This was from one of Marcia’s friends who knew another girl that had dated him for a bit. Their times together had been nice enough, but even a bit of light fooling around was off limits for Darren. The incredible irony Marcia felt, especially in light of her hopes, was that the apparent reason for this was that the quarterback was afraid of just being used himself because of who he was.

          After the girls had left that night, Marcia sat sulking on the couch with the TV on but not really paying attention. She remained there until Kali appeared home, obviously from her own feeding, and sat beside her, a hand on her swollen belly.

          “Ah, that was a good one,” Kali sighed, “What’s going on here? You look down.”

          Marcia looked over at Kali, happy to have her home, but not smiling. The goddess was a surprisingly amazing confidant at times. “Glad someone’s had a good meal. Remember that guy I told you about?”

          “Yes,” the goddess said with a smile, “The prime rib quarterback. What have you found out?” Though it seemed Kali might already know just what Marcia had found.

          Marcia sighed in frustration. “The guy is a regular Sir Galahad Boy Scout. Never does anything wrong, and I probably won’t even be able to get sex from him.”

          “I figured as much, from what I had heard and seen around the college. We all have these disappointments from time to time. I wouldn’t let it get you down.” She stroked the girl’s hair gently, almost like a mother. “I’m sure there are other tender players on the team that will be deserving of your treatment. And incidentally, the real Galahad was never chaste. He just had quite a special relationship with one of the other knights that none of the writers of the time wanted to talk about. So they messed with the facts just a bit.”

          Marcia couldn’t help but give a light smile. Those little tidbits of real history she got from Kali always amused her. Still, her mind dwelled on Darren. He still seemed so appealing, so appetizing for all her desires. Kali seemed to sense this and spoke up again.

          “Try not to focus on it too much, you’ve been doing very well and I don’t want you to let this spoil your progress. Just find some total bastard to use and have fun with in the next couple days, that might take your mind off it.” Kali chuckled. “I know for most humans it’s a bad thing to eat to make themselves feel better, but I think it’ll be alright for you if you just choose the right food.”

          Kali gave her a little smile and wink, Marcia nodded with the best smile she could manage, and they both turned to the TV.



          Several factors led to Marcia’s downfall. One was her realization that Kali was no longer watching her nearly as carefully as she had been in the weeks before Brian. Another was her continued attendance at the games where her eye always caught Darren like that of a hawk. Yet another was learning that before every game, Darren was given an ample amount of time completely alone in the locker room (the same locker room in which a locked door was always respected) to shower, meditate and do whatever was needed to prepare for the game. The university and the coach liked to pamper their star player. All of these factors combined and ricocheted in Marcia’s mind until she decided that before the upcoming home game, which would decide to which bowl the team was headed, Darren would be hers.



          This was it, the big one. It had been pumped into Darren’s mind over and over by everyone just how much was riding on this one football game. He had to marvel at the whole foolishness of it all. It was just a stupid game where he and a bunch of other guys chased a piece of leather around in hopes of getting it across a goal, and everyone treated it like they were developing the cure for cancer, a solution for world hunger, and an end to war all in the same breath. He knew people in the stands would practically be frothing at the mouth and just how much his name would be mud if he messed this one up somehow. Over a stupid game.

          Now he stood in the shower in the locker room, having come much earlier than usual to spend his time here as he had a lot to think about. Darren had been happy enough to play this role throughout school. He had been blessed with an almost naturally perfect athletic body that took only a bit of regular working out to maintain, and the role had earned him respect and popularity like nothing else would have. And with that popularity came an almost unending stream of girls that wanted nothing more than a few nights to ride him so that they could brag to their friends that they had done the quarterback. In high school he had been more than willing to except this, but now it was shallow, and the girls just kept coming. Football still gave him plenty of respect and was even giving him a great deal of opportunity now; it was rumored that several scouts for major NFL teams would be watching this game. In spite of all this, football overshadowed his true passion of chemistry and physics. Darren was always happier in the lab than on the field and his real dreams involved making new discoveries and working on items that people might actually need. While playing professionally might eventually make him rich, he kept asking himself if it was really worth giving up what he really wanted to do.

          Lost in his reveries under the steady hiss of the showerhead, Darren didn’t hear the main door of the locker room open and close, nor did he hear the sound the lock made as it clicked over. So he had a moment of shock when he came out of the shower area with a towel around him and saw the girl standing there. He knew he had seen this blond around before, but the faces in the university all seemed to run together after a while for him.

          “Who are you?” he asked, still a bit in shock but trying to regain composure.

          The blond smiled, and Darren was struck by her beauty as he had never been before. The shape of her body through the tight shirt and jeans she wore along with the greenest eyes he had ever seen under the cascading blond hair somehow enticed and compelled him as the girl looked him over as well. “I’m Marcia…”


          From far away, farther than anyone could have imagined, another set of eyes watched as the scene began to play out. There was disapproval within the watcher, but it would not interfere. The cards would have to fall where they may, and then wagers would have to be paid in full if the player made a mistake.


          Marcia looked over Darren’s upper body approvingly as she sauntered closer with each second. It was even better than she had hoped, the muscles perfectly toned and standing out appetizingly under his skin as she watched water trickle down his body. She wanted to rip the towel off of him and see what was underneath, to begin playing with him like a toy. Or as a cat might play with a mouse. There was time though, so she took things slow as she inched up to him. She would use him in every way. “I just thought I’d help you relax,” Marcia said in a sultry, powerful tone. She saw no need to play this coyly. “The door is already locked.”

          That damn “tradition”, Darren thought with an inward groan as he prepared to explain things to this girl, wondering if one of the others had put her up to this. “Look, you seem nice enou-”

          Shhhh,” Marcia placed a finger slowly to his lips to silence him and ran her other hand slowly up his torso and around to stroke his short, black hair, “No protests.”

          She ran both hands around his head and began stroking Darren’s hair lightly, her body pressing the slightest bit to his as she planted a kiss on his lips. She could feel his chiseled muscles under the skin press into her, just as he could feel her breasts pressing against him, almost immediately igniting dormant passions in the quarterback. The hands moved to his shoulders and began massaging, feeling the knots of tender flesh there and trying to work some of them loose as she worked more into him.

          “You are so tense,” she said as she moved back a bit and continued the massage, “It won’t help you in the game, and you need to be loose. I’m going to help you.”

          It was more of a command than an offer, and as Marcia looked directly into his eyes, Darren felt like agreeing to just about anything. Her beauty was incredible and compelling in its own right, and underneath those pretty green eyes, there was something deeper. It was a power that seemed to wash over him and awaken every nerve in his body with desire. Maybe he did need this, just some uncomplicated sex to take his mind off everything. It wouldn’t kill him to allow himself a little fun this once, especially since this Marcia was more than willing and eager for the same thing.

          Seeing that he was hers now, Marcia slowly took off her top to expose her breasts to him. She had not worn a bra and could tell by Darren’s look that they were indeed perfect to him in their round swell. She moved her hands behind his head again and pulled him to them, gently but firmly burying his face in her chest as her hands moved down to her pants. “Lick them, Darren, suck them, devour them,” she said in that sensual, commanding tone as she began to remove the jeans.

          Darren was only too happy to obey as he first ran his tongue over the tender flesh, the sensations taking him further into her thrall. Her taste and scent intoxicated him and he became lost in her flesh. Licking and gnawing lightly, he explored both supple breasts thoroughly with his mouth, using teeth and tongue to tease the tender nipples fully erect. Above him, Darren heard moans and gasps of pleasure and a hand returned to his head, fingers stroking through the hair and holding him as Marcia ground her chest into his face, clearly enjoying every moment. Darren quickened his motions, suckling at the nipples and fondling her perfectly round breasts in his hands as he bathed in their taste and the feel of the smooth, perfect skin. He could feel his groin coming to life during the entire exploration and now the head emerged from his foreskin and rubbed against the towel wrapped around him even as he felt the hand on his head begin to tug lightly at his hair.

          As Marcia began to pull his head away from her again, she shuddered from the shear pleasure of his actions. She had been surprised by just how wonderful the sensation was as she worked the rest of her clothing off while Darren devoured each breast, and she began to realize just how long it had been since she had truly had sex. Everything for the past several months had been mere bits of foreplay to win a meal, and she had not taken the time to simply enjoy being close to a man. But this was turning out to be quite different. Her entire body was electrified with a tingle that seemed to radiate from a long untouched center in her sex. Pushing Darren back off of her again for a moment, Marcia admired his body in a whole new light and placed a deep, passionate kiss on his lips. She could taste traces of water still there and feel their softness as her tongue worked its way into his mouth.

          In the moment that he was pulled away from the shapely breasts that had become his world, Darren had some time to notice that the girl was now completely undressed before him. Leaning into the kiss, tongue wrestling playfully with hers, he embraced her and pressed the exposed flesh to his own body, only the towel separating them as his erection grew full and hard. His hands found her tender buttocks and gently squeezed and pressed her even closer into the line of his body, even as he felt her beginning to break the kiss.

          If there had been electricity before in Marcia, she now felt a full-blown power surge with his arms around her and his organ brushing against her through the towel. Breaking from his soft lips, she began to move down his body slowly with her mouth, drinking in the taste, smell and feel of his flesh. She kissed and sucked at his neck for a moment then moved to his shoulder, kisses turning into erotic little bites along his flesh as she moved down to his chest, tongue flicking and teasing Darren’s own hardened nipples one at a time. His hands began stroking her hair as Marcia continued to move downward.

          Darren’s head slowly tilted back and his eyes closed in the sheer power of it all as he felt Marcia gnawing at the hard muscles of his chest. While he was soaking the attention in, a hand moved up his thigh underneath the towel and gently cupped his balls, rolling them expertly. He was amazed he didn’t go over in that instant at all the sensations as the hand moved to fondle his hard manhood. His entire body quivered with and he felt Marcia begin to move downward again, awaiting the moment when she reached her goal.

          A few stray beads of water still clung to Darren’s muscles, and Marcia lapped them up as she moved downward, tasting his freshly cleaned skin along with them. Her teeth scraped along every tender muscle as she worked her way over his abs towards the line of the towel, slowly moving to her knees before him. Underneath she could feel him, wonderfully full and hard, as her fingers stroked and memorized every vein and bit of skin on the large penis. At the instant her mouth reached the towel, her free hand tore it away, leaving nothing between Marcia and her desires. Upon her first look at his thick member, she could feel her mouth and sex both flowing freely. The feel of it had given her some idea, but the actual sight of such a perfectly formed piece of man-meat sent a thrill through her as she leaned down towards it almost reverently. She inhaled his musk as Darren’s member already glistened with pre-cum and took her first lick along the underside, tasting the sweet flavor from base to head as her eyes closed.

          He shuddered as he felt the tongue wash over his erection and begin lapping at it. Darren opened his eyes to look down just long enough to see Marcia licking his manhood like a starving woman, worshipping him almost as she tasted and stroked every inch of him and coaxed more of the pre-cum from his throbbing head. During this time, her hands continued to aid her mouth as one rolled his balls between expert fingers and the other helped to stroke his shaft and hold it in place. Finally, Marcia moved directly in front of the organ and slowly kissed the swollen cock head, drinking directly from it and beginning to slide her silken lips down over its surface. Darren could only gasp as his eyes forced themselves shut again and his head threw itself back, enthralled by the sensation of his member being slowly pulled into the warm, wet mouth.

          Marcia slid her lips down the shaft inch by inch, taking in the whole organ until it filled her mouth and pushed into her throat. She kneeled there for several moments that seemed to stretch to infinity just licking and sucking at the thick, delicious meat that filled her mouth. Her tongue ran all along every bit as she suckled and snaked out to lap at his balls, lifting and dropping them and feeling their fullness and promise. It had been so long since she had given a real blowjob, and Marcia could already feel an orgasmic tingle running throughout her body as she began to bob hungrily on the erection. Her lips made a tight seal around him and sucked up and down, milking him while her hands reached around to his tender ass and pulled in time with the motions of her head. Devouring the meat, she wanted him to hump her mouth, to cum into her, wanted everything from him. Her desire controlled her so much that she barely remembered to work the bit of magic for which this was intended as she felt the penis throbbing harder in her mouth with every movement.

          Darren was lost to the world completely. Everything had zeroed down to a single point where the girl’s mouth met his groin. There was no game, no past, no dreams, no future, no pressure, just her savoring his member and the few wet slurping sounds that accompanied the pounding of his pulse in his ears. He could dimly feel the orgasm rising and suddenly it took hold. It was one of those rare, wonderful orgasms that ran throughout his entire body from toes to crown, that worked into every muscle and nerve ending with each powerful shot from his erection. He could practically feel himself flowing into her as she continued to suck.

          Sucking deep and hard now, Marcia’s eyes went wide as the first powerful jet of salt semen rocketed down her throat. Along with it, she could feel his energy, his power crashing into her like a wave, and several severe orgasms began to rack her body. She swallowed greedily as her sex sent waves of pleasure through all her flesh at each taste of the seed that carried his strength to her and continued to milk him with her mouth, wanting all she could possibly get. The orgasm lasted several moments, sending plenty of the delicious cream down her throat until finally as she swallowed the last bit, Darren crumbled to the ground before her. The shock wave of energy that was released actually sent Marcia to her back in sheer ecstasy for a moment as she absently licked her lips clean, this delicious appetizer only exciting her hunger for the true feast.

          Darren was suddenly completely limp and sprawled on his back. He could see only the ceiling of the locker room with its fluorescent lighting beaming down into his eyes. At first he thought this might simply be the aftermath of something so powerful, but in the few seconds that he began to realize the depths of his paralysis, he was worried. What was happening to him? It did not help matters at all when he felt something at his feet. He knew it must be Marcia, but somehow the sensation still filled him with an almost instinctive dread.

          Marcia recovered quickly from the torrent of her orgasms and rolled over onto her stomach, turning to look at Darren. Seeing him stretched out across the tile of the locker room, she smiled and licked her lips. Her stomach was growling now and his toned body looked even more appetizing than it had before, with the aftertaste of his seed still in her mouth. She moved to his feet on all fours like an animal on the hunt and gingerly picked them up. Wasting no time for contemplation, she opened her mouth wide and enveloped both feet, letting their delicious flavor mingle with the aftertaste in her mouth. Her tongue ran all about them for a moment, then she widened her maw and took her first swallow, working over his ankles and feeling his feet sliding into his maw as she moaned in delight. This delectable feast would fill her quite well.

          Darren could now feel a warm, wet sensation beginning to slide up his legs. The fact that he still had feeling should have been a good sign, but he knew something was very wrong and could feel his dread growing with every inch to which the feeling spread. Deep in the recesses of his mind something seemed to be trying to get him to move and get away from the girl, but his limbs simply would not obey the commands. Then his mind began to rail against the reality of the situation and he wondered if it might all be some strange dream. He found himself thinking of what such a dream might mean even as his lower legs were enveloped further in that hot, tight grip. Sounds began to accompany the sultry sensation, wet, groaning sounds.

          Marcia worked greedily and quickly on the legs of her meal, feeding him into her and swallowing around the calves to get to the meaty thighs. Normally she enjoyed the struggle but this time it was nice to have the meat simply laid out in front of her for the taking. She chewed lightly on the amazingly tender flesh of the legs while she worked along in large, powerful gulps of living man meat, already feeling her gullet filling out. She saw his pelvis before her and stretched her jaw a bit more, knowing that this was almost always a tough part of the meal. Scooping the hips in, Marcia’s tongue began to explore his rump, slathering all about it and working into the crack as she moaned. It was amazing just how tasty he was, and one hand moved down to her belly as his feet began to poke through the opening to her stomach.

          Darren could indeed feel his feet pushing through as well, but could not attach meaning to the sensation. His world still consisted of the view of the ceiling and the odd feelings and sounds around his lower body. At least that vice-like grip had left his arms free for now as it began to move up his abdomen and he felt more of his feet enter that strange tingling chamber.

          She relished every moment of his flesh as best she could through her stomach’s desire to be filled as Marcia ate the perfectly formed quarterback. Her tongue ran along every contour of the taut muscles in his back as she swallowed up his torso, teeth scraping along his skin with each gulp. She had left the arms for last, figuring that this would make the meal go more smoothly and last just a bit longer. Now as she sucked his thick chest into her stretched mouth she paused both to savor and nibble the succulent meat and to push his arms up around his head. As she did, she felt the vaguest muscle twitch in his right arm and realized some of his energy was starting to come back. At this point it was moot though and she was even glad to see it. By the time he could actually move again, Darren would be safely tucked into her belly, only able to squirm for her. Marcia rubbed the bulges that he already made in her flesh with delight at that thought and slowly opened a bit to take in more, working up over his shoulders, then taking in his head and upper arms.

          The constant view suddenly shifted into darkness as the fluorescent lights were cut off by that warm, moist blanket. But something was definitely wrong here, as Darren couldn’t possibly have seen a glimpse of white teeth just before the dark. Now he knew that he was somehow having one of the craziest dreams of his life. He really hoped he would wake up soon as this was not turning out to be a fun dream.

          Feeling his head in her magically stretched jaws, Marcia felt delighted as she watched the arms laid out before her begin to twitch and move just a bit more. With an effort, she swallowed his head and upper arms, her belly already bulging quite a bit from the rest of him. She began to pull in his strong arms eagerly, slurping them up with her tongue and working her mouth to get them in. She tried to savor each muscle along the way, knowing this was the last taste she would have of one of the most delectable meals she had ever eaten. Near the end, the arms were actually moving quite a bit and as she sucked in the wiggling fingers, she spent a few moments just enjoying the motion in her mouth and running her teeth over the fingers lightly, nibbling and getting the last bits of flavor she could. Finally, Marcia gave one last swallow and Darren was sucked down completely into the stomach.

          Inside the tight grip of the stomach, Darren did squirm a bit, feeling control come back to his body and wondering when he would wake up from this. All around him the fleshy walls squeezed tight and curled him into a ball. He kept wondering when he would awaken right up to the moment that he passed out.

          Marcia belched lightly and ran her hands over her engorged belly while Darren’s struggles ceased inside. Smacking her lips lightly, she hoisted herself to her feet with an almost supernatural effort. She wished she could stay here and relish the meal more, but she knew that she had to get out of this room before the other players came to prepare. Checking at the door to make sure no one was outside, she unlocked it and slipped out, moving quickly to another area of the building. The building that housed the locker rooms also served as a general phys. ed. facility and she knew there would be plenty of deserted rooms. Marcia finally found a darkened mat room and went in once she was sure no one else was around. Leaving the lights off, she lay in a corner in the dark and stroked her full belly, digesting the wonderful, succulent meal and drifting off to sleep.



          By the time Marcia awoke and began to walk home, it was night and Darren was completely gone. Leaving the building, she realized it was late, at least past midnight, and the game was done. If they had won, celebrations might still be heard somewhere on campus, but the whole area was silent. It was obvious to Marcia that without Darren they had lost, possibly badly. Such was life for regular humans, and in a week they’d probably forget it. She smiled to herself and the memory of the meal as she headed home.

          The house was completely dark when she reached it and opened the door. Marcia could hardly see inside and tried to look around the front room.

          “Kali?” she called into the darkness as she stepped in.

          There was no answer, not a sound in the house at all. She took a few steps toward one of the lamps in the room, when the door suddenly slammed violently shut. Marcia whirled quickly at the sound, but there was no one there. In fact there was no longer a door. The small windows set into the wood that usually let in a small amount of outside light were gone, and she could not even make out the walls or any of the usual fixtures. Slowly she turned back and noticed the same utter darkness in the rest of the room; it seemed to enfold her and sweep over her like an oppressive blanket this nothingness. And yet when she held up her hand, she could somehow see it clearly; everything else was simply black.

          “Kali?” she called again as she began to feel the first twinges of fear. This time there was indeed an answer.

          “SERVANT!” It seemed to echo all around her, beating into her with a raw power she had not yet experienced and demanding supplication. It was Kali’s voice, but not the human voice she was used to. This voice seemed like the meeting of a thousand voices, all with the same tone and inflection, coming from all around her and cutting through the palpable darkness. She needed no further command. Marcia did not merely bow, but knelt with her head lowered and felt that the ground underneath was no longer solid ground at all but that she seemed to somehow float as if on air. It was unnerving to say the least and it began to dawn on her that as soon as she had stepped through the front door, she had left Earth and possibly the very universe in which it sat and had arrived in this new void. Marcia was scared; more so than she had ever been in her entire existence.

          “You have much to answer for, servant!” The voice surrounded her again and beat down on her as she held the kneeling position in the void. It was not quite so loud, but there was a cold anger to it that made Marcia tremble. She knew in that moment that Kali had watched all, and her thought was surprisingly human. Oh shit.

          She tried to fall back on ceremonies. “Please accept my humblest apology, my goddess, for any-”

          “SILENCE!” The true voice of Kali prickled along Marcia’s skin. “You understand nothing of the consequences of your actions. What you have done today will send ripples of undue suffering throughout humanity on a scale your human mind cannot imagine. The soul known as Darren Marsh was important to a great many people in this cycle. In taking him you have taken opportunities for success away from many of his teammates, for this was a night that could have changed their lives. Because of that you have also had a negative effect on all the humans that each player knows and may have had a positive effect on. This sends endless ripples out throughout society.”

          Marcia became aware of a pale luminescence growing in front of her as Kali spoke, but she dare not look up as it grew in power, cutting through the darkness. It was almost like light shining off of gold, and the human feared that a look might strike her blind or set her ablaze. Kali continued.

          “The effect also extends to a great many discoveries that Darren Marsh could have aided which would have helped humanity at large. In taking those from man, you have most likely caused a level of suffering among the population that your human mind cannot fathom. You have dealt an incredible blow to your own kind, human, and against my direct wishes! You must also know that, though he did not know it, Darren Marsh was the hopeful of another power, with whom I have had to negotiate since your feeding. You should be thankful that this power was willing to let me deal with you myself.”

          Marcia shivered at the last phrase. Finding that there was a pause and Kali seemed to be waiting for something, she risked speaking. “What must I do to atone, goddess?”

          “You cannot truly atone for what you have done. You should have learned the lesson I tried to teach you before. But you forgot the most important thing to one of your stature. You flesh may be stronger now than it was before, but it is still flesh nonetheless. You have forgotten that just like all the others around you, you are mortal. And you will learn that particular lesson now. Raise your head and look at me, servant!”

          Marcia slowly looked up and gasped at what she saw. The pale glow had certainly come from Kali, but this was not the human Kali that she knew. She was taller, grander than Marcia had ever seen her, standing at least seven or eight feet now. She now had six powerful arms that seemed to loom over Marcia, and the goddess’s skin was golden and shimmered in the darkness, reflecting a light that was nowhere to be found in this void. Her dress seemed ceremonial, a long thin cloth draped over the front and back of her pelvis and necklaces of beads hung over her bare breasts. An ornate headdress sat atop her, and looking directly at this vision Marcia’s trembling increased. She wanted to run, but knew that in this nothingness there was no such thing as running away. Kali’s six arms all came down around her, three on either side, and tore every piece of clothing from her body, leaving her completely vulnerable. They clutched Marcia’s own arms, holding them tight to her side as she was lifted up.

          “It is a shame it has come to this, servant. You were very promising, but I suppose there will be others. As punishment for your carelessness, you shall be consumed in my fire. Since you are so enamoured with your first time, you will re-experience it from the other side.”

          Dawning horror came into Marcia’s eyes as the strong grip began to lower her down the line of the goddess’s shimmering body. She could not help but squirm as she was held just in front of the cloth that hid Kali’s sex and could hear the rumbling of the stomach so near. She wondered for the first time if all her meals went through this as she was slowly tucked under the cloth and faced with the soft, huge female sex, lined with that glowing golden flesh. She looked up and clearly saw the cavity heaving, outer lips opening and closing steadily wider with each moment. Marcia had a clear view as fluids began to flow and the strong grip began to move her steadily upwards towards the waiting vagina.

          Through her fearful shivering and panting, Marcia heard Kali gasp above as the crown of her head was pressed against the opening sex, the fluids already beginning to run into her hair and the scent of the most powerful female musk she had ever known washing over her. “Please…” was all she could mutter and knew that it was to no avail as Kali began to work her in. The six arms pushed up and in time the heaving sex began to swallow up Marcia’s head, inching down over it like a hungry maw. She actually saw the line of the cavity as it slowly slid over her eyes and enveloped her in darkness. Her head was pulled completely into Kali and bathed in her fluids, the juices running into her mouth and coating, and Marcia knew that the sweet, powerful female taste would be her last meal.

          She could still hear Kali, but could not tell if the voice was in her ears or her mind as the goddess moaned and Marcia’s head was squeezed and massaged in the slick cavity. Mmmm, wonderful. The sensation is amazing and your meals have made you delicious, my little morsel. You will feed me well.”

          Marcia shivered more and the grip held her tight as the soft, moist sex began to widen again around her and take in her shoulders with a wet sucking sound that reverberated all around her ears. Her legs kicked by instinct, and for a moment, she found herself thinking of what Daryl must have gone through that first time she fed. These thoughts were quickly eclipsed by her own terror as she felt the strong outer lips working easily around her arms and touching the top of her breasts. As she was pulled in ever further, knowing that she was headed for Kali’s stomach and possibly unimaginable torment, the cloying juices coated her in their scent and thick feel. She wished she could pass out somehow from the tight squeeze around her or the incredibly strong smell, but she was wide-awake and she knew that Kali was keeping her so to experience every moment of the feeding. She felt two of the powerful hands come around and squeeze her breasts together in a sensation that was almost erotic until she felt the powerful walls around her make another of those milking motions, and her breasts were sucked into the sex-maw, squeezed in a vice-like grip and stroked by all the inner walls. She could not deny that there was a small thrill from this feeling among all the pain and fear, but could not take advantage of it.

          As her breasts were forced into the grip of the sex, Marcia felt her head burst through into a more open chamber and realized with a new level of fear that this must be Kali’s stomach. Her breath came in ragged gasps partially from the extreme terror of her situation and partially from the continued squeezing and stroking of her bosom. Some part of her mind thought that Kali must have been enjoying the taste of them through her sex as she herself had done with Daryl on that first night. The bit of pleasure was short-lived as she felt herself pushed further in, her shoulders joining her in the stomach and the grip of the sex moving along to include her abdomen.

          Marcia still squirmed and struggled by instinct, which only increased Kali’s enjoyment of the meal as told through the moans of the goddess. The human’s legs kicked and the stomach quivered around her at the sensation and she could tell that even in this goddess state, Kali was getting an orgasmic rush from sucking her in, possibly even more so than she would have in human form. With another pull from the strong sex, her breasts joined her in Kali’s stomach, which she found was beginning to grow quite warm as fear washed over her again. Her hips were pulled into the soft sex and bathed in the juices there, some working into her own sex and mingling as that squeezing stroking motion around her brought another erotic thrill within the extreme horror.

          Outside only Marcia’s legs remained, kicking and struggling wildly and sending thrills through Kali as the human’s rump began to rub against her clit. The goddess felt a true orgasm coming and held Marcia in position while pressure built within. Her arms now free from the burden of the human, Kali rubbed her belly in delight as she felt part of the servant already inside. Soon the full charge of the orgasm rode through her, effect the area around her in the limbo she had created for this feeding. As the goddess gasped in her own rapture, her sex made a huge pull in time with each rush of pleasure, taking in Marcia’s legs until only her feet and ankles remained outside. Kali felt her stomach grow with the new living meat inside, more powerful than most meals she had taken in a long time, and sighed as she enjoyed the last bits of her servant.

          Marcia had felt the rush of the orgasm as its power seemed to wash over her own flesh, taking her with it for a few moments of bliss, even as she was forced into the tight, now very hot chamber of the stomach. Her body bucked inside at the shared orgasm, body lit up for a moment as her feet still kicked wildly just outside the heaving lips of Kali’s sex. As the pleasure of the body faded, she was quickly drawn back into abject terror as she felt the powerful inner walls of Kali’s center pull in her feet, massaging them lightly for a few moments as Kali savored the last bit of her. Finally Marcia was forced completely into the cramped interior of the goddess’s stomach, the walls undulating around her as the opening from which she entered closed and sealed behind. All around she could hear Kali moaning in that voice that was like a thousand mouths, could feel the hands stroking over her from the outside, could sense her impending doom and the agony that would be brought upon her.

          “Now, servant,” Kali spoke, “You will learn your lesson as your mortal flesh is eaten away. As you are slowly digested and your soul begins the cycle of death and rebirth once again, you will learn that you are still but a human. I will feed on you and replace you easily. Think about how it feels to know that your life is at an end, and the pain being meat for another awaits.”

          And Marcia did think about that. She thought about herself, but she also found her mind wandering to others. She thought of Daryl, confused and given a death he could not understand or deserve. She thought of Brian who would never look at the stars with the same wonder again. She thought of Darren, taken before he could offer any of his skills to the real world. She thought of the many others she had taken. She thought of a thousand other lives that each death would effect and through them, how many more would be effected by those thousand lives. Finally her thoughts came full circle to herself, both in what she was going through now as the heat of the stomach rose and what she had done in the past and just what she had caused. Marcia broke down and wept for herself and for others. Sobs racked her body inside Kali’s, and she knew just why the goddess had tried to make her understand this lesson before. But it was too late now, all the damage had been done. And now she was getting hot, skin tingling all over, a stinging, gritty sensation along her back. She knew this was the end, the heat washed over her and seemed to come from all sides now, her eyes were slammed shut now from the tears and she could feel light on the other side of her eyelids, but she did not want to look, did not want to see just what kind of fire Kali had inside to consume her, just wanted it to be over in her sorrow. So hot now…

          “Open your eyes, Marcia.”

          She did not want to. Marcia did not want to obey this last command; she did not want to know what would come for her. But then she had a realization. The voice that had spoken was not the powerful goddess voice, but the human voice that Marcia had come to know as Kali. And she had called her Marcia again. Listening more carefully Marcia heard other sounds in the distance. Birds. They sounded like seabirds cawing in the distance and she realized that the sound of surf was in her ears as well. Taking a chance, she opened her eyes and saw a bright blue sky bathed in sun. The light was like an incredible gift and she realized she was lying down, hot sand covering her back. She sat up and looked out over the ocean.

          The beach was empty except for Kali, returned to human form, who lay beside her on a towel, sunbathing in a bikini. Marcia was confused, partially from what had happened, and partially because the area they were currently hunting in had been nowhere near a beach. As she looked around, Kali spoke.

          “I don’t want you to even begin to think that what just happened was a hallucination or a dream of any sort. It was very real. And it can happen again at any time, should I choose. You had to be reminded that you are still mortal. I brought us here to relax after that bit of… intensity and because it was time to move on anyway. Overall, you are a good servant, and even a good friend to me, so I would not remove you over a few mistakes. But if you forget this lesson in the future, we will do this again.” She looked directly at Marcia now, her eyes cold and powerful. “And if that happens, I will not be so lenient.” Kali lay back down beside her. “Now let’s enjoy the beach. We’re already set up in a house nearby and a little further inland there’s a city with a charming university for hunting.”

          Marcia just nodded and looked out to the sea, watching the waves roll in and out as she recovered from the experience in whatever dark void to which she had been taken. She stretched her legs, appreciating the room and freedom more than she ever had before. She would not forget the lesson.