Contractual Dining


the Wolf

Commissioned by max123


Michael Edgemont stepped through the door into the back room of the bar and almost immediately wished he hadn't. It was a bit like stepping back in time, as the modern bar seemed to hold no sway here. Instead, old stone walls were lit by torches ensconced in the wall and candles in an old-style chandelier, casting flickering dim light on the ancient, gargantuan oaken table and the huge creature sitting behind it.

Michael had heard of and seen half-dragons before, but never this close and personal. And never in a closed room where the only witnesses were humans that were beholden to her, when what he'd seen of her online did little to allay his mild concern. She stood at least fifteen feet tall by his guessing, and even sitting, she still cut an imposing figure with the firelight glinting off her red and bronze scales. The appraising, slitted yellow eyes almost glowed with each flicker of torchlight. Her wide, elongated muzzle could have easily leaned down and snatched up the first half of him, and he imagined it would only take a couple seconds and another gulp if she wanted to send him sliding down her slightly elongated neck for a snack.

Remember, he told himself, you're safe, it's illegal for her to eat you if you don't specifically consent.

Yeah, and I'm sure those stalwart fellows lining the bar would bother to say anything if I disappeared and a large lump of shit had to be shoveled out of her place the next day.

But he allayed that voice by turning his focus from her jaws to the dark blue suit that hugged her humanoid frame, containing the large breasts and the pudgy belly below them. Despite her gut being further evidence of her potential appetite, she was first and foremost a businesswoman. Or businessdragon. He'd have to figure out which was more appropriate. In any case, it wouldn't do for her to just randomly eat potential clients, and that seemed better defense than the meager laws protecting humans such as himself.

In the couple seconds that all of this processed, the half-dragon raised her head and gave what he thought was a smile.

"Hello, you must be Michael," she said in smooth, professional tones. "I am Maleon. Please, take a seat."

She indicated a bench on the other side of the table with one of her claws. Despite the size of the table, it had been built to accommodate the human side more than someone Maleon's size. Still it caused the effect that she loomed over him, and he still had to look up at her.

"So," she said, "I understand you have a proposition for me. In your initial contact, you said it might involve a consenting feast. I hope you weren't just thinking I'd gobble you up today."

Michael shivered. "N-No, it's not me!"

"Oh, sorry. Most individuals that contact me are into the whole 'vore' thing and don't quite understand the risks and how much consent I need beforehand. So tell me, what is your proposal?"

Nodding, Michael was all too aware of what she meant. "Well, it's my wife Gwen, you see. She recently confessed to me that she is into the 'vore thing' as you put it. She showed me the websites and everything. And we have this… financial situation, so she thought that maybe she could sell herself to you as… well maybe a gourmet meal?"

Maleon put a claw under her chin and fixed him with a smirk, "Interesting. But tell me, why would I want to pay some of my vast fortune to gobble up your wife, when I could probably find her and seduce her into signing a consent form for free?"

"Well, it wouldn't be just her, actually. Depending on how we negotiate, there's a chance of… well maybe… Okay, can I explain from the beginning?"

"Perhaps you better. Just remember that being half dragon means I may live a very long time, but I can still be bored easily enough."

With a sigh, he began, "Okay, I'll stick to the facts. We have three daughters, my wife and I. Rhonda is nineteen and still living with us, not sure what to do with her life really. Amy is twenty and hasn't really settled on anything either, no college, no thoughts to career, but has a basic job. Then there's Penelope."

He smiled as he thought of his youngest. "Penelope is seventeen years old and getting ready to graduate high school a year early. She's set on getting a Nobel someday and has a ton of acceptance letters but not enough scholarships. Just in short supply."

"Ah, so we begin to come to the rub," Maleon said, her voice a little sultry now. "Still haven't tantalized me though."

"I'm getting there, believe me. When my wife confessed her desires to me, she also mentioned that the girls shared her love of it. Maybe a genetic thing, maybe just stuff they happened to find on her computer, hard to say. The family will do anything to help Penelope succeed and get what she needs, and even if the idea was hard for me at first, I understand now that this is what they really want."

He reached for his wallet and pulled out three pictures from their holders. The first showed Gwen in all her dark-haired, middle-aged beauty. Still relatively smooth skin and a face that bespoke an average build. Rhonda's picture was next with her long brunette hair and athletic frame, followed by Amy's blond curls and slender proportions.

"All three would rather sacrifice themselves in a way that fulfills their last desires than see Penelope miss her potential. I also have two younger sisters who've kind of been introduced to the idea through my wife and are willing to join in if it'll really help Penelope enough.

"So to sum up, what you're already being offered is two willing young women and my wife, who is still quite tender and in shape. That's for one possible deal. For another possible deal, you'd also get my two sisters as part of the feast. All willing, all signing any consent forms."

He could see that the half-dragon was definitely enticed at that. She was practically drooling as she glanced over the pictures of Gwen and his two daughters. "Now you've piqued my interest. But sweeten the pot a little more. Tell me a little about your sisters. And tell me what I could do with all five of them if I decide to take them."

It felt weird talking about his family like this, but he knew to get the best deal, he'd really have to whet her appetite.

"Jill is just a little younger than me and currently on the plump side. Not really fat, just a little bit extra all around. Long, dark red hair, and a tender frame. Laura has the same red hair and doesn't really have fat, but is a lot of lean muscle, just a little taller than me actually. Very athletic… tends to move a lot."

Michael thought he heard Maleon's lips smack. He knew some predators liked lively prey and thought adding that little detail might help.

"As for what you could do with them," he continued, "that depends on the deal we reach. If we reach a modest deal, they'll all sign on to be stripped and swallowed. For the right price… they'll sign forms to be delivered to you on the same day and you'll be able to do whatever you want, prepare them all however you want, and eat them however you want."

The half-dragon actually licked her chops at this right in front of him, cleaning some of the drool accumulating on her muzzle.

"It's been ages since I've had a truly gourmet, belly-stretching feast such as that. And the relations mean that they'll have similar flavors but just enough variety. Oh the possibilities… So now, I must know. What would it cost me to have all of them? To do with as I please and savor five women in your family?"

Some part of him was hoping she'd just reject the offer; that he and Gwen would have to find another way. But now that it was a possibility, he had to respect all their wishes. Steeling himself, Michael moved forward with the negotiation.

"For the highest level, to get all of them and have carte blanche, there's not really a specific dollar amount. You agree to pay for all of Penelope's education until it's completed. That includes everything. We're talking tuition, textbooks, housing, food, the works. In essence, she becomes your financial ward."

Maleon tapped a claw on her snout. "Hmm, that could get pretty steep, if she's going to do as much as you say. And what if I just want the five of them to simply gulp down, one by one?"

He noticed that she hadn't even talked about the cost for just the three family members. "To do that, we run the numbers and you pay a fixed amount into a high-interest fund to cover tuition, housing, and texts up through a PhD."

"What about you?" she asked. "Surely you want some kind of security as well?"

"I can take care of myself; this is about Penelope."

The half-dragon sat in thought, looking down at the pictures and occasionally cleaning her snout with her tongue. She looked up at Michael and fixed him with a thoughtful grin, then leaned down a little closer.

"And what if," Maleon said, suddenly eyeing him as he might eye a perfectly cooked steak, "I told you that the one thing that would ensure your little Penelope's fully-funded education was if you were on the table? What do you say if I think the one thing that would perfectly spice up this rare opportunity for such a feast is just a little male flavor at the end?" She licked her lips slowly right in front of his face. "Hmm?"

Fear crawled up Michael's spine on spider's legs. He had no desire to be eaten, couldn't really understand his wife's fascination. But he thought of Penelope and just how much potential lay before her. Thought of what the rest of his family was willing to give up for her.

"If…" he began and caught his breath, summoning all his strength to continue even as his muscles shook. "If… that's what it would take. W-We can arrange that."

Maleon leaned back up and away from him, smiling. "Relax, Michael, I'm not going to demand that of you. I was more curious what kind of man you were, since you did come here to offer most of your family quite literally on a silver platter." Looking him over, she ruminated just a little more. "You're a good father. And the meal that you're offering just sounds too exquisite to resist; the possibility of eating up all five of them in prepared courses. So unusual to find a whole family that would consent. I'm willing to meet your terms. With a few conditions of my own."

Here was where it could get tricky, and Michael knew it. "All right, what kind of conditions?"

"The first is simple. If I am to essentially assume the financial role of Penelope's mother, I shall have some say in her well-being and education. Nothing too stringent, she will simply be required to maintain a reasonable grade point average for someone of her intelligence and ability and to apply for any grants and scholarships available to lighten the burden, just as any student would."

"The makes enough sense," Michael agreed, surprised somewhat by the sensible concerns within the negotiations. Then a thought occurred to him. "Wait, under what penalty?"

"Ah, my apologies, I should have made things clear, given the situation. No, Michael, I will not set her up to become a snack later. If she errs in this, she will simply face reductions in her leisure funds, stern reprimands, the sort of thing you yourself might do."

"All right, sounds fair. What else?"

"Well, since you found me and set this meeting up through the email on my site, I can assume you've seen it? That your wife showed it to you perhaps?"

He nodded. Michael had seen the site alright, as one of several his wife showed him to explain her desires. Maleon's Meals had been full of pictures of the dragoness with her belly pushed out from some meal or other, looming over men and women either dressed as knights and princesses or topped with food, and plenty with her in the middle of swallowing someone down. There was even a section where viewers could pay to order streaming videos or DVDs of her feeding on willing humans. It was similar to a few other sites Gwen had pulled up, and as she had become more aroused, he'd merely watched in a kind of confused fear.

"So you know what I make available. It's one of many ways I supplement my investments and maintain funds. Naturally, while I mostly intend to enjoy the taste of your family and how stretched full I'll be, I also want to film the entire thing. Cameras would be set up everywhere in my dining area, probably some in the kitchen during preparation, and even in a manner that would get some internal shots as I digest them all."

Michael cringed a little as she talked so casually about their eventual demise, but held together as this was all part of the arrangements that had to be made.

"You need to know that for some viewers' gratification, there would even be some footage of the elimination afterwards from such a large, multi-course meal. Because the potential for sales from the idea and what some would pay for it is simply too worthwhile to pass up. My devouring the women of your family would be edited into a full DVD of video and made available on the website. The forms that each person signs will include all the appropriate permissions and releases as well as full consent to be my meal in whatever manner I see fit."

He hadn't anticipated this, but of course it all made sense. He should have known that in addition to being unable to pass up such a dinner, the half-dragon would not pass up the potential for anything to recover some of the cost of the meal. Definitely a businessdragon before all else. Michael nodded once again.

"And there's one last thing," Maleon said. "This may be the hardest for you to accept. You need to be there, with me as I eat."

This was the breaking point for Michael. "Oh no, please. Please don't make me watch this, I can't…"

Maleon held up a claw. "This is not for some prurient interest of mine, Michael. Though I may enjoy the thought of being attended by you when I am full, this is more for your benefit. You'll need to understand the reality once they're gone. And I think you should see just how much they relish this in order to understand. I've swallowed down plenty of willing people for various reasons; I have no need to lie about that. All were delicious in their own way, but the ones that were attracted to it never really balked at the end and were never disappointed to wind up in here." She gave a gentle pat of her belly. "Do you see what I'm saying?"

In a strange way, he did. It had never occurred to him before, but as she spoke, Michael realized that he would have a harder time if they just left the house and didn't come back the next day. Even if he knew what happened, it would be different to have the secure knowledge, the closure, of being there with them at the last.

"Okay… I think I can do that."

"Then we have an agreement. I know you're used to shaking hands, but I'm a bit old-fashioned. Long ago, contracts were first sealed with a kiss before papers were drawn." Maleon leaned her muzzle down again, barely inches from his face. "If you will indulge me."

The day had already turned so surreal that Michael hardly had a moment of resistance. This was just one more bizarre step in the bargaining he'd been performing. He stood and leaned his head forward, pressing his lips to the half-dragon's lower lip. As he kissed it, he was somewhat surprised at how soft and warm it felt. It was hardly unpleasant at all to give a brief touch of his lips there before pulling back.

"Ah, we have a bargain then." Maleon said, returning to her seat. There was a sense of ritual in what had just happened and she clicked her claws to one of the two humans in the back corners of the room. Michael had almost forgotten they were there.

"Reginald, please talk with Mr. Edgemont and get all the information necessary to draw up the papers per our discussion here. I want to be ready for my feast within two weeks."

Reginald did a short bow. "Of course, m'lady. Sir, if you will follow me."

Michael stood up to head with the man back into the bar, assuming they would sit at one of the booths in the back. He stole a glance back at the half-dragon. Maleon was looking at the small picture of Gwen and stroking her chin, clearly already deciding just how she wanted to eat his wife.



The papers arrived at the house several days later. Michael got a call at work from Jill letting him know that she had received and signed her forms and sent them off again. They had a short talk about the complexity of the forms and the fact that it was all done and taken care of. She congratulated him on getting such a good deal before they hung up. Laura was usually too busy to talk on the phone, but he confirmed with her through a couple quick texts that she too had received her papers and signed them.

He could only deduce from this that the papers for Gwen and the girls were at the house waiting. His sisters were already gone, beyond saving from signing the consent forms, and tonight he would sit with the rest of his family around the table and most of them would consign themselves to the half-dragon's appetite.

Work became a slow, distracted plod filled with anxiety. Even if he had accepted that they all truly wanted to do this, it was still hard. He was only somewhat comforted by the fact that his wife had agreed to let him seek out Maleon and not some of the other creatures that devoured people online. Michael remembered one website she'd shown him with a pudgy minotaur chasing and devouring girls. The memory made him shudder a little, because when he looked at that site close enough, everything had seemed so sleazy. All the girls in the pictures seemed strung out on something if one looked closely enough, the set up looked cheap in reality, and the minotaur would be shown with a full, round gut giving the camera a thumbs up with some crass caption like, "Mmm, bitch in a belly."

Gwen didn't really see it, but Michael had been looking for such things by the time she was trying to help him audition someone to eat her and the girls. Maleon's site had been much different. Even if seeing her eating other people was frightening, Michael had to admit that she had a sense of style and class. There was just a certain elegance to her site's design and the composition of her media. But the real difference for Michael had come when he forced himself to watch one of her videos that Gwen had ordered a while before.

It had been a husband and wife duo that decided they wanted to have their second honeymoon in the dragoness's stomach. They had been the ones dressed up as a princess and a knight in some of the still pictures and the video had been a short choreographed fight scene between Maleon and the husband before the dragoness emerged triumphant and swallowed both of them. Throughout the whole affair there had just been something about the way she treated each of them, how she caressed them as she stripped them down and seemed to respect them even if they were her food.

When it was all done, she hadn't been mocking or joking about their end. She had savored the feel of them moving inside and seemed genuinely grateful for the meal they gave her. Her site even had little biographies that anyone could look up about who they had been and why they'd wanted to wind up as dinner for a dragon. That made all the difference to Michael. If his family wanted to be eaten alive, he at least made sure it was with a predator that cared about them in some way.

Driving home after work, he thought a little about the dragoness. Maleon was attractive in a strange sort of way. Maybe just her feminine proportions and the sense of power both physical and mental. And he'd been genuinely surprised at how level she'd been with him. No attempt to really intimidate him outside that one strange little test, even though she easily could and did at first. The respect she had shown, the fair dealing made him know he'd made the right call for his wife and daughters.

When he opened the door, Gwen greeted him holding a large manila envelope. She was smiling and excited, clearly waiting for him.

"Look what came today!" she said in a bubbly voice, "They all arrived from a courier. We waited for you before we opened them!"

They kissed briefly and he looked behind her to see all three of his daughters gathered around the table, pizza boxes sitting there from his favorite place. They had already planned to make this a family event, but he found a certain irony that they'd ordered delivery to sign contracts to be delivered as dinner.

He sat down at the table and took a couple slices for himself, barely picking at them as he watched the women in his life tear open the packets and pull out their consent forms and contracts. There was a packet for him as well, and he would have to read over it in a few moments to make sure there was nothing hiding in the legal paperwork.

As Gwen perused the documentation, she looked over at Michael with wide, amazed eyes.

"Wow, you got an amazing deal, hon! How did you get her to pay for everything?"

Michael sighed and swallowed a bite of pizza, "I did a little research on predators that like to eat people and on her. She has somewhat fancy tastes, and since you, Amy, and Rhonda were all willing to be prepared in any way she wanted, I could ask for more. And since it's very rare for a whole family to sign on, and I knew she liked to make productions out of eating, that also added to what I could go for. Really I expected to go in high and for her to talk me down to just school and housing. Apparently, the thought of all of you being her dinner was too good to pass up."

Gwen leaned over and hugged him tight. "You did really good," she said lovingly.

Amy and Rhonda both nodded along with her.

"Way to go, Dad!" Rhonda said as she looked further into her paperwork.

Penelope was practically vibrating in her chair and looking around at everyone from her own set of papers that spelled out her requirements for the funding. "I just… I don't believe it! This is a full ride anywhere, all expenses paid! Thank you all so much!"

Rhonda grinned. "Well, we were always going to be someone's chow, squirt! Glad it'll help you out though."

He took a deep breath as he watched them and heard Amy say, "I wonder what it'll be like when we're finally in there…"

Now or never, Michael. No one has a pen, so this is when you bring it up.

"Are you all really sure about this? I mean, this is a great opportunity, but I don't want to give you up. We can find a way, if we all work together. Penelope, we can find the money somewhere, somehow. We can…"

Gwen stopped him with a hand on his. He looked over and she was giving him a warm smile.

"Dear, we've been through this. This isn't just about Penelope's education. This is about what we all really want. This is just the best time to get the most benefit out of living those dreams. As much as I love you, I'd have eventually looked for a way end up in someone's belly before I was out of my prime. This way, I can also help ensure Penelope's future."


"Michael, I explained this. Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by these big creatures that could gobble me up. I'd see a beast man on the street with a big full gut, and when other people were nervous, I was imagining what it would be like inside. The first time someone tried to scare me with the idea that there was a monster in my closet, I lay awake half the night hoping I was tasty enough for it to come out and eat me up. My first crush in middle school was a naga that rode the bus with me, and I'd always try to catch him yawning to get a good look down his throat. I've been heading for this all my life, dear."

"Same here," Amy chimed in, "Rhonda and I thought we were alone in this until we talked to Mom and she told us about this whole community we didn't know about. You can't imagine what it felt like to find out that this was actually a possible way to go. That we weren't freaks, and that there were people out there who would appreciate us! Even if it is just as a good meal."

Rhonda chuckled and grabbed pens from a note stand in the kitchen. She passed them out when she sat down. "And you think I really want to face the possibility of spending my whole life in the basement, wondering just what to do with myself? No, I'd rather know for a brief moment that someone was really getting something good from me. Feeling needed as this dragon just digests me away. Heck, I almost let myself get eaten after prom."

"What?" Michael was aghast. Gwen and Amy simply leaned in, seeming somewhat surprised.

"Yup," Rhonda said, "This hunky bear guy I started chatting with when Stephen went to have a drink with a few other guys. After a while, he told me I smelled really good, and before I could stop myself, I asked, 'Good enough to eat?' That got him drooling, and we snuck out to someplace quiet outdoors. I could just tell how much he wanted me in his belly, and we got really close. If he hadn't been spooked about consent forms and everything like that, I'd just be bear pudge right now."

There was a dreamy quality to Rhonda's voice as she talked about the memory from a year or so ago. While Gwen and Amy were only listening with amused looks, Michael was realizing that there was no way around this, and that—while he had never wanted to hear about anything from his daughter's prom night—this would be truly fulfilling for them.

Gwen gave Michael another gentle smile. "That's the way it is, Michael. It's in our nature. We were practically born to be food." She leaned over and kissed his cheek. "And what you've done in setting this up for us; it's very special. I'm actually glad you're going to be there. To see how happy you've made me that I get be a dinner for Maleon."

"And I love that we'll all be served to her in special ways and be on film getting eaten up. It's like we're living forever through her, which is very cool," Amy said.

Letting it go, Michael kissed his wife back. He'd never known it when they got together, but it was true, this was the course of her life. Seeing her this happy, even for just a little while longer, mattered more than anything.

"Okay," he said, "let's figure out all the places we need to sign."



The next Saturday came, and Michael drove his family to the mapped coordinates several miles outside of town. He'd seen the décor of her home in several of the pictures and the one video, but still did not expect the actual castle at the end of the rode as they crested a wooded hill. The huge gray stone structure fit almost every archetype from fantasies of the medieval time, with the exception that it lacked a moat and drawbridge.

All throughout the trip, the car had been awash in the excitement of the three women, an almost palpable sense of anticipation. Penelope had wanted to come along, but Michael had forbidden it. Even if he trusted Maleon at her word, he wasn't sure if this desire had spread to his youngest daughter, and did not wish to take the chance of her being seduced by some kind of hidden fancy to wind up as a snack.

Driving up to the large yard, he saw several very expensive cars in a line at the front of the castle in marked spaces. Back a few yards from these, he saw his sisters' cars and pulled in next to them. They had agreed to take themselves to Maleon's home and meet him there.

They walked up to the huge, ornate double doors in front of the castle, seeing the smaller doors inset for humans. Michael pushed a modern-looking button in the middle of one of them and heard chimes ring. A few moments later, one of the suited human attendants opened the smaller door and smiled.

"Ah, Mr. Edgemont, welcome. You and your family are eagerly awaited. Please follow me."

Inside the structure was a mix of old world decoration and completely modern convenience. They were conducted through a great room that boasted a huge television and state-of-the-art sound equipment along with comfortable seating for various sizes and classic tapestries on the wall.

Through another door, they came to the large dining hall. A combination of candlelight for mood and modern lights for visibility illuminated a grand, ancient table, clearly sized to seat a half-dragon and others of similar size. All around the room, Michael noticed cameras from various angles pointed at the table, focused on a single place setting with a huge goblet and folded napkin near the center. In one corner a smaller television was mounted to the wall, allowing visibility from the opposite side of the table.

It took a moment for Michael to notice that Jill and Laura were already in the room, so impressive was the scope and the setup. They came up smiling and hugs were given all around as they greeted the rest of the family.

Michael let out a breath. "So… how are you two?"

"Doing all right. Kind of excited," Jill said with her warmest smile.

"Yeah," Laura continued, "Thought about this for a while, since Gwen showed us some stuff, and now we get to do it for real and help out Penelope. Say, where is she?"

Gwen smiled, "Michael didn't want her coming today. You know how he gets."

"Oh yes, I know," Laura said and laughed. "He's always been super protective, but at least he listens. It's the way Dad raised him."

"Well, I do love him for it," Gwen kissed Michael while Jill was talking with the girls about their anticipation of being trapped inside a stomach.

A door closed from the far end of the room and they all looked up as Maleon entered. The group was struck completely silent, and Michael's breath halted for a moment.

The half-dragon walked to them, completely nude, her large breasts and the paunch of her belly swaying lightly, her tail moving back and forth behind her. Her entire bearing was confidence and power as she smiled to the assembled family, looking over them.

"Greetings and welcome to my home, all of you. I am delighted to have you here and honored to have such delectable-looking ladies for my dinner tonight." She gave a gentle lick of her snout as she admired all of them. The women were dumbstruck, but all either smiling or blushing, eyes drawn to either her muzzle or her belly.

Maleon continued. "As you see, the cameras are all set to record everything that happens in this room, to be edited later. And of special interest to some of you…"

The dragoness walked back to the television in the corner and turned it on. It was filled with a rippling, pink-red image that Michael did not understand at first. Then as the others gasped and Maleon gently patted her belly, he understood the fleshy chamber he was seeing.

The half-dragon stepped closer to them again. "Yes, thanks to a little touch of technological magic, everything that happens in here will be filmed and available to include. It will even record sound."

While the women looked on in awe and excitement at the television and the image of the rumbling stomach, a middle-aged, portly human in a white coat stepped out from the doors at the back of the dining hall. He began looking at all of them, smiling and nodding to himself. Maleon gestured to him.

"I would now like to introduce you to my personal chef Francis. He will be preparing you for me tonight and surprising me with how you inspire him to be the best possible meal."

Michael's family had already organized themselves into a rough line, watching Maleon enter. Now Francis walked up and down the line, looking at each woman, smiling here and there and nodding as thoughts formed.

"Hmm, yes, yes," he said in an accent that Michael could not quite place. "A fine selection to work with, and already I have plenty of inspiration. Which of you is Gwen?"

There was a nervous chuckle from Michael's wife as she raised her hand. "That… would be me."

"Ah, good." Francis took her hand and kissed it. "I understand you are largely responsible for organizing this idea? I must admit, I am excited and must thank you. It is so rare that I get to work with such material, and I shall keep that in mind when deciding how to serve you to my lady. But I shall not neglect the others, oh no, never! Ladies, if you will all follow me, it is time to make you all completely delicious!"

Some blushing, some giggling, some just quietly excited, the five women of Michael's family all followed the chef through the door at the end of the dining hall. Both he and Maleon watched them leave, and he heard a loud rumble from the dragoness's stomach. Her claw absently rubbed her paunch.

"I'm so looking forward to eating them all. I haven't had anything all day in anticipation." She reached a claw down and very gently stroked Michael's hair as he stared at the door. It was oddly soothing as she asked, "So how are you doing?"

"As fine as I can. It's what they all want. But…" he looked up at Maleon, "he's not going to do anything that'll hurt them right? Not like…"

The dragoness shook her head. "They won't feel any pain whatsoever from what he figures out. Francis is an absolute wizard in the kitchen. And normally that's just an expression. Please, come sit and relax while we wait."

There was a raised seat for him at the large table across from where Maleon sat at the focus point of the cameras. For a brief moment, he felt like a child sitting in a high chair, but the embarrassment fled as Maleon began talking to him.

Oddly enough, they talked about his family, about fond memories and about who each woman was outside being her meal for the night. There was something comforting at the sense that she cared about who they were, even if she was salivating through most of the talk.

After a while, Francis poked his head through the door. "M'lady, your first course is ready to bring out."

"Excellent! Let me give my introduction, then have her brought out!"

Maleon looked up to one of the cameras, her presence immediately shining through as she gave the future audience a sultry smile.

"Hello, all you luscious little morsels out there. It's your friend Maleon again, and I have a wonderful meal to share with you. Tonight, five scrumptious women from one family have decided that they want to be my dinner together, more than anything else. Though really, can you blame them?" She stopped to give her belly a little pat and wink to the camera. "So for such a rare and wondrous occasion, I've decided to have each of them brought to me as part of a gourmet meal. And you get to watch me savor every little bit! I believe the first course is on its way now."

Michael watched as the doors opened and a huge round platter was brought out by four of her humans. The servers set the dish on the table in front of Maleon and backed away. He saw Amy laid out on the surface with her arms and legs spread wide, sighing in utter joy as she looked up at the dragoness. Each of her legs and each of her arms was covered in a glistening sauce, with a fifth streak along her belly up to her chest. At the end of each hand and foot and the top of her head sat five large ceramic containers.

The dragoness licked her chops and her stomach rumbled again. Francis stepped up to the corner of the table and smiled.

"For your appetizer tonight, m'lady, we have a delicious petite blonde with your choice of five different dipping sauces. A classic honey mustard and barbecue adorn each of her legs. On her arms you have a sweet 'n' sour or teriyaki for a more Asian feel if you prefer. Or along her center is a taste of traditional hot sauce for that buffalo wing flavor. To get the most out of this dish, it is recommended that you taste each one first, then smother her with the sauce of your choice."

As Francis made his way back into the kitchen, Maleon dipped her snout readily down to Amy's left leg. The long tongue slipped from her mouth and slowly made its way over the skin, lapping up the yellow-brown sauce. The dragoness worked her lips a bit, rolling the flavor around in her mouth before descending again to let herself clean the dark reddish tint of the barbecue sauce from the other leg, leaving only a thin line of drool. With each lick, Amy writhed and moaned as Maleon clearly enjoyed her flavor and tried to decide what would accentuate it the best.

"Now, my delicious little morsel, raise your left arm."

Amy readily did as she was told, and Maleon leaned down and wrapped her thick lips around the offered limb. For a brief moment, Michael caught a glimpse of the sharp, white teeth and was worried that this was when the dragoness would start biting. But all she did was slowly suck and lick all around Amy's arm, making little moaning noises at the taste as she took every bit of teriyaki flavor off the arm.

"Hmmm, and now the other one."

It was clear that Amy was already reaching some measure of bliss as she shakily raised the sweet 'n' sour coated arm. Maleon was on it in a moment, working her lips against the girl's shoulder in wet smacking sounds as she pulled all the flavor into her muzzle. Once that was done, again the dragoness sat up and thought for just a moment while Amy writhed in eager anticipation. Then her claws descended and gently propped the girl up, taking a long, careful lick along the length of her belly. Amy's entire body shivered as Maleon rumbled against her before laying her back on the plate and sighing.

"So hard to decide. You taste so delicious with all of them, but what would go with you the best? Always a difficult call with such a delectable base ingredient," the dragoness said, a claw tapping her snout.

Amy practically whined with anticipation. "Oh please, ma'am! Please just eat me up! I need to be inside your stomach!"

"Now, now, settle down, my little appetizer," Maleon said with a wry grin, "Such a tasty girl deserves to be the most delicious starter she can possibly be. One can't rush such things. But I do think I know what I want."

The half-dragon reached for the cup by Amy's head and liberally poured hot sauce all along the length of her body, letting it coat and bathe her. The girl rolled back and forth on the plate to help get it all over, practically giddy with the feel. A while before, the image might have been impossible for Michael, but now all he saw was that his daughter was truly overjoyed.

When her entire body was covered in sauce from head to toe, Maleon just grinned and actually looked up at Michael.

"Dragons never can resist something hot and spicy." She looked back down at Amy, almost lovingly. "So for you, my dear… it's down the hatch!"

Maleon daintily reached a claw out to the plate and carefully picked Amy up by one foot, trying to get as little sauce on her fingers as possible. The girl wiggled and shivered as she dangled there, sauce dripping onto the plate and matting her blond curls. The dragoness hoisted her up and up by the leg, tipping her long snout back and opening wide as she brought the delighted, delicious morsel over her upturned jaws.

"Yes, yes! It's so beautiful! What I've always wanted!" Amy cried out.

Clearly savoring the moment and allowing the girl to do the same, the half-dragon slowly lowered her head-first into the dripping maw, tongue eagerly stroking Amy as the top half of her coated body slipped in. Maleon sighed happily and slowly closed her mouth around the girl, working her lips and tongue to enjoy every inch of her appetizer. She groaned at the taste and let her other claw rub her waiting belly for several moments while Amy's legs kicked just above her lips.

Michael couldn't look away as Maleon enjoyed Amy wriggling in her mouth and tasted her. Then as he watched, he saw the dragoness's neck beginning to work, her jaws opening just a little as the legs slid further in. The elongated neck bulged and tugged, Amy slipping deeper with each gulp and Maleon licking hungrily around her legs until only her little feet wiggled just outside the half-dragon's lips. A loud wet sucking sound marked their disappearance, and Maleon's throat rippled all around, drawing his eyes and holding them until it returned to its normal proportions.

So his daughter was gone.

The pudge at Maleon's belly bulged out and he could see it moving just a bit. He couldn't help but look at the monitor that showed the inside of her stomach, and saw Amy looking completely blissful in the soft flesh sac as she moved against the wet walls.

Looking back, he saw the dragoness lower her snout and lick a few stray dribbles of hot sauce clean while she gently patted her gut. She sighed with a very content smile on her face, smacking her jaws just a little before wiping them with the large napkin.

"Mmm, what an exquisite morsel!" she said and picked up her goblet to take a small drink. "I wonder what's next. Francis, I'm ready for the next course!"

Once more a huge dish was carried out by her servants, this time a large rectangular plate. As it was set in front of her, Michael could see both Jill and Laura, each wrapped up around the middle in a blanket of huge lettuce leaves and already covered in some kind of dressing that smelled vaguely familiar. Both seemed to be enjoying themselves, giggling and squirming in the white bonds that held the lettuce around them tight.

Francis looked pleased with himself. "Next, m'lady, we have my own take on a classic salad course. I present to you my sister Caesar wraps. Two redheads, one nicely plump and the other lean muscle, wrapped in fresh romaine and bound in a dense parmesan that I have forged into a rope around them of sorts. Drizzled gently with dressing and thin croutons inside. You'll notice a pair of tongs so that you needn't dirty your claws. Enjoy!"

As Francis and the servants left the room, Maleon looked over the two sisters on the plate, grinning to them and admiring the work. She picked up the tongs and looked thoughtfully over the two of them, Laura wiggling and moving around in her confinement.

"Ah, Francis is always trying to find ways for me to eat more vegetables. But he gives me these conundrums. First, which sauce to have with Amy, and now which one of these tasty-looking women to eat first."

The dragoness reached down with the tongs and plucked Jill off of the plate. Michael's sister gasped, hoisted up into the air as Maleon sniffed at her and smiled.

"I think we'll save the wriggly one for seconds," the dragoness said, gazing into Jill's eyes. "You look positively divine like this, my plump, tender tidbit. And I'm sure Francis has made you taste incredible."

Jill blushed at the compliments and shivered in the blanket of lettuce as the half-dragon opened her jaws as wide as possible and stuffed the woman in. Maleon fiddled with her second course for a few moments, working and shoving the wrapped Jill into her jaws. Her tongue rolled around the woman, tasting the dressing and helping to work her into the position that the dragoness wanted Eventually, she dropped the tongs and began carefully using her claws until the wrap was almost completely inside her jaws, Jill facing out as the dragoness's cheeks bulged.

When her jaws closed and munched slowly, Michael cringed as he heard the crunching noise amidst Maleon's happy sighs and expression of pleasure at the blending tastes. Then her jaws opened again for just a moment, and he saw Jill's face still alight in extremities of happiness and realized he'd only heard Maleon chewing the ingredients around her.

The half-dragon worked the woman in her jaws for several moments, lips smacking, tongue slurping, all the while moaning at the flavor as the wrap around Jill slowly disintegrated. Eventually, the bulge of her legs left Maleon's cheeks and worked its way into her throat. Michael watched with the dragoness's jaws half open as the tongue slipped up in front of Jill's face and began to push her down as it tasted her, making the woman shiver.

Laura couldn't keep quiet and chuckled from the plate. "See you soon, sis! Enjoy the ride!"

Neck stretching out once again, Maleon tossed her head up several times around the salad course of the meal. He could hear her exaggerated gulps with each toss of her snout as Jill slid further and further down, a clear outline rippling from the dragoness's throat down through her chest. Unable to help himself, Michael watched the half-dragon's bare chest as her breasts bounced with each flip of her jaws. The light bulge at the center slipping through captivated him until it pushed its way down into the stomach, stretching the bronze scales of the belly a bit further to give Maleon a good-sized gut that clearly showed her living meal.

Once more, Michael glanced at the monitor that gave its crystal clear view of her stomach, seeing his daughter and sister moving about inside amidst the detritus of sauces, lettuce, cheese, and bits of what might have been bread. They both looked so happy where they were, and even embraced once as Jill slipped in.

"Welcome to the stomach, Aunt Jill," Amy said through the attached speakers. "Wasn't it amazing?"

"Incredible. I never knew it would feel so wonderful to be slurped down like a snack! Your Aunt Laura should be along any minute."

Shaking himself from the image, Michael turned to see Maleon rubbing her belly with one claw… and slowly rubbing one of her breasts with the other.

"Mmm, it just feels so good to be filling up on tasty women! And to know how much all of you like to watch me eat," she said with a little wink to where one of the cameras was set up.

The image was so strangely captivating as her gut moved and pulsed gently, the dragoness moaning just a little. Despite the overall situation, Michael's focus zeroed in on the feminine body and the way the half-dragon enjoyed herself and found a hint of arousal in her form.

Then with a grin that he almost thought was meant for him, Maleon turned back to the plate where Laura was watching in awe. The wrapped woman began squirming back and forth again when the dragoness's gaze settled on her. Maleon did not bother with the tongs this time and instead wrapped both her claws around the wrap that contained the struggling Laura. As she lifted the other woman up to her lips, Maleon licked her snout clean of the dressing from her last portion.

"Such delicious wraps with such delicious meat tucked inside," she said while Laura wiggled happily in her grip, "Francis will have to make these again sometime. As for you, be sure you keep up those exercises in my belly, little snack. Will feel so good!"

With that, the dragoness opened wide and stuffed the bound woman head-first into her jaws and began to eat her in "bites". She munched around the wrap, slurping down lettuce, cheese, and croutons, taking the woman at the center just a little further into her mouth each time she had cleaned a section of her and swallowed the ingredients. There were a few giggles from the stomach monitors as food rained down inside, and all the while Laura was laughing as the tongue explored her body and the teeth deftly brushed and cleaned along her skin.

Maleon made loud, exaggerated noises of munching and pleasure as she pushed Laura deeper, chewing away at the salad portion while the woman's head and shoulders worked their way into her throat. The dragoness made relatively quick work of this part of the meal once Laura was half way into her neck, slurping and swallowing ravenously, and pushing with her claws. She made a mess of her muzzle with crumbs, bits of lettuce and globs of dressing before opening her jaws so that a camera could watch the kicking feet disappear down into the back of her maw.

Another couple gulps, and Michael watched her belly grow further, distending out and wiggling around much more with the motions of Laura inside as well as the other two. He did not check the monitor this time, and was instead captivated as the large gut pushed against the table, looking impossibly big and rounded this time. It didn't seem possible that it could hold more, yet when he looked up and saw Maleon licking her claws clean, there was a hungry glint in her eye that said she definitely wanted the next two women to finish out the meal tonight.

"Oooh, this feels so good!" Maleon said to the cameras and slowly licked all the crumbs and drips off of her muzzle. She wiped her face with the large napkin and then took a few moments to run both claws over her belly, showing off the squirming mass to the various camera eyes. Michael knew she was teasing her audience, but he couldn't help the feeling that he was being teased as well.

"I just haven't been this stuffed in a while," she went on, both claws roaming all over the round gut as she spoke to her viewers, "And I can even feel those scrumptious women in here. You can see from a glimpse inside, they're all so pleased to be my dinner, and I love having them all to myself!"

Briefly Michael tore his gaze away from the bloated stomach to look at the interior monitor. The sound had been turned off at some point—probably to avoid interfering with Maleon talking—but he could easily see all three inside. True enough, they were all moving about against the walls of her stomach, Laura the most active, with an expression of utter rapture. He turned his head away quickly before he could completely register what Amy was doing to herself and focused on Maleon.

She was still rubbing her gut and giving a little wink to the camera—to him?—as one claw slipped up to her breast and began fondling it again.

"And you all know what having a full, squirming belly does to me. But I've even got two more amazing courses to go. And I believe the main course is probably about ready. What do you have for me, Francis?" she called towards the kitchen.

In an instant, attendants came from the doors, this time carrying a long silver platter covered with a domed lid. Michael was almost certain he knew who was under that lid, but could not imagine how they might have prepared her, until one of the servants climbed up to remove it with a flourish and step away.

Gwen lay on the platter on her belly, surrounded a garnish of lettuce leaves and radishes. She was not bound or still, but her entire skin somehow looked a shiny golden-brown as she undulated lightly on the plate. His wife sighed and moaned around the apple that was tied to her mouth as a gag, and he recognized those breaths and the expression on her face. He'd seen and heard it enough in their bedroom when everything was going just right.

Maleon openly drooled as she looked down at the woman and inhaled the lightly sweet, tangy aroma coming off of her. Even Michael had to admit that the smell was appetizing while Francis beamed from just behind the dragoness.

"I present your entrée for the evening… Glazed Gwen. We begin with a very willing and appetizing female as a base. Her intense arousal at the mere thought of being served to you adds an interesting musky note to her already pleasant natural flavor. To enhance and offset that, I've applied a honey-apple glaze to add sweet to her savory, and managed a method to bake the glaze appropriately while keeping the Gwen completely alive inside. This has the effect of raising the arousal flavor and allowing the sweetness to permeate her skin and join with it. I believe you will love it, and I recommend starting at the dainty feet and taking your time to nibble your way up, m'lady."

With a bow, Francis returned to the kitchen with all the attendants. Even with the other women filling and bulging it out, Maleon's stomach grumbled long and loud at the sight and smell of Gwen on the platter. His wife squirmed a bit more on display, whimpering in arousal, and Michael found that both the sound of Maleon's hunger and his wife's desire were turning him on. It was the strangest thing he'd ever experienced, and he didn't want it to stop.

Making a slow display of licking her snout all around, Maleon gently traced a claw along Gwen's back from between her shoulders to the small. Gwen shivered all over from the touch, and Maleon took a slow taste of the glaze, sucking it off of her claw tip. Michael felt hard as a rock in his pants watching the whole thing. What minor guilt tried to intrude was blown away by the look of ecstasy on his wife's face. He'd accepted this was what she craved beyond anything, but had no idea how much he'd enjoy watching her fantasy fulfilled.

Reaching down again with a claw, Maleon undid the apple gag, letting the fruit fall to the platter as Gwen took a deep breath. She was still shivering, still whimpering, and Michael knew her well enough to tell that she was trying not to just play with herself on the platter. The dragoness leaned further down and gave Michael's wife a little lick.

"Mmm, you are positively mouthwatering, my dear," the dragoness said in a low, dusky voice, "I'm going to enjoy feeling you slide over my tongue as I swallow you whole, and I think your husband is actually enjoying watching this too."

With a loud whimper, Gwen shook on the bed of lettuce, as if she ached now for some kind of touch. Michael could feel himself throbbing in his pants, while Maleon turned the platter so that his wife's feet were at her lips.

"So if you want to give in and touch yourself, I won't mind. Might make you taste even better… if that's possible."

The half-dragon opened her drool-filled maw and snaked her tongue out. As she slowly began licking at Gwen's glazed feet, Gwen could no longer help herself and reached down to let her fingers stroke her swollen sex. Almost immediately she sighed with a certain amount of relief at not having to hold back, her hands stroking herself and making her gasp as her feet slipped into the dragoness's lips.

Watching his wife's face contort in bliss as the beautiful half-dragon began to slowly consume her, Michael's own hand slipped down to the front of his pants and rubbed the tortured bulge there. Her arousal had always turned him on to some extent, and now as she looked so utterly fulfilled and the dragon's powerful jaws moved and slurped inch by inch up her calves, he could actually understand it.

They were both such a vision as the dragoness began consuming his lovely wife, Maleon's breasts hanging when she leaned down, her round belly rumbling and gurgling, Gwen rubbing one hand at her groin and the other at her breast. Maleon moaned softly around the wet sounds of her muzzle, almost counterpointing Gwen's moans of pleasure as her golden-brown legs slipped just a little more and a little more into the hungry snout. Michael was breathing heavily at truly seeing the beauty of it, with his hand squeezing and rubbing the erection tenting his pants. He couldn't stop as Maleon delicately slurped Gwen in up to her hips.

The dragoness continued to work slowly, her tongue visibly wrapping its way around Gwen's legs and trying to taste every bit of her skin as the woman was pulled further in. Her claws carefully guided Gwen's body upwards and into the waiting mouth, seeming to tease her sensitive, glazed skin. Michael had a clear view when her feet began to slip back into the half-dragon's throat and the tip of Maleon's tongue pushed at his wife's hand between her legs, replacing it and tasting there as well.

Dragon and woman moaned at the same time amidst the hungry slurping sounds as the tongue pulled Gwen deeper into that beautiful maw. The vision, the sounds, the smells, as Maleon utterly savored the love of his life all made Michael lose control. Pleasure shot through his groin and body in spasms while his wife sank deeper and deeper into the jaws of the dragoness, the throat working to pull her down and add her to the collection slowly stewing in Maleon's belly.

As the orgasmic rush ran through him, Michael could feel some of that pull, could at least understand watching a creature such as Maleon consume living meals. He'd never expected to be drawn into the affair like this. It was the most erotic moment of his life as Gwen was sucked in between those sharp teeth and that questing tongue, and he could feel her joy radiating as well.

With the woman's legs in her throat, the dragoness carefully closed her jaws all around Gwen's body, sucking at the flavor of the glaze and her skin. When Michael began to come down from his orgasm—and began to feel a certain embarrassment for the sticky stain on his pants—he saw just her pretty face framed completely in the half-dragon's lips, the rest of Gwen's body trapped inside as Maleon enjoyed her almost like a piece of hard candy. In the moments that he still saw her, his wife's face was contorted into her own orgasmic bliss.

Then with a slow slurp and a loud gulp, the loved face disappeared into Maleon's lips, and Gwen passed down through her throat. The dragoness's belly grew even more, almost looking like a huge bronze globe in front of her. She pushed back from the table and patted that writhing mass, clearly enjoying the movement inside and the way it pushed and poked outward all over. Michael could feel his body reacting to the sight and the movements within the large dragoness, almost trying to grow hard again.

"Oh, dear gods, that was incredible. Such an amazingly succulent morsel, and so delectably lively all the way down. Mmm, I can still feel her moving about in there with all the others. And I haven't felt this stretched in ages! Make a dragon go all… squishy just feeling these live meals rolling around in my belly. And Gwen was one of the best things I've ever tasted, so yummy! Yet, I still have a little room left, and I know there's one more girl in this feast."

On cue, the doors opened again, and the attendants came through. This time Francis led them out carrying another silver platter on which was balanced a large, crystal ice cream dish.

Rhonda was reclining in the huge dish, her body decorated all over in whipped cream and chocolate sauce, clearly appointed in exact proportions so that she did not move in order to avoid disturbing the presentation. Sprinkles, chopped nuts, and bits of brownie had been poured over her and clung to her skin in places, laying atop the whipped cream in others. Her hair was cascading over the edge of the dish and she smiled wide at the dragoness as she was set down.

"And naturally, m'lady," Francis began, "No dinner would be complete without a decadent dessert. To satisfy your sweet tooth tonight, I have a traditional girl sundae. The young lady's natural sweet flavor made her an ideal candidate, and it has been accentuated with all the expected trimmings for you to enjoy. The girl will of course follow your every instruction so that you can enjoy your luscious dessert in any way you choose."

Struggling a bit with her massive belly, Maleon leaned a little closer to the table and looked adoringly at her dessert. Rhonda blushed under the gaze, and the dragoness inhaled deeply, giving a wide smile. With her claws on the table, her muzzle leaned to the dish and Maleon gave Rhonda a lick along the side, tasting all the toppings and making the girl shiver.

"Mmm, such a sweet treat for my dessert. I could always make room for you. But now, how best to enjoy you. Hard to reach the table easily like this." Maleon pondered for a moment, then smiled. "Ah, stand up in that dish my dear.

With a nod and without a word, Rhonda did as she was told and Maleon followed suit and stood in front of the table. Michael did not really want to watch his daughter's naked body, so his eyes were on Maleon's beautiful form, watching her round belly sway and bulge just above the table, with the lovely round breasts perched above.

The dragoness spread her jaws wide and leaned carefully over, slipping them down around Rhonda's tender body. Her tongue slipped out far enough to touch the girl's feet and the bottom of the dish in which she'd been laying, while her lips closed around the tender hips.

She moaned and slurped all around her dessert, sucking at the girl and letting chocolate sauce and whipped cream accumulate on her muzzle. Rhonda's legs shivered outside while Maleon licked all around her body, then positioned her neck and pushed her muzzle down again, taking a small swallow to get the girl in deeper. Another little swallow, and the half-dragon was craned over the table with Rhonda's top half clearly contained in her neck, her lips almost kissing the dish that she came in.

Holding there for several moments, Maleon licked and sucked at her dessert, her tongue occasionally slipping out at Rhonda's feet to pull more of the toppings from the dish into her muzzle. She sighed at the flavors mingling there as she pulled everything she could from the end of her feast, seeming almost reluctant to let it finish.

Finally though, the dragoness lifted her head up with Rhonda's feet wiggling just outside her lips. Her tongue lapped out and slurped them in, and Maleon swallowed, sending another long lump through her stretching neck to descend down her gullet. Michael watched that lump all the way down her chest until it pushed the half-dragon's round belly out even further, making the bulge swell and sag to look bigger than even the dragon herself. He wondered how she could even heft it at this point, but the beautiful creature stood with ease. Unable to resist, he stole a glance at the stomach screen and saw just a writhing mass of the women in his family, tightly compressed against each other. Every time he caught a glimpse of a face, it showed some measure of bliss or joy that made him know everything about this was right.

With a long sigh of pleasure, Maleon licked the rest of the toppings from her muzzle and just stood for a moment, rubbing her claws all over her gorged belly. She looked up at the camera with a happy, glazed over look in her eyes.

"My, my, what a delightful family. And such excellent dinner guests too. I don't think I've ever felt so wonderfully stretched from such a perfect feast."

Staring into the chosen camera, the dragoness began slowly working her belly around, lifting it a little with her claws, then letting it sag. The squirming and movement of her dinner inside increased every time her gut bounced up and down a little, making her moan. Once again, a claw moved to one of her breasts while the other continued to stroke the bronze scales, all the while Maleon giving that sultry, teasing look to the camera.

"Mmm, so yummy in the tummy. And I bet you just wish you were in there with them, don't you?"

The stomach began making its own noises now as it moved with her claws and with the wriggling of the women inside. Stealing another glance at the monitor, Michael could barely make out some of the walls rippling around the squirming mass of the women. They jostled all over each other, trying to stay comfy as the stomach shifted and worked around them. He noticed that they were further coated in the juices of her stomach. The sight would have worried him if all their faces hadn't seemed suffused with the same joy he'd seen before, almost laughing as they were tossed into and over each other by the working of the slimy walls.

The rippling insides all compressed and shivered at the same moment, and he looked back at the dragoness. With both claws on her gut and seeming in a moment of ecstasy, Maleon opened her muzzle and let out a loud, deep belch. There was nothing refined or ladylike in the low, rumbling note that echoed around the chamber to signal her satisfaction, yet the dragoness managed to somehow maintain a sense of feminine elegance. She gave her viewers—and Michael—a good view of her jaws as her gut compressed and outlined all the women for just a moment before slightly expanding again.

With a long sigh, Maleon closed her eyes and smacked her lips, seemingly lost in her own little world for a couple moments. Michael noticed that her stomach had rounded out again just a bit more, probably as she swallowed down some air for her guests.

"Ah, I can still taste them all. Such delicious women, they really did hit the spot," she said, patting the round bulge slowly.

For several more minutes, she just stood for the camera, rubbing her belly and occasionally her chest. It was almost hypnotic to Michael, the way the domed mass swayed and pulsed in front of her and the way her claws moved over her admittedly gorgeous body. She moaned here and there, and for the first time, Michael noticed a heavy, musky scent in the air, cutting through all the lingering aromas of the preparations for Maleon's dinner.

All the while, the half-dragon was lost in her world, her eyes closed and clearly just enjoying the feeling of stretched fullness that came from devouring several humans for dinner. She rubbed and patted wherever she could reach, playing to the future audience but now much more interested in her own pleasure from the squirming, writhing women trapped and getting ready to digest in her gut.

Sighing, the dragoness stopped for a moment to open her eyes and look at the camera. "Well, that's it for tonight I'm afraid. I hope you enjoyed watching me gorge myself on such pretty, yummy fare. Now I'm off to go relax for a while and digest this exquisite dinner. Ta-ta for now, my little morsels. And I hope to see you on my table soon."

With that, Maleon dropped her stage presence. She let out another little moan as she still rubbed her belly, a lighter little belch slipping out before she gulped a little more air. Turning her gaze to Michael, she smiled. "They really were—are—one of the best meals I've ever had. Now, it's up to you. You can leave and drive home now, and I'll still honor all of our contracts. Or… you can come back to my bed chamber and help me digest them, as they'd probably want."

It was hardly a contest at this point. If asked before the whole meal, Michael would have said there was no chance of attending to her. But after what he'd seen, what he'd felt, all he wanted was a little more time with Maleon and a chance to actually touch that beautiful belly. Still, having to stand up, he remembered what happened while she ate Gwen…

Seeing his hesitation, Maleon chuckled while she licked her claws clean. "Don't worry about your pants Michael. As you can tell, I believe there's no shame in pleasure."

The grin she gave him at that moment made nothing else matter. Michael dutifully followed her back through the castle to a large, decorated door of dark wood. As she pulled it open, he saw a huge chamber filled with a gargantuan, plush looking bed and other assorted luxurious surfaces on which the dragoness could rest.

Instead of going for the bed, Maleon walked to a huge pile of cushions in one corner of the chamber and carefully reclined herself, letting her distended round belly rest on the ground in front of her between her legs. It pulsated and wriggled with the women inside, and the dragoness rubbed the top with one claw, beckoning to Michael with the other while her strong scent filled the air.

He needed little encouragement now as he moved to her and began stroking his hands along the smooth scales where she could not reach. He could feel them inside, pressing back out against the stomach walls, and the half-dragon's belly gave a low gurgling when he stroked all along the front of her gut. If asked, Michael would never be able to explain the attraction that blossomed from watching the amazing creature consume most of his family and helping her to digest them alive.

"This feels a little wrong," he said, "Helping this part, knowing that soon enough it'll stop being a fantasy for them."

Maleon chuckled between cooing at his hands on her round gut. "You needn't worry, Michael. I take a little… supplement when leading up to a meal like this. They'll feel no pain at any time, just a pleasant euphoria until they drift on off. Mmm, I like us all to be happy when it gets to this point."

That made Michael smile, and he ran his hands a little lower, being sure to help apply attention all the points that her claws could not get to on the stretched ball of her tummy. He was encouraged with a low groan and rumble from her muzzle as her stomach gurgled under his palms.

"And now, I have another proposition for you, Michael."

"Hmm?" His hands did not stop working along her scales.

"Oooh, you seem pretty good at that. You may recall Reginald, the gentleman who helped draw up the papers by gathering your information. A few days ago, he finally got to live the fulfillment of his ultimate fantasy by becoming a very private, very special lunch in this exact chamber. Oh, yes, right in that spot, that feels amazing! I've been looking into you. You're dedicated, protective, and I understand your current work involves some collection of data?"

Michael nodded as he stroked and put a little extra pressure where she'd called out. "Among some other things, yes."

"Then I would like you to become one of my attendants. You could live with me in the castle, among the other attendants, rather than staying in your empty house." Maleon paused to let out another little satisfied burp. "Ah, that's nice! I assure you, it would be a much happier condition and you would be free to enjoy many amenities… as long as you serve me well."

The idea sounded wonderful in the moment as his body began to lean against her sloshing belly. He could spend his days and nights tending to the beautiful dragon in whatever way she required. But a thought occurred to Michael as he realized such ideas had never occurred to him before today. "You make everyone in your stomach happy until the end. What I'm feeling now… Is that some kind of… what's it called… pheromone or something?"

Maleon looked over her gut at him with a mischievous grin and a lusty twinkle in her eye. "Right now… Does it really matter?"

Shaking his head and smiling, he continued rubbing her huge belly and helping her digest. The stomach gurgled and glorped below her scales, working to make his family part of her. The more he worked, the more it felt so right as the belly moved and pushed back against him. The half-dragon moaned and gradually slid lower on the cushions, her belly pressing into him and forcing him to step back a little before it bowled him over. With every stroke of his hands, the strong smell of what could only be her arousal grew to hang thick in the air around him. Michael inhaled the aroma and felt his body shivering a little.

His arms moving wider, the human slowly pressed his entire body against the dragon's gut, rubbing it and imagining some that Gwen was pressing up against him from inside. He was amazed to find how enraptured he'd become with the huge wriggling bulge and with Maleon herself. He could even feel himself growing hard again as he pressed against the smooth scales. With a voice like honey, she sighed and rumbled at all of his attentions and pushed further down on the cushions. Steadily he was forced back until the dragoness was laying on her back with her belly shifting and swaying above her.

"You can't imagine how this feels, Michael, with the way all your women are still squirming. It's so wonderful, just being so stretched and full," she said. "And if you wouldn't mind, while you consider my offer, there's one other thing that would make this even better…"

Maleon spread her legs wider inch by inch, the scent of her increasing as he moved back just a moment to watch. Her squirming belly tried to spill and tumble in between, but he still caught a glimpse of her large sex, already heaving and moist from being so full and his attention to her sloshing gut.

His logical mind couldn't believe it. His wife and most of his family were stewing in that grand belly bulge, already starting to melt to feed the dragoness, and Michael's only desire was to bring her as much pleasure as possible.

With no one else around, no one to watch or judge, and only the dragoness glancing at him from around the scaled dome with that sultry look, the human began stripping off his clothes, so eager to feel his raw skin pressed against her.

The dragoness smiled and sighed as she watched, Michael no longer worrying about any kind of embarrassment as he inhaled the rich aroma of her arousal.

"Mmm, that's it," she said and stretched herself out on the cushions, "just let yourself go. And service me."

He was back at her belly in an instant, rubbing his naked body against it, actually kissing her scales and moaning as he lost himself in the raw pleasure of the touch. Gone was all thought of what had happened before, even though he could still hear it working away and occasionally sloshing with the living feast inside. He simply wanted to touch the beautiful dragoness and make her feel even better while she digested the women. The fact that her belly was starting to go soft here and there only added to how pleasant it felt.

Listening to Maleon moan, he slipped lower now along her scales, moving to his hands and knees and rubbing up against the underside of her gut. He could see the lips of her sex now, glistening and slightly obscured by the sloshing tummy. Michael wiggled his way under, crawling to reach the source of that intoxicating scent.

The weight pressed down on his back, and he loved every second of it as he peeked between her legs in the dim, shaded light. He'd seen and pleasured his share of women in his day, but never anyone so big as the dragoness. For the first time in a long time, he had a moment of being unsure where to get started as the large labia dripped before him.

Tentatively, he let his hands push forward and gently stroke at the soft, wet lips, almost the same way he'd rubbed her belly. He was rewarded with a wiggle of her body that rubbed the bulk all over his back and a gasping moan from above. Continuing to work with his hands, Michael slowly rubbed up and down her sex. He stroked the areas his tongue might stroke if she were smaller, moaning himself as the scent grew stronger and washed all over him. He couldn't help himself and wanted a taste of her. As his hands worked, he wiggled forward and ran his tongue along the musky surface. His whole body shivered at the taste, and her body wiggled against the cushions and pushed forward at him, the dragoness beginning to grunt as he took another lick of her sweet fluids.

"Oh gods, yes! More! Get something in there, now!"

Obliging her commands, Michael began to push his hands in with the greatest of care, shuddering as they were enveloped in her warmth. All the while his head leaned forward and licked wherever he could reach and find a little of her juices, letting it smear his face and relishing the taste. His arms sank into her up to his elbows, making her groan as he worked to stroke inside her. Pulling in and out of her warm, grasping depths, the human began to get something of a rhythm with the dragoness, slipping in and out in time with her sex grasping and tugging at him. The warmth of her, the taste and the smell, drove his own arousal to make him hard as a rock when he pushed his arms further.

Her belly still swayed atop both of them now, resting on his back and gurgling and sloshing loudly, punctuated by her moans of pleasure as he worked in and out. To feel her so satisfied, so blissful, was the greatest goal he could imagine now. Michael only worried that he was pushing to far or spreading her too much when his arms slipped in with a few thrusts up to his biceps.

"Oh, deeper!" she commanded. "Go deeper! Stretch me more!"

It seemed he needn't have worried. Michael pushed as she commanded, feeling his fingers push into her depths almost to her cervix as his body brushed up against her lips. Still he buried his face wherever he could find her delicious fluids, while trying barely to keep it outside her depths. But the warmth there was so inviting, the taste and feel of it so intoxicating. And each time he tugged at his arms and pushed them back, her sex clamped and pulled a little deeper.

Her pussy wants to gobble me up the way she gobbles up people, he thought for a moment and almost chuckled.

Then with the warmth around him and the erection throbbing at his groin, Michael gave up, took a deep breath, and dove into Maleon's sex.

With a wet schlorp sound, his upper body slipped easily into her, lost in the dark warmth of her center. Muscles clamped down on him and the dragoness squirmed all about, making him only guess that she was loving every second. The sweet juices coated and pressed against his body, the human licking where he could as he worked back and forth with his body to pleasure her. Above him, he could still here the loud workings of her stomach, the sound stronger as he worked back and forth within her, bathing in Maleon's entire essence.

For one of the rare moments in his life, as the heat surrounded and massaged him in her wet sex, Michael felt his own orgasm coming on without any other contact, making his body shudder inside hers as he tried to hold on to his breath. Pleasure flooded through his entire body as he pushed back and forth, working to give the dragoness as much pleasure as he could. In that moment, he knew he was hers as her powerful muscles squeezed him all over and he climaxed hard to the sounds of her digestion and muffled moans.

Michael stayed in and pleasured her for as long as he could, until after several moments, the breath he was holding began to run out and he began to crawl back. Getting out was a struggle with the weight of her belly trying to press down, but as he slipped out of her, the human took a deep breath and managed to work back out from under the loaded gut.

He stood up and ran a hand over her belly, feeling now that it was almost completely soft. Maleon still rubbed it with her claws, making it slosh above her as she breathed heavily and came down from her own intense pleasure. It was clear that while he was down there, he'd given her what she needed, and her digestion was in the next phase.

Stumbling a little from the entire experience, Michael slipped around to her side, propping himself up against her belly. He felt a bit shocked, unable to think as bits of reality came back to him. What he'd just done, what that soft sloshing mass of her gut actually meant, and how it somehow still felt good and right.

He was also sopping wet and felt sticky down over his chest as he felt a claw stroking his hair. Looking up, he saw Maleon giving him a lazy, pleased smile.

"Mmm, that’s what I love about being so full. Intensifies every little pleasure for me. And I could even go for more, but you look a little tired. I can always call another attendant in to give me a little more while you catch your breath."

Dazed, Michael just nodded, not even sure which part he was agreeing with. Guilt was trying to intrude again, but all he could think of was the way Gwen had looked as she was eaten, how she'd gasped and groaned and loved every minute of it. How she'd wanted it so badly and loved him so much for making it happen. Wouldn't she want him to feel good and be happy too?

While he pondered all of it, Maleon moved a curtain at the wall and pressed a button hidden there. "Edmund, send Lance to my bedchamber, please. Tell him that I require extra belly rubbing and further pleasures."

When she had made her order, the claw that could reach him tugged at Michael. Obliging, he moved a little closer. With one claw, she slid him up over her belly until she was able to nestle him against her chest. Letting out a breath, Michael settled himself against the warm pillows of her breasts, already relaxing and feeling oddly safer as she snuggled him against her body.

"So, Michael," she said, grinning when he looked at her, "what do you say to my proposal?"



Michael stood in the corner of the bar's back room in his suit, watching quietly as the negotiations went on. The woman was only offering herself as a meal and was far too desperate. So far she'd talked about wanting the payment to go to an animal rescue charity but wasn't really trying to give them the best deal. Clearly, she wanted to fulfill her fantasy and be remembered well, but at the rate things were going, she wasn't likely to get much of a donation from Maleon. She hadn't even come up with an amusing scenario or a role to play to make the meal more fun for a decadent dragoness.

Still, this Kelly was attractive enough. It would be a delight to watch his mistress consume her as a casual snack, maybe make a few decent pictures for the site to entice people to buy some of the videos. Then he might be chosen to rub her belly and pleasure her that night. She loved to tease him about how no recent meal ever matched up to that night she gobbled up most of his family.

He considered it high praise that she still looked upon it so fondly. Invariably at those times, she'd lick her chops at him, patting her paunch and joking that eventually she'd convince him to sign the consent forms and join them on her hips. But despite almost worshiping the dragoness, Michael still had no desire to be consumed. He just wanted to watch those willing morsels disappear into her jaws, then be allowed to rub her gurgling belly as she digested them.

Besides, he could never leave Penelope completely alone. She was doing so well in college and making him so proud. He wanted to see it all, to be there for every triumph, to help her pick herself up after the few failures. And in his service to Maleon, he could always be there for her, beyond even the amazing contracts they had signed.

Maybe later, when he was much older and nearing the end of his life, he would allow himself to finish up as a gurgling lump in her stomach. But right now, he had too much to live for and enjoy.

The negotiations were over and his mistress had secured the pretty little meal for a mere pittance of a donation in this Kelly's name. Michael tried to control the itch in his pants as he thought of the wiggling bulge in the dragoness's belly that he might get a chance to stroke and please in just a little while. Just as soon as the consent forms were drawn up.

The click of her claw brought him forward.

"Michael, please talk with Ms. Harper and gather the information necessary to draw up a consent form per our discussion here. I expect to have her for dinner in a few days."

Michael did a short bow. "Of course, m'lady. Ma'am, if you will follow me."


The End