Broadway’s Experimental Snack

by the Wolf

Won by Romuva



The dark-hooded figure flew through the open apartment window. The Quarryman lay prone and shaking on the floor of his own living room as Broadway peered in from the fire escape. Eyes still glowing white, the gargoyle stooped and carefully crawled in through the window, wings folded around him. He glared down at the shivering Quarryman backing away from him, emitting a low growl. Forcing himself to calm down, his eyes returning to their normal state, Broadway addressed the frightened figure.

“I’ve warned you punks about this,” he said sternly, turning to close the apartment window. “I’ve told every one of you that I caught and dragged back home. If you didn’t stop, didn’t disband, didn’t leave the group and the city, I’d find a way to punish you.” He turned back, eyes almost boring a hole through where the overweight Quarryman was scrambled into a corner amidst cheap furniture. “And this is the second time I’ve been to this apartment.”

“W-We’ll never give up!” the man said with plenty of conviction, but not much strength to back it. “Not until the city is rid of you. It belongs to humans. Humans first! And as much as you filthy monsters should be eradicated, I know you. I know you have rules about humans and that you can’t do anything to me.”

“Usually,” Broadway said as he advanced on the Quarryman with a smirk. “But over time, I’ve gotten really tired of watching killers or wanna-be killers just walk free to try it again. And you’re a danger to everyone I care about.” Broadway smacked his lips a little, thinking about what was coming soon. “So I’ve found a way to take care of that problem. One that no one ever needs to know about.”

Looming over the Quarryman, the gargoyle reached down to rip off his hood. It revealed a pale, chubby face with thinning brown hair that had already turned half grey. The more Broadway looked at him cowering there, the more the man just looked sort of pathetic. And a little familiar.

Picking up the heavy human by the tight, thick uniform shirt he wore, Broadway looked a little closer at the man and sniffed him. Despite drooling a little already, he was more curious about what was seeming so familiar. “I’ve seen you before, haven’t I?”

“What are you talking about?” the man said struggling, “I don’t get cozy with freaks and monsters.”

“Wait, I know who you are now,” Broadway said, unable to believe the coincidence. “You were part of that group, the one that was obsessed with Angela when the first pictures came out weren’t you?”

“N-No!” the man said, turning a little red, “No, I … never!”

Bringing him closer, Broadway just nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, it’s you. Phillip … something. You were one of those obsessed lunatics that managed to sneak into the castle and wait for her to wake up. Those nutjobs that thought she had to choose one of them or something. I remember when security caught you.”

The man looked away. “No … that wasn’t me.”

“Of course it was, Phillip. You smell the same even. So, seriously? She told all of you she wasn’t interested and you joined up with the psychos trying to kill her? You’re one messed up guy.”

“I was a fool then! I was obsessed with gargoyles, thought they were beautiful, mysterious creatures! But when she sneered at me, at the gifts I brought—that we all brought—the Quarrymen showed me the truth! That you’re all heartless monsters! That you should all be destroyed!”

Rolling his eyes as the man turned even redder, Broadway set him down and began to drag him back away from the small living room, towards the short hall that led to two doors. “Well, Phillip, tonight’s kind of your lucky night. You actually do get to mess around with a gargoyle and see what you missed.”

Checking the doors, Broadway found the one leading to the man’s small bedroom and tossed him in onto the cheap full-sized bed. He followed in swiftly after, blocking any exit, pleased to see that the only small window was closed.

“Wh-What do you mean?” the Quarryman asked as the gargoyle casually bent down and grabbed one of his boots.

Broadway removed the boot and the sock under it, exposing the man’s foot. “Well, Angela and I are together. Have been for a while. And lately we’ve been trying to broaden our horizons around here. We’re actually willing to do … certain things with the right humans. She wants me to try something, but I need to be sure it won’t go wrong.”

The human shivered on the bed, his eyes widening while Broadway let the first foot fall and picked up the other one. He didn’t even have the strength to try and fight back at the moment. “You … You can’t mean…”

Chuckling, the gargoyle pulled of the other boot and tossed it aside, removing the sock underneath and tossing it over his shoulder. “Yup. Angela wants a threesome. That kind of threesome with the right person. So, I think I’m going to see if I can enjoy playing with another male.” Tempted by the exposed skin, Broadway leaned forward and licked the human toes, making him squirm on the bed. “Mmm,” the gargoyle muttered, tongue running over his broad lips.

“N-No. You … monster. You beast! You can’t! I could never taint myself with your kind, and I don’t like men!”

“Well, I don’t wanna waste the chance. Besides,” he said, nodding to the bulge he saw in the man’s pants, “I don’t think all of you disagrees.”

The pale man blushed bright red then, trying to wriggle away into a corner of the bed. “I’ll … I’ll quit the Quarrymen tomorrow. I’ll leave town; just let me go.”

“Afraid not,” the gargoyle said as he stood up, his tail swaying slowly behind him. He reached for the man and dragged him forward, ripping the Quarrymen shirt in the process. “I’ve already warned you before. And this isn’t even your punishment. This is just opportunity knocking for me.”

As he tore the man’s shirt away from his body, a compressed layer of flab fell out and around the human, revealing Phillip’s ponderous, jiggling gut on the bed. Broadway looked at the shirt that had managed to hold it in and make the man look merely overweight, then shrugged and tossed it aside as well, turning his eyes back to his captive. As he looked over the obese man, Broadways own wide belly grumbled, and he licked his lips again.

“Hmm, you’re gonna be a big one. Sounds good to me!” the gargoyle said with a pat to his gut.

He leaned forward, reaching for the human’s arms to drag him up to standing, and the Quarryman shuddered as he was pulled to his feet. “Wh-What? What are you g-going to do?”

Pulling Phillip’s arms out, Broadway moved his tail around, carefully wrapping the end around the human’s wrists and holding them together. As the tail began to hoist the man’s arms up, Broadway’s wings opened and compressed against his back for a better position. “Well, you have to understand. All my life, I’m always hungry. No matter how much I eat, I just can’t get satisfied.” His claws gripped the waistband of the man’s pants, pushing up under the human’s hanging gut to reach. Broadway thought for a moment as his tail held Phillip’s arms up, then he snuck his palm down to fell at the still thick bulge at the human’s groin. He rubbed gently at the somewhat hard patch, feeling it react to his touch and grow, though certainly smaller than his own. “Huh, that’s not so bad. I bet I could get used to something like that.” Looking back up at the human’s anxious, confused face, he grinned and gripped the waistband again. “Anyway, a while ago, I finally found something that’ll at least keep me feeling full for the rest of the night.” He got a good grip and pulled the human’s pants off, tearing them at the seam and revealing only a tight pair of briefs left, framing the swollen package. “So once I’m done messing around with you and seeing if I can really do this—” his tail lifted the human up just a little off the ground by his wrists and Broadway patted his rumbling stomach “—it’s down the hatch.”

 “What? You can’t! I’ll … I’ll scream of help! Someone will hear!”

Broadway just chuckled and shook his head while he reached his hand down again and fondled the human’s bulge. “In this neighborhood? I’ve learned a few things about this city in the last few years. They’ll just turn up their TVs.”

Phillip only whimpered in response. Leaning forward, the gargoyle to a slow lick of the human’s face while letting his palm slowly stroke the growing member through the cotton underwear. “Mmm,” he moaned and took another lick. He wasn’t sure what exactly was causing it, but the human was slowly growing more aroused even as he shivered and wobbled his flabby belly before Broadway. Carefully, the gargoyle pulled the tight underwear away and down, allowing a mostly hard erection to spring out.

“Huh,” he said as he pulled the briefs the rest of the way down, settling Phillip back on the bed for a moment. He pushed the human back and let his hand return to the bare, jutting cock, stroking it slowly and getting used to the feel of it. “That’s … not bad. Maybe I could actually have some fun with that.”

Laid back on the bed, his wrists still tied together by the tail, the Quarryman just gasped and whined, clearly enjoying the stroking and trying not to. “Please … I’ll do whatever you want now. Just don’t eat me.”

Broadway moved forward, slowly running his tongue up the skin of the man’s soft, fat gut while he stroked him almost the way he stroked himself. “I don’t know, you’re pretty tasty. So plump too, bet you’ll be really filling.” He gave another lick to the human’s belly, letting his tongue swirl around the large navel as Phillip shuddered on the bed. Broadway could already feel his own member growing under his loincloth as he teased the human. “Tell you what though. Maybe if this feels good enough, I’ll let you go.”

Still whimpering, the hapless Quarryman nodded, settling onto the bed and relaxing a little at having a chance to make it out alive. Perched over him, Broadway ran his tongue up and down the soft mass of flesh at the human’s midsection, sometimes tickling and making little jolts, other times just slowly tasting and teasing the man’s bellybutton. As he continued to rub the cock in his hand, Broadway felt his own erection continuing to grow, enjoying not only the taste, but the feel of male before him. He shifted his loincloth to the side with his off hand, stroking his own arousal as soon as he could reach it. The gargoyle truly was enjoying the feel of the male human’s body, and knew he probably would enjoy it even more with someone he cared about or who was honest about what they wanted.

Lapping at the Quarryman’s belly, Broadway slowly knelt down further, actually taking a good look at the other male’s anatomy. It was smaller than his, or any other gargoyle’s he’d happened to notice, but it still held a certain appeal that he hadn’t recognized until he really thought about it. And with what he and Angela had already done, he grinned to himself.

“Well, guess I better do a real taste test.”

Opening his mouth slowly, nervously, Broadway took a long slowly lick of the human cock before him, letting his tongue wash over the base and tip. He heard Phillip actually moan as he tasted it and gave it a few more licks, even putting it in his mouth carefully. The human whimpered and shook on the bed, but no longer sounded quite as fearful as the belly fat wobbled in Broadway’s face. With the hard meat in his mouth, and his tongue pushing out against the human’s balls, Broadway actually felt his own erection surging while he held it. He had no doubt now that he would be able to play with just about any other male Angela might actually be interested in.

He pulled the hard member out of his lips and stood back up, standing erect as he looked over the human. Phillip was panting on the bed and looked up at the gargoyle, his own hands instinctively going to rub at his own erection when the stimulation stopped for a moment. The man was just starting at Broadway, confusion and need in his eyes.

“Wh-What? Why did you stop?”

“I thought you didn’t like monsters,” Broadway said, letting the human see him stroking his own large, hard member.

“Please,” Phillip gasped, barely able to speak, “keep going.”

Smirking, the gargoyle let his tale slip away from the human’s wrists, then climbed on top of him, pinning him to the bed. As Broadway’s own weight compressed the soft, yielding frame of the human, their cocks touched, tip-to-tip. The former Quarryman’s head tipped back and he moaned loudly, held down to the bed and writhing, still occasionally whimpering in confusion as Broadway began to stroke them together.

A wave of pleasure washed through the gargoyle as the tip of his penis rubbed against the other male’s. It wasn’t that it was better than anything he and Angela had done, just that it was … completely new. A fresh form of physical bliss as his cock stroked itself against the human’s and in his claw. As he pressed down on Phillip, Broadway felt his member also rub up against the flesh of that large, delicious belly he’d tasted. And that was it.

Broadway came, gasping and panting, overtop of the human, and as the warm spunk washed over both their privates, Phillip followed soon after. The human groaned and cried out, his climax joining in some time with the gargoyles and spraying over both of them. They both began to taper off from the surprising moment of pleasure, Broadway draped over the man’s soft body as the bed creaked in protest.

“Wow … that was actually pretty good,” Broadway said. His stomach grumbled, and he licked his lips slowly, drooling over Phillip’s face. “And now it’s time for supper.”

The human’s eyes shot open. “What? But you said—”

“Maybe. I said maybe. But I’m still just so hungry. And fooling around always gives me the munchies.” Settling his own weight, Broadway poked the side of the man’s belly as he gave his face another lick. “Besides, I couldn’t turn down such a big, fat meal like you.”

Broadway began to stand up, wings fluttering in excitement as he used his claws on the human’s arms to lift him up as well. Phillip struggled and squirmed, trying to break free, but the gargoyle just pinned his arms to his side and held him tight above the floor.

“Please,” the man begged once more, his fat cheeks wobbling in rhythm with his belly as he shook. “I’d be yours. You could do what you want with me, especially if you share me with her. I see I was wrong; I made a mistake. Just … let me make it up to you beautiful creatures now.”

“Nah,” Broadway said with a shake of his head. “Guy like you is so messed up, we could never trust you anyway. You’re better off just filling my belly.”

Even as the human tried to protest and struggled and kicked some more, Broadway just stretched his square jaw open and shoved the man’s head inside. It was easy once he’d realized he could actually take a human whole in a few gulps. His tongue licked all over the face while Phillip thrashed and sputtered inside, then guiding with his claws, he opened up and took his first swallow, shoving the large human into his throat.

The wide, obese body was proving a bit more of a challenge then usual as the shoulders and chest stretched Broadway’s cheeks and made him actually work to hold the wriggling man up. Still, the gargoyle knew he could get him down. He’d already eaten a few well-muscled muggers and one somewhat rotund serial rapist in the past. With a little effort, this Quarryman loser would be just another meal. Shoving with his claws, he stretched, slurped, and gulped again, expanding out his neck and lips to that large gut.

Shifting his claws to hold the man meal up by his belly, Broadway began pushing and working it into his maw inch by inch while he took little audible gulps and forced the human deeper. His jaws worked and compressed the fat belly against the man almost the way his tight shirt had, pushing it around him and allowing Broadway to continue his writhing dinner. All the while, the ravenous gargoyle lapped at the delicious skin, loving the taste of the belly and the way it just made the meal squirm more with each tickling lick. His teeth chewed and munched gently at the pliant fat on the man, never breaking skin, but working and kneading it to help push it down his throat along with Phillip’s body.

Soon, with a lot of shoving and working from his claws and his jaws, Broadway was reaching the underside of the belly. As his tongue rubbed against the salty, sticky coating bathing it, he realized this was the load he and the human had sprayed and that he’d never tasted another male’s cum before. He had to admit that it wasn’t bad at all, almost sensual as his terrified supper still kicked and wriggled. With the human’s head already pushing into his rumbling stomach and the legs hanging out of his mouth, Broadway realized he would have to explore this another time.

His claws gripped Phillip’s calves, and the gargoyle swallowed hungrily, pushing the legs further in and matching time with each gulp, eager to feel the man completely trapped in his stomach. Thighs and knees moved past his lips as the fat midsection steadily oozed its way down his gullet towards his stomach, pushed by peristaltic motions. The man’s kicking and struggling were growing less impressive as he was sucked into the skintight hug that stretched Broadway’s neck and chest with his mass.

Tipping his head up with just the last of the legs outside, Broadway moved his claws to the human’s feet and pushed down as he slowly sucked the rest of Phillip inside. The feet kicked and wiggled as they slid past his lips and the gargoyle sealed his mouth shut. While he munched and licked around the last tasty mouthful, Broadway’s hands went down to his already growing belly. The human’s gut had slipped through the opening to deposit most of his mass into the gargoyle’s stomach, and Broadway stood for a moment, delighting in the feeling of his already tubby gut expanding to be mostly full while the last taste of his supper lingered in his mouth.

Finally, he made the last loud swallow and sent the rest of Phillip to curl up and swell his gut. The Quarryman kicked and thrashed for all he was worth inside, but he was not worth that much. Broadway just stroked his huge, rounded belly with both claws, enjoying the little bulges and bumps that the human made with his furious struggles inside.

“Mmm, delicious,” Broadway said just before a little belch escaped and his hand went instinctively to his mouth. “Nothing like a full, satisfied tummy.”

His stomach was already starting to gurgle and roll the squirming man around inside while Broadway used one claw to pat it gently and the other to reach into the pouch he wore on his belt.

The new phones were a handy way to keep in contact. He pulled his out as he continued to enjoy his lively feast send a text to Angela.

Hey, you there? Just wanted to let you know, I think we can do that thing you wanted. Guys would be ok.

He waited just a few moments before the phone buzzed with her response: Great! Just had a session with a lady gargroupie. We had fuuuuun.

Broadway thought of that and grinned. Just the picture it painted in his head was giving him a bit of pleasant feeling downstairs. And that certainly wasn’t hurt by the way his meal was still moving around in his huge belly, or the way his hand felt on it. He thought how amazing it would feel if Angela were rubbing it for him, or doing a number of other things while someone who deserved it squirmed in his gut. He sent another text.

That’s great news. Think there’s also something else I want to try out soon…