the Wolf

Commissioned by Conn


Conn stretched as he headed to the outer door of the cabin, still trying to wake up in the late afternoon. The two-story dwelling sat at the center of what the dark-furred wolf now considered to be his woods. No one objected to his claiming the territory for his own. At least not since the cabin’s previous owners and the few squatters that tried to stay in the area had digested in his belly. That had pretty much sealed his deed to the land. He gave a little yawn and barely fixed the shock of red hair sticking up from his head, teasing it into something presentable.

As he opened the door to step out into the sun, he could feel his stomach rumbling. That hiker he’d swallowed a few days ago was long gone by now, and while he’d been able to find some things in the woods to sate his hunger, Conn knew what he really wanted. Something soft, tasty, and wriggling. A good, fulfilling meal. He scratched his belly idly just thinking about it, but wasn’t sure where to find it today. The wolf didn’t really feel like slipping on clothes and going into town though. There had to be some way to find what he was looking for, he could just feel it. Something told him what he wanted had to be close by.

“Don’t move…” said a light, shaky voice to his left.

Feeling an eyebrow raise, Conn slowly turned his head to the sound of the voice to see an arrow pointed at him from just about two feet away. No stranger to weapons facing his general direction, Conn looked past the sharpened point to the brunette slip of a thing shifting her legs behind it.

The girl’s hair fell down either side her petite, pale face in flowing, curly locks that reached just to her shoulders. Skinny and small, she wore a pink skintight top that held her pert breasts in place, clearly designed for movement. Below her exposed belly, a black pleated skirt barely covered her hips, and Conn swore he caught a glimpse of her white panties as it moved with her shaky stance. His eyes glanced up and down her body, admiring the creamy, smooth skin of her legs, noticing the simple sandals she wore and idly wondering just how cute her feet were inside. The wolf was definitely curious as to just why this little thing was pointing an arrow at him after he’d just woken, but his strongest thought was to his grumbling stomach.

Mmm… breakfast.

The too-large composite bow was drawn back full and giving her some difficulty holding herself steady. Conn was less worried about her being an accurate shot than he was about her accidentally losing control of the bow. Especially when she was at such close range. So he slowly turned the rest of his body with his hands raised, concealing as best he could that he was slipping slightly closer.

“Um… okay. What’s this about?”

“There’s a price on your head,” the girl said, her voice squeaking a little, “And I found you first, so I’m taking you in and collecting.”

Conn tried not to chuckle. “So you’re a bounty hunter. Are you serious? Do you even know how to use that thing? You’re what… sixteen?”

She tossed her hair haughtily and seemed to gain just a little more control of the bow. “Nineteen. And my trainers feel I’m advanced beyond my age.” Her face fell a bit as she seemed to realize how that sounded.

“Trainers? Oh, you’re not even full-fledged yet. Well, something that maybe your trainers missed…” Conn darted to his left away from the cabin and forward. The girl jumped at his movement and the arrow left her bow, sailing wide of where he had been. With another bound he was on her, twisting the bow out of her hand as she tried to reach for another arrow from the quiver at her back. The girl squeaked and tried to back away as his arms pulled her in, one paw holding the small of her back firmly. “… You usually want a little more range with a bow. Far too close.”

Her eyes wide, the girl shivered as Conn carefully slipped the quiver off of her shoulder and over her head, dropping it to the side of the house. He’d add it to the small collection of discarded weapons in the basement in just a bit. The wolf grinned as he inhaled deeply, his senses awakening fully at the soft, delicious smell of her. He could feel himself drooling, and the rumbling in his gut grew worse. But first he needed answers.

His paw stroked lightly through the hair of the shivering girl, “So what’s your name?”


“Your name, girl. Who are you, little bounty hunter?”

“D-Dawn,” the girl managed to get out, “Dawn Winters”

The way she shook in his arms, the rising smell of her, it all whet Conn’s appetite. One of his paws began tugging at the tight top, pulling it up along her back. “Well, Dawn, you smell pretty tasty. But maybe if you can tell me something else, I can resist the urge to just gobble you up right here.” The girl let out another little squeal. “Who sent you all after me? Who offered the bounty?”

“I… I don’t know…”

Conn let out a little sigh, then loudly licked his chops. “Oh well, I’ll find out some other way. I am soooo hungry!”

As one arm held her struggling form, the other paw pulled at her top, forcing her arms over her head as he yanked it up. She squirmed frantically in his grip, naked from the waist up as he pulled the small swathe of elastic fabric away from her hair and cast it aside.

“I swear, I don’t know!” Dawn shouted, “My trainers told me about it! That there was a good bounty here. And they could be here at any moment; they’re both in the woods too. You don’t want to know what they’ll do to you if…”

The wolf stopped her with a long lick of the girl’s face. He closed his eyes to take in the whole flavor of her. Mmm, delicious. I hope your trainers are just as tasty.”

Dawn struggled, unable to break the renewed grip of his arms as he licked her cheek again. “Um… they might be. Maybe you should just… let me go so you have room for them. Or I could help you…”

Conn leaned back and looked at her for a moment, tilting his head from side to side. “Hmm, the company might not be too bad, from a pretty little thing like you. But I do have to warn you about one other thing your trainers didn’t tell you.”

A hopeful look crossed Dawn’s face. “Wh-What’s that?”

Conn licked his lips once more, the lingering taste of her making drool drip from his teeth and tongue. “Never try to bribe a wolf before breakfast!”

Grabbing her arms and pressing them to her sides, Conn lifted the small brunette easily as she panicked and struggled in his grip. Dawn uttered another high-pitched squeal as the wolf opened his jaws and stuffed her head inside, her legs kicking and tossing the simple sandals off her dainty feet. As the savory flavor of her skin hit him full-force and her hair tickled the roof of his mouth, Conn realized just how ravenous he was for a live female meal. His stomach grumbled its approval as he licked her face, eagerly awaiting being full once again with a squirming girl.

A swallow pulled her head down into his throat, bulging his neck while his paws tried to force her further in, getting her shoulders already past his cheeks. The girl writhed and kicked as drool ran down her back, her legs now exposing the white panties under her short skirt with each movement. In another greedy gulp, Conn’s tongue was lapping at her supple, plump breasts as her wiggling arms stretched his jaws. The wolf moaned in bliss as he felt her slipping into his gullet, barely making out all her little squeaks, making her sound almost like a mouse. But this morsel was far tastier as his tongue slipped out to tease her smooth, flat belly, making her wriggle even more inside.

Lifting her up just a little higher, Conn worked his jaws steadily down her arms and belly to let her slide further down into his chest. He could feel that wonderful stretching and movement within as every little tickle of his tongue along her delicious skin brought forth another little wiggle or squirm. As Dawn slipped down to her waist in his maw, the wolf tipped his head up even further, his paws slipping to the skirt that was trying to fall over his muzzle. He tore the black cloth away, leaving only the flimsy white panties underneath as he held his pace a moment, nibbling and sucking at the girl’s soft skin. She was really one of the best meals he’d had in a while.

Within the wolf, Dawn was trapped in hot, slimy darkness, her whole body squeezed tight and slipping downwards towards the loud rumbling just ahead. She couldn’t believe it as she felt herself being undressed completely. Not even twenty years of life, just starting her training as a bounty hunter and adventurer, and now all she would amount to was breakfast for a hungry wolf. She whimpered as she realized that soon enough she’d be deposited in his stomach. She probably wouldn’t even be remembered; by the end of the day, he wouldn’t even recall her name. And even if Melanie and Zula caught up with him, by then she’d probably be nothing more than a belch in the conversation. She whimpered and struggled again when she felt herself being squeezed deeper inside. He face pressed against a tightly sealed opening, and even though she knew it was of no use, Dawn struggled even more ferociously against the clinging, fleshy walls.

Hooking the lace top, Conn pushed the panties down off of her slender hips and buttocks and up her legs to the girl’s ankles. He left them there for the moment, letting them tie the ankles somewhat together and finding it amusing as she tried to kick again. They allowed her just the right movement to be able to squirm on the way down without being a nuisance. The wolf opened his muzzle as he swallowed again, pulling her hips into his jaws and feeling her head push into his stomach. As that ravenous, empty feeling slowly started to make way to a certain half-fulfilled state, Conn moaned around his meal. His tongue lazily slipped between her legs and pressed down towards his throat as she slipped just a little deeper. This girl really was absolutely delectable all over, and the taste of her there got her body moving and squirming again. It would be a shame to enjoy her just once.

Still, even as the hunger began to fade, his stomach demanded more as it rippled around her head and entering shoulders. It had been a little too long and Conn sucked down those smooth thighs a little too quickly as he worked to fill his belly. He could feel Dawn being forced to curl up inside as his gut swelled out, and soon he found himself all the way up to her ankles from his famished feeding.

He reached a paw up and plucked the panties off of her feet to toss them aside with the rest of her clothes. The wolf managed to hold on for just a few moments to watch the cute little duo wiggle and wag just outside his muzzle lips. He noticed for the first time the pink nail polish that matched the color of Dawn’s top as the adorable little toes curled and uncurled as if trying to get purchase on something. He had to have her all the way inside, it had been too long since that complete satisfaction.

Loudly, he sucked each little painted toe in, nibbling for just a moment before a final gulp pushed them down his throat and inside his gullet. His steadily rounding gut swelled further as the squirming girl was pushed completely in, sealed up deep within him. His tongue lolled out of his muzzle for a moment as he felt her squirming around, both paws rubbing his bloated belly and occasionally feeling a bit of her leg here, the imprint of her hand there.

“My god, Dawn,” he moaned as he almost hugged her in his gut. “You really hit the spot today. Such a delicious girl, I think I might have to keep you for a while and decide what to do with you. Mmm, I definitely needed that.”

Conn swallowed some fresh air for the girl and turned off his digestion for the time being. Such a succulent treat, he’d hate to waste her on one simple meal. Looking around he gathered up the clothes and the bow and arrows to take inside. He could lock them up with the rest of the stuff then head out. His belly jiggled nicely from Dawn’s movements as he put everything away.

Ahh, now I think we should see if we can find your friends, maybe get some answers there,” he said, giving his gut a light pat, “And here’s hoping they’ll make a nice lunch.”



Dawn had mostly settled down and seemed to be just resting in his belly as Conn wandered through the forest in the evening light. She was still up and awake, he could feel that and had seen to it by belching and swallowing a bit of air now and then. With the pleasant bulge in his gut, the wolf wasn’t feeling hungry, but was starting to feel just a little bit of fatigue. He hoped he’d run into one of the others soon to stave things off, otherwise he might not be able to resist letting his body go to work on the tender girl inside.

He was still trying to sniff out anyone at all in the woods when Conn barely heard a rustling in one of the trees above. He dodged out of the way, causing his stomach to jostle about, just as the woman dropped out of the branches with a war cry and buried her spear where his foot had been. Crouched on the ground, she looked up at him, her eyes flashing wildly as the wolf took in the odd sight of her.

Without a stitch of clothing on, the woman’s tanned skin was only covered in stripes of some fruit-based body paint that had masked her scent. Her frame was lithe and strong, but not overly muscled or built up, her jet black hair tied up almost in a top knot. As she stood, her large-nippled breasts hung pointed before her with a stripe painted from each one to her shoulders, and she was almost as tall as Conn’s nose. A rare thing in his experience. In the hand that hadn’t driven the spear into the ground, she held some sort of net that hung just by her feet, and the wolf noticed that on each of her fingernails and toenails was a bit of a white polish in the shape of an animal claw.

Wow… Conn thought, Now this will be filling!

“Beast is clever,” she said in a deep, accented voice. “But no beast escapes from Zula!”

Oh great, one of these. Conn raised his eyebrows. “Yeah, I’m sure, but plenty of people have tried to kill me. You can guess what happened to them.” Conn grinned to her as his paw idly stroked the side of his belly.

“Not try to kill,” Zula said, with her own grin as her body poised for battle, “Beast worth so much more alive.”

Conn simply stood nonchalantly, his body ready to move. “You know, properly learning the language won’t make people think you’re any less tough.”

Zula’s only response was a sudden whip of the arm holding the net. Conn had to give her credit, the wild woman was fast. Still, he’d been waiting and immediately began to dodge to the side… only to stumble as Dawn chose that moment wiggle around in his stomach again.

As the net managed to wrap around his body, Conn wondered if his breakfast had somehow timed that movement perfectly or if it had just been an unfortunate coincidence. It was moot though as something in the net whipped tight around his arms and legs and latched in the back, holding him completely encased in the vice-like grip of the strong fibers.

Oh how ironic, Conn had a moment to think as the momentum of his own movement tumbled him over on his side. I hate irony.

Zula pumped her fist in the air in triumph. “Ha! Now beast sees! Beast ate too much and was slow.” She walked around in front of him, gloating over him. “Now Zula take beast back to tavern and collect bounty. Beat Melanie in contest!”

Tavern. Melanie. A few more pieces, now if I could just get out of this net… But as he moved and struggled, the wolf found that it was an amazing bit of engineering that held him fast on the ground, wiggling like a worm.

Zula’s laughter at his movements annoyed him to no end, as did the fact that her plump toes with their little white symbols mocked him just out of reach as she stood over him. He was beginning to drool as he looked at her feet and finally got a nose full of her musky scent. If he could only reach them…

Then he had an idea. Remembering the passion in Zula’s eyes when she first missed him, the general tone of her movements, he thought he knew a way to get her closer. Worth the try.

Stopping his struggles, he looked up at her casually, “Wouldn’t you like to know what I ate that made me so slow?”

Her dark eyes shined as she sneered down at him, “Zula should care? Beast is prisoner now.”

“I just figured you might know a little bounty hunter by the name of Dawn,” he said, then licked his chops for emphasis.

Zula’s mocking tone began to fade just a little. “You see Dawn today?”

“I suppose you could say that,” Conn said with a twinkle in his eye, “Because I had Dawn for breakfast. Huh. I kinda like the sound of that. Yup, she was the perfect way to start my day.”

The wild woman looked more fierce now. “Beast lies! Dawn not get caught!”

“Little brunette got caught easily really. I ate her all up whole for breakfast. Gobbled her right down and she was yummy in the tummy!” He pushed his belly out against the net. “And this is all that’s left. She squirmed really nice when I digested her!”

For a moment the wolf thought he might be laying it on a little thick and hoped that Dawn wouldn’t pick just the wrong moment to move again and give him away. But with the way Zula was glaring into his eyes and the furious heaving of her breath, Conn figured she was just about where he wanted her. The woman was almost growling.

More irony, Conn thought as he decided to go for broke. Perfectly pushing Dawn’s voice out his throat, he whimpered and squeaked. “Oh god, oh god it burns! I’m melting, melting! What a world, now I’m just food for a hungry… beast!”

The wolf felt ridiculous, but the desired effect had been reached. Zula gave a feral cry of rage and gave him a couple kicks to the chest that he took in stride. He just had to hope she’d go for the logical target.

Zula knock beast’s teeth in!” she wailed as she drew her foot back for a powerful kick.

Waiting for just the right moment, Conn opened up wide just as her foot was almost to his muzzle. He’d positioned just right and the whole thing went halfway down his throat. As he clamped his jaws firmly on the ankle, he swept his head as much as he could, tipping Zula off balance. The wild woman toppled over in a heap next to him, her other foot thankfully close by.

Without a second to lose, Conn opened up and let the one foot slip out for a moment just to glom down on all ten toes and get a good grip on both of Zula’s feet. His tongue went to work tasting the musky flavor and tickling lightly as the toes wiggled in his mouth. The sensations managed to distract the amazon just as she was trying to get up, and Conn tipped himself slightly and slipped his way forward, lapping and sucking her curling toes into his throat. As her feet were pulled into the back of his muzzle, he let his teeth clamp lightly on her ankles.

Ah, jackpot! Lunchtime!

Zula struggled ferociously as the wolf swallowed again, Conn knowing he had to get her deep enough that she couldn’t somehow try to force her way out. Her feet kicking in his throat was somewhat pleasant as he sucked and gulped, working to push them far enough so that her legs were truly trapped, tugging her a little and breaking her balance each time she tried to sit up. Her calves sank into his throat, and Conn wiggled on the ground and stretched his jaws forward like a snake, gobbling down more of the wild woman. His tongue teased the back of her knees, making Zula spasm a little on the ground and in his gullet as he got his first real taste of her. Not quite as delectable as Dawn, but certainly tasty with a robust flavor that filled his senses.

The wild woman clawed at the ground as Conn inched his way up her toned legs. “No! No! Zula not go this way!”

Zula go right into my stomach, he thought, Yum!

As he ate his way up to her thighs, Conn got another pleasant surprise while she writhed on the ground. His tongue ran across one of the stripes of war paint to find that whatever she had used actually had just a slightly sweet, tangy flavor. The stuff was like the perfect sauce on an already wonderful steak, and the wolf moaned around his lunch as he took another swallow, almost reaching the hips and tight buttocks of the woman.

As her hands came into range, Zula tried to land several blows, but with her position they fell lightly against his muzzle and ears. More of a nuisance than anything else as her rump slipped into his jaws and his tongue quested for more of the extra flavor along her skin, enjoying the mingling taste of bare flesh and the light zip when he caught one of the painted stripes.

Conn’s belly swelled just a little more as he gobbled his way up her hips and her feet slipped into his stomach with Dawn. He could feel the smaller girl squirming once more as her tight confines were invaded by Zula’s feet and legs pushing in with her. The fibers of the net were biting a little into the wolf’s skin now, but that fit what he hoped would happen.

C’mon little morsel, squirm just right, he willed Dawn. And you too, stomach, I’ve got a job for you once this meaty lunch gets inside.

Zula was actually trying to grab his ears now as he gulped and glommed his way up her belly, as if that would somehow keep her from sliding any deeper. She was a strong woman, but Conn had faced tougher meals in his time. His tongue teased along the defined back of her, finding many more opportunities to enjoy those flavorful stripes and how perfectly they melded with the taste of her skin. The wolf’s eyes closed for a moment as he reveled in the feeling of tasting and swallowing her, Zula’s struggles never letting up. He could feel Dawn wriggling as well, probably trying to avoid getting kicked and felt something beginning to loosen in the net. His nose slipped up between the pendulous breasts slowly as he sucked at her skin with little smacking sounds of satisfaction.

Then Zula did the unexpected. “Help! Melanie help Zula!”

Damn, hope the other one’s not too close. Better speed this along, get that mouth covered.

Opening wide as he could, Conn pushed forward and sucked her chest down, pressing the large breasts into his cheeks as his maw worked up just under her arms. As Zula drew in breath again, Conn forced a mighty swallow, spreading his neck wide with her entire chest and just barely managing to muffle her lips with the roof of his mouth. Her legs were slipping more into his stomach now, his gut pushing hard against the net while the wild woman tried to whip her head and uncover her mouth. Conn’s tongue guided her just a little further down to keep her whole face pressed into his palate, the woman’s topknot of hair just sticking out of his muzzle with her arms.

That’s it… just a few more inches…

The wolf worked his throat muscles almost to the limit now, swallowing hard and feeling the pressure in his chest as the mounds of her breasts slipped into his gullet. Zula’s head worked its way into his throat and more of her legs and hips made their way into his stomach, stretching his belly just a little further. Finally as he took another gulp around her, he heard a twang sound as something snapped in the fasteners of the net and the grip of it loosened.

That was all Conn needed as with another swallow, more of the net gave way, allowing him to roll out of it and onto his back. His gut pushed up above him, Zula and Dawn both trapped inside and only the wild woman’s hands sticking out of his jaws now. Working his tongue all around, he slurped them down one painted finger at a time, devouring Zula completely as the rest of her made the tight trip into his stomach. He lay back for a moment and rubbed the stretched furry skin as she thrashed furiously inside, idly wondering how Dawn was doing trapped with such a tornado of activity. But it didn’t really matter that much as he was full and happy.

Ahhh!” he let out as he patted the huge, roiling mound of his gut, “You may have tied my arms and legs, but nothing beats my belly!”

Temptation was strong to just settle back and let his stomach start working, just digest the whole meal lying on the cooling grass of the forest floor. Yet, Conn knew he couldn’t just give in. For one thing, this Melanie might be along shortly after Zula’s cries, he needed some time to plan for her. It was a good bet she was the brains of the operation. Also he still wasn’t sure what to do about Dawn. Truly tasty, and something that cute… he should keep his options open.

With extreme effort, he picked himself up. His belly sloshed and bounced the two inside around as he made it upright and started walking. The wolf needed to just make it to a different part of the woods and a few hours to prepare. As bloated at he was now, there was no way he wanted to try a face off with this Melanie. His experience with Zula’s net had told him enough on that score. Conn knew his own territory though, and he thought he had a good way to meet Melanie on his terms and get some real answers.



Melanie slowly moved through the woods, her rifle in her hands as the sun sank in the west. A few hours ago, she’d heard Zula screaming for help, but when she got there she’d only found a disturbed area of grass, an empty net and her companion’s spear stuck in the ground. It didn’t look good, but at least there had been no blood. She’d seen some heavy animal tracks leading away, but they’d led in circles and loops. Clever beast.

The sandy brown button-up shirt clung tightly to her body, its short sleeves rolled up almost to her shoulder as she stalked the woods. Her dark brown shorts barely even touched her thighs and she could feel the air cooling against her legs as the day was drawing to a close. The boots she could walk in all day, and had as she tried to find her quarry. Straight blond hair hung down to her shoulder behind her ears, cut so that it would stay out of her ever-alert blue eyes. 

“Melanie! Melanie help!”

It was Zula’s voice again, coming from the west. She’d turned and hustled towards the sound. So the beast had merely dragged her off to toy with her, and she’d somehow regained her voice. That was good. Maybe Melanie could sneak up on it.

“Oh, help, help! Melanie, help, he’s going to eat us!”

Her pace quickened as she tried to shield her eyes against the sun. That was Dawn’s voice. Little Dawn being in danger was almost too much; she knew the young trainee wasn’t yet ready for a contest like this. But she had been so insistent. Now Melanie raced towards the sound of the voices and in the distance between the trees, she could see a distorted shadow. A bloated body and long limbs that could only be the beast. She raised her rifle, heedless of the fact that it would be worthless if killed. If she could just wound it, that would be fine, but if it came to protecting the others, she’d put a round in its head. Before she could squeeze off a shot, it stepped behind a tree, the sun hitting her full force in the eyes. Cursing, she took a few more steps forward.

The bounty hunter barely had time to hear the little zipping sound on the ground and to look down. “Oh, shi-”

The rifle flew from her hands as she was whipped off her feet by the snare and dragged along the ground for several feet. She scrabbled in the grass and dirt before she was pulled up into the branches of a tree to dangle six feet off the ground. She struggled and tried to move her legs to drop down, only to find they were held tight together by the rope.

Conn stepped out from behind the tree to look at his prize. It really was shaping up to be a good evening, all in all. Another meal and finally some clues to what this was all about, all wrapped up neat in one beautiful, fare-skinned package. He had to be grateful to the trapper that had left these snares around. For the meal he’d had then, and for what he had now. He stepped around to where the hunter could see him and smiled as she dangled there, her blond hair and arms hanging down.

“Hello there,” he said, “You must be Melanie. I have a few questions for you.”

She looked defiantly back at him. “And you must be the beast. Where are my companions?”

“You’re not in much of a position to demand things, but I’d think that was obvious,” Conn leaned back, patting the mass of his belly with both paws, “I ate the little one for breakfast, and the big one was a fantastic lunch. Can you guess where you fit into this equation?”

Melanie lunged for him with both hands, which Conn simply avoided with a step back. It was then that he noticed her nails were all painted bright, deep red. He grabbed her wrists as she tried to scratch at his eyes and held them.

“Hmm, this is an odd color for a day of hunting. I like it though.” The wolf took her hands and slowly licked her fingers, moaning as he did so. “Not bad at all. Let’s get you undressed for dinner.”

Oooh, when I get down from here…” Melanie began.

“When you get down from there,” Conn said, “It’ll be a pretty tight squeeze. Do try and squirm a lot, it makes everything better.”

Transferring her wrists to the grip of one paw, Conn stepped forward again. Reaching up, he ripped her shirt open, letting the buttons fly and seeing that it was the only thing holding her plump peach breasts in place. He felt a shiver course through her as he began yanking the shirt down around her arms and gave his muzzle another dramatic lick.

Mmm, very nice. You’ll go perfectly with the others.”

He could smell her beginning to panic now, and had a feeling he might be able to get some answers.

“Isn’t there… anything I can do… Melanie said in an attempt at a sultry voice.

Conn smirked. “I don’t think I’d trust you enough in that department to let you down. But I do wonder… who sent you after me?”

She looked away from him, hardening her expression again. “Bounty hunters don’t reveal their employers.”

“I see,” he said, affecting a disappointed air. The wolf shrugged. “Oh well. If you won’t tell me, then I’ll just eat you now.” He began sucking her fingers again, one by one, moaning and rumbling as he licked them over, beginning to pull her hands into his jaws.

“Wait. Wait!” she said, “In my pocket! There’s a paper, it’s what we got!”

Conn slipped the long fingers out of his muzzle and looked at her. “Now, that wasn’t so hard was it? So much for the tough hunter,” he said as he pushed his paw into one front pocket then the other. Soon enough, he fished out a folded piece of paper. The wolf could hear Melanie’s frustration in her breathing as he took a step back and left her hanging there.




For the live capture of:


The Beast of the Eastern Woods


Due to recent disappearances in the woods east of the village, a reward is being offered for anyone that can bring the beast in alive.




Well… this explains so much. “And just who gave you this? How are you supposed to collect this reward?” Conn asked, looking up at her.

Melanie had grown brazen again and didn’t look at him or speak.

The wolf just grinned and took one of her hands. “Well, maybe I’ll just have a few lady fingers as an appetizer. Then leave you hanging there while you listen to me digest your friends.” He opened his jaws wide around her finger, taking care to show her all his teeth and let just a little drool drip on one.

Her eyes widened. “The Silver Lining! It was given to us at the bar in town, The Silver Lining! The owner said we could just bring you there!”

“That was almost too easy. I expected a bit more of a struggle for that, really,” Conn said as he set the paper aside. “Well I think I’ve got what I need. Have to pay a visit to The Silver Lining later tonight. But after dinner.” He took her hands again, salivating now as he inhaled her overall aroma, his tail lazily wagging.

Wh-What? But you said if I told you…”

“Oh, my dear dinner, I said no such thing. If you’ll recall, I said that if you wouldn’t tell me, I’d just eat you. What I didn’t say is that when you did tell me, I was still going to swallow you whole. A delicious meal like you, just hanging here, and I’m going to pass that up? Not likely.”

Melanie made a futile attempt to pull her hands away as Conn grabbed for her wrists. It took only a few tries before the wolf had them both ensnared in his paws once again, bringing her wiggling fingers slowly to his jaws. Carefully he slurped the painted digits into his mouth, suckling and letting his tongue wrap each one as they wiggled in his grip. Rumbling deep in his chest at the balanced, savory flavor of her, the wolf lapped and swallowed, tugging her fingers into his throat as her hands were trapped between his jaws. She squirmed nicely then, still trying to pull her hands away, even as his throat already had a good grip on them.

“No! No, you can’t, it can’t end like this! You can keep the others, I’ll pay, I’ll suck your cock, just please let me go!” the blond shouted.

Conn’s only real response was to work his jaws up her arms with another swallow, pulling them deeper into his maw and beginning to stretch her between the rope and his throat. Seeing the frenzied look on Melanie’s face, the wolf couldn’t resist. As her arms were pulled down into his neck, he looked up at her and moaned loudly. A paw rubbed his huge, full belly in slow circles as he stared into her eyes, working his way up her arms almost to her head.


Her struggles became more frantic then as she wiggled her body back and forth, hair flapping against his chin while another swallow pulled Melanie and the rope tauter. His tail was wagging more furiously now as his tongue worked to soak the hunter’s arms in saliva and keep working her down. The way the snare was tied, it had some give, but Conn could tell this would take some effort getting her all the way down. Some truly delightful effort.

Opening his jaws and giving her a good view of her forearms stuck down his throat, the ravenous wolf gulped again, slipping his jaws up to engulf her upper arms and her head. Melanie’s scream was muffled quickly as Conn got a huge mouthful, his tongue working to pull in and slick down all the hair that was tickling his cheeks. Another swallow along her wriggling form stretched his neck with her head, bringing her armpits into his cheeks. He was almost to the breasts now, wishing he’d thought to eat her in such a manner that he could get a good taste. Even with the smooth skin of her back though, it would still be a good dinner.

Conn worked his jaws with the next swallow, slurping and smacking as he felt the two supple mounds slip in and press against the his palate. The long line of her back gave him a good taste of her flavor as he continued to work her in, stroking his paws up her sides and enjoying the little spasms of her body at the ticklish sensation. He could feel the rope beginning to really pull now as the younger branches where it was strung began resisting bending further. As his muzzle lips approached her waist, Conn realized he also had the shorts to contend with.

His paws slipped up further as his throat held tight around its prize, Melanie stuck halfway down his undulating gullet for the moment. Slipping into the tight cuff along her thigh, his fingers pulled and ripped along the seams. He could feel her thighs trembling as the fur tickled her skin, and as he gave the other leg of her shorts the same treatment, he closed his eyes and moaned at the little panicked movements within his chest. With both legs torn, it was easy enough to rip the rest of the seams and let the shorts fall in half around him, leaving only a pair of red satin panties. Conn thought she must have originally had plans for after the hunt as he shredded them off of her.

With that done, the meal was almost completely naked as it still struggled its way into his jaws. A fighter to the last, to the wolf’s satisfaction. He gulped and glommed, tugging fiercely at her as the snare tightened and threatened to pull back. It tugged on her boots as Conn’s throat tugged her rump down into his mouth, feeling her hands slip into his stomach with the other two meals from the day. His tongue circled and stroked around the smooth, toned cheeks, slipping softly between them into the crack there to taste all he could from her.

Each swallow was becoming more difficult now as her hips slipped down into his throat and his belly continued to grow even bigger with another female hunter. Conn was determined however to pluck his wriggling dinner from the snare. Still she twisted and writhed inside him, as if she could somehow pull her way out, making him shiver all over in pleasure at the way her skin rubbed against the smooth muscles within. And the snare was pulling tighter and tighter as he loudly chomped and slurped her shapely thighs down, almost tugging himself off the ground.

Finally something gave way and he heard a little shriek within him as Melanie’s feet were pulled hard out of her boots. The snare sprang up as the branches returned to their normal positions, the boots went flying, and Conn plopped down to the ground. As he sat down, with a loud schlurrrrrp! he sucked the rest of her legs and feet down, gobbling the rest of Melanie in with the force of his movement.

As her feet traveled almost automatically down his throat, making him rub his neck, something caught at the back of his teeth. The wolf coughed up a pair of thin black socks, pulling them out of his muzzle with a paw, while the third hunter was steadily deposited into his waiting stomach. He sat where he’d landed and panted as his round gut grew to immense proportions before him, the three bounty hunters trapped inside.  He rubbed the sides as he felt them slipping and shifting around, feeling little impressions of each one here and there. He was stuffed and exhausted and wanted to just lay back and let his belly finish its work after a full day. But he had other concerns.

First, he wanted to get to town tonight. He didn’t want this guy at The Silver Lining (whatever that was) to send more hunters after him. The next ones might actually be talented or at least far less delectable. And he couldn’t really lug this whole belly into town with him, nor did he really have the energy for a long trek after the day. Then there was the fact that he couldn’t get his mind off little Dawn crawling around in his stomach with the other two. For some reason, he didn’t want to just lose her to his hunger. The sweet little thing had offered company, even if it was just to save her own skin.

Then he had an idea that would help with everything. Wouldn’t be easy, but it was worth trying. He began kneading and squeezing at his bloated gut, trying to feel around and see who was where. There had been so much jostling that it was hard to say, but from the size and feel where he pinched and squeezed, he thought he had a good idea of which hunter was which. A little more work, a few shifts of his hips, and he thought he had them just right. Not to mention that all the rubbing and moving them around inside felt incredible; he’d have to make a mental note to do that more often.

With everything positioned correctly, he squeezed and opened everything up inside. It took only a few seconds for a mop of slicked brunette curls to appear out of his jaws. As he sealed the other two back inside, Conn use his paws to help guide Dawn back out of his maw, finding he could actually somewhat enjoy her taste as he did. She lay on the ground, woozy and covered in slime as she blinked in the light and tried to find her voice.

Wha… Huh? Where…?”

Before she could do much else, Conn grabbed the girl and managed to sling her over his shoulder. After half a day in his stomach, she was in little shape to protest or fight back as the wolf hoisted his own struggling bulk up and got to his feet. The remaining two swayed inside their fleshy prison as he began heading back to his cabin.

Dawn was still a little dizzy when she asked from over his shoulder, “I’m… outside again?”

“You’re lucky; you were just too cute to digest,” Conn said as he kept walking, “So I decided to take you up on your offer of company and keep you around a bit. I just need to get you back to the cabin and get some pants there so I can head into town. Once you’re settled there, you should be safe while I attend to some business at that tavern.”

He could feel her trying to reorient herself and figure out what was going on. “But what… What about Zula? And Melanie?”

Conn stopped a moment, smiling to himself even though she couldn’t see it in her position. The wolf let out a long, loud belch that brought forth a wonderful flurry of frantic struggles from his belly as it immediately began gurgling and churning around the other two hunters.

“A wolf’s still gotta eat.”



Tifa wiped down the bar as the last paying customers got up to leave for the night. She’d flipped the wooden placard on the door from “Open” to “Closed” almost half an hour ago and had simply been waiting for the few stragglers to finish up and leave. Technically The Silver Lining should have been empty and closed then, but she just couldn’t quite kick people out. Tifa didn’t mind really, as long as they left feeling happy.

She breathed a loud sigh as the door finally closed on the last patron, her round breasts straining the skintight cloth of her white midriff top as she leaned down on the bar for a moment. Black suspenders to either side hooked to her tight black skirt helped to keep them in place as she worked, but with the last people gone, she slipped the suspenders off her shoulders and relaxed. She could finish cleaning the bar, then go lock the door and take care of the rest of her duties. It had been a decent night, the first quiet one in several evenings, and the till and tip jar were both appropriately full. She wondered how much of it was her choice of simple fingerless sleeves covering her forearms and black nail polish carefully applied to each finger. Or maybe choosing to put her waist-length dark hair into a long braid with the two tails sticking out at the end. Of course it could have just been the combination of assets her outfit showed off. Whatever the reason, people had been generous tonight. With a smile, she tossed the dirty rag into the sink behind the bar and began to make her way to the front door.

As she reached for the latch to lock up for the night, the door burst open, making her stumble back. A tall, black-furred wolf in just a pair of jeans stalked into the tavern, a massive round belly swaying before him and barely fitting through the entry. Tifa took a few more steps back as he flipped the door closed behind him, his green eyes glaring at her. She had seen strange creatures during her adventures, and plenty of them had been friendly, but this wolf looked a bit perturbed.

“S-Sorry… we’re… we’re closed.”

“Oh I know,” Conn said as he turned momentarily to latch the door, before bringing his attentions back to the barmaid. Even with a bellyful of the other bounty hunters, the sight of her made his mouth almost water. This would likely be a perfect end to the day, once he finally had some answers. “I’ve been waiting in the alley for you to be truly closed for a while now. I had no idea you’d look so… delectable. We need to have a talk, you and I.”

He took another step forward and Tifa backed further towards the bar. “I… Do I know you?”

“I would hope so. You’re the one sending people into my woods after me. What’s your name?”

Tifa. And I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t want to hurt anyone around here.”

“I’m getting impatient, and I’ve still got room in here,” Conn said with a light slap to his belly. His other paw held up the ransom paper. “And I’d loooove to make a barmaid into a bar snack. Are you telling me this doesn’t look familiar?

Everything clicked into place for Tifa in an instant. She looked at the flyer, then to the wolf and down at his huge, protruding belly. “Oh… Oh no… I never wanted… It was just supposed to get them away for a while.”

“Well, they’ve definitely gone away,” Conn said, but the barmaid still wasn’t making much sense. “What do you mean? You didn’t send them after me?”

“I did, but I didn’t. Those two were always coming in here, being loud and obnoxious and annoying my other customers. Then they started to bring their young friend and encourage her to do the same, and I worried it would keep growing. There was talk of people disappearing in the woods, but I thought it was just rumors. So I made that up hoping to send them on a wild goose chase for a few days and get some peace and quiet here.” Tifa’s face fell a little as she stared now at the gurgling gut before her. “But you were there… You… ate them?”

Conn chuckled and shook his gut a little, letting it wobble and feeling what was left of the bounty hunters slosh inside. “Well, two of them are in here. That sweet little morsel is locked up safe in my cabin. She was worth saving for a while.” He stopped and shook his head as he thought of the whole day. “Wow, so all this was just a ruse to get a couple loudmouths out of your bar? That’s just too funny. They really were tasty though. I guess I can’t complain too much.”

Tifa leaned back against the bar, looking off to the side. “I didn’t want anyone to get hurt… I just wanted them gone for a few days.”

With a step forward, Conn let his stretched gut brush up against her. “Things don’t always go as planned. This was a huge hassle today, but I did get some wonderful meals out of it, so it’s not all that bad. If only you were a tubby bald guy with a mustache like I was expecting, I’d probably just walk out the door and call it a misunderstanding.” Conn took another step forward, bearing down on the buxom barmaid and slowly licking his chops with a wide smile. “But you actually look like such a scrumptious treat. And you smell incredible. No way I could resist a luscious nibble like you.”

“What?” Tifa looked up into his eyes. There was no anger there now, only desire. And raw hunger. “But it was all just a mistake; you don’t have to…”

“Oh I don’t have to do anything,” Conn said as his paws slipped up to brush along the smooth skin of her arms. He gripped the forearm coverings and slowly pulled them down and off her hands while the barmaid stood shocked. “I’ve had breakfast, lunch, and dinner today, and after seeing how delicious the late-night special looks… Mmm, I definitely want to order dessert!”

Eyes widening, Tifa tried to slip to the side to fight him off, only to have his arms wrap her up and hold her easily in place. Struggling in the wolf’s grip, she was picked up and pressed to that sloshing belly, suddenly thinking of just where those two bounty hunters went. She could hear the stretched stomach gurgling and groaning, digesting the earlier meal, only to realize she was probably about to join it. The large lupine carried her to one of the sturdy round tables dotting the tavern and set her on top of it, forcing her to sit as he held her there.

“Yes, you have some wonderful looking things on the menu here,” Conn said as he let his eyes roam over her body.

Tifa tried to push free and get a good hit in, anything that would get just a little leverage to truly fight back or slip away. Calling for help in the tavern would be useless at this time of night, and she knew it all too well. Yet even as she attempted to land one decent punch, the large wolf’s arm pressed itself up under her breasts, pinning her midsection to the table as he leaned his weight firmly on her.

Conn grinned down at her, drool dripping along his teeth. “I think for tonight I’ll order the Feisty Tifa Au Naturale. In the mood for something sweet with just a little kick.” He chuckled to himself as he began untying her boots and pulling them off with his other paw while his arm held her down.

As he pulled her socks off, the barmaid tried to kick a few times, but it was of little concern. Conn managed to slip them off and avoid the kicks to his paws, then smiled and gave a happy sigh at what he saw. The girl’s adorable feet were well taken-care-of and each cute toe had the same black polish that adorned her fingernails. Something about it made the wolf’s mouth water all the more as Tifa’s struggles began to settle on the table.

Mmm, that is just… you really are a perfect dessert after today’s meal!” He said it almost as a compliment.

“But I’m not!” Tifa said. “Please, I’m sorry! I never meant to send them after you! Don’t do this!”

“Oh, but I thought you understood now, my sexy little tidbit,” Conn said as he began to unfasten her tight skirt, “This isn’t revenge of any kind; I’m not angry now. This is just because you smell so delicious, and I can never resist a delicious lady!”

Reaching around under her rump, Conn gripped the band of the skirt and panties in his paw. As Tifa began a fresh round of wriggling and trying to sidle out from under his arm, the wolf lifted her hips and began pulling the skirt and underwear off of her sculpted cheeks. Though her legs tried to kick, Conn slowly but steadily peeled both garments down, easily immobilizing the legs once the tight fabric passed her knees. Then it was an easy enough matter to slip them off those perfect feet and let them drop to the floor, leaving the barmaid in only her light white top.

Feeling his hunger surge as he looked at the large breasts stretching the fabric and heeving lightly as his meal wiggled about, Conn reached for the collar of the thin shirt. In one quick motion, he tore the fabric away, ripping out the seams and leaving Tifa completely naked on the table. As he watched the perfectly formed mounds bounce in time with her struggles, the wolf felt his mouth watering all the more. He reached his free paw down again, cupping and squeezing the left breast gently, bringing it to his mouth as his muzzle slipped down.

His jaws wrapped gently around the smooth flesh of the orb, suckling and licking all over the skin with a loud moan. Conn’s tongue traced all around the flesh, savoring the sweet flavor and running across the little nub of her nipple as he nibbled the skin around it. As the wolf lapped and flicked across the little button, he could feel it naturally stiffening, making him rumble that much more as Tifa’s body went momentarily rigid below him.

Tifa knew she shouldn’t be enjoying this. The beast was merely tasting her, and it shouldn’t send a shiver of pleasure down her spine. He planned to devour her, and heat shouldn’t rise to her cheeks. Yet she could not deny the amazing raw, physical sensation as the hot mouth engulfed her sensitive breast and the strong tongue flicked and caressed her nipple. She tried to struggle again, remembering where all this was leading to, even if for the moment the weight of him and feeling on her chest was something incredible that hadn’t happened in a long time.

Slipping his muzzle off of her breast, Conn sighed and licked his chops as she gave a few half hearted struggles. He began to slip around the table and around her, moving to a chair at the side near her feet. Leaning down, he gave her flat tummy an occasional lick that made him sigh each time.

“God, you taste so good. Can’t wait to have you inside me.”

As she heard his mutterings, Tifa remembered just what was happening and tried to push her way up again. Yet with each defeated struggle, she was growing just a little more tired in mind and body, beginning to truly feel the hopelessness of it. His paws shifted on her skin, the arm across her ribs letting up momentarily as he rolled her over on the table. She tried to seize that moment to break out on her side, attempting an escape move she’d learned early on in training. But the wolf was prepared, and a strong hand shoved against her lower back, forcing her to rest on the table on her front. Tifa’s fist slammed the tabletop in frustration as she felt those paws sliding down her long legs to grip her ankles.

Holding on tightly, Conn admired the dainty, black-painted toes of his prey as he took a seat at his table. He bent the cute little feet up to his jaws, looking down the long legs and Tifa’s lovely body. This was what a meal should be. He gave several long, slow licks to the soles of her feet, from her toes all the way up to her heel, enjoying the taste of her and watching her squirm at the ticklish sensations. It was nice to be able to just sit and take his time with this exquisite dessert after a long day. Slowly he slipped those toes into his muzzle, suckling and licking at them as they passed down his jaws and along his tongue, until her feet were inside his mouth.

Tifa twisted and turned, trying to find some way to dislodge herself from the tight grip of the wolf. The nibbling and suckling at her toes sent trembles up her legs after the tickling of his tongue. Her mind raced trying to think of a way to pull away, to gain leverage, to escape, while all the while her body wanted to react to the warm sensation as her feet were slowly massaged down into a tight, rippling tunnel. Tifa panted, trying to hold onto herself as the wolf’s tongue slipped up to her calves. She had to remember that she was being eaten alive, no matter how the delicate strokes of the tongue felt along the skin of her legs.

The wolf swallowed hungrily, delighting in the bulge in his throat and the sweet, soft skin crossing his tongue and grazing his teeth. His paws fed her slowly in, slipping up her legs and pulling gently with each little gulp as he devoured the barmaid’s long, shapely legs. Her feet kicked lightly as they passed down into his chest, and from the shifting smell of his dessert, he couldn’t tell if it was fear or something else. Not that it really mattered to him in the end, as long as his meal squirmed all the way down. As her thighs began to slip into his muzzle, he let his claws softly scratch along the skin, testing how she would react as his tongue lapped along every tasty bit of her.

Panting, Tifa gripped the edge of the table hard as her legs were stroked and fondled down into the wolf’s body. She told herself it was to slow her slide down towards his stomach and had nothing to do with the tingling waves riding up her body or the way her hips wanted to push down towards that licking tongue. As another rolling squeeze pulled her legs further in, her fingers tightening hard against the wood of the table, Tifa tried desperately to hold on in so many ways.

The strong thighs slid easily in between his jaws, Conn’s copious salivating slicking the way for the delicious barkeep to glide down into his throat. He leaned his head forward a little and his claws slipped up her sides as the scent of something wonderful reached his nose. As her supple, round buttocks rubbed against the roof of his mouth and his teeth, Conn’s tongue slipped forward and lapped against the front of her sex. He moaned as he tasted her juices there, musky and tangy with just a hint of her naturally sweet flavor. Eyes closing, he rested there for a moment, his paws stretching up and gripping her breasts as he nibbled her skin and let his tongue explore the soft petals that it could reach to enjoy the extra tang flowing there.

Her knuckles were turning white and her cheeks red as Tifa felt the wet tongue gently stroking along that sensitive area. The strong paws kneaded her breasts, making her entire body writhe against the table. She was forgetting what was actually happening, the raw sensations of the tight massage along her legs and stroking and squeezing at her hips overriding everything but the pleasure. She had to fight, had to keep struggling… but it all felt so good.

The wolf lapped deeply as he squeezed the two huge pawfuls at her chest, brushing the nipples and leaning over the table. Using the grip for leverage, Conn swallowed again and pulled her further down, his tongue exploring the short length of her flat belly as her feet wiggled their way into the gurgling bloat of his own. With a force of will, he shut down his digestion, wanting to make sure this wonderful meal wasn’t lost early to the efficient work of his stomach. With another little swallow, he could feel her ankles slipping deep inside, his jaws wrapped around her midsection just under the delectable orbs in his paws.

The loud gulping behind her reminded Tifa of why she needed to fight, needed to get away. Even as the sensations that the tongue had begun tried to continue, she pulled at the table with a fresh round twists and struggles, trying to find some way to pull herself back out. Her feet were sinking into a chamber of tingling, soupy mush, and the thought of just what that meant spurred her on. Her arms were stretched tight across the table, her fingers beginning to give as she slipped a little deeper, realizing her resistance was to no avail as she heard a rumble from the wolf’s chest.

Conn moaned loudly as he felt Tifa writhing about again, every little brush against his gullet making his dessert that much better. His tongue slipped out once again, lightly coating the two breasts in his paws as he prepared for the most challenging part of the meal. Squeezing and pushing them together with his paws and stretching his muzzle wide, the wolf shoved the two meaty orbs between his cheeks, swallowing hard around her belly to pull them further in. Nibbling them once again for just a moment, enjoying them while he could, the wolf gave a loud, hard gulp! and pushed them down into his throat, leaving only the barmaid’s arms and head outside of his muzzle.

As her easily stimulated breasts were squeezed tight with the rest of her body in his throat, Tifa once again felt that tingle of pleasure riding across her skin that threatened to make her just stop fighting. Still she tried to struggle, her arms flailing for purchase on anything, even though she knew at this point she had no hope. She was just food for the hungry wolf, and he proved it further as his tongue slipped up and licked her face, pulling it in with another rippling swallow around her body. The light of the bar was beginning to fade, and Tifa heard a gulp all around her that sealed her in darkness.

Conn worked his jaws slowly as the barmaid slipped deeper into him, looking down at the forearms and long braid of hair hanging out of his muzzle. With loud slurps and swallows, his belly expanded further and pushed him back a little from the table. He tipped his head up and continued to gulp the rest of her down until soon only ten wiggling fingers with black nail polish and a twin tail of hair stuck out of his muzzle. Admiring and nibbling for a few moments, he soon sucked the whole lot in like a bunch of noodles, seeing them disappear before giving a last, satisfied swallow.

Devoid of any control of her own, Tifa slid into the deep, dark, tight chamber, her entire body soon curled up and sealed inside. Surrounded by a thick mush that she tried not to think about, she still knew what must be coming soon. All her adventures, everything she survived, and now she was just a dessert, served up in her own bar to a wolf’s stomach. She may not be able to make it out, but Tifa decided she would at least give this beast one hell of a bellyache.

Conn settled back into the chair, hearing it creak as Tifa kicked and punched in his belly. Every little impression, every impact sent pleasure from his stomach all the way through his body. She was some of the best squirming prey the wolf had had in a long while and as his paws rubbed all over his big jostling tummy, he quickly gulped a few extra times. His stomach swelled a bit bigger as he swallowed enough air to displace the mush of his previous meals. No way he was going to let this sweet treat go away.

Groaning and sighing, the wolf thought of Dawn back at the cabin and the possibility of adding Tifa to the mix. It certainly didn’t seem like a bad idea as he felt her moving about inside him and still tasted her on his lips.

“Hmm, my own delicious little harem,” he said to himself, “Starting with savory and sweet. I like the sound of it.”

He belly seemed to approve too as it gave a little roiling squeeze around the succulent barmaid. Conn could hardly wait to get her back home. Maybe he’d start a little collection of the best meals he met. He heaved himself out of the chair, gut bouncing as Tifa continued to thrash around inside, even though she was beginning to slow down. He could leave her clothes on the floor, wouldn’t really be needing them for the moment. Then he noticed the paper on the floor and gave an exasperated sigh. Bending down to collect it would be a pain at this point and he didn’t need it hanging around. Then again, why not? It certainly hadn’t done him any harm this time and might lure a few more edible fortune seekers to his woods. Nothing bad about that.

Licking his muzzle in satisfaction, Conn headed out the door and closed it behind him, letting it lock. The bar was closed, his belly was full, and he’d have two scrumptious girls at home for the next little bit at least. Life just kept getting better.



The End