Big Brother


the Wolf


Mitch looked up from his computer with a sigh when he heard the first tromping footsteps coming up the stairs. He quickly saved his current projects and closed all the windows, bracing for the invasion that might happen in just a moment. Only one person in the house made that sound on the stairs and now the heavy tread made its way to the door of his bedroom.

"Hey, little bitch," Derek said, bursting into the door without even a knock. "Mom and Dad are out, gonna be at a church thing for a couple hours. You know what that means." He grabbed his own crotch, gave it a light squeeze, and grinned down at Mitch. "Time for you to drain my nuts!"

At a hundred extra pounds of muscle and a head taller than Mitch's own wiry frame, there was little point in arguing with his older, defensive-tackle brother. If he said how he needed to finish his project for his programming class and wanted to work on his own personal projects, Derek would just try to mess up his computer somehow and still fall back on the old threat to make Mitch suck his dick. Then it would probably be a rougher experience. The cost-benefit analysis in his head said that it would be better for him to just nod silently and get this over with.

Smirking at the assent, Derek strutted into the room and plopped himself down to sit on the side of Mitch's bed. The teenager set his glasses aside, slipped out of his chair, and moved closer to the older, larger boy while Derek unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Derek pulled his half-hard cock out of his underwear, and Mitch dutifully dropped to his knees. He looked at it for a moment while Derek rubbed it with a hand, then leaned forward without a word and gave the base a lick. Tasting it again, he held back a little sigh as he opened up and wrapped his lips gently around his brother's thick member.

"Oh yeah," Derek moaned. "Don't make a sound. Just gonna pretend you're Cindy."

Cindy. Derek's cheerleader bitch of an on-again, off-again girlfriend. She was part of the reason Mitch was stuck like this. If his brother were actually gay, this might even be kind of fun. It had been arousing the first couple times in a naughty, forbidden sort of way. But this was just one more way to torment Mitch and make demands of his younger brother to satisfy needs that Cindy wouldn't. Burying his nose in a nest of black hair with the thick cockhead trying to choke him, Mitch just felt like it was part of a survival routine he had to live with until the end of this school year.

It had started about a year before. The torment he endured from his red-blooded, all-American, perfect-sportsman brother—at least in the eyes of their parents and most of the town—was nothing new. Where Derek fit the mold their parents had always envisioned for their sons, Mitch had always been smaller and more interested in computers, video games, reading, and intellectual pursuits that couldn't hold a candle to battering into other people for possession of a leather ball. For all his life, Derek had never let him forget who was in charge, while playing the angel for their mother and father or only going so far as "roughhousing" that his father hoped might "toughen Mitch up".

Things were only made more difficult for Mitch as he became a teenager and began to realize that he liked guys. He never bought into church and looked at his attraction from an intellectual level, especially after enough searches and chatting online. Still, with his parents as incredibly active members in Concerned Baptists for Family Values, he also knew he had to stay hidden. He'd been mildly thankful that Derek's bullying had taught him how to simply hide and survive and for the fact that he was the only one in the house that could properly set up and adjust the router and computers.

Then came the day during his sophomore year that he'd been enjoying some time to himself, looking at some of the more enticing pictures that amateurs shared online. He'd been so enthralled that he hadn't even heard Derek come home earlier than expected until the last minute. He barely managed to minimize the browser before his older brother burst into his room. Football practice had been cancelled for the day, and Derek was clearly looking to vent some of his aggressive energy by torturing his brother.

"Hey, faggot, what's up?" He came in, looking at where Mitch was sitting at his computer. He looked down to see the tent that hadn't gone down in Mitch's pants just yet and laughed. "Aw, is little baby Mitch growin' up and lookin' at porn? Wonder what Mom and Dad would say."

Unable to stop him, Mitch was pushed aside as Derek shoved his way to the mouse and brought up the window. His jaw dropped when he saw the window and looked at Mitch. Mitch could only be grateful that no one else was in the house at that moment.

"Holy shit, you really are a faggot! Oh man, wait 'till Mom and Dad hear about this! They're gonna freak!" He stood up and laughed while Mitch's chest tightened. Then Derek glared down at him and looked back and forth like something out of a cartoon, as if that would somehow confirm they were alone. "Or maybe … they never have to know."

Mitch had seen the slow, rusty cogs turning in Derek's head then. At the time, he'd envisioned his new life of washing Derek's car all the time, doing all the chores around the house, and having all his hours soaked up by every petty little torturous demand. Nothing prepared him for when Derek unzipped his jeans and dropped them, his underwear next.

"If you're gonna be a little cocksucker, might as well have you suck mine. Especially since I can't get Cindy to do it."

At that moment, Mitch had looked up in surprise. "Y-You're—?"

Just starting the sentence earned him a painful cuff on the ear. "Shut the fuck up, bitch! I ain't a fag. But I want a blowjob, and being able to get one in the house doesn't sound too bad, and Cindy won't put anything in her mouth. I hear fags like sucking dick, so you can do mine. Or I can tell Mom and Dad what I just found."

Mitch only thought for a moment while Derek stood there with his cock hanging out. It was already going half hard from his older brother stroking himself, probably thinking about warm lips on it. He knew a few things that could happen if his parents found out he was gay, and none of them were good. So Mitch had scooted his chair forward and, still sitting, opened up his mouth and slowly leaned forward.

It took a few minutes to get started. In his bed at night, Mitch had dreamed of feeling a hard piece of meat sliding against his tongue, of wrapping his lips around a warm shaft, even of being dominated just a little. It had never been like this though, never with his bastard brother looming over him and extorting him.

"Best hurry up, bitch, we don't have all day."

Glancing up, Mitch saw that Derek's eyes were closed. It was true; they didn't have all day, and he knew his older brother would readily make good on his threat. Extending his tongue, he'd placed his first lick on the half-hard, uncut member. The warm, musky taste made him shudder as he gave it a few more licks. It stirred something inside him, even knowing it was his brother's cock swelling against his lips. He ran his tongue under it a few more times while Derek made little noises above him until it was completely hard, then leaned forward and wrapped his lips around the stiff member.

Closing his own eyes, Mitch had started sucking hungrily then. Half the time he was still sucking Derek off, which had its own bizarre little thrill. The other half, he was imagining he finally had a moment or two with one of the guys he chatted with online or one of the cute boys he noticed in his classes and dreamed about at night. In his own pants, he was growing hard again, actually enjoying the sensation while his brother began to pump into his mouth and tried to stay quiet.

It didn't take Derek very long; he must have been pent up at the time from a few days of the girlfriend icing him out and gearing up for the practice that didn't happen. Mitch felt the cock starting to throb in his mouth and soon a jet of salty, bitter cum flooded it. Not expecting the taste, he began to pull back before a rough hand grabbed the back of his head.

"Uh-uh, swallow it, you little bitch," his brother growled from above him.

Doing as he was told and trying not to drown, Mitch gulped as Derek's cockhead just spurted more and more into his mouth. With no other option, he drank it down, surprised that the very act was making him even harder as the shaft pulsed at his lips and tongue.

When Derek had finally spent his entire load, he'd pulled back and shoved Mitch away in the chair, leaving just the bitter aftertaste of his cum. The jock panted and chuckled, leaning down to pull up his pants.

"Whoo! That was even better than I'd imagined a blowjob would be. First I thought it would be fun to get you kicked out of the house, but I like having a personal cocksucker. So from now on, you're gonna do that whenever I say, understand?"

Mitch had almost protested something before all of Derek's words sank in. He realized just how his brother had him and simply nodded his understanding. With a superior smirk, Derek had just walked out the door. Mitch got up from his chair, closed the door to his room, and found an old sock on the floor. Furiously, he stripped off his pants and began stroking his own erection. For just a few moments, he forgot about his brother and how trapped he was and just thought about what it had felt like to finally have a hot cock spurting into his mouth. Gasping, he filled the cloth of the sock. At the time he'd thought that maybe it didn't have to be so bad.

Most of the enjoyment quickly faded as Mitch's life had become a never-ending stream of interruptions and expectations. First it was anytime that his parents weren't home, no matter what he was doing, Derek would demand service. And with both his mom and dad working and spending plenty of time with their organization—figuring two high-school boys could easily take care of themselves—there were plenty of evenings where Mitch had to suck Derek's cock at least a couple times, always on Derek's schedule and the way Derek wanted it. Usually his brother would demand absolute silence, but sometimes he wanted Mitch to moan and make it sound "as much like a girl as possible". The one time that Mitch had surprised himself by being in the mood to suck cock and offered Derek an extra blowjob when they were alone, he'd been smacked in the head, pushed to the ground, and his face shoved into the rug while his brother reminded him who was in charge and that he didn't like that "gay shit".

That wasn't to say that it was always bad. If push came to shove, Mitch had to admit to himself that sometimes his mood did coincide with Derek's demands. Those times, his brother's dick actually did taste pretty good, and he would silently revel in the feeling of being dominated and having it shoved between his lips. It was the only chance he got to enjoy sucking cock, so he tried to make the most of it. But that had been hard during last summer.

Once school was done for the year and Mitch waited to enter his junior year while Derek was headed for his senior, days were even rougher for Mitch. While he went out and partied during the evening and night, one of Derek's favorite things to do during the daytime when their parents were at work was lounge in the living room while treating his brother like a slave and getting his dick sucked multiple times. Mitch could hardly leave the house, and was usually expected to just sit on the floor in front of whatever TV Derek wanted to watch, reading a book if he was lucky, until his brother had another erection, then service it. Otherwise, Derek held the doom of their parents over his head. It had almost been a relief when those long months were over and the school year had started.

So now he knelt once again, diligently but dispassionately sucking his brother's cock, lips sliding up and down the thick, musky meat while Derek groaned above him. Of course Derek didn't seem to notice any lack of enthusiasm as long as there were warm lips stroking his dick. Mitch was pretty sure he didn't even masturbate anymore and just used his brother's mouth when he wasn't making time with Cindy.

After a while, the familiar, bitter, creamy load shot up into his mouth, Mitch swallowing like a pro and feeling at least a little tingle in his crotch when the cum hit his tongue. Maybe he could enjoy himself just a little bit later, thinking about that taste and someone else. With the orgasm done though, his brother roughly shoved him to the side. Already Derek was standing up and pulling his pants back on, looking relaxed.

"I'll probably want another one before they get home, so you better be ready."

He stalked out of the room with his usual confident stride while Mitch stayed on the ground, the aftertaste still on his tongue. He reminded himself silently that it could be a lot worse, and that this was just for about eight more months of school and a few months of summer. Then Derek would run off to a football scholarship at one of the colleges already courting him. He didn't think Derek's last act would be to out him anyways, since knowing the jock, he'd want to get serviced and continue the reign of terror on the times he visited home. Just eleven more months, and Derek would mostly be out of the house. Then just one more relatively easy year under his parents, and after that, Mitch could ride a few academic scholarships away from all of them for good. Surely, he could survive that long.



The next day Mitch was looking, as usual, for a quiet place to eat lunch. There were a few corners he knew around the school that were not frequented by the rank-and-file students with whom he shared nothing in common. At first he'd thought the space under the bleachers facing away from the school was a nice empty spot to eat and read, getting just enough sun for light but enough shade to not be baked. He hadn't seen the other boy there until he'd already crawled beneath. Movement was his first clue to the slim, seated frame leaning against one of the supports.

When the other student looked up, the first thing Mitch noticed was his short brown hair. The sort that Mitch couldn't help thinking it would be nice to run his fingers through. Next a pair of striking blue eyes that made him smile, to which the other boy smiled back. To his surprise, Mitch felt a little heat rise to his cheeks. That smile was beautiful. What the hell? It had been a long time since he even noticed another guy like this; it was dangerous to do so in this town.

"Oh, sorry," Mitch said, "I thought this spot was unoccupied."

"Hey, it's okay," the other student said before Mitch could slip out again. "Given you're holding a book, I'm guessing you don't exactly like spending free time with the Morlocks?"

Mitch chuckled, moving back under the bleachers. "Not my favorite thing, no. Take it you're not part of the teeming masses?"

With a half smirk, the other boy held up a trumpet case, and Mitch noticed that his dark clothes were the school's marching band colors. "Take a wild guess."

They both laughed as Mitch extended his hand. "I'm Mitch."

"Richard." As their hands touched, their eyes met again and something seemed to pass between them, unspoken.

"So…" Mitch said, trying to think of something. "You don't even hang out with the rest of the band?"

Richard shook his head. "Not around here. We moved here from Seattle just a little bit ago. My old high school was … a little easier to deal with; I'll be honest."

Mitch must have felt something from the beginning, and as he looked at Richard, he suddenly realized what it was. He was spending half his time eyeing Mitch almost the same way that Mitch had originally noticed him.

"I'll admit, around here certain things are … a challenge." Mitch looked into Richard's eyes, hoping he'd see the question there without having to ask it aloud.

Richard smiled and gave just a little nod. "Yeah, I think you know what I'm talking about."

They talked throughout lunch, Mitch's book forgotten. Tension had broken between them, and while nothing was said allowed, Mitch felt comfortable for the first time in a long time. Most of their talk was even about movies, books they'd both read, what classes they had to endure versus enjoy.

By the end though, they'd sidled just a little closer to each other, and a little closer, looking at each other more and more.

"You know one of the things I really miss from Seattle?" Richard finally said as their lunch period was drawing to a close.

"What's that?" Mitch asked.

Before he could realize what was happening, Richard took Mitch's head in his hands and kissed him gently on the lips. Mitch felt his whole body tense at first, but soon flowed easily into it. The kiss was soft and warm pressure on his lips, no attempt yet for a tongue to push its way in. It was a couple seconds that stretched into minutes for Mitch before Richard leaned back and smiled.

"Having a boyfriend," he said with a wink before heading off to his next period.

Mitch just sat for a few moments. It took him that long to process what Richard has just done and a little more time to enjoy the fact that he'd finally had his first real kiss.



Sitting at his computer once again, Mitch was having trouble focusing. He had work to do and projects to complete, both for school and his personal inspiration, but he couldn't stop thinking about Richard. Richard who actually had a decent bit of muscle on him from all that marching when it came down to it, even on his small frame. Richard who felt so nice against his body, pressed into his arms, lips against his.

Over the last few weeks, they'd been slipping off as often as they could. First just kissing and making out, then quickly leading to groping and fondling, and soon stripping what clothing off they could to feel each other skin to skin. But the day before had hit a turning point that just wouldn't let Mitch's mind rest.

Sneaking into the locker room showers during a shared free period, at a time when they could be almost positive they wouldn't be interrupted, they'd started kissing hot and heavy almost immediately. It had taken only a moment before both their shirts were off and their hands were once again roaming over each other's bodies. Mitch had felt himself getting hard as usual and pressed closer to Richard, rubbing their groins together and feeling his own growing bulge as well. If he'd taken the time to think, Mitch might have been nervous or worried about the risk of being caught, but he'd let himself run on pure desire at that point.

He'd begun sliding his lips down to Richard's neck, kissing there and working his way down towards his chest. For just a few moments, he'd stopped to take turns between sucking Richard's nipples like he'd often dreamed of doing to another guy. Richard had gasped and fingers had slowly, lovingly stroked Mitch's hair, further igniting his desires.

"Oh God, that feels amazing, Mitch," he'd heard Richard mutter in surprise. Just that little moment had furthered his craving, and he'd slipped down further, kissing Richard's abs until Mitch was on his knees before the other boy.

At first Richard had looked down shocked when Mitch began to unbutton and unzip his jeans. They'd only ever taken shirts off or stayed on top of the clothes for anything below the waist. But when it was clear that Mitch was moving forward and opening Richard's boxers, the other boy had put a hand on his shoulder.

"A-Are you sure, Mitch? I mean … we've never…"

Mitch's only response had been to look back down at the erect cock and push his lips around it with more hunger than he'd ever been able to muster for those forced occasions from Derek. As it filled his mouth and senses and Richard gasped, Mitch had never imagined it could be like this. It wasn't just the taste and the feel of it, but every sensation was compounded by how he felt about Richard. It wasn't just a means of survival, he genuinely wanted to make his friend—boyfriend?—happy. And that had made the taste and feel so much better as he'd slid his lips up and down the shaft a few times, licking and moaning while Richard practically whimpered above him from the surprised pleasure.

With both of them so primed, it hadn't taken long at all for Richard to finish in Mitch's mouth, all the while muttering, "Oh damn, Mitch. Oh man, that's amazing. Gonnagonna happen soon. You sure you—? Oh … God!"

Mitch had gleefully lapped up every drop of tasty cum while Richard held his head and sighed out his name a few times. Then when there was finally no more to be had, Mitch slowly sucked as he slipped off the dwindling member. For just a moment, Mitch was half expecting Richard to just pull his jeans back on, put his shirt on, and walk out, leaving Mitch to take care of everything else himself.

But Mitch had felt an entirely new joy when the other boy had sunk to his knees and kissed him. The kiss had been long and hard, their tongues intertwining and their hands rubbing each other's skin again before Richard pulled back to speak.

"That … was amazing," he'd said around a breath, "What made you do that? And how are you so good?"

The question had made Mitch a little nervous. "Um … well, I just kind of did it the way I'd want it. And I just … really wanted to do that for you," he said with a smile.

Richard had grinned and bit his lip. "Well … I kind of … don't have any comparison. But that was great." He'd reached his hands towards Mitch's zipper and undone it then, freeing the tortured erection there finally. Mitch had shuddered. "I feel like I should do something for you now," Richard continued, "but do you mind of I just … use my hands and watch you go?"

With a chuckle Mitch had shaken his head and just enjoyed the first time another guy had actually touched his dick and gotten him off. It had been one of the best orgasms of his life.

Now though, he was stuck daydreaming about it, and he and Richard hadn't been able to find much time for more than a peck and a grope in a quiet corner today. Thursdays were not as good for their class schedules, but Mitch was hoping the next day would be better. Maybe they might even try to sneak out to a movie or something in the evening. Even if they couldn't be too open about it, it would still be a real, actual date. Mitch started to wonder if what he was feeling might be love.

His thoughts were broken when he heard a door slamming shut downstairs. He knew Derek was late getting home today but hadn't known just when his practice schedule was. Odds were good he'd be barging into the room soon, demanding a blowjob again. Though with knowing Richard, it was getting more and more difficult to actually service Derek. Maybe it was having a reference to just what he was missing out on.

As he heard the clomping tread on the stairs coming up, he noticed that it seemed slower and heavier than usual. Something else seemed a little off as well. Had Derek actually come through the back door today? It didn't matter as he heard those steps heading down the hall, and sure enough, stopping at his room. Mitch began to stand up, wanting to be ready to just get it over with quickly since he didn't have any other choice. The door swung open and Mitch stood frozen, gaping at his brother.

Derek was standing there, shirtless and panting slightly as he pushed himself through the doorway. Hanging far out over his jeans was a huge rounded mass of his belly, stretched in a way that Mitch had never seen and didn't think possible with the usually six-pack abs. With each step the jock took, that massive gut sloshed and jiggled slightly while Mitch tried to take in the whole disparate picture. Nothing else had changed, not one other muscle out of place, just that gigantic, round belly hanging out.

Derek flopped himself onto Mitch's bed, making it sag as he sighed with his tongue almost hanging out. As he settled, he let out a loud belch that made the bulging gut ripple, and he looked dazed almost to the point of being drunk.

"Ugh. Damn, that feels good. You'll never guess what happened today, little bitch," he said with another, smaller burp. "Help me get my pants undone; I can't really reach. And start workin'; this has me hard as a fuckin' rock!"

Mitch was still just frozen in place by what he was seeing. "What … the hell?"

Derek fixed him with a glare. "I said get my pants undone, bitch. This is tight, and getting home was a pain in the ass." When Mitch was still having trouble moving, Derek rolled his eyes. "Fine, you won't believe it, but somehow I just ate someone. Alive. Now start working, or you might be dessert!"

In a state of mild shock, Mitch moved forward to the bed as he was commanded. He wasn't sure if he believed what his brother was saying or not, but as he slipped to undo the jeans, there was that big wobbling belly sitting right before him where Derek had been lean and mean just this morning. But it was impossible. This was a trick somehow, but it was a damn good one.

When the pants came undone, Derek's full, thick erection popped up against the mass of his new gut and he sighed in relief. "Oh damn, that's so much better! Now start licking it, little bitch. And rub my belly down there too. Where I can't even see you."

Mitch followed the orders. He couldn't tell if it was the same old fear or the new vague possibility that his brother could actually eat him somehow. But he dutifully began lapping at the exposed cock and letting his hands rub the tightly stretched flesh. As he did, the new fear began to solidify as he swore that he could just vaguely make out something that felt like a limp foot or hand through the skin.

"Oh yeah," Derek moaned, "That feels so awesome! Wish I knew I could do this before. I'd have eaten some little band geek a couple years ago."

Mitch's licks halted. Little … band geek… No. It couldn't be.

"Better keep lickin' and keep rubbin', bitch." Mitch returned his attentions to his brother's cock, remembering the goal of survival as he tried to push against the belly and get it into his mouth. He swore he could feel something more of a vaguely human shape as his head pressed against the skin there.

"Yup," Derek said as if answering an unasked question. "I noticed my blowjobs weren't as good, so I checked in on you at—oh yeah!—school. Saw you sneaking off with some other little geek a few times, figured you were letting him cut in on my action. So I found him after school today."

Mitch had to keep working, had to keep swirling his tongue around the cockhead and doing a good job of rubbing the bottom end of the swollen mass so that he could survive. But was Richard in there? Was he somehow stroking above that soft brown hair or some other part right now? If he was, he wasn't moving, which would mean…

Derek belched again and groaned, leaking copious pre into Mitch's mouth. "Dragged him to the locker room and was just gonna scare him off, but something happened. I'd skipped lunch to go hang out with Cindy, and I just felt so … hungry. And he looked so small and puny. Don't know what came over me, but I opened wide and the next thing I knew his head was in my mouth!"

Mitch focused on the service he had to give, trying to hold back the threatening tears. They would only make everything worse. Derek's hips bucked a little pushing into Mitch's lips and shaking his belly.

"Mmm, and for some reason, this band geek is the best thing I've tasted in forever. So I just start goin' further. Tearin' his clothes away and just … eating. He was just … delicious! And I don't know how, maybe I was just that hungry, but I just kept swallowin' and he just kept slidin' in. And before I knew it, he was in my gut kickin' up a storm and makin' me hard. Oh yeah!"

Derek had to know how much this was torturing Mitch, and it seemed to reflect in the fact that a thick load of cum shot up to his mouth at that moment. Mitch wasn't prepared from all the emotions running through him, and for the first time he missed, and the load erupted all over his lips and across some of Derek's huge gut.

As soon as it hit and he felt it, Derek kicked out at Mitch, making him tumble off the bed. "Damn it, bitch!" he shouted. "Clean that up! I can't get a shower like this and I gotta hide out in my room once Mom and Dad get home. No way I can explain this to them!"

In a dazed trance, Mitch found a shirt he'd worn recently and wiped the seed from his brother's stretched belly. He barely felt himself stand and move out of the way as Derek heaved himself off the bed.

"I'll probably have to be sick tomorrow, don't know how long it'll take for this to go away. Hope the little fucker'll actually digest." Derek looked back at his brother and actually smirked, leaning into Mitch. "Oh, your little friend wants to tell you something."

Mitch's head barely turned to his brother. The next loud belch was a blast of hot air right in his face. Amidst his brother's usual bad breath, he thought he could smell the way Richard always smelled when they were making out. Laughing, Derek left the room, and Mitch moved slowly to close the door.

With the little privacy he could get restored, Mitch went and collapsed onto his bed, burying his face in his pillow. He couldn't let Derek hear him sobbing. Couldn't let him know just how much he was hurting. He'd always known Derek was a bastard, but this … whatever the hell it was, was too much.

He tried to think that maybe he was just having some strange hallucination. Maybe he'd go into school tomorrow and see Richard smiling, and that would wake him from this nightmare. But the part of him that always faced facts and couldn't ignore evidence knew it more than likely that Richard really was melting away in his brother's stomach. It didn't matter how he could do it, all that mattered was that the situation with Derek was now a hundred times worse.

And Mitch felt utterly powerless to do anything about it.



The next day Richard was, of course, missing from school. Mitch's hopes that the previous day had been some kind of trick, hallucination, or part of a bad dream were dashed when the handsome boy was nowhere to be found. By midday the rumors were already starting to circulate that Richard hadn't shown up at home the night before and that his parents had come to the school seeking information. People had already spread rumors that he might be gay, so it didn't even take a day for people to speculate that he'd met some guy online and run off or a number of other fantastic stories begun by high school minds.

The entire day, Mitch had to restrain himself and reign in the tears that threatened every time he thought about it. Because he and Richard had put so much effort into not being seen too much together, almost no one asked him anything, which was some small blessing in that he never had to face another student or teacher directly with hiding what he knew. But he still knew, inside.

It shouldn't have been possible, but Richard was indeed a softened, shrinking lump on his brother's midsection at home. No one even bothered to try and connect Derek's sick day with Richard's disappearance, having no reason to. To Mitch, it meant that no one would ever know what had happened to the boy with the lovely brown hair and perfect blue eyes.

When Mitch finally got home after what seemed like an endless day, Derek was waiting in his room. His jock brother had somehow, in the space of a night and a day, returned to his usual, trim form. As if solely for dramatic effect, Derek was rolling a toothpick in his mouth and grinning. He'd never been one for subtlety. When Mitch came in and saw him there, he was almost ready to cry again. As almost always, their parents were off on some errand or mission.

"Close the door," Derek said, "and get over here on your knees." He unzipped the pants he was wearing.

Having no other choice, Mitch did as he was told. Feeling and moving like little more than some kind of automaton, he shut the door and walked up to Derek, dropping down and fishing the already stiffening cock out of the open fly. Mitch leaned in and started sucking on his brother with no passion and no desire whatsoever, but for the moment, his brother didn't seem to mind.

"Now while you suck, listen up, you little bitch," Derek said while his cock filled Mitch's mouth. "I don't know how I did that yesterday, but I'm damn sure I can do it again. Your tasty little friend disappeared all the way in a day and now I have more energy than I've ever had before." Mitch slid his lips up and down the shaft, hearing the words and at the same time storing them so that he could actually work without breaking down. "Feels amazing. There's no proof he was ever here. Just a few flushes and a few wet farts!" Derek gave a braying laugh while Mitch tried not to wince as he licked at the thick cock. "Now, you're not gonna say anything. One, because no one would ever believe you. Two … because you look delicious. I like having a little cocksucker around, but if you try to fuck with me, I'll just have you for a midnight snack and tell Mom and Dad later that I haven't seen you anywhere. Just make you disappear."

Mitch couldn't help himself and turned his eyes up, feeling his body shiver. He didn't want to risk taking Derek's dick out of his mouth, but what he saw made him tremble even more. His brother was watching him perform for the first time and practically drooling, and the look in Derek's eyes said he was already thinking about eating his younger brother right then and there anyway. With a little whimper, Mitch redoubled his effort to get Derek off.

The jock chuckled and gave a little moan. "Mmm, guess you understand!" he said through a smile as he pumped his hips and grunted, beginning to spill rivers into Mitch's mouth. Mitch drank dutifully as he always had, but this was more than his brother had ever spilled in all the times he'd been forced to do this. It threatened to slip out, and that wouldn't be good at all.

Through sheer force of will, Mitch didn't miss a drop of the torrent, gulping down the last of the seed from bulging cheeks. With a cold feeling in the pit of his stomach, he realized what must have caused his brother to shoot such a big load.

"Oh, damn!" Derek said. "Didn't know about that! Oh, now I know I'm gonna do that again. Better pace myself though, don't wanna clear out the school and have people poking around." He chuckled and looked back down at Mitch. "And you better keep doing that real good, no matter how I come home or when I ask. Because that's the only reason you're not in here right now." Derek patted his flat belly and began to walk to the door of Mitch's room. "I'd just love to eat you up."



The next few months went by in something of a haze for Mitch. Even while Richard began to fade in both his and the school's memory—since no body was ever found and there'd been no contact, it was assumed he'd run away despite his parents' protests to the contrary—Mitch lived in even more constant fear of his older brother.

Every few weeks, another slender, not-so-popular guy went missing, and Derek inevitably showed up with a swollen gut and demanded extra attention for the next couple days. He showed not even the smallest thought for the fact that his meals had been people; to the jock they were just food, something he now felt he needed and deserved once in a while. And whenever they were alone, he'd tease or threaten Mitch that at any time he might be next. Mitch's only line of defense was that Derek liked having his dick sucked too much to actually make good on those threats.

Still, he could see his brother's appetite beginning to grow more insatiable as time went on. After Richard, Derek had waited a whole month before making someone else disappear. But after that one, it had only been three weeks. Derek only slowed down when people started really noticing the string of disappearances and started seeing the pattern. People wondered if there was actually someone around snatching teens that couldn't defend themselves, prompting some students to be more cautious and more watchful eyes in general. It had forced Derek to slow down over the holidays, which made him look at Mitch a lot more often with that hungry gaze. It was a saving grace that there had been plenty of other food to gorge on. Though during the big family trip they were always forced to take for Christmas to visit their mother's parents, one of their unattended cousins got lost and Derek was sick in a room alone for a night and a day. After that, Mitch couldn't help but notice he'd looked much more satisfied even as the whole family searched for the teenager no one had seen since the previous day.

Mitch knew he should do something, that he was letting Derek get away with murder, even if no one could prove it. But he had to admit, when push came to shove, he was just trying to survive the remainder of the school year and make sure he didn't wind up was one of those moving lumps in Derek's belly.

That was the worst. On two of the occasions when Derek came home stuffed, whoever was inside had actually still been squirming. He'd been forced to rub the bulging gut and get his brother off while Derek started to digest them.

Mitch had no idea how to stop his brother, but as the months went on, he had a bad feeling that he couldn't just survive anymore. He wasn't even sure he would make it to the end of the school year with the way Derek talked about him. Still, who would ever believe what only he had had seen the proof of?



"You want to run that by me again?" The sheriff's dark brown eyes looked incredulously at Mitch, making him squirm a little in the chair in his office.

Mitch only knew Sheriff Arnold Tanner by reputation, having never had a reason to actually cross his path before. The sheriff was popular around town, even if Mitch's own parents felt he was too lenient and would have preferred a more conservative, hard-nosed officer. With his trimmed black mustache like something out of an old TV show, the sheriff was known to forgive stupid hijinks of the town's younger citizens—often treating them with a light rap on the knuckles or allowing them a chance to make appropriate amends themselves—and focus intently on serious crimes. On a bulletin board behind him, among a few wanted posters and other missives, were actual missing posters and flyers of several of the teens that had disappeared down Derek's throat.

While Sheriff Tanner had a reputation for open-mindedness, he was currently looking at Mitch as if the boy needed a little time in a drunk tank to come down off whatever he was on. Or a little time in a straightjacket.

"I know," Mitch said, the desperation clear in his voice. "I know how crazy it sounds, how stupid, how impossible. But you have to believe me, he can do it. He's been doing it. Somehow."

It was the middle of spring break. For most students, a whole week off of school should be a dream, no matter where they were. Mitch had been living in a nightmare for half a week. His parents had volunteered their time for the week for something called "Moral Spring". All Mitch knew about it was that it involved being posted at a popular vacation spot and trying to lure in partying teens and college kids to explain to them why God thought fun was evil and get them on the "righteous path". What it really meant for Mitch, because of travel costs, was that he was stuck in the house alone with Derek for an entire week, while his brother had the run of the place. And the run of him.

The night before, he'd woken up in the middle of the night to find that Derek was standing over him. His jock brother was just staring at him, thinking while Mitch slept, and Mitch hadn't needed him to say anything. Clearly Derek had been debating the pros and cons of eating his brother while it would be the easiest to get away with it. In the end, when Mitch woke up, Derek had just decided to get a blowjob and leave, but Mitch knew he couldn't wait now, or else he might wake up next time when he was halfway down his brother's throat.

When Derek had finally gone out in the late afternoon to try and score some more beer for the fridge, Mitch had made his way as quick as he could to the sheriff's office to try and tell the whole story. And now here he was in Arnold Tanner's private office, explaining and getting the disbelief he'd expected. Of course, he'd left out entirely the part the part about his personal inclinations and Derek's demands.

"Look, would I come in here and tell you something that stupid if it wasn't somehow true? You can test me, I'm not on anything. I'm fully aware of where I am, my name, what the date is, and so on. And I'm telling you, as crazy as it sounds, that my brother is eating people."

"Right. And that he's responsible for some of these kids going missing? You can see why I find that hard to believe. For one, I've dealt with your brother before, and while I've seen him get up to some damn fool things, I can't see him as a killer. For another, what you're describing is physically impossible, son."

"I know that! I know it shouldn't be possible. It makes absolutely no sense. But I've seen it happen. I'm not lying to you."

Mitch had known there would be resistance. It was too impossible to believe unless someone saw it right in front of them as he had. He also thought that maybe if he kept pushing, kept sincere, and pointed out that he was completely lucid, someone would at least look into the possibility of it being true.

"Well, maybe you're not lying," Sheriff Tanner said with a kind of sad look, "but with a story like that you might be—"

The door suddenly burst open. "Oh, thank God you're here! I was worried when you weren't at home."

Mitch looked over in terror to see Derek standing there. His face was forced into a look of concern that would fool anyone else in town. But in his eyes, Mitch could see a certain anger and resolution that chilled him.

"Hello, Derek," the sheriff said in a familiar tone as he looked over. "You brother has been telling … well, quite the tale."

"Let me guess," Derek said, trying to look sad and hurt. "Some wild story about me, right? Look, Mitch, I know you're upset right now, but this is out of hand."

Mitch was at a loss for words. He thought he'd have more time.

Sheriff Tanner leveled his particular no-nonsense look at Derek. "So you want to tell me what this is really all about and why he'd come in here and say something so crazy?"

Derek bit his lips and looked between the two of them. Mitch was always amazed at the caliber of Derek's performance; even he felt like he was watching a completely different person. Looking a little embarrassed, Derek took a step inside and let the sheriff's private door shut.

"It's a little … can we please keep this just between us?"

"I'll figure that out when I hear what you have to say."

Derek blew out a breath as if what he was about to do was incredibly hard. "Look, it's for Mitch's sake. I don't know if you know; our parents are out of town this week."

"I'd heard something about that."

"Right," Derek went on. "Well, we were just hanging out mostly, couple guys with the house to ourselves. I mean it's not like we're really in the same circles at school, but this was a chance to just be, you know, brothers."

"He's lying; he—"

Sheriff Tanner held up a hand. "Mitch, you had your say quite a bit. I want to hear what he's telling me."

Derek put on the sad face again. "Well, I was borrowing his computer last night because we were thinking about going to a movie and I was looking up what was playing. And I accidently stumbled on—" his voice dropped almost to a whisper "—some pornography … er … with men."

Tanner's expression was unreadable. He didn't really react at all, but simply waited.

"You've lived here long enough; you know how our parents are. And I admit, I kinda freaked out when I saw it. We got into a fight and we didn't talk much today. I went out for a little." Here he looked just a little embarrassed for the sheriff. "I actually went and scored some beers. I know, underaged and all that, but honestly I was going to split them with him tonight and talk about it a little. Man to man. I think he was worried I was gonna tell Mom and Dad or something, but I wouldn't do that to him. Though maybe he thought he could get back at me, or get me arrested so he could just run away. Think he mentioned something about that when we were fighting. I don't know; I just know he's had a really rough night."

It had been a command performance, and Sheriff Tanner was clearly buying it. Mitch could feel his heart sinking.

"Why would he tell such a damn crazy story as the one he told me before you got here?"

"What kind of story?" Derek asked, the picture of unknowing innocence.

The sheriff looked to Mitch again and for a moment seemed to weigh things. He was a smart man, and Mitch could see that he was asking himself why a teenager wouldn't just make up something more believable. Then Tanner just shook his head slightly. "It doesn't matter now. As far as I'm concerned this is a family matter. Normally I'd be required to inform your parents about everything, but I'm going to do like that flashy thing in that Men in Black movie and not remember you were even here. I'll even forget about that beer if you don't get carried away and do something stupid. Now go home, boys."

Mitch stood up. "Please, Sheriff, you can't. He'll—"

"I'm cutting you a lot of slack here, son. Don't try my good nature."

From the look in his eyes, Mitch could see it was lost. And Derek was between him and the door, so there was no way to bolt. Even if he could, it wouldn't matter here. He dropped his head, and as Derek turned, he began to follow slowly behind.

"One more moment, Mitch."

He turned to see the sheriff standing behind his desk and taking a few steps closer. Tanner's eyes had softened and he leaned close to the younger brother.

"Look, son, I've talked to a couple folks going through … what you're going through. Even rounded up some that ran away before. It's not the answer. With your parents … well, trust me, you just have to make it through the next couple years and you'll be alright. You'll have your own life if you don't screw up now."

Mitch just looked back at him, completely in a daze. "I'll be lucky if I make it through the night."

With that he turned and followed his brother out of the office door. Derek actually looked back. "Don't worry, sheriff. I'll keep an eye on him … and take care of him."

Mitch hardly noticed anything else as they made their way to Derek's truck. He was doomed; he knew it. He couldn't even summon up the energy to shout or cry or try anything. Derek had so efficiently torpedoed his attempts to stop him, even if they already had little to no chance of working. He couldn't even react when he heard the other door close or the engine start or felt the truck pull away and head down the road.

The truck was already moving too fast now for Mitch to think beyond the feeling of being trapped. He'd been so stupid. If he'd just caused a disturbance at the station, refused to go or done something, maybe he wouldn't have been let out of the sheriff's sight. He could have even tried getting himself arrested somehow; even being behind bars would be safer than being in the truck. With Derek.

His brother watched the road and just shook his head a little. "That was stupid, little bitch. I thought you were supposed to be all smart and shit. When I got home, I figured you'd just run off. Was going to try and have that asshole Tanner track you down, but you could have gone anywhere. Then there you were, doing just what I told you not to do. You know what I told you."

Mitch shuddered, shrinking against the door. Maybe it wouldn't be that bad. Maybe he'd just need to make tonight the best blowjob Derek had ever received. He could just let it go, swear he wouldn't talk again. He just had to make it through a few more months, and it really wasn't a high price to just keep quiet and suck Derek's dick whenever he ate someone else.

"So we're gonna get home, get in the house, and you're gonna suck my dick again." Derek's lips smacked as if his mouth were watering. "Then I'm gonna eat you for dinner."

"N-No … please, Derek. I won't say anything again. Ever."

Derek just snorted. "Like that matters. I was already thinking you'd taste pretty good tonight. Been thinkin' about when I'd eat you for a while. This just sealed the deal. You're goin' down the hatch. And if you try anything, it'll just be that much worse for you. Understand?"

Mitch didn't even respond. He was setting his mind to figuring out some way he could escape. He didn't dare pull out a cell phone to call for help; there was no way his brother wouldn't slap it out of his hands in an instant. He could try to run as soon as the car stopped, but he doubted his brother would have any trouble catching him. And then, like he said, it would be that much worse. Mitch didn't want to just give up and accept being the next boy to "disappear", but he was getting the feeling that was done as soon as he got in the truck.

Derek was rubbing his washboard belly through his shirt as he drove while they got closer and closer to the house. "Mmm, damn it's been too long since I've been full. A little bitch is really gonna hit the spot tonight," he taunted.

Shivering again, Mitch began to feel that his only weapon here might be tiring Derek out. If he could give it to him good enough tonight, give him a mind-blowing orgasm, maybe he could live through the night. He could convince his brother to at least spare him for now to get sucked off again in the future. It had sort of worked in the past. That would have to be his strategy then. Offer more blowjobs through the night, use his hands, offer a tight, virgin ass if that was what it took, but somehow make sure Derek fell asleep before he got devoured.

Then run.

Run as far and as fast as he could. Forget his parents, forget his high school, forget everything and just find a way to get out of town. He was smart enough, he could survive, find a way to live, find a way to complete his education. Even the hardest road would be a better fate than winding up as his brother's next meal.

He was thinking all this as the truck slowed and pulled into the driveway. Trying to control his heavy breathing, he waited for what his brother would say. For now, he had to do everything he was told and more.

Derek turned off the engine. "Now … we head inside, keeping fucking quiet. Got that?"

"G-Got it."

Mitch did just as he was told. He walked to the front door of the familiar house, trying not to feel like he was walking to his execution. There was still a chance; he had to remember that.

When he paused, Derek shoved him through the door and closed it behind them. He heard the lock clicking. Naturally it wouldn't keep him in if he made a break for it, but it would cost precious seconds, all Derek would need to catch him and drag him back.

"Get in the living room and strip," the older brother said. "Getting rid of clothing's a pain in the ass."

Doing just as he was told, Mitch headed to the couch in the TV room. As he began peeling off his clothes, it occurred to him that in all the times he'd been demanded to serve Derek, he'd never been demanded to be nude. To be so vulnerable. Somehow it seemed strange now to just be standing in the living room without a stitch of clothing on, knowing his brother was on his way.

 Hearing footsteps, he looked up to see Derek coming from the direction of the kitchen, completely naked as well. Every muscle stood perfectly toned on the jock's body. Not overly emphasized, but just in the proper proportions to look strong and healthy. Under the perfect six-pack of abs, at the crux of a V of visible muscle, his member swung freely, slightly engorged as if just ready to grow into an erection. For just a brief moment, Mitch felt an embarrassing tingle in his loins as he forgot just what was happening here and once again was forced to admit to himself that his brother was fucking hot.

"Never been able to take my time with this," Derek said, his eyes looking Mitch up and down. "Was tryin' to decide if maybe some ketchup or barbecue sauce or something like that would make it even better. But I figure you'll probably taste good enough on your own."

Reality came crashing back to Mitch as Derek walked up to him, practically drooling. Already his brother really just thought of him as more food. It was clear in the way he talked and the way he looked at Mitch. He'd never really been a full person in the eyes of his brother, but now Mitch felt his very existence reduced to something Derek wanted to eat.

"Now get on your knees," the larger brother commanded. "I want one more blowjob before dinner."

This was it. He had to make this experience as intense as possible, convince Derek somehow to keep him around for another round later tonight. Any other time, he'd just methodically drop down and start working on Derek's cock. But tonight, he had to try something bold.

Instead of kneeling, Mitch leaned down ran his tongue over his brother's nipple, sucking the nub into his lips and kissing the muscle underneath before Derek could react. The jock was shocked for a moment and started to raise his hand, possibly to deliver a smack to Mitch.

"What the hell, bitch? I didn't tell you to … to do any … oooh … oh fuck!" Derek was panting as his nipple hardened against Mitch's flicking tongue. "O-Okay … just keep that up. Goddamn!"

Mitch kept working, rubbing his tongue over the nub and switching to the other one as he worked methodically between the two. He forced himself to forget the threat of being eaten alive. Forced himself not to think about all the abuse of the last several months and just tried to keep in his mind that initial image of Derek walking naked into the living. Of just a hot, muscular, dominant guy who needed mind-blowing pleasure. It was his only chance.

Derek didn't balk when Mitch slipped his hand down to feel at his brother's thick member, the organ already growing and stiffening as he continued to tease the hard nipples with his tongue and teeth. He could hear Derek moaning at the attention and slowly stroked along the expanding, well-known length of his dick with his fingers. To Mitch's surprise, he even found himself growing hard as he focused just on bringing pleasure.

He began moving his lips slowly downward. His tongue gently stroked the jock's muscles and his lips dusted against them in little kisses. He could hear Derek's moans of pleasure while he worked his way down to his knees, feeling the thick meat of his brother's cock throb in his hand. It would work. It had to work.

Nuzzling his way along the abs as Derek allowed him to do whatever he could, Mitch heard his brother's stomach grumble loudly. Derek chuckled. "Mmm, I haven't eaten all day today. Can't wait to eat you."

He couldn't rise to it, couldn't let himself be shaken by the smacking of his brother's lips. Mitch had to stay focused and knelt down fully, staring at Derek's member. He'd sucked it so many times before, but now he took a moment—forced himself to do so—to admire it. It really was handsome as it stood out before him. Thick and fully hard, veined, the foreskin pulled completely back by his fingers, it was beautiful. A light drop of pre hung on the tip, and Mitch readily slipped out his tongue and licked it off, making Derek shiver above him.

Having the first musky taste on his tongue and lips, Mitch allowed his own desires and instincts to take over. He leaned forward and slurped the entire shaft between his lips, wetting it down with his own drool. Whether it was the knowledge that his life depended on it or the fact that for the first time he was able to simply take his time and do what he wanted, Mitch didn't know. All he knew was that he was hungry for that hard meat sliding along his tongue, wanted to savor it as he felt his own erection throbbing at his groin.

"Ooh, that's right, little bitch! That's your last meal, so enjoy it!"

Mitch wasn't even listening to the cruel taunts anymore. He reached his hands up and took a firm grip on Derek's sculpted ass, feeding himself until he was devouring the hard member to the root. He felt it slip into his throat and for the first time he and Derek moaned together. He'd pushed past his gag reflex long before, but had never swallowed his brother's dick with as much passion or hunger. He'd never truly been allowed to. But now Mitch let all his desires and will to survive drive him to work his brother's shaft like never before. All the while, Mitch's own erection ached and begged for attention that he couldn't afford to give it, not if he wanted to get his brother exhausted.

Derek groaned and sighed as Mitch sucked and worked his tongue deftly. Every squeeze on his rump, every flick of Mitch's tongue, every slide back only to move forward and swallow the thick head again only brought another noise of pleasure from the jock. It seemed that he'd actually run out of taunts and was lost in the bliss Mitch's mouth could provide. If only he could keep that coming…

His brother's strong fingers ran into his hair, grabbing his head and holding it while Mitch felt the throbbing against his lips. Derek groaned again and shot a first spurt of hot seed directly down Mitch's throat, still almost choking him with his manhood. As Derek grunted and almost growled from the start of the powerful orgasm, Mitch barely pulled his head back, just enough to let his tongue work at the sensitive head and taste the rich cum flowing from his brother's cock.

As he swallowed the intense waves shooting out over his tongue, Mitch had a stunned moment when he felt something rising from his own groin. Still focused on milking and swallowing down the reward of Derek's cream, Mitch found his own climax throbbing from his body without a single touch. The arousal had reached such a fevered pitch he was weakly spurting his own seed while slurping down Derek's, making him gasp a little as he took down the last heavy shots and set himself to licking and sucking out the remaining dribble. It was the most intense experience of his limited life, and the fleeting thought came to Mitch that if he was not successful tonight, this would at least be a worthy final act.

The last of Derek's orgasm completed as his own strange pleasure began to ebb, and Mitch felt the shaft softening in his lips. He fought against fear as he looked back up at his brother. Derek's eyes were still closed, and he was swaying slightly, trying to catch his breath. Grabbing some of Mitch's hair, he lazily began to stumble towards the couch, dragging his smaller sibling along. Mitch did not resist, and as Derek plopped down on the couch, he was taken along the sit there. The jock wrapped and arm tight around him, holding him there easily while trying to regain his senses. Knowing he couldn't escape, Mitch instead leaned up against his brother, waiting just a moment before speaking.

"Derek … has Cindy…" He paused. He had to try this, had to try whatever he could and put it in terms Derek would get. "Has she ever let you fuck her up the ass?"

Derek gave a loud, braying laugh, his chest rumbling against Mitch's side. "Fuck no, she ain't!" It was almost as if Derek had forgotten he was talking to his brother whom he'd planned to eat a few moments before. "Can barely even get the bitch's thighs to open up, anything else just won't happen."

It was time to go for broke. Derek seemed to be in such a good, post-sex mood. "I would," Mitch said, and Derek went quiet. "I'd let you fuck my ass whenever you want. You could bend me over, and I'd do whatever you want, whenever you want. You can own me even more than you already do, and I'll get you off however you want anytime."

Mitch cocked his head up against a shoulder and chanced a look up at his brother when nothing was said. He could see the slow wheels turning once more. Good, Derek was actually thinking about it. He had a shot.

"And … and you could try it all out tonight. For the next few days before Mom and Dad get home," Mitch continued. "C'mon, Derek. You don't really want to eat up your little bitch, do you?"

From the little smirk on Derek's lips, Mitch could tell the idea was enticing him. He was almost positive that he could get Derek to a point of passing out tonight. Or if he couldn't, it wouldn't be so horrible to perform those tasks until he could get away. It was all about making it to the next day one step ahead of his brother's appetite.

Mitch felt the strong arm shifting as Derek turned him. The jock's large hands gripped him by both arms so they were face to face, Mitch barely standing off of the couch. Derek's face leaned forward, almost as if they might kiss. His tongue rolled out and started at Mitch's chin then ran up over his lips and past the tip of his nose. It traveled all the way up past his closed eyes to his forehead, leaving a trail of saliva there.

When Mitch opened his eyes again, Derek was leaning back again, his own eyes closed as he slowly licked his lips and sighed. When he opened them again, he grinned to his younger brother.

"Mmm, nice try. But I can always find someone else for that, you're too damned tasty, and tonight I'm too goddamned hungry!"

The first moment happened in the span of a couple seconds, not even giving Mitch a chance to scream or protest further, but once again those seconds seemed to stretch in time. Derek opened his mouth wide, showing his white teeth and the pink insides coated with drool that almost shined in the living room lights. His lips continued to stretch, wider than should have been possible, wider than bones or skin should allow, while his tongue pushed down and made more room to accept his dinner. His throat yawned; his uvula still hung almost motionless above it as it too seemed to open into an impossible pink chasm leading into a dark pit inside. Then Mitch was brought forward by his brother's powerful hands gripping his arms towards the waiting jaws that moved to accept his head. With a muffled chomping sound, the saliva-soaked tongue filled his vision just before everything went dark.

Mitch tried to scream then, but the sound was lost as the wet tongue slathered all over his face, tasting him while the cheeks pressed in around him and the entire mouth soaked his head. He kicked his legs ineffectually while those hands lifted him up, and he tried to flail only to get a low moan vibrating around him. He was actually only enhancing the meal. His brother was going to swallow him and there was nothing to be done, no one to save him.

A tug on his head and the urging of the hands at his arms pushed him deeper. His face slid along the wet tongue and moved further to where slick walls wrapped hotly around Mitch and pulled at him, eager to drag him towards the stomach. His shoulders slipped into the sultry air of his brother's mouth with almost no difficulty, and for just a moment in his fear, Mitch was amazed that another human could so easily do this. The teeth nibbled at his skin and that tongue continued its work of lapping anywhere it could reach. Derek had talked so often about how much he enjoyed his meals, and he really seemed to be trying to wring every inch of flavor he could out of his brother.

The insistent pulling on his head grew stronger, and Mitch could actually here the gulp sound as his brother swallowed again, dragging him further into the hungry grip of his body. He could hear the quick, muffled lub-dub of the heart nearby while he felt his own heart racing in his chest as his brother licked there now. The internal walls squeezed his small frame all around, undulating and working him just a little further down between the big swallows. He tried to move, to wriggle out on instinct, but only felt his muscles compress and his breathing tighten as each movement only seemed to bring about another loud groan of happiness.

His brother swallowed again, letting Mitch feel as the gaping lips worked their way further down his torso and more of his body was sucked from the cooler air of the house into the oppressive humid heat of Derek's insides. His arms could no longer move, pinned tight by the throat and the working cheeks as he was tugged and slurped deeper and deeper, knowing that he'd soon enough be entering into the stomach from where he'd never return. Because his brother didn't see him as anything other than food to fulfill his new appetite.

Another gulp and hands gripping his thighs now, pushing just gently while his head pushed through a tight ring and popped all too easily into the chamber of the stomach. While the chamber was slightly more open, it didn't offer much for Mitch's comfort or breathing as the walls rippled around his head. Once more, a muffled groan of satisfaction could barely be heard as apparently just having some of Mitch in his stomach was curbing a bit of his ravenous hunger. There was no stopping though as the tongue continued to lap at him and that tight passage continued to work to push him further into the waiting sac. It even ran over his groin and between his legs, causing Mitch just the slightest shiver of surprise. The stimulation did not last long enough to do anything with, as it was just more tasting of the meal to help push him deeper while the stomach opened and stretched to accept him.

Seeming to eat faster now that he had something in his belly, Derek swallowed again. The gulp pulled Mitch's groin and thighs into that tight heat and forced his shoulders into the stomach. The rumbling, slimy walls stretched so easily around him as Mitch entered in further, making just enough room for the smaller brother while more of him was pushed inside. He wiggled and moved about, rubbing against the squeezing walls, trying to get his hands inside with him in the vain hope of doing something, of pushing back while he was steadily eaten alive.

In the gripping, gurgling darkness, another swallow finally pushed him in and stretched the stomach walls enough to pop his hands free and work to bring them to the level of his head amidst the elastic, moving sac. Already he could feel thin fluids seeping in, trying not to think about how they would attack him and process his body for his brother's use. His feet could still feel open air, but every other bit of him had already disappeared between the jock's jaws, and soon he knew he'd just be one of the gigantic round bulges looking out of place on the muscled frame.

Mitch felt a surge of real panic as another rippling wave tugged on him and his feet slipped into that grasping heat of his brother's mouth. He was completely inside now, just one more gulp would be the end of him. Then the movement stopped for just a moment. Though he knew it foolish, Mitch had the smallest bit of hope that maybe his brother had experienced some kind of change of heart. Maybe he couldn't actually go through with it, and there was just barely enough affection for Mitch as a family member that he'd pull him out now.

Then he felt the teeth working gently over his feet and toes, the tongue stroking along them slow and steady, and the muffled moans from up above. Of course it had been stupid. Derek wasn't having second thoughts, he was just savoring that last bite as he often did with his favorite foods. In desperation, Mitch tried to find the bottom of the belly and push with his hands, thinking that just maybe he could try and shove himself up, at least enough to keep from being fully swallowed. But his hands only slid against the slick, elastic surface, coating more in slime and stretching it in little places that offered no purchase. All of Derek's other meals must have tried to escape somehow, and he was no different.

After several long moments, when all hope had finally left him, Mitch felt the tongue push at his feet and another long series of ripples from the throat on down to the stomach. His legs were forced down along that sucking tide, sliding in and stretching the stomach walls until his feet slipped in through the tight opening and he actually felt it seal up just after his toes. The stomach rolled and forced him to curl into a ball as he already felt the walls contracting around him and tingling on his skin.

It was done. He'd been swallowed alive, and it was likely no one would ever know. All his plans after high school, everything he'd done just to survive life with his brother and parents: it all amounted to nothing more than being a dinner for Derek.

As he moved and tried to find some way to alleviate the stress on his curled frame, he felt his brother shifting and moving outside in shivers at first, then changing position. He could hear Derek groaning and feel hands working outside the stomach. He squirmed and kicked on pure instinct, knowing deep down that it would do no good, but his body somehow assuming it could break free. When the jock spoke, it was a muddied, hollow sound, but Mitch thought he could barely make out the word "delicious". It was a last mockery.

Then, without warning, the walls around him rippled and tightened as all the air rushed out and away from the pitch black stomach where Mitch had entered. Unable to breathe, Mitch went into a full panic, his limbs thrashing as much as he could in the liquids that were starting to burn, his body twisting in that primal instinct that there must be air somewhere and he had to move to find it somehow.

Stars of dark color began to burst behind his eyes and his body began to settle, losing the energy required for movement. In some ways, he knew it was a blessing, as much as his body begged for air, to pass out before the stomach's real work began.

In his brother's tight belly, Mitch finally gave up and drifted off to the sound of roiling and gurgling around him.



Derek slowly worked his jaws, nibbling at the feet and toes filling his mouth and pushing out his cheeks. Much of the weight was already in his gut, but this was the last taste he'd have of his brother, and he wanted to enjoy it. Wanted to commit it to memory the way he'd always remember that first time he felt a whole geek slide down his throat. Even if his brother was a little bitch, someone ought to remember him, especially as a good meal.

The little cocksucker had been so tasty, but Derek already knew he would be. He figured somehow, even before he knew he could eat little geeks, that he'd always wanted to just consume his younger brother. Stronger ate weaker, that was the circle of life or some shit. Still, the taste of him, the feel of him inside while Derek rubbed his bloated, still growing belly was better than he'd expected. So he savored this last moment of finally getting the meal he'd been longing for for months while he could feel it pushing and moving helplessly in his gut.

Finally, when he couldn't hold back any longer, when he needed to feel that weight settling into his stomach that meant his brother had been reduced to his food, Derek slurped over the toes one more time and swallowed. From there it was easy enough, just relaxing and feeling that incredible high as the legs slipped the rest of the way through his chest and his belly expanded to hold live, squirming meat. He could even feel that powerful moment when his brother was truly sealed completely inside, moving around in his stomach.

Gasping, Derek came again, right then and there, not caring about the mess he'd have to clean up while he felt that motion trapped inside his belly. Beyond the raw physical sensations, it was that knowledge that Mitch couldn't get out or away now. He was going to be digested and become part of Derek's muscle and strength, all his to use up. That thought along with all the moving around deep inside him gave Derek a powerful, throbbing orgasm lasting several moments.

When it finally subsided, the jock laid himself out on the couch with a sigh, his brother frantically squirming in the stretched gut sitting above him. He rubbed the huge mound, loving the feel of it even after cumming so hard, and licked his lips, still able to get just a bit of that flavor he wanted to keep in mind forever. A live geek was always a treat, but finally having Mitch before he graduated was particularly amazing.

"Damn, little bitch, you were delicious!" Derek muttered to himself with a grin before letting out a big, satisfied belch.

The squirming in his middle went crazy for a few moments while Derek continued to rub his belly, already hearing a bit of gurgling from it. It didn't take long before his brother finally stopped wriggling and was just a still weight inside, feeding him. Once he did though, Derek knew that was that. Mitch would be fully digested before his parents got home and he could make up any story he liked. He just wished he'd remembered to bring the beer in from the truck. He'd been so preoccupied with his dinner, he'd forgotten it, and a cold brew would have been the perfect thing to wash his brother down.

Laying there, digesting his little morsel of a brother, Derek reached out for the remote and turned on the TV. As he flipped channels, the other frustrating thing was that he'd probably have to take a bit more of a break. No one would ever believe or repeat Mitch's story, but Sheriff Tanner might get a little suspicious that the little bitch had disappeared. Especially with enough people noticing when his other meals had gone missing. At least he'd laid the groundwork for the believable story that Mitch ran away.

It would be a shame, because it was getting tempting to eat Cindy. He had yet to try gulping down a girl, but he was getting tired of her anyway and really wondered what she'd taste like. Maybe he could save that for summer before college; give folks enough time to forget about missing geeks.

Mmm, college. He licked his lips again at the thought. Probably be plenty of tasty geek meat there, and he was looking forward to that almost as much as the fresh pussy and the real football. Maybe if he needed it, he'd find a little freshman cocksucker like Mitch.

He belched again with a chuckle, his gut wobbling around its heavy, still contents. "Heh, heh, yeah. Suck my dick or be my dinner. That ought to work, right, little bitch?" He slapped his belly, making the surface jiggle.

So in the summer, he'd probably pick some right place and right time to gobble up Cindy. Then would come college, where it would probably be easier to hide the occasional scrawny little frosh going missing. He'd just had the tastiest meal this town probably had to offer, and a buffet of geeks far from home was just several months away. Surely, he could survive that long.


The End