Anniversary Surprises

by the Wolf

Commissioned by Anonymous


Andrew pulled his oversized SUV into the driveway of the house and killed the engine. The large polar bear took a moment just sitting there in his work clothes to think about the evening to come and hoping they could make it a good one. He could hardly believe that he and Sheila had been together for five years at this point. Dating for half of it, finally moving in together for the last couple years. He and the vixen had been so happy for a while, but lately there just seemed to be more and more arguments.

Andrew wanted to make this work, didn’t want to have his life be what he watched happen with his parents. In the last few months, he’d seriously been trying to open himself up to Sheila more and reveal some of the things he’d always found embarrassing. That had been one of her constant complaints, that he seemed to love her but wouldn’t trust her enough to commit to just telling her everything. It usually helped from what he saw, and he hoped the surprise he had in his briefcase would help out tonight once he revealed it after a nice dinner. A few sultry texts during work had indicated that Sheila had a surprise of her own waiting for him.

Putting on his good mood and pushing aside the fights that could happen, Andrew focused on the hot night that would happen once they both got into the bedroom. He was already loosening up his tie when he keyed into the door, entered, and locked it behind him. The bear shuffled off his shoes and kicked them under the little rack by the door. Looking to the living room and where he could see the dining room, he didn’t see his vixen anywhere. He set his briefcase in its usual spot on the table beside the door and called out to the house.

“Sheila? I’m home. Where are you?”

“Come back to the bedroom, sweetie,” said her musical voice. “I’m waiting.”

At the last couple words, she’d put a slightly commanding tone into her voice. Andrew shivered a little and hoped she was just being playful. He had stayed a few minutes late at the office to wrap up some final tasks before rushing home. The last thing the polar bear needed was to start off with a fight about his timing. Still, if she was waiting in the bedroom, it must not be too bad.

He went to the dining room and took a right down the hall to their bedroom at the end. The door was closed, and Andrew wondered for a moment what he was going to find. As he pushed it open, his heart skipped a beat. Maybe a few beats. Standing next to their king-sized bed, Sheila was dressed in a leather corset that put her figure and cleavage fully on display. Stockings and garter covered her legs, hooked to a lace belt that left her crotch completely open, the room already smelling like arousal. The vixen was tapping a riding crop in her paw, wearing a seductive smirk.

That would have been enough to get Andrew’s motor running, but the piece de resistance was reclining casually on the bed. A full-figured dragoness was staring right at Andrew through glasses perched on her muzzle, her purple scales shining in the light. He could just make out the lighter shade of lavender that covered the underside of her muzzle and dipped down into the white blouse she wore, open just enough to contain her sizeable cleavage but give a good nice view of the cleft there. The plaid skirt that covered her thighs almost to the knee did not give her the effect of the classic school-girl, but more that of a stern librarian. As she slipped off the bed with the grace of a dancer, Andrew could see that her plump frame stood almost half a meter taller than his. The polar bear was all aquiver and couldn’t seem to force any words out of his mouth.

Standing, the dragoness smiled and looked over to the vixen. “You weren’t lying. He is kind of adorable.”

“Isn’t he, though?” Sheila said with a cocky, superior air. “Andrew, I’d like you to meet Janine. She’s going to be helping me with you tonight.”

Janine stalked forward, staring down at the polar bear, and slowly traced a claw across Andrew’s muzzle. “Sheila tells me that while you look like a big, strong man, you’re really just a soft little subby teddy bear. Is that true?” she said in a husky voice that demanded respect.

It was completely true. One of the confessions he’d finally made to Sheila several months ago was about his massive submissive side, his desire to be used, abused, even objectified. It had always been an embarrassment because of his size and race and had been hard to tell her at first. The vixen had no problem playing the part, and they had some fun games, but her being so much shorter than him had always made it somehow awkward. It had been that way before when he would try to go to clubs and make it clear that he was a sub, but smaller people always saw a buff, broad-shouldered bear.

The dragoness, however, towered above him, making him weak in the knees. And clearly, she knew the power she held, to the point that he could only give a small nod in answer to her question.

“Good,” the purple dragoness said with a wicked smile. “Then tonight, I’m going to put you in your place. Let’s get one thing clear first of all. You will address me as ma’am or Mistress. My name is only for your girlfriend’s lips. Is that understood, boy?”

Andrew shuddered and actually felt himself diminishing before her. “Y-Yes, ma’am.”

“Good. Now strip.”

“And make it snappy,” Sheila chimed in, slapping her crop against the bed. “Or you’ll be punished.”

As anniversary gifts went, this one topped the charts, and Andrew tugged furiously at his work clothes, already half hard from the look of them and their talk alone. He stripped the tie up off his head, making his collar flip up awkwardly, and tossed it aside. The impatient glare from the dragoness looming over him made him fumble excitedly with the buttons on his shirt, and he could hear Sheila tapping the leather against her paw as if she were itching for a chance to use it on him. It all sparked deeper arousal, throbbing in his pants as he struggled to slide the sleeves from his arms.

There was a whistle through the air as the crop suddenly whipped across his shoulder just as his shirt fell. “Faster, boy,” Sheila said sternly. “Get those pants off.”

It wasn’t nearly as hard as he knew Sheila could swing when she wanted to, but the light, lingering sting still made him whimper and pushed him deeper into the rising sub space. While Janine gave a deliciously sadistic little chuckle, the polar bear worked at his belt, desperately trying to loosen it. The buckle gave way, and Andrew opened his fly and shuffled his pants and underwear down his legs as fast as he could. As he stepped out of them, heat rose to his cheeks as he realized he’d exposed his full, throbbing erection without permission. The big polar bear tucked his shoulders in and looked from his mistress to his girlfriend for approval as he moved to cover up.

A wicked smile on her face, Janine reached out and traced a claw slowly through the fur of his chest. “Oh, he is so cute!” The claw teased its way up under Andrew’s chin, lifting his head to meet her gaze. The dragoness’s eyes bored into his, her raw power washing over him. “But of course, our boy did stumble getting undressed. And he exposed himself before properly being told to.”

“I-I’m sorry, Mistress…”

Disregarding him for a moment, claw still firmly holding Andrew’s muzzle, the dragoness looked around to where Sheila still stood. “I think the boy needs a proper spanking. Would you agree?”

“Definitely. He’s been very naughty already. But before we do that, he should be properly restrained.” The vixen twirled a pair of handcuffs on one finger as Andrew looked back at the jangling sound. “He has a terrible habit of touching himself before he’s told he can cum.”

“Yes,” Janine said with a nod, “you did mention that.” She turned her attention back to Andrew, glaring over her glasses at the polar bear. “Hands behind your back, boy. Now.”

It was like he wasn’t even in the room, just a plaything or a curiosity that had to be controlled so it could be properly used. The polar bear had dreamed so often about that feeling before but never truly experienced it. Now, as he dutifully moved his paws behind his back, still throbbing, exposed, and vulnerable, he sank deeper into that incredible sensation of belonging to someone else for their use. Cold metal wrapped around his wrists and clicked into place, holding him tight and further reminding him that he only existed to grant the two ladies’ requests. And he loved every incredible second of it.

Sheila ran her paws over his back while Janine slipped her claws down to his shoulder, placing just enough pressure to remind him that he was no longer his own person. The dragoness dragged him toward the foot of the bed where she sat down, keeping a hold on him and forcing him to crouch just a little lower. The vixen was already moving to the small cabinet they’d set up in the room to keep a few extra toys. Andrew tried to look over and see what she was doing, when his mistress roughly grabbed his face and turned it back to her snout.

“That’s none of your business, boy,” Janine said firmly. “You just bend yourself over my knee and prepare for your punishment. Is that understood?”

In the face of the stern tone and the glare over her glasses, the polar bear could only tremble and nod. He slipped himself up into her lap, held there easily with his paws off the ground, feeling more helpless than he’d ever felt before. His erection rubbed torturously against the soft, purple scales of Mistress’s leg, though she showed no notice of it. It all made him whimper and bite his lip while Sheila and the dragoness discussed matters above him like he wasn’t even there.

“Hmm, which of these do you think will work, Janine?”

“I say we use the studded leather. It might really remind the boy of his place. If we want to get any use out of him, we can’t stop every five seconds to discipline him again.”

“I agree. And this one has a little more power to the impact.”

Andrew squirmed as he was held tight by his new mistress, handcuffed and spread over her lap.

“Here, I’ll hold him while you do the honors,” the dragoness almost purred.

The grip on the polar bear tightened as he heard Sheila’s typical mischievous giggle. Another moment later, there was a good solid whack sound as the studded leather paddle impacted with a harsh sting on his bared rump. A tremor shot through Andrews body as the pain radiated from his exposed backside all through his lower body. His erection jumped and the sting seemed to dull just before another hit made him tense and moan again.

As hits continued to come, the polar bear could picture his rump reddening behind his white fur, tears streaming unbidden down his face while his arousal grew. With each smack, Mistress gave a joyous, lusty moan, and Sheila giggled ferociously as the spanking continued. He could feel some ridge on the dragoness’s leg that he hadn’t noticed before digging up against his hip from under her skirt. It was hard to define, the sensation only noticeable between the sharp stings of the paddle. Trembling on her lap, the pain and pleasure fighting a battle for his body, Andrew noticed for a few moments that the direct swats had actually stopped and Sheila’s fur was brushing against his. He could hear both vixen and dragon moaning and tried to crane his head to see just what was happening.

As the polar bear managed to turn his neck and eyes just enough, he gasped at the sight that further enflamed his already tormented body. Sheila’s muzzle had met Mistress’s larger one, and they were engrossed in a passionate kiss. The buttons on the dragoness’s top had already been undone, and the vixen’s paw was eagerly gripping and massaging one large breast while their tongues wrestled. He could just barely make out as two fingers tweaked a nipple, while the thick draconic claws still held him tight. Mistress’s glasses had been set aside somewhere and her eyes were closed in clear rapture while Sheila leaned into them both. He’d never even imagined his vixen held that kind of desire, but it was now clear as day. Beyond that, as the two females kissed and moaned, Andrew felt that ridge under Mistress’s skirt pushing harder against his side, growing in time with their lust. His eyes widened as he realized just what was actually happening.

Through the haze of it all, the polar bear tried to find his voice as the bump dug even harder into his hip. “Uh … h-honey…?”

The kiss broke slowly, Sheila stroking her paw gently along the dragoness’s long muzzle. “Hmm, I think our boy might be noticing one of the things that makes you so special.”

“Well, all of this is getting me a little excited,” Janine returned with a giggle, barely acknowledging the polar bear. “Maybe we should let him see.”

“Oh, I think so. Stand him up, and let’s show him.”

Andrew could only sputter as the powerful claws pushed him back up and Sheila took easy control of him by gripping the chain of his handcuffs. His ass still felt raw where something brushed against it as the mistress reclined before him. The dragoness grinned wide at him while she moved her claws down to her skirt. Lifting up the material, she displayed herself fully before him, rolling it above her own hard erection.

The polar bear gasped as everything was confirmed in graphic detail. Jutting up from a glistening, otherwise female sex was a large pink phallus that made Andrew feel small. The dragoness grinned and ran her tongue around her muzzle while one of her scaled hands slowly stroked up and down the slick shaft. She sighed, eyes looking up at Andrew as her breasts were half exposed.

Mmm, yes. Your mistress has a little something extra. And I think you should suck it, boy.”

Andrew stuttered and stammered as he tried to form words. This was too much. He couldn’t have Sheila think that his mouth was already watering from that command. “H-Honey, I didn’t … this isn’t—yow!

A vicious swat to his already tender backside silenced him.

“I thought you learned your lesson about being slow and talking back, boy!” Sheila reprimanded. “And good boys don’t lie either. I set this up by looking through that porn you try to keep hidden on your computer.” Her paw tugged down a little roughly on his handcuffs while the other reached up to stroke his cheek from behind. “So I know this makes your mistress perfect for both of us. Now … suck your mistress’s dick, and don’t make us tell you again!”

“Y-Yes, ma’am. Ma’ams.”


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