A Father’s Hunger

by the Wolf


I watched my son mowing the lawn on a hot August day. He was nineteen and still living in the house with his mother and I. He hadn’t even changed rooms or looked for a career, just still hung around the house, still worked the same part-time job from high school, even after having graduated a year ago. It’s not like he graduated with honors or high grades or anything, but he could have at least been doing something to advance his life.

But it wasn’t his wasted potential or the fact that we still had to pay for Todd’s room and board that was bothering me. No, as I watched him sweating and doing one of the few chores he actually did for the house, what was driving me crazy was how much I wanted him. It was the way his cute ass filled out his cut-off jean shorts. It was the way that when he took off his shirt to reveal his smooth, slightly toned skin and swipe his brow just under his short brown hair, I had to turn away from the window and go find something to do. I couldn’t have him looking in at the wrong time and seeing his dad sporting a pup tent.

So, having the day off, I just went to the bathroom to take care of myself since Gina was out shopping for a while. I’d moved beyond feeling guilty for ogling my own son in the last year or so, turning it into something I just had to deal with. I’m sure by some folks’ standards, I should have felt horrible about standing there, stroking my cock and picturing my son Todd either kneeling down to kiss it or bending over to take it. And the first few times, I really did. But by this point, while I rubbed my gut and jerked myself, I was just enjoying the fantasy and the relief that would come soon.

It all started when Todd finally grew into manhood. Up until that point, I was like any other father. I was proud of his accomplishments when they happened, tried to pick him up whenever he fell, and showed him that I cared about him. But there was never an inappropriate thought there, never a hug that meant anything more than normal paternal affection.

Somewhere around the last year and a half of high school though, my son really grew into his adult body. He filled out, took after his mother’s side of the family and became this lean, lightly muscled guy walking around the house. The first time I really noticed it was some afternoon when he came out of the shower after a workout. He was dripping dry with just a towel wrapped around his waist, came to me to ask if he could borrow my car after he was dressed. I said it was fine without thinking, because my mind was suddenly making me realize he’d grown into the sort of guy I can’t resist. Then my brain just wouldn’t let it go and kept building on it over the last couple years.

No one should misunderstand. I love my wife dearly, and I married her because of that. But I’ve also always been attracted to a certain type of guy. Not every man, but just those kind of slightly built, lanky swimmer types. I don’t know what it is about them that gets me going so much. My own body is big and burly, and I sport a big hairy gut that Gina actually loves to snuggle against. I don’t even go for those twinky boys you see advertising those clothing stores, but show me a thin guy who’s got just a little muscle and maybe a little dusting of hair on them, and I could just eat him up.

I guess that’s the other part that really does it, and was making me start to pant and sweat while I stroked off in the bathroom. There’s a certain hunger that takes me over and I can gobble up a person whole. I don’t know how or why, but before I met Gina it would occasionally happen with a certain kind of woman or a certain kind of guy. After her I swore off the women, but every once in a while, given the opportunity, I’ve found some delicious guy alone and shoved him in my gut. I can’t quite help it after a little while; it’s part of the reason I have the belly. A tasty boy feels so good squirming inside. And looking at Todd out there, stripping and sweating and…

I groaned quietly in the bathroom and blew my load, thinking about other guys I’d eaten and how Todd would taste and how he’d feel curled up in my belly. After fucking my son silly of course. Still, once it was done, I had some kind of relief from the fantasies. I could think about something other than the young stud that was wandering around the house all the time, usually shirtless.

That was the other problem I had. Once my head wouldn’t let me forget just how much Todd excited all my appetites, I reasoned that it would at least get better after he graduated. He would be off to college or some other such, then he wouldn’t be right there in the house, taunting me without even realizing it. During that last year though, I guess I was so busy trying to get my mind and my fantasies about my own son under control, that I missed a few things along the way. Like the fact that he hadn’t made any plans at all in his senior year about how to get out of the house. And now he didn’t even have school or much of anything keep him busy, so he was usually either at his part-time job at the movie theater or wasting what time he could with the few friends that were still around or hanging around home.

Summer was even worse. It didn’t help that during this time of year, he tended to lounge around the house in a pair of tight shorts and little else. Or that plump rump that just makes you want to reach out and pinch it or stroke it. Or peel off his shorts and lick. Damn I had it bad.

While I was heading back into the living room to maybe find a book to read or to go downstairs and turn on the TV and find something to watch, Todd came in through the front door. He was all young stud, taking deep breaths and dripping with sweat. He grinned at me in a slightly dopey, harmless way. It made everything tighten and made my stomach growl.

“Hey, Pop, the lawn’s all done! Gonna grab a shower, then I’m headin’ out to meet up with Rick. Catch you later!”

Think later you should suck my dick, son, was what I thought. What I actually said was, “That’s fine.” I focused on my bookshelf and the fact that Gina would be home tonight, and she’d just love it if I spent some of the extra energy on her. That was one advantage to my son driving me up the wall like this. My wife was reaping some of the benefits on an almost nightly basis and certainly wasn’t complaining. We’d always had a healthy sex life, but anyone with family ties knows how regular life can slowly get in the way. Since I started having to deal with all these fantasies though, we were suddenly always finding time to fool around when I dropped the right hints.

So if Todd was going out with Rick, they’d probably spend the night drinking and he’d either get taxied home really late or just crash there. That was good. Meant he wouldn’t be right in my face for a while, and Gina and I had the whole night and the whole house to ourselves. Might get some decent relief until the next day.




Gina rested against me on the couch downstairs, her hand idly rubbing my belly while my arm wrapped around her. It felt nice, especially after everything we’d done upstairs. We were both naked, using the entertainment room in the basement to snuggle and watch TV together. There were a few clothes we could put on quickly in case we heard the door opening upstairs. I thought about it and sighed a little. And my stomach grumbled.

Gina chuckled and rubbed it a little more, leaning over to give my gut a little kiss. Lucky for me, she’s always loved my belly. She likes snuggling up against it, feeling it press against her. It’s relaxing when someone is so completely comfortable with the shape of your body. Especially when it turns them on in its own special way. So Gina sighed a much more pleasant sigh and nestled in a little closer. I squeezed her against me. It was a good night.

“Jake,” she said, surprising me with what was on her mind, “I’m a little worried about Todd.”

I just nodded. “Yeah, I kind of know what you mean.” But I bet you don’t worry about your own temptations, I thought.

“Do you think it’s our fault somehow? I mean, that he’s not doing anything? Did we miss something?”

I sighed and patted her shoulder while she rubbed up against me. “I don’t know, honey. Maybe we did, but I know we gave him what we could. I mean, he managed to finish high school, and it wasn’t like he was barely scraping by. Maybe I could have pushed him a little more to plan for college.” If I hadn’t been trying to avoid pushing up against him at some point.

Gina shook her head. “No, I think this isn’t just that. I mean, I had plenty of talks with him about what he wanted to do when he graduated. It didn’t even have to be college, but he just needed something. He always just kind of shrugged and did the whole ‘I dunno’ thing. It’s like he doesn’t even have any interests outside video games and hanging out. What is he even doing when he’s ‘hanging out’ anyway?”

“Beats me. Maybe that’s where we can help him. Maybe if we missed something, it’s helping him find a goal or a purpose.” Like I’m sure he’d make a great meal. That’s a purpose. Damn, my mind was being bad that night.

“Probably. I just don’t know if there’s any way to motivate him at this point, I’ve tried a couple times.” Gina intensified the rubbing on my belly, making me groan just a little bit. “I do know it might be kind of nice to have him out of the house and into his own place at least.” She slipped her hand down my gut and under, groping me lightly. “Because I think you and I could get used to an empty nest quite easily.”

She was already getting me a little hard along with the fact that she was making me think about Todd always being around the house. I grinned a little and tried to focus on her, reaching my hand around to grope her breast. My fingers brushed her nipple and made her give a happy little sigh.

“Yeah,” I said while she leaned in close and started planting kisses along my hairy gut. “I think we could both get really used to that.”

I leaned myself on the couch and we moved along with each other, stroking automatically in all those place you learn about your spouse over the years. We had a good feeling by then that Todd wouldn’t be home that night, so we took our second bout of love-making nice and slow. I didn’t even feel that bad that half the time my mind was conjuring up fantasies involving my son, because the rest of the time was all about my wife. The times she really triggered it though were whenever she would rub my belly. I couldn’t help but imagine that Todd was already in there, rolling around, and the thought just made every touch and taste of Gina that much better.




It was the next Tuesday night that I had the idea that maybe I’d try to have a little man-to-man talk with Todd about finding a real job. I’d been inspired by the short conversation I’d had with Gina, thinking that I might be able to give my son the right motivation. She was off to her weekly book club, which meant it was just me and him in the house for a few hours. It had also been a pretty mellow day for me at work, so I figured maybe I could take him somewhere and have a talk about getting his life started without my odd little desires stumbling me.

I could already see that his door wasn’t closed when I walked down the hall. Already I had a good feeling about this, given that it meant he’d be available. When I got to the door and actually looked in, I stopped.

Todd was standing there in a pair of striped purple briefs. He was in front of the full length mirror that stood at an angle in his corner and doing that sort of self-appraisal so common to late teens and early twenty-somethings. Not really posing or flexing, but just kind of looking at himself and seeing how he looked, maybe what he could improve. Either way, the mirror was at such an angle that he couldn’t see me in the doorway, but I could see all of him at once. Every bit of his mostly smooth skin, that thin toned body from both front and back, all of it. My mind instantly left conversations about life and responsibility to travel to the view of this delicious-looking young stud standing in my house. I think my mouth watered a little, and I know I went half erect just looking at him.

Then Todd bent down to pick a piece of clothing up from the floor. He must have been getting ready to get dressed up and go out again for the evening, but it didn’t really matter. That cute, plump ass of his was stuck up in the air by accident. I don’t like to think I wasn’t responsible for my actions then. I know and admit that I could have likely stopped myself. But I was fairly entranced by those two cheeks in that cotton barrier, and before I thought about it, I took a few steps in to the room, grabbed my nineteen-year-old son’s bubble butt with both hands and shoved my crotch against it.

Everything froze for a moment. I couldn’t believe I had just done that. I couldn’t believe that after all this time of self-control and actual thinking that I had just let my desires take over. I think maybe it was the surprise of it all, that it was so unexpected to see him posed so perfectly for me. I knew he could feel my half an erection through my jeans, pressing between his cheeks. My gut was hanging over his ass, and it wasn’t like it could be anyone else in the house groping him that way. The only thing my brain conjured up was, Well, at least this might be some real motivation for him to get out of the house.

Then, in probably the biggest surprise I’ve had in my life, Todd just gasped, let out a little moan and ground his hips back, rubbing his crack against my groin.

My eyes must have been the size of dinner plates, and my cock was growing to almost painful levels in my jeans while he teased back against it. Still, my hands certainly weren’t letting go of his hips and my son and I just stayed there, him moaning and biting his lip while we dry humped for several seconds.

He tilted his head up from where he was bent over and found my eyes in the mirror. “Damn, Pop. About time,” Todd said with a little wiggle of his ass.

I was utterly floored. “Wh-What?” Of course, I still hadn’t released that cute ass. It just felt too good there.

Todd just smirked in the mirror and wiggled his butt a little more. I could barely see that he was also sporting some wood in his tight underwear. “C’mon, Pop, I caught you looking a year ago. Actually … I liked it.”

My hands were smarter than the rest of me. While I was just standing there, mouth hanging part open, they were gripping and rubbing Todd’s hips. And he was clearly enjoying it when he teased my erection a little more.

“Really,” he continued, still bent there and rubbing back against me, “if you want me to be honest, I’ve been looking longer. Like ‘since the first time I figured out how to look up porn and what it was for’ longer.”

That sent a little jolt through me. “What do you mean?”

“I mean the first time I jerked off, I was fantasizing about you, Pop. I was dreaming of being pressed up to you or sucking you off or all those things that I knew people could do after you and Mom had the sex talk with me.” He pushed his hips back against me, practically molding his crack to my bulge. “I definitely dreamed of being bent over like this.”

I could tell he was sporting quite an erection through the underwear right now, but I wasn’t quite ready to reach around and fondle my son’s cock, despite the temptation. “You … You never said anything or even came out to your mother and I,” I said, still confused by how this was all really happening.

Todd just shrugged. “Didn’t think I really needed to. First time you explained sex, you guys talked about how I might wind up liking other guys and that it was okay. I don’t consider myself ‘gay’ really; I mean I’ve had girlfriends and all that. I’ve just always dreamed about certain guys too. I mean, hell, the reason I hang out with Rick so much is that he’s a three-beer queer.”

It was almost funny now, I even chuckled a little before I heard about Rick. Feeling just a bit bolder, I let my hand finally slip down to cup the hard bulge in Todd’s underwear. And I have to admit, my son’s erection felt nice in my big hand. “Seriously? You and Rick?”

Moaning and biting his lip, Todd grinned when I touched him. “Well, sort of. If he has a few drinks and there’s no one else, he’ll let me suck his dick. We’ve reached the point where he’ll even call me if he’s drunk and needs to get off, but he won’t talk about it otherwise.”

I was really feeling it now, how this was actually possible. Of course, I had to be a little careful. I let my fingers massage Todd’s package, stroking his member and letting my fingertips find my son’s balls. “Hmm, so you like sucking dick?”

Todd just grinned in the mirror at me, a little blush in his cheeks. “Oh yeah. I love it. Making another guy shoot a warm load into my mouth. And Rick is pretty good.” He actually let his tongue quickly lick his lips. “But I bet yours is better, Pop. I’ve been dreaming about getting it for a while.”

Practically intoxicated on that look in his eyes, I just grinned. No sense backing down now. “Then why don’t I give you a taste?”

His eyes widened. “You sure? We can … We can go that far right now?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Son, we’ve been dry humping the past couple minutes.” To make my point, I took off my t-shirt and tossed it aside, then moved him forward a little so that I could start undoing my jeans. “I don’t think a blowjob is that big a deal anymore.”

He chuckled back, but there was also this giddy, excited expression on his face as he pulled away from me and stood up. I continued to reach down and at least unbutton and unzip my pants, grateful for the relief from the pressure. It made me think a little about what this meant to my son now. For as long as I’d been suffering from my own temptation, it had apparently been driving Todd crazy even longer. He turned in front of me, the look on his face one of anticipation, nervousness, and relief all rolled into one. And for that moment, he also looked absolutely delicious while he stood there and really looked at me freely for a few seconds.

My son didn’t waste any time though, now that he’d been given the opportunity. Being a little shorter than me, he leaned over and licked my nipples one by one, sucking them between his lips and moaning around them. I gasped and forgot for the moment my other desire to eat him and just focused on the way his tongue made me feel as it flicked those little nubs. I stroked his hair and felt his lithe body against my soft belly as it began to slide down against my skin.

Todd worked his way down, lovingly kissing my gut and nuzzling through the hair there. His hands were rubbing the sides and making me rumble where I stood. I was panting and my hard-on was throbbing. There was such a burden lifted and a new desire in knowing that we both wanted this. Even my other hunger was being quelled at all the wonderful attention he was giving me.

“Mmm, I’ve always loved this,” Todd said as he nuzzled against my soft gut. “Something about your belly, Pop. Just love the way it looks, the way it feels. All my fantasies are big bear guys like you.”

And just like that it was back again. He couldn’t know what he was doing, how he was making me think of feeling him inside there, how tasty he looked when I glanced down at him almost worshiping my gut. Why did my son have to look like such a tender morsel?

Then he was finally down lower, on his knees in front of me. I couldn’t look directly down at him, so I watched Todd in the mirror. He crouched under my gut and used his hand to fish my erection the rest of the way out of my boxers. Feeling him stroke it and run his hand so carefully around it while watching the whole thing play out in the mirror, I almost lost control and came right there. Still, I’d had a lot of practice in my day and managed to hold off and enjoy the moment.

My son, on the other hand, was less patient at this point. As soon as he’d had his hand on my cock for more than two seconds, he leaned forward and wrapped his lips around it, sucking and moaning. Todd had apparently been hungry for this for so long, and I had to admit as I got short of breath and felt everything clench that my boy was a damn good cocksucker. Must have been all the practice with Rick.

His lips slid up and down my shaft so eagerly, and his tongue wanted to taste every inch with a lick and a stroke. I was getting close, especially after all that rubbing up against him and teasing from before. I watched his reflection, kneeling there against mine and hungrily gobbling my cock while he stroked himself through his underwear, knowing he wanted to taste his father’s load for the first time. So I just gave up and let him have it.

That orgasm rocked through my body and Todd moaned and swallowed. I could see him in that mirror, working to take it all and loving it, the hand at his underwear moving a little faster. Watching him only made it better, and I admit that while he was drinking it down, I rubbed my belly and fantasized about how my son might taste, how he might feel kicking and moving in there. It just made the orgasm last longer and give him more. So I might have to be careful, but fantasizing wouldn’t cost a thing.

He moaned around my dick, sucking every last drop down, and I could hear from the sound of it that he’d lost control too, probably making a wet patch in those enticing briefs. When we were both coming down from a climax, Todd slipped his lips off my cock and just started nuzzling it, rubbing it against his cheek while it softened. Felt pretty damn good.

“God that was great,” Todd muttered while he nuzzled. “P-Pop. I know we probably don’t have time tonight,” he said, already sounding somewhat desperate, “and it might be going too far. But sometime soon … would you please fuck me?”

He was right; there wasn’t time tonight. But the way he was begging for it and sounding so hopeful—and the fact that I wanted it just as badly—made me almost sentimental about the whole thing. It was something he wanted so bad, and he was so worried that I’d deny him after what he’d already just had. I stepped back so that I could look down at him.

“Son,” I said, quite seriously. “As soon as we have the time, I’m definitely going to plow that cute ass of yours.” I just grinned at him, making him grin back. “But for the moment, you’re probably right. We should get dressed before we lose track of time and your mother gets home.”

He nodded and stood up, already stripping out of his stained underwear. He looked at me, and I looked at him, the both of us no longer trying to hide as we admired each other’s bodies. Everything had changed in that afternoon, and we could both just relax. For the most part. I still needed to control my other desires and not give in to that deeper hunger. But I was pretty sure I could manage that, being able to satisfy other urges.


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