The Three Little Farmer’s Daughters


the Wolf

Commissioned by Conn


“No, not like that! Smoother, straighter rows!” Beverly said for what must have been the tenth time that afternoon as she looked over her shoulder.

The three girls had been working in the large garden for the last four hours and were spending a fifth hour making sure that the planting rows for the coming season were properly set for the work that Beverly would finish tomorrow. For the whole time, Gloria had been working slowly, plodding along at her usual moping stride, and Candice had been doing a slipshod job, trying to get things done as quickly as possible at the expense of doing it right. And Beverly had needed to spend half the time barking different orders and corrections to both of them, keeping all three of them out later than intended, and having to continue as she watched Candice’s current row making small zigzags the further she went.

“Get it together!” Beverly shouted in exasperation, “I don’t want to spend tomorrow fixing your mistakes before I can get anything else done. And Gloria, would it kill you to pick up the pace some? We’ve only got a little daylight left!”

“Look, if you want it so perfect, why don’t you do it?” Candice said, stopping in her tracks. She had been doing the best she could, it was hot out, and she had had all she could take of Beverly bossing her around once again. “Unlike you, we both had to spend the whole day at school, and we’re tired. Besides, this is not how I wanted to spend my evening.”

At school, Candice had made such better plans and was watching their potential fade away as the sun drew closer to the horizon. At the start of the day she had managed to get her naturally curly blond hair perfectly teased and styled, a feat that seemed almost impossible on many days. And when dressing in the tight pink t-shirt and jeans that accentuated her body perfectly and putting on a light pink nail polish, she felt like the perfect bombshell, the sort she’d always dreamed of being. Not necessarily glamorous, but sexy in that country sort of way with a perky bosom that had thankfully budded well and a shapely face that already drew looks from a number of the boys at school. And it had paid off today. Jerry had finally asked her out for the evening, now that he’d managed to get his car up and running.

Friends since elementary school, Candice and Jerry had been flirting with each other in general for the past several weeks. They could both feel the obvious attraction, but the idea had felt awkward until today. Maybe it was the fact that Candice felt like she looked perfect, or it might have been that Jerry was so happy to finally have his license and a working car. Candice had had hers for a few months but only had access to a truck that her sister never let her borrow. Whatever the reason, he had apparently decided that this morning he’d take things to the next level and she was more than ready to accept. They’d planned for her to call him as soon as she was available, then he would come and pick her up and they’d go see what was playing in town. Or maybe, as Candice was somewhat hoping, they’d simply take a drive out through the country, enjoying their newfound sixteen-year-old independence. Then they’d find a nice secluded spot and he’d work up the nerve to really kiss her for the first time. Then they’d embrace, more than friends now, and start rubbing against each other in the car and…

“And unlike the two of you,” Beverly’s voice cut through the reverie, bringing Candice back to the present where she stood in the field in a blue bikini top, cutoff jeans and sandals, sweating from the heat and the work, “I was up before dawn so that I could start working on the rest of the chores around the farm and have been all day. There was plenty of work to do in the back fields, the cows had to be hooked to the milking machines and Rita was particularly a handful today. The chickens had to be fed, and all the other things that you two don’t even seem to have any clue about. So don’t give me any crap about who’s had a long day.”

“What does it matter?” Gloria piped in, sounding slightly sullen and more than a little annoyed. “Nothing really lasts and this little arrangement is no different. It’s all pointless, but the fact that I’ll be out of here before we even have another harvest makes this work even more pointless.”

“Give it a rest, Gloria. You’re at home now; you’re not around the other kids at school and we’ve seen it enough, so you can drop the act.”

“Whatever.” Rolling her eyes, Gloria simply returned to her row, muttering, “God, I can’t wait for June.”

June was when she would finally graduate from the seeming eternal torment of the public school system and be free of this hick farming town – not to mention her two sisters – that would never truly understand her. Gloria knew that at eighteen she could technically leave any time she wanted as she was now an adult and not trapped under Beverly’s guardianship. But the farm was a roof over her head for now and if she could just make it to her graduation, she’d be at college on the eastern seaboard in just a few months. Her trust fund would pay for tuition and her share of the revenue from the farm that her father’s will promised each of them would pay her living expenses.

Everyone else called her a “goth”, but these hicks just didn’t understand. Gloria did wear mostly black and old-world style, lacey outfits but didn’t spend hours making up her face in white or with dark eye shadow, which she saw as a waste of time and effort. Other than a bit of black nail polish to accent her style, she usually wore almost no make-up because that wasn’t real beauty. All the hillbillies she’d grown up with were always putting on some kind of façade that Gloria found completely without merit. Other girls dyed their hair blond or tried to change it into something else that it wasn’t while she felt proud of her simple, straight black hair from her father’s side of the family. Everyone tried to blend in, to be something they weren’t, but at least she felt close to being real. And soon she’d be free from all their ridiculing, conformist ignorance and escaping into real academia and learning. She could almost taste it. Being among intellectuals. Meeting other poets that would actually understand her. Not having to deal with yokels pointing and laughing or giving her strange looks when she expressed herself. Not having to deal with a completely vapid “normal” sister on one side and a completely close-minded analytical sister on the other constantly bickering about completely mundane and pointless topics.

So for now, Gloria plodded away when there were chores to be done and bided her time. Standing there at the end of her row in the old one-piece bathing suit she’d put on for the sake of the heat she watched for a moment as Beverly and Candice continued to argue before she simply started another row. The garden was almost done and regardless of what the other two did, she could at least be free for the evening in just a few minutes.

“Look, for the last time, we can all pitch in at this point, so hiring extra hands would be a waste of money,” Beverly was telling Candice once again as they worked on the last few rows.

“But it would make things so much easier! I just can’t take this, going to school every day, working out here, getting dirty every afternoon, missing out on half the dances because I don’t have time to get ready and get there. I want a life!”

“Well money just doesn’t appear from the farm. It takes a lot of work and some investment and the profits aren’t always as big or as guaranteed as you seem to think they are. Especially when they have to feed three mouths. You’d understand that if you’d ever paid any attention to the business side of things.”

“Oh God. Just because you really get into all that stuff doesn’t mean everyone else does. And just because you’re miserable doesn’t mean we have to be.”

Beverly huffed, shook her head and turned to her work. She didn’t want to look at her sister in that moment, no matter how crooked a row might get. It was the same argument they always had and the same sort of childish answer that Candice had always given her. She could never make either of her sisters understand just what was needed to keep things running. She’d always been the level-headed one, the one who actually paid attention to what her father was doing, the one who was eager to learn how to run things. Gloria had always had her head in the clouds with all that writing garbage, and Candice had been far too pampered and sheltered as the baby of the family. Beverly knew that it was up to her to keep things moving smoothly and keep the farm from sinking into debt now that their father was gone. And her father had to have seen it too with all the time she spent asking questions and learning about the business of farming preparing almost directly after high school to take over someday. For the past five years, she’d even helped her father directly make some of their best

So why hadn’t the farm simply been left to her? She had expected that she would be named as its sole owner when their father had passed away, or that at least she would have a primary controlling interest. But instead it had been clearly stated that the farm and its profits would always be split equally three ways between them for as long as they lived. It just wasn’t fair. She knew that Gloria was planning to leave as soon as she graduated or at least as soon as the summer was over, and she knew that Candice would not be reliable help at all. So they’d simply sponge off the farm that she kept running, and she’d have to hire help, which would eat into the profitability of the farm. Couldn’t her father have seen that when he looked at all three of them? That she was the most responsible? If only things had been different. She could give her sisters some kind of appropriate allowance, but not have them eating so much into the overall profits. Now though…

Standing in the garden in the work shorts and tank top she’d been wearing since the morning, her strawberry blond hair blowing lightly in a gentle breeze, her thoughts were broken by a howl that echoed over the farm.



Far away, at the top of a hill overlooking the entire property, a lithe, lupine figure brought the binoculars he’d been using back to his eyes. His black fur gently wafting in the same breeze that sent their smell to him as his legs shifted in the blue jeans he wore, the tall wolf couldn’t help a little smirk as he watched the girls react to his taunt.

Conn had been surveying them for a while now, his sharp ears even able to pick up an occasional snippet of complaining, bickering, or so on. He’d planned this out throughout the day and knew that if he could rattle them enough, they’d either head into the house or scatter. If they headed into the house, he already knew a few ways to keep them inside, then get in and take them down. If they scattered, then the hunt might be even more fun.

Brushing his shock of red hair away from the green eyes that peered through the binoculars, he could see them huddling closer now. The two younger morsels were coming closer to talk with their big sister and he could barely make out the youngest saying, “What was that?” More conversation followed that he couldn’t quite understand, but it didn’t matter. They were already feeling the fear that came from old stories, their minds clearly filling in the blanks of just what might be out there.

Laying the binoculars on the grass to be retrieved later, Conn’s tongue ran idly over his muzzle, and he began to slowly stroll down the hill. As he moved closer to the barrier of the farm, he let out another long, low howl, thinking of just what a feast he’d have this evening.



“Okay, it’s getting closer now,” Candice said in a tremulous voice, “And don’t try to tell me it’s just some animal out in the woods.”

“Of course it’s not. It is the voice of death rolling low over the valley, coming now for us as it has come for so many…”

“Stop it, Gloria,” Beverly said firmly, “Don’t taunt your sister.”

“Who’s taunting?” Gloria said, clearly also shaken. “I want to go inside. It could indeed be one of them.”

“You two. At your ages.” Beverly shook her head. “We’re almost finished out here and just one more chore to do and you want to let a little noise scare you off of it. Seriously, anymore who’s afraid of the ‘big bad wolf’?”

Candice was undeterred. “Wolf, cougar, bear, whatever. We all know they still have colonies out there in the woods and a lot of them like to eat… Wait a second, what ‘one more chore’? You said hoeing the garden this was the last thing!”

“Well, I’m sorry, but I almost forgot that…”

Another howl broke the argument, even closer this time than the last two. And louder.

“That’s it, I’m not staying here another minute!” Candice said, tossing her hoe to the ground.

“Hang on,” Beverly said, “Look, did either of you remember to bring keys to the house with you?”

Gloria and Candice looked at each other, embarrassed. Beverly nodded knowingly.

“And you two know that I always lock up no matter what to keep in the habit. All right. We need to finish these things tonight. So if I go and get Dad’s old rifle, will that make you both feel better? Then we can get things done and you both can do whatever it is you want to do tonight?”

“I guess so,” Candice said.

“Fine.” Gloria agreed, nodding.

“Okay, back in just a moment. Try to calm down and get this done.”



From just inside the tree line that marked the edge of the farm, Conn watched as the older sister left. Interesting. Hadn’t quite planned for that, but it could certainly work. Would get them somewhat divided already. He’d have to take some caution though and watched for a few moments as the other two tried to refocus on their work.

Waiting for the wind to be just right to carry it just right as the two girls unsteadily returned to their work, Conn let out another howl to let them hear just how close he was. He followed it with a low rumble in his throat that would carry on the wind directly to them. The only dilemma now was which one to eat first; they both looked and smelled so delectable.



Candice shivered as she heard that low growl coming from the trees. She couldn’t see anything, but she knew there was something there. Something that wanted her. She dropped the hoe again and looked to Gloria.

“Do you hear that?”

“I’m certainly not deaf,” her sister returned, a tremble in her own voice.

“Let’s go see what’s keeping Beverly. I really don’t want to be out here any more.”

Both of them ran for the house without another word. The old brick farmhouse was around the corner of the stables used for milking the cows and several yards further into the property. Crossing over the front lawn to the door, they could see that it was still dark. Candice tried the knob, found it locked, and began pounding on the door while Gloria looked out towards the garden and the tree line.

“Bev?” Candice shouted. “Beverly are you in there? Come on! Where’s the rifle? Where are you?”


She turned to see her sister pointing out towards the corner of the barn where a tall figure was strolling casually around the corner to make its way to them.

Giiii-iiirls…” a voice called to them with a taunting, sing-song quality, “Come over for diin-nerrr!”

The figure did not vary its pace at all, but came for them in that measured way as if it had all the time in the world. They could both see the animal features as it steadily came closer, the triangle ears flicking lightly.

“Candice, run. We’ve got to run. Find someplace to hide. I just hope Beverly’s okay.” She began to move, looking back once. “Don’t stand there, move it! Run!”

Finally shaken out of her fear, Candice took to her feet as well. After a moment of pure terror, she’d suddenly flashed on exactly where she could hide.

By the corner of the stables, Conn crossed his arms and leaned against the structure with a smirk. The aroma of the girls still hung in the air and he drank it in for a long moment. “Yes, run, hide; see if you can. I’ll even give you a head start,” he whispered to himself.



Candice shucked her sandals halfway to the old barn. It seemed easier to run barefoot as she raced for the large red building and in through the door. Locking it behind her, she immediately ran for the ladder that led to the hayloft and climbed furiously. Hay was piled into the corners and the loft doors let in the light from the sun as it began to move lower in the sky.

Looking around her, shaking and still wondering if the wolf might find a way in, Candice quickly moved to shove the piles together into a larger one in one corner. When she felt it looked at least somewhat undisturbed, she began to work her way under the pile, burying herself as deep as she could inside it until she felt fully covered. It was hot and stifling, but she would stay here as long as she needed to. If the wolf did come and did happen to figure out that she’d come in here and managed to get in, he at least would think that she decided against staying in the barn and had moved on somewhere else. So she lay as still as she could under the hay, waiting to hear one of her sisters say that everything was alright.

Meanwhile, Conn looked down at the discarded sandals and chuckled to himself, shaking his head. They made a marker right in the middle of a path towards that old barn. He’d followed the youngest one’s scent down the path from the beginning, but this almost made it too easy.

And as he came to the barn door and found it locked from the inside, he wondered if she realized just how obvious that made her hiding place. Circling the barn and seeing the open doors that led into the loft, he almost hoped the other one was a little smarter. The rope in the pulley used to move bails of hay was sitting right there, hanging down to the ground and offering easy access. Conn would slip up it, climb down the ladder or leap down if necessary and enjoy his first course with little fuss. The wolf’s stomach grumbled at the thought and he licked his chops as he climbed, working to be as quiet as he could. After all, it would be so much fun to surprise the little morsel.

As soon as he swung lightly into the loft, Conn noticed the large pile of hay in the corner with a smile. It wasn’t that the pile looked odd in its placement or shape, the girl had at least done that right. But it was slightly quivering, and even through the hay her scent was unmistakable. Looking carefully at the pile, the wolf could see a couple toes sticking out at one side. With a light grin, he leaned slowly over them and, with a quick puff, blew some of the hay aside.

Candice felt the warm air pass over her toes and jerked up within the pile, scattering most of it to the side and revealing herself completely. In the next instant, two strong, furred hands gripped her ankles tightly and began to drag her back onto the center of the loft and out of the hay. She tried to kick out at the wolf behind her, but the grip around her ankles was simply too tight and held them together. As her fingers scrabbled over the wood and she continued to slip back, Candice knew there was no escape now.

Watching the blonde’s futile attempts to get away with some amusement, Conn picked up the girl’s bare feet, gently bending the legs at the knees and looking them over. He brushed dirt and hay from them, cleaning them off as he noted the light nail polish on her wiggling toes.

“Huh. Cotton candy pink I’d guess,” he said. “It suits you, really. Looks nice. Did someone have plans tonight?”

The wolf licked gently across her toes, sucking them one at a time into his muzzle and enjoying his first taste of the girl. The flavor was wonderfully sweet, and he could feel the squirming and wriggling as he lightly tickled her feet with his fur and tongue. Sighing happily he wondered just how much she’d squirm inside, and his stomach growled demandingly.

Sobbing as she felt her toes slowly suckled and tasted, Candice could not even be made to laugh at the ticklish sensation. Her body simply twitched and writhed lightly on the ground, her sobs increasing as she realized that she was going to be devoured alive.

Mmmm, delicious. You’re quite a treat. You’ll make a nice start to the meal tonight. Let’s just get you out of those clothes,” Conn said as he reached a claw up and deftly snapped the string of her bikini top to let it fall off of her.

Ple-e-ease!” Candice sobbed as she felt his paws moving towards her cut-offs. “Please don’t eat me!”

Conn blinked and shook his head as he reached under her to find the fastener of her jeans. The wolf leaned onto her legs, holding them to the wood as he completely undid the shorts.

“How trite. Really, let’s not have any silly begging when you already know there’s no point. I mean, you must understand there’s no malice in this. I’m simply hungry, and because you couldn't move fast enough or hide well enough, you’re just food,” he said as he began to work the shorts down her thighs to reveal nothing underneath. “Hmm, I think you did have some big plans tonight didn’t you? You naughty girl, you! Well, makes things just a little easier.”

The wolf drooled hungrily and cleaned his muzzle with his tongue as he steadily worked the shorts down to her ankles and pulled them off of her feet. Candice felt a chance for just a split second, but before she could even think to take advantage of it, the paws were gripping her once more and pressing her ankles tightly together. She knew it was over. She’d never have that date now; her night would end in the hungry wolf’s stomach.

Conn looked slowly over the naked flesh before him, inhaling her aroma deeply as he brought her pink-painted toes back up to his muzzle. He nibbled them once more, groaning as he felt her squirming again.

Mmm, if it’s any consolation, I haven’t had a meal this good in a long time. You’re really going to hit the spot.”

With that, Conn slowly opened his muzzle wide and stuffed the girl’s feet between his cheeks. Gently licking over the top of them and guiding them with his tongue, he slowly began to pull the delicious mouthful back towards his throat. His paws sliding down the girl’s creamy calves, he helped to feed her into him, swallowing steadily and filling his throat with her wriggling feet.

Feeling the tight grip of the muscles around her feet and that incredibly wet heat creeping up her legs, Candice struggled and writhed against the wood once more. “No! NO!” She screamed and tried to kick only to find that she was pulled deeper into the wolf’s jaws and gullet. The hard teeth scraped at her calves as they slid up her legs, but never once broke skin as the wolf stretched around her and devoured her whole.

With rolling swallows, widening his jaws and pushing forward to gently close them each time, Conn steadily fed the girl’s sweet legs down his throat. He could feel her feet and toes wiggling their way down his chest steadily, his stomach growling demandingly until the toes poked through the tight opening. His long tongue lapped at her thighs and savored every inch of flesh it could find while the wolf’s paws slowly guided her hips towards his maw.

Her legs feeling slick and slimy with his saliva, Candice felt the rolling massage along them moving further and further upwards. As the tongue stroked and tickled her thighs in wet licks, heat rose to her cheeks. She didn’t want to enjoy this. She shouldn’t enjoy this. It wasn’t the gentle caressing she’d dreamed of or occasionally given herself in bed at night. This wolf was merely tasting her as he killed her. But it still felt good. So good. The raw sensations were overpowering, and she sobbed gently as her body and mind struggled.

Conn moaned and growled in pleasure at the subtle changes in the girl’s flavor as his tongue snaked out along her upper thighs. Lapping hungrily, he gripped her rump tightly in his paws and pushed slowly into his jaws while using his tongue to guide her hips along. Cheeks stretching and bulging, he could feel her own tender cheeks rubbing against the roof of his mouth and scraping along his teeth. With a gentle nibbling, his tongue slowly ran through the light point of hair at her groin to trace its path between her thighs. Slowly tasting against her sex, Conn moaned around her at the warm, sweet nectar that had already begun to form there. His tongue delved inside for more of the musky flavor, burying itself within his wriggling prey as he basked in all her tastes.

With a gasp as she felt her center invaded, Candice’s fingers clawed at the floor once again. For a moment she tried to fight against the rising tide of physical pleasure, until her mind gave her some respite. She did not have to be in the gullet of a hungry wolf. For a mere few minutes of the ordeal, she could be somewhere else. Jerry could be holding her tightly and giving her that best of kisses. That one she’d dreamed of and that other girls talked about. As she concocted her own fantasy for just a few moments, Candice was able to let go and let the tide carry her away.

The sweet, sticky juices bathed Conn’s tongue as he felt the girl’s sex let go even further. Lapping down all he could, the wolf swallowed greedily around her and constantly worked to coax forth more of the delectable fluid. Her hips ground against the probing muscle, pushing her just a little further down into his throat with each pass of his tongue. Conn worked to hold her steady, enjoying too much the honeyed flavor that washed through his mouth to yield her to his true hunger just yet. After several long moments, however, he remembered that he still had plenty more food to track down and enjoy. Feeling satisfied in that particular hunger for the moment, Conn slowly pulled his tongue from the sweet cavity and leaned down slightly to let a sucking swallow pull the blonde’s hips into his throat. His paws stroked his stretched neck happily as he began to lift the girl completely off ground, sitting back on his footpaws and slipping his hands up to support her body.

Temporary though it may have been, Candice rode her fantasy through to a wonderful climax as the muscle pressed and worked through her sex. As her hips slipped down into the tight grip of the throat, she continued to grind against the undulating muscle there. She had not come back to reality yet and only knew the intense pleasure radiating out from her most intimate areas and the desire to continue it for as long as possible. Soon, however, she felt the scraping of the teeth along her waist creeping up to her back and belly that pulled Candice from her dream and back to the harsh reality. She tried to struggle once more, but her body felt exhausted and even her basic instincts seemed to accept that she was too far gone to make any difference.

Conn felt the little jolt from his meal as he slowly sucked her smooth belly in between his jaws. The wriggling and grinding had felt wonderful as it had lasted through the girl’s climax, but now she seemed a bit limp. Nibbling and licking carefully, the wolf managed to tickle her belly just right to steadily coax more involuntary squirms from her. As he reveled in the little motions running through his gullet on down to his stomach where her feet kicked lightly at the tickles, Conn gulped further, feeling almost to the homestretch of this first course now. His stomach began to expand with the mass of her legs being squeezed and pushed further inside, and after moving down for a moment to unbutton his jeans and make room for his meal, the wolf’s hands slid up her body to guide her down. Cupping both pert, tender breasts in his paws, he stretched his lower jaw open wider and gently pushed them inside. As his tongue slid completely over each orb and felt the hard nub of each small nipple, Conn felt a new round of wriggling within him from the girl. Her body seemed to light up for that moment as her legs twitched and her hands seemed to make a feeble attempt to grip at his fur and skin.

Lost in shock, Candice simply let her body do whatever seemed natural. The pressure on her sensitive breasts and nipples brought no erotic pleasure but a merely intense tingle that convulsed her body. She had no illusions about stopping her decent into the slimy heat that gripped her but made attempts to simply steady herself on the first surface her hands encountered. Her blond head jogged up and down to the tingling sensation, bouncing the light curves of the style here and there as tears rolled silently down her face.

Swallowing intently now through is enjoyment of her squirms, Conn pulled the girls chest into his throat. His cheeks slipped up around the girl’s arms to slowly push them out before him alongside her head. The sight of that blond hair bouncing just before his muzzle and those pink fingernails wiggling further out made the wolf grin around his mouthful. How he loved live food! With a paw running through the girl’s hair while the other rubbed down over his gut and unsnapped his jeans to make room, he pushed and swallowed at the same time to pull her head into his jaws, tongue slipping up over her face. Conn could taste the sweetness of her flesh even through the salt of her tears and he quickly made another swallow, eager to have this morsel sitting in his already bloating belly.

Candice watched as teeth slowly lined her view and the tongue slipped over her eyes. Body wrapped in the intense grip of his gullet and taking her last view of the outside, her struggles renewed for a moments. Real as it was, it still seemed impossible, like a bad dream. Yet still it continued, and she felt her self pulled deeper, the light slipping slowly from the tooth-lined view until she felt her head encased in that tight squeeze leading inevitably downward to the waiting stomach.

With the head and upper arms slipping past his throat and carried into his chest, finishing the meals was a matter of a few gulps. Conn slowly rubbed his gut as it grew with the girl’s mass while he sucked and swallowed the rest of her down. As her hands pressed together and slipped into his jaws, he clamped his teeth down lightly on them to look down and watch the wiggling, cotton-candy-pink-painted fingers sitting just outside his muzzle. His tongue quickly flicked to slurp each one in separately, taking a certain pride in watching them disappear. As the last one slipped between his jaws, he tipped his head back and made a loud gulp that squeezed and sealed the tasty blonde down into his stomach. Looking down at the large, round bulge in his middle, Conn smiled and patted it happily.

“Ah, such a sweet girl. That does feel so much better. You really did take the edge off.” With a stretch, Conn stood easily with his new weight and strolled over to the ladder. Looking down at it, he noticed his jeans slipping down off his hips. Shrugging, he sloughed them off and tossed them down to the barn floor. He could always come back for them.

A light belch escaped him as he began to ease his way down the ladder with his back to the rungs. Quickly he swallowed a little more air to keep the girl alive. Couldn’t have her suffocating; that would spoil the fun. “Now, let’s go find your sister. Hopefully she’s had enough time to give me a run for my supper.”



Gloria had run to several potential hiding places at first for a number of reasons. She knew that if her scent branched and looped and backtracked it would be a bit more difficult for the wolf to find her. She also continued to roundly reject each potential spot as easily findable and penetrable.

During her numerous jaunts, she had heard Candice scream a few times but could not allow herself to focus on that. She had no weapons as of yet and no illusions about her ability to help her sister if she truly was caught. Gloria had given her younger sister all the help that she could by telling her to hide and getting her moving and now had to focus on herself and be practical. She refused to think that Candice had bought her time by becoming a snack for the wolf or that she’d caused that by not taking the younger sister with her. She pushed all those useless, self-defeating ideas out of her mind as she saw the woodshed on the edge of the farm just next to the tree line.

It was perfect. A sturdy wooden shack with only one entrance, it would provide a wonderful hiding place, and Gloria knew that the axe inside could make a decent weapon if she was found. Especially if she stayed inside and kept her back to the wall. She ran eagerly for the structure, moving around the few piles of chopped firewood that were kept for weenie roasts and the like to the south side of the shack where the door stood. And her face fell.

Gloria stared in horror at the sturdy padlock that was used to keep the shack closed off from animals that might find a way in and squat inside. While she and Candice almost never actually left it locked, it was closed tight now. Beverly must have come to get something out of the shed or do some other chore today and she always had a mind to lock and secure everything. Gloria grabbed the lock and yanked at it futilely, knowing that neither it nor the door could budge.

“No, no, no! Fuck you!” she gasped through clenched teeth at the lock, not daring to scream.

She turned and leaned against the sealed door, panting furiously. She couldn’t lose her cool now. She had to think of something; there had to be other options. She was practical, smart; she could survive this. She just had to think-

Peeeek-a-boo…” came that lofty, sing-song voice from far away, “I smell yoooouuu!”

Don’t panic, she told herself, That’s just what he wants. He’s not that close, probably still working his way through your trail. Can’t even see the shed yet. Think!

Forcing herself to calm down, Gloria stared ahead for the first time and noticed the axe stuck into the stump they used to chop wood. For once Beverly hadn’t put something exactly back in its place, and Gloria could have kissed her for it. Quickly, before the opportunity was gone, she rushed forward and worked the axe out of the stump, then rushed back to stand flat against the door as the wolf’s voice floated to her again.

“That little blonde was deeelicious! Sweet and tender! And judging from the scent, I think the second course is going to taste just as fine! I just know I’m getting warmer, why not make it easy? Come on out and you’ll just slide right down, no fuss!” He made a long slurping sound that echoed through the air. “Then, all gone, nothing else to worry about!”

Don’t think about it. You can’t help Candice now and you have a chance; don’t let him rattle you. But even as she thought this, the next thing Gloria heard sent a shiver through her.

“It’s really not so bad!” came Candice’s voice, “I’m just sloshing around in this wolf’s belly, nice and cozy! Like a warm bath. You should join me, sis; let him eat you up! Feels pretty good, really!”

Getting closer now. He had to be able to see the shack. Gloria raised the axe and steadily turned to her side. She’d stay flat against the south side of the shack and wait. He was most likely to come around on the side away from the tree line. As soon as he walked past the corner in that slow, measured pace he took, she’d bury the axe wherever she could. Then she’d keep hacking, or if she couldn’t do that, she’d run as fast as she could and use the advantage of whatever wound she gave him.

“Now you’re just hurting my feelings!” yelled the wolf again, in his own voice. “Well, I guess it does make things more interesting, actually having to find you. After all, your sister wasn’t much of a challenge at all. Kind of glad I have to work for you.”

We’ll see, Gloria thought in a determined way. Her grip on the axe handle tightened. He seemed just on the other side of the shack now. She was surprised to find that her blood was up and she was almost eagerly waiting to offer some surprise payback. Panting in excitement, she raised the axe just a little higher and waited. It would be any second now…

So keyed up at waiting to see that lupine form round the corner, Gloria didn’t notice the furred hand sneaking slowly around her side from behind and didn’t even feel as the fingers wrapped around the top of the axe-handle. Her only notice came as the flat of the axe head was violently smashed against her temple, and then it was too late. She crumpled to the ground, clutching her head as the world swam in a blur of colors and slowly exploding blotches before her eyes.

Conn looked down at the slowly writhing form on the ground, head cocked and light smirk on his muzzle. “Hm,” he muttered as he tossed the axe aside with a gentle flick of his arm. With a single footpaw he turned her over onto her back, further dazing the girl so near as he could tell.

“Now, you did much better than this one,” he said as he patted of his bloated gut with a grin, “You tried not to leave a clear trail, you improvised well, you armed yourself such as it was, and you even came up with a decent plan to do more than just cower in a hiding place. But you did forget to truly watch your back, you got too lost in the moment, and you forgot that I can hear you breathing, so you still wind up as food. Still, I commend your efforts.”

Leaning down over the dark-haired girl, the wolf let his belly rest gently on the ground as he looked over her attire. Barefoot and in nothing but a one-piece bathing suit, she looked half ready as she ways. Conn drooled slightly as he hooked a claw underneath the cloth of the bathing suit at the girl’s chest and slowly tore through the fabric. He noticed that her breasts were actually slightly smaller than his first course, but still cute in their own way. He knew they’d certainly slide down a little more easily as his claw made a complete slit down the front of the dark suit.

Gloria had barely heard what the wolf above her had said as she tried to focus again. Every time she seemed about to regain her grip on the world, it would slip away from her, leaving her with the vaguest impressions of what was going on. She knew she’d been hit hard and she could feel a gentle tickle spread between her breasts and down her belly to her hips, then the same tickle gliding over her shoulders and at her thighs. But she just couldn’t piece it all together as she struggled in the grass.

After making all the slits and cuts that he needed to make with his claws, Conn pulled the bathing suit from the girl’s skin like peeling a piece of fruit and let it sit on the ground beneath her. Her hands still clutched her head as little gasps and moans escaped her, and Conn reached to grab her wrists, pulling the hands up to his face and examining the fingers. Each nail had a sheen of black polish from the morning that had somehow made it through all the chores and the running, and the wolf smiled at the sight.

“Nice,” he said, ruminating over her for a moment, “I love a cute goth girl for dinner. And you’re a clever one, so we’d better take care of these hands right away. Who knows what you might grab hold of? That’s if you ever remember where you are of course.”

Bringing the lightly dancing fingers close to his muzzle, Conn slowly licked at each one to get his first taste of the middle sister. She didn’t taste quite as sweet as her younger sister, but slightly more robust. A meaty, earthy flavor that made a nice contrast to the first course that the wolf could still taste somewhat on his muzzle. Stomach grumbling lightly around the younger sister and making that little morsel squirm again just slightly, Conn slurped and sucked the slender little goth girl’s painted fingers into his muzzle. Soon her hands followed as he nibbled his way over them, preparing for the first swallow.

Gloria tugged at her hands as she felt them sucked into the muzzle of the wolf. She had to get away, had to get the axe and stop him, but she couldn’t seem to muster any strength. Her vision still clouded, she could barely make out a black blur above her. She knew it was him though, knew it was that wolf and he was devouring her now. His teeth were already scraping along her arms and pressing them together as her hands were pulled into a tight grip that could only be his throat. But she still couldn’t focus enough to make it real. In her dazed state, it all felt like a dream to which she could barely offer resistance.

Greedily Conn swallowed the girl’s hands and began wetly gobbling his way down her arms. Teeth nibbled and scraped over the flesh as he held tight with his paws to pull and stuff her arms deeper into his already stretching gullet, lapping along the strong muscles that barely attempted to pull away from him. Drool slid down the length of each arm and dripped down on to her face, making the girl twitch and blink and squirm underneath him. She seemed to be regaining some of her facilities, but it would make no difference. Conn could only focus on the delicious flavor and getting this snack into his stomach as he neared the girl’s head, hoping that she’d struggle a bit more once she fully grasped where she was.

The warm splatter against her face helped to pull Gloria’s world slowly into focus as the swarm of colors resolved itself into some distinction. She could feel her arms trapped together completely in a tight moist cocoon as warm air washed over her face to accompany the light dripping. Her eyes closed slowly and opened to a world that was finally more or less clear to reveal the sopping, hungry jaws of the wolf widening around her arms and sliding directly towards her face. “No!” she managed to scream just as her head was shoved in between the jaws, nose and mouth pressed into the wet, lapping tongue.

Conn’s paw cradled the straight black hair almost gently as he pushed the girl’s head into his stretching maw, cheeks bulging and smacking lightly around her toned upper arms. Licking gently over her face and under her chin, Conn swallowed slowly several times to pull her deeper into his throat, working down around her shoulders and pulling her slowly off the ground. There suddenly seemed to be a lot more fight to this meal and the wolf relished every sensation as the girl struggled within and without. Her finger’s wagged and pushed at the opening to his stomach and Conn could just picture those black painted nails rubbing just above his previous meal, bringing forth a light vibrating chuckle around her. The girl flailed her body and attempted to kick at him, but Conn had stayed just off to her side. He swallowed once more, almost mocking her attempts to get free as she slipped down further. The wolf only hoped this would drive her fury on and that she’d maintain it until he was finished.

Unable to get a clear shot the bastard, Gloria tried to change the angle of her legs, hoping to bash her feet into the wolf’s side. She’d been caught and knew somewhere deep down that there was no escape, but the only thought she’d allow herself was to keep fighting, to hurt him on the way down if nothing else. As another swallow rippled along her flesh, Gloria’s fingers were pushed into the stomach and brushed against wet hair that instantly moved to the side. Realizing that this was her sister, still alive and frightened after falling prey to the wolf, only fueled her anger as she kicked, flailed, and tried to move her elbows to slam against the wolf’s insides.

Conn rumbled with delight around the squirming meal as he felt new motion from his stomach once again. The writhing and rubbing of the older sister’s arms was a pleasant tickle inside him while the younger sister shifted and wriggled once more at the new arrival in his bloated belly. Conn let a paw slip down to rub the undulations of his gut as his tongue slipped out of his muzzle and slowly scooped in first one small breast, then the other in time with another light gulp. Licking and rolling the girl’s chest in his muzzle, the wolf rolled back and gently pulled her up until he was relaxing on his back in the grass with the succulent girl’s legs sitting on his stomach. The girl tried to kick him several times, but only succeeded in making his gut wriggle a bit as she kicked at her sister inside. Holding back a chuckle, Conn gripped her waist to help guide her down into his waiting stomach.

Gloria continued her struggles, but stopped kicking as soon as she made out the muffled cries from her sister and realized she was doing nothing to the wolf with them. Maybe a good kick in the chest if she could get the chance. Her arms pushed into the beast’s stomach with Candice, and she could feel her sister holding her hand, gripping it like a life-line. She squeezed back tightly in the hopes of offering some comfort, even as she continued flailing madly at the gullet that surrounded and squeezed her so tightly. She felt the tongue slipping over her chest and tasting every inch of it, but her rage would not let her react beyond thrashing a bit more. Soon the rolling gulps pulled Gloria’s chest down through the tight throat and she could feel that tongue riding over her belly and teasing her. Her arms were pushed almost entirely into the slimy grip of the stomach to be compressed against her sister as the stomach moved and churned around them.

Still sliding his paws along her side to help guide her down, Conn took steady, relaxed swallows and let gravity help in his meal. His jaws slid down the girl’s delightfully slender belly towards hips that went in almost a straight line as he felt his gut expanding further. His long tongue slipped slowly out of his muzzle to snake through her pubic hair and once again savor the sweetest part of the meal is it slipped up between her thighs. Pressing in with his tongue and continuing his lazy swallows around the whipping, kicking form, Conn pulled the girls hips and buttocks into his mouth and began his slow caresses at her sex. Aside from a few extra twitches, this one almost seemed to refuse to react to his attentions, but the taste was wonderful all the same. A sweet and musky addition to her robust flavor, different than the last girl’s in not only reaction but in gentle subtleties of taste and feel. Holding the girl’s legs steadily in his paws, the wolf moaned as he took a moment to enjoy her bouquet.

Grinding her teeth in frustration, Gloria refused to react to the stroking of her sex. Her arms embraced her sister and she forced her focus to remain on her rage at what had been done to them so as to deny the beast what he so clearly wanted. She tried to kick at him now, but his hold on her legs was tight and she was at too awkward an angle as she slid into him. Her head and shoulders were pressed into the stomach now, locked in total darkness with Candice and knowing that they were both doomed. Candice was sobbing lightly, and Gloria gently stroked her hair as she held her, gently shushing in her as she tried to avoid the long steady pressure along her center and the light tingling that wanted to come. She only hoped that Beverly would find some way to get the wolf.

Accepting finally that he’d be able to coax no extra fluids from his second course, Conn pressed once more against the little goth’s sex to push her further down his throat. With a powerful swallow, he felt her sliding down through his gullet and filling into his gut against the first meal. Just ahead as her slender thighs slipped into his throat and knees slipped into his muzzle, he could see her toes wiggling at the ends of her kicking feet. Looking carefully, Conn saw that these were painted black too and smiled in amusement. A few more hungry, lapping gulps and her writhing feet slipped into his mouth. He clamped down on her feet as the slipped in and slowly admire her toes as the struggling in his immense belly grew. Setting his paws behind his head and laying completely back, he closed his eyes and sucked all ten toes in with a loud, wet sound and gulped her the rest of the way down.

Trembling in anger that was tinged with a slowly growing fear, Gloria was pressed into the slimy sac of the stomach and pressed tightly against her sister. A tangle of limbs now, the two girls moved about as they held each other. Candice cried noiselessly as Gloria tried as best she could to throw jabs, elbows and kicks against the stomach walls. She simply couldn’t give up yet, even as she slowly realized that nothing she could do any more would hurt this creature and that he had been right. She’d made mistakes and was now food.

Conn lay in the field next to the woodshed for a few moments in bliss. His tongue slowly cleaned his muzzle of the lingering flavors while his paws gently stroked his bulging, writhing gut. “Mmmm, yes kick and punch. I love a good squirmer,” he groaned out and sighed as he patted the two girls in his belly.

After several moments, Conn slowly hefted himself up onto his elbows and worked his way to his footpaws with a slightly greater effort. His gut sagged low in front of him and he was rewarded with a fresh round of movement as the two sister were shifted about inside.

“Well,” he said as he gently hefted his gut and let it drop again with a little pat, “Let’s go see if we can find out where the first-born is hiding out.”

He had a feeling that he already knew just where she was.



Back at the farmhouse, Conn finally made his way to the front of the sturdy brick building and looked around it. He still couldn’t see any lights burning or any signs of life, but that meant very little at this point. She was likely to still be in there somewhere. Hiding or waiting.

He could easily get into the house and find her. The possibility had been planned for, but he had a better idea to check and see if she really was in there or if he’d have to catch her scent and go searching for her. Besides, this would be much more fun.

Summoning up the middle sister’s voice, he called out, “Bev? Beverly, are you there? I got him Beverly! I got him with the axe by the woodshed! We’re okay! You should come see.”

The door opened quickly and without giving a single moment, Conn was through it. She was on the other side, and he immediately wrapped his arms tightly around the eldest sister, pressing her to his swollen gut. “Gotcha,” he said with a smile and a twinkle in his eye.

Beverly’s fists pounded weakly against his furry chest, barely able to move as she was held tight to his body. His huge belly squirmed against her as her sisters clearly moved about inside. “You bastard!” she said as she squirmed against him.

“Oh come on, Beverly, I think you just can’t take a joke.”

Eyes blazing for a moment, her hands slipped up his chest, barely making it out of the tight grip to take hold of his head. Leaning into him, Beverly kissed Conn passionately, lips against his muzzle and working to push her tongue inside. Her hands stroked through his fur and gently rubbed his ears as she slowly broke the kiss and leaned her head back again. “You scared the hell out of me.”

“Now, now, you have to admit that was a good one.”

“If you say so. But how about you let me go, so I can go get us a little something to toast with?”

Conn released his grip on her and looked around as Beverly headed for the kitchen. She’d been busy in here. Curtains were drawn, candles were lit almost everywhere, and Beverly herself was looking quite dolled up. She was wearing a robe that had clearly been put on in a hurry when she came to the door, and he had noticed fresh make-up and bright red polish on her nails. He had to give her credit; she knew what he liked. She returned from the kitchen with two bottles of Guinness and extended one to him.

“These really should be glasses of champagne or something like that, but they’ll do in a pinch,” Beverly said, holding her bottle up.

“Always works for me,” Conn said, clinking his bottle to hers. “Though I probably shouldn’t drink this. After all, your sisters are still underage. Of course none of this was part of the plan.” He gestured around to the candles. “It kind of surprised me to see you run off to the house on your own.”

“Oh, I know. I just kind of wanted tonight to be special. After all, it’s the end of six years of sneaking off to the woods to see you, I can really make this farm work for a change, and you’re going to be a part of that. Besides, I knew you could handle my two idiot sisters all on your own.” She smiled and traced a finger nail along his chin, slowly down his chest and gently rubbed his belly. “And it looks like you did.”

“True. Not much of a challenge, though the older one did show some decent initiative. Both pretty tasty too.”

Beverly hunkered down slowly with her arms resting on her knees, simply looking the round, furry bloat for a moment. “Can they hear us in there?”

Conn shrugged and smirked. “I wouldn’t know. Can’t think of anyone that’s come out to tell me.”

Beverly smirked back up to him then looked directly to his belly. “Well, I hope you two know I didn’t want it to come to this. But after the past several months, I knew the both of you were just going to sponge off this farm until it runs right into the ground. And I couldn’t let you do that. Not to the farm, and especially not to me. So my boyfriend here had to take care of you. If you’d just understood and given your shares to me, I would have given you both an allowance. Now they’ll be mine anyway, because you both stormed off into the woods and disappeared this afternoon when we had a fight. It’s a tragedy, but I’ll eventually move on.”

She gave the wolf’s squirming belly another slow rub and stood up, smiling at him. Setting her beer on a coffee table, Beverly slowly slipped off the robe to reveal her nude form and pressed herself to Conn again. “Now I believe you and I have some business to take care of in the bedroom.”

Conn looked at her for a long moment with a strange smile on his muzzle. “I suppose we certainly do. Plenty of business to attend to.”

She took his hand and led him back to the master bedroom through the dimly lit living room and hallway. Turning and kissing him again, Beverly rubbed her body against that of her lupine lover and ran her hands gently through his fur.  Slowly, she slipped away from him and lay back on the king-sized bed, relaxing and never taking her eyes off of him. “So can you take care of business with that belly in the way?” she said with a coy little giggle.

“Oh I can certainly take care of business in this state. Indeed.” He walked slowly over to where she lay and leaned over her, pressing his belly down over the top of hers and lying on top of her.

Beverly moaned as she felt that weight and squirming against her skin. She tried to bring her legs up to wrap around him but found they could not quite move against the weight of his gut. With a smile, she ground up against him. “Oh yes…”

Conn did not move at all as he let himself spread over the top of her and looked down into her face as she wriggled and groaned beneath him. Softly he said, “Beverly, you know how important loyalty is to my kind right?”

“Oh of course,” she said and brought a hand up to gently stroke his face, “I could never leave you.”

“So you say,” he said matter-of-factly, “But honestly, when I’m looking at someone that would gladly sacrifice her sisters completely for a percentage of a farm, I don’t see someone that can keep promises like that very well.”

Beverly looked up at him curiously, “What are you talking about?”

“I’m saying that someone who would so cheaply screw over their only remaining family would have no problem sending a hired hand with a shotgun to take care of the only other soul that knew about it, if she didn’t find him useful any more.”

She stroked his muzzle again. “You’re talking crazy. We love each other.”

Conn grabbed her wrists and slammed them to the bed hard. Pinning her down completely he moved his muzzle down to her face. “Love?” he laughed mockingly. “You actually think we’re in love? The only reason you didn’t slide down my throat at any time in the last six years is that you were kind of handy to have around and you have those nice soft lips. Besides, there’s no way a cold-hearted bitch like yourself can ever be trusted.”

“But… you… I thought… all the things we planned!”

“Yeah, our little arrangement. I thought about it, and then I actually made a better deal a little while ago. Before we even fully planned out today actually. So I hate to break this to you, but… Actually, that’s a lie; I’m loving breaking this to you. This is a three-course meal.” He slowly licked his nose before her eyes. “And you’re dessert.”

“No! You… you can’t!”

Shhhh, none of that. I already told you, I’m quite capable of taking care of you. And I’m sure you and your sisters will have loads to talk about in there.”

Conn began slowly opening his jaws and stretching them wide in front of her face. He wanted her to get a good look down his throat and see just where she was going as he inhaled her delectable aroma. To eat and enjoy the meal as much as possible was one thing in his mind, but to completely betray one’s family was another entirely. Despite all their dalliances in the woods, he found Beverly despicable now, and that would make devouring her that much sweeter as he stretched his jaws slowly open and lowered them to her face, pulling her arms down to pin to her sides.

Though she knew from his strength that it would do no good, Beverly struggled and writhed on the bed underneath her former lover. She could not tear her eyes away from the sight of those dripping teeth and that pink maw yawning before her and could not believe she’d been so easily duped and betrayed. She pressed her head back against the mattress as she watches tongue lolling out between the teeth, as if she could somehow stave off the widely gaping muzzle coming for her.

Conn struck swiftly down with his jaws and glommed around her entire head with one bite. His tongue slid along her face and over that cute little he’d kissed and felt nuzzling down his belly more than a few times in the past several years. Her curly, dark blond hair filled his muzzle, pressing out here and there at the sides of his muzzle as he gnawed lightly at her and began to pull her slowly up to a standing position. His hands still holding her arms to her sides tightly, Conn lifted Beverly up and began feeding her into him, wasting no time and giving her no reprieve as he relentlessly nibbled and swallowed around her supple flesh.

Beverly wriggled lightly but could not quite kick or truly attempt to escape. Everything was coming at her too fast, both physically and mentally. Even as her head was squeezed into his throat and her shoulders popped easily between his cheeks, she held out some hope that this was merely some kind of trick or joke that he was taking too far. He was making awfully quick work of her though, his tongue already lapping between her large bosoms and soaking her down further with every motion.

Pushing and gulping ravenously, the wolf stretched his jaws and scooped under and around her breasts to mash them down against her. He could feel Beverly writhing a bit harder as the sensitive mounds crushed tightly into his maw and slurped gently around them only enough to coat them thoroughly and keep her moving into his gullet. Her arms pressed out against his cheeks as she tried to move them and offer some resistance, but they were already tied firmly to her sides by his muzzle. Conn let his paws slide slowly down her arms, over her hands to grip her hips and further push her in. With another loud swallow, her chest slid easily down into his throat, Beverly’s taut belly riding over his tongue as her feet brushed gently through the fur of his own belly.

Hearing and feeling the wet, greedy lapping all along her belly, Beverly writhed a bit more as it tickled her. She cloud also hear the working of the gullet around her as it squeezed like a vice, and the beating of his heart as it thumped next to her head. She could hear the motion within his stomach and thought for the first time about her sisters inside and how soon she would be pressed against them. It scared her, confronting them directly. Had they heard her at all? Did they know what had happened? Though it should have been the least of her worried, Beverly hoped they had no idea and would simply think that she was just another victim of the wolf’s hunger.

Conn wrapped his paws around his plaything’s buttocks, squeezing them tightly as he used the leverage to push her hips into his muzzle. Gnawing mercilessly at her thighs, stopping just short of breaking skin, Conn let his tongue probe once more against the morsel’s sex for a quick taste. It wasn’t quite the same, have enjoyed the flavor so many times before already, and he did not feel like giving this one any possible pleasure in the meal. But still, for a few seconds it was a nice little addition to the wonderful taste of his dessert. He lapped around the outer lips slowly; teasing her in ways that he knew would not bring her close to climax but would torment her with the possibility and still give him some of the flavor he constantly craved. He felt a bit of enjoyable wriggling as he taunted her and moaned at the overall sensation as he savored her. Finally Conn pushed gently against the skin just behind her sex and swallowed once more. Beverly’s legs were pushed straight out in front of his muzzle, and her painted fingernails slipped into his cheeks along with her upper thighs, just as her head pushed through the tight opening into her stomach.

Shivering as her sex was tasted and denied pleasure, Beverly struggled against the pressing gullet walls and felt the slow swallow push her down and force her head through the tight ring immediately against someone else’s flesh. A hand moved in the confusion and darkness and groped at her face.

Beverly…” she heard Candice’s voice say in a gentle whimper.

Another hand groped now, found her face and smashed into her nose shortly after.

“You bitch!” came Gloria’s voice as she punched Beverly again. She could not gain leverage for much force inside the tight stomach, but it was still painful.

“How could you?” sobbed Candice as she was pushed and jostled to the outer wall of the stomach by the furious Gloria.

Conn felt intensity of new movement in his stomach and felt Beverly’s legs twitch as the ruckus within him grew. He laughed around the tender thighs at the wonderful feeling in his belly and as he imagined what must be happening inside. Now he certainly knew that people inside him could tell what was going on outside. Would make things even more amusing for him.

Rumbling with pleasure at all the wonderful meals today, he swallowed again and felt his stomach fill out and jostle about a bit more. His nose was just over Beverly’s knees now, and as his tongue explored her thighs, his paws came to her feet and pushed hard to help send her the rest of the way down. He let his fur tickle against her soles and was rewarded with a fresh twitch all through his gullet to compliment the all the motion bulging out his gut as the sisters fought. Conn tipped his head back and continued hungrily swallowing until just the dainty feet twitched outside his muzzle. He took a moment to admire them; the curve of her arches, the way the bright red toenails wiggled before his muzzle, the smooth tops of them. It all made them look so delicious. With a final shove from his paws, he gulped them completely into his muzzle, nibbling and chewing at them lightly to savor every square inch of them before swallowing Beverly completely.

Beverly slid in on top of her sisters, joining a tangle of limbs and flesh as Gloria continued attempting to strike her and hurling curses at her. She tried to wrestle her sister off as Candice cowered and whimpered beneath them, but could not find any room to move at in the tight, slimy sac of the stomach. As the walls squeezed them together and stretched with each movement, Beverly was still in too much shock to register anything exactly yet, Gloria felt her fury ebbing to a cold hatred as she realized nothing she could do to her older sister would matter, and Candice simply curled up inside in despair. The three girls finally settled down, piled against each other inside the seemingly impenetrable belly walls.

With a satisfied sigh of pleasure, Conn slowly licked his fingers clean as the mingled taste of all three morsels still lingered there. He rubbed his gut happily as it settled into a gentle and comfortable weight before him, feeling more gorged than he had in a long. Aahhhh, yum, yum. What a feast.”

He lumbered steadily into the kitchen, carrying the weight with ease, and retrieved two more bottles from the refrigerator. He had one more appointment to keep now that all three girls were tucked away in his stomach.



Sunset had given way to twilight and the night was steadily growing darker as he left the house. Conn walked into the stables where they’d agreed to meet, a Guinness in each hand and looked around under the weak lighting there.

“Hey, you here? We said we’d meet here when it was all done.”

“In the back. Come on in, Conn. Take it everything worked out?”

“Like a charm,” he said as he walked back towards the familiar voice and rounded the corner, “I’m stuffed. Brought you a beer to celebrate your promotion, unofficial though it may be. That and our little business venture.”

“You’re a prince. Hand it over.”

He extended the bottle to where Rita reclined in her stall, still hooked to the milking machine but relaxing against a soft bed of hay. The cow took it and drank a deep pull before taking a look at his sagging gut.

“Now that is a beautiful sight,” she said as she reached out and gave his belly a gentle pat, “Just the thought of that uppity little tart and those two morons being gone for good. It takes me to a happy place. Seems they didn’t give you too much trouble.”

“Not at all. The middle one was a fighter, but that didn’t cause a problem. Was actually a little refreshing. And the other two were easy. What’s more amusing, they know exactly what we’re saying right now, for all the good it might do them. So what are you going to do to keep control of the farm?”

She took another swig of her beer and smiled with a little laugh. “I’m glad Beverly knows. Almost feel sorry for those other two. Almost. I think I’ll take a page out of old Bev’s book to be honest. After all, her sisters ran off into the woods and disappeared. She’ll keep running things, but will simply be too distraught to take any visitors or see any of the hired help directly. I’ve been keeping things afloat anyways, the place would go to pot if I wasn’t working behind the scenes. And now I can do it without interference.”

“And of course I’ll continue to collect a third of the overall profits in exchange for occasionally coming around and taking care of anyone that starts getting too nosy,” Conn said with a pat of his gut.

“Indeed,” Rita returned with a smile, “So would you like to stay around for a bit? Maybe you’d like to… have a little fun, no strings.”

Conn drank from his own beer now to take time to choose his words. “No offense, Rita; someday you’ll make some bull very happy, but you’re just not my type. Besides, I find it best not to mix business with pleasure.”

“Suit yourself,” she said with a shrug, smiling still. “I’ll contact you if we need you around. Just try not to eat the messenger. Until then, enjoy your meal.”

Conn grinned and rubbed his belly happily. “That I will. See you around, Rita.”

He walked out of the stall and stretched as he looked up at the rising moon. It was a beautiful, clear night, he had a belly full of lightly wriggling girls, and he’d be collecting money for getting rid of them for a good while now. Life was indeed good. Conn rubbed his full stomach happily as he walked off into the woods towards his home, prepared for a long, enjoyable rest to finish off his wonderful feast.